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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  January 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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nbc news this does not look like terrorism. instead it's a mentally disturbed person they say. nbc 10 has a reporter live in ft. lauderdale. we'll hear from her in just a moment. first, to our weather, a double blast of winter is hitting this weekend. another round of snow could dump a half foot at the shore tomorrow. then it's bitter cold making you feel like zero degrees where you live. >> we begin with a snow. the nbc 10 first alert radar shows the large snowstorm moving towards new jersey and delaware coasts. >> take a live look at cape may. things calm right now. as we mentioned this is one of the places that could see six inches of snow tomorrow. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking that snow. >> there's a possibility it could be even more than six inches depending on the track of this storm. we're already seeing the snow on the radar in virginia. it's reaching the ground probably just in the southern portions of the state and in north carolina. and that will continue to move
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up this way. there's a lot of moisture with this, a very large system. and that's why it's going to be affecting parts of the area for much of the day tomorrow. so the timeline to start by 5:00 a.m. in parts of delaware and at the jersey shore. extending inland during that morning period. the heaviest at the shore during the morning, toward the midday hours. and the heavier snow inland in the middle of the day and it moves out later in the day. and that's when the bitter cold air moves in, more on that coming up later. all right, glenn. track this weekend's snow and also the bitter cold all you have to do is download the nbc 10 app. get updated snow totals, plus track the snow system as it arrives in our area with our live interactive radar. this is all free, and it's right now on the nbc 10 app.
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a mass deadly shooting at the airport in ft. lauderdale, florida. >> shots fired! shots fired! >> a man gets off a plane, gets his gun from baggage claim and 10 starts shooting more than a dozen hurt or killed. >> this is sentenceleseless act evil. >> right now, we know five people are dead, eight others hurt in this mass deadly shooting at ft. lauderdale, hollywood international airport in florida. >> investigators are saying there is no sign this is a terror attack. authorities are identifying the suspect as a 26-year-old esteban santiago. flight records show he flew from alaska to minnesota before arriving in ft. lauderdale this afternoon. his brother tells nbc news that santiago was born in new jersey but moved to puerto rico as a toddler. his brother says he served in the national guard in puerto rico for six years and served in iraq and that he moved to alaska
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two years ago for work. and within the past hour, we received a first picture of the suspect you just saw it there. his brother saying he was discharged from puerto rico's national guard for unsatisfactory performance. >> this is happening at ft. lauderdale-hollywood international airport. it's three miles southwest of downtown ft. lauderdale. the shooting took place at a baggage claim inside terminal two. >> andrea cruz from our sister station is live near the airport this afternoon. >> what's happening close to where you are? >> reporter: during the last hour or so i've been seeing dozens of passengers making their way through this sidewalk behind me as they try to get to safety after going through a terrifying experience. chaos and panic inside the ft. lauderdale airport, terrorized by a gunman shortly after 1:00. >> he wasn't targeting anyone specifically. just randomly shooting at
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people. >> reporter: yinwitnesses say i happened in terminal two. investigators say he checked his gun when he boarded a flight and retrieved it after he landed and started shooting. witnesses say he reloaded his handgun at least twice. firing until he was out of ammunition. >> he walked down by door two, threw his gun on the ground and laid there spread eagle until the officer came. >> reporter: florida senator bill nelson issued a statement says he was a 26-year-old male born in new jersey. >> he's unharmed. no law enforcement fired any shots. the subject is being interviewed by a team of fbi agents. >> reporter: just as hundreds of passengers who had been evacuated on to the tarmac were being brought back inside the terminal, other parents could be seen running on to the adjacent tarmac outside of terminal one. >> fire tracks, maybe 25 ambulances. and i don't know, 50 or 70 police cars.
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so nothing has been explained. people panicked. >> reporter: authorities worked to assess the situation, operations at ft. lauderdale airport have completely shut down. now, the good news is that as you can see behind me, buses have arrived to pick up some of those passengers as well as family members and ride sharing services. for a ride home or to hotels where they might be staying tonight and what will be their first quiet moment all day. that's all i have for you live from ft. lauderdale, i'm andrea cruz. >> long ordeal for all of them. thank you. let's take a live look at philadelphia international airport now. that's where authorities say they are visibly increasing security at this point to make passengers feel safer. and nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas is joining us live now. you just spoke with some new passengers who just arrived from ft. lauderdale? >> reporter: they did. within the last hour and a half they arrived from ft. lauderdale
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here to philly. they were in the airport at the time of the shooting. this is what they say they experienced. >> when we were leaving there was a lot of police action but we didn't know what it was for. we figured it was security. >> reporter: it wasn't chaotic? >> very calm. >> reporter: there was an active shooter in the ft. lauderdale hollywood airports before 1:00 this afternoon. the passengers on this flight were in a different terminal. boarding the plane headed to philly about 20 minutes after the first 911 call. >> when we boarded the plane, the pilot said there was an incident in terminal two in the delta area. and they didn't say anything else to us. >> reporter: they were one of the last planes to make it out of ft. lauderdale before the airport was shut down. at least five people were killed in the attack, eight others were injured. >> it's just really frightening to know that something like that could happen so quickly and have it be so deadly so close to you. >> reporter: meanwhile, in philadelphia, passengers headed to ft. lauderdale had to make
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other plans. >> we want to try to fly to west palm that was full. they could get us on this wonderful flight to miami. that's good enough. we're happy. >> reporter: a relief for those coming and going. to be out of harm's way. >> i feel blessed. very blessed. >> aundrea cline-thomas at philly international. new at 6:00, we finished a skype interview with an aviation security expert. >> we spoke to him about flying with firearms. >> flying with a firearm in checked baggage has been an approved procedure for decades. you basically declare at the ticket counter you have a firearm, it's in a locked hard sided container. it's unloaded. some airlines allow you to fly with the ammunition in the same container. some don't. but that's an airline policy issue. and it flies as checked bags. it's inspected by tsa before it goes into the system.
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our coverage will continue all evening long on air and online. lester holt will bring us up to speed with the latest on nbc nightly news. you can get updates the moment we get new information on the nbc 10 app. all new at 6:00, nbc 10 getting answers from the state of pennsylvania in the case of a murdered montgomery county teenager. grace packer was found dismembered back in october. now her mother sarah is a person of interest and is charged with endangerment sarah packer as a foster mother had more than two dozen children placed in her home. we learned how the state is investigating. >> reporter: any concern for you as to how many children were in her care, knowing now what you know? >> of course i have concern. i have concern about many aspects of the case. >> reporter: ted dallas is the secretary of health and human services for the state of pennsylvania. the agency that supervises the foster care system. he said individual counties are
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responsible for managing the foster care system and says when it comes to how sarah packer was certified as a foster mother, that would be up to the county or counties that deemed her fit. he won't name those counties. the state tells nbc 10 between 2000 and 2010, sarah packer, had 30 children in her care. >> that number is higher than i would say your average foster parent. >> reporter: of the children we know one foster child reported to authorities she'd been sexually abused by david packer. he pled guilty for that and the sexual abuse of a 9-year-old adopted daughter. after grace was found dead, police say sarah continued to cash grace's social security checks. police sources tell me that money was a major source of income for sarah. what about those other foster children? >> any situation like this where there's a case where there's been a child death, a serious injury to a child, yes, we would look into the safety of all children involved. >> reporter: dallas is not saying the state has located all of them or if they know the
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identities of the children, some who are now adults. dallas confirms that will be part of the state investigation and told nbc 10 multiple times, state law prevents him from discussing specifics of the packer case. dallas says he isn't sure what information state and county workers had at the time they removed grace from her birth parents. he's hoping the state investigation will shed light on that. he's also hoping to be able to make the information they learned public. but said he will only be allowed to share what state law allowed. in harrisburg, nbc 10 news. a pizza delivery driver who was mistakenlepsy shot by philadelphia police will receive the largest police shooting settlement in city history. nearly $4.5 million. philip holland was a delivery run -- on a delivery run in west philadelphia in 2014 when two plane clothes philly cops confronted him in his car. they mistook him for a shooting suspect. he tried driving away thinking he was being robbed.
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the officers began shooting, hitting holland in the face. he sueded the city and today the settlement was reached. and as part of the assessment, all plain clothes philadelphia officers had to undergo new training to avoid situations like that one. up next, a one-two munpunch winter weather. i'm tracking snow on saturday and dangerous cold on sunday. i'll tame it out where you live. the jersey shore preparing for six inches of snow tomorrow. we're heading to cape may county to show you how they're getting ready for the impact there, next.
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we want to update you on our breaking news from ft. lauderdale, the scene of today's deadly airport shooting. >> sources are telling nbc news this does not look like terrorism. instead they believe it was the act of a mentally disturbed person. police say an arriving passenger pulled a gun from his luggage and opened fire in a baggage claim area in ft. lauderdale. five people were killed, and eight others were hurt. authorities then took the suspect into custody. they identified him as esteban santiago. he was born in new jersey but grew up in puerto rico. his brother said he served in iraq for puerto rico's national guard before being discharged
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for unsatisfactory performance. the jersey shore could get six inches of snow tomorrow. crews are getting ready to plow. a live look at cape may shows it's calm now. nbc 10's reporter ted greenberg shows us how the shore is gearing up. >> reporter: the tiny amount of snow on atlantic city's board walk was the appetizer. these two decided to head back to chester county before the the main course arrives tomorrow. >> that's why we're going to leave. we're afraid if we don't leave now we're not going to get out. if it snows too much. >> reporter: in cape may county road crews loading up on salt for a second straight day, the jersey shore should see some of the highest snow totals in the next storm after barely getting any in round one. >> last night helped a little bit with our first major callout. kind of got the kinked out. >> reporter: for amy and kevin
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mckinney this was the day to hit the washington street mall. the couple from abington is spending the weekend in north wildwood. >> we went shopping bau. >> reporter: duke and michelle are at the shore to find a summer rental home. they say winter weather is fine, too. >> i love being at the beach this time of year, nobody's here. as far as snow goes, i love snow so it doesn't make any difference to me if it snows or not. >> reporter: strong winds are expected along the coast. blowing snow could cut down on visibility tomorrow. making travel even more dangerous. nbc 10 news. ready for some significant snow as well, but the entire state is getting ready for bitter cold temperatures. it's a chilly one in middle town, new castle county today but bearable. as the weekend rolls on that will change. >> glenn is tracking both weather threats of snow and that
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dangerous court. >> he's joining us with the first alert neighborhood forecast, glenn? >> not everybody will be getting heavy snow, but everybody is going to get the bitter cold that is coming. you can see some of the snow on radar already in virginia. norfolk, virginia, they have a blizzard warning down there. much of the storm will be down to the south. they're already getting some, north carolina, look at the extent of the moisture there. so it's got a lot of potential. it's also got a sharp cutoff from heavy snow to no snow. snow begins at the shore around 5:00 a.m., starts to extend inland. heaviest snow at the shore generally during the late morning, midday hours. and the heavier snow inland happens around midday. it moves off shore later in the afternoon. at 5:00 a.m., it's snowing at cape may. and parts of delaware and starts spreading out toward philadelphia later on during the morning. you can see the temperatures
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here, it sticks on untreated surfaces immediately. it makes the snow very fluffy. it blows around in the wind, it does not stick to trees and power lines. and then it starts ending from west to east in the afternoon. and in many areas north and west don't get anything. we got about one inch in philadelphia last night. up to three inches in some of the higher elevations and parts of chester county. this one is out of here tomorrow evening and then the worst of the cold air starts coming in. here's that big gradient from the coastline to philly to six inches plus down to around 1 inch and getting more specific, we've got lewis and georgetown and sellbiville, bethany in the six inch plus area. all of cape may county. strathmere, atlantic city is in the six inch plus, long beach island. galloway, still in the six inch plus, close enough to the storm
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itself. then it goes down for tabernacle two to four inches. trenton in the one inch area, so is philadelphia and ragner and west chester. that is in the one inch. and then further to the north and west it's basically nothing. the highest impact, of course, at the jersey shore in delaware beaches. moderate to high. the accumulations are big, a little bit of wind, too. it's going to last for many hours and the impact is, of course, lower the further north and west you go. this will be a big impact item too. this is the way it's going to feel as we go through saturday, generally in the 10-15 range. then by later saturday night, sunday morning, we're closer to zero, some cases possibly below zero. and even sunday afternoon, a lot of these places are feeling like the single digits.
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i mean, this is a brutal weekend all the way through. and into monday it's going to be cold, too. later next week, it warms up as you can see in your seven-day forecast. hey, i'm danny pommels, csn, up next a surprise sighting at tonight's sixers game. we talk about the all-star voting and the flyers prepare for two big games over the weekend. that's next.
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only from fios. happy friday to you. danny pommels with you. tummy troubles will not keep
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beats out of tonight's game. he also talked about the all stars game voting, yeah, this guy fourth in the eastern conference in front court voting. he is trying to impress his crush rumored to be rihanna. but he said he was not expecting to do so well so soon. >> surprised i got that many votes but it shows the fans care about me and support me and i like that. >> maybe they want you to get a date? >> i don't know, maybe. >> all right. this is ben simmons on the court in boston. maybe getting stretched out on the court. he's traveling with the team for the first time this season. there he is on the court. there's no time table for his return to the squad. another step in his recovery from foot surgery, though. >> you know, when it gets closer and closer and closer and they feel like, you know, basketball isn't that far away, you know,
6:25 pm
there's a different light at the end of his road. and so, you know, there's just a bounce to his personality. there's a bounce to his step. and you do feel like there's a new way he sort of sees the world when he's with the team. >> all right. granden graham has been named an all pro. he was the only bird named to the second team. >> michael noiberger confirmed to play. he'll be in the game sunday against columbus. a big weekend for a struggling flyers team. >> you know, it's pressure behind it. you know, hopefully we get some pep in our step. we got to play better. >> juggling his lines, most notably reuniting three other
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snow last night and more weather coming this weekend. >> the shore will get the greatest amount of snow. everybody's going to get the bitter cold air. there's the timetable for you. it starts early in the day and it doesn't end till later in the afternoon. so this is not like, last night where it's just a few hours. obviously, more toward the shore. six inches plus is what i'm predicting. and then dropping down as you get toward the philadelphia area. obviously, new data will be coming in this evening. i'll adjust the map and go neighborhood by neighborhood at 11:00 tonight with the update with the latest snow totals and time. >> definitely snow coming, though, that's for sure. thanks for watching at 6:00. up next, nbc nightly news with lester holt. and more on the deadly shooting at the airport in ft.
6:30 pm
lauderdale. that is where you're looking at that live picture. we'll have more coverage tonight at 11:00. breaking news tonight -- a deadly mass shooting at the airport. gunman opens fire at baggage claim in ft. lauderdale. witnesses describing scenes of sheer horror. a silent killer shooting people in the head as they tried to run and hide. tonight, a storm of questions. why did he do it? the suspect, a passenger with a firearm in his checked bag. new concerns about airport security before the checkpoint. also breaking tonight -- the new report from u.s. intelligence, vladimir putin himself ordered the effort to influence the election. aimed at hurting clinton and helping trump win. what the president-elect is saying after his top-secret briefing. and states of emergency -- millions from coast to coast paralyzed by a massive winter storm. "nightly news" begins right now.


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