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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  January 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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from west philadelphia. you just learned new information about that driver. >> reporter: yeah, erin, just within the past 90 minutes, durham school services has told me it has now fire this school bus driver. philadelphia police say there's just so much potential for something to go wrong when a child is left totally unattended in this way. the 7-year-old boy was left to sit on his empty school bus in this shop-rite parking lot for upwards of 10 to 15 minutes as the outside temperature hovered in the very low 20s. this mug shot of 28 jrld jamar henry is our first look at the bus driver after police say he was captured on video inside this shop-rite store when he left a second grade boy alone on his bus outside. >> you can't tell a 7-year-old to sit tight on a running bus in west philadelphia. it just doesn't make sense to me. >> reporter: philadelphia police tell us it all started with a normal pickup yesterday afternoon here at cornerstone
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christian academy. but at t a quarter to 5:00 after all of the other students had been dropped off, henry made an unexpected stop at this grocery store. >> apparently he told the kid to sit tight and he'd be right back. >> reporter: a passing police officer noticed the idling bus with the child. as investigators arrived, henry rushed out claiming he stopped for a, quote, bathroom emergency, but police say surveillance video showed henry never went near the rest room. instead he waited up at the front counter possibly for a money transfer. and when police searched henry, they say the man responsible for driving school children each day had marijuana in his pockets. >> it is concerning. >> reporter: cornerstone christian academy says they're grateful for the police work and that the child is okay. the school does not hire bus drivers itself but instead
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contracts through the school district for the buses it needs. the school had a message for parents. >> always safety is our first priority and that we, just as much as they do, want to see their students get to and from school safely. >> reporter: as for that little second grade boy, i'm told hee fine. he was back at school today. that bus contractor tells me all of its bus drivers are subject to preemployment screenings including a drug test. but the company did not immediately tell me whether henry had actually passed that test. live in west philadelphia, i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. george, thank you. in the meantime, i want to go back to the breaking news, out of south carolina. >> a jury has decided the fate of a man who gunned down nine people inside a historic black church in charleston. nbc 10's jacqueline london is live in our breaking news center. >> keith and erin, word just in, the jurors have decided dylann roof should get the death penalty. he was convicted by the same jury last month.
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he opened fire on a group that welcomed him at a church bible study in 2015. roof gave a closing statement today never asking the jury to spare his life. in fact, he told them, quote, i still feel like i had to do it. he also told jurors he knew only one of them had to disagree with the others in order for him to avoid a death sentence. but the jury's decision was unanimous. it took them about three hours to reach it. again, dylann roof has been sentenced to death. live in the breaking news center, jacqueline london, nbc 10 news. at 5:00, a $10,000 reward is on the table to find and convict whoever vandalized a synagogue. the temple's president said he was walking down the aisle just before 7:30 service when a baseball-sized rock crashed through a window and just missed him. >> the neighborhood and it's a
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sign of the times. we have to come together as a neighborhood and be strong. so stop things as such. >> the temple mans to install cameras and lights to help deter any further vandalism. >> the skiers had quite a delight there on the slopes today. this video was taken earlier this afternoon of the camelback mountain in tannersville. the white stuff came down at a pretty good clip there. take a look at this little guy. despite the cold temperatures, he is all smiles. nbc 10 in germantown where folks were bundled up as they waited for septa. >> he didn't mind at all. >> no! >> most of us didn't see the snow today but you might hear rain overnight. >> let's get the latest from krystal klei. >> they told him about the big warm-up and that's why he was smiling so much. we also have rain to track. take a look at the radar and satellite right now. we do have a few flakes over the
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poconos. you can see that has moved off. for the most part it's just cloudy conditions that we're dealing with right now. we pull this out a little bit and take a look farther west. there's the area of rain we're tracking. the pink indicating area of freezing rain potential as well. what's going to happen is this will move our direction overnight. this is actually pretty good timing for something like this to prove through because it's not going to really ruin any plans. it will be in the overnight hours where we'll mostly see rain pass through. let's talk temperatures as they are currently. finally we are looking at temperatures that are above freezing. now, the last time we saw temperatures above freezing, you had to go into last week. we were at 32, the high on thursday. so it will be last wednesday, almost a week ago in philadelphia. we're now 36 degrees, though. so we finally broke that line. we're 30 in northeast philly. still right around freezing if you go farther north. pottstown and reading. mount pocono cooler.
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temperatures overnight will determine whether we see freezing rain or rain. take a look in philadelphia. we are warming overnight. but that's not the case for all of us. some of us will see a mix of precipitation coming up. new jersey governor chris christie had a mission for his final year in office, saving lives by tackling the opioid drug epidemic. he laid out his plan during his state of the state address this afternoon. the plan includes a new phone and online help line for people looking for help with drug treatment. christie called on state lawmakers to approve a change to require insurers to pay for at least six months of drug treatment. >> our state faces a crisis which is more urgent to new jersey's families than any other issue we can confront. a crisis which is destroying families. one that is ripping the very fabric of our state apart. >> the governor also promised to
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limit the supply of opioid drugs doctors can prescribe. there are so many organizations committed to fighting the opioid epidemic. cydney long shows us how. >> reporter: this young mom never imagined it could happen to her. >> as worse as you can picture it. >> reporter: she's eight months free and clean of what she consider her death sentence as an addict. in part thanks to my friend's house a new outpatient recovery center founded by rob a, his wife carla and partner mike. >> i need help. am i in the right place? i'm lost. >> reporter: their doors open just since april. they say the help they've provided has been nonstop and applaud the timing of governor christie's final year in office promise to stop the opioid crisis. >> our friends are dying.
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our neighbors are dying. our children are dying. every day. >> it's touched all of our lives at some. >> it gives me goosebumps and it makes me think like there's hope. >> reporter: at my friends house today, the emphasis during patient treatment was confidence and accepting praise. a one stop shop hotline one where addicts and their families can turn and not be turned away. >> they have no insurance, we won't turn them away. >> reporter: she considered christie brave and courageous for recognizing the need from the top down. >> it's not a game, not a joke, not what we choose to be, not what we choose to do. they understand and they're willing to help. it's a breath of fresh air. >> reporter: she's now employed part time at the counseling center. >> i just know the sky's the limit. >> reporter: cydney long, nbc 10
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news. coming up all new at 6:00, how this epidemic impacts you, even if you don't know anyone who is addicted. tomorrow in philadelphia, the city will kick off the first official meeting of its opioid epidemic task force. the group is charged with developing a comprehensive plan to reduce opioid abuse, dependence and overdose. the mayor wants a report with findings and recommendations for action in 90 days. a vaccine warning tonight in ocean county. 900 children there may need new shots because the vaccinations they received may not have been properly refrigerated. health officials say they were administered at southern ocean pediatrics. they include ailments like measles, mumps, chicken pox and polio. 00s of kids will have to get the shots yet again. >> my oldest son is scared to death of getting shots. now i might have to put him
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through all that all over again? >> the department of health is mailing letters to impacted families. it's the first major test of president-elect donald trump's administration. >> the confirmation hearing for attorney general candidate jeff sessions is under way. the alabama senator is the first trump nominee to face a confirmation hearing. but all accounts it's been contentious with democrats grilling sessions on a number of fronts including his record on race and civil liberties. at one point he addressed the voter fraud application from his past. >> i was accused in 1986 of mailing to protect the voting rights of african-americans by presenting the very case, the voter fraud case and of condemning civil rights advocates and organizations and even harboring, amaze going, sympathies for the kkk. these are false charges. >> there is little likelihood sessions won't be confirmed.
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republicans hold the majority in the snet and no gop senators have spoken out against the nomination. >> among those expected to testify against jeff sessions tomorrow is democratic colleague and new jersey senator cory booker. booker is one of three black senators. he would become the first sitting senator to testify against a fellow sitting senator up for a cabinet position. booker accuses sessions of having a concerning record on civil rights and criminal justice reform. he read a statement that reads, the attorney general is responsible for ensuring the fair administration of justice and based on his record, i lack the confidence that senator sessions can honor this cute. -- duty. >> this group protested sessions' nomination today in center city. they gathered outside the philadelphia office of pennsylvania senator pat toomey. the group is asking toomey to reject the appointment of sessions. we are following breaking details in the case of grace
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packer. she's the missing teenager who was found murdered. her adoptive mother and that mother's boyfriend are facing charges. now nbc 10 has learned a third person of interest is under investigation. we have a crew watching investigators look for evidence right now and we'll have an update coming up at 5:30. plus joe biden says good-bye. tonight the delaware native reveals that he'll do on his final day as vice president. and they put their lives on the line every day to save yours. now local firefighters are getting a new tool to help see through the smoke.
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the mayor of paulsboro helped save a girl from a burning home in gloucester county this morning. sky 10 was over the house at 11:00 a.m. mayor gary stevens saw the flames and stopped and banged on the door until a girl woke up. he's also a volunteer firefighter. he was on his way to trenton for governor christie's state of the state address when he spotted that fire. every second counts in a fire. >> but soon firefighters will have a new tool that can save your life. matt delucia shows us how it work. >> reporter: fighting fires is just part of the job for these guys. the other part rescuing people
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who are trapped inside with the flames and smoke. >> time is definitely of the essence with this job. >> reporter: many of the tools of the trade have not changed but technology has. folks here at the fire academy say this camera literally is a life saver. >> so we've been able to use these cameras to be able to find people through smoke and be able to make rescues. >> reporter: the thermal imaging cameras can spot heat signature given off by objects including humans. much like your cell phone, this was long overdue for an update. now thanks to lower costs. lieutenant daniel sullivan gave us a look by taking us through a smoke-filled room. the smoke in this case is really fog, but almost exactly what firefighters would experience. >> it's getting clear and visibility outlines of the building, path to take and the victim we're looking for. >> reporter: this is what the firefighters see through the thermal imaging camera.
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you're looking at me. this is wa i would look like in a room filled with smoke. we find our victim. >> it's a great tool, invaluable to us. >> reporter: the department bought 30 cameras, one for all 27 ladder companies and three for special operations. battling blazes in a new light. >> we still did the job, it was just a lot harder. a lot of flashlights, going through a whole lot. you can see through your camera here, the smoke that reflects the light back on you. a lot of it was feeling with your hands. >> reporter: these cameras aren't going out to firefighters just yet. training will start on it tomorrow and they'll be out in the field in a couple of weeks. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. a burst water main is causing some problems in lower merion. it happened on youngs ford road.
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the water department has service shut off for 12 customers. work to repair the water main is expected until late tonight. back to your first alert weather. a scenic view along the brandywine river there. a little snow left on the ground in wilmington. but that snow is going to disappear very soon. temperatures in the 60s are not far off. >> from looking at that frozen water to 60s? you're kidding me. krystal klei has more on that and rain headed our way first. >> this is going to be a very impressive warm-up. we'll see a few periods of rain move through. but notice i'm saying rain instead of snow. check it out. temperatures, we just saw that live look outside. 35 degrees in wilmington. the temperatures right now we've boosted above freezing. greenville sitting right at freezing now. 32 degrees. newark at 33 degrees. so we're starting to see that temperature climb above that 32-degree line. we drop farther south. a little better even. we're at 38 degrees in lincoln
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and lewis beach sitting at 37 degrees. still cold out there right now but a lot better than it was say yesterday morning or even the last couple of days in the afternoon. here's our radar and satellite. the tight shot shows us that we've got the clouds but we don't have anything to track quite yet. berks county, lehigh valley. now we're focused on to the west of us because heading our direction. for many of us, it will be rain that we see in the overnight. we put this into motion. and you see we may have a brief icing period here. freezing rain potentially near berks county in the lehigh valley. temperatures will be racing up at this point. so it's a race between the temperatures rising and the system moving in. that potential, though, doesn't last long. you can see it turns to rain pretty quickly here midnight to 1:00 a.m. then 2:00 a.m. that rain has passed philadelphia, delaware and new jersey. the yellow orange is showing us we could see heavier rain in the morning hours.
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it should be off the shore and roads will be wet for the commute, but you won't need the windshield wipers because the rain had have moved off. then wednesday night when the next round of rain moves on in. but again because temperatures are boosted up, it will just be rain that we're tracking. no ice concerns. let's take a look at the next three days. wow, what a difference. we're 50 degrees for your wednesday. 65 for your thursday, then check out friday here. we actually will see our warmer temperatures starting in the early morning hours. 47 dropping to 43. we'll see that plummet by the weekend. we get to 60s, but terribly long lived. that chance of rain will be the overnight chance we see wednesday night. and there's a boost to 60 for your thursday. in the lehigh valley up to about 55 degrees by thursday, same deal. shower potential for your wednesday night. for new jersey up to 49 tomorrow, 62 thursday, then dropping right back down to those upper 40s at the shore.
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50, 60 and 50s. can't complain about any of those after the numbers we saw the previous week. by the way, the jersey shore delaware locations where we saw our most snow those will melt off. then the rain moves through. in delaware, 48 for tomorrow, up to 65 degrees by thursday. and by the way, that means record breaking potential for wilmington. we just saw your forecast highs. compare them to the records here. 72 was the record set back in 1890. won't get near that but wilmington does look to break it. the previous record was 63 degrees. so we're tracking that big warm-up with the overnight showers tonight then again for your wednesday night. then we dry out a bit with that cooldown starting. look at saturday, though, looking at light snow and that will dry us out as we go into your sunday in the low 40s. >> krystal, thank you. president obama will deliver his final address to the nation
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tonight from his hometown of chicago. 20,000 people are expected to attend. president obama's expected to offer one last defense of his signature health care plan. he's also expected to tell americans not to lose faith in their future no matter what they think about the next president. in light of the president's speech we have programming changes to tell you about. the wall airs at 8:00 followed by the president's address at 9:00. a new episode of "this is us" will start at 10:00. the inauguration marks the official end of joe biden's eight-year run as vice president. mr. biden tweeted this out about his post inauguration travel plan. quote, january 20th jill and i will head home to delaware the same way i have for 44 years, by train. serving our country has been our greatest honor. next at 5:00, the top hat, the thimble.
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wayward seal spotted during saturday's snow in felton, kent county. today nbc 10 talked to officials at the muir institute animal shelter. they tell us that the seal has been at the inlet since december. and he's likely looking for food. if you spot it, keep your distance. the seal will head back to the bay when she's good and ready. it's a board game that's been a family favorite for decades. >> soon you may be playing monopoly with a hashtag, with an emoji or for some reasons a rubber duck. not sure why. instead of the car, the boot, the hat. we're used to those. take a look. the original game pieces are in silver. if gold you see the new chases that are part of a worldwide contest. it began today. you can vote on which eight tokens will be included in the next generation of the game based on the streets of atlantic city. voting runs through january 31st. the winners will be announced in march. >> huh.
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got to keep the thimble. >> have to, right? the new tool that's protecting police officers in delaware county. >> plus breaking news in the murder of a montgomery county teenager. nbc 10 is on the scene with investigators as they search for new evidence. what we've learned about a third person of interest in this case. that's next all new at 5:00. coming up all new at 6:00, homeownership dreams are on hold for some families.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> we're back with breaking developments in the case of murdered teenager grace packer. >> right now police are searching the home of a third person of interest, grace's mother and her mother's boyfriend have already been charged with murder. >> nbc 10's deanna durante is live where police are looking for new evidence. what have you learned about this? >> reporter: guys, can you hear me? >> deanna, can you hear us? we're live on the air right now. it sounds like she's got a busy signal. we'll go live to horsham when deanna isn't dealing with those technical issues. she's been following this story since the very beginning. you can look for her reports on but we'll get to her as soon as we can. right now on the nbc 10 app we'll tell you about why sara
5:31 pm
packer in first place was fired from her social worker job in montgomery county. now, today in delaware, january was proclaimed human trafficking awareness month. all month long there will be public awareness announcements and educational events geared towards helping residents recognize the sign of human trafficking. here are some of the other top stories we're following on nbc 10 at 5:00. new jersey governor chris christie used his final state of the state address to lay out his plan to tackle the state's opioid drug epidemic. he promised to limit the amounts that doctors can prescribe and requested lawmakers pass a measure requiring insurers to pay for at least six months of drug treatment. >> i also want to thank my dear friend -- >> usa! >> alabama senator jeff sessions faced interruptions from protesters at his confirmation today. sessions is the president-elect's pick for
5:32 pm
attorney general. he's taken controversial positions on civil rights and criminal justice reform. >> some 900 children in ocean county may need to be revaccinated. that's because the vaccinations they received may not have been properly refrigerated. the kids participated in the statewide vaccines for children program. the department of health is mailing letters to impacted families. >> despite the cold temperatures, there was no shortage of people walking the streets of manayunk today. very little exposed skin from that officer there. nbc 10 along main street where people were dressed in plenty of layers to ward off the cold. i'm freezing just looking at that picture. >> the cold, good news, starting to move out, but we are tracking some rain tonight. let's get an update from first alert meteorologist krystal klei. >> we just got the cloudy conditions, but you look farther off to the west and look at this area of rain. that will be passing by overnight. you can see where i've circled, it even has some strength to it. we're talking the potential for
5:33 pm
stronger rain to move in in the overnight. but that will not be affecting us quite yet. here are your temperatures. mostly we've broken the freezing mark. even allentown at 33 degrees. take a look at the comparison to 24 hours ago. yesterday during the 5:00 show, we are ten degrees warmer in allentown. 14 degrees warmer in philadelphia and 12 degrees warmer in dover. atlantic city at 15 degrees warmer. so we're looking at that warm-up, already seeing it, and that will continue overnight and into the next several days. we'll track that closely neighborhood by neighborhood coming up. >> looking forward the that, krystal. we want to go back to the breaking developments in the case of murdered teenager grace packer. >> once again police are searching the home of a third person of interest right now. grace's mother and her mother's boyfriend, they've already been charged with murder. >> nbc 10's deanna durante is now live with us here in horsham. police have been looking for evidence there. what do you know about this, deanna? >> reporter: we can tell you
5:34 pm
that investigators just left here. they were here for about an hour. we saw detectives from both montgomery county and bucks county here at this horsham apartment and they left with what appeared to be a box of evidence. take a look at video we shot just a while ago. investigators arrived here before 4:00. they spent about an hour inside this horsham apartment. this is place where jacob sullivan lived with sara packer and another woman, a woman who the district attorney of bucks county named as a person of interest in the case when he gave a news conference on sunday, the day that sara packer was arrested. now because this woman has not been charged or implicated in a crime, we are not naming her tonight. however her attorney did come outside and spoke with us about her involvement with the police investigation to this point. >> she's cooperating, she has been cooperating. i didn't know they were going to do that, but i understand why they're doing that. >> she hasn't been charged with a crime. why would she be appointed by
5:35 pm
the court? >> anybody who testifies before the grand jury is appointed an attorney. >> now, the attorney says that this woman lived with jacob sullivan and sara packer for approximately a year and a half. she said that she also lived in the home. the same home where 14-year-old grace packer lived with her mother and her boyfriend. she says she is devastated by the loss of this 14-year-old girl and continues to cooperate with police. again, investigators gave no indication why they were at the horsham apartment, what they were looking for and what they took with emthis. them. the bucks county district attorney's office is continuing to field tips in the rape and murder of grace packer. reporting live in horsham, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. the search is on for four men responsible for a pair of
5:36 pm
violent crimes in philadelphia's frankford second early this morning. police say they attacked and robbed a woman as she was walking from septa's frankford l after midnight, then a group matching the same description robbed and shot a man blocks away. they were both expected to be okay. police officers in part of delaware county are taking no chances. they're doubling up on the amount of protection they wear. today upward darby police superintendent michael chitwood announced each officer will receive bulletproof vests. the officers will wear the vest over their existing bulletproof vests. >> basically they're to protect the officer from any type of rifle round that may be fired against them. in particular active shooter, domestic violence in which somebody has firearms. >> the vests cost $10,000 apiece
5:37 pm
and way eigh 16 pounds. several police officers have a new title -- detective. five were promoted today. this is from a ceremony in upward darby. it includes money for 106 police officers. in a few weeks the police department will welcome eight cadets set to graduate from the philadelphia police academy. they'll fill the jobs now vacant because of today's promotions. a chemical company that once considered leaving delaware is now staying put. chemours. the building which serves as the world headquarters will undergo an upgrade. their decision to stay saved more than 3400 jobs and $550 million in revenue. now, dupont will spend $200 million to upgrade its 114-year-old research facility. the experimental station's lab space will undergo renovations.
5:38 pm
it will build centers for its customers and suppliers. bucks county district attorney announced his candidacy for the district attorney in november. >> many of the victims and the people that walk through these doors never, ever expected to be in the situation that they find themselves in. and it is up to us to try to be their voice, to speak for them, even those that can no longer speak for themselves because they've passed from this world. >> weintraub was appointed to the position after former district attorney david heckler retired last summer. weintraub is a republican. no democrats have announced their candidacy. one thief, four drive-thrus. why all this climbing didn't lead to a lot of cash. and listen up. what parents need to know about headphones and their children's hearing.
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this is nbc 10 news. a new study shows the number of people with high blood pressure skyrocketed since 1990. the problem now affects over 3 billion adults around the world. in fact, hypertension was linked to more than 10 million deaths in 2015 alone. that means high blood pressure's become the leading cause of preventable death. the majority of blood pressure related deaths were caused by heart disease and stroke. there are plenty of children's headphones on the market that advertise volume limits to protect your child's hearing. >> but the question is how effective are they really? the wirecutter found that many children's headphones advertising volume limits actually allowed sounds to play well above safe levels. dr. brian flygore is an expert in child's hearing issues. >> listening to music too loud for too long can cause essentially a premature aging of the ears. >> so what can you do to protect
5:42 pm
your child's hearing? kristen dahlgren will try to answer that question tonight on "nightly news with lester holt," that's right here at 6:30. and coming up after the break, we're going to track potential for rain overnight and then a big rise in those temperatures. 60s for some of us.
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this is nbc 10 news. the man who gunned down nine people inside a historic black church in south carolina learned his fate this afternoon. a jury sentenced dylann roof to death for the racially motivated attack in charleston back in 2015. roof gave a closing statement today in k he showed no remorse and never asked the jury to
5:45 pm
spare his life. roof told the juror, quote, anyone who thinks i'm filled with hatred has no idea what hate is. he went on to say only one of you has to agree with the other jurors. >> we have new details in a deadly center city crash that killed a woman in november. authorities have now charged the drive, david gonzalez, with homicide by vehicle and other offenses. investigators say gonzalez was speeding when he crashed into two women who were walking at 11th and market. one of the victims, anna gonzalez, later die from her injuries. the search is on for a burglar with a knack for climbing through drive-thru windows at fast food restaurant. take a look at these surveillance photos. this was from philadelphia police. since christmas eve, the thief has climbed through the drive-thru windows of two burger kings, the kfc and a chick-fil-a in philadelphia. he came up empty handed except in one case where he could pry open a register and get away
5:46 pm
with cash. >> there's a chance the minimum wage could go up in delaware. the general assembly is considering whether to raise it from $8.25 an hour to $10.25 an hour. pennsylvania's hourly rate stands at $7.25. today governor jack markell announced new grants for businesses in smyrna and wilmington. investors can receive up to 20% of their money back while building up delaware's downtown communities. on front street in milford an old bank has been turned into a new bar and restaurant called touch of italy. >> see more down here. it's just been an amazing couple years in downtown milford. it will just keep on expanding. >> the program will preserve histories but also reimagine downtown areas. >> now your nbc 10 first alert
5:47 pm
weather. >> we'll start with that look of radar and satellite again. not a lot to track right now. earlier today we did have a few pass through berks county, lehigh valley and the poconos, but that has moved off and we're still awaiting the arrival of moisture well off to the west right now. that will be moving in overnight into those early a.m. hours of your wednesday. good news is it's all passed by the time we hit that morning rush for your wednesday. one area that we'll be watching very closely is the lehigh valley berks county area. these are the zones where the temperatures will be right on the cusp of freezing. it will be overnight. so this isn't going to be a big issue, but we could see it. take a look at some of the temperatures right now. allentown at 31 degrees. nazareth at 30. bethlehem sitting at 31 degrees. you can see those temperatures are right on the brink of pushing past the freezing mark. now they may dip just one or two degrees overnight.
5:48 pm
but a good sign that some are already getting close to freezing at this point. that means we have less of a threat for treesi infreezing ra. look at the model here. notice it's going a little too low in these zones. you have to keep in this mind as we start to track the temperatures out. we move out through the night. what we'll see is that potential for just some brief freezing rain right near the northern-most edge where you still saw 20s right now in our close look. temperatures in berks county, the lehigh valley and up into the poconos. mount pocono was actually a little colder. so that zone could see a longer period of that icy mix moving through. but for everyone else as this continues to progress, it will progress as rain. notice all these temperatures right around 40 degrees. we'll only see rain and the snow that's on the ground, that's going to start melting off with the rain coming down. plus heavier rain and that's the yellow that you see. it passes through delaware and new jersey. then that's going to move off as
5:49 pm
we go interest your morning hours. there's the morning commute, 8:30 a.m. temperatures are going to be much better than they've been the last several mornings in a row. and we've already dried out. won't need the windshield wipers but the roads will be wet. not icy but wet. the focus after that will be on the big warm-up. we'll see this cool air that we're still dealing with start to move on out and more mild air shift on this. this is your wednesday to thursday. so the temperatures will be climbing over the next couple of days. here's a look at those temperatures climbing. a bit of a roller coaster because it doesn't last for too long. 50 degrees wednesday in philadelphia. 65 on thursday. notice that rain icon, that's actually wednesday night. so there will be a second round of rain tomorrow night. after we get to the 60s thursday, we drop right back off. in fact, by saturday, that's a snowflake icon. light snow, 34 degrees in philly. we see areas in dover, we go from mid-60s, thursday all the way down to 33 degrees by your saturday. same deal in allentown as well.
5:50 pm
and even areas near the shore, wildwood could see a little wintry mix by saturday. but that following thursday up to 60 degrees. so on your ten-day on 10, we see the effects in boosting up. it won't break a record but is much warmer than average. then to the 30s with your saturday with the potential for light snow as we go into the next work week we could see another round of rain moving through. south jersey's own carly lloyd is still the best female soccer player in the world. why? for the second year in a row, she won fifa's award for best female player of the year. after her loss in rio, she wasn't expecting to win. the award was vote on by national team captains, coaches, reporters and fans. germany's coach won fifa's women's coaching award of the year. next at 5:00, your local mall is getting a makeover. >> department stores like macy's
5:51 pm
are shutting down locations. the unique that will take their place. some philadelphia restaurant owners have a different reaction to the city's new soda tax. how children are benefiting from their idea.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
this is nbc 10 news. welcome back. kate snow joins us now from the
5:54 pm
nbc studios in new york. >> she has a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." >> hi. ahead for us tonight a heated day on capitol hill as the senate questioned president-elect trump's pick for attorney general. lester holt also has an exclusive one on one aboard air force one with president obama tonight as he prepares to give his farewell address. and does your child use headphones? a new warning that parents really need to hear. all when we see you back here on a busy news day. >> thnanks, case. see you at 6:30. to walmart who is helping their employees boost their skills. they opened their first training academy in pennsylvania inside the hatfield supercenter on route 309. the academy offers a hands-on training program for walmart supervisors in the classroom and on the sales force. 90 local associates per week will train at the center. saving your local mall.
5:55 pm
>> after losing anchor stores like macy's, they're scrambling to find replacements as randy gyllenhaal shows us, they're getting creative. >> reporter: when this macy's store closes later this year, it will first impact the local employees. >> i just feel for the people. they're all their jobs. >> reporter: overtime the ripple effect spreads, less foot traffic to other shops in the mall all part of a growing national trend. big box stores undercut by amazon and online shopping. >> the growth of e-commerce has eaten into traditional bricks and mortar retail sales. >> reporter: there's also a cultural shift happening in this country. >> that sort of idea of the mall being a destination i think is diminishing somewhat in our society. >> reporter: to combat that, shopping malls are pivoting and diversifying, no longer tethered to department stores. plymouth meeting mall has a
5:56 pm
whole foods as an anchor tenant and this spring they'll open a legoland experience. at suburbing square in ardmore construction for more parking and dining, even a fitness center after the longtime macy's closed here. but some shoppers missed standing in line talking to clerks and actually seeing the product up close. >> i'm not an online shopper as much as my kids are, but i get it. >> you are putting a lot of people out of jobs. amazon's the type of company that's doing this. you're buying over the internet, which is terrible. >> reporter: as for this macy's we know it will close in 2017 likely in the spring. but at this point the plymouth meeting mall says they don't have anything to announce on what might be replacing it. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. here are jim rosenfield and jacqueline london. >> coming up at 6:00, a unique reaction to philadelphia's new soda tax. >> how some restaurant owners are now helping more kids benefit from the tax.
5:57 pm
plus -- >> new at 6:00, hear why the opioid epidemic impacts you even if you don't know anyone taking the drug. also new at 6:00, fewer homes being built in delaware right now, at least when construction involves habitat for humanity. the reason for the construction lull. plus i'm tracking some freezing rain in parts of the area. i'll break it down for you where you live in first alert neighborhood forecast.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00, freezing rain moving into parts of our region right now. we're timing out whether your neighborhood will get an icy mix or just rain. >> deadly epidemic. why governor christie says the opioid crisis is impacting every single person in new jersey right now. vaccination dilemma. hundreds of parents who thought their kids were protected are now worried that's not the case. nbc 10 news starts now. and we begin with our first alert weather tonight. in the next few hours we will likely see rain and even freezing rain in some spots. >> let's go to glenn "hurricane" schwartz. when will this wet weather arrive? >> this is going be happening after 9:00, 10:00 tonight. most of us will be seeing regular rain and freezing rain will be over a very limited area for a limited time. but this is what we're seeing here.
6:00 pm
this area in pink in western pennsylvania obviously moving straight eastward and it's rain. it's not snow. so if it moves into areas that are below freezing, it sticks on any surface, creates layer of ice and then you got problems. eventually we'll be getting into this area. heavier rain by that time temperatures will be well above freezing everywhere. as you can see, in general we're above the freezing mark across our area. even in many parts of the lehigh valley. we showed you some of these temperatures a couple of hours ago. and they're coming up very slowly. fleetwood, kutztown at 29 degrees. so this still has a little ways to go. bassett 29, nazareth at 30, and bethlehem at 31. you have to monitor these mp


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