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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 13, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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police say there's a common thread to crimes. >>. plomping a new plan to protect students. high-tech homes. ways to revamp living space. nbc news starts now. >> good morning. 6:00 a.m. nbc news today. it is a warm one out there. 53 degrees outside. nbc 10 studios. meteorologist bill henley has it all in the neighborhood forecast. >> very mild, but the temperatures are starting to come down. you can really see it in lehigh valley. now at 48 degrees. there's a little bit of a breeze blowing. that wind is going to be increasing.
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that's going to drag the temperatures down for the entire area. that 48 degrees right now completely dry and clear. see a lot of sunshine. 43 at 9:00. down to 40 degrees at lunchtime. suburbs 50 now. 53 in philadelphia. wind get stronger. coming down into the upper 40sz at 8:00. 44 degrees. look at the trend. that's what we're going to see. that's not normal. yubl g usually get the coldest temperatures. this afternoon will drop from 50s into the 40s. philadelphia the suburbs, new jersey, 43 inland. at the shore, 45 later today. lehigh valley in the 40s. 46 in delaware. we will all see 30s this evening as it gets colder for the week. cold enough for snow. we're going to get some too. take a look at that when i come back. first, jessica boyington watching friday morning commute. route 202 this morning. looking like a good drive here around route 29. both directions north and south
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doing just fine. seven minutes. moving from this point to 29 heading to schuylkill expressway. speeds are still into the 60s. also watching down wires in hatboro. you might be detoured around the scene there. no major delays moving by. watching the new jersey turnpike. heading over to delaware, no problems reported on the roads right now. starting to see really light volume. nothing jamming up yet. keep you updated. we're following breaking news from philadelphia summer dale neighborhood. summerdale n saw the driver of the cadillac crash his car. stops to help. then he was attacked. arrest the man. the suspect in handcuffs kicked
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out window of patrol car and got away. still searching for him. on the way to the scene. live report from her coming up. >> this follows what's been a violent night already in philadelphia. police investigating a string of shootings that happened over a matter of hours overnight. nine people were shot. two of them are dead. latest happened near public housing complex on jackson street in south philly. the man shot here is being treated at a hospital. that follows a number of other shootings last night in philly. map marks the incidents that happened in cedarbrook, germantown, parkside and cobs creek. blaming the spike on warm weather. today we'll learn how police in philadelphia are progressing with the efforts to reform some of their policies. the department of justice will release interim final report on philly police this morning. the doj has been tracking
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efforts to improve community policing. the officials recorded philadelphia made significant progress. putting into practice the recommendations the doj made earlier that year. justice department also plans to release report on chicago police today. following a year long civil rights investigation. expected to find a pattern of abuse and violations. rosemary. >> 6:04. today in philadelphia, montsignor william lynn will return to court in hopes of avoiding new trial. accused of covering up sex abuse by archdiocese. judge could decide whether to dismiss the case all together. new trial tentivitily scheduled for may. released lynn from prison last august after conviction was overturned. lawyers claim prosecutors concealed evidence favorable to lynn during first trial. three pennsylvanians arrested with weapons can go
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forward. court hearing yesterday. two from lehigh valley. according to investigators last year an officer at the holland tunnel pulled them over for a cracked windshield discovered a loaded clip in the suv. police then recovered seven guns. lawyers for the suspects argue the traffic stop and search were illegal. friends and family will gather nekts week for a memorial service for murder teenager grace packer. the family has invited the public to pay respects and share memories of the 14-year-old who police say was abused and killed. memorial service will be on monday. >> will also hold a community forum. talk about the signs of child abuse. authorities have charged packer's adopted mother sara in grace's death. her boyfriend jake sullivan are also accused in her death. 6:05.
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bill to improve school buses safety after the death of boy from camden county is beginning to move through. in the wake of that tragedy. the state senate panel approved a bill to create a task force to make school transportation safer. house makers get their turn today in washington. house is expected to give final approval to the measure that would allow republicans to gut the affordable care act. senate approved the bill early thursday morning. say it's a first step toward repealing the health insurance law with no threat of a senate filibuster, but lawmakers say what comes next replacing the affordable care act would involve committee hearings to draft a bill and package would likely need 60 votes in senate. pennsylvania and city lawmakers gather in city hall today to call for preservation of aca. more than 1 million pennsylvanians have gained health insurance through
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obamacare. >> today delaware opening new trails along the canal in new castle county. move marks the completion of a continuous trail running more than 14 miles from delaware city. chesapeake city maryland. historic and natural treasures along the trail. amazon says it will create 1 1 11 1100 now, new jobs. seven minutes past 6:00 right now on this friday. take a live look outside at the blue cross river. temperatures going to make a come back. winter that is. already falling in the poconos mountains. still above freezing in the poun training. tonight be able to get back to snow making after a mild day yesterday. here's what's going to bring the temperatures down. the wind. that has shifted from yesterday. now a north westerly wind.
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that wind is going to drag colder air right back in here. at 7-mile-per-hour. little stronger in philadelphia. increase during the day. and that's going to bring the temperatures down. we have seen them fall a bit. now 59 degrees in atlantic city. low 60s so start with this morning. down to 53 in philadelphia. now seeing 40s. the colder air is going to push all of this warmer air right out of here during the day today. that starts to happen this morning. going to be a school start at the bus stop. turning colder, but we will see sunshine. 50 degrees in atlantic city. closer to 40 at 8:00. sunshine bright. cold air continues to blow in. isolated snow showers. not enough to help skiing. snow making that will happen tonight. is going to allow to get the slopes back in shape. looks like good skiing weather this weekend.
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stay colder. see the clouds that are offshore moving offshore. no showers for the area during the day today. that will change tomorrow and we'll see light snow showers in the suburbs tomorrow morning. all coming from a system that is producing rain to our southwest. that's west virginia and into kentucky and western virginia. show showers arrive here during the day tomorrow. by then it will be colder. chilly this afternoon. 47 at 9:00. 45 at 1. temperatures fall to low 40s at 5:00 this afternoon. bright sunshine for the suburbs as the temperatures come down. wind will be increasing. for the lehigh valley, 40s to start with. 37 degrees later this afternoon. sunny skies and dry for delaware and new jersey. afternoon temperatures colder than what you'll see this morning and at the shore. from 50 degrees at 9:00. near 40 at 5:00. coldest weekend, doesn't last. another warm up this week. ten day on ten when i'm back in
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ten. 6:09. let's get you to work and see what the roads look like now. >> jessica boyington starts us off on the schuylkill. still look great. abit ahead of the time where we start to see major delays. eastbound from the blue route to the vine. 13 minutes. speeds in the 60s. east and west pretty much look the same right now. moving towards center city or out of it, so far a good drive. down wires reported on hatboro. if you detour around there, major delays moving by the scene. moving over to new jersey. garden state parkway. just near the cape may toll plaza. see right in here. both directions on the parkway north. no lane restrictions and delays or problems reported: with the rest of new jersey roads. 295 clear. no problems on the new jersey turnpike. nice and clear there moving up towards philadelphia. ten minutes past 6:00 right now. president obama managing to pull off a big surprise for the man he calls his brother. >> show you the moment vice
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president joe biden realized he was getting our nation's highest civilian honor and what he said about working with the president. i'm pamela osborne live at the philly home show this morning. from the outside to inside, we're going to take you inside of xfinity live. how to make your home more tech friendly. that's coming up. what do doctors from leading cancer centers
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in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer treatment centers of america. 6:14. a little inspiration you might need to make your house a home. >> one place to find endless ideas this weekend. live at the convention center with what's in store at the philly home show. >> good morning. right now at the xfinity center. going to bring in frank. he's going to talk us through the interactive displays and
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things that make life easier. >> what do we have here. >> this is one of the demonstrations we have in our exciting new xfinity booth. one of my favorite things we have to show to folks that come down is with new xfinity voice remote, you can actually pull up netflix: show me netflix. what will happen now is if you're a netflix subscriber, don't have to toggle back and forth. go right to netflix app and pick your favorite shows, your favorite netflix series and watch them through the xfinity platform. really exciting and makes life easier. really what everything is about at the home show. how to bring it all together. >> fun thing you can do. for entertainment, but also safety and security that we're talking about as well. we're taking a look at this. talk us there what we have here. >> home show we have to talk about xfinity home. for example, we have the ability with the xfinity home to
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integrate experience of home security. home energy management and also, you know, home audtomation. things likes turning on and off lights. use your remote and right from tv, touch pad or even a mobile app at home or somewhere out of the home, you can actually pull it all up. let's face it. what we care about. most of the things we have care about are in our home or parts of our home. people want to make sure they're safe and comfortable. want to make sure they're efficient. xfinity home brings that all together in one place. great place. we love everyone to come down and touch it. play with it. really cool interactive experience. >> thank you so much. they're going to be here throughout this weekend. next weekend as well.
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final time as president, i am pleased to award the highest metal of honor. presidential honor of freedom. >> president obama surprised him with the honor. vice president was born in stranton and lives in new castle county. capped off ceremony with these words. >> i don't deserve this, but i know it came from the president's heart. 17 minutes past 6:00.
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53 degrees outside. jessica boyington keeping an eye on the traffic cam. >> how does it look for friday commute. great so far. friday lighter than normal. don't want to get ahead of myself. looks like a good drive right here. no delays on the eastbound side. all the traffic moving in that direction from 29 to schuylkill. still a nine minute trip. arch speeds in the high 50s. not seeing delays yet. watch out in north philly for police activity. two lanes blocked there. see delays as everybody merges together to get past the scene. down wires out in hatboro east montgomery avenue. north york road from an earlier incident. just detoured around the scene. this is route 30. just around berlin lynn cross keys road. little more busy than we're used to seeing this early in the morning. no problems or delays moving through the intersection. everything nice and dry. >> end on route 202.
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drive times still into the green. nine minutes or 11 at the most. average speeds also into the 60s still. >> >> changes ahead. we're an hour away from sunrise and we'll see sunshine today. bright outside because of the full moon. set at 8:00 this morning. look at the reflection off the water on the delaware. clear skies after a few clouds overnight. clouds lingered for most of the day yesterday. now out of the picture for friday. even though we see sunshine. temperatures warmer now. already starting to fall this morning. 40s in the lehigh valley. down 50s degrees in the suburbs: 54 in delaware and the upper 50s in south jersey. temperatures have been falling in philadelphia. andorra at 52. along with park side. center city area, 55 degrees. society hill is 56 and 55 for
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parkwood. sunshine will be great. few showers offshore. bright sunshine today. the clouds return tonight. that rain to the south. that's our snow maker for tomorrow. not a lot of snow, but you'll see it falling in the afternoon. tonight the temperatures will be falling by 6:00 tonight. look at 30s. northeast philadelphia. low 40s for philadelphia and getting colder overnight tonight as the clouds increase tomorrow morning. midnight tonight. tomorrow morning start with mostly cloudy skies. no snow tomorrow morning. that's 6:00 in the morning with temperatures in the 20s and 30s cold enough for snow. hoping for snow going to have to wait a little bit longer. comes in in the afternoon. not a lot of it. scattered light showers at noontime. on saturday, mostly cloudy and dry at that hour. here comes light snow. scattered snow showers
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developing in the afternoon. little steadier. nobody is going to get a lot out of this. most areas see an impk or less. the emphasis should be on or less. our region will stay cold into late saturday night and start with on sunday. then we have a warming trend. by saturday we have sunshine. and 40s sunday afternoon. even warmer next week. 42 degrees this afternoon. colder than it is right now. colder air blowing into the area. little bit of light snow sunday afternoon. looking good for martin luther king junior day. 44. by tuesday, warmer. 56 degrees. look how mild it stays next week. with a few chances of showers. 6:21. new this morning, bad airbags
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behind another major car recall. that's next. plus flu season firing up.
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6:25. new this morning, toyota recalling more than half million vehicles in the u.s. for defective airbags. include various models of sedans and suvs. many manufactures from 2006 to 2012. problem involves front airbags inflators. 16 deaths and 180 injuries have been linked by more than a dozen different car makers. let's talk about the flu. virus is hitting berks county extra hard right now. since the beginning of flu season, more than 500 patients have been diagnosed with flu. second highest total in pennsylvania. lehigh montgomery have seen half
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that. even less in philadelphia. doctors we've spoke to el us the answer to lowering those numbers is for more people to get the vaccine. get a free health screening at walmart or sams club tomorrow: walmart wellness day happens from ten in the morning to 2 in the afternoon. sams club screenings take place from 11-4. get blood pressure taken as well as vision, body fat index checked out. 6:26. breaking news in philadelphia. live picture along roosevelt boulevard where a lahandcuffed suspect escaped from a patrol car. tax troubles. later an easier commute in delaware. in transit plan to get people where they need to go fathser. ♪
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. breaking news on the boulevard. crash and arrest and an escape. nbc's 10 live on the scene as they search for the man. veteran attack. the choice the local marine said he made that saved his life during a robbery. >> weekend snow, a bit of wintery weather laid in the first alert neighborhood forecast. >> nbc 10 news, starts now. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. thanks for being with us. 6:30. snow ahead. right now, really warm. meteorologist bill henley has you covered with all that. >> warmer now than it's going to be all weekend. warmer now than it's going to be this afternoon. temperatures have started to fall. when we went on the air, 56 in philadelphia. not a big cool down, but down to 532 in philadelphia. a trend that's going to continue. 40s at 8:00. sunshine at 11:00. down to 44 degrees.
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it's the wind that will be increasing. that will bring the temperature down. 50 right now in the suburbs. lehigh valley little cooler at 48 degrees. 50s in delaware. during the afternoon, 30s and 40s for our area. even at the shore, 45 degrees later this afternoon. the low 40s and falling for philadelphia and the suburbs. yes, we do have snow on the way for the weekend. take a look at that when i come back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington watching your friday morning commute. starting off in northeast philadelphia. watching police activity on the roosevelt boulevard headed southbound. seeing major delays and just heard live reports from katie zachary. she is near the scene. she is saying huge, huge delays with all the lane loss there. all it will police activity right around summer deal avenue. southbound on the boulevard. big problems right now. also watching the blue route. no major problems. delays in both directions.
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everything is moving. down wires. lastly, checking in with philadelphia airport. just from twitter account. reports around 615 this morning. about 15 minutes ago for cancellations. check before you go. more details on breaking news that jessica just mentioned southbound on the boulevard. summerdale neighborhood. live on the scene. offduty pennsylvania state trooper was assaulted by a man that then took off. the trooper says he saw a driver crash his car. stopped to help. then attacked by the man. philadelphia police arrested him and then the suspect kicked out the window of patrol car and got away. stimsearching for him. nbc 10 katy zachry is there. she has an update. what have you learned. >> reporter: our photographer
6:33 am
focuses in on is scene behind me. let me just recap what happened. earlier this morning, an offduty pennsylvania state trooper was in this area and saw a cadillac sedan crashing on the roosevelt boulevard southbound by summerda summerdale. that's the scene you see here. he went over to the vehicle. two people inside. one of the people inside a man got out and assaulted the trooper who was trying to help after this crash. he assaulted the trooper, the trooper was still able to call for backup. philadelphia police arrived here on the scene in enough time to arrest the man who had assaulted the trooper. the trooper we're told is going to be okay. in that time, philadelphia police had is suspect handcuffed in the back of one of their patrol cars and somehow he was able to punch his way out of back of patrol car and he fled from this scene. so right now heavy police presence on the roosevelt
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boulevard southbound. police are searching for suspect. last seen wearing a green jacket with hands cuffed behind his back. again, he was able to force and push himself out of this police cruiser and leave the scene. again, heavy police presence here. incredible delays as jessica just reported. this is the roosevelt boulevard southbound right as it approaches adams and summerdale, virtually at stand still right here. stay on the scene and bring you jum dates as we have them. live for us on roosevelt boulevard. thanks katie. today learn how police in philadelphia are progressing with efforts to reform some policies. the department of justice will release final report on philly police later on this morning. for several years, the doj has been tracking efforts to improve community policing and cut down on the use of deadly force. in december of 2015. federal officials reported that philadelphia police made
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significant process putting into practice recommendations the doj made earlier that year. search for massachusetts man wanted for killing father ended in burlington county. police arrested glen armstrong last night after he ran out of gas in a hotel parking lot. 83-year-old father was found dead in home in massachusetts wednesday night. armstrong spent time in prison for threatening to kill president bill clinton. a veteran who served instead iraq is recovering from gunshot wound suffered during a robbery. shows us where he was shot? left hip. cleaning car on north 60th street tuesday night when two armed men confronted him and demanded his car. 4 #-year-old fought them off and ran. that's when the men shot them. his military training helped him handle the situation when the men approached. >> i could tell from body language he was walking slow. i knew it was about to happen.
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i pushed off and ran down the street. >> police are now looking for leads on the two men who shot rivers and stole his wallet. 6:36. 53 degrees outside. philadelphia's mayor and store owners are fighting over city's new soda tax and accusing each other of price gouging. >> my suspicious nature leads me to believe some of the retailers wanted to anger people. >> the mayor says some stores are charging more for drinks that aren't even covered under the soda tax like milk and juice. pennsylvania merchants association issued the statement saying the progressive taxes gouging families across philadelphia. working families and seniors living on fixed incomes aren't just being cranky. rightfully angry. the mayor said the money which is going towards universal pre-k is more important than any
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complaint. outgoing delaware governor jack markell has laid out recommended budget and folks in the first state face several tax hikes and cuts to services. $350 million deficit. one of the proposed tax hikes is on cigarettes. could cost a dollar more a pack. also one item on the chopping block, funding for paramedics. markell leaves off next week. it would be up to incoming governor cjohn carney and generl assembly to make changes. pack your patience. if you need to talk to someone about your career benefits, there's one phone at the jobless center and the line to use it is usually very long. the problem is that that phone is the only direct connection to a representative helping to start or restore unemployment benefits. half of the state's call center workers were laid off because state senate didn't pass the funding bill before the holidays. 6:37. 53 degrees. can't get over it.
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wild wild weather. warm yesterday. warm overnight. warm today. then talking about snow for tomorrow. just a little bit. we'll find out. how much just a little bit means. >> before we can get snow, we need cold. take a look at this scene. pens landing. the ice rink. that puddled up overnight and yesterday because it was so warm. puddles have slowly started to disappear. temperatures getting colder. mild start overall during the day. wind kick in. in fact already starting to happen. breezy and chillier this afternoon than right now. may not need a heavy jacket to start with. late this afternoon, a different story. turning colder this even. in fact overnight tonight, be cold enough for snow. no snow overnight. during the day tomorrow, different story. right now 53 degrees. 13 miles an hour. wind will be increasing as we go to afternoon. temperature in the 50s now, falling into the 40s and that's
6:39 am
where we're stay through the afternoon. with a sunshine will be nice and bright. no warmer than 45 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. getting colder tonight. 46 in the suburbs. we'll see the temperatures fall to 40 degrees at 10:00. then low 40s this afternoon. thanks to the same winds delivering the colder air. few scattered clouds right now in the lehigh valley. no wet weather this morning. got to wait for tomorrow. 48 degrees right now. 8:00 this morning, the temperature falls thanks to same wind. 41 degrees. then look at the 30s for 10:00. lunchtime. recover a little bit. sunshine will be very bright. clouds out of picture. temperatures make it just into the low 40s this afternoon. that's colder than it is right now. new jersey, you'll see skies clear out. plenty of sunshine. 55 right now. dropping into8:00. where the temperatures stay right on through the afternoon. 4:30 this morning was 61 degrees
6:40 am
at jersey shore. now 57. some scattered clouds. moving offshore. look at the sunshine. also notice how cool it is down ten degrees by lunchtime today. delaware dry. just started to increase. 22-mile-an-hour in delaware. wind will keep temperatures in the 40s right on through the afternoon. sunshine today. clouds move in tonight and tomorrow. we're seeing some snow for allentown. and for philadelphia and dover, light snow too. when it moves in and out and how much to expect in your neighborhood. 6:40 on this friday. just the time of day when traffic starts to build. let's check it for you. starting on 95. jessica boyington. watching an earlier accident right around allegheny avenue on the southbound side of 95 creating some pretty big delays right now. and the beginnings of the morning rush in place. 34 minutes right now. see the southbound side at a
6:41 am
crawl from woodhaven road to vine street expressway. average speeds into the 20s. slow moving into center city. police activity on the roosevelt boulevard headed southbound. we're losing several lanes there. right around summerdale avenue. police activity there. see major delay right here. getting around a little difficult. starting to see pretty big backups. heading to boulevard now, take castor avenue. hop back on the boulevard on the southbound side a little further down. skip most of that delay. also watching down wires out in hatboro. and north york road. also checking in to give you a heads-up at philadelphia international airport from their twitter account few delays and cancellations reported around 6:15 this morning. check before you go. 6:41. new scam targets local college students. trick e-mail that has a hidden secret. plus more than you bargained
6:42 am
for. response team has a warning about those enticing free product trials.
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6:45 am
crash earlier this morning. suspect escaped from police cruiser. staying on top of the scene throughout the morning. 6:45. lehigh university is warning students about an e-mail to trick them into giving out sensitive information. the e-mail is titled new development and falsely claims to be from university's president. includes a file. students should delete that e-mail. >> it's full speed ahead for plans to build a new transit center at wilmington m track station. tell us they're finalizing a deal to build transit center next to station.
6:46 am
it will provide a one stop connection to buses and taxis as well as septa and am track training. new center could open as early as spring of 2019. >> in toolds nbc responds woman says her vanity got the best of her. >> ended up costing her a few hundred dollars. as warning to you, sharing her story with harry hairston. one late night on the compute, kathy saw a pop-up add. decided to visit website. states a single drop of product can help make the wrinkles stop. >> this one got me. because of my vanity. >> the company offered to ship two bottles for $11. >> i thought okay let me get give it a shot. she said the serum did nothing for her skin. she didn't realize she clicked a button authorizing the company
6:47 am
to place her on autory fill and bill her credit card. when he didn't return the original bottles she was charged for them and company sent her another two. >> trials are $11. then when you get the product, $85 a bottle. >> sent her two month's worth of product, totaling $340. >> i was angry. >> she didn't find out what happened until she checked her credit card statement and called to complain. >> girl said you were supposed to read the policy. okay. that was my bad. i did not read the policy. >> get everything in writing. says she was quoted prices on the phone, but they weren't reflected in a written statement. so always ask for a follow-up in the form of e-mail or letter. if you have a consumer apron for nbc 10 responds or telemundo, just let us know and the best way to reach us right there on your screen. we will respond to you. 6:47.
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53 degrees outside. take a live look down the shore at cape may. sun coming up. looking great out there. not a bad morning to take a walk on the beach. >> really, really warm. changing are coming. absolutely: i'd wear your flannel swim suit. it's getting chillier. temperatures slowly coming down. pretty nice morning. look at the view from center city. already turning colder in the mountains: camel back mountain. still above freezing. back to snow making tonight. 50s right now in philadelphia. wilmington 54. has dropped into the 40s for the suburbs and even chillier in the polk knows mo poconos mountains. feel the difference as the day goes on. see a lot of sunshine. look how nicely it's cleared out from wilmington. sunshine today. this coming our way tomorrow. that's rain. in county and west virginia. watch how the future cast takes this into the colder air that will be in place in our area
6:49 am
tomorrow. noontime harrisburg getting light now and that light snow arrives in the philadelphia area during the afternoon hours. with the suburbs and lehigh valley and especially in delaware and south jersey. that's 4:00 saturday afternoon. look how quickly this moves through. 7 in the evening starts to taper off by 10:30. sit done. by then, have a little bit of snow on ground. head to below an inch. .6 inches in dover. 0.3 for wilmington and westchester. 0.2 in philadelphia. light dusti ining of snow then . today a lot of sunshine. wind, that will drag the temperatures down this afternoon and bring us the cold for light snow tomorrow. 34 in the afternoon. low of 28 for weekend. back down to 28 degrees. skies clear out for sunday. sunday looking nice. 44 degrees. falling on saturday much of it will disappear on sunday.
6:50 am
martin luther king day. 44 in the afternoon. then here comes the warm air for tuesday and for the rest of the week. 56 degrees on tuesday. we'll see some rain showers wednesday and thursday. look how mild it stays right through next weekend and next weekend no snow. just a little bit more rain on sunday. >> bill, thank you. ten before seven. following breaking news on the boulevard right now as police search for escaped suspect. wait until you see what it's doing to traffic in the area. >> jessica boyington is telling us how to get around it. watching from sky force ten. live over top of the scene of roosevelt boulevard right now. summerdale section of the city. northeast philadelphia you can see several cop cars in place here. a lot of detours as well. outer drive have several lanes lost there. we are watching pretty big delays. katy zachry live from the scene a few moments ago. massive delay on the southbound side. traffic mast moving in the direction of the schuylkill
6:51 am
expressway. to get around that, going to be a little difficult. backs up for quite a bit. if you are approaching the scene, see the delay right here. get off and head to wyoming. no real delays right there. not the same as that. sit a parking lot approaching the scene there. getting off any time before then and heading to wyoming avenue to get back on the boulevard that way. we're almost at stand still on 95 this morning as well. approaching allegheny avenue. 31 minute drive time right now southbound from woodhaven road to vine street expressway. average speeds down to 20s. earlier accident over to the shoulder now. stop and go approaching center city area. lastly stop on freeway. no problems o delays right now on the northbound side headed towards philadelphia. everything is smooth up towards the waltman bridges. new information on the breaking news. have that coming up. plus headlines and stories we're
6:52 am
following for you throughout the day. on the breaking news, just on the boulevard. suspect kicked his way out of patrol car. escaped? handcuffs. just the tip of the ice burg in the story. new details from police straight ahead.
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6:55. stories we'll continue to follow today. >> continue to get breaking developments. summerdale neighborhood live on the scene. offduty pennsylvania state trooper assaulted by a man who took off. live look at the scene there. couple of scenes. roosevelt boulevard and summerdale. new information, it started when the cadillac hit a philly police cruiser. tried to get away. hit a state trooper car.
6:56 am
trooper got out of car and tried to help. one of the men in the car attacked him. police officer arrested suspect and managed to escape the patrol car while wearing handcuffs. still searching for him handcuffed and a green jacket. two other men searching for in the cadillac. stay with nbc 10 and app for updates on breaking news. this morning, philadelphia police investigating a series of shootings over a matter of hours that left nine people shot. two of them are dead. latest happened near a public housing complex near jackson street and south philly. four before seven. today learn how police in philadelphia are progressing with reforms. department of justice release interim final report on philly lis later this morning. doj has been tracking efforts to improve community policing and cut down on the use of deadly force. justice department also plans to release report on chicago police today. this follows a year long civil rights investigation there. expected to find a pattern of abuse and violations.
6:57 am
today in philadelphia, montsignor william lynn will return to court in hopes of avoid lg a new trial. today in delaware county, next round of negotiations begins between teachers and chester upland school district. rejected proposal earlier this week. been without a contract since the last one expired in 2013. >> today delaware opening new trails along the canal in new castle county. marks the completion of the continuous trail running more than 14 miles from delaware city to chesapeake city maryland. hikers view historic and natural treasures along the trail. >> capitol hill u.s. house is expected to vote for repeal of affordable care act. days after the senate did that. as of now, republican lawmakers have no replacement law for aca. democrats say the rush to repeat will endanger the health of millions of people. >> with inauguration a week from today, today homeland security secretary officials will talk
6:58 am
about security preparations for the big event. representatives from the fbi fema and capital police will be there to spell out rolls in plan. crews preparing for ice storm in parts of midwest. heavy rain flooded streets in much of ohio. concerns the standing water will freeze over. good morning. jessica boyington with breaking news right now. sky force ten over the scene of the summerdale section of the city right now. police investigation an accident scene under way on the roosevelt boulevard headed southbound. major delays right now on the southbound side behind the scene because of those lane restrictions in the inner drive, you can see all traffic being forced right now down to outer drive and a few lanes there. now if you're behind that, you want the get around. take castor avenue. may take you a while to get there. down to wyoming good there
6:59 am
getting on the boulevard to approach the schuylkill expressway area as well. watching route 309. letting one car out at a sometime on the northbound side. earlier closure for accident scene here. police activity on the scene as well. one car trickling by at at that time. 309 starting to see big delays northbound as well. melting overnight. check on penns landing. ice rink there. puddles. so warm yesterday. pretty warm overnight too. puddles starting to disappear after the temperatures fall. 44 in lehigh valley. 50 in delaware. 51 in philadelphia. down a little bit. really comes down this afternoon. late this afternoon, 42 degrees in philadelphia. 30s in the suburbs. it turning cold enough for snow this weekend. that's what we'll see saturday afternoon. just light snow. less than an inch for most locations. sunshine a little bit warmer on sunday. always get my first alert forecast on today's 101.1. >> we'll have local updates
7:00 am
throughout the morning. plus always check out the app. thanks for watching. today show starts right now. >> have a great weekend. good morning. the ice storm. crippling and dangerous accumulations expected across the plains, midwest and south beginning this morning. more than 30 million people impacted. and al says it will last for days. new scrutiny. fbi director james comey under fire. an internal investigation now launched into how his agency handled the hillary clinton e-mail probe. but with the election already determined and no chance of it being overturned, will it will lead? sisters to sisters. former first daughters, jenna and barbara bush, pen a heartfelt letter to malia and sasha obama, as they prepare to leave the white house. >>e


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