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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  December 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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>> right now at is 11:00 a possible break in a year's old cold case. police are searching in delaware county for a missing woman's remains. nbc 10's keith jones is live near that home on lafayette avenue. keith, what are you hearing? >> jacquelin, we have confirmed that police dogs did pick up a scent in the home behind me. police said there was fresh cement, and they dug and didn't come up with anything. i want to show you the video again. from this home where she lived rsh her name is melissa rodriguez. she went missing here in april of 2013. she was 30 years old. since then police haven't been able to get into the house until a banc foreclosure was recently
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finalized, and this is the fifth police have examined her old house. neighbors have reported her husband jose acting suspiciously in the backyard. so police dug it up and didn't find anything there. jose and melissa were reportedly in the process of separating. they have two young children who now live in new jersey with their dad. tonight the police chief told us he is just disappointed. >> it's frustrating because she was there. she was there at some point. whether she was moved. i can't explain why four different search and rescue dogs aggressively alerted to the same exact spot in the basement. >> and now this for her closed home behind me has been the site of vigils and the site of many family meetings over the years. the police chief tells us and he said it in the past that this case isn't closed. it's just stale for now. for now we're live in collingdale. keith jones, nbc 10 news.
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>>. police say these teenagers tried to cause a fight inside philadelphia mills mall this evening. officers arrested two 15 yesh d -year-olds and a 14-year-old. brandon hudson is live. police say they were actually prepared for this night. they were ready. >> they were. police say with mall security this morning to discuss the plan because they say the same group of teenagers tried to start something at this mall yesterday. tonight action happened right at this entrance. the chief inspector says officers are ready, and only a fraction of the 200 kids got inside the mall. >> reporter: sky force 10 shows police arresting one of three teens around 6:45 this evening outside the mall. this was moments after officers stopped 200 young people between the ages of 14 and 16 from getting inside the building. this nbc 10 yoviewer's cell pho video -- police say 30 teens
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tried to start a fight inside. >> they started acting disorderly, running around yelling and screaming, and actually getting in physical altercations with security. one of the juveniles attempted to punch one of the uniformed police officers. >> we tracked down a witness who spoke anonymously because he is under 18. he said the mall was briefly on lockdown. >> i just saw a bunch of people red cross outside, and there was a bunch of fights stargtd and people arguing, and that was really it. it just got out of hand. >> reporter: nbc 10 learned tonight's incident is the latest in an apparent trend of mall fights nationwide sparked by social media. yesterday 150 teens were involved in a brawl at a fort worth mall, and police arrested seven juveniles, including six girls, at an indianapolis mall. philadelphia police say they were ready after a large group tried to cause a disturbance at philadelphia mills mall yesterday. >> they were ready for these crowds to come up, and they were successful in keeping most of the crowd of 200 or so out of
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the mall. >> reporter: philadelphia mills mall is closed for the evening, but when they open up tomorrow, you can believe there will be a lot more police driving around this property, and they will increase security for the rest of the week. for the three teens who were arrested, they will face failure to disburse and disorderly conduct charges and possibly a felony charge of insighting a riot that ultimately depends on a decision from the district attorney. live in philadelphia, i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. turning now to the weather. not your typical warmup this time of year. mostly sweat shirts and light jackets outside. people were out enjoying this unseasonably warm temperatures, but that's not going to be the case for very long. nbc 10 chief meteorologist zblen hurricane schwartz has more on how people in our area will be waking up to some colder temperatures. glen. >> yeah, jacquelin. it's not going to warm up much once we do get to the morning hours. we had a beautiful evening out
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there. temperatures way above normal. as a matter of fact, we got a couple of records here. allentown broke a record today. wilmington tied it. philadelphia, one degree shy of the record with a 6 4 for the high. now it's down to 47. it's 37 in coatsville. 41 in allentown. the temperatures are going down significantly. . about 35 in philadelphia at 7:00 a.m. look at there. as we go you tloo the day, barely gets above 40. in other parts of the area, it's not even going to get to 40. suburbs like chester and dumont kbomry start at 32. as well as the lehigh valley. barely getting close to 40 degrees. you notice lots of sunshine during the day tomorrow after the chilly start and the chilly finish. there is some snow in the forecast for parts of the area. also have the latest on the new year's weekend coming up. police sources tell nbc 10 they hope a bloody jacket found
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under the walnut lane bridge leads them to a woman that -- investigators say the 33-year-old man fgs driving near walnut lane when he was shot in his ear. the victim then crashed his suv into another car. witnesses say the driver of that car didn't appear to be injured. one man described to us the chaotic scene that unfolded. >> it's coming across water lane bridge here on the circle when i noticed the expedition flying across the intersection over the island and taking out the stop sign and plowing into the sewer. >> investigators have not recovered a weapon, and right now police don't have a clear motive about what sparked the shooting. tonight the red cross is helping families after a high-rise fire in the overbrook section of philadelphia. sky force 10 over the liberty tower apartments on north 63rd street this evening. the building was evacuated as crews put out that fire. no injuries have been reported,
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and right now it's unclear just what started it. investigators say a pennsylvania mom -- before killing her son and herself. she wrote sherry shermyer and her 1-year-old son were found dead in their glenrock home yesterday. hours earlier she posted a note to her husband that said, "you don't deserve to have a son." police say she then suffocated her child and shot herself. tonight we are hearing from one of the last known people to see a missing south jersey woman and her great granddaughter. 71-year-old barbara briley left her home and 5-year-old lamyra on christmas eve. they were heading to north carolina, but have since vanished. a search is underway for the pair in three states. they were last seen at a love truck stop in virginia where briley spoke to a cook. >> said she was lost. she said she needed directions. about 30, 45 minutes with her in the store talking to her, trying
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to make sure everything was okay before she left the store. >> she was driving a silver toyota rav 4 with new jersey tags c08-els. anyone who has seen them is asked to call police. the death of a movie legend. fans are mourning the loss of carrie fisher tonight who died four days after suffering a heart attack on a plane. we caught up with movie goers in our area saying the news of her death makes the appearance on the big screen even more meaningful. >> reporter: the unforgettable face. the signature hair. the iconic beloved figure gone at the age of 60. daughter pop singer eddie fisher and entertainer from south philadelphia and actress debbie reynolds. carrie fisher was born into entertainment. the release of star wars in 1977 makes princess leia a household name. >> i'm a member of the imperial senate. >> reporter: local movie goers
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were particularly moved to go see the latest star wars installment when hearing of fisher's passing. >> i wanted to see it, obviously, but that was kind of the push today. i really want to see it and experience it. i think there was some emotion in the theater. especially, you know, in the scene that she was in. >> i was really sad because she has been just so iconic for so long. >> reporter: carrie fisher was much more than an actress. an author, screen writer, and powerful force in the galaxy far, far away that many held close. >> the fact that carrie fisher was -- >> and fisher just wrapped filming a star wars episode 8,
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which is due out next year. you can read more about carrie fisher's life and her career right now on the nbc 10 app. a brief scare at trump tower in new york this afternoon. this video is of police ushering people out of the building after a suspicious package was discovered in the lobby. turns out it was a bag of children's toys. new york city's bomb squad and the secret service checked it out before the bag was determined to be safe. the president-elect donald trump was not in the building at the time. he is in florida for the holidays. still en route to be in a south carolina courtroom tomorrow, the 22-year-old will attend a pre-trial conference. the stentsing phase isn't set until next week. the samg jury that found ruth guilty last month will decide if he will get the death penalty.
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turning now to a tradition known to our area this time of year. the mummers. they are now getting ready for their annual parade. they hope it will bring more smiles and less controversy this year. the fancy brigades began final practices today at the convention center. last year the mummers parade came under fire after two separate incidents. one group dawned brown face and dressed in tacos. another brigade portrayed transgender icon caitlyn jenner. organizers went through sensitivity training and are hoping for a smoother year. >> smiles and happiness to all the people that come out and watch the parade. >> the parade takes place on new year's day. about 10,000 mummers will stroll in that parade from city hall to south philadelphia. don't throw away those empty amazon boxes. how the on-line retail giant is
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hoping to turn them into a holiday surprise for those in need. the most popular highly coveted vulgar toy this holiday season? my name is keith jones, and i'll introduce you to the hatchimal and the claim that parents are making about it. top honors for former high school wrestling coach. why his name will live on for years to come there. >> well, we've got to return to reality. today's spring-like temperatures, well, that's soon to be a thing of the past. we have snow on walt i for at least part of the area. your full nbc 10 first alert forecast after the break.
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>> lots of us have empty amazon boxes lying around from all those gifts we ordered on-line. well, now there's a way to put them to good use and help others at the same time. amazon has partnered with goodwill for a program called give back box. all you have to do is fill the amazon boxes with items to
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donate like clothes, toys, or household goods. amazon will pick up the shipping cost. just print a free shipping label at give back >> and there are no doubt a lot of empty amazon boxes out there. the company says it shipped more than a billion items around the world to its prime loyalty program this holiday season. that number includes orders shipped by third party merchants but fulfilled by amazon. amazon also said more people tried prime than during any previous holiday season. well, it was one of the toughest gets this christmas season. the hatchimal. it's supposed to be a furry little companion has turned out to be a headache for dozens of parents in our area. nbc 10's keith jones has more on the hatchimal headache. >> this, my friends, ask a hatchimal. it comes in an egg, and then this little guy comes out. hours after using it, they discover they got more than they bargained for. it's the most popular toy.
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it talks. it walks. it swears? >> very inappropriate to say. especially to a 9-year-old. >> mom patty crystal couldn't believe her ears. you may not either. [ bleep ]. some parents this hatchimal is cursing. >> what does it want me to do? >> i told her to turn it off and lay there with it and we'll take care of it from there. >> the crystals e-mailed and then called spin master, the company that makes the hatchimal. >> put on hold for two and a half hours today and then disconnected. >> other local parents have shared similar problems. this hatchimalogical won't break out of its shell. this one won't do anything but light up. >> thank you for calling spin master. >> i called tonight, but spin master wasn't in the office. they did send this statement which reads, in part, "unfortunately with toys that incorporate a high level of technology, there are also some cases where the product may not perform as expected. we are committed to doing everything possible to resolve these issues."
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>> i understand this technology. there's glitches. then the company should do something to fix it. >> spin master also says they've increased the number of representatives, extended their hours, and increased the capacity for callers. still -- [ bleep ] the crystals just want an explanation. >> i don't want my daughter playing with it saying that. >> reporting a national park, keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> who knew? well, we are only sicking the praises today because the weather was so beautiful, but we know a gift like that won't last long this time of year. glen. >> we might see a day like this again march maybe. still a fairly mild evening for this time of night, this time of the year. the northwest wind gradually bringing in colder and colder air. the temperatures starting to go down in parts of the area and just not down as much as you would normally expect. audubon, turnersville, pittman
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47. lumberton, 48. pemberton, 47 degrees. princeton, the only place that's getting close to average right now at 35 degrees. of course, everybody is going to be much colder by morning. we have clear skies now. some clouds in northwestern pennsylvania. there's the usual lake-effect stuff, but that is the weather system that's coming down from canada. they call mount vernon clippers. they move at pay fast clip. they have limited moisture, and that's what this is going to have too. they start at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow where it's cold, but it just doesn't warm up during the day. look at that. 30s middle of the afternoon. doesn't get even to 40 degrees in many areas north of philadelphia. lots of sunshine. then thursday morning here comes this next system. now, the latest computer model just in within the last few minutes, not nearly as impressive as what we saw earlier. borderline temperatures and some
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snow. generally north and west. look at the temperatures. by 8:00 a.m. still above freezing. could be a little slushy accumulation up there. a few flakes down towards the philadelphia area. it doesn't look like it's going to amount to much because the temperature is too warm, and it doesn't last long enough. wednesday is dry and cold. friday is dry and cold. then thursday is the day with the precip. p.a. suburbs, montgomery, snow to rain. same thing with lehigh valley. snow to rain. it's rain everywhere else across the area. again, dry wednesday and friday. new year's eve, still looking good. fireworks at 6:00. 42. at midnight, 34 degrees. for the mummers, also pretty good. sunny and dry. temperatures in the 30s. not a whole lot of wind. changes coming next week. we'll get into that later. walked around the shelter,
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a young kansas girl gets a one of a kind gift for christmas months after a horrible accident. >> what is that? do you like it? >> yeah. >> yeah? is that pretty? >> yeah. >> 6-year-old lexy warren got an american girl doll that looks just like her right down to her prosthetic foot. she lost her foot in a lawn mower accident back in july so her family decided have a doll custom made to help lexi in the healing process. her mom says since receiving the doll the pair has become inseparable. love that. a special thank you today to a long-time high school wrestling coach in south jersey. overbrook high school and pine hill dedicated its brand new
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practice space to the man who led the team for 35 years. it will forever be known as the paul morello wrestling room. today the coast coach told us he hopes the new space inspires more kids to give the sport a try. >> maybe just maybe when kids see this they'll get a little more excitement about getting in here and continuing a tradition. >> he retired from the school in 2001, but he still is in the game. he now coaches at hamanton high school. >> over to john clark right now. a lot of talking about on in the eagles camp, john. >> one eagles player says he has spoken to deshawn jackson and says deshawn will be back with the birds. we'll hear from him. which cowboys quarterback will the eagles face on sunday. plus, can temple get their first 11 win season in school history? we're going bowling. that's coming up.
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>> hey, i'm john clark. the eagles finish their season against the cowboys on sunday, and it looks like the boys will have mark sanchez ready to go and not tony romo if dak prescott plays. could deshawn jackson return to the eagles? he is a free agents. the eagle ez need a speedy seefr. breakfast on broad, he said deshawn told him he was coming back. >> i'm excited because he doesn't have a left, and i'm just happy because i kind of knew already. >> you knew already. have you talked to him? >> oh, yeah. i talked to him. >> houfb are you talking to him? >> i talked to him when doug got hired, and he was, like, tell coach come get me. that type of stuff. then, you know, we have fun during the season. he is, like, i'll be back. >> we will see. temple going for their first 11
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win season in program history. military bowl against wake forest. there's ed foley leading the owls. temple's first play from scrimmage. walker connecting with jennings. 48-yard touchdown. owls up 7-0. looking good. wake forest responds. how about 31 straight points by john wolford to hines. the owls are fighting back. walker and jennings again. hooking up. this time jennings does most of the work. the owls are fighting back under four minutes remaining now. owls down eight. walker trying to make something happen. he winds up losing 22 yards. temple had to settle for a field goal. they wind up losing 34-26. >> it pains me right now, like i can't even describe, and i know that it's only going to get worse. i know that once it all sinks in on how close he came and how close, you know, with he came to being the best temple team ever when it really sinks in, i think it's going to hurt worse than it
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does right now. >> and a tough final play there. flyers expect sean back tomorrow night in st. louis and let's end with a touching holiday scene. 10-year-old auburn fan taylor deckhart is battling a severe heart condition. his christmas wish to meet cam newton, his hero, and that wish came true today. cam traveled to see taylor in atlanta. look at this hug. taylor did not let go of his hero cam newton. we'll be right back.
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>> it's so mild this evening i know someone who grilled outside. >> it was a good night to do that where, it was a good night to do that. the next good night to do that will be in march probably. we have chillier weather over the weekend. this is just kind of seasonably chilly for the fireworks, for the mummers, for the eagles. still not bad. next week things change. first, it gets wet. monday, tuesday and into wednesday. then the arctic air comes in. once that pattern sets up, we're in it for a while in january. >> you're such a grill master next time bring some in to share. have a good night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- chris pratt, katie holmes, musical guest, john mayer,


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