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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  January 2, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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tracking freezing rain. see it here on the radar. risk neighbors can see a slick morning commute. >> breaking overnight. smoke and flames pour through this house. no one was hurt. spend hours trying to put out the fire. >> terror attack survivor. this man from delaware made it out alive after a gunman opened fire inside a turkey nightclub
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new years eve. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. >> happy new years. we issued a first alert this morning because of the threat of freezing rain and slick conditions for the morning commute. bill and nbc 10 weather. henlyey. eventsly it's going to warm up slowly. be warming up. by 8:00 the threat will be done. until then we run into freezing rain and ice up some sidewalks and untreated roads as well. you may find an coating of ice on your car first thing this morning. not everybody will see the ice. just rain. too warm for anything other than that in delaware. most of new jersey, but there are some neighbors especially in burlington county. also closer to philadelphia. and then look at lehigh valley.
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suburbs. this is where we're seeing icing this morning. not widespread, but some neighbors just cold enough to produce the ice. the temperatures above freezing for delaware and philadelphia. rain is falling, but the temperatures will stay elevated. suburbs at 35 degrees and 33 degrees in the lehigh valley. find some neighborhoods just a little bit colder. look at collegeville. just below freezing. watch the roads closely this morning. yes. watching the boulevard to start right around 17 street. camera there. clearly the road being wet is an issue for drivers this morning. no big problems to report yet. at least in terms of volume. we're not really seeing a huge
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morning rush so far. we're watching a few things out there. one is an accident. you might be detoured around the scene there. out in florence township in new jersey. vehicle went off the road on 295. headed northbound. around exit 52. northbound side of traffic moving away from the philadelphia area. less of a traveled area this time of morning. for right now, no major problems on 295. caydy back to you. >> bill and jessica mentioned, your commute this morning could be slick in spots. >> that's especially true north and west of philadelphia. nbc 10 matt delucia with us keeping an eye on the conditions. >> reporter: we have seen some of that glazing on the vehicles. right here you can see on our vehicle here on storm 4 10.
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see the dplaz frglaze from the rain. storm 410. sometimes you have that freezing grounds. rainfalls as liquid and freezes on contact. that's where you can get black ice. here scoop of road just off 422. see the rain falling here. this is not turned to ice at this point. we're hovering around the freezing mark right here. pretty much what we've seen throughout the area as we've been driving this morning. last half hour in douglasville, pretty much same situation. taking it slow. going below the speed limit. good idea. youglazing on some vehicles. keep heading south now as we try to find more of these conditions and what you will be experiencing as you head out the door this morning. jump back into storm 4 10 and
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see you again in a half an hour. live look right now. philly international airport. a lot of people traveling today as they wrap up holiday vacation. kids getting back to school. so far no reports of any problems or delays at the airport. the airport did tweet out a warning this morning about freezing rain. officials warned to check your flight status with your carrier, and, of course, leave extra time to get to the airport because of possible road problems. make sure you have nbc 10 app with you so you can track the freezing rain as it moves into your neighborhood. also customize the forecast and get weather alerts and breaking news. free down load available right now. d available right nowree d right now. police are telling us two men
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entered this home and injured a man in the home. he is in the hospital. nothing was taken from the home. we continue to monitor the situation. police on the scene. stay with nbc 10 and the app for updates. new this morning, a house in delaware county destroyed by flames. firefighters called to the 14th avenue in prospect park. happened around 1 kw:00 this morning. flames shooting out of this home. finding out if anyone was living in this home. no injuries reported at this time. now, developing story this morning. man from new castle county will be heading home from turkey. >> he is lucky he escaped a deadly new year's eve terror attack with only minor injuries. nbc live with digital operation center with his survival story and new development. pam, earlier we saw he was able to talk as he was being moved into the ambulance. >> absolutely right. he was shot in the leg during
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the attack that killed 39 people. a cell phone that was in his pocket could have prevented the injuries from being even worse. the bullet actually ricochetted off his phone. here he is on his way to the hospital. >> shot in the leg. these crazy people came and shoot me, everything. i saw one person shooting. >> chaotic scene there. talking to a news photographer on the ground in turkey. moments after he was shot by a loan gunman. happened just after 1:00 in the morning on new year's day. ray grew up in chatford and now lives in new castle county. he was in turkey celebrating his birthday. ringing in the new year at the club reina in istanbul with many other people when the shooter attacked. you're looking at surveillance video now of the moment before the gunman entered the nightclub and carried out attack. more than 60 people injured.
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isis has claimed responsibility for the attack and search for that loan gunman intensifies. as for ray, he will be returning to the united states sometime today. reporting live in the digital operation center, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. the eagles are ringing in the new year with a victory. >> of course couldn't come against a better team. dallas cowboys. breakfast on broad joins us this morning. the game ended yesterday two straight wins to end the season. peterson said they're really, really close. a lot of people take issue with that. may not be as close as people think or what he thinks they are. what's ahead for the birds offseason. >> i kind of agree with that criticism he's getting for saying that. i don't necessarily think they're really that close. i think they have a lot of different pieces they still need to figure out how they're going to get them all. you have to work with the draft. work with free agency. you need a corner.
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wide receiver, if not a couple of them. so there are still a lot of big pieces. you know, listen, the end of season, 7-9. just a couple minutes ago having a meeting for show this morning talking about you know, what's going to be on the show. someone said, okay, the end of the season on a positive note. someone else said you call this positive? you're going to get a lot of people debating this. finished 7-9. sure they won the last two games. sure you like that when they're division rivals. there are a lot of things that need to be done this offseason. is it a positive? yes. carson wentz finished strong and healthy. have this out of the way and have him completing a full season now. if you figure, carson wentz didn't start the season as planned, we would be doing this all next year. i'm happy to have that done. i'll take that as a positive. >> switching gears.
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49ers dreadful 2-14 season. walked out with the eagles last year. can kelly stay in nfl or is he back to college rank. >> we've been talking about this for a month or two. whether or not chip kelly was going to be back with 49ers. news came out late last night he was fired after first season with head coa. a lot o clear up now. i'm not sure if it's too late for him to get back into college. including oregon, by the way, which is where he came from before he came to eagles. they just hired a new head coach in the last couple of months. i'm not sure. still to be determined with chip. i would have a hard time believing someone is going to jump at the nfl level. stranger things have happened. going to be one of those things you'll have to see where it plays out. a year last thursday he was let go from the eagles. interesting year for chip.
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>> a lot of eagles fans are still bitter he gutted the team. he should be fired. >> a lot of people fwree with you. >> still trying to get over that. >> do thank you so much. breakfast on broad. tune into it. >> happy new year. >> you too. with no hard feelings there? >> no. >> i didn't think so. heading out. tracking freezing rain. not everywhere. this is lehigh valley. one of the areas i'm watching for icing this morning. rainy day. temperatures climbing to icing only an issue first thing this morning. rain showers, they'll continue into the evening hours. not the end of the rain. plain rain, temperatures too warm for anything other than that. delaware and most of south jersey, but the largest area of concern, the lehigh valley, pennsylvania, suburbs seeing icing conditions right now. coming down as plain rain. look at the temperatures.
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just above freezing. some of the suburbs and lehigh valley are just above freezing and below. depending on neighborhood. look at the 33 degree reading. just above freezing in fleetwood. all a problem the first thing this morning. run into icy spots. during the day, just need your umbrella to deal with the temperatures that will warm up and be rain falling. philadelphia, suburbs lehigh valley, any icing first thing will quickly disappear. we won't see sunshine in the new jersey. you also won't see ice from most of these. certainly not this afternoon with the temperatures in the 40s later today. rain won't end here. more on the way tomorrow. got that on the ten day when i come back in ten. new year means new law and new taxes to get used to.
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paying more money at the pump in pennsylvania. update you on that and what the changes mean for your bottom line. also, ushering in a new year. take to 2017 mummers parade.
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quarter to six on this monday morning. january 2, 2017. did i get that all right? >> it's hard. you have to remind yourself. >> i mess up monday, tuesday, wednesday. >> we need to know it's monday. good monday morning to everyone out there. if you're heading out the door in the next couple of minutes, you might be fine in terms of volume. slippery spots out there. roads are wet and potentially icy as well. route 29 is what we're watching right now. eight minute trip. we're not seeing any problems or delays there. if you're taking mass transit this morning. a lot of different schedules in place. pat cco swamp pike and niefr roeiff.
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one big change for drivers. the end of little registration sticker. instead automated license plate readers will allow police to scan plates and see if the vehicle is registered and has insurance. change will save them more than $3 million. >> you may have already noticed the price to fill up in pennsylvania is higher. that's because the gas tax went up 8 cents a gallon for the new year. pennsylvania already has the highest gas tax in the country. combined with federal gas tax. truck driver drivers are paying more than 76 cents a gallon. >> coast to get on the turnpike. beginning january 8, tolls will increase 6%. ahead of next half hour, take a closer look at new laws and taxes for new jersey and delaware. >> the 2017 mummers parade is in the books. >> the best of the best and they
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still strutting up a storm. here are the 2017 mummers winners. murray took comic division. golden sunrise topped the fancies. and oregon topped wench brigade. and keeping with tradition, colorful costumes, lively steps throughout large crowds on broad street. more than 10,000 mummers performing a skit to music. kids out there enjoying having a great time. one woman who had the mummers spirit literally since the day she was born. take a look. >> i'm 74 today so i have to say 74. i was born new year's day. i was born in south philly. i've never missed a parade. my family all marched in it when they were alive. my children marched in it. i marched in it. it's my favorite day of the year. >> this year the city tried to
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curb controversial displays at the parade by holding training for mummers members. head to the app right now to check out the slide show of all the parade action. about ten minutes before six this monday. does it even feel like a monday. >> no, doesn't feel like winter over here. >> bill, bill. >> heater kicked up. >> fire going. >> guilty. >> burning up. >> there are some issues outside. temperatures at or below freezing in some locations. first thing this morning, rain moving in. icing is going to be a problem in the mountains. might see snowflakes. also going to be freezing rain moving in. pretty dry right now. philadelphia, the rain is coming down. temperatures above freezing. no issue of freezing rain at the airport. some of the suburbs a different story. gotten a little colder in the suburbs. pennsylvania, and in the lehigh valley and some neighbors in new jersey. in philadelphia, it's above
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freezing and safely above freezing. 36 degrees right now in park wood. 37 degrees. even 40s. standard city and port richmond. new issue in philadelphia. let me show you some neighbors a little bit colder. we have seen number ofs climb. now up to 34 in at co-. numbers are starting to climb in princeton. right at 32 degrees. lee high and north hampton counties. this is where we're seeing freezing rain right now. so icing on untreated surfaces. sidewalks. find some ice on your car in some of these neighbors first thing this morning. during the day, we will get plain old rain.
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for today and tomorrow, won't be the end of the rain. precipitation chances of the next couple days will stay high for monday and tuesday, but by wednesday, we are drying out and then some colder air takes hold. so today, sunshine, not happening. rain to the day today. temperature climbing in the 40s. any icing first thing this morning will quickly disappear. tomorrow 52 degrees. no chance of icing tomorrow morning. then we're drying out on wednesday. high of 50 degrees. colder air arrives on friday. clouds moving through on friday. there's a chance we'll see some snow showers. doesn't look very impressive at this point. keep an eye on friday. saturday and sunday. temperatures cold. especially in morning. teens in low 20s. at or below freezing for afternoon highs of saturday and sunday. still cold on monday with the temperatures warming up just another round of wet weather comes in next tuesday and wednesday. >> thanks, phil. slick conditions he just outlined for the next few hours
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could make it difficult for people getting back to work or school routine. >> indeed. let's check in with jessica. kbha are you seeing. vine street kpraef definitely wet. dealing with slippery spots for sure. a lot of cars out the door on the construction project we typically see was not there this morning. so pretty much a this traffic right here actually see driving through the mist and rain coming out from underneath the car. definitely a slippery commute from there. not seeing any big delays there now. township over in new jersey vehicle off the road on 295 northbound. traffic moving away from the city for philadelphia area. right around columbus road at exit 52. watch for that. little further into new jersey, tomlinson mill road. there's a crash there. detouring traffic around the scene right knew. about eight minutes before
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6:00. 37 degrees outside. happening today it is your last day to take advantage of free holiday parking in parts of philadelphia, campton, and newark. as well as other communities. officials offering the freebie to encourage people to shop and dine locally and support small business. >> up next, meet the parents of this little bundle of joy. one of the first babies born in our area in 2017. also the dark side on water skiing. up next, explain why darth vader was hitting the water in montgomery county for a very worthy cause. clch
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. few minutes before 6:00 a.m. darth vader spotted in the county. got to be cold out there. hosted 37th annual ski freeze yesterday. event raises money for camp rainbow in montgomery county. philadelphia region has first bundle of joy for 2017. >> south jersey couple could not be happier. take a look at sawier robert
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nelson. yer robert nelson. his parents were all smiles as they introduced us to new years baby. >> we were watching the ball drop and sawyer arrived. counting down. we got our son. it was a wonderful gift. i feel like our hearts are floating right now. >> they should be. also have two-year-old brady to help take care of the baby. right the family's newest addition. how sweet. >> now, imagine just as you're done cutting the grass, your lawn mower goes up in flames. >> i was shocked. absolute lly shocked they weren even going to come out and see this. >> tried calling the company for help. didn't give her what she wanted. all new at six. how she got a full refund.
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freezing rain is falling in parts of our region. issued a first alert for this morning because of potentially dangerous driving conditions. delaware man survives terror attack in istanbul this weekend. we'll tell you how his cell phone may have saved his life. >> plus 2017 bringing new laws and tax changes with it. we have what you need to know. nbc news today. happy new year to all of you. we have issued a first alert because the freezing rain and icy roads in some parts of our area. let's get to meteorologist bell henley.


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