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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  January 12, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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on the other end of the line have been laid off because state senators did not vote on a bill before the holiday break that would continue funding. >> we're feeling the stress. hopefully it tends soon. i can't guarantee that. >> reporter: stress is a shared feeling here. >> this is survival. it's not like a check is coming from somewhere else. >> reporter: because the government stalemate does not change the bills being due. >> this is what we have because of the bureaucratic reasons. everything day you come you're going to look at the same thing. five, six hours. >> reporter: nbc 10 news. and lawmakers on both sides are pointing fingers. it could take weeks before a compromise is reached. developing tonight in the past hour fbi director james comey responded to a new investigation into how he handled hillary clinton's e-mail investigation. democrats have blamed his handling of the investigation as a reason for her loss to donald trump. the inspector general will look
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at whether fbi policies were followed. director comey says he's grateful for the investigation and will cooperate and that everyone will benefit from thoughtful evaluation and transparency regarding this matter. we are now just eight days away from ininauguration of donald trump. today vice president joe biden is making a prediction about the trump presidency. mr. biden told andrea mitchell president elect trump has not done enough to address his ethical issue and business conflicts. >> are you going to be president or a businessman? you don't do both. you ran for the most coveted office in the world. >> yesterday mr. trump's tax attorney presented a mountain of documents outlining steps being taken to isolate him from his business. he said he could run his business and the country, but he doesn't like the way that looks. and vice president biden got a big honor today at the white house. we'll take you to that ceremony
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coming up in ten minutes. to the nbc 10 south jersey bureau. hiding in the back seat a pizza shop driver says an armed suspect surprised him when he jumped out at him during a delivery run and forced him to drive through three towns at gunpoint. the entire incident lasted ten minutes. nbc 10's south jersey reporter sydney long reports on the push to find this bold robber before he strikes again. >> it makes me nervous when i'm on the road now. i got to be more careful. >> reporter: matt griffin, part time delivery driver doesn't want to become the next victim. on tuesday night his friend and colleague was jumped inside his car. after leaving and arriving for a legitimate food drop off in west hampton. police say an armed robber quietly got into his running car. >> it's mind blowing. super scary. >> reporter: right after the delivery. once he got back in the car to drive away. that's when police say the
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suspect rose up from the back seat, he had a loaded gun. >> he forced him to give him all his money and drop him off somewhere. >> reporter: after a five minute ride police described he was forced to drive. the suspect got out another town over he had the victim's wallet and $200. >> he was shaken up, frightened. he gave us decent details and description of the suspect. which i'm actually surprised and grateful for. because this happened within the blink of an eye. >> i use today deliver. i'll never do it again. >> we're on the roads at night police think we're easy targets. >> circle the block once or twice just to do like, a canvass of who is outside, who is lurking around before you make a delivery. >> reporter: take steps to prevent themselves from being victimized. >> if you can go with a partner. have a flash light. maybe can of mace with you.
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>> definitely turn the car off now. >> cut your car off, lock your doors. take the two extra minutes to be safe. >> reporter: from west hampton, nbc 10 news. now a story you'll see only on 10. a cumberland county man shows fight over flight to defend himself and his home from a robbery suspect. >> i came home to somebody in my house. and me being me, i'm not going to allow that to happen. >> nico gonzalez was able to restrain a robber. his vineland home tuesday night even after the thief stabbed him. he was able to hold the man down until police arrived. police tell us the suspect is behind bars this afternoon. turning to our weather now, and it's feeling like springtime today. look at that. we found people in south philadelphia wearing shorts and flip-flops today. live look at the blue cross river rink where ice skaters don't need their coats tonight. let's go to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. record setting warmth in some
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spots today. >> oh, yeah. it's wind coming out of the southwest, blowing the flag this way. it's bringing in the warm air. tomorrow, the flag will be blowing in the opposite direction. the temperatures going down. today, 67 in philadelphia. we didn't set the record here because the record is 72. wilmington and atlantic city, both kind of smashed records for this date. four, five degrees. that is quite impressive. and the temperatures now, pretty impressive too. 52 in allentown. 52 mount pocono. 63 in vineland. 65 in dover. 65 an hour ago and the temperature still kind of mild, very mild overnight tonight once you get up tomorrow morning. instead the temperature going up it will go down. by this time tomorrow night we'll be in the 30s. and wind on top of that. but it's going to be a very mild evening as you see, temperatures barely below 60 at 10:00.
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yet we've got snow in the forecast for some areas this weekend. get into that timing a little bit. >> new at 6:00. pennsylvania grocery stores firing back at the mayor over the soda tax. the mayor accused stores of price gouging. today his office told nbc 10 stores were charging customers before the tax went into effect. they were also apparently upping the price for drinks like juice and milk where the tax doesn't apply. this afternoon the pennsylvania food merchants association called that an outrage attack and said the mayor's tax is gouging families across philadelphia. the tax is placed on drink distributors who can pass it along to customers. a partial victory for new jersey governor chris christie in the bridgegate scandal. a judge overturned a previous ruling against christie. she denied christie's attempt to dismiss the complaint and ordered a lower court to hold a new hearing.
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the complaint was filed by a citizen, who claims christie violated the law by not reopening lanes on the george washington bridge which were closed in an alleged political revenge plot. governor christie's second in command is in the running to take over his job. the lieutenant governor filed paperwork to run in the primary. she's the first lieutenant governor in the garden state's history. another republican who is campaigning in the governor's race is taking a step back from the race. he announced he's undergoing treatment for cancer in his neck. he thinks he can beat the cancer. he says he'll be making campaign phone calls and his surrogates will be campaigning for him. here is the full list of governor candidates. camden hospital is moving to improve security a day after a patient deliberately shot himself in the emergency room.
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it happened yesterday at our lady of lords medical center. the patient survived and is in critical condition. the hospital says right now it has no medical detectors but it beefing up security on all its campuses immediately. new jersey school nurses could soon be allowed to use an opioid anti-dote. the bill lets school nurses give the anti-dote if a opportunity is overdosing. it would let nurses better battle the epidemic. more high schoolers are making it graduation day. the christie administration announced graduation rates are up for a fifth straight year of improvement. 90% of high schoolers graduated in 2016. delaware's governor says his final budget proposal is tough but necessary. today the governor unveiled a plan that includes tax hike and cuts to numerous programs. there would be a small personal
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income tax hike. a dollar cigarette tax hike and the corporate franchise tax would rise. the state would cut funding for paramedics and school construction. amazon says it will create 100,000 new jobs in new england. it's adding the full time jobs in the u.s. over the next 18 months. most will be positions at amazon fulfillment centers, including its new one in florence, burlington county. contract talks are heating up between faculty and the community college of philadelphia. the school's board of trusties met to talk about potential strike concerns. the current contract expired in office. professors janitor and office staff are not happy with the college proposals. up next, joe biden cannot hold back the tears as he's honored at the white house today. the big surprise president obama pulled off to thank his right
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hand man. chances are wherever you're watching us tonight, there's the capriotti's sandwich shop not too far away. the story behind the woman famous for the bobby. winter is making a return for tomorrow. i'm tracking snow for part of the weekend, next.
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police officers share a special bond. and today, philly police officers are supporting those in orlando, following the murder of an officer in florida. a philadelphia officer created this portrait of debra clayton and sent it to her co-workers the orlando p.d. thanked philly p.d. for their support. officer clayton was shot and killed on monday. the head scratching, wiping away tears, even a glance towards the ceiling right there. vice president joe biden went through a range of emotions today. >> president obama bestowed biden with the presidential medal of freedom. the room erupted in a round of applause. rising to their feet to honor
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the vice president. the presidential medal of freedom is the highest civilian honor. it is dark day at one of vice president biden's favorite delaware restaurant. capriotti's was opened 40 years ago. today the owner passed away. tim furlong looks at her legacy. >> reporter: the vp has been a capriotti's fan since day one. this was in d.c. a few years back. >> this should end the debate about where the best sandwich comes from. >> reporter: capriotti's started on union street in 1976. low lois and her brother started the company. there are more than 100 stores around the nation. lois died early thursday morning. i spoke to the company's president.
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>> it was a rarity to have such a strong business woman, you know, be successful. she proved all of her doubters wrong. >> reporter: capriotti's did okay for years. family members added extra stores. this was the game changer, lois re-created a thanksgiving sandwich her aunt bobby used to make. it's turkey stuffing cranberry and mayo. it's been voted america's favorite sandwich. lois' sister says they'll remember the way lois treated everyone around her including the longtime employees still working at the two delaware shops lois's family still owns. >> she worried about that faction of business, not just what it would bring to her, but how is this going to impact somebody else's life. >> reporter: about to eat the bobby in wilmington. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. to this now, a spike in flu cases hitting one local county extra hard. since the beginning of flu season more than 500 patients have been diagnosed with the virus in berks county alone.
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that's the second highest total in the state. lehigh and montgomery county have seen half that. philadelphia even less. doctors we spoke with say the answer to lowering those number gicize f s is for more more people to get vaccinated. >> record setting warmth had it feeling like april instead of january. nbc 10 along bristol pike in bucks county. people enjoyed temperatures in the 60s. this warm weather shouldn't last long. it is january. >> that's right. last year we had days in the 60s and then fronts come through and then it gets colder. that's what's going to happen here. we have the southwest wind now at 65 in philadelphia, mount holly and dover. but not going to be anywhere near that by this time tomorrow. we're seeing temperatures dropping a little bit in some of the northern portions of the area.
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58 in milford township h. 61 in bedminister. 64 in new town. that's as warm as it's going to be in quite a while. there's the southwest wind. bringing in the warm air and that cold front is going to put an end to all of this. you can see the wind direction on the other side. that's bringing the colder air in from canada. watch what happens here. the feels like temperatures, this evening is going to feel like it's close to 60. by tomorrow morning, it feels like 42 in philadelphia, it's 34 in potts town to start the day. then it gets colder. 5:00, it's feeling like 27 in potts town. 25 in doyles town. 28 in trenton. the warm spots are feeling like it's in the 30s. that's a change. it gets colder yet. friday night, we're feeling like we're closer to 20. now, it's not going to be anything like last weekend.
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but it's going to be a whole lot colder than today. 7:00 a.m. saturday 18 feels like temperature in doyles town and it stays feeling like the 20s all day saturday. saturday is going to feel like winter. here's that area of showers we've been watching with the cold front starting to weaken. and the computer models do show it breaking up, falling apart. and here are the actual temperatures going down. by morning. into the 30s and 40s. and then not really going up at all. actually going down by tomorrow evening like you just saw. not only is the temperature down, but it's still windy all day. and then we watch a system coming in from the west. and that may bring some snow. it's likely to bring it to washington and baltimore. they're going to get more snow than we will. we'll be on the edge of it in philadelphia. probably get a little bit more in delaware and south jersey. the temperatures are marginal
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there. so any kind of treated roads, many even untreated roads with light snow would see it melt during the day. then it all falls apart in the afternoon. so i'm not real excited about this threat for saturday. but it certainly is going to feel like wintertime. that i can assure you. 42 for the afternoon temperature tomorrow. 34 for the high on saturday. and that's the light snow, could even get some in delaware and south jersey, maybe a little bit mixture with rain at times. then sunday is dry. chilly, but not as cold as saturday. martin luther king day. 44 degrees. and then starting on tuesday, look how warm it gets again. well into the 50s. we're not talking about 67. but that's 15 degrees above normal. the sixers are the most
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exciting team in the city. we'll hear from them after their biggest win in years. how an nfl team on the move affects the eagles and the flyers with another line change.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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i'm john clark, sixers fever is sweeping philly. sixers fans are definitely trusting the process. the team has won four of five. what a win last night? it was their first buzzer beater in three seasons. here are the sights and sounds from the sixers' best win in many years. >> i just ran to an open spot. and i thought we were going to
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throw it to joelle. the ball was coming at me, i was like, oh, my god. >> here's mcconnell. can he get it off? yes! the sixers win it! >> i can't think of a word for it. >> he's a pennsylvania kid nobody gave a chance. and you tripped off an opportunity with a program that's in the rebuild mode. >> talking about this one? >> yeah. >> yeah, i mean, it kind of looks like you keep saying you better have made that shot. i was scared when he was screaming in my face. just kidding. he was just as excited as i was. >> yeah! >> we going to keep on walking. and getting better. >> the way that the crowd
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erupted last night. those are always a special time you remember for a long time. >> sad emoji face for the knicks fan there. they'll play tomorrow night at home and rest on the road in washington saturday. joe joe is still fourth. flyers hosting the canucks. the phillies, they came to an agreement with short stop. they avoid arbitration. he gets one year for over $4 million. freddie is the longest tenured philly. the chargers are leaving san diego for the la. the rams and the chargers, now this is a chargers fan early this morning in san diego. yeah, a dozen eggs. he's very upset his team is leaving throwing eggs at the team offices. and the rams have announced their new head coach the redskins offensive coordinator sean mcveigh. 30 years old. youngest head coach in nfl
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history. i guess i haven't done much with my life. >> what have we done with our live? >> a little past 30. >> thanks. for a look at what's coming up at 11:00. an iraq veteran fights off attackers and ends up getting shot in the process. donald trump's rise and fall in atlantic city a rise to push to get a museum for the president elect. quality was there. the quality of what we do is phenomenal. it's perfect. it's beautiful. there's nothing we would change about it.
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the cake says it all. happy 100th birthday to sister maureen. 3 of th three of her nephews flew in from ireland. >> they flew into some unusually warm weather. philadelphia january really? this evening it will be really warm too for a good bit of the night. when you get up in the morning it's going to be cooler but still not that cold. tomorrow it gets colder and colder and colder. >> all right.
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that's our news at 6:00. thanks for watching. >> up next nbc nightly news with lester holt. we'll see you back here at 11:00. tonight investigating the fbi. a bombshell announcement. the justice department watchdog launches a highly unusual inquiry before the election. unprecedented call with the nation's top spy told the president-elect after explosive unverified allegations went public. family tragedy. six children perish as fire consumes their home. three other children escape. a mother suffering an unimaginable loss. cheaper alternative after the epi-pen outrage. bro-mance ri


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