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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  January 10, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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down, bill will break it down. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 today. i'm tracey davidson. >> little bit warmer. really can't tell a difference this time of day. first alert neighborhood. frigid morning. look at temperatures. 10 degrees right now in suburbs. 13 in the lehigh valley. 9 in new jersey. not looking mu ing much better delaware. 15 in philadelphia will climb. yesterday we saw a high of 23 trees. today we'll get a little bit of sunshine before clouds take over and the temperatures will move up to 26 degrees at 10:00 and lehigh valley, 13 degrees right now. bit of sunshine at # #:00. by 11:00 this morning, 26 degrees. by lunchtime today, most of these regions will be above freezing and then later this afternoon, closer to 40 degrees in philadelphia and the suburbs. new jersey, 40 with mostly cloudy skies and the clouds are coming in to the lehigh valley and delaware. lehigh valley up tow 36 degrees.
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melting will occur this afternoon. and 40 degrees will melt some snow on the ground in delaware as well. eventually start to get some rain out of it. don't think that's going to happen during the day today. rain drops will be falling this evening. go through it hour by hour when i come back in ten minutes. first jessica boyington first alert traffic. starting on route 309 this morning. quiet there. cameras around the pa turnpike look okay. roads look okay as well. new hanover. crash there. speeds also into the 50s. and another jersey road. route 73 in mount laurel. right around 295. everything looks fine in both directions. no major problems to report just yet. check in with more. breaking right now, teeb t
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hurt and man is shot. both unfolded in the fronkford neighborhood of philadelphia. katy zachry joins us live. >> reporter: you said it, so far we know of two victims assaulted by this dproup group of armed m one of the victims was able to fight through the pain of being shot twice in the hip and actually walk to find help. 30-year-old man earlier this morning. he was robbed and shot while walking in the city's fronkford section. three attackers each wore face masks and each had a gun. one wielding a shotgun. investigators say the man refused to hand over his valuables when he was approached by the group so they shot him. he did manage to walk half a block to er. police say while he was there, another victim walked into the er. same er. that victim just 18 years old. she tells police she had gotten
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off a septa bus near the frankford station when she was assaulted by a group of men matching the same description as that who attacked the men earlier. >> northeast detectives is processing both scenes and hopefully the cameras at the septa terminal as well as the cameras we found at the apartment complex recorded something that can help us with this armed robbery shooting investigation. chief inspector referring to surveillance cameras found at both secenes. detectives processing the scenes this morning hoping the tapes give them some type of lead. coming up in next half hour, more information on the vehicle these men were last seen getting into and where it was seen going. reporting live in may fair, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. fierce resis tense is
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expected during the hearings. don't have the power to block a session's nomination the republicans control the senate. in a dramatic turn, almost unheard of move will be made by jersey senator cory booker. a democrat will testify against jeff sessions on wednesday. booker noted he will be breaking a pretty long senate tradition. then he said this, we've seen jeff sessions consistently voting against or speaking out against key ideals of the voting rights act. senator booker calling into question session's past record on civil rights issues and
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opposition to criminal justice reform. there's another development yesterday in the trump transition. president elect donald trump announced his son-in-law jarred kesher in. happening today, president obama will deliver farewell address in his hometown of chicago. people snatched up free tickets in just minutes. now turned the around and selling for $5,000 a piece online. in light of president's speech, programming note. tonts catch a new episode of the wall at 8:00. followed by the president's address. then a new episode of this is us. followed by nbc news at 11. this morning, investigators trying to figure out who called in bomb threats to jewish community centers in six states including delaware and jersey. evacuated after someone called
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in a threat just before noon yesterday. no explosives were found. authorities say similar threats have targeted jewish community centers in maryland, south carolina, florida, tennessee. >> former secret service officer has agreed to plead guilty for trying to get sex from what he thought was a 14-year-old girl. after an online sectioning. >> there is another delay in the murder trial for the township father accused of killing three-year-old son. postponed trial until april now. video of last time he was in court. his lawyer says they need the delay as they wait on a medical report and want more time to prepare case. prosecutors say he killed his three-year-old son brendan back in 2015. body was found a short distance from his father's home. delaware pay raises could be on tb way for lawmakers, judges
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and other government officials. state compensation commission meets every four years and yesterday released a draft report recommending the raises which means those pay hikes will take effect unless lawmakers vote them down. orlando, florida, massive search for a man suspected of killing an officer. shot and killed master sergeant debra clayton yesterday after she spotted him at walmart. wanted for the december murder of pregnant ex-girlfriend. police say after lloyd allegedly shot her, he took off into nearby neighborhood where he fired shots at a deputy cruiser and carjacked a vehicle. >> we're going to bring in dirt bag to justice and he's going to jail. >> she was a 17-year-old vern on the force and one of the first officers to respond to last year's pulse nightclub massacre. related tragedy, 35-year-old
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norman lewis was killed in a traffic accident while searching for lloyd. happening today, closing arguments begin in the penalty phase of dylann roof murder trial. convicted in tweec2015 south caa deadly shooting. expected to address the court today. he faces the death penalty or life without patrol. >> 5:08. systemat suspected beg suspect suspect gunman in last week's shooting. accused of killing five people inside fort lauderdale airport friday. six other people hurt. charges could carry the death penalty. santiago told a judge he's unemployed and broke so a public defender was assigned to the case. philadelphia police found this hand begun in a passengers carry on bag at philadelphia international over the weekend. police aren't saying if it was loaded. we do know ammunition was found as well. passenger who had a gun permit
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will likely be fined and charged with disorderly conduct. nine minutes after five. cold morning. clear view. clear skies overnight and very little wind that allow the temperatures to cool down overnight. cape may as well. still frozen solid. some of the snow disappeared yesterday. a lot more melting away today. temperatures really take off this afternoon. the heat has disappeared this morning. look at the temperatures. three degrees right now in south jersey. four at the shore. find cold neighborhoods in the suburbs too while it's 14 degrees. chester heights is nine degrees this morning. cold for el roy, fort washington. new hope at 6 degrees s bedminsr not much better. clear skies see a bit of sunshine before clouds move in. the clouds that are just
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starting to approach harassburg will be taking over during the day. we will get wet weather. just won't see that. snow not happening for us. no, the warmup happens before the wet weather arrives. by the time we start seeing precipitation this evening, it's going to be rain. a lot of that snow will be melting away. counting on a warmup for that rain and that happens during the day today. in spite of clouds moving. 19 degrees at 8:00, look at the warmup in philadelphia. above freezing by lunchtime. clouds moving into suburbs. 19 to start with. 31 degrees at noontime. above freezing this afternoon. mostly cloudy skies. dry this afternoon. lehigh valley a little bit of sunshine to start with. clouds take over. just below freezing at noon. above freezing this afternoon. and it will get warmer overnight tonight with that rain moving in. delaware completely dry this morning. still plenty cold to start with. 20 degrees at 8:00. just above freezing at
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lunchtime. 36 degrees. see melting in delaware today. new jersey, sunshine will fade. clouds take over this mpb. new jersey and at the shore is going to stay dry during the day today. tonight, we got rain moving in. then the temperatures you may have noticed go even higher. look at that. 65 degrees on thursday. something to look forward to. >> what? >> i know, what a shocking turn around. tellout how long that's going to last on the ten day on ten. 5:11. let's get you updated on your ride to work. >> jessica boyington. vine street expressway this morning. cleared early with construction project. if you're headed out the door now. totally fine. nothing to worry about. sometimes that go a little behind schedule. here's the vine around 24th street. so this is the westbound side right here. nothing moving towards the schuylkill really. no problems or delays headed towards 95 right now. both directions there look great. 95 moving through delaware looks good as well.
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not seeing problems or delays reported here. ten minutes northbound from 295 to 495. also checking in with mass transit. two trains cancelled because of equipment problems. all running on time. end over in new jersey and cherry hill. this is route 38 right and haddenfield roonfield road. >> people are calling a local grocery store a miracle. and the next steps they're taking. fighting addiction, how students came together to spread a message and the importance of this week in pennsylvania.
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515 tooic 5:15. now to update nbc 10 has been following. a local store is making a difference in chester, which used to be considered a food dessert. fare and square became the first supermarket in the city. >> many say the store has changed the lives the community. tell us more. >> reporter: i talked with some shoppers here last week about all this. the store has been here almost 3 3.5 years. really becoming a mainstay of this area. it was built to fill a void in the community. the store is a bit different than the big chains that you are
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used to. although it still looks and feels like a grocery store. right now the only one of its kind in our area. the first of its kind in the nation. also the first fully stocked grocery store in chester that they've had in more than a decade. fare and square doesn't aim to turn a profit here. it's really only to help the people in this area through getting food to shoppers who are on a tight budget and also bring fresh food where there was none before. this was started and continues to be run. and ultimately to make this a hot spot. >> food is cheap. first stop we have in chester. it's like a miracle. >> i've been doing this around 39 years in retail. this particular neighborhood is just a happy place to shop. the customers are always happy. everyone knows everyone and it's just really feels goods. >> pretty soon you might not even need shopping carts here. the manager was telling me
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they're already in the plans and the works of trying to start a home food delivery service. you won't even need to push one around the store possibly in the near future. for now, live in chester. matt delucia nbc 10 news. 5:17. teen health week continues across the state of pennsylvania. giving the opioid epidemic special attention. students met to talk about drugs. including opioid pills and prescription pills and heroin. one of 15 states where opioid deaths are on the rise. >> it's important to listen to your teens and to talk very openly about risky behaviors. >> teen health week will also focus on nutrition, violence prevention and mental health. mark add milestone helped a woman get treatment. flew 100 flight for patient services or pals for short.
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nonprofit arranges free air travel for people needing medical treatment. flew from maine to philadelphia where she receives treatment for pancreatic cancer. let's get you out the door if you're heading out. check of the loads. >> where are you looking. schuylkill expressway this morning. looks okay still. right around girard avenue where our camera is right here. eastbound from blue route to vine street. you can see both directions if you're going eastbound or westbound, no problems in or out of the city. also watching pa turnpike for some construction on the eastbound side. we're losing a lane there. not affecting drive times at all. westbound or eastbound from route one to valley forge. 23 minutes at the most. here's new jersey. cherry hill. right around kings highway. no major problems or delays here. roads are dry. mass transit for the most part
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running on time with no major problems. cancellations for airport trains due to equipment problems. check before you go. cancelled for 405 and 9406. that's equipment problems. may effect morning commute. check before you go. more updates when i come back. >> 5:19. i was walking my dog earlier this morning and impressed with the moon. it was so well lit. >> it was so bright. >> i could see moon shadows on the snow. >> you could read by the light it is so bright. i went to walk my dog and he said yo go first. he's still waiting. we have a little bit of breeze above building level. that is a shift in the wind than what we've seen in the last couple of days. southerly wind develop today. fortunately, that's above building level and very light. at the service, it is calm. just plain old cold. back to making snow in the poconos. why not. live view from camelback
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mountain. taking advantage of the cold weather. right now, 15 in philadelphia and wilmington. 9 degrees in trenton. coldest air is in south jersey. millville, atlantic city at the airport down below 5 degrees. colder there than it is in the poconos mountains. 9 degrees for mount poconos. everybody going to be warming up. sunshine to start with. unfortunately the sun won't be around all day. get a warmup in spite of clouds moving in. snow, i'm not sure if anybody is ready to see that other than in the mountains. we'll get a warmup before this arrives. this will be rain when it arrives this enefing. looks like it's going to be later this evening. future hour by hour. 1130 this morning. completely dry for our area. the light snow showers right in central pennsylvania, a wintery mix to the west. by 4:30 this afternoon, we're still dry. clouds still overhead. that first batch of snow heads
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to the north. might get a little bit of snow in the poconos this evening temperatures above freezing. 40 degrees this afternoon. first of showers on this latest update. 11:30 tonight. rain moving into allentown and redding. just to the north, little bit of wintery mix. doesn't last. . all rain sweeping through the area. first thing tomorrow morning. quickly move out of the area. looks like a beautiful day for tomorrow. we're on track for a massive warmup. 39 degrees this afternoon. into the 50s tomorrow. and heading for 65 degrees on thursday. not as warm at the end of the week, certainly not a as cold as what we've been there. we'll come with periods of wet weather. first of it comes through tonight. tomorrow afternoon, most of the day will be dry and a beautiful day for wednesday. look at thursday. can't beat that. 45 in the morning. 65 degrees in the afternoon. gets a little chillier on friday. temperatures near 50 degrees during the day friday. then another chance of wet
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weather rain for saturday and sunday, but another warmup as significant. temperatures in 50s tuesday, wednesday, thursday. changing names and making moves. yahoo is renaming following one of the biggest hacks in history plus what it is selling off. cleanup continues. ongoing effort to fix a gaping sinkhole in the neighborhood and how long it could take.
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good morning, landon. >> hi, tracey. good morning to you. yahoo will change name once it sells core business. combination of internet and alibaba. yahoo also says ceo will step down from the board. she's expected to move to verizon. meanwhile ford is expanding on demand commuter shuttle service to eight more cities. hasn't said which ones. the service called a char yacht. officers rides. currently available in san francisco, austin, lake tahoe. riders use an app to secure a seat. must catch a shuttle along a specific time. meanwhile on wall street, could start the day slightly higher.
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nasdaq closing at new record high. dough fell for the second day in the past three on weaker oil prices. investors also gearing up for earning season. nasdaq rising ten. >> landon dowdy with cnbc, thanks. another frigid morning. 5:26. 15 degrees and some neighbors have dropped down below 10 degrees this morning. live cold view of boat house row. see a little bit of sunshine before clouds take over and i'm tracking more wet weather heading our way. hour by hour forecast just ahead. first jessica boyington watching the roads this morning. how's it looking out there. look great. still ahead of the game. watching lehigh valley right now. 78 around lehigh street. traffic moving along just fine. i'll be back at 5:30.
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5:26. we continue to follow breaking news of a search for robbers in philadelphia. live update on the crimes that left a teen injured and a man shot. also defending obamacare. local senator joins the fight to keep the health care law. what he and other lawmakers did to show support.
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health care fight what senators did on capitol hill to show support for obamacare. comes as president elect trump gets set to take over. bench tax confusion. show you which drinks will cost you more and talk to local store owner. another fringid cold day today. temperatures still falling right now. still about two hours away from sunrise this morning. certainly at least that from a warmup that will start today. right now, if you're heading out, you'll need to layer up. nine degrees in new jersey. suburbs down to ten. wind is calm. that's thankfully the case this morning. just a three-mile-per-hour breeze. 15 degrees in philadelphia. delaware at 15. down to 13


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