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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  January 5, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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at 32 degrees. it's falling now but we will see the temperatures climb. we'll get a little sunshine before the clouds take over but it won't take long. they're moving in this morning, then a cloudy afternoon with high temperatures just above freezing in the legal high valley. 34 in the suburbs. and 35 degrees in philadelphia. then there's the snow. take a look at that when i come back with the hour-by-hour forecast. but first, let's see who is on traffic this morning. jessica boyington in the "first alert" traffic center. jessica. >> good morning, everyone. we're starting on the schuylkill expressway. the vine street expressway pretty much open for the most part. this part is still blocked part of this ramp from the schuylkill headed to the vine. it's a little beneath our camera view right here but i can sort of see flashing lights here in this center median. still blocked. they'll have that cleared away. right now, by the time you get out the door, you should be good to go. also watching 422, no major problems or delays. eight minutes eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill. 66 miles per hour for the average speed.
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and mass transit, things are doing great there. everything pretty much running on time or close to schedule. katy and tracy, back to you guys. >> jessica, thanks. new this morning, police are looking for a gunman who shot and killed a man in philadelphia's strawberry mansion. it happened before 1:30 this morning at west oak dale and north myrtlewood street. police found two spent shell indication of from two different guns. they're checking surveillance cameras in the area. >> happening today, philadelphia monsignor william lynn will be facing a judge again. this time, it's in hopes of avoiding a new trial. it comes months after his conviction for allegedly shielding pedophile priests was overturned. nbc10's matt delucia joins us live from the criminal justice center in center city. matt, what are you learning? >> reporter: you said it, tracy, what's happening, there will be an argument on whether or not there will be a retrial in this
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case. mon syrian william lynn's attorney said there was wrongdoing by prosecutors five years ago. filed motions in part arguing that the commonwealth hid evidence in the 2012 trial that could have been favorable to lynn's defense. mon sear onwilliam lynn has served 33 months. almost three years of a three to six-year sentence, dating back to that trial five years ago. he was convicted of covering up clergy sex abuse. the first catholic official to be convicted on those charges. well, that conviction was overturned. the pennsylvania superior court believes that jurors heard too much evidence about unrelated matters. the commonwealth appealed to the state appeal court and that was rejected. soy lynn was released from prison in august on bail as his legal battle continues. that brings us to where we are today. philadelphia d.a. seth williams has vowed to keep fighting for the conviction. and the judge is expected to hear those motions later on this morning. and we will have a reporter in the courtroom as well torsion let you know what happens here
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today. live at the cjc, i'm matt delucia, nbc10 news. we now know more about how former attorney general kathleen kane plans to plea her case. kane filed a document on tuesday. kane was sentenced to 10 to 23 months in jail back in august but she's out of prison due to the appeal process. investigators are looking at a cause of a fire that ripped through their home. flames broke out on wakeland street just after midnight. firefighters believe the flames spread to the upper floors. the philadelphia fraternal orlando of police is not criticizing the district attorney for not pressing charges against a teen age girl involved in a fight with an officer. the fight went viral earlier
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this week. police say the girl slapped the officer in the face in southwest philadelphia. the officer threw the teen to the ground and punched her. the officer was placed on administrative duty. district attorney seth williams did not charge the teen. the fop president sent out a letter saying the d.a. is looking the other way. he also tweeted, quote, remember this at election time. this morning, we reached out to williams' office for a response. but have not yet heard back. a woman is now accused of making threats against pennsylvania lottery headquarters. tawanda shields is facing 22 charges including harassment of and stalking. officials say williams made violent calls over the past eight months after she failed to win a jackpot. intelligence officials will hold separate briefings in washington today about the alleged russian hack attack. but the obama administration believes were aimed at trying to influence the presidential election. intelligence experts will
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present president obama with the final report that he asked for. the senate foreign relations committee and the armed services committee will also get closed-door briefings today. president-elect trump questions whether the intelligence community really has hard evidence against russia. >> finds it's kind of disrespect to literally thousands of intelligence professionals who keep this country safe. frankly, i just don't get it. >> given some of the intelligence failures of the recent years, the president-elect has made it clear to the american people that he's skeptical about conclusions. >> those same intelligence experts are scheduled to brief president-elect trump in new york tomorrow. new this morning, we'll get our first look at the official ticket for the presidential inauguration ceremony which happens two weeks from tomorrow. the tickets will be unveiled on capitol hill later today. they're free but limited. and you have to request them from your senator or member of congress. it's 5:05.
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and vice president joe biden is lining up his next move for when he leaves washington. an aide says biden plans to partner with the university of delaware on bottom and economic policies on tuesday, on capitol hill, biden let it slip that he'll also be setting up shop in philadelphia. >> i'm going to be in philadelphia. and i'm deliberately not associated with any one medical center. >> someone is always listening. >> v.p. also referenced the project setting up a blind trust to continue the cancer research. new details on the gruesome murder of a south jersey mom. her husband has now been charged with killing her in front of their children. he was in cumberland county. he was on the run for two weeks. he was caught in atlantic county on monday. the family of the victim tara o'shea rossman attended the hearing.
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convicted church shooter dylann roof is not expected to cross examine any of the prosecution witness as the sentences phase continues today. during his opening statement yesterday. roof said there is nothing wrong with him psychologically. and he wants to keep mental health evaluations out of court. a jury convicted roof of killing nine people in charleston in 2015. "today" show talked to a friend of the reverend who died in the shooting. >> his life was not finished. 18, 19 months now, you never get over it. >> you can hear more of that interview on "today" show beginning at 7:00 this morning. prosecutors plan to call as many as two dozen witnesses over the next two weeks as they pursue the death penalty for roof. >> it's 5:07. a viral video out of chicago could lead to hate crime charges. we do want to warn you, this is disturbing.
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>> a video broadcast on facebook live shows a group of african-american men and women holding a man with special needs captive. the video shows the 18-year-old victim tied up, gagged and on the floor in the corner while people used knives to cut his clothes and hair. the captors are heard laughing and one kicks the man while ranting against president-elect trump and white people. >> it makes you wonder what make individuals treat a man like that. >> chicago police said they wound the disoriented man wandering on the streets on tuesday. the victim is recovering. charges have not been filed in the case. the new year brings new gear for the police department at the jersey shore. beginning today, every north wildwood patrol officer will wear body cams, a chest pocket camera and one that can be worn
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on their belt loop. the body cameras will be used along with dash cam video cameras in patrol vehicles. today in montgomery county you can be a hero and give blood. at hillside at are bausch square and harleysville. walk-ins are welcome. nine minutes after 5:00. it is cold outside. look at the wind blowing. the flag at penn's landing. the temperatures have dropped to below freezing with the wind some spots feel like it's in the teens this morning. definitely have to bundle up. 25 in the lehigh valley. the suburbs at 25 degrees. 26 in delaware. 29 at south jersey. this is normally what we see this time of year. not the 40s like we had yesterday. center city is at 30 degrees. but it's also below freezing at society hill. and look at west mt. airy, chestnut hill, parkside, the
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airport, and northeast philadelphia airport. all in the 20s to start with. we will see temperatures climb a bit. this is satellite and radar. we're in the clear this morning but that doesn't last long. clouds are already moving into western pennsylvania. with the clouds come this. that snow that is now falling in southern ohio and into kentucky. it's moving a little bit ahead of schedule which means i think we'll see the first snowflakes arriving in the evening hours. and it will be accumulating snow. it's going to be cold enough that it sticks to the ground. during the day, though, you will not see any snow. cloud cover, that will be taking over. 29 degrees in philadelphia at 8:00. by lunchtime, 31. 31 and cloudy at 4:00 this afternoon. clouds increasing in the suburbs. the temperature up to the freezing mark at 4:00 in the lehigh valley. 24 degrees with some sunshine at 8:00. but look how that sunshine fades during the day. delaware, dry during the day. 29 degrees this morning at 8:00. just above freezing at lunchtime. new jersey warm above freezing but not by much.
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34 degrees at 4:00, 36 degrees at the shore. at 4:00, clouds are around but the future hour-by-hour no snow just yet. you can see the first snowflakes, though, to our southwest. they'll be moving in between 7:00 and 8:00 this evening. that's 8:00. you'll see snow in reading, pottstown, philadelphia, and into millville. that's just the start. steady snow for the suburbs by 8:00 into philadelphia, not so much at that hour in south jersey. but watch how that changes during the night. just scattered snow showers. in fact, coming to an end in philadelphia. by 4:00, we're now getting light snow in jersey. by 4:00 and 10:00, that will be tapering up by 6:00, this whole thing done. by the time it's done, we got an inch on the ground. and then things change for the weekend. when i come back with that in ten minutes. let's get a check of the skshgs schuylkill. >> that's right, jessica
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boyington standing by there. some lights behind you, jess. >> yes, this is the schuylkill expressway approaching the vine street expressway on-ramp. you can see they're actually coming to remove the signs right now. this is the last part of the closure for the vine street expressway construction this morning. usually, it's closed until about 5:00 in the morning in between schuylkill and broad street. now, they're getting rid of the signs right here as we speak. picking them up and moving them away. one of the last pieces, a little bit behind external, at 5:12. if you're heading out the door, depending on when you get here, you should be fine. that's back in business. all of the construction crews are clearing it out of the way. also watching 95, this is moving through delaware, ten minutes in both directions north and south. 295, 495. speeds into the 60s. and lastly check with the philadelphia international airport. no delays this morning in or out of philadelphia. or all around the surrounding airports. this morning, we'll have updates on the rest of your majors when
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i come back. soda tensions. the new philadelphia taxes are leaving some business owners upset. the impacts restaurants say they're already feeling. and why it could make it harder for you to grab some popular drinks. and sign confusion. the state road sign warning that left some people --
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it's 5:15. some restaurants say they're already feeling the impact of philadelphia's new soda tax.
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>> sim's hoagies posted this on its facebook page. the owner isle so frustrated with the tax he's no longer selling soda. at union taco in manayunk said he noticed price increase while making orders with the distributor. >> rep let me know that there's a soda tax. immediately, i was like, no, we're not going to order that. >> restaurant has not decided if they'll have to increase the prices for customers because of the 1.5% sugary tax break. more than half of the money raised for the soda tax is going tofrdz universal prekindergarten in it's city of philadelphia. all of the pre-kindergarten students at casa dell karmin can attend for free. several drives on new york's staten island are fighting tickets because they sign they
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allegedly saw was fake. some didn't notice the sign and some ended up ticketed by police. >> he's, you know you made an illegal left turn. i said what do you mean? he said there's a sign that you can't make a left turn. i said i didn't see it. i've lived here for seven years. >> the department of transportation put up the sign and determined that the sign was fake put up by a contractor in the area. the department of motor vehicles says they can appeal those tickets. >> a warning this morning from police in south jersey about a scam that they want you to be aware of. northfield police say this man is a scam artist who poses as an appliance repairman. he uses two business names south shore repairs and my repairs in atlantic city. police say she's taken advantage of people in the area. he was recently arrested for
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theft, fraud and forgery. police are looking to find out what caused the washington monument to go dark. this is the scene after the iconic monument went out. national parks services believes there's a problem with the program that controls the lights. it's not expected to reopen to visitors until 2019. a lot of people packed on the holiday pounds are now looking for ways to lose weight. but what diet plans works the best. the new york world and news report ranked the best is rich in fruits and veggies, low-fat dairy. experts say a chance to do just that, helping to bring down high blood pressure. a new study of a similar diet called the mediterranean diet found it can prevent against brain shrinkage. >> reduced loss in the people who adhere to the mediterranean diet would in general be expected to protect them from
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developing dementia. >> now, eating healthy is not the only steps you should take, of course. doctors reminds us, exercising staying mentally and socially engaged and not smoking are also important. marine experts at the jersey shore are examining a rare find. a mammal they have not seen in the area in decades. >> a blainville beaked whale washed up in island state park in ocean county over the weekend. not clear how long the whale has been dead. the marine stranding center said this type of whale spends most of its life at extreme depth so it's usually hard to observe. almost 5:30. things get different on the roads. >> let's check in with "first alert" traffic reporter jessica boyington. jess. >> we're watching girard avenue. no problems. southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. that is 13 minutes.
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average speed of 60. the southbound side here, all of that moving not so well. typically we have to wait for the next hour or so. out in douglas township, there's a crash, detour around the scene there. one of the most early morning crashes we've had so far. over in new jersey, north and southbound, no problems with the same drive time in those directions there at five minutes. headed northbound headed from 55 up towards the waltman bridge. speeds in the 60s. transit is doing okay. the area bridges in the clear. back in about ten minutes with more updates. it's about 5:20. 29 degrees outside. chilly -- i can't even say chilly. >> it's cold. >> it's freezing. let's get the timing with bill henley. >> winter is making a comeback after a break. had 40s yesterday morning.
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nowhere near that, we're running about 15 degrees colder. live view from camden, new jersey, looking across the bowe of new jersey, the temperatures below freezing right now will be warming up. but not a lot. not like we saw yesterday. no signs of 50s this afternoon. 25 down in the lehigh valley. suburbs 25 degrees. middle 20s in delaware. south jersey at 29 degrees right now. there are some colder neighborhood, but not by much. florence at 27 degrees. 28 in piney hollow. everybody is in the 20s this morning. down to 25 in princeton. pemberton at 30 degrees. cold, yes. but otherwise, it's dry. and we will see dry conditions all day. the radar and satellite, no clouds just yet. they're not far away. they're already moving into western pennsylvania. and that light snow is moving a little bit ahead of schedule. so, i now expect the first snowflakes to fall and accumulate in our area during the evening hours and into early
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tomorrow morning. but this afternoon, skies will be turning cloudy. light snow arrives between 7:00 and 9:00. by midnight, everybody has got a little snow in the area. accumulations by tomorrow morning, about one to two inches on the ground. snow ends in new jersey before sunrise. likely before 6:00 in the morning. but we will have snow a little bit coming through tonight. today, 35 degrees this afternoon. sunshine just this morning. then clouds take over. as clouds produce the snow overnight. mostly cloudy and high up to 37. by saturday, it turns colder. the temperatures plummet this weekend. 21 degrees in the city. the suburbs will be in the teens. then everybody will be it's in teens and the low sunday morning, the wind will be blowing to make that 26 feel like in the teens. even in the afternoon. monday still cold in the morning. 13 the low temperature. just 30 degrees in the afternoon. then the temperatures moderate.
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turning warmer on tuesday. by wednesday, up to 50 degrees. so the next chance of showers will be rain showers for wednesday and into thursday. and back to normal for high temperatures come friday and saturday. all right, bill, thanks for that. is it better to buy or rent a home? well, a new study is helping answer that question. coming up, we'll tell you what it says about our area. and macy's cutbacks. why the retrailer is closing up stores across the country and what local ones will be no more. our cnbc analyst weighs in.
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a new study reveals where it's better to buy or rent a home in the u.s. according to a new report from solutions buying a home is more affordable than renting a home in 66% of markets they analyzed. analysts say while buying continues to be more affordable than renting in a majority of u.s. neighborhoods the equation could quickly change if mortgage rates keep rising this year. macy's is closing up stores across the country following a disappointing holiday season and that includes stores in other area. cnbc's landon dowdy is following that story and other business headlines for us. landon, good morning. >> hello, tracy, macy's and kohl's both tumbling last night after they slashed their profit
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forecast after a weak holiday shopping season. macy's plans to close stores in neshaminy mall and norristown mall. amazon will open a 4,000-square foot store in the time warner center in manhattan near central park. with bookstores in seattle, san diego, and portland, oregon. and taking alexa for a ride. owners of the echo can talk to their ford car from their home do do things such as warm up the vehicle, unlock the doors. this summer, we'll be able to talk to alexa about driving. searching for destinations, shop online, turn on the lights at home, tracy, back to you. >> landon dowdy on cnbc. thanks. cigarette switch. the new rules that could make it harder for people to buy tobacco
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products. fighting over obamacare on capitol hill, for those who twoongt repeal it and those who want to save it.
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war on obamacare. tensions grow as the republicans and democrats fight over the future of the law. we'll look at if it's having an impact on people signing up. up in smoke. a new rule about tobacco is up for debate


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