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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 2, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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freezing rain is falling in parts of our region. issued a first alert for this morning because of potentially dangerous driving conditions. delaware man survives terror attack in istanbul this weekend. we'll tell you how his cell phone may have saved his life. >> plus 2017 bringing new laws and tax changes with it. we have what you need to know. nbc news today. happy new year to all of you. we have issued a first alert because the freezing rain and icy roads in some parts of our area. let's get to meteorologist bell henley. >> seeing phrasing rain in parts
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of the area. lehigh valley and suburbs. even in some neighbors in new jersey. this isn't until 8:00 this morning. some neighbors temperatures are already starting to climb. going to be a slow climb from the 20s and 30s into the 40s this afternoon. this freezing rain is going to lead to icy sidewalks and ice on untreated roads. you may find a layer of ice on your car as well. this is rain that's falling in new jersey or delaware. the rain meets the cold, that's where we're going to see ie icing. even some neighbors in new jersey right around mount laurel and into this area seeing pockets of colder air. princeton seeing some of that as well and into the lehigh valley and northern and western suburbs. temperatures will be climbing, but right now, next couple of hours, it's really going to be borderline. look at that 33 trees in. 31 in collegeville. still below freezing. find freezing conditions there. township find icing conditions.
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bedminster and new hope. the temperatures will warm into the 40s this afternoon. go through it hour by hour when i come back in ten minutes. first, jessica watching the roads closely this morning. still route 309 this morning. watching for slippery spot here as well. no major problems to report. couple of cars out the door this morning. really seeing light volume hay cross the board. few accidents to report. you might be detoured around there. end with mass transit. seeing different schedules for this week or at least this morning. patco running on holiday schedule. regional rails running on a weekend schedule. little bit different today if you have to get out the door and take mass transit. definitely check before you go. let's go to nbc ten live in montgomery county. >> you've been driving around. it's been about two hours. tell us what you're seeing.
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>> reporter: we're still seeing rain. bill has been saying. the precipitation and not get the risk because the ground in some areas might be colder than freezing temperatures. that's when liquid freezes and you might get black ice or icing on your car. here we are in storm 4. we've been driving and almost get this light slush or little bit of icing on the surfaces as you've driving here. at this car dealership here. just to illustrate that to you. see the cars here. water is still just hitting the cars, but it's starting to ice over a little bit. in some areas depending are you live, you might have to get that ice scraper out before you head out into your vehicle there. warm up the car a little bit. as you look on the the ground, not seeing too much in the way of icing. some areas might be a little bit cold r than others. might get slick surfaces. be careful as you're walking as well. we're going to keep driving. the new year, new start to the
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year and the day certainly a good day to take that day and stay inside. live, ma delucia nbc 10 news. >> some students are still home on holiday break. it is time to get nbc app. any time your school is delayed or cancelled: send an alert straight to your phone. developing now, police in turkey struggling to track down a gunman who killed 39 people at a nightclub in ints bull. caught on camera shooting his way into the club early yesterday morning. one of the men recovering is from delaware. digital operation center with more on who that man is and when he's expected to come home. also experiencing a miracle. tell us about it. >> that man is jake rake. making his way to operate right now. moments ago spoke to nbc news reporter from hospital room in istanbul. in that interview, he said someone alerted that there were
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shots being fired initially he said he didn't believe it. until he saw the gunman for himself. >> shot in the leg. crazy people. i don't know, i saw one person. >> that was rake early sunday morning. he was taken from nightclub reina to the hospital. rake says he was with nine people that night. seven of them were shot. he told nbc news he was on the ground when he was shot. club goers were pretending to be dead. when the loan gunman shot him, he did not even move. he tried to be as calm as possible because the gunman was shooting people he had already shot. rake was shot once in the him. we mentioned there was a cell phone in his pocket that kept things from being much worse. the bullet travelled to knee. that is where it lodged at least 39 people killed. dozens others were injured. rake grew lives in new castle
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county. in turkey celebrating 35th birthday. not what he imagined, but rake telling reporters he feels incredibly lucky. very thankful to be alive today. reporting live in the operation center, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. breaking news from iraq. 18 dead in suicide bombing there. police say the bomber used a pickup truck to attack an outdoor food market. comes as the president of france starts an official visit to iraq. bombing has all the hallmarks of an isis attack. after getting back to business of the presidential translation. now over the weekend, mr. trump spoke to reporters, and, again, tapped down on the u.s. intelligence view that russia is behind the election year hacking. in the meantime, president obama returns from his vacation in hawaii today. he'll meet with congressional democrats wednesday to talk about strategies to protect
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obamacare. vowing to reveal signature health care law and shrugging off the meeting. >> i have until january 20. then after that it's our turn. so we'll see what happens. >> it's a new year and a new era in washington. work is underway setting the stage for mr. trump to take the oath of office. in just 18 days. the russian diplomat that president obama expelled from the united states are now out of the country. all 35 diplomats and their families have left the u.s. the president sent them home as part of sanctions against russia for the hacking of the presidential election. 6:07. happening today in south carolina convicted charleston church gunman dylann roof set for competency hearing. had a psychiatric exam over the weekend. found guilty of killing nine black parishioners in 2016. sentencing phase scheduled for tomorrow. roof faces the death penalty. queen elizabeth feeling
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better from a cold despite missing second holiday event in two weeks. buckingham palace said the 90-year-old queen stayed inside while family members attended new year's day mass. also missed a christmas day service. just ten minutes after 6:00 on this monday. >> we have shds a first alert for freezing rain in lehigh valley. suburbs. one of the areas i'm watching closely. lehigh valley. seeing rain and temperatures just below freezing. right around freezing. this is going to create ice first thing this morning. freezing rain to start with. nots all day. see the temperatures climb. going to be a rainy day. afternoon temperatures in the 40s. see slowly increasing temperatures. showers will be around this evening. rain showers. nothing more than that. temperatures stay milder during the even hours tonight. right now the trouble spots are not in south jersey or delaware. philadelphia is fine. the suburbs and into the lehigh
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valley. where we're seeing colder temperatures right at freezing. this is where you'll see icing this morning. right below freezing in mergetown. ma kun zi. white hall. expect this to appear as the rain takes over for the area. even in upper montgomery. few neighbors in new jersey too. widespread icing is further north and west. won't last all day. look at afternoon temperatures. into the 40s. any ice on the ground first thing this morning or on your car or sidewalks will quickly disappear. 44 this afternoon for center city. landfill 41 degrees.
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alantown in had 1 degrees this afternoon. quite a turn around. into the middle 40s. icing in new jersey is really isolated to the present area. it won't last as the temperatures climbing across the board. shore closer to 50 degrees this afternoon. hoping to leave 49 degrees just rain in delaware. 44 degrees later today. this will not be the end of the rain. look at the ten day on ten when i come back in ten minutes. >> update if you're headed out to work or school. starting a day early this week. could be slick. >> jessica boyington looking at the route. we're checking in with drive time. not seeing anything in terms of volume or any backup to delays. watching for slippery spots. you can definite see the roads a bit shiny. drive time southbound for the pa turn part-time. in between this point passing through ridge pike.
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mid 60s. problems out in new jersey. florence township run a p vehicle ran off the road. 195 around columbus road. headed northbound. traffic that's moving away from philadelphia area. now further into new jersey, also eve sham township. end on mass transit. running on holiday schedule for the most part. modified weekday schedule. check before you go. >> thank you, jessica. eagles win the game and the ball goes to mike trout? >> yes, the baseball star ends up was a bob from his new friend carson wentz. coming up, why trout thought this moment might happen. plus, new year, new laws, taking a look at changes in pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware that could affect your wall let.
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welcome back. 6:15. 37 degrees outside. this is the picture right now outside philadelphia international airport. freezing rain in our area. no delays reported from the airport, but officials say you should check with air carrier. changing january 14. pennsylvania. distributors will be able to sell beer in any quantity including 32 ounce bottles. four packs, six packs and growler. right now only sell cases, 12 packs and kegs. change to liquor law allow sporting venues to sell mixed
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drinks. now serving food. >> prices for sugarry drinks higher in philadelphia. thanks to soda tax kicked in yesterday. some stores raised prices friday. money will go towards early education and recreation center improvements. >> now to changes in new jersey. state sales tax dropping from 7% to 6.8%. estate tax exemption what you can leave people tripled to $2 million. the amount of retirement income excluded from state income tax rises five fold. plus the minimum wage rising to 8:44 an hour in new jersey. 2017 brings major changes to the parents of kids adopted in new jersey. allow the children who were adopted to know the names of birth parents unless birth parents get their names removed
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from birth certificate. >> new rules for pet lovers. dog owners 65 or older will get a discount on annual dog license. down $7 from previous $10. happening today, penn state football fan, could be in for rare rainy weather. local research, riding high above the crowd. developed a cancer fighting treatment precedent with saving lives. ride on a float inspired by research and work in childhood cancer. you can see the rose parade right here on nbc 10 starting at 11:00 this morning. play usc in the rose bowl this afternoon at five. >> that's right. hollywood's famous sign briefly sported a new look and word over the weekend. someone adjusted two of the letters to make it look like e spelling out holly weed. this coming after california
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voters passed a proposition to legalize recreational use of marijuana. sign is back to normal. police are still looking for pranksters. 6:18. let's get a look at traffic. >> jessica, we'll let you just take this. >> that's a weird transition. takes a lot of effort. good morning. this morning we are watching for slippery spots on the road. right around cotman aventman av to the vine street expressway, average speed into the 50s still with the slippery conditions. no problems for morning commute right now other than slippery spots. still not deal with a lot of volume and delay. there's a crash on swamp pike road. florence township vehicle reported off the road on 295 northbound. traffic movers away from the philadelphia area right around
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columbus road. exit 52. no problems reported other than that on 295. traffic is getting by nicely. more updates of course for you for the rest of the morning when i come back. it is 6:19. bill is joining us now with a look at some of the slippery spots. not in philadelphia. philadelphia is above freezing, well above freezing. so this is just plain rainfa falli falling. going to be a rainy day in cape may. steady rain there. temperatures way above freezing. still neighbors in new jersey and suburbs in lie hilehigh valley. when we went on the air 4:30 this morning. 29 degrees. up to 34 degrees right now along with unionville. not an issue at 35 degrees.
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fort washington, new hope, all in the territory just cold enough to produce some icing. the air temperature can be above freezing, but the ground is what's important here. the ground isfroziefrozen, kour car is cold enough to produce ice. temperatures will climb this morning by this afternoon see temperatures in the 40s. in fact already seeing the readings climbing in south jersey. up to 34. 38 in clayton. princeton right at freezing. most of the neighbors in new jersey going to be fine this morning. this area, you see the shaded pink and these blues. this is where we're seeing icing. in to portions of the pennsylvania suburbs. steady plain rain. temperatures above freezing in delaware. most of south jersey is fine. especially at the shore. these areas will disappear as the morning progresses. the temperatures will be climbing. then we have to deal with rain.
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more rain. this is noontime. might get all break in the rain. south jersey and into philadelphia. still here for even thing commute. no threat of any icing during the evening commute. even overnight tonight and tomorrow morning be a few scattered showers. too warm for anything other than plain rain. steady rain that's back tomorrow afternoon at 2:00. look at that rain. need your rain gear today. again tomorrow. then starting to dry out on wednesday. 44 today. 52 tomorrow afternoon. then the temperatures tumble for thursday, cold enough for snow. slight chance for snow showers on friday. doesn't look like something big. watch friday just in case. weekend will be cold. 30s, below freezing for saturday. right up to the freezing mark on sunday. still cold on monday. next round of rain on tuesday. temperatures will be climbing up to 40 degrees on tuesday and warmer on wednesday. south jersey woman needed
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help after her lawn mower burst into flames. we looked mind and there was this big big gigantic thing of flames and the lawn mower was on fire, but when the lawn mower company would not help her, she called nbc 10 responds. harry harrison walks her through how he got her a full refund. plus former eagles coach, chip kelly, looking for a new job again. 49ers decided to hit the reset button on coaching staff.
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start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea jtsz r. going for the end zone. he's got a touchdown. >> nice little catch there. win the season finale against the cowboys. 27-13. the eagles finished the season
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at 7-9 with two game winning streak. now the eagles 2016 season. check out carson wentz report card in his first nfl season. he's the valedictorian of the squad. >> second time of the year, chip kelly is out of a job. yesterday the 49ers fired kelly after the team finished 2-14. last season, the eagles let kelly go following a three year stint with the team failing to win a playoff game. up next on nbc ten. in re letter this morning because of potentially icy roads. ma dehue sha has been driving around. just pulled over. live report coming up next. delaware man survives nightclub shooting in istanbul. tell you when he's expected to be back home. the one thing he had with him that may have saved his life. my cancer started as ovarian cancer and
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it is exactly 6:30. first alert. freezing rain. up in flame s smoke and fir engulfed a home this morning. delaware man is a survivor after a terror attack in turkey. latest on his condition. >> good monday morning. happy new year. 2017. this is nbc news 10 today. i'm katie zachary. we have issued a first alert this morning. freezing rain in some areas that could make for icy and slippery commute. get right to meteorologist. some colder neighbors and we're talking about the lehigh valley pennsylvania suburbs and a few spots in new jersey.
6:31 am
most of the area just fine. everybody will see warming temperatures. this isn't until 8 clo:00 this morning. until then, these neighbors see freezing rain, leading to icy sidewalks and ice on untreated roads. even your car could have a layer of ice this morning. area pushing towards the north. warm area surging in with rain. decreasing area of problems. we saw icy spots. quickly disappearing in new jersey. trenton area in princeton, areas a bit colder. see areas build up this morning. lehigh valley just a little bit colder. below freezing for many neighborhoods. above freezing in south jersey. delaware. not an issue here. suburbs and some of the lehigh valley borderline. 33 dr 33 degrees. new hope 32 degrees.
6:32 am
watch out for icing first thing this morning. afternoon deal with rain. temperature warm from the 30s. where they are right now into the 40s this afternoon. come back with the hour by hour forecast. show you when conditions will improve. back in ten minutes. first jessica boyington has traffic. starting off with the wis hicken avenue. roads are wet. check out the drive time on the google expressway. typically this time we're in the yellow. at least 25 minutes. either direction. right now no problem. if you're take accident mass transit. watch for different schedule this morning. check before you go. running on a sunday schedule. buses running on modified weekday schedule. >> thanks. let's go now to nbc 10 matt delucia. live in montgomery county right
6:33 am
now. >> driving around for two and a half hours. tell us what you're seeing. you can see just some wetness here. on the vehicle we did see some ice forming a little bit earlier in the morning. of course as we look at the pavement here, just wet on the roads right now. the rain is still falling. again, you have to be careful about some of the trouble spots. if the ground is below freezing, some of the cars we see glaze on the windshield. might want to get ice scraper out as you you head out the door this morning. we haven't seen much in the way of treated roads. haven't seen a lot of salt on the pavement of the parking lots here, b. again, as the morning progresses and warms up.
6:34 am
might have too much difficult. seen people coming out and working early this morning. right over here in this parking lot. window washers here. going to have their work cut out this morning. the rain continues to fall here in collegeville. get back on storm 4 and keep following conditions for you this morning. >> you can track the freezing rain on your phone. nbc 10 app interactive radar to see when the weather is moving through your specific neighborhood. you can also customize the app. get weather alerts extent right to you phone. >> we continue to follow breaking news from philadelphia frankfurt neighborhood where police are investigating home invasion. working to find out his condition. woman in the home with him is speaking to detectives at the special victims unit. police say the men got away. nothing was taken from the home.
6:35 am
stay on the app for updates throughout the morning. 37 degrees right now. new this morning, house in delaware county destroyed by flames. firefighters called in to this home on 14th avenue. prospect park around one this morning. flames shooting out of the home as you see from video. no reports of any injuries. this morning, isis is claiming responsibility for the nightclub attack in turkey. the only american hurt in the terror attack is expected to arrive home to delaware later today. jake rake was shot in the leg. 39 other victims died. surveillance captured the gunman shooting way into nightclub sunday morning. killed a police officer and person on the street before getting into the club and continuing to shoot as many methamphetamine as possible. rake spoke as he was loaded into ambulance. take a listen. >> shot in the [ bleep ] leg, man. crazy people came shooting everything. i saw one person shooting. >> rake is originally frliving .
6:36 am
when it happened is popular in turkey for tourist. >> pope francis offered prayers to victims of the nightclub attack. denounced the killings in what he called a night of good wishes and hope. catholic church declared january 1 to be world day of peace. cell phone video captures the moment just after two planes collided in north texas over the week. three people killed in that crash. see a large fire and plume of smoke after one of the planes landed instead a storage unit. the other plane crashed on to the street. faa confirmed both planes were flying under flight rules and not communicating with air traffic control when the vision happened. 6:36. philadelphia, police tell us they are still looking for the
6:37 am
man who abducted and raped a delivery driver. the woman was making deliveries in the germentown neighborhood when she was attacked. one big change for drivers. the end of little registration stickers for corner of your license plate. instead automated license plate readers will allow police to scan plates. see if the vehicle is registered and has insurance. says the change will save more than $3 million. you may have noticed the price to fill up in pennsylvania is higher. that's because the gas tax went up 8 cents a gallon for the new year. already has highest gas tax in the nation. combined with federal tax, paying more than 76 cents a gallon in taxes. going to cost more to get on the pa turnpike. starting january 8. tolls will increase by 6%.
6:38 am
>> all right. it is a little bit after 6:30. typical monday. we would see a lot of traffic on the roads. this morning because of the weather, and, of course, the holiday, we're not going to see as much. >> freezing rain in some areas. first alert issued until 8:00 a.m. >> you can wait this one out. we're already seeing some neighbors start to improve. going to be a slow warm up in the lehigh valley. live look from east. just around freezing right now in the eastern area. rainy day ahead. temperatures will be climbing. most of the day not going to be an issue. any icing this morning will disappear as the day goes on. rain showers this evening if not the steady rain we're getting this morning. 40s in south jersey. the temperatures are climbing very slowly. they're already nicely above freezing for delaware and philadelphia, but some of the suburbs and especially in the lehigh valley, look at these
6:39 am
numbers. right at 33 degrees. this is the air temperature, the ground is the problem. it's a little bit colder so you'll see icing in these areas. might even see a layer of ice on your car first thing this morning. below freezing at 30 degrees. rain falling there so that's freezing rain. bethlehem just below freezing. these are the areas you're going so see problems this morning. rain across south jersey and delaware just plain rain. the colder regions, especially in the lehigh valley, lee high and north hampson county getting freezing rain. still in the cold zone this morning. seeing improvement on montgomery county. by on the lookout. may run into colder areas this morning. afternoon though, look at these temperatures. no sign of icing. definitely need rain gear.
6:40 am
rain will be steady. for new jersey, rain is coming down. temperatures will be going up. 45. closer terror 50 degrees at the shore. womenington, november freezing rain. look at the ten day on ten in ten minutes. holiday for many people. some are headed back to work or school. >> yes, and the roads look wet out thereto. volume, let's check with jessica. katie said it. some are headed back. not seeing a lot of cars on the roads this morning. see just a couple of cars here. we're not seeing an increase in drive time at all on any majors: few incidents to report. this is on atlantic county. crash on route 40 right around blue anchor road. could be detoured around there.
6:41 am
42 freeway looks great. at least in terms of drive times. five minute trip for northbound. running on holiday schedule. check before you go. patco on holiday schedule. rails on sunday schedule. back to you guys. something that he will be able to claim for the rest of his life. >> coming up, meets the first baby to be born in 2017 right here in our region. plus kicked out. the exchange that got a reporter ejected from eagles press box.
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>> going for the end zone. he's got a touchdown. >> the catch there. the birds win the season finale. again the you byes. the birds said there's nothing they can do about it. >> really on tuesday start the evaluation process. fresh on our minds as coaches and sit down with personnel department. process begins again. look at free agency. look at the draft. look at ways to help your football team. >> check this out, carson wentz handed touchdown ball. mike trout. he thought there was a chance of that happening. >> it was pretty cool. we talked about it, but he's a good dude. >> did you know you could
6:46 am
possibly get a ball if he scored. >> he mentioned it. i didn't know he was going to do it. >> like a kid up there. trout an eagle season ticketholder recently became buddies with carson wentz. also following a story from the eagles game that happened in the press box. looking at jeff maclaine on the bottom right of the picture. he's the eagles writer for philadelphia inquirer. just before the team ejected him. the team ejected him yesterday. happened after he and a team staffer were arguing how loudly reporters were discussing a penalty on the field. inquirer called the eagles move unprofessional. >> imagine you just got done cutting the grass and your lawn mower goes up in flames. >> that would be pretty scary. exactly what one viewer said happened to her and her husband. after the lawn mower company did not give her a refund, she called nbc 10 responds.
6:47 am
>> we looked behind us and big big gigantic thing of flames and the lawn mower was on fire. >> this is what was left of the cub cadet lawn mower. motor completely charred and mower totaled. happened just moments after her husband finished mowing back in october. >> it's a mess in here. >> tells us her husband quickly put the fire out, but the damage could have been a lot worse. >> thank goodness no one was sitting on the lawn mower. immediately called cub cadet. >> they told me they would investigate and get back to me. >> when she heard back, said it wasn't the news she was expecting. >> they couldn't cover anything because it wasn't due to mechanical failure. >> cub cadet told her to report problem to homeowner's insurance. >> i was shocked. absolutely shocked. they weren't even going to come out and see this. >> she turned to nbc 10 responds. >> helped so many people that i was hoping you could help me.
6:48 am
>> we reached out to mtd products which makes cub cadet lawn mowers. looked into the case and said they should have been referred to dealer for local inspection. can't determine if proper protocol was followed when the party called. promised a full refund she should receive in the coming day. >> if it wasn't for you, you would not be receiving this. >> harry harrison. nbc 10 responds. >> cub cadet says it does typically repair or replace. won't provide refund if mower are not properly maintained. >> due to time lapse of uncertainty. offering her a refund. pick up the party's unit and inspect it to see what caused the a fire. if you have a problem, fill out the complaint form. give us a call. we will respond to you. about ten minutes before
6:49 am
7:00 on your monday. temperatures in some areas hovering around freezing. the rain that's moved in can make it a little tricky on the roads. here's a look at the city. first alert. dealing with issues of first alert and freezing rain through the morning until about 8:00 a.m. not really a problem so far this morning. certainly not a problem in philadelphia. the temperatures too warm for that. philadelphia international is fine. it's 37 degrees. safely above freezing. just rain. it is a steady rain. look at the light. coming down this morning. camelback, different story. where the two meet, plain rain and freezing rain. that's where we're seeing problems. not so in philadelphia. above freezing. chestnut hill, 39 degrees. no sign of that colder air. it's above freezing there. it is the suburbs, most of the
6:50 am
suburbs are fine. unionville above freezing. ground is a little bit colder. look at 32 right now. this is where you're going to see problems this morning. we have seen colder temperatures in new jersey. temperatures have been holding steady or climbing at 34 degrees. you're unlikely to find any icing here.  go a little further to the north. for instance, hope well township. that's a trouble area. going to see icing first thing this morning. rain, this plain old rain is going to win out as warmer air pushes in with a system. for now, the next couple of hours, icing conditions, redding, alan town and further to the north. upper bucks county and even into the trenton area. princeton and those conditions will slowly improve this morning. this will not be the end of the rain. get rain today and tomorrow from philadelphia. over redding and atlantic city. steady rain especially tomorrow afternoon.
6:51 am
definitely need your rain gear. pay attention first thing this morning. icy spots. in the 40s. well above freezing. staying warmer overnight tonight. won't have an icy issue tomorrow morning. look at tomorrow afternoon. rain in the very low 50s. breezy. high of 50 degrees. gets colder on thursday. watching friday a chance we'll see snow showers. not a big threat right now. won't be paying close attention to that as the week goes on. then cold this weekend. below freezing sunday: morning temperatures in the teens and 20s. next round of wet weather comes in tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you bill. about nine minute before 7:00 a.m. on this monday, january 2. check of the roads. >> jessica boyington keeping an eye on the traffic camera. notice a little bit of volume. really mixed throughout the area. >> right. the problem isn't the volume
6:52 am
this morning and big delays. the problem are the wet roads. trying to look at the germantown pike. moved the camera around: everything still looks okay. clearly just see the roads are wet. on and off the ramp, that's where you're going so see major problems today. take your time moving around out there. evesham township accident. also watching route 40. right around blue anchor road. detours won't take you too long. not seeing a lot of volume out there. another update in about 45 minutes. thank you jessica. philadelphia region has first bundle of joy for 2017. >> he is a cutety. south jersey couple couldn't be happier. take a look at this little buy. he entered the world just 13 seconds after the stroke of midnight yesterday.
6:53 am
here's philadelphia's first baby of the year. born at pennsylvania hospital at 12:12 yesterday morning. pretty cool. jay m if he had arrived a few minutes earlier, he would have had the same birth as he mom, claire. congrats to her. torys we'll be following throughout the day. including a philadelphia doctor masked the spot for wosp for work she's doing to battle childhood cancer. >> where you can park for free today.
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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and here are some of the top stories we'll be following today. delaware man injured in the turkey terror attack is flying home today. jake rake was shot in the leg yesterday when a gunman burst into a nightclub in istanbul and started shooting. played dead after being shot in the leg because the gunman was shootding people more than once. 39 people were killed in that attack. gunman got away and search for him continues today. nbc heading to the airport later today to catch up with him when he returns home. interview is coming up on the "today" show. >> 2017 winter classic is happening today at 1:00 right here on nbc 10. chicago hawks will take on st. louis outdoors at booush stadium. today in southern california, local researcher will be riding high at the tournament of roses parade. doctor of children's hospital of philadelphia will ride a float inspired by her work to end
6:58 am
childhood cancer. and speaking of the rose parade, see it right here on nbc 10 beginning at 11 this morning. penn state plays ufc in rose bowl this afternoon at 5:00. >> and happening today, your last day to take advantage of free holiday parking in parts of philadelphia. cam den, newark and other communities. officials want to encourage people to stop and dine local. support small businesses. good morning, everyone. j jessica boyington with one last check on your morning drive. around route 1. boulevard no problems or delays. wet roads there. either way eastbound towards the expressway just a 13 minute trip there. checking with philadelphia international airport. no designation specific delays for weather and mass transit, running mostly on holiday schedule.
6:59 am
>> it's a rainy morning and the rain is going to be with us for much of the day. live view of financial field. see the parking lot down this morning. issue is where the rain meets the scold and see that in some areas suburbs especially in lehigh valley. this is where freezing rain has icing issues on untreated surfaces first thing this morning. delaware never been an issue. just rain there. 38 degrees in philadelphia. warm into the 40s this afternoon. good use out of your rain gear today. and, again, tonight as tomorrow as this more wet weather is on the way for the check the third day of the new year. >> looking for drier and warmer wednesday. >> wednesday, yes, drying out. a brief warmup. >> get your resolutions all done? all set for the new year. >> look at you. >> not doing it.
7:00 am
>> all right. >> i do that anyway. >> go to the jimgym for februar local updates throughout the morning. good morning. breaking news. chilling images emerge of the gunman who killed at least 39 people in an istanbul nightclub. the man still at large. isis claiming responsibility. >> i don't know. i saw one person shooting. i'm hiding. >> this morning w hear from an american wounded in that attack. top secrets. president-elect donald trump says he knows things no one else knows about the hack of our presidential election. once again saying vladimir putin may not have been behind it. will he reverse the obama administration sanctions on russia when he takes the oath of office in just 18 days? who dropped the ball? >> i'm trying to be a good sport here.


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