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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  December 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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we are telling you this is happening along north 11th street right near maderi avenue. we can't tell you whether anyone was injured from this fire, they have just now started getting water on those flames. we have dan kent on the scene. what can you tell us about the rescue crews on the scene and if they're able to put a substantial amount of water on this fire? we can't see any water there, but we know it needs a lot of water. >> reporter: just as we have been watching here in the past few minutes, firefighters very able to climb out of the windows there and it looks like they're on a balcony, and have actually been able to get some water on the fire, that looks like it's coming from the roof of that building, when we first got here, there was also fire that was coming out of the windows that they were working first, they extinguished that fire first and then went to
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extinguish the fire on the roofs. there's a largest spot, the streets and the surrounding areas are all closed. we are here at the intersection of 63rd and landon, and there's about a dozen fire trucks i have seen, and we have seen there are some trollies here that have been stopped amend we're observing septa service on these trollies have been interrupted because of this whole response on scene. are you able to tell how many of those floors within that apartment building seem to be affected by this fire, looking through those windows where you see the majority of those flames, is it contained to a small amount of apartments or that entire building? >> yeah, as we arrived on scene, where you see the flashlights here, of the firefighters, that's where the fire was coming from, it seemed to be contained to this very top floor of this building, we didn't see any other flames coming out of any other windows on any other floors, but in the last 30 minutes we see them extinguish
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the flames coming out of the windows and from out of the roof there. >> a high-rise apartment building on fire, the location of this is north 11th street near maderi avenue. no word on any injuries. as you see firefighters are working hard to put as much water on that fire as possible and get it under control. we'll keep you updated here on nbc10. a crash turned murder mystery that has police and their canines combing a philadelphia neighborhood. officers showed up here for what they believed was an didn't this afternoon. what they found was a man shot to death inside an overturned suv. the scene ask walnut lane and park line drive in the city's west mt. airy neighborhood. police were called about 12:30 this afternoon. monique, do police know who they're looking for here? >> reporter: they have a good idea, jacqueline, i'm at the
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base of the walnut bridge that connects mt. airy over to roxborough. police tell us they found a bloody jacket they hope to lead them to a female who shot a man as he was driving through mt. airy. >> i was coming across walnut lane bridge here around the circle when i noticed the expedition lying across the intersection over the island and taking out the stop line and plowing into the sub rue. >>. >> reporter: little did michael know that the 30-year-old driver was shot in his right ear. he tells us what he saw he approached the vehicle. >> he was not moving. >> reporter: witnesses say the driver of the subaru appeared not to be injured. and witnesses also tell police a female was seen running west on washington bridge towards henry avenue. she appeared to be tossing a jacket off the bridge. canine and s.w.a.t. searched the
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under the bridge along the wissahickon. >> it's a tragedy to see something like that especially so close to your house. >> reporter: and back out here live now, no weapon has been recovered. police sources tell us they a working with the victim's family to tell us more. carrie fisher who was best known as princess leah in the "star wars" series. she suffered a heart attack on a mean on friday. she had a lengthy hoolgd career, but she also struggled with drug addiction and mental ill. she turned those into popular
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film and stage performances. her late father eddie fisher was born in south philadelphia and made his debut on wfil in 1940. coverage of the passage of carrie fisher continues on nbc nightly news. turning to our weather and the record warmth some parts of the area experienced tate. we have a live look at boathouse row where things feel quite a bit different than yesterday. >> now that it's dark, we have got a west wind bringing some cold air in, and we're not going to see the 60s again for quite a while. we did get to 64 in philadelphia today, one degree shy of the record. wilmington tied their record
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with 55 degrees. it's 58 in philadelphia, 57 in wilmington. that's quite a change just in the last couple of hours. those temperatures are going to keep dropping as we go through the night, dropping significantly to the point where we're down to the freezing mark in many areas of pennsylvania by tomorrow morning. we have clear skies all through the night. it's not going to stay that way, we have a system coming in from the west. not for tomorrow, but it looks like it's going to bring some snow to parts of the area on thursday. more on the timing of that and your holiday weekend in a few minutes. >> now to this, here we go again, you're about to start paying more to fill up at the pump in pennsylvania. it's the third hike in four years, p.a. already has the highest gas tax in the country at 70 cents a gallon. starting sunday that will jump to 78 cents a gallon to fund
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construction projects throughout the state. it's the last of three gas tax creases that gang in 2014. george spencer is digging into what we have gotten out of all these increases. where is all this money going? >> reporter: the state says the income from this tax does have major real life impacts, the 2017 increase is actually what you said the third in a series of four gas hikes, paying for everything from transit improvements like septa to major rehabilitation of these vine street bridges, 676 right in the heart of the city. for stephanie white, the thought of paying more at the pump brings a sense of new year's discontent. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> reporter: coming sunday, gas tax wholesalers will crease the tax 8 cents a gallon. we wanted to know what you're
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getting for all that money? what does penn dot air to people who feel like they're getting nickelled and dimed. >> this is for our highways and bridges that desperately need attention. >> reporter: $11.5 million in improvements at 69th street terminal. $9 million to make this 40th stop more accessible to wheelchair riders and millions more to add an additional lane here on i-676 here in south philly. the spokesman says funding chair sons state to state are inadequate since states fund their infrastructure improvnlts in different ways. >> it just happens that we're a fuel tax paying system, as far as paying for our infrastructure
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and bridges. >> it will be pretty much a wait and see, because the roads aren't the best, as we all know. i'll give them the benefit of the doubt right now. >> reporter: keep in mind, in addition to the road and transit improvements, this gas tax money also goes to fund pennsylvania state police, the fourth and final gas tax hike is slated to take effect about a year from now at the start of 2018. reporting live in center city, i'm george spencer, nbc10 news. a close call after a tractor trailer hit an suv then slams into a gas station in oxford circle. the trailer went up in flames just a few feet away from the pumps at the speedway on oxford avenue. firefighters were iable to get this under control pretty quickly. the driver and the driver of the suv were both taken to the hospital and boert are expected to be okay.
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a man was found dead inside a home on naman's creek road in concord towntownship. that fire started in the garage. a south jersey woman and her granddaughter remain missing tonight. they're part of a frantic search. missing are barbara brilley and her 5-year-old granddaughter. the last time they were heard from they called family from a gas station. a clerk there said briley was having trouble with her gps. >> i spent about 30, 45 minutes with her, talking to her, trying to make sure that everything was okay before she left the store.
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>> hamilton township police are working with authorities to help ping that cell fophone. police say bradford pollock hit and killed christina -- they got a tip about a car with front end damage sitting in front of a home. that's where they found pollack the next day and connected him to the crime. sky force 10 over more breaking news tonight, this time in burlington county. firefighters say two home s wen up in flames in riverside. there are no reports of any injuries, but we'll keep our areas on this one as they get it under control. temple football fans are looking to finish off 2016 on a hire note. they headed south to watch the owls take a shot at history tonight.
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>> reporter: temple fans want a win here at the military bowl, but they also have high hopes for what happens after this game. record warmth for parts of the area, but don't get used to it. there's arctic air on the way. that's next in my exclusive first alert forecast.
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there is a sea of cherry and white as the owls travel to indianapolis tonight, the site of the military bowl. lauren, it's been a long road for temple to get to this point? >> reporter: it wasn't that long ago when temple football lost ten games in one season. but this year they won ten games and now they're going for their 11th here at the military bowl. i talked to alum and temple students just how far temple has come. the excitement here is for temple's bowl game, but the celebration is about even more than that. >> we struggled a couple of years there and i was at all the games, now i get to enjoy it,
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this is great. >> lisa is an alum and yurzed to play in the band and sees how far temple football has come. >> it's so much more fun now, there's actually people at the stadium. >> they're watching a respected team reach new heights. jill quinn is excited to watch it happen. >> we're on the cusp of becoming a great d-1 school. >> reporter: one unknown, where a new coach will take the team. >> my expectations of them coming from florida. so we hope they can bring some of those traits that he had with the team down in florida to temple. >> when i was at temple, we struggled to win one or two games per season, now that we're ten, hopefully 11-win season, it's just the cultivation of the improvements over the years.
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>> something that everybody from philly should get behind because we have never had this as a city before. >> reporter: the fact that this bowl game was so close, just a little more than two hours from philly, made it an easy decision for a lot of folks to come here and be here in person. now temple is behind against wake forest right now, but win or lose, this game caps off a big year for temple. >> and you notice that lauren was not wearing a heavy coat because she didn't need it because temperatures are way in the 60s as they started in annapolis. and it's still 60 plus in that area. we got into the 60s of course through much of the region. 68 officially at the airport, center city also 58, down to 54
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in andorra and chesnutt hill. 55 degrees in bustleton. a lot of these places are going to barrel above 40 degrees tomorrow. which is close to the average for this time of year. we look back to the west, and the lake-effect stuff isn't going to come in, but this is a pretty good clipper system that's going to come racing down and affect us thursday morning, we have dry air covering us tomorrow, a lot of sunshine, by this time tomorrow, we're in the 30s, some places already below freezing and the poconos in the 20s. and then when we get to thursday morning, that's when this system comes in and it looks like it's going to start off as snow, at least from philadelphia northward. temperatures are marginal, so it may melt as it starts.
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>> and even in allentown, in philadelphia, you can see those temperatures into the 40s before noontime. and even in allentown, we may see a change over. by the afternoon rush, it's all over with. so thursday is the day with the wet weather, wednesday friday are cold and dry. and that's everywhere in the suburbs such as chester and kbux county, it starts at 30 for the low. lehigh valley may start as low as 29, get mostly snow out of it and much of new jersey and delaware staying with rain, friday is dry and chilly. new year's eve, as we have been saying, seasonal temperatures, dry for the mummer, same story,
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seasonal temperatures. not a whole lot of wind. 48 degrees, we have dry weather there. arctic cold by the end of the week. i'm john clark, will desean jackson return to the eagles next year? one eagle who has spoken to deshawn, he says yes. and we haven to joel embiid and he gets a complement from one of the eagles big men, that's next.
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i'm john clark from csn, the eagles have one game left sunday against the cowboys. they will play their starters. the birds are a four-point favorite. desean jackson could return next condition. brandon graham said deshawn told them he'll be coming back. >> i'm excited. because he should have never left and i'm happy because i kind of knew already. >> you knew already, have you talked to him? >> how often are you talking to him? >> i talked to him. and he was like tell coach to come and get me. we have talked during the season, now that it's official,
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you know as far as the season about to be over, i think you'll be hear a lot of noise about deshawn. >> official, huh? how about the temple football team going for their 11th win of the season. tight ends coach ed foley leading the owls. phillip walker connecting with adonis jenning. john wolford, over to johnny heinz. 20-yard touch down. so wake forrest scored 31 points, but temple is coming back, they were trailing 31-20 in the first quarter. the flyers, they hope they will have shaun cotourie.
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last night, joel embiid, going up against demarcus cousins. look at this, they're butt slapping each other. who gets demarcus to smile like that. even opposing players are loving joel and look at joel run the floor, listen to how much cousins loves joel. >> what are your thoughts on joel embiid? >> i think he's got a great chance of being the best in the league after i retire. >> well said, i'm john clark, we're right back.
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the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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a special surprise at the children's hospital of philadelphia. players showed up to spend a fun filled day with the patients there. the kids also got some help creating holiday arts and crafts. organizers say the goals was to cheer the kids up during the holidays. #
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. >> not a bad day today, but we know that's changing. >> more on that at 11:00. supremacist. supremacy. tonight, remembering carrie fisher, the actress who rose to fame as princess leia in the blockbuster "star wars" saga, dead at age 60. tonight, the tributes pouring in from around the world. breaking news. trump tower evacuated, the bomb squad called in, what triggered the panic. mall mayhem, post holiday shopping chaos erupts across the country. fist fights caught on camera, several now facing charges. historic visit, solemn moment. the first japanese leader to visit the u.s. u.s. arizona at pearl harbor with president obama by his side. and who's listening? a warrant issued for an amazon echo. can


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