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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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christmas eve and fired nearly a dozen shots at buck. today the police commissioner said arriving at this person of interest was especially challenging because of the circumstances buck was well known, widely loved and just a month from retirement. >> this is absolutely ridiculous, down right evil when you think about it, because at some point in time, you knew who you were firing at. >> reporter: we learned today that all the remaining cold cuts in marie's grocery are being donated to phil abundance. families and friends alike say it's what marie would have wanted. >> she's one of the best people in this community and neighborhood and she really brought us together. >> reporter: philly police just announcing that they will be holding a press conference, an update on this case starting in just 15 minutes, we do have a
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crew there at police headquarters, we'll bring you that news as it comes out. reporting live in south philadelphia, i'm george spencer, nbc10 news. a mixed bag of weather this morning throughout the region. >> depending on where you live, your day may have started with snow or with rain. a light coding was enough to slow the pace. this car slid off the road in lo low -- >> most of us saw plenty of rain today. the snow was a welcome sight meanwhile for the skiers on camelback mountain, the lifts were packed, the slopes where are busy.
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glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the conditions right now. >> the people that were supposed to get the snow got the snow, the people that were expecting the rain got the rain. and now we're getting the wind. and the wind is bringing in the colder air. it's a 45 in philadelphia now, that's as high as it's been all day. 40 in allentown, that's their highest. that's quite a change from a couple of days ago. the rain from earlier, that has all moved out, we have some snow flurries in central pennsylvania trying to make its way over the mountains, could hit parts of berks county and the poconos this evening. but we have a lot of cold air coming in over the next 24 hours and a lot of gusty winds. the temperature itself is not going to be plunging, exactly by 6:00 a.m. the wind is going to be picking up, gusting over 15 miles an hour at the time. diving near the freezing mark, in the lehigh valley, it's
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clearing skies, but we have gusts up to 40 miles an hour during the afternoon tomorrow. we'll see what that means for the weekend weather and a round of some pretty heavy rain too. that's in the forecast coming up. from north carolina to new jersey, people are breathing easier after an atlanta county 5-year-old girl and her great grandmother are alive. >> the two spent days missing in the woods of west virginia. they left their homes in mays landing on christmas eve. they were heading to a relative's home in north carolina, but they never made it. yesterday a farmer found them on his property in dinwiddle county. >> reporter: there is a lot of relief here in the neighborhood where that 5-year-old lives and this afternoon we are learning more about the brave little girl who stayed strong through it all.
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>> thank god for this to happen. >> reporter: a day after 71-year-old barbara briley and her great granddaughter were found alive and safe, ricardo recounted the reunion described to him between 5-year-old lamira briley and her loved ones. >> she was happy to see the family. >> dabny's girlfriend is one of barbara briley's children and currently in virginia with other relieved relatives. lamira briefly told her about being lost in the woods of west virginia w. >> they went out to try to find some help. >> lamira was scared, but she's a very tough girl. she's very bright and smart.
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>> reporter: the pair left hamilton township on christmas eve for a family member's house in north carolina. barbara briley said to be unconscious when she was found, but lamira was fine. today both are in stable condition. >> thanking god that everything happened and everything ended in the right way, not in the wrong way. >> reporter: dabny told me he believes barbara briley might still finish her journey to north carolina to visit relatives once she's out of the hospital. live in hamilton dotownship, i' ted greenberg. the white house is punish g i ing russia. kicking 35 russian diplomats out of the u.s. and shutting down two russian government owned compounds on u.s. soil. this is video of one of those facilities in maryland, the
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other one is in new york state. access to the compounds will be denied to all russian officials as of noon tomorrow. president obama released a statement on today's sanctions that reads in part, quote, these actions follow repeated private and public warnings that we have issued to the russian government and are a necessary and appropriate response to efforts to harm u.s. interests in violation of established international norms of behavior. officials say the area around 18th and chesnutt has been reopened for traffic after workers reopened that sink hole. no word on what caused that road to cave in. again, the word has been reopened to traffic. a roxborough woman is now charged with the murder of her ex-boyfriend. homicide detectives searched the home of 27-year-old martina westcott yesterday.
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police say she shot terrell bruce execution style while they were driving in mt. airy on tuesday. police say wescott tossed her blood stained jacket over the bridge. 84-year-old hollywood legend debbie reynolds within hours of losing her daughter, actress carrie fisher. >> certainly a double tragedy for one of hollywood's most famous families. for icon debbie reynolds, the loss of her daughter seemed to be more than she could handle. reynolds died yesterday one day after carrie fisher. he told "variety" i miss her so much, i want to be with carrie.
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♪ good morning good morning >> the movie "singing in the rain" launched debbie republiyn career in 19612. >> she would always come say hi, such a sweet person. >> something you may not know about debbie reynolds, she owned a huge collection of hollywood memorabilia, and it's worth millions of dollars. republic reynol reynolds' daughter died on -- reynolds family is considering a double funeral for reynolds and her daughter. we'll explain why doctors say it
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is quite possible reynolds could have died of a broken heart, just like her son said. >> erin coleman, reporting for us. thank you, erin. a university city hooka bar went up in flames today. we're told the building suffered heavy smoke damage, including some to the apartments above, but everyone is doing okay. allentown has a new budget, one that ends a bitter fight between the mayor and city council. the deal boosts the wage tax to about 1.9%. it gives the city council more say in hiring and gives the city money to pay overtime and raises. the new budget puts an end to the mayor's threat to end his original spending plan.
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the pledge of president-elect is taking a much different tony when talking about president obama. after donald trump slammed the president yesterday, president obama called the president-elect. >> trump said the phone conversation was positive and focused on a smooth transition. mr. trump said that they covered a lot of territory in the call. he said he'll call a news conference but still won't say how he'll separate his business dealings with the business of being president. today on instagram mr. trump posted, quote, my administration will follow two simple rules, buy american and hire american, end quote. national unemployment applications have fallen over the past two years, indicating mr. trump will inherit a solid jobs market. aids said mr. trump is personally involved in planning the events of january 20th.
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the team is brushing off concerns of possible protests today. as of now more than two dozen applications for protests have been filed. we have now learned when delaware's new governor will officially take the oath of office. an inauguration ceremony will be held for governor elect john carney and incumbent lieutenant governor elect. a proposed shopping center in delaware is drawing protests from want to stand the -- this is approved earlier this month. the protesters believe the project will foul water in the area and harm a siacred native american burial ground. they vow not to give up and they
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say this protest is just beginning. >> we need to respect and cherish the native american culture and history of delaware. >> sussex county council president george cole responded to the protest saying native americans have never proved the land is actually a burial ground. allentown is exploring the possibility of establishing a 311 system to help residents find information about city services or make complaints. this morning the city's mayor released the results of a feasibility study. in 2019, a call to allentown's 911 team will start going to lehigh county. it will take nine full-time employees to staff that center. the city of philadelphia plans to crack down on tobacco sales to minors in the new year. on january 1, a new list of regulation also go into effect in the city. no tobacco sales within 500 feet
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of any k-12 schools. and also limiting the number of permits. a former delaware charter school principal is accused of stealing from the school. today a grand jury invited 55-year-old noel rodriguez. investigators say he embezzled money from the academy of dover charter school. he allegedly stole $500,000 each year. this suspect the first problem with delaware charter schools, last year state officials forced the -- the lesson plans didn't meet state standards and there were concerns about the school's leadership and finances. and wilmington city council has also asked the state to stop putting new charter schools in the city. councilmembers passed a resolution last year, city
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leaders say they want more say over which schools get approved. a suspected atm robber is behind bars tonight. police in upper marion township arrested 26-year-old jahmahl goodwin. these surveillance images were taken moments before goodwin pulled a gun on a man who tried to rob a man in king of prussia earlier this month. three people are killed after a dump truck loses control on i-81 in central pennsylvania. severals say a tire blew on the truck in carlyle yesterday evening, the dump truck then swerved into oncoming traffic and into a semi. the highway was closed for eight hours following this accident. why is the city of wilmington still using faulty parking meters despite having more efficient parking kiosks in storage?
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that's what some city officials trying to phase out the old meters are saying. the older meters cost the city about $115,000 in lost revenue and maintenance costs every year. in comparison, the new so-called smart meters that take credit cards cost about $20,000 to operate. a local man has a plea to people celebrating the new year. >> his message, please don't mark the occasion by firing a gun into the air. >> someone's dangerous decision to do that back in 1998 has meant a life of -- now 28, he's mostly paralyzed and unable to speak clearly. but today at police headquarters in center city, he was determined to get his message out. >> i can't believe that people think that once it goes up and
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gets sucked into outer space. it's crazy. >> philadelphia police say they get more than 150 calls for gun fire on new year's eve. they say irresponsible gun owners will be arrested. you can keep some money in your pocket this weekend. today the delaware river port authority announced three patco fairs beginning on new year's eve. the free rides continue until 4:00 p.m. on new year's day. they hope the free fare also keep drunk drivers off the road. final preparations are being made for times square big new year's eve celebration. it was to the last opportunity people had to add their new
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year's day wishes to each piece of confetti. police commissioner james o'neill says there are no specific threats against the occasion. heavily armed police officers are already visible in the states. officials say they have been preparing for months. >> we're going to have one of the most well policed, best protected events at one of the safest venues in the entire world. >> more than a million people are expected to gather in times square to watch the famous ball drop. if you don't want to head to times square for the new year, you can go to blue cross river rink. >> they will have two fireworkses displays. nbc10 is going to broadcast the fireworks live at 6:00. and then don't miss the ones at midnight from sugar house casino and penn's landing. in just hours, boathouse row
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will be lit up to celebrate hanukkah. mayor kim kenney and community leaders are hosting that event. we want to get to some breaking news in philadelphia right now. police are holding a news conference for the murder investigation of south philadelphia store owner. >> homicide detectives worked around the clock investigating this horrific murder. until they developed a suspect. maurice green. a 31-year-old male. last night at 10:30, police arrested the suspect outside of 54th and berks without incident. he has been formally charged with murder of marie bucks. >> what appears to have been the motive? >> so the decreed dent had a
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grandson who thought she had something to do with stealing -- he never gave it back to him. he showed up at the store. he thought the grandson was going to be there working, the grandson was not. and unfortunately he shot and killed the grandmother. [ inaudible ] >> obviously i'm not going to present our whole case out to you. there's videotape of him parking a vehicle, goi ing towards the store, and then going back to that vehicle and leaving. we have a lot of different things to their him into the scene. >> was there any interaction between the victim and the suspect in this case? or did he just go in there and open fire? >> he opened up the door, he wasn't even one step inside the store and he fired multiple
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times striking her 11 times in the chest. >> do you think he at any point realized she was not his intend target? >> the grand son because actually supposed to be working that morning. so we think he went there with the intention of shooting and killing the grand son. he opened the door and saw the grand mother. and at that point, he made the choice that he was going to kill the grandmother since he was not there. >> has he made any comments in working with police? >> he has not. >> maurice green. he's a 31-year-old male, he has a lot of priors. i would also like to thank the homicide unit. they worked tirelessly through this week, all through the holidays.
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lieutenant reel ran the investigation. sergeant gallagher assisted and lieutenant jenkins participated in the investigation. >> police have arrested maurice green in the murder of store owner marie bucks. thanks to surveillance video of him walking in the store and then walking out. >> that philadelphia grocery store owner is marie buck and he also said is that she was shot 11 times. family and friends are gathering this evening. we'll have more information when we get it. >> we had rain for most of us this morning, lehigh valley had the snow, it's 40 degrees there now, we have had some sunshine coming out. and 45 degrees in philadelphia. the wind has not really picked up yet. but it is going to be an issue tomorrow.
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west, 20 to 30 miles an hour, with gusts over 40 and the high temperatures barely getting to 40 degrees. chestnut hill for example, 39, tacomi 39d. easton 39. you can see some snow flurries or maybe snow showers in parts of the lehigh valley during the day tomorrow. the rest of the area is die and even some of the usual warm spots are not warm. 44 degrees in newark, delaware, 43 degrees in rehoboth beach. we do expect strong wind gusts as we go through tomorrow afternoon. this color here represents about 40-mile-per-hour wind gustses, so especialliably in new jersey and they are strong and with the temperatures as low as they are, it's going to feel like it's in the 20s for most of the day tomorrow. compared to what we have seen. it's not going to be that cold
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for new year's eve. there will be less wind as well. these temperatures are fairly close to average for this time of the year, for both fireworks displays, not too bad and for the mummers, we're going to be seeing pretty decent weather too. not much wind and temperatures rising into the 40. >> glenn, thank you. for many people your driver's license is your all-access pass to -- >> the new push to change that rule. plus marching to their own beat, how a group of mummers women took the time to make a special delivery to those in need today. but first here's a look at the closing bell on wall street for the second zralstraight day, th dow, nasdaq, and s&p 500 all closed down. about bassett.
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forget hatchimals, we're watching for eagles to hatch. that's hariette there, jackie, and her mate m-15. we'll be on hatch watch throughout the newscast. in the meantime, the new year bringing a new change for your pennsylvania driver's license. >> why your id will no longer be enough for some security clearances and what's being done to try to fix the problem.
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the new year is about to bring a new change for pennsylvania's driver's licenses. >> starting next month, the form of id will no longer be enough to get into a federal building. and if the state law does not change, you will not be able to use it to board planes in 2018. >> lauren, this is all because of a state law that keeps pennsylvania from complying with the feds right? >> reporter: yeah, ke, this is subtle and this is not some sort of oversight. this law prevents pennsylvania from complying with these federal regulations. that means if you look at your pennsylvania driver's license it doesn't have a little star on it and it won't be good enough to fly in 2018. heading into the security line, it's routine. >> i use my driver's license when i travel. >> reporter: jessica perez already had it in hand, leaving on a birthday trip to disney world with 4-year-old ava.
4:32 pm
homeland security is warning pennsylvania is among a handful of states not in compliance with federal regulations known as real id. next month, it means some federal facilities will stop accepting pennsylvania driver's licenses. and starting january 22, 2018, you'll need something else like a passport to fly. >> when i saw pennsylvania on the list, i quickly started reading all about it. >> reporter: state representative ed neilson says that pennsylvania may get an extension if its trying to comply. with overwhelmi passed with overwhelming support in 2012, trying to overturn it. >>. if we're not compliance by next year, people are going to -- >> he's planning to file
4:33 pm
legislation when the legislature goes back in session next month. >> what makes you think that folks in harrisburg will change their minds now? >> because i think the people of pennsylvania are going to let their state represents and senators know, look, i don't want another cost, fix this. >> reporter: now he's a democrat, there's a republican senator who has also shown interest in it so there's some bipartisan interest. but here is the challenge, represent neilson who we spoke with, he took office just after this bill was passed. but the challenge is getting people who voted for it to now agree that it should go away. live at pennsylvania international airport, lauren mayk, nbc10 news. >> kentucky, maine, minnesota, missouri, oklahoma, south carolina and washington also aren't in compliance. in our area, delaware is in
4:34 pm
compliance, new jersey, meanwhile has an extension that allows federal agencies to accept driver's licenses until the end of next year. what a difference a few hours can make. the video on the left is from around 11:30 this morning from philadelphia international airport. look at that fog, really hard to see, on the right a live picture of the airport, all clear. this truck held up traffic after getting stuck on route 100 and route 29 in shimmerville. cars were backed up behind it until they were able to drive in the other lane to get around. the snow and rain have move out of the area, the cold air remains as we get ready to head into the new year. >> your first alert weather forecast and the wind, glenn. >> the first thing the wind is doing is clearing us out and we're seeing a lot of sunshine to end the day across a good bit of the area, the temperature has not really gone up despite the
4:35 pm
fact that the sun has come out. that's a clue that we have a cold air mass coming in, and we're about 40 or 45 throughout the area right now. the rain from earlier, that has moved out. the snow across the lehigh valley and poconos, that has moved out. but there are a few flurries coming across the mountains that could potentially affect the lehigh valley and the poconos and certainly wouldn't amount to anything. what is going to amount to something significant are these winds coming across the great lakes, bringing in colder air and potentially some snow flurries for parts of the area tomorrow. it's not necessarily going to drop the temperature immediately, but by tomorrow morning, with the wind at 10 to 20 miles an hour and higher gusts, it's going to feel like it's closer to 20 degrees in much of this area, you can see we're starting off the day clear. we'll see if it's going to stay clear over the holiday weekend. and go into next week with some big weather changes in just a
4:36 pm
few minutes. all right, now we want to update you on some breaking news we have just learned. police have arrested a suspect in the murder of a south philadelphia store owner, 83-year-old marie buck was gunned down inside her corner store. police have arrested 31-year-old maurice green. police believe the suspect was seeking revenge against the victim's grandson over an expensive piece of jewelry. 135 police officers across the county died in the line of duty so far this year. >> this is the highest number of officer deaths in half a decade. according to officer memorial fund, 64 officers were shot and killed, 21 were ambushed. the group says guns were responsible for the majority of deaths. others died in traffic accidents or job related illnesses such as heart attacks. six of the fallen officers were women. in our three states, three
4:37 pm
officers died in pennsylvania, one of them at the correctional institute in montgomery county. in december, new jersey state trooper frankie williams died in a crash with an out-of-control car while responding to an emergency and trooper shaun cullen was struck and killed at the scene of a car fire in west deptford. the season for head coach doug pederson is nearly complete. >> coming ahead at 4:00, what pederson is one of his most important lessons of the year. and surgery surprise. how a doctor pulled double duty to make a young patient smile when he needed it most. we just moved into this house
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a surgeon in the midwest wasn't quite finished. >> the caring doctor performed surgery on the boy's best friend. as you can see, it's his favorite stuffed an mall. the children's hospital of wisconsin says the staff sometimes will do this kind of thing so that the children will feel comfortable. so when he week up from anesthesia, he had someone to recover with. this morning, some saw wet weather and some saw snow. >> bundle up for the breezy friday and get the extra hair spray ready. what you can expect for your new year's weekend. fios in the house!
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this time three days from now, the eagles will be wrapping up their 2016 campaign. the first season for head coach doug pederson is nearly complete. with a win the eagles will finish the season 7 and 9. >> here's a small sampling from our eagles network cameras. >> do what you do best. >> nothing's easy, baby. nothing's easy. >> things weren't easy for the birds head coach. they dropped nine of their last 12 games. they'll miss the postseason for a third straight season, but it was an important season for the new head coach who has learned plenty in year one. >> the biggest thing, i think, is just, you know, the challenge of getting your team ready to play through adversity. that's been probably the biggest thing for me. >> and if the team finishes 7 and 9, it will be a better first
4:46 pm
season for pederson has been andy reid for dick vermeil. we'll have eagles game day kickoff at 9:30. that starts off our power hour of eagles coverage on saturday at 9:30, then keep it right here for nbc 10's game day final after the news at 11:00 p.m. the streaming video giant has launched a set of on demand count downs, that will let your kids ring in the new year earlier than midnight. new year's eve will be one second longer this year, a leap second is being added right before midnight on the 31st. international time keepers say the change is needed to keep clocks in sync with the slower earth's rotation. but the leap second may cause
4:47 pm
problems for some computers. the last leap second took place in 2015. glenn "hurricane" schwartz has more on your new year's eve forecast. >> it's looking pretty good. we have seen years with temperatures way lower than this, we have seen it with rain, we have seen it with snow. high winds. none of that is going to happen. we have 45 degrees, cloudy in philadelphia now, we're in the 40s across much of the region. delaware, mid 40s rights now. and the lehigh valley, that was the area that had the snow this morning. temperatures were below freezing for a while. they have been above freezing much of the day and that snow is pretty much melted. redding at 38. allentown 36. they got down to 23 degrees before the snow hit. bethlehem 38, easton at 38 degrees. so keep an eye on those temperatures overnight in case there are some icy spots.
4:48 pm
we have got wind gusts to 40 miles an hour or more on friday. we have dry weather basically with a warming trend and monday and tuesday look like they're going to be pretty wet. this is what it looked like at 4:30 in the morning, the snow coming in, right on schedule. not a big storm, northern areas had the snow. rest of the area had rain. now we have a few snow flurries trying to come over the mountains and they're pretty trivial basically. the holiday weekend showing. basically dry weather, now it's windy on friday. saturday not as windy, sunday a little bit milder. i think we can get through all three days throughout the area. without any kind of precipitation. rain or snow wise. and for the eagles. we're having decent amount of sunshine, at least partly sunny skies, temperatures a little bit above average.
4:49 pm
our average high temperature now is only 41 degrees. so the arctic air is coming in, on friday. it's going to ease up a little bit sunday and monday and tuesday as the moisture comes up. but this is a serious arctic outbreak that's coming later in the week and setting us up for next weekend and we may also have moisture coming across. so we have some decent chances for some snow, as you'll see in this 10-day forecast. the temperature going up a little bit on sunday, nasty day on monday. tuesday is less cold, but wet. and then starting on thursday, it starts getting cold, and we're talking about, look at this, high temperatures potentially in the 20s and chances of snow and not just a few flurries for next weekend. so next weekend is going to be significantly colder than this weekend, that's a pretty good bet.
4:50 pm
>> but new year's day looks nice, the mummers will be bringing smiles to people along their parade group. >> a group of mummers is giving back to a good cause. we'll explain these purses for hope. by peggy lee playing ]
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trulia. the house is only half of it.
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caught up with the mummers on the amazing journey. >> reporter: they're a brigade already, fancy and full of love, they are the wives, daughters
4:54 pm
and nieces of some of the philadelphia mummers marching to their own beat. today delivering purses of hope to abused or less fortunate women on both sides of the bridge. >> when i started to call around and look for places that would accept the purses, i didn't know how many women were affected by abuse or didn't have a home this time of the year. >> they stuffed their gently used possibility bookses with new items. >> reporter: the most touching gift costs nothing. >> but the most important piece to it all is a hand written letter from one woman gifting the giver with a message of hope. >> this one set you are beautiful, brave and strong, you are loved, 2017 is your year filled with hope. >> reporter: we're not showing you the drop off locations to protect the victim's privacy. some of the centers serve 100 to
4:55 pm
200 a week. >> we're blessed that we all have a safe home and we want that for these women we're delivering to. >> reporter: by mother's day of 2017, they're hoping to double the number to deliver 1,000 purses of hope. >> my hope is just to know, for them to feel empowered and for them to know that they have a sense of purpose. >> with their trunks and hearts full, they move on. >> you never know what a new lipstick can do for a woman. it could inspire them to go apply for that job and a whole new beginning. next at 5:00, we're following those breaki ing developments in the murder of that store owner in philadelphia. police have revealed now details about the suspect and why he killed her.
4:56 pm
an emotional reunion with relati relatives and a new jersey 5-year-old. how loved ones say their prayers were answered.
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4:58 pm
right now at 5:00, new details on the murder of this 81-year-old store owner in philadelphia. just moments ago, police announced murder charges and a motive. >> let's get right to nbc10's
4:59 pm
jacqueline london, she's live in our breaking news center. jacqueli jacqueline? >> the suspect's name is maurice green. police told us they believe green's original target was marie's grandson. he shot marie green several times. >> so the decedent had a grand son who the suspect believed had something to do with his expensive chain. as a result of that, he was demanding money back from him, he never gave it back to him. he showed up at the store, because he thought the grandson was going to be there working. >> police say that green was seen on surveillance video running from the scene. they also received anonymous tips. they say that the grandson is cooperating with police and will not be charged.
5:00 pm
we are also learning new details about the jersey shore woman who disappeared for days with her great grand daughter and don and tonight both are alive and recovering in the hospital. >> they somehow got lost on a trip from may's landing to north carolina. >> nbc 10 jersey shore reporter ted greenberg joins us live from the family's neighborhood in mays landing. >> reporter: people in this neighborhood can't wait for little lamira briley to return her, especially some of the communities youngest residents. >> i was jumping around. >> reporter: this 6-year-old is ecstatic that her play mate 5-year-old lamira briley are safe. >> i'm really, really happy because she came back.


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