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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  December 28, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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police search a new location for a missing mom from delaware county. we'll explain why it took three years to get inside this house. ♪ one last dry run. the fancy brigades are running thu their routine ahead of new year's and the start of today's indoor mummers fest. git is 5:30 on the nose. get morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm rose mary cop nors. we're starting our wednesday a little chilly. let's get the first alert forecast from meteorologist krystal klei. >> definitely cooler than it was yesterday. we had mid 50s yesterday. we're looking a at a lot of the areas holding on to 40s. 39 in new jersey, we're at 40 in the lehigh valley and 36 in
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delaware. in fact some of the delaware neighborhoods are showing off a few of the cooler temperatures on the map this morning. winds also not a big factor in today's forecast. instead of seeing the breezy to windy conditions, lit be light to breezy throughout today. that's it. we're seeing the clouds increasing across the map, especially in the northern areas of the map. here's a look. you can just barely tell we're trying to extend a little further south. the thick dense clouds are not going to produce rain. we stay dry and the temperature wills slowly climb. we'll go to about mid-40s in the afternoon before we cool down. we'll talk about the potential of rain/snow mixing in tomorrow. we're starting off in center city right now, the vine street
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expressway around 8th treastree. the construction has cleared and you can see the vine street expressway doing great. this is west down moving toward the schuylkill expressway. we're not seeing any problems in either direction. out in fishtown, the earlier apartment fire, we weren't seeing may your closures because of it but part of frankford avenue was blocked off. that's completely back up. you might see some small delays. that earlier water main break, i mean last week, we were dealing with that. now lane restrictions still in place on columbus boulevard southbound. the left lane is closed there between 95 and wug avenue. and of course watch for some small delays traveling through there for some of those repairs. breaking news we're following for you. a man is dead after an early morning house fire. >> we're learning that two philadelphia firefighters have been injured. matt da lew sma is live in
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fishtown with new detail. >> reporter: i spoke with the deputy fire commissioner. he said that firefighters did get here quickly but they found a man on the third floor and he died from his injuries. now within the last 30 minutes the fire trucks have left the area. but the house here toward the end of the row, that is where the fire happened. you couldn't know that there was a fire by looking at the outside of the building. minimal damage. but this was deadly. take a look at what the area looked like a little while ago. this started around 3:00 on the third floor at living area. the firefighters got this under control within a half-hour. emergency responders performed cpr but he died a short time later. two firefighters were injured. i asked if the deposit fi commissioner knew how they were injured. he did not know. >> they made a difficult
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difficult but aggressive interior attack and that's where they found the victim. >> reporter: was anyone else inside at the time who evacuated? >> yes. they'll be able to return shortly. there was minimal damage to their apartment. >> reporter: one of the big questions we always ask with fires like this is smoke alarms, were there working smoke alarms. the deputy commissioner said is there were working smoke detectors inside the house. you can see minimal damage on the outside. we've seen people who were standing outside. some have gone back in. frankford avenue wu shut down for quite a while. it's since reopened. the fire marshal is on scene investigating how the fire started. new this morning, a 41-year-old man is in critical condition after he was stabbed during a fight inside of a philadelphia bar. two other men including the stabbing suspect are also in the hospital. no word on what started the
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fight. police say it began just before 1:00 a.m. inside the alibaba cafe. could a missing mother from delaware county be buried inside the house where she lived. >> police thought they were close to solving this cold case. melissa rodriguez lived here in 2013 when she went missing. the police dogs pick ud up the scent of a body in the basement of the home. but after doing some digging they came up empty handed. the police chief told us he's disappointed that last night's search didn't lead to new clues >> she was there at some point. whether she was moved, i can't explain why four different search and rescue dogs aggressively alerted to the same exact spot in the basement. >> melissa and her husband were reportedly in the process of
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separating when she went missing. they have two young children who now live with the husband in new jersey. more police will be patrolling just outside the philadelphia mills mall today. the mall is increasing security after a large crowd of teenagers tried to start a fight inside the building. take a look at the video, showing police arresting one of three teenagers. the boys face charges this morning. police say 200 teens tried to get in the mall. officers turned most of them away. two dozen still managed to get inside. this viewer's cell phone video show police chasing a teen through the food court. one witness told us that the mall was briefly on lockdown. >> i just saw a bunch of people running outside, a bunch of fights, people arguing. it got out of hand. >> police say this started when word spread on social media.
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but the officers were ready last night after a large group of teens tried to cause a similar disturbance at the same mall on monday night. a former parking authority boss outed because of sexual harassment complaints has filed for a settlement. he wants more than $200,000 in unused vacation, sick and comp time. a ppa spokesman says the amount is being calculated. he's already collecting an annual pension of more than $158,000. happening today, a philadelphia new year's tradition begins. >> fans of the mummers will get to see their moves before the big day. we've got a preview with pam. >> reporter: it's great news for all of us who can't wait for the parade this weekend. we're going to get a sneak peek
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later today. when we do we'll be sure the pass that along to you and give you a first look as well. we dropped in for rehearsals yesterday but today some of the large ers props and set pieces will be here. we'll be looking at routines and rehearsals again. as you know, this is more than a century long old tradition that everyone looks forward to. last year you may remember the mummer parade made national headlines when one group wore brown face and dressed in tacos. another portrayed caitlin jenner while one member uttered a homophobic slur. they're urging all members to avoid offensive performances. >> use common sense. okay? if you think something might be offensive withiv offensive, if you're thinking that, then it probably is. change what you're doing. >> reporter: and today's events
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are family friendly. doors open at 4:30. the special sneak peek happens at 6:00. reporting live, pamela osbourne, nbc 10 news. and the forecast for the mummers parade is looking good. let's talk current conditions right now. here's a look at campbellback mountain, still dark out there but you can tell there's no rain, no snow track this morning. instead we're going to stay on the dry side. you also can't tell but the clouds are building back in overhead after a clear evening. wind speeds are lighter than they were yesterday because we don't have the system passing. winds are 10 mile an hour in allenton. philadelphia at 7. we're going to see the winds pick up around 10 to 15 miles an hour through the afternoon. a light breeze. so as after your temperatures, they're cooler.
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winds are lower, temperatures are lower. we're tracking highs only in the 40s today. upper 30s to around 40 degrees this morning then we get to the low 40s this afternoon for philadelphia. notice the icons. we should see some sunshine. but especially in the suburbs, we'll have a and sun. temperatures cooler around 40 degrees for temperatures. through delaware we should make it into the mid-40s. in new jersey, low to mid-40s. and the shore mid-40s as well. huge difference from some of the 60s that we were able to see yesterday. in fact we tied a record in wilmington and we broke one in allentown. not going to happen today. if you're heading to penn's landing for new year's eve, 44 degrees 6:00 the first fireworks show. if you miss that one, catch it on nbc 10. 10:00, 40 degrees the temperature and dropping into the upper 30s for midnight for the second fireworks show.
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conditions for the new year looking good, still dry but we'll see increasing clouds and winds are going to be on the lighter side as well, 15 to 20 miles an hour. what we're looking at for new year's day, temperatures picking up a bit more for the mummers parade. 5:41 right now. let's check your ride to work. >> jessica boyington is keeping an eye on the roads for us. >> we'll still have a really easy drive and i pretty much am predicting that for the rest of the week for a lot of people having off from work and school. 309 at the turnpike, no major problems or delays. a couple of cars out the door here. there is some construction though, a construction project over in new jersey around brook lawn circle. that will be in place until 6:00 in morning. 20 minutes for that. you can clearly see around brooklawn and the surrounding areas, no delays. everything in the green.
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septa buses and trollries are running on a modified weekday schedule throughout friday and all other service is running on a regular weekday schedule. back to you. the woman behind one of the most iconic and female movie characters ever has died. we take a look back at the life of carrie fisher. here in our area she's known for her family roots in south philly. cub scout controversy. this 8-year-old from new jersey kicked out of the scouts after just a month. we'll have the story next.
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it's 5:45. this morning fan mourning the loss of carrie fisher. >> she died yesterday four days after suffering a heart attack on a plane back the los angeles. we caught up with movie goers in our area last night. they told us the news of fisher's passing moved them to go see the latest star wars film >> they also told us that her death makes her appearance on the big screen even more meaningful. >> i really want to see this. i want to experience it. and i think there was some emotion in the theater, especially, you know, in the scene that she was in.
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>> i with as really sad. she's been so iconic for so long. >> in addition to being an actress, fisher was a successful book author and screen writer. born into hollywood royalty. her father had deep ties to our area. eddie fisher was born in south philly making his radio debut here in philadelphia in 1940. he died in 2010. fans and celebrities have taken to social media to share their loss. mark hamill treated no words, #devastated. steve martin treat tweweeted wh a young man, carrie fisher was the most beautiful creature i had seen. >> you can read more right now on the nbc 10 app. well all of the celebrity death this year has some fans concerned about 94-year-old comedy icon betty white.
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twitter users are calling for 2016 to leave betty white alone. one fan started a go fund me page to help protect white from 2016. white herself has not committed. a mother from north jersey says he's angry because her transgender son was kicked out of the cub scouts. he's identified as a boy since he was 2. he was born a girl. his mother says that's why he was kicked out of the scouts after one month. >> i don't know. it's no fair. i don't know. >> he was very angry. he didn't understand why. because he sees himself as a boy. >> the boy scouts of america lifted a ban on gay scouts and leaders but in a statement the
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organization says it considering transgender children as a separate issue and also says that cub scouts programs are for those who are identified as boys on their birth certificates. yesterday i thought we skipped winter. >> we saw 60s here in philadelphia. not going to happen today. it's way cooler this morning. let's start with some of the temperatures. we're looking at your pennsylvania suburbs and some of us have now fallen at or below freezing. we knew it was going to happen. here are some of the numbers on the map. looking at 34 degrees. track along here to 37 degrees ft. washington, elroy at 38 and new hope right at 40 degrees. some of us are trying to hold on to the 40s but a lot of us are slipping into the 30s this morning. meaning the jackets that may be left behind yesterday, don't leave it behind this morning. here's your future temperatures
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this morning. a lot of us are a degree or two warmer than what the model is showing. and i think in the afternoon we're going to see this as well. overall much more chilly than yesterday. we continue through the morning and into the afternoon. there you go. we're looking at temperatures around the low mid-40s, expected for highs throughout philadelphia and areas south. in fact along the shore we could get more mid to some sports around 46 degrees or so. and then we look overnight. we cool right back down. we're going to get chilly, near freezing as we move into the midnight hour on thursday. but the temperatures will climb a little faster than they typically too which is important. we need the temperatures to rise to see rain instead of snow as the next system passes and it looks like that's what we'll see. at 9:00 a.m. a lot of us are above freezing. so as a result, here's the snow potential we're looking at. this is one model run but i think it's doing a pretty nice
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job. we should see spotty rain/snow mixing in in the upper suburbs. everywhere else is going to see rain instead of the snow. this is only a dusting for the suburbs. that is going to change on the low end as we see the changeover through the rest of your thursday. things move out. we fast towaforward through fri it's dry. here's you new year's eve and day forecast. sunday up to 48 degrees and we'll be in the 30s at midnight for the fireworks. we see about the same for everywhere except the lehigh valley, a little cooler at 39 on saturday. ten minutes until 6:00 right now. traffic should be pretty clear this morning. at this hour. >> yeah. let's check. and let's check with bridges with jessica boyington. what are you seeing?
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>> this is an easy week any way. in between the holiday and new year's eve, this week is usually a wig lull in traffic land. starting out on the plat bridge, everything is moving along nicely. ben franklin bridge is nice and clear. moving into philadelphia this morning you'll be good. this is 95. but moving through delaware, 11 minutes right now northbound from 295 to 495, speeds in the 60s. we'll end on the construction over in new jersey. it's going to clear out of the way in the next 15 minutes or so. it's supposed to be there until 6:00 a.m. near the brooklawn circle. watch for the construction crews cleaning up that area. other than that you should be good to go. no major delays. in camden county a legendary coaching career lives on. next we'll show you how one high school is making sure the legacy
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of their former wrestling coach continues for tomorrow's athletes. plus this -- ♪ also ahaez we'ead we'll show yo taylor swift rocked out with possibly her oldest fan.
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. are reminder, the blue cross river rink is the place to be saturday night for two new year's eve fireworks displays. nbc 10 will broadcast the first one live at 6:00 and round two is right at the stroke of mid knight. a house at the jersey shore that's drawn curiosity seekers for decades has been sold for $4 million. for years people stopped by and peered inside the back of the home. the back which faces the beach has a deck with a roof and side walls but it's otherwise open. built in 1967. not known what the new owners plan to do with this. a high school in camden county is honoring one of his long time coaches. >> yesterday overbrook high
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school dedicated a brand-new wrestling room if to man who led the team for 35 years. it's known as the paul mauriello room. for years the wrestlers would practice in the cafeteria. before the practice, the coach laid mats on the floor for his team and every day he put them back. he retired in 2001 but he says his bond with his wrestlers never breaks. >> i can tell you a story about each one, they can probably tell you a story about me, even though it goes into the hundreds, there's just a special relationship between a wrestler and his coach. >> paul is still in the game. he's currently an assistant wrestling coach at ham monton. cyrus porter may be taylor swift's old ers fan. so the superstar surprised him at his home in missouri. look at this.
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♪ ♪ >> he's so into it. the pop star spent an hour with the world war ii veteran aez nds family on monday. porter said he couldn't believe it when swift knocked on the door. he said he became a fan because of the way she puts on a show. family members tweeted about the surprise visit thanking swift and calling it a christmas miracle. three superstars square off for right to be called the male athlete of the year. >> lebron james, michael phelps and usain bolt. next we'll show you who the award went to. plussing with breaking news in fishtown where a house fire has turned deadly. two fires hufighters are hurt. we'll take you live to the scene. if you're heading out the
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door, make sure you the free nbc 10 app for breaking news, first alert weather and traffic all day long.
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deadly flames. a person is killed after a house fire in fishtown and two firefighters are hurt. we're live with an update. police in delaware county are chases new leads in the search for a woman who went missing more than three years ago. and parade day preparation. today fans can get a sneak peek at a new year's day staple during the opening of mummers fest. 6:00 a.m. 40 degrees outside. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm rosemary connors. going to stay a little colder this morning. chris tall klei has the -- krys the details. >> i was bragging that yesterday we


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