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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  December 31, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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right now on nbc10 news today, the search is on for the man that shot and killed a pennsylvania state trooper. happened near altoona. details in a few moments. philadelphia getting ready for a new year's eve celebration that offers not just one but two fireworks displays. nbc10 has you covered in a live preview from penn's landing. we're looking ahead to chilly weather. we'll tell you what you need to know in the first alert neighborhood forecast. good morning. this is nbc10 news today. i am rosemary connors. it is 5:00 this saturday. thanks for being with us. let's get right to meteorologist krystal klei. she has the new year's eve
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forecast. >> and it is a good one for new year's eve. starting this morning, a chilly one. take a look at feels like temperatures. we have some light wind to low and breezy, nothing terribly strong. right now it is going to feel colder than it actually is. mount holly, 27 degrees in philadelphia, 24. mount pocono, 13, allentown 18. 22 for dover. and here's the actual temperatures. most of us are in the 20s to low 30s. nonetheless cold out there. 22 in mountain pocono. 32 in philadelphia. here's radar and satellite. not a lot of clouds. as we go through the day, some clouds build in. not anything that ruins your plans, but you may notice clouds tonight if you're looking for fireworks. here's the temperatures going through morning conditions. some scattered clouds. winds picking up a tad, and
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temperatures on the rise as well. 37 degrees by 10:00 a.m., but temperatures by this afternoon are pretty good. coming up. we will take a closer look at new year's eve daytime forecast and get into detail on the night forecast as well. >> see you shortly. thanks. we are following a developing story out of pennsylvania where a state trooper has been shot and killed. police are searching for a 32-year-old. they released this photo, say they believe his hair is dyed purple. he should be considered armed and dangerous. officials say the trooper was shot and killed in a rural area of huntington county near altoona. he was at a home on a call for domestic incident when hit by gunfire around 6:30 last night. the trooper identified as landon weaver. he joined state police in december last year. governor tom wolf issued a statement overnight about the last. it says landon will always be remembered for his bravery, his
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sacrifice and his willingness to serve. the state police are our best and bravest pennsylvanians who risk their lives to keep all our families safe. the governor also says he has full confidence that the person that committed this senseless act of violence will be captured and brought to justice. 5:03 this saturday. we are counting down to 2017. the countdown clock shows less than 19 hours away. here's a live look at the rink. all is quiet. later today, it will be bu bustling. crews have been preparing for the fireworks shows all week. monique braxton is live with a preview of what to expect to see. monique? >> reporter: good morning to you. we can expect one of the most breathtaking performances of
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fireworks ever. take a look at penn's landing below where we're standing. it is all aglow, welcoming folks that will be there in a couple hours ready to ring in the new year. our camera was rolling when they started to load up. each year the magical display lights up the sky at 6:00 and midnight. here's the show from last year. a sample of what you missed. if you're not watching in your home or among thousands of revelers expected, nbc10 will give you five views on air at 6:00 online and as you ring in 2017. the mediciidnight will be shown facebook live. xfinity live and at the electric
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factory. we teamed up with sugar house casino for two, two we say family friendly displays in the sky. i'll be back in a half hour with more. live for now, monique braxton, nbc10 news. >> see you shortly. thanks. on new year's day, mummers take over center city. they are practicing. more than 10,000 men, women and children participate. it kicks off at 9:00 in the morning. we found them rehearsing at the convention center. they'll perform after the parade. go to and check road closures in effect as cities prepare for tomorrow's parade. the jersey shore set to
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celebrate 2017. many casinos are holding parties for their best customers. at bali's, they have a mardi gras theme. for some, ringing in the new year is all about the atmosphere. >> enjoy our time, relax and just hang out and the people here are very friendly, the food is great, service is fantastic. >> we checked with every casino in atlantic city, all the hotel rooms are sold out. in ocean city, entertainers are preparing for some of the live performances set to take the stage during the resort's first night celebration, the alcohol free family friendly tradition features music and activities at different venues. they're marking their 25th anniversary this year. nbc10 is bringing the fireworks show live from penn landing.
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join us for the first show this evening at 6:00. be sure to have the nbc10 app with you. we have your guide to fireworks shows, mummers parade and new years forecast. download that free nbc10 app now. 7 minutes past 5:00. a rough night for firefighters in new york city. they battle a blaze that tar muches more than a dozen stores in queens. why it is a total loss for some businesses. donald trump offers a bit of praise for vladimir putin after president obama moving diplomats out of the u.s. as a result of hacking.
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welcome back. here's a look outside in philadelphia. clouds are not visible. they're building in.
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the wind is picking up. these aren't strong winds like yesterday, gusts at 40 miles per hour in philadelphia officially at the airport. not going to be the case today, but you will notice winds picking up a bit going into the afternoon. looking more at the breezy to low end windy category. here's the winds out of the south, pick up 15, 20 miles per hour sustained winds. gusts 25 to 30 miles per hour. these will be lower than yesterday. still a bit breezy for new year's eve daytime forecast. here are the temperatures. starting out chilly at 32 degrees at 8:00 a.m. 40s for the afternoon. i think we make it to mid 40s officially in philadelphia. sun and clouds building in the afternoon. suburbs make it to the low 40s. no rain in the forecast. lehigh valley about 38 degrees at noon and 42 by 4:00 p.m.
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in new jersey, 44 by 4:00 p.m. we have a chilly start in the low 30s. and jersey shore slightly above freezing. 40s by the afternoon. upper 40s on some shore points moderating the ocean. tracking temperatures today that are actually pretty nice, still cold as we move into the overnight midnight forecast. we will get to details on that if you head out this evening coming up. tonight, jews light the 8th candle for hanukkah to honor the holiday. it ends tomorrow evening. the ninth annual skate for wishes from 10:00 to 4:00 p.m. at flyers skate zone. 11 minutes past 5:00 in saturday. it is the thought that counts, right?
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did you give or receive one of the most unwanted holiday gifts this year? we will run-down the list when we come back.
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only from fios. a concert finds a rapper, two men, two wounded. this is after he finished performing. no arrests or suspects at this point and authorities haven't linced violence to the performance or rapper. he lost his cousin to gun violence in philadelphia this past fall. the search for a missing plane will become a recovery operation. the coast guard called off the search for the small plane. it vanished after taking off from cleveland thursday.
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they believe it plunged into lake erie with six on board. there was snow falling and strong winds. 21 people are safe, back on the ground after getting stuck on an amusement park ride in california. the riders and the ride operator were not harmed. you can see in new video, firefighters had to use harnesses to bring down riders. knots berry farms says all rides are inspected daily. they'll keep it closed until investigation what caused it to stop is finished. 14 businesses gone after a fire ripped through an entire block in queens. the blaze began at 6:00 and quickly spread to stores on the block. more than 175 firefighters in new york formed a wall around the fire to stop it.
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>> we had to close early, nobody in the stores. >> thank god. >> thank god. >> our whole life, we just watched the bhoel block burn down. >> three firefighters were hurt, one in serious condition. russian hackers may be testing vulnerability of the u.s. electric grid. the burlington vermont electric found mal wear in a laptop. it is not connected to the bridge system. the company working with federal officials to trace it and prevent more attempts to infiltrate the system. this comes as tensions are already high between russia and the u.s. russia kicked back against president obama's sanctions calling those damaging and provocative. but in the end, russia said it would not retaliate in kind. president obama has ordered nearly 3 dozen russian diplomats to leave the u.s. he posed the sanctions for
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alleged involvement for interfering in u.s. election. the u.s. government shutdown two russian owned compounds yesterday but in a statement, russian president vladimir putin said he would not expel american diplomats. mr. trump is reacting to putin's response to sanctions tweeting great move on delay by v putin, i always knew he was very smart. more controversy over donald trump's inauguration. one of the nation's most powerful offering praise over decision by member of mormon tabernacle choir to resign rather than perform. harry reid says he add meyers her for standing up for her beliefs. she decided to quit because she does not endorse tyranny and fascism. the president will meet with lawmakers about the the affordable care act. president-elect donald trump
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vows to repeal obamacare. they're split on how best to replace it. president obama is also giving a speech in chicago january 10. funeral arrangements are coming together for debbie reynolds and carrie fisher, they died within a day of each other. reynolds' son says they'll have a joint funeral and be buried together. no date set yet, it will be private. now taking a look at temperatures in philadelphia neighborhoods. a lot of us are quite chilly, at or below freezing. 28 for parkside. 32 at the airport now. and 31 for graduate hospital. endora, 29 degrees. low 30s.
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those are philadelphia temperatures. temperatures are cooler if you go farther north. looking at radar and satellite, we're seeing some clouds out there. not a lot. and we're going to see more build in through today. i expect one of the partly cloudy days, a little on the cloudy side even for the evening. not a lot of rain in the forecast to worry about. overall, the forecast is good. we will have some clouds that you have to keep an eye out for. temperatures at 42 at 6:00 for the first fireworks show in philadelphia. there's a second show at midnight, 38 degrees. we are cooling down to upper 30s. could be worse for the new years forecast. could be talking very cold conditions, high winds, snow. none of that is in the forecast. looks like for the most part we stay dry. just chilly by midnight. 40 degrees in lehigh valley, down to 33 by midnight, 43 at the jersey shore. here's the hour by hour.
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models have been keeping us mostly dry. mostly because look as we put this in motion. about 4:00 in the afternoon, clouds build in. leads to partly cloudy conditions. going through tonight, models give us light spots of green, trying to give us flakes further north. i don't think any of this makes it to the ground. even if it does, talking a few drops, very light, very brief. nothing to worry you about the overnight plans. we are mostly dry, a few isolated spot showers possible. that would be briefs. looking at a mostly sunny forecast. here's the forecast. 42 degrees, scattered clouds, mostly sunshine. kickoff time 47 degrees 11:00 p.m. through end of game, in the upper 40s, winds on the light side for the eagles game. pretty good forecast to start
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2017. here's the ten day forecast. in the 40s into next week. and a wet forecast as we start out 2017, monday, tuesday, with showers. tuesday better chance of steady rain to move through. but it will just be rain. then 30s end of week and the weekend. right now, spot chances of snow by friday, a better chance saturday. we will be updating you on the forecast. you may have received gifts that had you heading to the return line. you're not alone. declutter app is naming most unwanted gifts. one direction home album in first place nationwide. almost 10,000 copies were traded in two days after christmas. in pennsylvania, most unwanted present was this album. in delaware, batman versus super
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man game. coming up, the big apple getting ready for the ball drop. with that comes various security. we will tell you what the city has planned to keep everyone safe. i am tracy davidson for nbc10 at issue. we're looking back at a historic year in politics. and credit card bills you ran up in the holidays soon need to be paid. expert advice how to knock down debt before more is tacked on. managing your minutes, strategy to use your time more wisely in the new year, sunday at 11:30, following "meet the press" only on nbc10.
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5:25 this saturday. new year's eve. new york city getting ready for the famous ball to drop. here's a live look at times square which will be packed with people tonight. empty now, but in about 12 to 18 hours, very different story. more than a million revellers are expected to welcome in 2017. the revellers will see plenty of security on the streets in new
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york. record setting 7,000 uniformed and undercover police officers will be on the streets. there will be hundreds of counter terrorism officers as well. sand trucks and other vehicles blocking off streets to prevent a truck attack like the ones in germany and france. if you're watching the fireworks, you may see something else. the comet may be visible as we ring in the new year. it will be visible around 6:30 tonight. that is if conditions are clear. check the nbc10 app for more details. the african-american museum celebrated kwanzaa. the event featured performances to highlight the principles of hanukkah. among those, unity, creativity, self determination. the celebration of kwanzaa ends tomorrow. 5:26 now on this saturday. we're counting down to 2017. nbc10 monique braxton is live
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along penn landing with a preview of tonight's fun and fireworks. monique? >> reporter: hey, rosemary, two fireworks shows less than 18 hours away. we will look at the music and length of the shows coming up. and speaking of fireworks, the fireworks forecast and details on mummers parade coming up.
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a manhunt on for the killer who gunned down a pennsylvania state trooper. we will update the search happening now near altoona. counting down to 2017 as philadelphia gets fireworks ready. nbc10 has you covered with what to expect. we are live with a look ahead to the big night. sticker shock starts early for people buying soda in philadelphia. some super markets are charging the soda tax earlier than required. we have reaction from shoppers.
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good morning. welcome back to nbc10 news today. i am rosemary connors. it is 5:30 this saturday. thanks for being with us. the morning of new year's eve. let's get details on the new year's eve forecast from meteorologist krystal klei. >> hi, rosemary, good morning everyone. looking at the start to your day that's quite chilly. hopefully you're relaxing through the first half of the day. upper 20s, mid-20s near allentown. lancaster, 27. right at freezing, 32 degrees in philadelphia, cool to the south as well. millville at 25 degrees. on top of that, light winds out there, enough to make it feel colder than it is. feels like temperatures that we talked about. no matter where you are, it is a cold start out there, even as we head to mount pocono. talking temperatures at 22 degrees. feels like temperatures in the low teens. here's a look


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