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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  December 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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with an arrest in a christmas eve killing that stunned a south philadelphia community. tonight this man is accused of shooting a beloved store owner 11 times in the chest as she stood behind the counter. >> you have an 81-year-old grandmother, defenseless, who's beloved by the community and to be killed in this manner is just horrific. >> police belief revenge is the motive in the murder of 81-year-old marie buck. only she wasn't the intended target, her grandson was. and investigators say it all stemmed from a piece of jewelry. george, today's arrest comes right as the victim's family is preparing to remember her? >> reporter: yeah, jacqueline, the visitation for marie buck is set to begin just an hour from now on broad street in south philadelphia. in the meantime, philadelphia police are saying that the victim's grandson was supposed
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to be at work at this grocery store and when he wasn't there, the killer shot his grand mother instead. >> for chelsea and two neighborhood kiss, a poinsettia and a prayer for their favorite corner grocery store owner on the day that police announce the arrest of 31-year-old maurice green in her murder. pat delveccio says five days between the christmas eve crime and today's arrest have been painful. >> her husband is so upset. maria, you saw, so upset. it's just hard, hard on this family. >> reporter: philadelphia police say they now have video showing green arriving and leaving the scene of the crime. green allegedly believed that marie buck's grandson had sto n
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jewelry he had stolen from him. the grandson was supposed to be working here on christmas've. but he didn't show up for his shift. it appears his grand mother took 11 bullets for him. >> you have an 81-year-old grandmother, beloved by the community to be killed in this manner is horrific. >> reporter: bucks is going to be remembered on south broad. and as this case moves forward, even the neighborhood's youngest mourn this victim. green was arrested last night in his wynnefield neighborhood. we found he has about 15 prior arrests, many of them drug related. in addition to that, video evidence police say they also got tips that led them to green but they do not have the murder weapon. reporting live at police headquarters, i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news.
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turning to the weather now, a live look at the scene on camelback mountain. the temperatures are falling here, as the skiers enjoy some of that fresh snow. this morning's snow led to a little shoveling in the lehigh valley, nbc10 in allentown where the flakes left a light coating there on the ground. while snow fell to the north, other areas saw rain to start the day. people in camden did their best to dodge those rain drops. our camera at philadelphia international airport was clouded by haze throughout much of the day. nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz tells us what we can expect tonight. >> the winds are going to
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increase and bring in that cold weather. we had that snow this morning right on and just about the right amount. 19 degrees already and going down, going to be some great skiing conditions this weekend. we have a few snow flurries, across the pennsylvania mountains, not quite making it to our area yet. but the wind coming across those lakes, creating all the lake-effect snows, that snow isn't going to make it, but the cold winds are, and that's certainly going to have an impact. as we go through the evening, the temperature dropping by 11:00, 37 degrees, that 17-mile-per-hour sustained wind making it feel like 28. and it's going to get colder than that. we'll get to those numbers through the weekend in just a few minutes. tonight people in atlanta county can't wait for a 5-year-old and her great grandmother to return home a day after they were found live in
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the woods of rural virginia. 81-year-old barbara brieley. they were on their way to see relatives in north carolina, but never made it. a man found them yesterday on his property in dinwiddle, virginia. we caught up with one of the family members today. he shared what the once missing little girl said about the frightening ordeal. >> they walked out to find help and they couldn't find no one there, so they had to stay there. >> lamira is a tough girl, she's very bright and smart. she stayed with her grandmother. >> in a post on facebook today, the family says their prayers have been answered. a former radner township
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commissioner accused of inappropriate conduct at a nursing home in wayne. police say employees reported seeing spangle's touch a woman inappropriately four time this is month. developing now, the white house is punishing russia in response to the country's alleged hacking in the 2016 presidential election, the sanctions included kicking 35 russian diplomats out of the u.s. and shutting down two government owned compounds on u.s. soil. this is one of those facilities in maryland. the other one is in new york state. the diplomats have 72 hours to leave the u.s. stay tuned for this developing story ahead on nbc "nightly news," complete coverage of today's announcement is coming up at 6:30. confetti filled times square
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this afternoon as preparations are being held for new year's eve. today officials held their an confetti test. it was also the last opportunity to write down your new year's eve wishes to be added to each piece of confetti. the mummers are getting set for their annual new year's eve strut down broadway. today the groups geared up for the long running philadelphia tradition. nbc10's cydney long is taking it all in at the convention center. they have waited all year for this. >> reporter: they have, because all 12 of the fancy brigades, they decide on their themes back in february. the downtowners just had their plastqu practice right here, the spartans are moving in, they're setting up their set. each club or brigade will have about an hour and a half practice or dress rehearsal to
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get it down pat in time for new year's day. all fancy brigade hands are on deck. from the vikings to the down towners to the golden ground and casino magic, they're all testing and bringing the joy of the mummers tradition to light. >> it's like a flower opening up, you see it and every day it gets bigger and bigger. >> reporter: and get ready to sweat tonight, it's all about the practice, dress rehearsals of the dance and choreography are being practiced. >> i'm also a member of golden crown, and we won last time for the first time in 33 years, so we're the defending champs, the reigning champs until new year's night. i'm hoping we can rebut it's really hard to do. >> officially 1901 by the city,
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but that's when the city started to offer prize money. but this tradition goes to the 1600s, the sweeds brought this over during the 1600s and you parade down second street and go house to house. >> reporter: he says 2016 will be the best yet. >> we have two shows on new year's day, one at 11:30, at one at 5:00. we got good seats so come on down, we have plenty of tickets. >> reporter: and you can see out here some of the youngest in the spartans dancing brigade, they're getting their moves on as we speak. the props and sets have all been revealed. one of the things that will be top secret is the costumes, you'll have to wait for that on new yearer eear's day on broad . >> little kids got to be
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excited. skaters are hitting the ice tonight at the blue cross river rink and the river rink is great place to be on new year's eve. nbc 10 will broadcast the fireworks live at 6:00. then don't miss round two right at the stroke of midnight from sugar house casino and penn's landing. >> the south jersey rail service is offering free fares starting at 8:00 p.m. on new year's've. patco says it's offering the fares so that everyone will have a safe trip on new year's eve. major ed pulaski entered the results of a new feasibility study. the city will be able to pay for the 31 1 center from the money t
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saves from no longer funding its 911 center. those callings will be handled by lehigh valley starting in june of 2017. the deal boosts the wage tax to about 1.9%. it gives the city council more say in hiring and gives mayor pulaski more money for the budget. the new budget puts an end to the threat of the mayor to sioux city council for his original budget plans. why is the city using old parking meters despite having more efficient parking kiosks in storage. according to an internal audit, the older meters cost the city about $100,000 in lost revenue and maintenance costs every
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year. in comparison, the new smart meters that take credit cards cost about $20,000 to operate. access denied. up next the places you'll be shut out of come monday if you have a p.a. driver's license. a look at who showed up to take in the sights and sounds of eagles practice today. >> bundle up for a breezy friday. i'm tracking the chilly and gusty conditions for tomorrow and your forecast for the weekend.
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come sunday, your driver's license could lead to a letdown if you live in pennsylvania. a p.a. license won't get you into certain federal facilities at the start of the new year. and you'll need another id to board a plane. traveling by plane can be more complicated in the keystone state when 2018 rolls around. nbc10's lauren mayk looks at what's being done to prevent that from happening. >> reporter: you take it just
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about everywhere you go. >> you have to have your driver's license everywhere. it's the one form of id i have everywhere. >> reporter: but soon it won't be good enough for the federal government, not at the airport starting in 2018. it could be a hassle for travelers. do you have a passport? >> not a new one. >> reporter: if i don't have a passport, what, i can't fly to family to be with them? >> reporter: a state law that prevents pennsylvania from complying with it. state representative ed neilson is aiming to repeal pennsylvania's real id prevention act. >> if we're not compliant by next year, people are going to have to go through a whole lot of expense just to fly to harrisburg, to pittsburgh. >> it passed before he took office in 2012 with overwhelming and by partisan support from
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lawmakers, but some concerns over real id creating a national database have softened. nbc 10 contacted the aclu of pennsylvania which tells us it, quote has no position yet on whether or not the state legislature should repeal act 38, but a push back from the stated forced dhs to implement a watered down verse of real id years after it was do. >> i looked into what it would take to apply if the law changes here. as for time, it could take 18 to 24 months. at philadelphia airport, i'm lauren mayk, nbc10 news. well, the rain and snow are over, temperatures are starts to
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go down, generally in the 30s over a good portion of the area, and even in delaware, we have got a couple of spots into the 30s. greenville and talliville at 38, marshallton and newark, 37 degrees. farther to the south, we're mostly in the 40s. with that west wind, that's increasing, your temperatures are going to be lower tomorrow and the wind is going to be higher. this is what the radar looked like right at 6:00 a.m., right when it was supposed to start. there's the snow from philadelphia northward. there's the rain, on the heavy side south of the area, not a big storm, and we had several hours of precipitation and then it has pretty much ended. and we have a couple of snow flurries in central pennsylvania. the big issue is going to be how the wind is going to make it feel and tonight we're going to
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be seeing these feels like temperatures down into the 20s across the entire area. the feels like temperatures or wind chills do not take into account wind gusts, this is for sustained winds. so obviously it's going to feel a little colder than that at times between those sustained winds. there's tomorrow afternoon feeling like the 20s. there's some teens, as we go through friday night and into saturday morning, as we start the weekend, saturday morning, upper teens to the low 20s. so it's cold. saturday morning, but we gradually get warmer. so saturday afternoon's a little warmer than friday afternoon. especially considering less wind. sunday afternoon is warmer than saturday afternoon. we don't see any precipitation to speak of other than perhaps some snow flurries in the lehigh valley tomorrow when those strong winds come over the
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lakes. for new year's eve, pretty mild conditions, temperatures at or a few degrees average and that's pretty good too. 44 degrees at 6:00 for the first round of fireworks. for the mummers, pretty good conditions, 44 at 6:00 p.m., 48 at 12:00 a.m. looks like it's going to be dry and a pretty nice day for the eagles too. temperatures well into the 40s, the average high is 41 this time of the year, and not a whole lot of wind and i'll be back with the 10-day forecast a little bit later. i'm danny pommells, csn, next in sports, the eagles are looking to close out the season with back to back winds. and the flyers put in some extra work after last night's loss, we got the details next. about bassett.
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you really can custom make your furniture exactly how you want. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless.
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hey, hey, danny pommells with you once again. the eagles just three days away from their season finale. the birds indoors again today due to the weather. the eagles haven't beaten the cowboys at the link since 2011. hard to believe, and although it appears they won't see most of the cowboys starters, it's important to end the season in the positive. >> we want to compete for every play and every opportunity. >> if we can just get a win, put a dent in their record before they hit playoffs.
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i don't know if they're going to play their starters, nobody knows. but i want to go full tilt. >> collins hired earlier this month after matt reuhl left for baylor. the sixers visit the utah jazz, the coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. the big man is expected to play tomorrow in denver, that means more minutes for joel. to the flyers now, they are on a westward movement. they're back on the ice when they visit the san jose sharks. a game that the flyers led twice, however the sharks scored two goals and were able to get the win. which caused the coach to hold a
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practice that was harder than usual this morning. >> sometimes you need that in your practice and this morning we did. and we had some pretty good practicing battles and it's good for our team. >> coming off the break, we got to get to kind of the foundation of what we are, and get back to, you know, individual and collective of competitiveness. >> that is your look at sports, we'll see you at 11:00. for now i'm danny pommells, csn, we'll be right back.
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so above freezing temperatures for the stroke of midnight new year's eve, that's good. >> and temperatures above average no rain, no snow. it's going to be pretty windy, gusts over to 40 miles an hour tomorrow. a little bit of a warming trend over the weekend, some nasty rain monday and tuesday, and toward is end of next weeks, as i wrote in my blog a few days ago, a big change in the weather pattern, colder and favoring
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snow for the weekend. >> thanks for watching, i'm jacqueline london. nbc "nightly news" is next what tamron hall filling in. good night. tonight, russia hack payback. president obama strikes back for russia's cyber attacks, slapping down sanctions, picking dozens of diplomats out of the u.s. but president-elect trump says it's time to move on. nasty nor'easter. a powerful winter blast of ice, freezing rain, some expecting over a foot of snow. 14 million feeling the wrath. new year's alert. an unprecedented level of security in times square. law enforcement ramping up around the world after a year of horrific terror attacks. hollywood heartbreak. tributes pouring in for legendary star debbie reynolds. so many in shock over her back-to-back death with daughter carrie fisher. and one last taste.


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