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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  January 4, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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philadelphia. neighborhood forecast hour by hour when i come back. first jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. starting on the pa turnpike this morning. watching some drive time and construction. losing a lane there. the westbound side. route 1 to valley forge. checking in with vine street expressway. still closed in some spots. police activity. closed for the morning in between broad street and schuylkill expressway. debris spill. traffic moving south towards delaware memorial bridge, left shoulder is closed so other lanes are still getting by. back to you. breaking news this morning, man is found murdered in his bedroom in north philadelphia. >> right now investigators are searching for answers. nbc 10 live on the scene in
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homesbu homesburg. >> reporter: police just wrapped up work here on the scene about a half hour ago. this is where the murder happened in a first floor apartment here on the 8,000 block. lying next to the bed with a gunshot wound to the head. philadelphia police say bedroome been ransacked. doesn't look like signs of break ins. no arrest. investigators did find home surveillance cameras here on block. hoping to get clues there. the girlfriend and other friends who showed up on the scene were taken to homicide for questioning and just within the past few minutes, police cruiser brought some of them back here to the house. investigation continues to find
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who killed this 37-year-old man in holmesburg. carbon monoxide leak sent two people to the hospital. responded to the leak in southwest philadelphia. we're told the amount of carbon monoxide released was relatively small. woman and child at the hospital to get checked out. we have new details on a viral video shows a philadelphia police officer repeatedly punching a 16-year-old girl. police department saying the girl struck the officer in the face and the officer fought back. cell phone video captured the large fight in southwest philadelphia. teenager has not been charged. internal affairs is investigating the officer. the department says officers have saved 260 lives since they began using narcan in may of 2014: administered narcan to
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victims just five times this past december. last year nearly 600 drug overdoses in cam dendne.en. hope someone will recognize jacket or toattoo on right hand now to news from lehigh vall valley bureau. white student at salk euconsauc black student was charged with assault in connection with the fight. now the white student faces charges of ethnic intimidation.
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>> harassment weather it's based on race or otherwise is a crime. >> he had been going through some stuff for some years. one student through a confederate flag at him, other slurs. >> authorities say they hope the new charges send a message that racial harassment will not be tolerated. school did not return e-mails or phone calls for a comment. police say the man who killed a straate trooper con fid to a crime in a text. police documents show jason sent three texts to his child's mother minutes later. admitted to killing the trooper by shooting him twice in the head. later tracked the suspect to a mobile home and they killed him after he made the threats and refused to obey orders. in the presidential transition, united states senator is scheduled to meet with president elect donald trump's pick for secretary of
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state, senator coops and rex tillerson expected to hold a meeting in washington today. coops is a member of the democratic foreign committee and one of the lawmakers committeeing tillerson during confirmation hearings. reversed effort to strip power from congressional ethics following a tweet from donald trump. >> now focus on priorities. repealing obamacare, tax code and justice for the supreme court. >> for the meeting of the 115th congress of the united states. the house will come to order. >> on that first day yesterday, re-elected paul ryan as speaker of the house. following members of congress were sworn in. >> pennsylvania senator pat toomey sworn into the senate by vice president joe biden. his wife chris held a bible. >> we're going to be working long days, up long weeks because there's a lot of work to do
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bone. i think we're going to accomplish a lot. >> toomey has been a senator since 2011. >> lisa blunt rochester made history when she was sworn in to serve delaware. takes delaware's loan u.s. house seat vacated by governor elect john carney. >> president obama and vice president elect mike pence will both be on capitol hill today for separate meetings with members of congress. >> both expected to talk about obamacare. group representing american doctors has asked republicans to show how they would replace the president's signature health care law before congress votes to repeal it. american medical association sent a letter yesterday asking for details on what would replace current policies. no word yet on a response from the gop. today show will have much more on the battle shaping up on capital just ahead at 7:00 a.m. now to chester county, three poobl players pleaded guilty to
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harassment charges in a hazing incident there. statement from the district attorney's office said this happened in 2013 when we fused to clean a locker room. held the victim, shoved him down, poked him with a broom stick. it's unclear how the teenager will be punished. happening today, organizers announce plans for the martin luther king day of service. talk about this career's theme. highlight doctor king's leadership in the movement for educational justice. on monday, january 16, volunteers take on projects to make communities better. greater philadelphia day of service is the largest in the country. 5:07. 44 degrees outside. maple shade's zoning board consider a proposal next week. the new diner closed after a fire in 2013. shortly after the fire.
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there's a fundraiser to restore the restaurant, but that never happened. parking lot would belong to elite acura dealership next door. eight minutes after 5:00. 44 degrees. mild morning. no sign of fog in camel back. some of our neighborhoods are seeing light fog. low clouds over the city. live view. the clouds will be clearing out. actually helping to keep temperatures warmer. 44 degrees. that's warmer than our normal high temperature for this time of year. we should be in the 20s at this hour this time of year. in january. lehigh valley is in the 40s. suburbs, delaware, look at south jersey at 44 degrees. usually colder neighbors. really not this morning. park side, chestnut hill. center city, all in the middle 40s right now. and it's 45 in port richmond. a mild start, but a cloudy one. see the clouds clear out.
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and temperatures will actually go up. clouds overhead the entire area seeing that cloud cover right now. no sign of any rain. just a little bit of mist in a couple spots with fog. the wind. that's going to be blowing today. look how it increases. this is 11:30 this morning. 15-mile-an-hour wind. stronger in the suburbs. that's at 11:30. wind will stay with us this afternoon. shifting wind too. so winds are going to start coming out of west or northwest. later today and that's going to drop temperatures starting this evening at 5:00. already have seen our high temperatures around midday. and numbers start to come down with winds bringing in colder air for tonight. pretty decent january day. usually a mild one. 45 degrees with some breaks of sunshine. 51 degrees at noon. then look at temperatures starting to come down with clear skies at 4:00 today. suburbs clouds and a little bit of fog to start with.
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both thinning out. mostly cloudy skies by noon. see the temperatures peek right around midday at 48 degrees. start getting cooler late this afternoon. lehigh valley cloudy and a bit foggy to start with. 44 with bright sunshine to end the day today. delaware will stay dry. rain has ended. might see a little bit of fog this morning. clouds thinning out. 52 at lunchtime and 47 later this afternoon. cloudy start at new jersey and inland and at the shore. 50s today. does start to get chillier this afternoon. real cold, that will wait until overnight tonight. take a look at those temperatures when i come back with a ten day on ten in ten minutes. ten after five, let's get you out the door on the road with a check of the schuylkill expressway. >> i think there was a problem there. saw trucks pulling away. last closure for vine street
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expressway. skul kill expressway. everything open for the vine: also watching route 202 and drive times here. ten minutes in both directions. 11 if you're headed southbound from if skew kill to route 30. you should have no big problems or delays. party problems. some people say a local new years celebration ended up being a bad start to 2017. say the party was missing a lot and they're demanding a refund. trapped under power lines. the quick thinking that may have saved a father and son's lives. why it could be a lesson for all drivers.
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5:14. several people say it was a bad start to new year. >> claim a bar didn't deliver on the new years party that it promised and they want refunds. nbc 10 found several complaints on the facebook page for 1925 lounge. most party goers spent $90-300 for tickets. the event was supposed to have food buffet stations and live
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countdown to midnight. people we spoke to got none of that. >> no food, sorry. no other explanation. midnight came and went. didn't do the count down at midnight either. >> didn't seem like the food of premium open bar or hand crafted cocktails that were promised. >> june bug productions is the company that worked with the bar to put on the party. they issued a statement on behalf of their company, saying both companies are working together to investigate the events that took place and promise to do right by our customers. >> happening today, jurors will return to court in south carolina to begin deciding on a sentence for convicted mass shooter dylann roof. last month the same jury found him guilty of murdering nine people at a bible study. will represent himself during the trial and not expected to call anyone in defense. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. mass murder charles manson
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in the hospital. taken from prison to a hospital. source tells the paper manson is seriously ill. california department of corrections says it will not comment on his health or the health of any inmate. manson is serving nine life sentences for the 1969 family murders in los angeles. journalist megyn kelly coming to nbc news and talking about her decision to join the network. >> delighted to be joining the nbc news family and taking on the new challenge. spent the last 12 years at fox news. she will contribute to political and breaking news coverage. here's part of her message to fox news viewers last night. >> i am very grateful to nbc for this opportunity. and i am deeply thank you to fox news for the wonderful 12 years i have had here. >> kelly says her new job will allow her to connect more with her children.
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new this morning, a new jersey father and son get trapped under power lines. >> police say what they did to survive should serve as a lesson to everyone. >> crashed into a power poll with a six-year-old son in the backseat. it broke and sent live electrical power out through the car. dad called 911. that decision is something that probably safety their lives. >> if you were to step out of the car and touch the ground with a energized car, you now become the point of contact. >> it took 45 minutes for crews to turn off the lines and rescue father and son. if you're ever in a crash involving electrical wires, stay in your car until help arrives. >> let's check you on a check of traffic. looks good so far. get out the door right now if
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you want to. cottman avenue, southbound side. lovely now the work zone is cleared out of the way. long-term construction project gone now. southbound side gets that delay a little later on in the morning than we've been normally seeing. still a 13 minute trip and average speeds to the mid 60s. bell maumawr new jersey. if you keep going further southbound more towards delaware, debris spill on logan township. left shoulder closed. so traffic is still moving by. traffic also still moving in franklin township. traffic lights malfunctions. again all lanes open. just use caution when traveling through. >> thank you, jessica. 5:18. it's a little warm out there today. >> mild. bill is watching fog.
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warm up for today and deep freeze. yes, a little bit of fog. not bad there, but can see some of the moisture in the light. that's philadelphia international. some of the suburbs. that's a live view. see a little bit of shine on the road. not everything is completely dried out. that's part of why we're getting the fog. high humidity this morning. look at the visibility. mile and a half in redding had been down to a quarter mile. seen a little bit of improvement there. you'll see this lingering fog this morning for the next couple hours before the temperatures start to climb and then we'll break out of the fog. atlantic city, two and a half mile visibility. one mile visibility in millville and not much chajed. fog is a temporary situation. they'll be thinning out. not going to happen quickly.
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clearing out for later this afternoon. more and more sunshine this afternoon. lead to pretty good warmup. couple areas of showers i'm watching. first one is going to fall apart. not going to affect us. next one is a different story. look at the snow? nebraska. doesn't look like much. light snow moving through north plat. snow is decembse destined des t look at those temperatures. right at freezing on friday. high temperatures of 20s this weekend. not much warmer on monday. as far as snow is concerned, dry tomorrow. watch what happens, clouds in place. by early friday morning, 4:00, light snow falling. especially likely in delaware and south jersey. not going to be an all day affair. 7:30 in the morning. snow come to an end in
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philadelphia. light snow continuing in parts of delaware. central and southern delaware and south jersey. may see lingering snow showers during the day. oer otherwise most of it will be done by then. we do have changes on the way. especially with the temperature this afternoon. good change. 53 degrees. more and more sunshine today. the wind will be blowing. brings in the cold tonight. cold enough for that light snow coming through friday morning. saturday mostly cloudy with a chance of parts of delaware and south jersey could see more snow showers. keeping an eye on that for saturday. clearing out on sunday. the cold stays with us. look at morning temperatures in the teens. 17 monday morning. 32 in the afternoon. finally back into the 40s on tuesday and possibly back in the low 50s next wednesday. >> happening today former flyers and former olympians will take to the ice to raise money for local children's charities.
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new jersey based management company will host the event as part of hockey helping kids campaign. flyers goalie paying tribute to late team owner ed snider. unveil a new mask that features snider's picture. also honors other names in the team past such as late announcer jean heart. two credit reporting  companies did that was unfair. we'll have your cnbc business report coming up. also, hear why a former pro wrestler will no longer be facing a jury in a local death case. what is victim's family is telling nbc 10. nonsense! we lend it to everybody. some people we hardly know.
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call or go to appointments available now. new study shows more people moving out of region than moving in. new jersey comes in as number 1. 63% of moves there were outbound. pennsylvania was not much further behind, ranking tenth on the list with 56th percent outbound moves. >> delaware was one of several states that broke even gaining approximately the same number of residents as those who left. two credit reporting agencies facing fines this morning for allegedly deceiving customers. one of the stories landon dowdy is following for us today. landon, good morning. >> that's right. finding two top credit reporting agencies for deceiving consumers
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when charging them for credit score. transunion and equifax promised would be free or close to $1, but customers charged a recurring monthly fee of $16. if they didn't cancel new trials. passengers will be giving wearable trackers that act as a personal con see i can't imagine so crew members can respond to needs. meanwhile mark zuckerberg has made a new years resolution to meet more people. visit and meet people in every state to talk with them about how they're living, working and thinking about the future. over on wall street could add to tuesday's gains. started 2017 on a positive note. dow having best day in more than three weeks. falling short of 20,000 mark, look for auto sales.
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dow raising 119 points to 19881. cnbc, thanks. we are following breaking news in lehigh valley this morning. crews continue to battle a fire at a greenhouse. it has been burning for hours. we'll take you live o the scene in just minutes.
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right now on nbc news 10 today, murder investigation. philadelphia police want to know who shot a man to death in his ransacked apartment in holmesbu holmesburg. >> first day of pre-k. some of the youngest members has a plan for kirnd garden. wind plan deflated. project to power 15,000 homes dead in the water. it's 5:30. 44 degrees outside. welcome to nbc 10 today. all the rain we've had in the last couple after days, moving out. let's get with bill henley. where the warm meets the moisture. seeing areas of light fog this morning. look at the lehigh valley. 42 degrees. not a problem. fog will slowly thin out along with clouds. still lingering clouds at 11:00. little bit of


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