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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  December 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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our newsroom tonight. tonight on nbc10 news at 6:00, heart ache from the mother of this murdered montgomery county teenager. in an exclusive interview with nbc10, she says she gave the girl up for adoption years ago, only to have her daughter's dismembered body found more than 100 miles from home. >> she's never going to see anything. >> grace packer disappeared from abbington in july. hunters stumbled on to her body in lucerne county on halloween. nbc10's deanna durante was the only one to speak to grace's birth mother today. what did she have to say? >> reporter: she says she's angry. she has so much anger she doesn't know what to do with it.
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she says she gave up her daughter for a better life. and back in july, that adoptive mother came here to report is girl missing. and police say they don't believe sarah packer has been honest with them. >> it's a horrible death of a little girl that should have never been. >> reporter: these three pictures are all rose hunsaker has to remember her daughter grace. >> i thought that she was going to be better treated, you remember what i mean, have a better live than what the state would have said we would have gave them. >> reporter: she says she didn't know that her adoptive father was convicted for child sexual abuse. police said as they looked for grace, sarah failed to cooperate with them. >> how dare them act like better parents than i was when they're really not, they're evil people. >> sarah packer bonded out of
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jail on friday and police say she remains a person of interest in the murder of grace packer. >> she's never going to get to see her sweet 16, she's never going to see anything. if somebody out there knows something, i just want them to be brought to justice. >> reporter: now we have learned that sarah and david packer divorced some years ago. we learned that sarah has been living here in abbington with her boyfriend in horsham. police are interested in anything you know about this case. and you can even report anonymously. turning to the weather now as we take a live look at the scene in cape may, a cold night on tap as we get set for a
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system that will bring rain to some parts of the area. for most of us, it will mean rain, but some light snow is expected in the northwest suburbs. and that's why we have issued a first alert for parts of the area. nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now with a look at what you can expect in your neighborhood. >> we're bringing in colder air with these westerly winds, it was, remember, mid 60s, record breaking warmth yesterday, but by tomorrow morning, it's going to be snowing in parts of the area, lehigh valley, berks county, that's the place that's going to get the most hours of it. and the worst hours of it, right adventuri during the morning rush. from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. it's going to warm up and turn to rain after that. little busts of snow could slow down that morning rush and it could stick to some untreated
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surfaces like driveways and sidewalks and make things slippery early in the morning. this is rain increasing indiana, combining with that snow from wisconsin and we do expect the cold rain in philadelphia, 5:00 a.m., warming up by 9:00 a.m., it's still raining, it's going to be a wet morning across the entire area. in the suburbs, it's barely above freezing at 5:00 a.m., and then continues to warm up. lehigh valley, it's below freezing to start. snowing at 7:00 a.m., and possibly accumulating and changing to rain as we go through 9:00 and 10:00 m. more on the hour by hour forecast and the rest of the holiday week end coming up. a woman is behind bars for killing her boyfriend. police say she has confessed. nbc10 has exclusive video of
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police investigate -- investigators say she shot terrell bruce execution style while they were driving in mt. airy yesterday. he then lost control of his suv and crashed. forensic units today also uncovered the gun used in the crime. >> devastating. terrible. terrible. couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. >> he lost his live and she'll spend a large part of her remaining life in prison. it's very sad and senseless. >> the university of penn and central grad now faces decadade behind bars. teenagers are accused of hitting police officers as those officers tried to get a crowd of more than two dozen teenagers to leave the mall n all about 200 tried to get inside to cause trouble. police say they were ready for them because the teenagers tried to cause a disturbance at the
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same mall on monday night. sky force 10 was overhead as crews worked to make repairs here in the city of bethlehem. a water main break this morning set off a chain of events, a broken water main caused a sink hole to open up and that sink hole caused a gas leak. >> reporter: this is the end of a long and often loud day for residents in this neighborhood. as you can probably hear, but crews have been making a lot of progress, take a look here, they have largely filled in this sink hole and i'm told that the natural gas line is now back in service. meanwhile they have been working to purge, pump out gas of two homes here where the levels of gas were just too high. the sink hole is a problem you can see, eating up part of hamilton avenue.
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the other trouble here is invisible, buttected in this neighborhood. how dangerous is it? >> it's enough to cause an explosion. >> reporter: it started with a water main break, which led to a sink hole, which caused a gas line to crack. fire officials evacuated residents including bob schwartz. >> being woken up by pounding on the door at 3:30 in the morning with a police officer here, it starts you really quick, you know? >> reporter: neighbors moved up the block and found out why. >> when you hear gas, what goes through your mind? >> you get worried right away, you have seen it in other places where there's been explosions and things like that. >> a scary thought for residents whose neighborhoods were evacuated today.
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a problem they can't see and another problem that swallowed part of the street. most of the residents have been allowed back in their homes. fire officials tell me that in a situation like this with a gas leak, that gas can seep through cracks in your foundation, trying to get into the atmosphere and that is how it can get into your house. live in bethlehem, i'm lauren mayk, nbc10 news. police spend a second day in a row searching for clues in the case of a missing jersey shore home. after core cadaver dogs hit on the same spot. rodriguez disappeared more than three years ago. she was last seen by her estranged husband. >> something just really drives you crazy, because the cold stare in his face that night,
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something's there. >> police plan to search the house over the next several days using radar that penetrates the ground. a fire in redding sparked by christmas lights have left several families homeless. the fire marshall tells us it started last night in a birch street row house. in a controversial decision, a delaware refinery has now been given the go ahead to begin shipping ethanol by barge. today the department of natural resources granted a permit to pf energy in delaware city. environmentalists have spoken out about the plans, they say it goes against the coastal zone act which protects the environment. police in salem county are searching for a man who -- the
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police chief tells us the man then pulled out a knife and demanded just $2 in gas. and when the worker said no, that man ran off. here's an early peek at what you might expect ma the mummers. you can catch the action until 9:00 tonight. skaters are hit ice tonight at the blue cross river rink and the river rink is a great place to be as we usher in 2017. nbc10 will broadcast the fireworks live at 6:00. then don't misround two right at the stroke of midnight from sugar house casino and penn's landing. no matter what we did, it really didn't respond the way it was supposed to. >> coming up, hatchimal
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headaches, it is the holiday's hottest toys but the responses rolling in from nbc10. >> caller: and it feels more like winter today and it could look like it too soon across the area. i'm tracking snow and rain for others, the timing plus your new year's weekend forecast next.
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we want to get to breaking news right now in the search for a jersey shore woman and her great granddaughter. we can tell you they have been found alive in virginia. >> definitely some good news a lot of folks have been waiting for. we have heard from our sister station in virginia that that great grandmother and her granddaughter have been found safe. they used surveillance video from a gas station to help track her down. she was last seen on christmas eve, traveling from cape may county to north carolina to see her family. again, police say the 71-year-old woman and her 5-year-old great grand daughter have been found alive in
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dinwoody county. we're going to continue to monitor the latest on the story. and we're going to be updating this live on nbc10 news at 11:00. if i knock it, it doesn't work. >> that little girl is suffering from a matchimal headache. and she's not alone, it is the gift that sent parents scrambling to get their hands on so one of their hatchimales. the craze is costing time and frustration. nbc10's south jersey bureau reporter cydney long spoke to one upset mother and the company about what you need to do if you have one. >> that's going to break off so easily. >> reporter: it was to be the toy all about bringing joy, instead expectations of the
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hatchimal are somewhat shattered. so after unwrapping christmas morning, these smiles turned upside down when the hatching process wasn't all it was cracked up to be. >> it's not hatching? i don't know what to do. i'm like i've trying my best, i don't know what's wrong with it. >> they were patient, followed the instructions and loved on the egg. >> they want us to love it, cradle it, to make it all happen. it really didn't respond the way it was supposed to. >> she finally broke the egg open herself. it's just one of hundreds of defect complaints, ranging from faulty motors, broken eggs or the animal getting stuck inside its shell. they're not working to repair those holiday broken harts, it's time and frustration all over again.
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you oar saying the company what has nlts responsive? >> we dead get through to spin master's media relations which a apologized for defecttive glitches. they say a majority of customers loved the hatching experience. so spin master is training and adding more reps and promising a replacement toy. don't return it to the story, instead contact the spin master directly. >> the experience is what we wanted, we didn't pay for just a toy. we paid for it to hatch. i would like a replacement at the very least, really. it's a whole lot colder than it was yesterday, we have record
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warmth, now we're getting close to the freezing mark. hour by hour is going to be critical tomorrow morning especially in the lehigh valley. that's one area in berks county, we have first alert out for snow coming in during the morning rush, 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., then it changes over to rain, could get about an inch on the grassy surfaces, the low visibility if it comes down hard enough for a brief period of time, it can really mess things up for travel and could stick to untreated surface like driveways and sidewalks. and we continue to monitor not only the wind, but the temperatures all over the area, the northwest wind keeping it cool at summer's point. dennis township 34, we keep monitoring all the temperatures in all the neighborhoods. you can see the satellite radar, clouds are building, the rain is increasing here, we have got
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snow, and it's all going to catch up right around the same time. watch what happens as we go through the night. temperatures are dropping below freezing, but not by a lot. the roads are not going to be totally frozen. 5:00 a.m., here comes the rain and the snow, it's going to be a sharp cut off, rain, snow, no ey icing with this one. and the computer model when the snow starts to just let it melt. other models do keep it a little bit colder. it is wet everywhere. it's going to be a wet morning rush, the warmer air starts coming in and the temperature starts going up, so even in altown, it will change over to rain, you can see that temperature according to the computer getting up to or above 40. by noon everything is out of here. exton, rain, and redding, snow. other areas getting rain too.
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that's what neighborhood weather is all about. different weather in different neighborhoods, even if it's just a couple of degrees difference. you can see some big differences with this. all right, new year's eve, it's not going to be much different. it's going to be seasonal temperatures throughout the area. 37 degrees at midnight and for the mummers. 38 at 8:00 a.m., 46 at 2:00 p.m. not much wind, a mix of sun and clouds, that's pretty good too. the forecast for the rest of the area, you can see dry conditions, temperatures pretty close to average for this time of the year. and even for the eagles game, we're going to be seeing dry conditions, not much in the way of wind and temperatures. a little bit above average. i'm danny pommells, csn, coming up, carson wentz hoping to finish on a high note.
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danny pommells with you once again, it's been a quiet few days after christmas. not your typical eagles -- but the birds gearing up for their season finale. john clark has more on how the team hopes to carry over that momentum. >> reporter: the eagles definitely want to end their season on a high note, beating the cowboys and winning their final two games. and it will be really important
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for carson wentz. he's had a lot on his shoulders this season. he's on pace for the third pass attempts ever for a rookie quarterback. and he needs just three completions and he will have the most completions in nfl for a rookie quarterback. he's in the top five in passing yardage for the rookie. >> i think that's huge for us. especially in the nfc east, two rivalry games like that, i think it will give us a lot of confidence going forward, we know we're a good football team, we know we have been in all those games, but it will give us that extra boost to carry us over the off-season. >> doug pederson says that carson wentz is playing his best football of the season. he'll become the first birds quarterback to start every game in a season since donovan mcnabb eight years ago. the potential returns, the
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eagles of desean jackson is gaining steam after two of the teammates mentioned the possibility earlier this week. jackson was asked about coming back in the off-season. >> i'm focused on finishing strong and you know we'll see, this is the first time in my career, i'll be able to hit the free agent market so i'm definitely intrigued about s seeing what else is going to happen. joel embiid will not play tomorrow against the jazz. he's expected to play tomorrow against the nuggets in denver. flyers and blues at 8:00 on the nbc sports network. that is your look at sports, i'm danny pommells, csn, we'll be right back.
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final look at weather. >> rain coming in, snow up toward the lehigh valley, but
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that will change to rain too late in the morning. >> coming up next is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. we'll see you back here at 11:00. tonight, war of words -- rising tensions between the u.s. and israel. a harsh warning from secretary of state john kerry. israel's leader firing back. tonight, our nbc news exclusive with secretary kerry. breaking news, hollywood legend debbie reynolds rushed to the hospital just a day after the death of her daughter, carrie fisher. the latest on her medical emergency. and jon-benet ramsey's brother files a $750 million lawsuit over a report he claims wrongly pointed the finger at him for his sister's infamous murder. split-second save, caught on dashcam, the new car feature that can predict a crash before it happens. technology that could save millions of lives.


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