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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  January 13, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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right now, nbc news 10 today. violent night across the city. philadelphia police trying to figure out what happened after nine people were not in a matter of hours in multiple neighborhoods. >> soda tax battle. less than two weeks since the new tax went into effect. city officials and businesses accusing each other of price gouging. live at the philly home show. what to expect this year. home improvement show returns to our area. >> nns ten use starts now. >> 5:30. temperatures in the 50s. so weird for the middle of
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january. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. >> i'm rose mary conners. thanks for being with us. >> changing on the way. meteorologist bill henley tracking it all. >> feels great when you walk outside right now. temperatures are warm. skies are clearing and it is a very light breeze that is blowing in the philadelphia, but the wind is going to make a difference during the day. going to bring in colder air. 56 degrees right now. wind kicks in. drop temperature into the 40s. look at 10:00 effort. sunshine 44 degrees. 15-mile-an-hour winds. temperatures are going to steady out and then get a little colder late this afternoon. low 40s by late this afternoon by philadelphia. wind continues into the evening for suburbs. 40 degrees. dropping into the 30s for lehigh valley. delaware, 46 degrees and new jersey 43. picks up the shore, 45 delis later today. enjoy the mild air while it's here first thing this morning.
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you'll need coat later today. see how the drive time is looking. jessica boyington with first alert traffic. >> thanks bill. starting off with obstruction reported out in hat borouboroha we are good. right around eighth street. right here is westbound. moving towards the schuylkill. moving towards 95. connecting the two. no problems with drive times right now. checking in with new jersey. four minutes right now. northbound from 55. moving towards the walt whitman bridge. speeds in the 60s. southbound looks great as well. more traffic typically heads at this time. good to go there. more updates on the roads when i come back in ten. >> 5:32. new this morning. police are trying to find answers following nine separate shootings that happened across the city in just a matter of hours. take a look.
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the shootings happened all over the city in neighborhoods like cedar broobrooke cedarbrook. able to catch up with investigators. from the plap you can see how busy they've been going to shootings being reported throughout the city. they are really pointing the finger at the weather. saying this unseasonably mild weather everyone has been talking about, probably behind a lot of this unexpected and unusual shooting frequency. let's go to the video. we have video from scenes throughout the city of the shootings that we have been going to and following up with. in under three hours, eight people were shot. two of them have died. now the scene span the city from west philadelphia to south philadelphia to frankfort and in between. the youngest victims are teenagers. the oldest, a 71-year-old man. the latest shooting happened at 25th and jackson street. a man in his 30s was found shot
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and laying on the ground. police say at that scene, they found over a dozen shell casings from several different weapons. >> so it appears that there may have been some sort of shootout between two people or two groups of people. we're not getting any description or descriptions on the shooters at this time. anyway, to the chief inspect or's last point, the latest shooting took place at a south philadelphia public housing complex. at this point, they're hopeful because there are surveillance cameras on the property. they can get some leads in cracking that case. they have not announced any arrest in any other shootings. keep you posted. reporting live. katy zachary. learn how police in philadelphia are progressing with efforts to reform policies. department of justice will release interim final report of philly police a little later on this morning.
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several years now, the doj has been tracking efforts to improve community policing and cut down on the use of deadly force. 2015 officials reports philadelphia did make significant practice putting into practice the recommendations the doj made earlier that year. let's head to the garden state where a judge in new jersey is refusing to dismiss a citizen's criminal complaint against governor chris christie in the bridgegate scandal. ordered add lower court to determine if the case should continue. last year a jury convicted two former allies of orchestrating 2013 lane closure plot at the gw bridge. christie was never charged in the case and denied any wrongdoi wrongdoing. 5:35. if you are looking for inspiration to remodel kitchen or bathroom. look no further. the 2017 home show begins today. live with a preview.
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pamela, tell us more. >> good morning. yes, we've been walking around the convention space. there's a lot of cool stuff right now. we're here in ikea. no shortage of inspiration. alison kaplan is with the flphiy home show. tell us about this particular home display. >> ikea is here to show us how to live life sustain bli using natural elements so living off wired, but also living wired so they kind of have -- they have things like i said environment tally sustainable and ls bringing in small base living. so all aspects of how people are living in and around philly. >> that's kind of the theme to the show. why don't we talking about the kitchen or bathroom area. >> the bathroom has a few elements i'm aware of that are sustainable. the faucets have a contraption that help you save water. this some of the furnishings have made with bamboo, which is
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a very sustainable product and glows really abundantly and works well in environments like a bathroom with the heat and steam and everything and then the lighting. the lighting that ikea has in this feature features led which is very' co-friendly as well. >> we were talking about some of the cabinets here and how cool these are. tell us a little bit about them. >> sure: made out of natural ash. utilize the entire tree. so it keeps waste to a minimum. really important these days. and look great too. >> this is just one of the displays that are set up. things for fireplaces, art pieces you can pick up. come in and explosion of all this creativity. it could be hard to reel it in. tell us about celebrity judges or people here to provide advice. >> sure. a great friend to the show, he's presenting on stage. probably walking around and he'll be taking sometime after
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stage presentation to meet everyone and next weekend, we have burn yip who has been around and fluent shl in design for so long. great new book out. buy the book, have it signed. take all his great inpicture ration ideas home with him. reporting live. >> p 538 right now. now to story you will only see on nbc 10. coupler land county man talks to us about confronting robbery suspect. nicco gonzalez says he fought with the man inside and outside the home. eventually able to restrain him even though the suspect stabbed him during the struggle. >> i had him pinned here. holding the fans with one hand, holding his arm and pushing my
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body up against him. had him pinned up against the fence. >> stabbed him in his hip, hand, arm. then held the man down until police arrived. police tell us the suspect is bind bars. >> iraq war veteran recovering from gunshot wound he suffered during a robbery in west philadelphia. shows us where he was shot in the hip tuesday night. cleaning car just outside home on north 60th street when two armed men demanded that he give it to them. fought off the bandits: military training saved life. >> >> i know now with these young guys. they're going to take from you and shoot. i reached for the gun. >> rivers also tells us he ran down the street to draw the robbers away from the porch where his mother was sitting. police now looking at surveillance video in the neighborhood. philadelphia mayor and store owners fighting over the city's
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new soda tax. >> accusing each other of price gouging. >> my suspicious nature leads me to believe some of these retailers wanted to anger people and have some kind of stickership. >> charging more for drinks for things not covered under the soda tax. milk, juice. saying in part the mayor's regressive tax gauging families and small businesses. working families and seniors living on fixed incomes aren't just being cranky, they're rightfully angry. >> money from the soda tax which is going towards universal pre-k is more important than any complaint. no complaints about the weather this morning. dry and mild. 56 degrees right now in philadelphia, but, better take advantage of it if you can. january standards not bad at all.
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we will see a lot of sunshine. low 40s. just a little bit warmer this afternoon. see a lot of sunshine, we're also going to get a wind out of northwest. that's going to bring temperatures down. see that happening in the suburbs. now 48 degrees. a little cooler. down to low 40s and low 40s this afternoon. winds of 14-mile-per-hour by lunchtime. dry day and will be sunny. lehigh valley skies have cleared. 50 degrees now with a 13-mile-per-hour wind. starting to pick up in the lehigh valley. after noon wind will be steady. so the temperatures will also be steady. very low 40s. about 10 degrees colder than it is right now. new jersey, 56 degrees right now. pretty mild. 43 by 8 clonk. cover a little bit this afternoon. 45 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. then it gets colder tonight. at the shore, 56 degrees right now. went on the air at 4:30 this morning. 61 degrees at the shore. that number is already starting
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to come down. come down a bit more. 49 at 8:00. you'll feel the wind blowing at the shore as well. same wind bring temperatures down in delaware too. 55 degrees. get closer to normal for the afterno afternoon, which is middle 40s. 46 at 2:00. 16-mile-an-hour wind will still be in the area at 4:00 this afternoon. that colder air will continue moving in for tonight and tomorrow it's going to be cold enough for snow. guess what, got some of it to track. allentown, light snow. 32 degrees tomorrow afternoon. wintery mix for wildwood. it's a weak system. how much to expect when i come back with weekend forecast in ten minutes. 5:42 on this friday. jessica boyington keeping an eye on cameras for us. what are you seeing. we're watching. checking the bridging right now.
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admiral wilson boulevard. that is the ben franklin bridge and toll plaza right here. moving through camden right now. no major problems or delays. you can get there just fine. check on another bridge. platt bridge. 26 and penrose avenue. coming up. not right now. nice and clear as well. coming from new jersey. heading up westbound over into philadelphia. bridges look good. more updates on roads when i come back. 56 degrees outside. we are in the middle of flu season: we're finding out where you live makes a difference in the number of cases. just ahead, we'll tell you where one local county is getting bitten by the bug more than most of pennsylvania. plus presidential inauguration like you've never seen it before. explain what is so special about this picture.
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one week from today. donald trump will be enothing rated as president of the united
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states. representatives from fbi, fema and capital police will be among the agencies there to spell out roles in security plan. this is a rare photo of 1861. displayed photo for the first time yesterday. two other known copies of this photo. one is at the library of congress. the other at the smithsonian. the surprise of his life. this was a sweet moment to watch. vice president joe biden got to the white house yesterday with president obama surprising him and draping an historic metal around his neck. awarded him the presidential metal of freedom with distinction. highest honor. born in scranton. lives in new castle county. leave office next week. he and the president exchanged
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compliments to cap off eight years of working together. >> i can say i was part of, part of the journey of a remarkable man who did remarkable things for this country. >> this is an extraordinary man with an extraordinary career in public service. >> both the president and vice president referred to each other as my brother. outgoing delaware governor, jack markell, has laid out recommended budget and folks in the first state potentially could face several tax hikes and cuts to services. state has $350 million deficit. one of the proposed tax hikes is on cigarette, cost a dollar more a pack: one item on the chopping block, funding for paramedics. markell leaves off next week. it would be up to incoming governor john carney and general assembly to make changes. we are well into the flu season. one county reports seeing the virus spread quickly. talking about berks county.
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reports of spike in flu cases there since the start of the flu season, more than 500 patients have been diagnosed there. second highest total in the state. lehigh and montgomery county have seen half that number. even less in philadelphia. 5:49. let's talk about the crazy weather. i slept with the window open overnight. >> saw people with shorts on yesterday. >> as predicted. i knew someone would wear it. >> just come off martin luther king drive. where the trail meets the schuylkill and it will art museum. two people out there in shorts. just finish add run. >> there will not be shorts by tomorrow afternoon. >> different situation. yes. starting to feel the cooler temperatures today. right now, you can still get away with shorts i think in some neighborhoods. especially if you're out for a run. no skating at this hour. the ice rink is not open. also letted that very warm weather we had yesterday.
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up to 67 yesterday in philadelphia. may be cold enough for the freezing equipment to get the ice back in shape. then it gets even colder tonight. 50 in the lehigh valley. 56 in philadelphia. and look at the jersey shore. 60 degrees right now. colder neighbors, but not by much. in the low 50s. north wails, el roy, new hope, all in the low 50s and 49 in bedminster. the temperatures will be dropping. skies are starting to clear out. clouds overnight. even a few showers. see them offshore. we're going to be dry for the rest of the day. this is the wet weather maker for tomorrow. that's rain that is falling into west virginia. got a ways to go. that's enough time for us to get cold ir air in place by the time it arrives. hour by hour forecast shows noontime tomorrow we're cloudy. clouds come in tonight. there's the first little bit of snow.
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not guilty expecting a lot of snow with this system. scattered snow showers for the lehigh valley. berks county. little bit steadier in delaware and south jersey. by late saturday evening, that snow is moving out. most areas we'll see less than an imnch of snow. quarter of an inch for philadelphia. dover and light dusting of snow for areas north and west. that's how it looks right now. will be snow falling in the afternoon. then it's out of here for the rest of the weekend. for today, it's the temperatures that will be falling. 50s right now. 42 degrees late this afternoon. wind blowing. that's bringing in the cold ir air. by tomorrow morning, 28 degrees. you know the ice rink is going to be in great shape tomorrow morning. fun to state in the snow. saw last weekend. be able to do that saturday afternoon. sunday, sunshine is back. little bit warmer and looking good for martin luther king day. 44 droe degrees. clouds clear out on tuesday. look at the warmup.
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tuesday afternoon. 56 degrees. not a little bit warmer. stay mild for wednesday and thursday. showers come through. just rain showers for the area. dry friday and saturday. another chance of rain showers as it will still be mild next sunday. >> bill, thanks. got to get you to work. first on this friday with a check of 295. >> jessica boyington has traffic report for us. watching 295. right around mount laurel. route 38. no major problems. difficult to see the road. not a lot of cars there. definitely a good thing right now. southbound headed to the black horse pike. moving towards philadelphia, 13 minutes right now. average speeds into the 60s. so even through the work zone, once you get to belmar area, not seeing any big delays, but route, 15 minutes in both directions. no major problems to report right now: 95 to schuylkill. speeds still in the 60s there. route 309. just around the pa turnpike.
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looks the same as all the rest of the majors right now. couple of cars. roads are dry. not seeing major delays on this friday. same goes for mass transit. having a good trip so far. patco, new jersey transit. everything running on or close to schedule. >> this morning, more trouble for airbag manufacturer te ka ta. kata. plus a new leader. the man to lead the allentown school district.
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four minutes before six right now. south jersey. air force picked the base in burlington county to host next generation of air refueling tankers. two dozen of the new utility planes will be stationed at the base. calling the move monumental. new leader takes over the allentown school district. hired as super sben dantintenda
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dumping lie detector tests. help to ensure new hires have highest integrity. next at six, wave of crime sweeps flech overnight. factor police say could have played a role. safer way to school. little boy's death sparks change for school buses across new jersey. police trial trouble. signing up for free or discounted products may seem like a good idea at first. could cost you in the long run. harry hairston response team have a lesson for shoppers. watching nbc 10 today. 56 degrees outside. so far smooth ride to work. if you are heading out the door, make sure you have the free nbc 10 app with you.
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breaking news, first alert neighborhood weather and traffic all day long. the door of bassett quality was there. the quality of what we do is phenomenal. it's perfect.
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it's beautiful. there's nothing we would change about it.
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police say there's a common thread to crimes. >>. plomping a new plan to protect students. high-tech homes. ways to revamp living space. nbc news starts now. >> good morning. 6:00 a.m. nbc news today. it is a warm one out there. 53 degrees outside. nbc 10 studios. meteorologist bill henley has it all in the neighborhood forecast. >> very mild, but the temperatures are starting to come down. you can really see it in lehigh valley. now at 48 degrees. there's a little bit of a breeze blowing. that wind is going to be


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