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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  January 6, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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we are tracking the impact. got problems on the road. snowy condition overnight. causing delays for the morning commute. what you need to know before you head out. >> then we'll focus on round two. tracking more snow on the way. detail the timing of that for
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your weekend. 5:30. taking a look at cape may. last snow heading out ahead of schedule. many still feeling the impact of the winter blast. especially on the road. bill henley watching the system push out of here. >> moving out quickly. improving conditions. see scattered clouds over philadelphia. the snow has come to an end. clouds they'll persist. last few snow showers. north and west in allentown won't last long into the lehigh valley and for birch county last bit of light snow. now the steady snow quickly moving offshore. from the coastline. this is a little bit ahead of schedule. expecting it to end. and yes, there go go the last few snowflakes. starting to dry out already in
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cape may. 27 degrees rights now. the snow get breaks of sunshine. before some of the other neighbors and that will push the temperatures into the upper 20s at 11:00 a.m. most of the year heading above freezing. sunshine breaking through the clouds. see melting. improving conditions during the day today. tracking changes ahead for the weekend. it's a much colder weather as well. schuylkill expressway this morning. right around the roosevelt boulevard. blocking good. great drive so far. roads are wet. snow doesn't seem to be on the roads anymore. looks like they have them properly treated. snow off into the shoulder. eastbound drive times right now.
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about a 14 minute trip. speeds into the 50s. definitely take your time. bill said it is below freezing right now. still watching a little bit of delay on 95. earlier jackknifed tractor trailer had 95 closed down for several hours has cleared. falling down to where we should be in line about the 14 minute mark. 16 minutes right now southbound from woodhaven road. berks county. 5:33. show you chester county. one of the first parts of the region to see the snow. the flakes coated the cars and sidewalks. probably need to find a snow brush this morning. continue team coverage with matt delucia in tomorrow 4 ten. where are you and how are the roads looking.
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>> reporter: well, we just jumped out of storm 4 ten. in willow grove. this is what people are waking up to. this gentleman getting the snow off his car. this is what we've been seeing. it doesn't take too long because it is a very light and fluffy snow. takes a couple of minutes to brush it all off. here in the dunkin donuts parking lot. when it gets packed down you get slush and slick as well. little cold here. we are seeing the icing. some of that black ice. it's very slick here in this spot too. we have seen a lot of the plows out and about this morning. also a lot of the salt trucks and especially the private salt trucks. come into parking lots like this one and get everything prepared for the day ahead. when customers come, everything is safe. right here taking a look. see the parking lot where it is covered in a light coating of snow. see right here on eastern road. see mostly just wet right now. vehicles here making their way through a little bit slower than
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usual. that is definitely a good idea. of course you see most of these major roads, they have been treated. they have been salted or brined, what have you. because of that, just the traffic itself is just making the roads wet and not really slick at this point. bear in mind, again, the side streets. a lot of them have not been treated. got to be careful on those. really have to be careful on roads like this as well. have seen accidents. big bone out there on i 95. just an example of what can happen in let your guard down and try to go at regular speeds that you would normally go on a regular dry day. when you have something like this and first snowfall of the winter for most of us right here. just got to be careful as you head out the door. for now live in willow grove. nbc 10 news. from the pennsylvania
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suburb, the road conditions there. let's check the road conditions in delaware now. joining us by phone is jim. >> good morning. >> jim, tell us what are you crews doing as the morning rush begins to pick up? >> well, we've been applying salt throughout the night and continue to do that. all the pretreating of the salt yesterday seems to have worked. most of our roadways are just wet right now. we don't -- i don't see any reports of accumulated snow or ice on the road. we're going to continue to work on them. >> pretty good timing. couldn't have asked for anything better. people off the road. knew it was coming overnight. this was pretty straightforward. what are you doing to prepare for weekend snow. you know, the same thing. we're going to try to keep people -- we're not going to make our people work too much because we need to give them rest. we're going to be working this weekend. we need to stay on the road right now e. temperatures right
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change. and still see snow and ice on the the road. >> jim telling us the roads in delaware look pretty clear. however we know on 95 philadelphia, northeast philly had problems this morning. checking in with nbc 10 pamela osborne. >> can you give us an update after what's going on. >> reporter: good news the accident has finally cleared. when we saw you last we were on the freeway as things opened up. that wasn't a good idea. we got down here someplace safe. traffic is moving, which is a huge improvement from earlier this morning. we talked to one driver that was actually stranded up there. he said for two hours. it was all because of this -- we're going to show you video of that jackknifed tractor trailer. it had things backed up for at least a mile. drivers having trouble getting on. drivers having no luck getting off once they were stuck on the freeway. all of that is cleared right
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now. another thing i want to talk about are temperatures. pretty chilly out here. little below freezing. according to the thing that i just checked on my phone, excuse my terms, it's a little bit colder. we've seen several pin dot trucks driving up and down the freeways this morning. definitely putting salt down for you. good news if you're headed out today. know they're going to be out here with you. give them room to work as you head out the door this morning. reporting live in south philly. now is a good time to download the free nbc app. continue to get information on the school delays. that's on the app. you can get realtime updates about what is happening in your neighborhood. and bill has been mentioning this. tracking another system heading our way for the weekend. want to send you alerts for what to expect. doctors in our area warning about an triple threats that
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create add season of sickness. winter colds, flus. treating people since the start of the new year. doctors advise if you are sick, stay home to avoid infects others. >> there are some folks that should stay home that should sort of sequester themselves away and engage in supportive therapy. >> doctors also say the best way the keep yourself out of the hospital is prevention. wash your hands frequently and take care of yourself. just 20 minutes before 6:00. nearly a week into the new year. gas prices in the region are jumping. soared 14 cents last week. in south jersey up 6 cents. delaware paying about 8 cents a gallon more. the larger price jump that you saw in pennsylvania, linked to the state tax hike that kicked in on january 1.
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5:39. meteorologist has been tracking the weather. the system moving now and getting snoget getting snow totals for us. watching what's to come this weekend. heaviest totals have been jersey and the shore has been closer to an inch. still sees a little bit of snow in ocean city. one of the indicators of how heavy the snow is the visibility. the lower the visibility, the heavier the snow. look at this, clear view of buildings. that's a very light snowfall. just barely coming down. looks more impressive. not because of the system that's moving through. it's because they're taking advantage of the cold air and making snow. barely got any in the poconos. still a few snow showers in the mountains right now. quickly tapering off. lehigh valley tracking the last light snow moving through allentown. into berks county. this is going to be pushing out and drying conditions already in philadelphia. cloudy skies. damp andly isry conditions on
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the roads as the temperatures are just below freezing. there goes the steady snow. that's what we saw overnight. improving conditions right now. ocean city camera showed the very light snowflakes. this is what it looks like on the radar. very little snow left from this one. at this shore at least for today. timeline we're on track for light snow tracking right now to come to an end before sunrise. well before sunrise. slippery conditions will continue through the morning rush. temperatures just cold enough though keep it slippery this morning. we will see the snow melt. some neighbors will stay below freezing. 20s for the lehigh valley. suburbs just below freezing in delaware. philadelphia and south jersey. some neighbors colder than others. sunshine and temperatures warming into the very low 30s this afternoon.
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we'll see snow melting. improving conditions. snow coming to an end. be able to get out and around. actually turn into a decedent day today. numbers above freezing in philadelphia. sunshine will make a difference too. suburbs into the 30s this afternoon. sunshine will cause melting there. we will see sunshine for the lehigh valley, but this weekend, even though ethe snow is coming to an end today. delaware, new jersey, and the jersey shore may be in for more snow. more on that when we come back in ten minutes. >> thanks for that. 5:42. right now the snow moved out. focus on the slippery roads and focus on what happened in 95 and backup that remains. >> jessica has been watching it all morning long. give us an update. >> update on 95 is most of the backup is cleared and out of the way. yerm tractor trailer accident. blocked all of the southbound lanes for several hours. back open. some small residual delays remain. few disabled vehicles in place.
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we're going to take a look at some of the rest of the roads in our area. look okay. route 1, boulevard right around 17 street looks fine. more traffic headed southbound right now. look at the road, mainly look wet. temperatures below freezing right now, could be potentially very slippery. watch for that. and watch for slowdowns definitely take your time getting on and off the ramps as well. 5:43. south jersey seeing the last of the snow this morning. next we'll take you live to atlantic county to show you conditions on the road before you head out the door.
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5:46. see the roads right this. checking conditions around the area so you know what you face when you head out the door. right now katy zachry checking conditions. >> she joins us live. tell us what you're seeing out there. last saw you. first of law school the light
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kn snow picked up a little bit. may be able to see it. there is a wind here that's picked up. driving that light snow. kind of across your face. really when it hits surfaces like the grass or trees, untreated surfaces. not sticking and what is sticking, you can just see how light it is. you can just quickly grab it or brush it off your car with your arm. one other thing that's changed is the volume of traffic. bind me we're seeing a few extra cars on the road. did talk to some driving on the interstate. here's what we have to say about conditions. really doesn't. >> not at all. the roads are fine. just like they're wet like it rained. that's all. >> really the best advice i'm hearing from drives is even
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though the roads don't look like they're bad. take it slow to be on the safe side. could be slick spots out there. everyone really harolding highway crews for treating the roads and clearing them of any excess icy spots. reporting live. exactly what we've been seeing is what bill has been telling us all morning long. >> just a little bit ahead of schedule. still some snow in the area. steady snow, the accumulating snow that happened overnight, that's pretty much done. now we're going to see melting during the day. though it looks just fine on broad street. live view from kimmel center. not much wind coming through. just enough of a system to give us snow and slippery conditions. easton already drying out right now. was never bad there. saw up to two inches in some lehigh valley and parts of new jersey. reporting 2.5 inches.
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hammonton where cay zi zachary is porting light snow. few breaks in the clouds. the clouds will thin out. get sunshine and as far as the snow is concerned at the shore. not much luck there either. steadiest snow is offshore. sunshine breaking through will warm into the 30s this afternoon. this snow moves out. there is a storm that is coming together for the coast that will impact the weekend. and likely the greatest impact is going to be along the shore. in fact lickly to get more snow, more snow than we saw with this system. below freezing, but not very low below freezing. 20s for the suburbs and lehigh valley. very low 30s in philadelphia. there's the snow katy zachary is reporting.
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more snow this afternoon. might not stay dry for long. another storm system ahead for the weekend. meteorologist keeping an eye on that one. >> bill, this first system they were watching move out now could not be more different than the second system we are tracking. let's get right to it. a lot o discuss when it come os the differences with the system. the one that hit us the morning, came from the west. it was a high certainty. going to bring us snow and high certainty for most of us would be one to two inches. that's what we saw. this system is coming from the south. going to brush up against the coast. near the carolinas and then near us. depending how close it gets to us, it brings heavier snow further north. this is something we have to track hour by hour with each model update. with the system itself. here's the latest model update for one particular model. remember tons out there we can look at and help to use to forecast and make our actual forecast. we'll get to that in a moment. here's the hour by hour.
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showing it clipping us by 5:00 a.m. saturday morning. really just hitting delaware beaches. this is at 11:30 in the morning. this is one model. take a look at a different model at 11:00 a.m. talking pretty big differences depending where the system tracks. when i say where, how far north it heads. going to stay off to shore. it is not going to make it to land. how close it makes it to land will bring in more or less snow. this model shows it extending even into the suburbs with light snow. more steady to heavy snow for parts of the shore and delaware beaches. starting to pull off by 5-6:00. leaving us with clear conditions as we go into sunday. that's something we do expect, but as for snow totals. these are forecast amounts. this is what we're going with currently. about an inch through philadelphia, but notice how close we go 1-3 inches as we get to new jersey. look at variation. up to 6 inches or a little more. look at this worst-case scenario
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if that system creeps a little further north and wst. now we're talking one to 3 inches. even more so into new jersey. this is something we will continue to update you on as we move there afternoon newscast as well on social media sites. >> thanks. speaking of social media. check nbc 10 app. continuing to get more school delays. jessica has been tweeting up a storm letting you know what conditions are like around the area. watching 95. also watching schuylkill expressway. no pun intended. you can follow me on twitter and get up to the minute updates. about to send out a tweet on girard avenue. people walking around. you want to take your time moving around there. another accident in limerick.
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crashes popping up all over the place. majors look okay. secondary roads, back roads looking to be more of the slippery spots. be careful on the privileges as well. back to you. >> all morning long showing you conditions outside. live look over center city. bit windy out there. have you covered this morning. we'll be right back. i will never wash my hair again.
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just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer, or payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright with simply right checking from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪ storm 4 10 out on the roads checking conditions for your ride to work right now. 476 headed towards chester. southbound. checking on what the first snow of the year left behind. snow stopped falling. still slick out there. you and i were saying this earlier. you really have to take it easy. especially on sharp turns. >> just take it easy. conditions vary. just give yourself extra time. >> meteorologist bill checking the system now moving out. >> it's deceiving. we didn't get a lot of snow out of this.
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barely seeing any right now. last light know showers moving through the lehigh valley. pretty much done at the shore. in between might see some very light snow, but not looking for additional accumulation. what is on the ground, even though it's a little bit. led to very slippery conditions. especially on untreated roads. that will be improving during the day. ♪ ♪ >> the piano man returning to philadelphia yesterday. announced the billy joel will play citizens bank park saturday september 9. mayor declared the day as billy joel day. this will be iz fourth straight year. i think i've gone to two of them. next at six, first alert weather team have you covered with winter's first snow of the year. >> starting to slow down the friday morning drive. i 95 south. shutdown for hours this morning.
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leaving drivers in stand still traffic. have an update on the conditions out on the road next.
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ly isry roads across the area. moving again. 95 back open after two big crashes. keep the shovels handy. bigger snow potentially headed our way for the weekend. a lot going on this morning. we have you covered. good morning. nbc 10 news today. i'm tracey davidson. >> we have updated school closings and delays. as this system moves out, we are watching another one for the weekend. we have you covered. live first alert team coverage to show you what's happening right now in your neighborhood. twha you can expect out on the roads. plus firstle


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