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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  January 11, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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watching the vine street expressway. closed this morning. showing part of that closure right here. see between in point and schuylkill we have lane restrictions here. everybody being diverted off on the broad street off-ramp right now. 4:30. new this morning: investigating a shooting that started as an assault. here's what happened. officers say a man was punched after leaving a restaurant. after leaving a restaurant. the man ran away then pulled out a gun and shot one of the men who was chasing him.
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the injuries are minor and police are now questioning the shooter and the gunshot victim. president elect donald trump is expected to hold first news conference since election night victory. this comes just hours after news report surfaced about his alleged ties to russia. he's already denied on twitter. nbc 10 live from the digital operation center with those. tell sources president elect trump was informed during allegations during intelligence briefing, allegations about dealings with russians. important to note from the start. none of the information gathered has been verified by u.s. agts sis including the fbi. reports are coming out that russia may have damaging information regarding trump's personal and financial affairs. nbc news says the information came from officials with direct knowledge of the situation. the president elect was mode aware during his briefing with
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officials about russian hacking and the 2016 election. trump adviser kellyanne conway appeared on late night with seth myers last night. he asked her about the new developments. here's her response. >> also says that hillary clinton and groups that wanted hillary clinton to win may have been behind the investigation themselves and most importantly, it says the fbi is trying to confirm it. nothing has been confirmed. >> president elect donald trump sent out a tweet last night which reads fake news, a total political witch hunt. not clear exactly what he was referring to there, but just within the past few minutes, wall street journey tweeted russia claims it does not have any compromising information on the president elect and the report is absolute fabrication. while the fbi has not yet ver y verified the information, the agency is investigating. coming up at five, generating a huge reaction on social media. live in the digital operation center.
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speaking of local political leaders, cory booker is set to make history when he testifies against jeff sessions during day two of confirmation hearings on capitol hill. it will be the first time a senator has ever testified against a fellow senator. booker has said he believes sessions position against voting rights and criminal justice reform represent a real danger to our country. booker is not the only opposition to sessions. protesters dressed in kkk robes and hoods heckled senator sessions during yesterday's hearing. capital please escorted them out. chose him for attorney general despite controversy over civil rights. >> denied other claims he would go after muslims. >> i have no belief and do not support the idea that muslims as a religious group should be
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denied admission to the united states. >> sessions did pledge to crack down on illegal immigration saying he would prosecute immigrants who is repeatedly enter the country illegally. every day i have learned from you. you made me a better president. you made me a better man. >> that's president obama's message to the american people. the president delivered his farewell address to the nation with the vice president and first lady looking on. during last night's speech in chicago, por outlined the achievements of administration. he also shared his thoughts about future of the country. called for new voices and leaders to emedical personnrge away and repeated red fran of his 2008 campaign. >> i'm asking you to hold fast to the fate written in founding documents, created the core of every american whose story is not yet written.
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yes, we can. yes, we did. yes, we can. thank you. >> with that he waved to the crowd. the president and first lady are returning to the white house this morning. >> 4:35. 44 degrees outside. happening today we're expected to learn whether the case against philadelphia lynn. center of the sex abuse scandal. convicted on sex abuse coverup. his case was overturned. prosecutors fighting dwen to retry him. expected to issue an ruling in the case sometime today. we'll have updates from court. former teacher on bail after being arrested and charged with sexual misconduct. resigned after being accused of having a sexual relationship with a teenage student. told police that the sexual
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encounters happened more than once between november and december. the north pen school district released a statement reading in part, charges such as these are contrary to the core values educators hold true and will never be tolerate instead the north penn school district. following new details in the murder of grace packer. police searched the home of a third person of interest. apartment where they lived with instead 2012 after working more than seven years as a social worker in north hampton county. sara and her boyfriend are accused of murdering 14-year-old grace and dumping her body. 4:36. mayor was on his way to new jersey state of the state address. the governor's state of the state address when he saw a house on fire. >> this morning, he's being
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hailed a hero. we'll tell you how he saved a sleeping woman from inside this burning home. plus a different approach to philadelphia's sugary drink tax. how three restaurant owners are sweetening the deal nfor a loca school. 44 degrees, look at the wind. that's going to warm up. there are some changes ahead today. you may get another chance to use your umbrella before you know it. 4:37 is the time. your neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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citizens bank education refinance loan. call... to see how much you could save now. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a quick check on the roads. some of the vine street expressway closure is starting to clear a ahead of schedule. same thing happened yesterday morning. right now watching the
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schuylkill on-ramp. you might be able to see flashing lights against the road here. still blocked off with road signs. within the next couple of minutes, i would expect some crew to get here and lift the signs out of way. not completely out of the woods with the vine. take local vine as the alternate to get by. watching mass transit. there's an overturned truck on route 55 over in new jersey on the northbound side just around route 40. so watch for lane restriction there is. slippery spots as well. end on the pa turnpike. 23 minutes, speeds also into the 60s. so no big problems there. check in with that accident on 55 and more of that vine street expressway construction when i come back. 20 minutes before five. look at the warm temperatures we have this morning.
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44 degrees. the rain you heard come through overnight has already moved out. we've got cloudy skies. the winds are 22 miles an hour. that's helping to warm temperatures up this morning. keep temperatures elevated. the winds will die down. still see a south westerly wind. 47 degrees. sunshine up to 48 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. suburbs clearing skies right now. 39. be in the 30s at 8:00. back to 40s. nice warm up with sunshine and clouds that will blow through the area. just a five mile an hour wind at lunchtime. clouds start moving in later this afternoon. if you're going to be out during the day, lehigh valley dry. you won't need umbrella. there is more wet weather. that will come in during the evening hours and into overnight tonight. don't need the heaviest coat in your closet this morning. 36 degrees. temperatures above freezing in lehigh valley. warming into the 40s. lunchtime 40 degrees. new jersey, cloud right now. rain moving offshore.
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41 at 8:00. into the low 40s at 10:00. closer to 50 degrees this amp. if we don't reach the 50s today, it will happen tomorrow. in fact probably go beyond the 50s tomorrow. still a few showers at the shore. many neighbors have started to dry out. get sunshine breaking through clouds. back in upper 40s this afternoon. that's the flow that's going to keep temperatures nice and mild in delaware too. 42 right now. big turn around from yesterday. might come down a little bit now that skies a clearing out at 8:00. right back into the 40s with partly sunny skies at lunchtime. now the rain moving out. there you see the doppler radar shows it just offshore. streets will still be damp right now. no frozen precipitation. just too warm for any of that. then the next round of rain could be here this evening too. take a look when you can expect that to move in. when you'll see sunshine and a look at the weekend too with a ten day on ten when i'm back in
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ten. school buses driver in philadelphia is facing charges after police say he made an unscheduled stop. >> where police found the man while a second grader waited alone on the bus. chris christie's pledge to battle the opioid addiction in hiss state.
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. i will not have the blood on addicted new jersey yans on my hands because we waited to act. i will not willingly watch citizens die and watch their families mourn and suffer. >> in his state of the state address, new jersey governor chris christie focused on the state's opioid epidemic. called for limits on what doctors can prescribe and wants insurers to pay for 6 months of treatment. leaders say they'll consider the
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proposal. opioid addiction tops the stories today. tom wolf host a round able to discussion on opioid abuse. the talk at the bethlehem treatment center will also focus on the state's effort to fight addiction. now put pressure on doctors to check medical records before they prescribe opioids to patients. effort to educate people about human trafficking kicks off in camden county. survivors tell their story today at an interactive event. today is national human trafficking awareness day. >> at the jersey shore, new food pantry officially opens in plantic county. leaders of atlantic care and food bank will cut the ribbon this afternoon at the pantry on the plex. help low income patients at the atlantic care health plex in atlantic city.
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16, but businesses getting a chance to grow. yesterday governor announced grants where investors can receive up to 20% of money back while building up delaware's downtown communities. today montgomery county military veterans and families can learn about medical benefits at a presidential town hall meeting and q and a session. happens tonight at 6:00. just about quarter to five this morning. kind of refreshing when you walk outside. >> it's relatively warm. i saw the rain had moved out. let's check how that's going to impact. still be wet roads. first alert jessica boyington is watching your ride to work. watching the removal of the construction on the vine street expressway. see guys out here walking around picking up signs blocking off the on-ramp to the vine street expressway now. police activity up ahead. flashing lights. watching that from the schuylkill. typically one of the last areas to have one of the off-ramps and
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khloe h closure removed. little ahead of schedule this morning. by the time you get out the door, vine street expressway should be completely open. watching this in place. looks like they maybe letting some vehicles start to come through the area. other than that watch for construction crew around the area as well. might be a dangerous situation when driving through quickly. also in franklin, overturned truck on route 55 northbound. watch for lane restrictions there. cherry hill township set of traffic lights malfunctioning, but all lanes are open. use caution and watch for police activity on the scene. updates on this and mass transit when i come back. 4:48. and a relatively warm 44 degrees outside. how about that? we'll take it. meteorologist bill henley here with a look at other refreshing temperatures that might be in our future. >> all looking a whole lot better this morning: continue to stay elevated throughout the day today. what you're not seeing now is rain falling.
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philadelphia. nice clear view across the delaware. clouds starting to break. mentioned wet streets. see those in cape may. breach avenue. the rain has just ended there. it will be drying out. notice what's missing, the snow from over the weekend. that was a snow eater overnight. that rain came through and did away with most of it on the ground. the winds, that's bringing even warmer air. the temperatures starting in the 30s and lower 40s. warm into the upper 40s to near 50 degrees this afternoon. we may reach 50 degrees at the shore. winds at 17 miles an hour. 20-mile-per-hour winds in discovdover. we will see sunshine. help to boost temperatures. there go the clouds and rain. clouds thinning out in lehigh valley in redding and allentown. see sunshine there. and drying out for the day. this evening, right here, that's the next round of rain moving through tennessee right now. going to be inching into our
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area during the early evening hours and into overnight tonight. 11:00 this morning, see mostly clear skies for us. here comes the rain. on track to arrive during the evening hours. it will be approaching washington, d.c. at 4:00 this afternoon. by 4:00, we'll start to see increasing clouds after some sunshine during the day today. then the rain arrives during the early evening hours. 7:30 this evening. wilmington, into new jersey seeing light rain showers. could have brief downpours. the winds blowing right now will push the clouds right on through. by tomorrow morning, we'll be seeing the rain come to an end. so more wet weather ahead for tonight. during the day today, probably won't need your umbrella. 48 degrees. look at tomorrow. 65. after another mild morning. in the 40s friday. stay above freezing. cooler day with clouds and sunshine. will be cooler still this weekend. on saturday there's a chance we'll see some light snow. doesn't look like it's going to
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be more than that. drying out on sunday. warming up too back into the low 40s for sunday and monday. those are normal high temperatures for this time of year. it goes even warmer on tuesday. look at the rest of the week too. high temperatures in the 50s. nine minutes before 5:00. in chester county, a shors expected to be okay after i survived an ordeal in cold temperatures. >> it was quite an ordeal. had to pull it from icy pond. take a look at pictures sent to us by east whiteland fire company. see the back half of the horse's body was underwater yesterday morning. along hallow road. took crews just under an hour to hall the animal back on to dry land. now a follow-up on this wayward saeal spotted saturday. remember this. officials at the institute animal shelter tell us the seal appears to be healthy. been in an inlet since december
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and most likely looking for food. if you spot it, keep your distance. the seal will probably head back to the bay when it's ready. three philadelphia restaurants taking the sugary drink tax further and paying it forward with matching donations. the owners of hawthornes, came bridge. charging customers the mandatory city tax. they are also matching the taxes collected and plan to donate own money to the andrew jackson school where their son starts in the fall. >> officials hope a $10,000 reward will help police catch whoever vandalized a northeast philadelphia synagogue twice. someone through a rock through a stain glass window at temple menorah last month. the temple made repairs then this past weekend someone through another rock through the win window. no one was hurt. danger for delivery drivers.
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>> this morning. trying to put a stop to a crime spree in one local town. who the gunman are targeting. that's coming up. mplts. through the smoke, give you a first look at a potentially life saving tool for philadelphia firefighters. ññyñññçwçwñwñwñww?qoówvoó
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unscheduled stop has a philadelphia school bus driver in trouble with please. left a student on the bus while he went grocery shopping. picked up the second grader in west philadelphia monday. he stopped at the shot right at 67th and told the boy to stay on the bus. well, a passer by called police who found the driver in the store. >> can't tell a seven-year-old to sit tight on a running bus in west philadelphia. it just doesn't make sense to me. >> henry is dhargeed with endangering welfare of a child. police say they also found marijuana on him. the boy was not hurt.
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we have new details in the case against accused state trooper killer. banned him and defense team of presenting any evidence of sanity during the trial. jury selection is set to begin in march. charged with killing brian dictidixon and wounding another back in 2014. >> federal judge has awarded a $1.5 million settlement to the family of a wilmington man killed by police sitting in wheelchair. officers shot him in september of 2015 after getting a call about a man firing a gun. cell phone video shows him reaching for waste after officers ordered him to drop the weapon. prosecutors did not file charges against the officers. philadelphia firefighters showing off potentially new life saving equipment. got a first look at new thermal imagine cameras. spot heat given off by objects
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and people. help people rescue people through thick clouds of smoke. should be up and running in the next couple of weeks. keep you posted. south jersey mayor goes from politician to lifesaver. sky force was over the scene at west broad street yesterday morning. gary stephenson just happened to be driving by when he spotted smoke. stevenson who is also a volunteer firefighters and former fire chief banked on doors fdoor s until the girl woke up inside. >> just getting ready to kick the door in me and the other gentleman when the girl came down the steps and she's like what's the matter. i'm like, honey, your house is on fire. >> he was at the right place at the right time. thanks in part to quick action, no one was hurt in that fire. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ you could open for bon jovi on opening tour. right now new jersey based rockers are holding a contest on
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website to choose the bands. winners play a 20 minute set on the upcoming this house is now for sell tour. one artist selected for each tour date including the stop in philadelphia on march 31. all you have to do is upload your band. right winger wane summons now an all-star for first time in his career. >> feels awesome. doesn't go without having attachments as good as these guys. without these guys, i wouldn't be in that position. i want to thank those guys for sure. >> congratulations to him. all-star game is in los angeles. carli lloyd remains the best female soccer player in a row. fifa award for best women's player of the year. in an interview she said after the loss of rio olympics, wasn't expected to win it. more of the stories we're
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following right now on nbc 10 news at 5:00 a.m. russian allegations. new report details damages information about president elect trump. comes as he gets ready to hold first news conference in months. >> yes, we did. yes, we can. president obama delivers his final traes as commander in chief. message to america. dangerous deliveries. we'll tell you who gunman are targeting in one local community. relatively mild outside. i'm tracey davidson. >> wow won't want to miss it. it's not the worst thing. i'm katy zachry. thanks for joining us. right though meteorologist bill henley with good weather news. close to 30 degrees warmer in philadelphia compared to yesterday. 43 degrees right now. everybody seeing warmer temperatures. now everybody seeing drying
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conditions as the rain from overnight has already mutual fund moved out. see the clouds thinning out too. got sunshine on the way for today. suburb s in delaware 42 degrees. 44 south jersey and at jersey shore. these numbers into the upper 40 this afternoon, but there is some warmer weather ahead. you can see on the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. go through it hour by hour to show you how quickly the temperatures climb today and you'll see sunshine when i come back in ten minutes. first jessica boyington has first alert traffic. watching the blue route this morning. on-ramp around germantown pike area. see all the snow we had yesterday over to the shoulder moved out of the way. now left with slippery spots as well. watch getting on and off the ramps just in case this morning. also watching a crash just reported into schls out


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