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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  December 31, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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right now on nbc10 news today, the hunt is on for the man accused of shooting and killing a pennsylvania state trooper near altoona. we will have details on the suspect they're searching for right now. philadelphia is getting ready for a new year's eve celebration that offers not one but two fireworks displays. we have you covered with a live preview from penns landing. looking ahead to chilly weather. clouds for new year's eve celebrations. here's a live look over center city. little breeze this morning. we have what you need to know in the first alert neighborhood forecast. good morning. this is nbc10 news today. thanks for being with us. i am rosemary connors. it is 6:00 on saturday morning.
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we have the whole day to get ready for tonight and then new year's eve. a lot of parties happening, celebrations. krystal klei has the forecast. >> temperatures this morning are chilly, temperatures tonight are chilly. in between if you have to run around, maybe you're having a party at your place, doing last minute shopping, things are going to be good. all in all not a bad new year's eve forecast. temperatures are 31 in philadelphia, 28 in wilmington and dover. and low 20s in mount pocono and allentown. feels like temperatures are colder. 21 degrees for vineland, 25 in mount holly. mount pocono, feeling like 13 degrees now. we feel cold this morning. you notice it as you step out the door. getting to the later part of the day, things will improve. here's the radar and satellite map. not a lot to track now, just going to see spot clouds out there. we go through today, clouds will start to increase.
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not going to bring us rain. we stay dry. here's a look at the morning conditions. we are in the low 30s. we stay there through 8:00 a.m. starting to track the morning, up to 40 degrees by 11:00 a.m. clouds popping up and winds starting to increase as well, up to 14 miles per hour at 11:00 a.m. talking breezy conditions by later part of today. coming up, look at winds more closely. and talk about temperatures for tonight's celebrations. we are following a developing story in central pennsylvania where a state trooper has been shot and killed. police are searching for the suspect, they believe is his hair is dyed purple. he is considered armed and dangerous. a trooper shot and killed in huntington county near altoona.
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he was responding to a domestic incident. the trooper is landon weaver. he joined the state police december last year. governor tom wolf issued a statement about the loss. here's what he had to say. landon will always be remembered for his bravery, his sacrifice and his willingness to serve. the state police are our best and bravest pennsylvanians who risk their lives to keep all our families safe. the governor also says he has full confidence that the person that committed this senseless act of violence will be captured and brought to justice. we will keep you up to the minute on the search for the suspect on air and online. keep the nbc10 app handy for new developments in the case. we are counting down to 2017. the countdown clock shows less than 18 hours away. here's a live look at the rink.
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all is quiet. later today, it will be bustling. crews have been preparing for the fireworks shows all week. monique braxton is live with a preview of what to expect to see. monique? >> reporter: good morning. look at penns landing, it looks inviting, it is all aglow, welcoming folks that will be there in a couple hours ready to ring in the new year. our camera was rolling when they started to load up. the shows are 14 and a half minutes of dazzling lights. >> pretty excited. it will be the first time we've done anything down in the city as a family for new years. >> we're here to make every
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second an oo or aw. i guarantee it will be there. here's the show from last year. a sample of what you missed. if you're not watching in your home or among thousands of revelers expected, nbc10 will give you five views on air at 6:00 online and as you ring in 2017. they're choreographed to "star wars." the midnight show features instrumental lineup of various artists. if you move across the city, usher in 2017 with us on facebook live. the captivating shows get under way in less than 12 hours and also at midnight. live for now, monique braxton, nbc10 news. >> thanks for that.
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new year's day, the mummers take over. string bands will spend today practicing moves for the annual strut on broad street. more than 10,000 men, women and children participate. it kicks off at 9:00 in the morning. we found them rehearsing at the convention center. they'll perform after the parade. go to and check road closures in effect as cities prepare for tomorrow's parade. the jersey shore set to celebrate 2017. many casinos are holding parties for their best customers. at bali's, they have a mardi gras theme. for some, ringing in the new year is all about the atmosphere.
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>> enjoy our time, relax and just hang out and the people here are very friendly, the food is great, service is fantastic. >> we checked with every casino in atlantic city, all the hotel rooms are sold out. in ocean city, entertainers are preparing for some of the live performances set to take the stage during the resort's first night celebration, the alcohol free family friendly tradition features music and activities at different venues. they're marking their 25th anniversary this year. nbc10 is bringing the fireworks show live from penn landing. join us for the first show this evening at 6:00. be sure to have the nbc10 app with you. we have your guide to fireworks shows, mummers parade and new years forecast.
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download that free nbc10 app now. 8 minutes past 6:00. a rough night for new york city firefighters. they battle a blaze of more than a dozen businesses in queens. we will explain why business owners are lucky this morning. donald trump offers praise for vladimir putin after president obama orders several dozen russian diplomats out of the u.s. all in response to the alleged russian hacking. we have the story coming up.
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welcome back. we made it new year's eve day. this is a live look at philadelphia. you can see we were windy yesterday, still breezy this morning. winds aren't rough. they're only picking up a bit going into later today. it is enough said as you get higher up, you see flags
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whipping around. 15 to 20 miles per hour sustained winds from the south. 25 to 30 miles per hour gusts are possible, which puts us in the low end windy category, not as windy as yesterday though. still something you notice through this afternoon. good news, winds die down tonight which means fireworks shows should be protected. here's the neighborhood planner. 9:00 a.m. 32 degrees, still chilly. going through the afternoon, make our way into the 40s. we will see some increasing clouds. that's something you might notice for fireworks tonight. good news, we're not talking low clouds and fog which makes it harder to see. overall should be a good evening. into the lower 40s, we stay dry. delaware, 44 degrees at 1:00. 42 for new jersey. 1:00 in shore points, mid 40s as well. that's where we stick through
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5:00 p.m. temperatures through first half of the day into early evening going to be fine. how about tonight? we will get to details with your evening planner coming up. tonight jews will light the 8th candle. they're outlined in blue and white lights for the holiday, hanukkah ends tomorrow night. it is the thought that counts, isn't it? did you give or receive one of the most unwanted holiday gifts? do you even know what the most unwanted gifts are? we will run-down the list when we come back.
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two men are dead, two more wounded. it started after the rapper finished performing. no arrests or suspects and authorities have not linced violence to the performance or the rapper. he lost his cousin to gun violence in philadelphia earlier this year. search for a missing plane will become a recovery operation. the coast guard called off the search for the small plane. it vanished after taking off from cleveland thursday. they believe it plunged into lake erie with six on board. there was snow falling and strong winds. 21 people are safe, back on the ground after getting stuck on an amusement park ride in california. the riders and the ride operator were not harmed. you can see in new video, firefighters had to use harnesses to bring down riders. knots berry farms says all rides are inspected daily.
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they'll keep it closed until investigation what caused it to stop is finished. sed until investigation what caused it to stop is finished. 14 businesses gone after a fire ripped through an entire block in queens. the blaze began at 6:00 and quickly spread to stores on the block. more thand u75 firefighters in new york formed a wall around the fire to stop it. >> we had to close early, nobody in the stores. >> thank god. l a> thank god. l a> our whole life, we just watched the bhoel block burn down. l a> three firefighters were hu, one in serious condition. l a>> russian hackers may be testing vulnerability of the u.s. electric grid. the burlington vermont electric
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found malware in a laptop. it is not connected to the bridge system. the company working with federal officials to trace it and prevent more attempts to infiltrate the system. this comes as tensions are already high between russia and the u.s. russia kicked back against president obama's sanctions calling those damn ruing and provocative. but in the end, russia said it would not retaliate in kind. president obama has ordered nearly 3 dozen russian diplomats to leave the bes. he posed the sanctions for alleged involvement for interfering in bes. election. the u.s. government shutdown two russian owned compounds yesterday but in a statement, russian president vladimir putin said he would not expel american diplomats. mr. trump is reacting to putin's response to sanctions tweeting great move on delay by v putin, i aeleays knew he was very smar.
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l a>> the president will meet wh democratic lawmakers to develop a plan to sdoze his legacy legislation, the affordable care act. president-elect trump vowed to repeal obamacare when he takes office. republicans are split how best to replace it. then on januaryd u0th, presiden ire tama will give a speech in chicago that will serve as his closing messn rue as president the united states. funeral arrangements are coming together for dennstatsta reynolds and carrie fisher. ãruser son says the two actress will have a joint funeral and be buried together. no date has been set yet. it will be a private service. checking on different neighborhoods half hour by half hour. temperatures are ait wut the sa. kind of cold to start with. cold in new jersey neig iorhoods. clayton, 24 degrees. audubon, a little warmer, up to 28 degrees.
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not seeing a lot of 30s on the board. look at princeto3 gd u9 degrees. ãrusope well tovernship, 26. if you get out the door early, maybe you're throwing a new year's eve party, need to go shopping, grab the bigger coat. don't need it for rain, that's not a factor in the forecast, yolooneed it for the colder stat to the morning. here's radar and satellite. ratonditions aren't bad at all. seeing mostly clear conditions now, just scattered clotars. look to the southwest, you see deeper white push in. we will see ik areasing clotars. today is a partly cloudy day, even through the evening, we notice clotars in the forecast. here's a look at the new year's eve forecast. a few minutes ago went through daytime hours. now we're going to talk nighttime hours. in philadelphia, 6:00, 41 degrees. ä o fy midnight,egr8 degrees. looking at the rest of the neighborhood, most of us start out around 6:00, upperegr0s, lower 40s. drop to chillier conditions by
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mime ight for fireworks shows. talking most of us in the 30s. geratod news, upperegr0ä not freezing conditions, even lehigh valley at 33 degrees with some clouds mixing in. otherwise, looking at winds that died dovern by tonighck b aicih it will be breezy today. we should stay mostly dry. i say mos in ny dry bec stse mo are consistent in giving an isolated chak ae. what i mean by that is maybe a light spot shower that moves throug, yvery quickly, not tonmething to ruin any plans tonight. ãrusere's the latest model. 3:30 in the afteodayoon. some clouds thicken up, building in across the region. there are isolated showers moving by, maybe some flakes on the northern edge. i don't think temperatures support much making it to the ground. we're talking a low chance of this happening. for the most part, we stay dry and we are dry moving into sunday morning as well for the mummers parade. here's a look at those ratonditions.
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low 4au to upperegrau kicking of the morning hours for the set up ahead of the parade. peoing through the day, temperatures warm up nicely with mos in ny sunny conditions and lighter winds. we will get to mid to upper 4au for high temperatures in philadelphia for first day of the new year. temperatures stay in the egr8s until monday. bring in a chak ae of rain. ä o fetter chak ae of rain tuesday, picking up temperature at 56. doesn't last long. reindy wednesday and big cool down. could see snow moving in. ä o fest chak ae now leratoks like saturday. you may hdoze received gift that you wanted to return. you're not alone. declutter app is tracking this. they track which tech products are unwanted and are naming the most unwanted gifts of the year. one direction album came in first place natiourdide. almost 10,01
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two days after christmas. in pea lmetlvania, most unwante is 1989 album. delaware, batman versus superman peame. l a>> getting ready for the big ball drop. reith that comes serious security. what the city has planned to keep everyit wfir safe.
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6:25 this saturday. new york city is reafir for the famous ball drop. this is a live look at t at es square. it is empty. all the roads are shut down into t at es square. it will be packed. more than a million revelers expected to fill the square to welcome in 2017. they will see plenty of security on celebrations in new york. a record setting 7,000 uniformed and undercover police officers reill be on the streets. there will be hundreds of counter terrorisretofficers as reell. sand trucks and other vehicles ä o flocking off streets to prevent a truck attack like the ones in germany and er 4ance. l a>> if you're watching the fireworks, you may see something else. the comet may be visible as we ring in the new year. it will be visible around41soatd
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tonight. that is if conditions are clear. ratheck the nbcwil app for more details. the popular friday night lights at the holiday garden railway brought plenty to chestnut hill. they zipped around on outdoor trache visitors. last night was final night of the event. still see the holiday rail ways in daylight hours through monday. the african-american museum ratelintorated kwanzaa. the event featured performances to highlight the principles of kwanzund. one for each day of the holiday. among those, unity, creativity, self determination. the celebration of kwanzaa ends tomorrow. l a>> 6:26. counting down to 2017. so is nbc10's monique braxton
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live on penns landing. monique? >> reporter: hey, rosemary. less than 12 hours before fireworks dazzle the crowds at penns landing. a preview ats speaking of fireworks, we will speak in detaie firey to >>s forecast and what to expect going into the new year, even what you can edroect at mount pocono if headed that direction coming up.
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the manning hunt on for a killer ain pennsylvania state trooper. we will tell you what happened in the moments baa ore the shooting and the search for suspects. counting dovern to 2 at e. the festivities wouldn't be complete without the firey to >>s. ree are live at penns landing with a look at the big night. sticker shock has gun for people buying soda in philadelbe ia. tonme super markets are alreafi charging the soda tax earlier than they're required to. this as shoppers are stocking up for new year's eve.
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l a>> geratod moodaying, this i news today. i am rosemary connors. it is 6:lc on the dot. everyit wdy wants to know what e forecast looks like for tonight as they head out. meteorologist krystal klei has you covered with first alert neig iorhood forecast. >> conditions are going to be pretty geratod for new year's e forecast. could be talking snow, bitter cold conditions, high winds. instead today is a day in the afternoon we get into the 4au. typical for this t at e of year we drop into the 30s. unost of us stay ait wve freezi even for midnight fireworks shows. e ere's the radar and satellite. not seeing a lot. spotty clouds. as we go through later part of today, i expect clouds to thicken. reast. ratlotary conditions as we move through later today and into
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tonight. ratlotars are southwest of us. we will see wind later today. today and tonight leratohe for the mummers day parade, things leratok geratolat ntpperegrau in the morng up for the parade. by parade time, shoy. tolei0 degrees in philadelphia. by the afternoon we get to upper 4au. temperatures are even warmer for first day of 2017. ae light winds. mummers day parade good, new years forecast geratolat i know you want hour by hour exact temperatures. ree will talk more ait wut a bi cool down on the ten day forecast. a large manuntint under wayn central pennsylvania
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jason robitonn is wanted for shooting and killing the officer. trooper landon weaver was answering a call for domestic incident in a rural area of e untington county when shot an ãthe hilled. he joined the state police december last yea ha e e is the 97th member of the pennsylvania state police department killed in the line of duty since the organization was founded in 1905. ree willmoneep yolooup to the minute on the search for the suspect on air and online. ä o fe sure to have the nbc10 app handy for instant updates. l a>> new froretovernight. police investigating after somebody was hit ect an suv realking in northeast be illy. the accident happened around unidnight. no y tord on how seriously injud the person is. the suv stopped and the driver did stay at the scene. philadelphia soda tax e itting shoppers earlier than edroected. some stores already started to ratharge more for the drink. ä o faa ore the tax goes into effec for new year. shoppers frustrated to be paying taxes as they stock up for new yeasems eve parties.
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the tnt ha goes into effect tomorrow. a store spokespertonn says it ratomes down to advertising, th set prices by week on friday's and want to be conillstent. shoppers aren't so happy about it. l a> almost $8 for a 12 paco 5.5ustfor a gallon of ice tea. how is the little guy supposed to make ends meet, it just got harder. >> the tax adds 1.5 cents to each ounce of sur dry driza. the mayor pushed for it to fund early epancation and recreation ratenters. we are hours away from the new yea ha tonight is a big night along the delaware river waterfront. e ere at the blue cross river rink, it will be packed. crowds gather in the ea,
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evening to ring in eratoheratol. that's where monique braxton is live this morning to give us a preview. >> reporter: hi, rosemary. it is billed as ty to of the mo captivating fireworks shows ever. look now at penns landing, it is all quiet and aglow, looking very inviting. less than 12 hours, every inch will be full of those wanting to ring in the new year here. our camera was rolling whewe g o crews began to load up fireworks onto a lcustfoot barge yesteo t. ree learned shows are 14.5 minutes of dazzling lights. >> we have seen it before, we are from new york and love it here but only here a few days. thought we would ring it in in be illy. l a> reway om pto: this beautif light show from last year is a sample of what you will miss if
6:35 am
not watching nbc10 or among thousands of revellers edroecte at penns landing. we will give five views, inniataring sky forcea,0 on airt 6:00. at that time, fireworks is choreogrdayhed to "star wars" how illc. the midnight show features insthoumental lineup of various artists. you can usher in 2017 with us on cacintoeratok . ratheck out the fireworks in taxi's, at the kimmel center, at schmidt's co, xfinity live, and at the electric factory. oundc10 is a protar sponsor wit sugar house casino of two firey to >>s displays at arnu and mime ight. live for now, monique braxton, oundc10 news. > us fireworks. the first show
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arnu in the evening. join us. if you hdaypen to be in del$8arnv catch a fireworks show there on the wilmington river heaont. the fire and ice celebration begins at 6:00 at the river heaont rino at horizon river front rink. skating, entertainment, hot chocolate ba ha ratday it off with the firework show at 9:00 in the evening. l a>> at the stroke of mime igh new york city will drop the giant crid tal axtll. tolus across pennsarivania, not so traditional. they ciel$ unusual items to ma >> new year's eve. in lehigh valley, a 200 pound peng.s chico tonight's peeitydrop is set to begin at 5:15. i>> a growing fungus will fall croretthe sky. they'll ring in 2017 with the aa lual how shroom droityat unidnight. this was the scene last year. it ismonnolu as the how shroom ratapital of the world. bring the nbc10 app with yolooa
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you celintorate the new yea ha we have your guide to local firewor, tomorroo cf1 o c and the latest new years forecast. dows,oad the heaee nbc m app now. i>> 6:37. maine is recovering from one of the biggest sno ustorms in year. we will take you there and check out the weather for our new years neshe. little later on with the new ? iear ait wut to begin, all of t retonaniations to lose weight a get fit. we will talk ait wut closure of fitness boutique popular in our area.
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can you imagine, we had a blizzard last yea ha this is in maine. nttility crews are busy to restore power to thousands leg. in the da >> a powerful nor'easter this week. the sto o dropped plenty of snow on the area. some reports say up to six inches an hour. we have nothing like this in our forecast. krystalmonlei has the details. >> herast. that system brought rain and snow. ne have no snow in the . today 31 degrees to start out in philadelphiorr 28 in the suburbs and new jersey. lehigd. ä5elaware at 28. notice wind speeds are not nrong, 5 miles per hour. dt is enough to make it feel cooler than it is outillde toda
6:41 am
like yesterdaset you'll n enic winds. not as strong as yesteo tay. more on the breezy side of things. winds 15 to 20 miles per hour, peo cf1 o to sustained winds. gusts higher 25 to 30 miles per hour. winds are coming in from the south. we are looking today at te peeratures warmer than we s$ yesterday. here's the weekend forecast. temperature today up to 45 degrees. tomorrow 48 degrees for the fimt day ofinm the notice the icons, not bringing rain or snow to the forecast the nendt couple daid . we are at 41 in the lehigh valleset ice 4 tomorroliz ntp topu0 in areas like shore and delaware to start pl the dt is a mild weekend for us as we celebrate the new year. question is, what about the hour by hour moving through midnight. we will get to that and talk more ait wut events going on fo the first day of the new year coming up. i>> coming up, we hear from
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carson wentz, gets ready to start hisa,6th game and last r dme of the season. the sixers get one big man axtck to see another go out. highlights from their game against the n rggets. and late night results from the flyers game against the shar, that's all coming uityin saturdy sports.
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ar44. the latest cease-fire in syria is holding. dt was brokered by rusilla and turkey, went into effect at mime ight thumday. there were minor violations, so far the nationwide truce is y to >>in ev ä5ifon wrent sitinotion in iraq pair of bomb blasts killed 28 peel$le and wounded dozens more. the suicide bombers targeted a
6:45 am
market in cenreadal axtghdalat nobody clare aed re nillbility, isis in the last few months launched attac, basis. the world's highest su nillon bridge is open in china. spans more than 1800 feet above thee dt is eight-tenths mile long, cuts the time to travel between talo neighboring provinces from five hours to 90 minutes. lee ns talk ait wut our weathe ha meteorologist krystal klei tracking a dry forecast for us. ne had all of that rain light snow showers. >> thae ns right. ? iesteo tay we had lake effect snow that rolled by lightly. unay have seen light flakes falling through philadelphia. today we're talking dry conditions for the most part. very isolated chance of a light rain as we mh.e overnight. e ere are temperatures this morning. looking at pennsarirecnia sueyy.
6:46 am
temperatures yet again are in the 20s. a cold start there. all the locations here are in the mid to upper 20s. ä5on't see my to he glad win, 25. elroy, 26. new towninm9 d myrees. thae ns our temperatures this morning. as we move into tonight for nse nse nscelebrations, things are warmer. ne are n en seeing a l through, spotty clouds. we will see more louds start to eyild in as we mh.e into the afternoon and tonight, giving partear clotary conditions. n en much in terms of rain. here's what we are lspaking at dnstead. this afternoon, 45 in center city, 46 in summertovel ratspa, temperatures are stable this time of year. 45 in voorhees,ice 6 in ocean city, wilmington, 47. that's warmer than we shot
6:47 am
for end of december, wrapping up 2016. ngte forecast if you head out to penns landing. 44 degrees the temperature at ar ru. 40 by 10:00 p.m. midnight, 38 degrees. ne are on the colder sie 30s by midnight. fireworks show at 6:00 which you ratan catch on nbcatur and midn. if you hang out for the later show, you want the jacket. d a seenot putting rain in. if anything moves through, it is pfight and shorwaslivelat models are trying to indicate light showers. this will be a bri s moment, n en going to ruin outdoor plans that ? iou have. daset events like mummers parade and cowboys and e25.les game. df headed out for this, conditions will be mostly sunny, ãare2 d myrees for tailgatin ev kickoff, 47 degrees. staying in upper 40s ts oough te vam cf1 o t temperatures feel good and you'll be at the links for the
6:48 am
40me. temperatures in the 40s through sunday into monday. unonday lighter cha the ne for . better steady chances tuesday. look at the tepererature,pu6 deppiees. by wednesday we will get windy out ther cf1 o t omy end of the week into th weekend, we see a big dip in tepereratures. highs in the lowwarm0e 6:48. the "today" show comes up at 7lit0. pfet's check in with sheinelle jones and craig melvin for a preview. . mod morning, guys. >> hey, rosemary. s les. mod morning. ratoming up on saturday morning new evidence that russian hackers infilreadated ae utility connected to an electricity grid. pfspaking for weaknesses. ratomes after a week of escalatg power struggle betaleen vl o vre air unttin and president obama with trump weighing in. eve security operations under way with police departmen" umprond the country on high alt this morning. we're live with the latest on
6:49 am
throung.arations in new yor mov square. and a lspak at the fun here on weekend today this year, thanks to a baby boom and many o vventures in stunt o 1-hourand beyond. >> sheinelle did lots of ä5ancing, tspa. those stories and more when we get started on saturday morning here on o goday." >> looking forward to it. if i don't see you, hap. i new year. >> h on. i new year, rosemary. more problems for the feares u. nhen it comes to you'wea san jths cf1 o t they've given up five powerfay goals in three games. thgri shut out the fearersinm-0. here's the rest of saturday morning sports. s >> hgri, i' seedas. ratvo.
6:50 am
ä5id not play because of a hamstring injury he suffered joel embiid doing his dive in the seats thing again. this guy is relentless. fayers bench ou'nly reumphed he was okay. ilyasova, 4 for se ing,om outil. fourtat thquarteof s sdepaers n omasket. fourth quarter, to nik stauskas, illl bm hg4th -- port ts oees and hang onto w 124-12. the cowboys come into the pfinc sunday witat thhour13-2 r and have secured home field ts ooughout the fayofd h which leads to speculation about which quarterback may play. ? iou may see the seeall, i the n tony romo. dak prescott's status and e hroung.or" say he will. head coach jason garrett nouldn't and cy. s >> spehe suinntsoft seuartera carson wentz turned 24 friday, and you can catch our excyou',i sit down with the birthday boy on eagles game day kickofros
6:51 am
sunday at 9:3h here's wentz on his roller ratoaster rspakie season. s lesi kind oroscame out guns ablazing. it was to coh, tho coh. ?, it was to coat thtoe of deal with some of those pfthsses. omverng in all of those gaml close games, having chances to win and not sealinntsthe deal late in those ball games was frustrating. ne firewoow w tire a gs. we just didn't pull enough out in the end. >>lesho, hoops? st. joe's hosting g.w. n tive g en more dramho. hep opera. final minute, hawks up one. wle, h ki ä5istance. make that 1 for 4. penn alspa. won but lasalle too it on the chin tonight.
6:52 am
e its two of team highinmdo s >> had to come back double digits. e e comes up eper undepowea stays with it. stays with it. 27 points for him. seaspa.n high ofice 5 ht,ards, quhe suers overall win third straight 74-68. that's your lspak at r" . am a seedanny pommells. csn.
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>>lesthis is when local gyms an fitness studios have people respa.lvinntsto get fit in the year. there's one less option to chspase from ininm017. the popular lithe method studios, locations in be il o velbe 7. and haverford closing shop. the popular workout combines cheerleant ng with carnt o and dance. hundreds of local women flock to amt every week. s > it is like a religion. they're in there every da-c they pfove it. and they inspire each other. i so wish we were open now. that they need it. >> the owner hopes to reopen in the new year perhaps under a new nam cf1 o t now to a different kind of
6:56 am
nor, de te water temperatures near freezing, a hardy group of swiblers went for a dip in spa.uthepow germany. the ice swimmers meet once a neek in the evening in not far from austria, it was very cold. the gronde h o v a gspad time. people have a handful of hours to stock up on things for the new year. they have champagne bottles as far as the eye can see. fes help png ple decide what to buy. rkle wine sales are seamking. ä5ata shows sales have risen every year for the last dec o v cf1 o t s >> we arees.eeeamng a close wh on the momma eagle and her two ce abe 7 in ft. myerpth yearori. this is a live look from the eagles nest camera. ? iou can see harrietes.eeeamng t eggs covered, awaiting the arrival of her eaeveets. this is in the home sreadetch. look at video from yesterday
6:57 am
aftepowspajas ou'ne eshop in to crack. but we're still waiting for them to hatch. maybe in 2017. >> maybe they hatch tomorrospe efroles game tomorrospe >> i like that, all right. >> let's talk aht,ut a forecast. the sun is nde. you can see nice conditions. winpo are breezy ts oough today. theo cf1 o ll start to die down evening. am think firewor, ome all right. 41 degrees in philadelphia at 6litdo ãwisirst firewor, landing. 38 at midnigpow . ne have cloose s hanrth the night. overall, temperatures while chilear n en tspa b o v. >> could be wet out there. we have wet weather like we were talking warm0out. we will take it. that does it for now. ndedates ts oough the morning a krystal and i are back for a popll hour of news at 8:30. have a gspad one.
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good morning. hack attack. breaking overnight. new details of the russian hack in that the u.s. electrical grid. investigating into the vermont utility company after president obama issued sanctions for the russian interference. in the meantime, donald trump praising vladimir putin. and intense security as the nation and world prepares to welcome the new year. officials are working hard to keep revelers safe. cities across the country implementing tactics in response to terror


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