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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 12, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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a vote to repeal. lawmakers took the first step to undo president obama's legacy overnight. and feeling like spring, ditch the heavy coats because there's a big warmup in your "first alert" forecast. and brave burglaries, thieves pulled off heists in homes while families were fast asleep inside. 6:00 a.m. and 53 degrees outside. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> that's right, i'm kate? zachary. we're all echoing that. let's get to bill henley with the "first alert" neighborhood forecast. >> we'll warm into the 60s. but we do have a few showers, just scattered light rain
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showers. you can see them moving into new jersey, chester county in pennsylvania. they're already clearing out of montgomery and bucks counties. just light scattered showers. and a chance of early morning showers. look at lehigh valley. 52 degrees in lehigh valley with southwesterly wind of 5 miles an hour. 56 degrees at noon time. philadelphia from the middle 50s into the middle 60s later today. we'll see sunshine break through the clouds for this afternoon. partly sunny in delaware and new jersey. 62 degrees in new jersey. and a mild day at the shore with skies turning partly sunny. that's going to dry the roads out at the shore and the rest of the area as well. i'll show you the forecast hour by hour to show you when your neighborhood will reach into the 60s when i come back in ten minutes but first jessica boyington has your "first alert" traffic. >> on the schuylkill expressway in our cameras right around montgomery county drive.
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no major problems. if you're moving from center city to the blue route to the vine. average speeds still in the high 50s. it looks good right now. there are a few things going on right now. a crash on lower moreland at red lion road and phil montz avenue. another one in northern new jersey, northbound, a crash near route 47. traffic is still getting by, though. route 73 at atlantic city expressway. roads are little damp. i'll be back in ten. >> jessicas we'll see you then. we are following breaking news overnight from washington, d.c. the republican-led senate took the first major step to rewe'll obamacare early this morning. nbc10's matt delucia is live in the digital operations center. perhaps next? >> it allows congressional republicans to repeal the afford
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affordable care act. it's the first step towards the repeal of obamacare. the entire process could take weeks if not months. of course, most democrats want to keep obamacare. some of the senators on the left spoke their mind last night. their attempt to change some minds. one senator that spoke up was senator bob casey from pennsylvania talking about how some people might be forced to work longer hours to pay their premium. >> in a word, i think is this a plan to task. task certainly for insurance markets but more particularly, chaos and damage done to middle class families whose costs will go up. >> senator casey has used examples of how obamacare has worked for families. he talked in one in lancaster county and one from a farmer saying she's working two jobs and doesn't make enough to pay her premiums. no replacement plan has been announced. some senators are questioning
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that. more coming up at 6:30. it wasn't us, that's the message that the director of national intelligence has for donald trump. james clapper says he president-elect that the intelligence community did not leak information about an unverified russian memo. in a news conference yesterday trump speculated that u.s. intel agencies may have been the source of that leak. also at that news conference, the president-elect called the reports about the intel leak fake news. and that russia was probably behind the election hacking. and the president-elect offered a new ethics plan to avoid conflicts of interest with his business holdings. it includes putting the trump organization into a blind trust controlled by his two oldest sons. meanwhile, the president-elect nominated a man from philadelphia for veterans affairs secretary. coming up at 6:15, nbc10 talked with his parents for why the local doctor wants to lead the
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va. 33 civilians in afghanistan died during a fire fight with the taliban. this comes after the investigation into the raid that happened back in november. that's where u.s. troops launched air strikes that targeted two senior taliban commanders. military officials say the taliban were using residential buildings as firing positions. take a look at this new video that shows a suspected car jacker who tried to steal several cars in overbrook yesterday before being shot by one of the car owners. police say he failed to steal the van. a white car pulled in the alley. the owner of the white car went after him with two nearby teenagers. during the struggle, the car owner who is licensed to carry a gunshot the suspect in the leg. one of the teens talked to us about what happened next. >> he didn't want to shoot him. he clearly didn't. he was just trying to protective. protect the people around him. >> police say the suspect also
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crashed his cars into several other cars before the rest of this happened. authorities say charges are pending. this morning, a police officer in laepgtic county is suspended without pay and he's facing charges in connection with a domestic assault. samuel clericco was involved in four separate incidents dating back in december 2014 for using this police badge to get inside the hotel room of his ex-girlfriend. he was accused of retaliating against another police officer after he served as a witness. in montgomery county investigators are on the hupts for thieves who broke into homes while families were sleeping inside. police in lower gwynedd township said the thieves stole keys right out of the homeowners'
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garages. police officers in new jersey will soon have more body cameras recording what they do. yesterday the tate attorney general announced more than $500,000 in grants. the money will help pay for more than 1100 cameras in police departments across the state including several in atlantic, burlington, salem and gloucester counties. >> all right. 6:07 right now. a live look at camelback mountain where there's definite fog there. this is a great time to see it, with temperatures and snow on the ground i would say it's very busy there today. >> yeah, fog there created but most of the areas fog-free. but not exactly cloud-free. take a look at this live look from the burlington bristol bridge. a live view from new jersey. that's the moon that will be setting this morning that will be brightening things up. there's clouds around. look at the temperatures. low 50s in the lehigh valley.
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that's warmer than it was first thing this morning. 55 in delaware. these temperatures even before sunrise this morning, we're seeing a pretty good wind that's blowing the warm air into fox chase which is now 55 degrees. manayunk is 52 and 53. these are april-like temperatures for today. not going to be around all that long. showers, these won't be around long either. scattered light showers. it's already drying out for some of the suburbs. i think we'll get a few more showers during the daytime today. later this morning or this afternoon, you're more likely to see sunshine. just a few sprinkles. waterford seeing light sprinkles as well. the showers will take a break this afternoon. you can see it on the hour-by-hour forecast. first thing this morning, 50 degrees. but then we climb into the low 50s again with scattered showers at 10:00. 55 degrees in mt. holly. with mild temperatures to the
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south. these showers here, we'll get more and more sunshine. especially in delaware and south jersey. 60 degrees in millvale by lunchtime. warming in philadelphia with sunny skies. still scattered clouds even in the lehigh valley. near 60 degrees in pottstown and low 60s for northeast philadelphia. doesn't that look nice? and the forecast, it's calling for clouds and sunshine. yes, you might see a few more rain drops first thing this morning. 51 degrees at 9:00, 54 degrees by lunchtime in philadelphia. stays warm during the afternoon hours you'll get breaks from the rain drops in the lehigh valley. especially this afternoon. even though clouds will linger into the afternoon, you'll get some sunshine. for delaware and south jersey, low 60s by 1:00. and the shore, temperatures are going to be held back box of the cooler ocean. 57 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon. and, well, enjoy it today. by the weekend, things are
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chillier, if you noticed a snowflake or two, over the week, the forecast, it's the truth. i'll take a look at that on the 10 on 10 in ten minutes. let's check 42 for your ride to work. "first alert" traffic reporter jessica boyington is standing by with a look at that, jessica, mar you seeing? >> we're walking through depthford right now. right here, that's the northbound traffic. that's moving towards the philadelphia area where we clearly see the delay. clearly more volume heading northbound than southbound. if you're heading down toward the sicklerville area. no big delays yet. if you're heading up towards philadelphia, maybe you have to get to 295 to head towards trenton, you'll be fine for now. millville, there's a crash. lanes still getting by. no word of any closures there. you'll be good to go out on 55 to platt bridge, looks okay. just on the side of 95, you can see everything looks good right now. both directions on the bridge.
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speaking 95, we'll check in with 95 drive time. that traffic that's moving towards center city, 17 minutes from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. speeding are dropping but still in the very high 40s. i'll of course have more updates and more on that when i come back. >> donald trump wants a local doctor to take over the embattled department of veterans affairs. >> now, his parents tell nbc10 why their son is the man for the jacques. plus no horsing around, the role that these elite animals will play in the inauguration next week.
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it's 6:15. and it feels like spring here in burlington county. a live look at the burlington
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bristol bridge from the promenade where it's 54 degrees. bill henley will have your "first alert" forecast straight ahead. and a horse in our area is getting ready for the inauguration neek week. at valley forge in rehearsal for the cavalry. this will be the fifth inauguration parade appearance for this historic unit. president-elect donald trump has picked a philadelphia area native to run the department of veterans affairs. dr. david shulkin will be taking on a va that's been under fire for years and too much pay work. shulkin is a holdover from the obama administration. he grew up in bali cynwyd and has helped top officials like penn and drexel. we spoke to his parents who got the news yesterday by phone from
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their son. >> never been more excited before in his life. and he's been in big places. when he sees pain, he wants to be right there and be part of the healing process. >> local veterans talked about the pick at a town mall meeting in horsham to discuss veterans benefits. some said they would rather see a man with military experience run the va but maybe he'll bring a different perspective. students will get their first look at new $17 million science center in bucks county in newtown. it features ten labs and areas where students can collaborate on projects. an attraction coming to independence mall will invite business and residents to learn how the bible impacted philadelphia and our country. the american bible study announced yesterday it will begin building the faith and
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liberty discovery center this spring. it's about a quarter after 6:00. a mild 54 degrees outside. >> jessica boyington has the check of the roads. >> starting on the boulevard, route 1 around 17th street. no major problems or delays as you can see here. north or southbound, on the schuylkill expressway now is the time to go before it actually jams up a little later on in your morning commute. you see the roads are a little damp out there so use caution getting on and off the ramps especially. po for the most part, the drive is okay. around salem church road you are detoured around the scene for a while not a lot of delays including that detour but you can take pulaski highway. or 95, to jump on a major, that will be your quickest route. out in east norriton, there's a sinkhole. around hanna avenue. you might be detoured there as well. the schuylkill expressway will
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end here. not seeing any major problems here, eastbound from the vine street expressway still 14 minutes. average speeds in the low 50s which is still pretty good for this time especially if you're moving into center city. so, that's doing okay. we'll update you on the jersey crash when i come back. it's 6:18, we'll get you updated on the forecast which has 50s and 60s and later snow. >> yeah. already warming. 54 degrees. we showed the pocono mountains. not reaching into the lehigh valley. this is a live view from easton. wind, that is driving the warm air our way. look at the camera shaking on top of center city building, a live look of boathouse row. there's still a chance of a brief morning shower before we get more sunshine this afternoon. suburbs in the 50s. unionville township is down to 51 degrees.
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chatsford, chester, new haven, all low 50s. no cold air around. this is typical april weather. typically in april, we'll warm in the 60s, and that will happen during the day. but a whole lot better than last the law few days. quakertown 52 degrees. 52 degrees in allentown. exton, reading, philadelphia, all in the 50s to start with. but you'll likely see some people wearing shorts this afternoon. after the clouds clear out with the rain we'll get sunshine for an even warmer afternoon. right now, very light rain showers moving through new jersey. and another batch moving into new castle county in delaware. these light showers will be on and off. chester county, light rain moving past coatesville. westchester getting rain drops and just inching into newark. no sign of the cold we had yesterday. but we can see it here, snow falling in the midwest, that cold arrives for the weekend. today, and tomorrow, not so bad.
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it's saturday and sunday that will definitely be colder. and there is a chance we'll see scattered light snow showers. a weak system coming through saturday. drying out on sunday. a little warmer sunday afternoon, with sunshine, that starts another warming trend for next week. but there's sure a lot to enjoy today. 65 degrees this afternoon. turns cooler this evening but it stays dry this evening for a change. 46 degrees tomorrow afternoon. a bit chillier on saturday. that were a chance of scattered light snow showers saturday during the day. by sunday, we're drying out and warming up just a little bit on sunday. but look at that as we go through next week 50s for tugs and beyond. with a chance of more wet weather, this time rain for wednesday, thursday and next saturday. >> 20 minutes past 6:00 right now. punched in the face over a cheese steak. surveillance video shows the attack at a philadelphia deli. coming up, the victim explains what sparked the assault.
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action following tragedy. the change that is aiming to keep new jersey transit riders safer.
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members of the miami heat basketball team are a little shaken up but okay after sliding off the runway. because of ice conditions there. new jersey transit is spending an extra $32 million to expedite a new safety system. the additional money will help them ensure that a positive train system is installed on the rail lines before the end of next year. the demands of technology increase because of the crash in hoboken which killed one person. positive train control or ptc automatically will stop the train if the operator is
6:25 am
speeding. good morning, everyone, jessica boyington checking the roads. we're watching roads over in new jersey this morning. there's an accident over in deptford township. we'll cover that in a minute. looking at admiral wilson boulevard approaching the ben franklin bridge toll plaza. no major problems or delays. and that can change, we'll update you when i come back at 6:30. for now, bill henley will give you the weather. >> it's a windy one. that's a good thing because it's blowing warm air into the area. 54 degrees in philadelphia. we're heading to the 60s today. there are big changes ahead, especially for the weekend. your neighborhood forecast, just ahead. plus, michelle obama's last late night as first lady. >> thank you, barack -- >> her thank you note to her husband, coming up next on "nbc 10 news today."
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>> thank you, barack -- we just moved into this house
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and didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to tie all that space together. with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. bassett had everything that we needed. fabric combinations marry the rooms together. having someone with bassett has been invaluable. we could've never dreamed up this room without bassett.
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repealing obamacare. the major step lawmakers took this morning to shake up access to health care for millions. cheesesteak attack. a south philly deli owner explains why a customer beat her up over a sandwich. and a warm wake-up call. springlike weather will greet you as you walk out the door. just how much it will heat up before the cold returns. "the new york timent "nbc 1 now. i'm dait? zachary. >> i'm tracy davidson. bill henley has your "first alert" neighborhood forecast. >> i'm expecting 60s this afternoon. but if you're heading out the door right now, you may run into a few of these. some rain drops this morning. no icing issues, not like yesterday morning. it's completely out of the picture with warm air.
6:30 am
scattered light showers moving through new jersey and delaware. and mullica township and some seeing very light rain pushing towards atlantic city. not much to the showers. we'll see some scattered showers this morning. but the temperatures, that's the main feature today. look at that, 52 degrees right down in the lehigh valley. 55 in delaware. and we'll warm into the 60s this afternoon. though there will be clouds around, 57 degrees at 11:00, with 15--mile-per-hour wind pushing the temperatures up into the 60s. 65 in philadelphia. 62 degrees in new jersey. right up at the 60 degree mark at the shore. lehigh valley and suburbs we'll see a few more clouds during the late morning. and a chance of scattered showers during that time period. it's so very warm for january. but i'll show you how long that lasts with the neighborhood forecast when i come back in ten minutes. but first, jessica boyington with the "first alert" traffic. >> bill, we're watching the
6:31 am
schuylkill expressway finding delays on the westbound side. these are our cameras right around city avenue. 17 minutes for the orange to the yellow. specifically a 12-minute trip westbound to the vine street expressway. to the blue route, the average speeds down to the 40s. the average bringing it down right here. from here, adding from montgomery drive forward towards city avenue, that's where we're see something of the delays which is pretty tip dal at least for this time. nothing to report box of those delays. also watching the broad street line for septa, the will terminate and third rock transportation center. that may affect your transportation there. deptford township there's a crash. around route 37. that's in the process of clearing. route 30 around the kol lincolnswood circle. no major problems to report here. at least through the intersection, you see a couple of we roads as well.
6:32 am
out in newark, delaware, there's a crash on old baltimore pike. it's closing the intersection right around salem church road. that's right in here. you can actually see a string of red there for that closure. not a lot of major delays approaching the scene really in either direction. but if you need an alternate, you can take the pulaski highway. back to you. 6:32, we're following breaking news for you it was a late night at the capitol building. the senate took the first steps to dismantling obamacare this morning. matt delucia is here with the details and how one pennsylvania senator voted. >> the vote happened just before 1:30 this morning. democrats tried to protest but it did not work. this measure is just the first step towards the repeal of obamacare, the affordable care act. the measure passed 51 to 48. most democrats want to keep
6:33 am
obamacare. one who spoke up, senator bob casey from pennsylvania. he questioned where the replacement plan is. >> to find the republican plan here in washington, we'd need to hire a really good private investigator. to look in every korcorner of washington. maybe it's in some of the desks here. casey put out on twitter, donald trump said affordable care act approximatelies for those with preexisting conditions. one firm in washington announced already 200 layoffs anticipating the repeal of obamacare. we'll let you know what happens as it unfolds. for now, i'm live in the digital operations center. matt delucia, nbc10 news. dr. ben carson heads to capitol hill for a confirmation hearing. president-elect donald trump nominated carson to be his pick
6:34 am
for housing and urban development. a senate confirmation hearing also for general james mad it, president-elect donald trump nominee for defense secretary. mad it abo madis abruptly cancelled a hearing. and lawmakers have pushed back nominees for more vetting including education pick betsy devos. here at home this morning, three teens are in custody after police say they committed three separate robberies just a few minutes apart before 1:00 this morning in the city's brewerytown section. police say the teens took money and electronics from victims. philadelphia police have the driver of this red car in custody. they say he hit a detective's unmarked car and took off. officers chased him down. the drive is now charged with
6:35 am
driving under the influence. it's 6:34 right now. we're learning new information about the 14-year-old girl who was raped and killed allegedly by her adoptive mother boy friend as her mother watched. the lawyer said she was abused and neglected in at least three other homes. the lawyer for grace packer's parents say they lost custody of grace some she was a toddler on allegations that other adults were abusing her children. it was confirmed to nbc10 news that grace packer was abused. and her mother did nothing to stop the abuse. we have new details on the deadly airport shooting in ft. lauderdale. we've learned that one of the victims who was killed is from dover. 69-year-old mary louise amzibel drew up in ohio but moved to delaware. he was in the baggage claim area when police say the gunman esteban santiago opened fire and
6:36 am
killing six people and injuring six others. we're now hearing from a philadelphia deli owner. she was attacked over the price of a cheesesteak and the entire thing was caught on camera. police say the attack happened january 4th at the daylight deli. in the video you can see two men inside the deli. they started arguing over the price of a cheesesteak with the 60-year-old owner. we spoke with her. she tells us one of the men punched her in the face when she got up he kept attacking her. she was too afraid to show her face on camera. >> i said that's the price. >> police are looking for the attackers. now, an update on a story we've been following for days that sinkhole in fishtown, it could take several more days for crews to repair water and gas lines. nearby homes have been without
6:37 am
those services since sunday when the sinkhole opened up and swallowed two cars. the coast guard tells us its crews are no longer out cleaning up the fuel spill on tinicum township. when we learn more we'll update you on air and on the nbc10 app. all right. about 20 minutes before 7:00 this thursday. we really like talking about the weather today. >> because the temperatures are usually warm. meteorologist bill henley is also tracking some snow over the next couple of days. you'll want to be updated on both of those things. bill has an update. >> no sign of that today, thankfully, we've got this blowing in our favor. that's a southwesterly wind. look at the cameras shaking. that's the warm air pushing into the area. we're also seeing temperatures warm up. we're also seeing clouds. ahead in view, the moon full
6:38 am
this morning. this is a view of burlington bristol bridge from new jersey. you will see sunshine, all day long we'll get the wind blowing out of the southwest to keep us mild and help with the warmup. 54 degrees in philadelphia. sunshine and 50s. we'll warm into the 60s this afternoon. for the suburbs the clouds will be thinning out. that's when we see our warmest temperatures. lehigh valley, we have seen scattered rain showers. this morning. that's a possibility this morning and into the early afternoon hours. mainly, it's going to be dry. even though it's cloudy skies here, there will be breaks of sunshine, allowing temperatures to get near 60 in lehigh valley. new jersey, clouds will break for sunshine, especially this afternoon. you'll see lingering clouds. maybe a spotty shower but most of the day it will be dry. winds out of the southwest. 14-mile-per-hour winds this
6:39 am
afternoon. they'll be blowing at the shore, too. but because of the ocean and being cooler you'll see temperatureless s in the 50s at shore. it will feel more like april in delaware. 55 degrees right now. 55 at 10:00. might be a scattered light shower this morning. lots of sunshine this afternoon and into the 60s in delaware. yes, there are changes ahead. saturday will be the coldest. and look at this, a chance that we'll see scattered light snow showers on saturday from a weak system coming through. then a warmup sunday. another warmup as we head into next week. i'll show you how high the temperatures will go when i come back with the 10 day on 10. >> excited for that. thanks, bill. 11 minutes before 7:00. let's get you out the door and show you what's happening on the roads. jessica boyington has that. >> if you're watching the schuylkill expressway guys, south street on the westbound side, a crash just occurred
6:40 am
here. it's underneath the sign so you can't see everything that's going on -- one, two, three -- at least four cars involved. some people out and walking around. westbound. this traffic is moving towards the vine street expressway coming off of 95. right now, we're seeing a slowdown because that left-hand lane is blocked. now, we're seeing delays approaching that. also watching a crash up north on main street, you might be detoured. 95 looking great. 32 minutes. southbound from the woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. average speeds into the mid-20s. you can see quite a difference on the northbound side moving towards center city we are watching the delays. checking in by mass transit, broad street, we're expecting ten-minute delays in both directions. definitely check whether you go there. you may be 10 or 15 minutes late. back to you guys. same company, same cell phone plan.
6:41 am
two different prices. >> yeah, how does that happen? it's what happened when one man signed up for a new phone. when he couldn't get a straight answer, he called "nbc10 responds" when harry hairston did the work. plus this -- >> thank you inauguration day, or as i like to call it let's move! >> fun with the first lady. more late night fun we'll share with you. plus thank you notes that the president has coming up next.
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6:44 am
thank you, barack, for proving you're not a lame duck. [ laughter ] but my very own silver fox. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's pretty good.
6:45 am
first lady michelle obama had some fun, agency you saw with jimmy fallon lat night on "tonight show". she wrote her own thank you notes. >> i feel like crying right now. and i didn't think that it was go to be that emotional. it's like, we're ready. we're good. we're ready. been eight years. eight years is enough. we're packing up. >> first lady had jimmy fallon in stitches during the whole show. at one point she even joked about hosting "tonight show" on her own. 6:25 right now. in "nbc10 responds" confusion over a cell phone deal. >> right, a customer felt he was getting different prices from representatives at the same cell phone company. he called "nbc10 responds." harry hairston has the story. >> reporter: on black friday, larry silverman came here to t-mobile looking for a deal on a new cell phone. but he got bad news. >> they told me i wasn't
6:46 am
qualified to get a deal. >> reporter: so he paid $550 for an iphone 6s but he said he later had buyerses remorse. >> something didn't feel right. i called t-mobile. >> reporter: a representative told him he could get the more expensive iphone 7 for $350. nearly half off the price. but when he went back to the store, the store changed again. >> oh, great, can you look up my record. no, we're going to charge $649. >> reporter: silverman said the store told him the deal was no good. he called t-mobile corporate from the store. >> get me your supervisor. sorry, nothing we can do. >> reporter: the supervisor said the rep made a mistake. silverman argued it wasn't his fault and asked t-mobile to honor the deal. he said his company wouldn't budge. >> just wasn't sitting right.
6:47 am
>> reporter: then he saw another "nbc10 responds" story -- >> i'm going to write to these guys. >> reporter: we reached out to t-mobile. the company wouldn't explain what happened citing customer privacy reasons but it did give silverman the phone he wanted for the $350 price. >> i really appreciate it. >> this is another case where you want to always get everything in writing. silverman said he was quoted prices on the phone but they were never expressed in a written statement. always ask in a follow-up in the form of e-mail or letter. if you have questions on "nbc10 responds" or telemundo let us know. but best way is on the screen. 6:47, 54 degrees outside. you heard correctly. >> i just want to hit the pause
6:48 am
button. doesn't it feel great? you can see some clouds, those are the clouds moving through the city. you can see them in scapcape ma. we will see sunshine and predawn life we're getting. that's beach avenue, showers overnight. they're out of the picture for now. we have seen scattered showers this morning. really, temperatures are giving us an april preview. 50s to start with. warming into the 60s this afternoon. a warm and breezy day. it's those winds pushing the warm temperatures into the area. for a change this evening, it will be partly cloudy. if you're out and about, last couple of evenings, we've seen rain, not happening tonight. 50s in the lehigh valley. suburbs, delaware, 55 degrees. two days ago it was 50 degrees colder at this hour in south jersey. and the temperature was 4. 54 there now. really no cold neighborhoods this morning. andorra's now up to 52 degrees.
6:49 am
rittenhouse is 54 along with philadelphia international. and middle 50s for box chase. 55 degrees. a cool morning at the bus stop at 8:00 this morning. might see scattered showers in some of the suburbs. quakertown at 53 degrees. pretty mild for exton, trenton, atlantic city and wilmington. this is the starting point. we'll be in the 60s in the afternoon. as far as the showers, they are really dying out. just a few rain drops in delaware and south jersey. vineland, a sprinkle right now and pretty much ending in southern chester county. you won't see any cold there for the area. that's the way to the west. the cold you that see in the midwest producing some snow, that's going to happen for us this weekend. the cold arrives and we could see snow on saturday. not today. look at those numbers, 65 this afternoon. after a cloudy morning, we'll get sunshine and help with the
6:50 am
warming process. lots sunshine but cooler. 40s all day long. it's saturday that turns the coldest 47 in the morning. 33 in the afternoon. light rain, snow showers. no sign of rain on saturday. the rain will arrive next week once we get warmer temperatures. that starts on sunday. that's normal for this time of year. 41 degrees. we will warm next week through the 40s and into the 50s for tuesday and beyond. the next chance of showers, wednesday, thursday, again on saturday it will just be rain. >> bill, thanks for that. it's 10 to 7:00 right now on your thursday. let's get a check outside. jessica boyington is standing by with a look at a crash on the schuylkill expressway, jess? >> yes, on the schuylkill expressway. our camera right around south street on the westbound side. in that area, coming away from 95, moving towards the vine street expressway. so, right now, we have about one lane getting by. looks like they might be moving it over right now.
6:51 am
the police officer just got to the scene there. looks like they might be taking the vehicles involved off to the shoulder. at least in the off-ramp that would get it off to the general way of traffic. you can see with that one lane moving by on the westbound side, that's exactly what they're doing there, moving it into the shoulder. so, a littbit of residual delay. coming off the ramp a little bit, we might see problems as well. but other than that, now two lanes getting by on the schuylkill expressway westbound. but we're watching newark and delaware. the crash on old delaware pike is closing it right salem church road due to police activity on the scene there. directing you around or take pulaski highway. that's route 40 right there. that's an alternate for you. 95, that's a good way to get by. worcester, there's a crash on quarry hill road. and we're watching delays on
6:52 am
422. you can see a little bit of red on the map. that's making up for 17 minutes. at least ten minutes added to the morning drive. speed in the 30s. tracy. don't look now but the sixers are on fire. >> they are. they're heating up the latest win was as close as it gets. >> sixers call the time-out. here's mcconnell, can he get it off -- yes! the sixers win it. >> t.j. mcconnell with the game-winning bucket. the sixers took down the new york knicks last night. it's the fourth win if five games. mcconnell said this was the first game winning shots of his life. not just in the nba. and check this out, joel embiid was getting if on the fun making up his own dance routine alongside the sixers cheerleaders. eight minutes before 7:00 -- next, we'll run down this morning's headlines and the
6:53 am
stories we're following throughout the day for you including that breaks news out of washington, d.c. >> lawmakers worked into the early hours of the morning of repealing obamacare. the final vote and what's next, that's coming up ahead.
6:54 am
hello, peco.
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a few minutes before 7:00 a.m. here's some stories we're following today. >> the senate took the first steps this morning to undo president obama's signature health care law. early this morning by a they're low vote 51-48 senators passioned the budgets measure that will allow congressional republicans to repeal the affordable care act. only one republican voted no. today, dr. ben carson faces a confirmation hearing on his nomination to been secretary of
6:57 am
housing and urban development. carson will go before the committee of urban affairs. president-elect donald trump said the intelligence community did not leak information about an unverified memo that russia had. during a news conference yesterday the president-elect speculated that u.s. intel agencies may have been the source of that leak. new this morning in philadelphia, three teenagers are in custody after police say they committed three separate robberies just minutes apart. it happened just before 1:00 this morning in the city's brewerytown section. police say the three took money and electronics from the victims. nbc10 will continue to uncover new details in the rape and murder of 14-year-old grace packer. just this morning, we learned that she was abused or neglected in at least three other homes. the lawyer for grace packer's birth parent it's said they lost custody of grace over
6:58 am
allegations that other adults were abusing their children. and also confirmed to nbc10 that grace packer was assaulted by her father david packer. 60-year-old mary louise amzibel was in the baggage area and killed at ft. lauderdale airport. good morning, everyone, jessica boyington with one last check on the roads. watching the schuylkill expressway there's a crashing here on the westbound side. just around south street. now, a few moments ago, they did have one lane getting by, they moved it into the right-hand shoulder. a traffic moving away from 95 approaching the vine street expressway. it looks like three vehicles involved. at least three. police officers on the scene there, both lanes getting by with a little bit of a residual
6:59 am
delay, earlier with only one lane getting by, a slowdown by the scene headed westbound. watching for a crash on lower moreland and biberry road. a beautiful start, it is january but feels like april. these are the current temperatures. 54 right now in the suburbs. philadelphia is 56 degrees. 53 in new jersey. you see the clouds that are moving through the lehigh valley and delaware. those clouds will thin out this afternoon. you might even see a brief shower. a 15-mile-per-hour wind that will help warm delaware into the 60s. that's where most locations will head into this afternoon with more sunshine in delaware and south jersey than you'll see in the lehigh valley. even lehigh valley it will be near 60 degrees this afternoon. 65 for new jersey, philadelphia and for delaware. if you're on the go you can always get my forecast at 101.1 more fm. >> i always think you can
7:00 am
repeat. >> well, thanks for joining us, we'll have local updates throughout the morning. "today" show starts right now. thanks for watching. good morning. not us. the director of national intelligence calls donald trump to insist the leaks of unverified allegations did not come from the intelligence community. this, just hours after trump hinted they did, at a combative news conference. >> i think it was disgraceful, disgraceful, that the intelligence agencies allowed any information that turned out to be so false and fake out. >> as the government's ethics chief says trump's plan to address conflicts of interest is meaningless. one of trump's advisers, kellyanne conway will join us live. breaking over night, the senate takes the first steps towards repealing ob


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