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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  January 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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with bacon, sausage, or ham and keep on all day. america runs on dunkin'. . the snow arrives, drivers using caution across the area. snow already covering windshields. morning commute. what will the roads look like when you go to work tomorrow? how much snow? as we shovel in the morning, all eyes will be on a second snowstorm coming this weekend. the first snow of 2017 arrives right on time. >> it may not be a major storm, but you may need your shovels because your neighborhood will likely be covered when you wake up. tonight, nbc 10 has crews spread out from philadelphia, is suburbs, delaware, and south jersey.
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good evening on this snowy thursday night. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. as you can see from the campus camera right behind us, snow tapering off a bit now. means the 10 has you covered across the delaware valley. we begin with chief meteorologist glen hurricane schwartz with the latest on the snow. >> the snow is very light in some places and just sort of light in others. there's hardly any wind, so the snow is coming pretty much straight down and the visibility tells us how heavy the snow is and we could see fairly well. you can see this band of snow generally west to east across southern pennsylvania into the philadelphia area, little to nothing in the poconos and very little to nothing in southern delaware. the darker blues indicate a little bit heavier snow, some of that now going into bucks and montgomery counties while things are tapering off in northern delaware. as we go through the night
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tonight, the temperature continues to go down so as the snow gets heavier, those darker colors, it has a better chance of sticking, especially on untreated surfaces. the treated surfaces should be okay because the snow won't be heavy enough. by 4:00 a.m., it's already over with in philadelphia and points to the west. it's just about over at the shore by 4:00 and it's certainly over by 6:00. so by 6:00 a.m., there's no more snow going on. and that is going to be the end of it as we go through the timeline, the snow area is spreading around right now, the peak of the snow midnight to 3:00 a.m. average accumulations one the t -- one to two inches and the friday morning rush not snowing at all. erica martinez is outside where the snow is falling real fast. >> reporter: we're seeing flurries move through. but i want to show you just how fluffy and light the snow is right now. in fact, i don't need the
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scraper, you can just brush everything off so the good news is, this is a really light fluffy type of snow. we call this a 12-1 ratio. very easy to clean off but give yourself extra time in the morning because you will need that. i'm already seeing the cars that are covered with snow so conditions will be a little messier for tomorrow morning. again, give yourself extra time. here's your hour-by-hour forecast starting at 4:30 a.m. you're noticing band of blues and purples and whites telling us we have more snow on the way. as glen mentioned, everything clearing offshore by approximately 6:00 a.m. here's the deal, glen is also tracking another system that could bring us heavier snow bands, in fact, by saturday or we'll have more details coming up in just a bit. back to you in the studio. >> the first snowflakes came down in delaware. take a live look at i-95 in wilmington from our camera. the snow started to fall around 7:45 tonight. storm force 10 is on the move
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right now in delaware. we are giving you a front row seat at the weather conditions if you have to leave the house this evening. just so you know, the camera in storm force 10 that you're looking at right now makes it looks like the vehicle is going a lot faster than it actually is. if you live in chester county, you know that area usually gets hit the hardest. >> this was the scene about two hours ago in downingtown. >> nbc 10's brandon hudson joins us live from downingtown tonight. >> you've been talking to folks, brandon, how are they dealing with it? >> reporter: they seem to be just fine. it's snowing for the better part of three hours in downingtown. we're in downtown downingtown and we're getting very thick snowflakes that appear to be sticking to the ground. to give you an idea of how much snow we have, let's show you this bench right here. you can wipe off some of the snow, show you how thick it is. we have this car right here but we have some people braving the elements right here not wearing coats, they've got t-shirts on, short sleeve shirts on. so far it appears to be people are loving this first snowfall
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of the year. on a beautiful snowy night in downtown downingtown we met james and his grandson on their way to picking up dinner. did you think you'd get know? >> no, but i'm glad it's here. >> reporter: the first snowfall didn't keep people off the road. it's been a dry winter so far. >> it's been a long time. >> reporter: before the storm moved in, we saw this plower pre-treating a shopping lot, one of the busier areas in town, he says business has been snow this year and last. we looked back last winter and found our first significant snowfall wasn't until january 12. he hopes this is the start of a profitable season. >> last year we had that one big storm and a couple, you know, rinky dink oneones. >> reporter: the snow started falling moments after he drove
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away. in the same parking lot, taylor christie just finished grocery shopping and was heading home with his daughter. did you know it was going to snow today? >> no, not until about 4:00 p.m. >> have you changed your shopping list at all or anything. >> no. i don't go too crazy. we have a lot of food at home, too. >> reporter: i spoke to a spokes manhatt spokesman from penndot, he said they have 66 trucks on the road in chester county alone. a lot will be working around the clock as drivers are working 12-hour shifts. live here in downingtown chester county, brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. >> brandon, thank you. if you live in montgomery county, you can track snowplows as they move throughout the county. it's part of upper mariontownship's web site. it shows where the plows are and it's up dated every 15 minutes. you can use the map for road closures and street cleanings. go to for the link. let's take a live look at
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the blue cross river rink at penn's landing. it's a pretty tight sotonight. an hour ago this rink was packed with people as the snow started to fall. here's a look on the road conditions on i-95 near the stadium complex. traffic moving along okay there. the salt trucks pre-treated the major roads ahead of the snow. steve jones has been checking the reeoads around philly. >> what are the conditions you're seeing in south philadelphia. >> reporter: we're not too far from the stadium. the snow has been coming down for the last three hours. it's tapered off and if you look at the roadways, yeah, not sticking just yet. however, as it begins to stick these guys will get busier and busier, they're working around this salt dome right now. we found philly residents, however, embracing the snow that's fallen. latefall over frozen football in south philly. >> look at that! >> reporter: aaron wright did his best to bundle up.
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>> that's my man! that's a touchdown. you have to have your head warm, ears need to be covered. the gloves, my hands, if they shut down, game over. >> reporter: you have shorts on, though. you have thermal underwear. >> i'm warm, i'm prepared. >> reporter: but some retreated indoors and twirling beans and rim cafe. meet owner renee cobietre, business is good, company is better. perfect remedy for our first sizable snowfall of the year. >> it's the best time for to make hot chocolate right now. >> reporter: as soon as it snows? >> yes, i think the snow comes in, i start seeing outside and i'm thinking maybe one more hour. >> reporter: but city workers have to be on the roads. >> we can't take a rain check. it's here. >> reporter: pen dondot's peter cherotti says there are 146,000
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tons of salt available. >> we'll hit the overpasses, bridges, stuff like that, keep an eye on things. >> >> reporter: those will be the roads that freeze first. this is what's going on at salt zones all over philadelphia. 106,000 tons of salt, some of it here behind us, you can see the plow get loaded up here as i continue to talk. now if the snow keeps coming down, these guys will continue to hit the roads with some saumt so really it's a sit-and-wait situation but they want to make sure they're ready for anything as the snow falls to make sure they're ready for the morning commute. for now, live in south philadelphia, keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> all right, keith. look at the conditions in parts of bucks county. this is neshaminy. you see some people leaving after getting a bite to eat. heavy flurries out there. the weather may be to blame for an accident on a bridge in camden county. >> nbc 10's drew smith live with more on that tonight. drew? >> reporter: ed carver road behind me has reopened but i
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want to show you the grassy area where you see the accumulation of snow and then the difference between that and the pavement. but it's a lot different story when you get up on the overpasses and there is a bridge over some railroad tracks just up the street from us and we have vid owed from when we arrived in the past 40 minutes. police and fire trying to pull a heavily damaged pickup truck that has skidded off the overpass off into the woods and then flipped over. luckily for that driver, we're told there was only a major injury there, but another reminder that the overpasses are different than the roads. back live, we can tell you that the snowplows have come back since that accident and police reopened the road in the past 15 minutes. they put more salt up there, we're hoping drivers are careful when they head over those bridges tonight. we're live, drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> drew. we are keeping an eye out for any problems on the roads. we brought in our traffic reporter tonight to show you what's happening out there. >> jessica joins us now with more on that.
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>> jacqueline and jim, in the sky as well as on the roads, looking at this live shot of the boulevard. the pennsylvania turnpike, you can visibly see the headlights of these vehicles as well as the street lights reflecting upon those wet road conditions so be very mineful of any slick surfaces. also, too, look at these grassy surfaces, we're seeing snow already accumulating. i did get a couple reports of hazardous road conditions in areas of pottstown so be very mindful of that and jacqueline and jim it's crucial for anyone taking a late-night drive to just use caution and drive very slow. i'll send it back to you guys. >> great advice. our team will be tracking the snow overnight, of course. remember to keep the nbc 10 app handy to keep a close eye on any school delays and closings if they happen. >> nbc 10 has you covered for the morning rush, nbc 10 today will start a half hour earlier as 4:00 a.m. to update the snow totals in your neighborhood and to have live reports on the road conditions.
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>> tonight's only round one of some folks for the snow, especially on the jersey shore. i'll have the timing plus preliminary amounts as we're continuing with tonight's snow. also ahead, what can you expect for the morning rush? we are tracking the roads in storm force 10. a soda tax mistake? tonight a local grocery store admits it overcharged customers on products that should not have been taxed. homes flooded, a big water main break leaving quite a mess. nbc 10 goes inside the basement to see the damage firsthand.
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snowing right there at the airport. planes already de-icing. >> crews are ready to clear the runways. the airport, as always, says check your flight status before you leave your house. and we have neighborhood weather for just this reason. right now it's not showing down the shore in cape may county.
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people may see a little tonight but this weekend is when the shore may get the most snow. one place where it is snowing right now, that's chester county. brandon hudson is there. brandon? >> reporter: well, jim, to give you an idea of how quickly the snow is accumulating, we cleared this off two minutes ago, now you've got snow back here. roads are slippery so we have 66 penndot trucks at midnight contractors will start using their trucks as well. live in downingtown, brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. >> all right, brandon. how much snow are you going to get in your neighborhood? >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glen hurricane schwartz back now. he's been tracking the hurricane for days. glenn? >> most folks are only going to get an inch to two inches out of this one but some folks are going to get more out of the system coming on saturday so stay tuned for that. right now, the visibility in philadelphia is not too bad if we can see some of the tops of the buildings, the visibility is decent. now you can see this area of snow generally in southern
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pennsylvania, up toward the poconos, there's not much at all. we have a little heavier band coming through philadelphia right now and also lancaster county going into berkshire hathaway -- burkes county and chester county. you can see the heavier cell over center city right now. a little bit bigger flake there is. now the visibility tells us how heavy the snow is falling. in coatesville, we have the heaviest snow now. three quarters of a mile visibility. that's accumulating snow. the two miles in pottstown, three miles in doylestown, that's pretty light. allentown is very light. northeast philly, one and a half miles, that's significant but mt. holly and philadelphia, their visibility has gone up as drier air is coming in in wilmington, dover, millville, atlantic city are all in good shape. if we have 10 mile visibility, it's not doing much of anything. 30 degrees now in philadelphia. 27 in coatesville, 28 degrees in allentown. temperatures will continue to go down just a little bit as we head toward morning.
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as we go through the next few hours we find the snow getting heavier, especially by about 2:00 a.m., that's when the best accumulation will occur. by 4:00 a.m. it's over in most of the area and by 6:00 a.m. it's over everywhere. so it's -- will not be snowing for the morning rush and the temperatures will be below freezing. the latest snowfall totals generally one to two inches of snow. less up to the north. nothing, really, in allentown and very little in dover and down toward cape may. but take a look at these temperatures, close to freezing. no precipitation 5:00 a.m. in philly. a little bit in a couple of spots but nothing by 7:00 at all. see a little bit in new jersey, the jersey shore. at 5:00 a.m., again, nothing at 7:00. that means the rest of the day is dry. not a bad day on friday. now here's the problem. saturday morning this is a real storm here, a lot of moisture
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with it, as you can see. and we're on the northern edge of this. and all it takes is a little bit of a shift to the north and you go from practically no snow to really significant or heavy snow and some of the computer models tonight have, indeed, shifted a little bit to the north, bringing heavier snow into the jersey shore and even bringing some snow into the philadelphia area. so here's our preliminary snowfall totals and some of these are pretty significant. i'm talking about six inches plus right near the shore. new jersey and the delaware beaches. four to six inches and possibly a good bit more. just inland dropping down to close to about an inch in the philadelphia area. of course, bill hanley will update that in the morn with the new data. the european model is not in yet, it comes in in a couple hours. but the cold air, yeah, that's in. bitter cold over the weekend. this is the way it's going to
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feel saturday night, near 10, then it gets colder. sunday morning close to zero and even sunday afternoon in the single digits in parts of the area. so here's the weekend forecast. friday, pretty decent day. saturday, i now have snow in delaware, jersey shore, south jersey, and even a little bit in philadelphia. and then just brutally cold sunday. >> all right, we'll check back with you in a few minutes, glenn. to this now new at 11:00. if you went to shop rite, you may have paid too much. the reason? it seems stores are confused by philadelphia's new soda tax. as a result, some items at shop rite stores were mislabelled. the spokesperson says some items were taxed that should not have been like marinade and mineral water. other items that should have been taxed weren't. customers can bring their receipts back to the store for a refund. crews with the philadelphia water department are still on the scene of a water main break
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in northeast philadelphia. seven homes flooded here when that main broke just after 3:00 this afternoon on mill brooke road. the water is now off but the damage has been done. neighbors believe the break may be connected to an ongoing problem with the sinkhole in the middle of the street. >> we pay taxes and they cover a sinkhole with a metal plate. so this is what happens, it gets cold and now there's water everywhere. >> crews still pumping water out of the homes tonight and the winter weather isn't helping matters much. our coverage of the first snow of 2017 continues next. >> it's a snowy thursday night and we'll have updates throughout the night. stay with us.
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some snow still coming down but no apparent traffic problems. now new developments tonight about russia's alleged hacking of the election. a senior u.s. election official tells nbc news senior russian officials celebrated president-elect trump's win. that information is contained in an intelligence report delivered to president obama today. that official says the u.s. has identified russian actors who turned over stolen democratic materials to wikileaks. >> a followup to a story we first told you about last night. prosecutors have filed hate crime charges against four people accused of torture ago man and showing it on facebook live. prosecutors say the four black suspects can be heard on the video using profanities against white people and president-elect trump. the victim, who is white, was found disoriented walking along a street following the assault which police say went on for hours. investigators say the victim is a former classmate of one of the
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attackers. our coverage of tonight's snow continues straight ahead. as you can see from storm force 10 at interstate 76 near university city, no problems here. we can tell you the roads have been pre-treated. we'll be right back.
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it's one of the most-anticipated events of the year at the waverley heights community retirement center. the mummers community was in full swing. the full string band performed in full costume as residents danced along. there was also a south philly inspired buffet. local youth hockey players spent quality time on the ice with philadelphia flyers in wilmington. >> team captain claude giroux joined former flyers to run drills, have a little fun as part of the flyers '50th
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anniversary celebration this season. back to the snow. we have received some viewer video from around the delaware valley tonight. this is from art gammareno at a septa station. you can see the train moving along. we want to see your snow pictures. send us video and your photos through the nbc 10 app. look for the see it/share it dropdown on that app. glenn's updated weather forecast is next. fios in the house! dave this fios party is da bomb! fo shizzle! it's tv totally ahead of its time.
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it is january, so this is winter-like weather so it's appropriate and it's at least not a blizzard we're dealing with. right, glenn? >> they're going to get more snow in raleigh, north carolina, than we'll get. kind of a weird weather pattern. you can look at the radar and there is for snow on the way. we're not done with it yet and there are some lighter spots and a little bit darker blues indicating a little bit heavier now in lower bucks county and also chester county. the amount of snow with this first thing one to possibly two inches in some spots. it's the one on saturday that i'm more concerned about, especially towards the shore which has the potential for heavy snowfall. it's going to feel like it is a n the teens at best and near zero on sunday morning watch out for that snow on saturday. bill henley and the gang will be in in the morning with an updated look at that storm which is what we'll be focusing on
11:34 pm
once we get past this thing that will end at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. >> and then the rain comes in when the snow comes down creating freezing conditions? >> the temperature is going to be very, very low so anything that sticks on the snow on saturday and it will be the fluffy type that erika was talking about earlier and that you can brush off. but if you get enough of it, it's a lot of brushing that has to be done. so the people around the shore need to pay attention. >> and very cold even in the afternoon on sunday. >> brutal. the morning team here will be here early at 4:00 a.m. to keep you posted. thanks for watching. >> good night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- martin short and steve martin. ruth negga. musical guest, common.


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