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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 9, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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6:00 a.m. sgo good monday morning. brace yourself. it is bitterly cold out there. so frigid. more than two dozen schools closed or running on delay this morning. those are running at the bottom of your screen. let's get right to bill henley. look at the forecast for you.
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frigid start this morning. shds first alert for dangerous cold for the entire area. even extending to the shore. this morning will be the worst of it. improving conditions this afternoon. not a massive warmup. bitter cold air right now. temperatures range from 5 degrees below zero to 12 degrees in some neighborhoods. some of the coldest air has been in new jersey. it's 2 degrees in clayton. few neighborhoods below zero. look at princeton. holing at zero. frigid start this morning. every neighborhood is feeling the cold, but, we will see the numbers climb. as clouds move in during the day, not going to be a bright sunny day like we had yesterday. 15 degrees. 22 degrees at lunch time. will warm into the 20s.
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go through forecast hour by hour. first, jessica boyington has an update coming up. we want to show you what she's been watching all morning long. sky force over breaking news. accident causing major traffic headaches in northeast philadelphia. live look at the scene. wood haven roads in knights road. bus driver was the only person on board. working to find out if weather was a factor in this crash. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has been watching it since it happened a couple of hours ago. talk about the impact, jessica. tracey, we're watching this again from sky force ten. clearly live over the top of the scene right now. northeast philadelphia. again, if you're just tuning in. woodhaven road on the eastbound side. just around knights road. overturned bus over on its side over into the shoulder. now, a lot go into this accident investigation underway. have to clean up the scene.
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get the bus up and right again. see several vehicles and crew on the scene trying to get situation under control. a lot of police activity as well. eastbound side of woodhaven road. moers of the traffic being blocked right now will be blocked for the beginning of the morning commute. starting to enter that time right now. that's what traffic is headed towards. here's a lot of the delay mind the scene. traffic being diverted around the area. there's part of the closure. have to get to 95. watching the platt bridge. this is the westbound side. just up ahead on the westbound side around mid span of the blij, crash to all lanes are closed right now. blocking all traffic from entering the platt bridge right now. see the entrance ramp completely blocked. eastbound side unaffected right now. that always could change. never know. be here to update you in ten
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minutes. we do want to tell you this, there are about two dozen schools closed or running on delay this morning. first to know if weather is impacting your child's school. download the nbc 10 app. updated constantly and sign up to get an alert sent right to your smartphone. >> some neighbors in fish town spent the night without heat and water. created a sinkhole in the street. cameras pull back there. nbc 10 pamela osborne live on the scene. workers out first thing this morning to prepare. as soon as we get daylight here, expecting work to continue. standing onnest boston street. step out of the way to show you. it is blocked off right now. residents spent the night as you said without water. some without heat because of water main break. it wasn't the only inconvenience it caused. yesterday residents woke up with very low water pressure and
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shortly after crews arrived on the ground, the ground collapsed. one car fell into the hole. another one teetered on the e e edge. >> we noticed the water department truck come up the street. two guys got out. walking around. i told my wife, go to the door and see what's going on. opened the door and two cars fell rights in the sinkhole. >> reporter: a lot of times when you get to extreme cold weather, it does cause water plamains to broke, but they believe this broke because of broken suer. they'll be out later this morning making repairs to sewer as well as the main and getting services restored for residents. nbc 10 news. five past 6:00 a.m. breaking news from overnight. paris police say they have arrested 16 people for an october robbery involving kim
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kardashian west. police say the robbers forced their way inside her private apartment. tied her up and stole more than $10 million worth of jewelry. police have not released details about who they arrested or the suspects connection to the crime. new from overnight, firefighters called to a house fire in philadelphia. heavy flames reported coming from the home here. firefighters had this under control in about 25 minutes and no one was hurt. also new this morning, firefighters busy in camden. broke out. this fire was put under control and no one was hurt. murder trial expected to begin today of the father accused of killing son. charge instead death of his son. prosecutors say he killed the boy then reported him missing prompting an all-out search back in 2015. found in a wooded area a few hours later. killed his son because he wanted to spend more time with his
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teenage girlfriend. 6:06. 15 degrees outside. today in montgomery county. family of a woman beaten to death by her husband will honor her memory and send a message. ellen's loved ones will gather outside the home where she was killed in 2006. show support for victims of domestic violence a day after patrolled from prison. still faces ten years of probation. pleaded guilty to manslaughter after killing his wife while wrapping christmas gifts. we have new details on a terror attack in jerusalem being called the deadliest there in the past year. today police arrested nine people including relatives of the man who rammed a truck in a crowd of israeli soldiers. four people killed in a crash yet. benjamin netanyahu said the driver supported isis. down eed trees, flooding, pt
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of a storm system. trees down in oregon and california. roads blocked in san francisco bay area. stranded motorists being rescued and more wet weather expected there today. 6:08. take a live look. this is beach avenue in cape may. i believe it is. you can see how icy it is there. cold there. it's a frigid start this morning. frigid air is all around. heading out it is dangerously cold, not just in philadelphia or the suburbs or new jersey or even delaware, but also at the shore. we will see the temperatures move up, but clouds will be moving in. unlike this weekend, they'll pass by. no sign of wet weather. clouds move out this evening, allow the emphasize ttemperatur right back down. they have been falling this morning. look at philadelphia. 15 degrees. 1 degree currently in south jersey. at the shore, six degrees this
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morning. suburbs eight degrees. some areas a little bit colder. single digit definitely have to bundle up. limit your time outside on a day like this if you can. not layering up is the key. now, clouds will be coming in: clouding up during the day. not going to be brilliant sunshine we saw yesterday. these clouds are producing if you follow them far enough, some snow. far off to north and west. that will not make it to us. i do expect to see wet weather later tomorrow. by then, these temperatures will be higher. for today, cold all around. 9 cloj. 15 degrees. start to see this clouds break late in the afternoon. for philadelphia, for the suburbs, 15 at 9:00. 221:00. again clouds later in the day. teens in the lehigh valley.
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low 20s at lunchtime and staying in the low 20s at 5:00 this afternoon. very cold start for delaware and for new jersey. you'll see some sunshine to start with. increasing clouds in new jersey and some of them in delaware as well, but nothing falling from those clouds today. at the shore, 26 degrees by 1:00 this afternoon. clouds thinning out this evening. making way for another cold start tomorrow morning. check this out, the trend is for much warmer temperatures. look at that turn around. 20 as to. 40 tompl. 50 on wednesday. thursday up to near 60 degrees in philadelphia and into the 60s for dover and a massive warmup for allentown. how long that will last with ten day on ten when i come back in ten minutes. good trend. >> i thought you would like it. let's keep you updated on the bus. watching this for a couple of
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hours now. >> out in northeast philadelphia. woodhaven road. watching this live rights now from sky force ten. woodhaven road on the eastbound side is closed because of this right here. we have a bus over on its side into the center median here. you can see several crew members there trying to get this under control. accident investigation there underway as well. eastbound side of woodhaven road. all the traffic blocked moving towards 95. really poor time. just after 6:00 in the morning so we are seeing more volume out there right now. technically all that traffic moves towards 95. see that little bit of a closure here. little bit of red behind that. that's the delay. if you have to get to 95. don't do that. you're going be stuck in delays to get on academy road. take it down to 95. 26 in penrose avenue. this is the platt bridge approaching the westbound side right here. mid span of the bridge watching an accident scene.
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you can see police activity there. blocking off the entrance ramp to the platt bridge on the westbound side. see more of them blocking some of the lanes right there. eastbound lanes unaffected. have to head westbound, take the alternate. add this we got from photographer pete cane at the scene of the bus turnover. the passenger bus was not a passenger bus. it was a small shuttle bus and the driver was a mechanic working on the bus. golden globe winner used the attention to steer it somewhere else. >> the performance she says was the one that stunned her the most this year. not in a good way. plus a cherry hill man says his uber ride came to a violent end. look at the picture of his face. what he says happened when him skml the driver next.
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best and brightest came out for golden gloebs. >> all started with technical problems for jimmy fallen. >> welcome to the golden gloebs. already the teleprompter down so a great way to start the show. honored the best work in tv and film. la-la land came out on top. starrings ryan gosling and emma stone took home awards.
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moonlight took top prize. casey affleck won best actor for manchester by the sea. acting lejtd meryl streep received the award for lifetime achievement and took aim at the platform of president elect donald trump. >> it was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter. someone he outranked in privilege, power, and the capacity to fight back. it kind of broke my heart. sgll n >> new this morning, trump is responding to the comments in a phone call with "new york times." called the oscar winner a hillary lover: said he was not surprised he had come under attack from liberal movie people. a man is suing uber. claiming driver refused to cross
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the delaware river and beat him up. looking at a photo of him after a holiday party last month. he claims he hailed an uber driver in university city, but that the driver refused to take him across the ben franklin bridge to camden county. also claims the driver dragged him out of the car and knocked him unconscious. >> uber promised him a safe ride home and failed to deliver big time. >> uber declined to make a statement because of the pending lawsuit. learned the company removed the driver from duty and is cooperating with a police investigation. 6:18. we continue to watch that accident with the shuttle bus that's overturned on wood haven. jessica boyington has been watching that. wood havhaven overturned bus.
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looks like trair trying to get it upright now. not yet though. we're going to see this for a good chunk of the morning commute. we're already starting to enter the time where we really see delays, especially on woodhaven road eastbound right now. eastbound traffic past knights road is moving towards 95. a lot of people trying to get to 95. a lot of lanes blocked off. police activity stretching to other lanes over there. watching for that delay approaching the scene right here as you can see. this little chunk right here actually closed off. trying to get to 9 a. want to do so. take academy road. head down and get on to 95 that way. woodhaven road is going to be blocked for a good part of your morning commute. also still watching the politic bridge. good news here. accident westbound just up ahead. blocked off. the entrance ramps for the last i would say 45 minutes or so. then now just opening back up. traffic is moving westbound
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again. if you're worried about delays take the gentlemen regard bridge. sglchl thanks. 20 minutes past six. get you updated on the frigid temperatures of kwhastz what's >> seeing this morning, dangerous cold for our entire area of first alert. through this morning, this afternoon will be a huge warmup with the temperatures coldest temperatures bitter cold happening right now. temperatures low as five degrees below zero to 12 degrees in the area of this morning. easton is feeling the cold. live clear view where the temperatures have come down overnight. not much better in the wilmington area. clear skies, frigid temperatures have taken hold. 12 degrees in the lehigh valley. 15 and look at delaware. 12 degrees. numbers have found the single digits. eight degrees right now. nine degrees.
6:21 am
wilmington 12. to the south, not much warmer. in the teens right now for the delaware beaches. lincoln at 2 degrees along with ellen dale. 1 below in a few spots this morning. not only in delaware, but also in south jersey. sunshine yesterday, today high clouds just started to move in. really thin clouds. no wet weather coming our way from these clouds. move in through the day. extra cloud cover stay in place and allow for temperatures to be held back in the 20s for today. the next round of wet weather is visible on the satellite and radar. check out this snow that's going to be moving in to wisconsin by this evening. on the way towards our area part of the system that will bring us wet weather not today, not tomorrow morning, but tomorrow night. look at the warmup that's going to happen. we'll see the temperatures warming up. could see some frozen precipitation at 4:00 in the afternoon in harsburg area.
6:22 am
and the rain will continue into your wednesday morning. the trend is for warm. cold today and tomorrow morning up to 40 tuesday afternoon in the 50s closer to 60 degrees for thursday and friday. and it will come with some clouds. so the brilliant sunshine we had yesterday taking a break today. those rain showers late today tomorrow and into wednesday. warmup to 50 degrees wednesday afternoon. and closer to 60 degrees for thursday and friday. expect some neighbors especially in delaware possibly in south jersey make it into the 60s on thursday and friday. then it's back to normal for the weekend. temperature wise. cloudy on saturday and a chance we'll see showers again sunday and into monday. another round of rain later next week on wednesday when it's up to 53. >> bill, thank you. 6:22. stepping up safety.
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next the new demand to keep passengers on trains out of harm's way. plus prices at the pump are climbing. what's fueling the increase. that's next.
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asking for review of sleep apnea for train engineers. last week passengers in brooklyn were hurt when the train derailed. officials say sleep apnea affected both engineers. want cameras to monitor for possibly problems. gap in your wallet could be lipged to price of gasoline that keeps going up. price of the pump has jumped 18 cents. the cost for gallon of gas is at
6:27 am
2 $2.63 a gallon. $2.41. at delaware cheapest at $2.38. we're following breaking news out of hollywood this morning. break in the case of jewelry heist involving kim kardashian west. developments that unfolded overnight, up next. sky 4 10 over breaking news in northeast philadelphia. bus has crashed. halting traffic in the area. have that up next.
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polar punch. dangerously cold air has us in a deep freeze this morning. breaking news. bus crash tieing up traffic. helping you getaround the mess. break in the case.
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months after robbed at gunpoint in paris hotel room, new developments in the the kim kardashian jewelry heist. good morning. the bitter cold has more than two dozen schools either closed. most of them running on a delay. those are running at the bottom of your screen. complete list on nbc 10 app. get your updated on the frigid cold. sun coming up after 7:00 this morning. until then temperatures sliding dangerously cold. first alert in place for the entire area through the morning. bitter cold temperatures. some neighborhoods below zero to 12 degreedegrees. coldest air of the season. really died down, but light winds and clear skies. that's when you have coldest
6:32 am
temperatures. zero right now. we have seen readings below zero this morning. right now 3 degrees in bridgeton. all in the single digits and holding in zero, princeton. bundle up kind of morning. nobody is seeing any sign of any warm air this morning. 12 degrees right now in delaware. clouds will be increasing during the day. so will the temperature. 11 degrees at 8:00 to 21 degrees at 11:00. wind up in the 20s this afternoon. that's in spite of clouds coming in. dry weather today. changes tomorrow. walk you through it hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you. 6:32. new details on breaking news we've been following out of northeast philadelphia. just talked and learned this accident involves a shuttle bus regular full size bus. live look at the scene on
6:33 am
woodhaven road and knights road. person driving the bus was a mechanic taking the bus to station for work. first alert reporter has been watching this since it happened more than two hours ago. definitely at the worst time that we're watching. coming up at 6:30. beginning or morning rush. this has been out there all morning long, but now we're starting to get into the heaviest travel times. big delays here. eastbound side of woodhaven road. look like they're starting to make progress here. actually moved some of this bus off of the ramp. off of the center median that they have right here. just over to the center of that. at least we're seeing progress here. they have to get that back on its feet and out of way of eastbound side just around knights road of woodhaven road because we're seeing some big delays behind it. probably have to get around that if you're going to take woodhaven road. most of this traffic eastbound is moving towards the 95 area.
6:34 am
see the closure here. massive delay behind the scene. here's 95. need to get there, take academy road. hop back on 95 that way. get you around. schuylkill expressway looks good right now. no problems. drive time is 15 mince minutes. average speeds moving towards center city looking okay. updates when i come back. now let's get a closer look at crash scene. nbc 10 matt delucia just gone on scene. matt, what can you see what what can you tell us is this. >> reporter: yeah, there was a little bit of traffic getting here. we got a better vantage point. saw fra sky force ten. shot of that again. here you can see the workers here are still trying to get this shuttle bus upright, and, again, this is a septa shuttle
6:35 am
bus that runs between the station to 30th street station. this vehicle was under testing. not in service. see the work rs trying to upright the bus. did cause backup around here. eastbound lane of wood laichb road right at knights road. police still at the scene. eastbound lane of woodhaven road shundown. causing backup here. come back here to ground shot live. see the work is still underway. is going to be underway for quite a little while. of course trying to get this upright and out of the way as quickly as possible for this morning rush hour. live here along woodhaven road, matt delucia, nbc 10 news.
6:36 am
6:35. 15 degrees. we continue to follow breaking news from paris. police have arrested 16 people for an october robbery involving kim car dash yen west. police have no released details about who they arrested or the suspect's connection to the crime. new this morning at home. police investigating a man's body that was found on train tracks in north philadelphia. someone discovered the body near the septa station late last night. police and fire officials tell tus man was not hit by a train. did have a cut on his head. 6:36. 15 degrees outside. the suspect in the deadly fort lauderdale airport shooting is scheduled for his first court appearance today. esteban santiago is facing federal charges that carry a possible death sentence. iraq war veteran born in north
6:37 am
jersey. lived in alaska. investigators say santiago told them he traveled from alaska to south florida as part of attack plan. left five people dead and six others wounded. this video shows the alleged gunman approaching from the left side of the screen. causally pulling out the gun and opening fire. people around him at the baggage claim ran for cover. investigators say he pulled the gun from checked baggage. authorities have not ruled out terrorism. 6:37. issued first alert in part because of the cold temperatures out there. >> then the wind. the wind was strongest yesterday. dying down overnight. clear skies overnight, the temperatures haven't really gone down: dangerously cold. just plain old cold even without the wind this morning. as the day goes on, the temperatures moving up. also see clouds moving in. won't be the bright sunny day we had yesterday. clouds move out this evening, temperatures will be falling. back on our way to teens
6:38 am
tomorrow morning. teens for philadelphia. 15 degrees. 8 in suburbs. south jersey. millville down to 3 degrees below zero. now one degree in south jersey. there are some single digits in philadelphia. nine degrees this morning. six in summerton. while most of the area is cold. nobody is in the teens. nobody is in the 20s just yet. that's going to happen during the day. clouds moving in will not bring in precipitation today. will hold temperatures. seeing a big warmup. 20 this afternoon. snow moving towards cleveland is going to miss our area. clouds move on. 15 degrees in philadelphia at 9:00. 1:00 this afternoon, low 20s. nild 20s as warm as it's going to get during the day today. that's for philadelphia. suburbs you'll see clouds increasing this morning. saw breaks of sunshine at time. into the 20s in spite of clouds. clouds for the lehigh valley. no wet weather. not today.
6:39 am
that's a possibility of later tomorrow. 17 degrees in delaware at 9:00 by 1:00 in the afternoon. 24 degrees. see low 20s. just a little bit warm erp at the shore after very cold morning in the teens. there is some warmer weather on the way. we have noticed it with 7 day forecast rolling in at the bottom of the screen. a major warmup. just as wet weather moves our way. more when we come back. 6:39. focus much of our attention rightly so with the overturned bus. watching woodhaven road on the eastbound side. traffic moving towards 95. making a little bit of progress here. moved the septa bus out of the way. haed to get it back up on the feet. eastbound side is blocked off completely because of that. just the worst time.
6:40 am
beginning of rush hour. see the crew on the scene. police activity there. all that traffic moving towards 95. ath is right here. part of that closure. big backup and delay behind that. don't take woodhaven road until this is cleared out of the way for a little bit. you can get on academy road. the surrounding areas don't look too bad. any way you really want to take to get back down to 95. academy road is a great option for you there as well. northbound side of 95 just fine. moving over to jersey. how ma hammonton. just past exit 28. also right around 8th street. no major problems here. traffic moving off the ben trank lynn bridge looks good there.
6:41 am
budgets for bills is something a lot of families do. >> what do you do if one of those bills goes up ten times to what you're used to paying. not good. one family couldn't get help. calls nbc 10 responds. a less s lessen we can all learn from the story. on we can all learn frome story.
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it's quarter to seven. now nbc responds. family charged ten times normal lawn care bill. >> they say when they asked why, no one could explain what
6:45 am
happened. so she called nbc 10 responds. >> we hired a lawn service to help make sure we had the lawn that was deserving of this home. >> reporter: says staying on stop of the weeds and keeping the grass healthy so she signed a contract with scott's lawn service. put her on a payment plan. charging hr $42.40 a month. on june of 2016. true green merged. her next bills were nearly ten times the amount of her regular monthly bill. >>? july, they send me a bill for $392.20. bill also stated the amount is past due and true green was suspending her account. i was thinking this is crazy. this can't be happening. >> reporter: she said she immediately contacted true green. >> when i called to get an explanation, they told me that
6:46 am
was just the new policy and that's the way things were. >> true green then sent her another bill for 784.40. again, claiming she was past due. so she contacted nbc 10 responds. after we contacted true green, the company reviewed her account and told us the $784 charge was an error on their part. true green insists she does owe the $392 for current and future services. she says true green called and explained unlike the previous company, it charges customers in advance for all scheduled services. and it aapologized for the confusion and credited her $138 for her troubles. in a statement to us, true green said, quote, we are happy that we could work with her on her payment options and provide a positive outcome for her. >> i'm happy with the results
6:47 am
from nbc 10 responds. can i give you a hug? >> most definitely. okay. >> harry har ston, nbc 10 responds. >> haralways best to get it all writing. consumer problem for nbc 10 responds, just let us know. best ways to reach us right here on your screen. we will respond to you. dangerously cold this morning. first alert in effect for our entire area. even reaching to the shore. this morning, see warming temperatures. not a huge warmup. the worst of the cold first thing this morning. that's when you encounter bitter
6:48 am
cold. temperatures that had been below zero this morning to 12 degrees. that's to start with. clear skies in the eastern. waiting for sunrise. see clouds moving in. clear clouds overnight allow the temperatures to come down. clouds just starting to move in. not expecting to see any snow. pass by dry. cape may drying up. temperatures 15 in philadelphia. 12 lehigh valley. suburbs at 8 degrees and coldest temperatures have been in south jersey, even reaching the shore. look at the shore, 6 degrees this morning. plenty of temperatures in the single digits in the suburbs. all at 9 degrees. right now 6 degrees in fort washington and new hope. not a lot better for saint davids.
6:49 am
numbers will be climbing. slow warmup. very cold at the bus stop this morning. wilmington at 11 degrees. that's 8:00 temperature at 19 degrees in atlantic city. the trend for the day will be temperature into the 20s by early in the afternoon. peak up 23. peaking at 26. that's about 3:00 in the afternoon. temperatures go up. get a little bit of wind. 26 degrees, feel like it's in the teens. as we head into the evening hours, right back in to the teens tonight. setting the stage for cold air to start moving in tomorrow morning. here come the clouds. what we won't get from these clouds is this. snow in the area for today. this may be wet weather maker. later tomorrow, after the temperatures warm up. here's why. look at the trend of temperatures. into the 40s tomorrow.
6:50 am
likely reach into the 60s on thursday. still have to deal with clouds and the cold today. 26 high temperature this afternoon for philadelphia. back in the teens tonight. rain late in the day if not in the evening hours and into wednesday. warmer day on wednesday. warmup over thursday and friday. near 60 degrees. typical for this time of year. chance of rain returns sunday and monday. another round of showers coming in wednesday with a temperatures will be in the 50s. get through today, and tomorrow morning the temperatures looking a lot better. thanks. 10 before seven. just got new information on the bus accident. the driver was taken to the hospital to get checked out. he was a mechanic taking for a test drive. able to escape the wreckage climbing out the windshield.
6:51 am
>> let's check in with jessica. more details on what's happening. definitely was a dangerous situation there for all involved. watching this bus now up on its feet. so earlier this morning, dealing with closure. just in this area here. see overtop of the snow where the bus was laying completely on its side. now back up. woodhaven road eastbound just around knights road is still closed because of this. even though they have it backed up right. now, maybe since we're seeing improvements here, might be clearing a little sooner than we had originally thought. either way this is touching the very beginnings of rush hour. get by the scene right now, you can't. eastbound all blocked off. see delays there. trying to get to 95. take kpacademy road. there's also a crash on upper her yen. see the traffic moving along
6:52 am
nicely. just underneath the graphic here. no big delays moving over top of the bridge yet. next, we'll run down this morning's headlines and stories following throughout the day. >> including this, sinking surprise in fishtown. the problem that has some neighbors waking up without heat and water on this cold morning. montgomery county husband accused of murdering wife, what the family does to respond too. president obama give final prime time speech. that means programming changes that we want to tell you about. here's the lineup. catch a new episode of the wall at 8. followed by president's address at 9:00. new episode of this is us at 10. this is us will air at 10 tomorrow night here on nbc 10 because of the president's speech.
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here's some of the stories we're following for you today. >> a man's body found on train track's in north philadelphia last night. discovered the body late last night. snot struck by a train. thick smoke this morning. heavy ♪ ♪ and flames reported coming out of the home on hill creek street. no one was hurt. water department crews back to work this morning to repair a broken water main that caused a sinkhole to swallow up two cars. this was yesterday on east boston street. water department thinks a broken sewer and not the cold weather is to blame for the mess. >> local mother and her boyfriend are in jail facing charges in the murder of her d
6:57 am
packer. she and jacob sullivan carried out a rape murder fantasy. her body was found in october. couple tried to commit suicide before arrest. each could face the death penalty. happening today, ellen rob's family will honor her memory outside the house in king of brush sprussia prussia. three minutes before 7. suspect in deadly fort lauderdale airport shooting is scheduled for first court appearance today. this video appears to show esteban santiago approached from left side of screen, pull out the gun and open fire. five people were killed. six others wounded. santiago is an aircraft war
6:58 am
veteran originally from new jersey. facing charges that carry possibly death sentence. >> incoming administration start taking shape this week. hearings begin tomorrow with jeff sessions. attorney general. the alabama senator will face scrutiny for views of civil rights and immigration. wednesday former exxon mobile chief rex tillerson will answer questions for secretary of state. issue of russian metaling with the electioni ins expected to ce up. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with one last check on the roads watching this overturned septa shuttle bus over in northeast philadelphia on woodhaven road. finally getting it back up on its feet. see improvements here. the driver was injured taken to the hospital as well. nobody was aboard the bus at the time. so at least that's some good news there without a lot of
6:59 am
passengers in place. eastbound side of woodhaven road. traffic moving authorize 95 may see delays. take academy road to get to 95 that way. less than a minute before 7:00. starting to see clouds come in. not going to get any wet weather. not going to get a lot of warm air. some of the coldest numbers this morning have been in new jersey. 12 in florence. princeton is 1 degree this morning. not a big warmup toot. philadelphia 14 degrees at this hour. sit calm. wind has died down. temperatures will be moving up. only going to be 20s this afternoon. from the low teens to the mid 20s upper 20s for new jersey and the lehigh valley and delaware. always get my forecast if you're on the go on today's 101.1 fm. local updates throughout the
7:00 am
morning. of course always get realtime news weather on the app. thanks for watching. today show starts right now. good morning. "la la landslide." >> "la la land." >> ryan gosling. >> emma stone. >> "la la land" takes seven golden globes. jimmy fallon setting the stage for the big night, with a musical. ♪ the cameras up the lights are bright ♪ >> we have it covered from the red carpet to the after-parties and everything between. extreme cold in the east after a nasty winter storm. rain and snow pummeling


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