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tv   NBC 10 News 6pm  NBC  January 14, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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. right now on nbc10 news, light snow and sleet. first alert is tracking the snow as its moving out. living on the edge a manayunk couple can't even get into their home because of new construction that's caused a collapse. >> i'm devastated that i'll never be able to see him again. a family man gunned down on-the-j on-the-job. tonight as police search for his killer we have new video from the moment he was killed. the last of the show is on its way out but fog is moving into the focus knows. visibility be could be an issue but it's not stopping skiers and snow boarders. earlier today snow flurries made
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for a picturesque scene in downtown allentown but the warmer temperatures we felt this week kept most of that snow from accumulating. let's got right over to meteorologist who tracking the snow and sleet by hour by hour. a lot going on today. we definitely it had those warmer temperatures the past few days. filling more like -- feeling more like winter. we only top that at 36 degrees but here is your story. we've already seen some light snow for parts of lehigh valley. it looks like chester county, delaware county, philly county also see some light flurries moving through. we're getting reports of sleet still for parts of new castle and kent counties. that's a big concern. also as we were talking about just a couple seconds ago visibility is an issue with that light snow moving through. we are seeing some areas of patchy fog developing especially across the lehigh valley. as we get this into motion this is your sleet line, your wintry
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mix the rain is moving northward but all start to push off shore after 10:00 p.m. so by midnight we're seeing improvement and tomorrow morning we're seeing plenty of sunshine. back to you. >> thank you. tonight new details about a man gunned down about a block from his home as he was working for a toeing company last night. what police are searching for his killer, we have new video of that shooting. nbc10's has more about the crime and how it unfolded. >> take a look at this video. it shows one of the victims getting in the tow truck to start huz shift for work that's when someone runs up on him and begins shooting. >> according to his family that's 28-year-old in the video leaving his home an gting into the passenger's side of a tow truck around 8:15 friday night. you see a man linger and run up and open fire.
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>> he is on his way to work. >> not shoun. >> he died from a gun shot wound to his head. the 48-year-old truck tow driver was also shot. neighbors ran outside and called 911. first thought was try to help the guy but he was already gone. >> reporter: shot multiple times the tow truck driver still managed to make it to the the front step. >> he has no enemies. he go to work, he come home. >> reporter: today at his home the initial shock is making way for grief to set in. >> i'm becoming a future officer of the police department. >> reporter: in fact, he was working two jobs that now will never be realized. family and friends had this message for the shooter. >> i don't know how you sleep or how you're going to be able to sleep because you took away
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something special, something precious from all of us. >> he has two sons. they're eight and 11 years old. as of this afternoon the family was still trying to figure out how to tell them what happened. a case of road rage ended with shots fired in west philadelphia. the victim says another driver followed him this morning from the schuylkill expressway to north 53rd street and shot him. you can see the bullet car in his car right there. nbc10 just spoke with the man's mother, the message she has for the shooter tonight on nbc10 news at 11. >> check out their front door. they actually have to climb a mound of dirt to get into their home. nbc10's drew smith is live there. what happened there? >> reporter: it's clear. you can see the fence.
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this is where we are at ground level but they've dug out this whole area, you can take a look the sign they now have up, the sidewalk is closed and that's not good news for this couple because they're sidewalk did vanish overnight. they're now using a big mound of dirt to get thoo their front door. you can see that mound of dirt in the day light. there was a straight drop if he had walked out his door in the morning, with his dog, he would've fallen straight down. they were moving this weekend to a new apartment. ut their mound of dirt out to the moving truck. listen to how they found out this happened. >> we're out to dinner and we came -- our neighbor texted us saying are you guys home and we said no. and he said well your sidewalk's gone but how is that possible? >> reporter: the good news here,
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no one was hurt in this collapse but we've checked in with the city to see if they're investigating this, if they're checking with this developer that has dug this whole area out. they didn't have that information available right now. we'll follow-up though. >> utility crews are working to fill a large hole in the road after a waterj8jjz burst this morning. it happened in allentown. lehigh valley authority officials say the main has been repaired. water service has been restored but sewer restoration work is still needed. dozens of local women are gearing up for a historic trip to our nation's capital. this was the scene earlier today. these women prepared signs in anticipation of the women's march on washington next saturday. organizers say it's a chance to send a message to the trump administration. >> we have a voice and we're here, we're watching, we're not
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going anywhere and we're going to hold you accountable for the next four years. >> some 12,000 women are expected to make the trip from pennsylvania at least 140 bus loads are coming from the philadelphia area. thousands took part in the martin luther king junior march in washington, d.c. the national action network founded by the reverend al sharpton, we shall not be moved march rally. new at six inauguration day is less than a week away and a scheduled performance is backing out. jennifer holiday says she will not be performing at the lincoln memorial. angry backlash from her lgbt fans moved her to pull out. holiday is best known for her tony win role "dream girls."
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nbc10 has you covered around the clock of president-elect trump. we're sending a team of ankers and reporters to the nation's capital. our live coverage starts wednesday on nbc10 news at 4:00 p.m. >> president-elect fired back at georgia congressman john lewis. he plans to skip the inauguration and does not consider donald trump and legitimate president. this morning mr. trump tweeted, congressman john lewis should spent more time on fixing and helping his district which is in horrible shape and falling apart. rather than falsely complaining about election results, all talk, talk, talk. no action or results. sad. covering the cost why a decision made three decades ago is costing wilmington millions after a deadly house fire. plus wicked winter weather outwest how it could impact what you're doing tomorrow night. we just moved into this house
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and didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to tie all that space together. with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. bassett had everything that we needed. fabric combinations marry the rooms together. having someone with bassett has been invaluable. we could've never dreamed up this room without bassett.
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>> i just wanted to be one since i was little. i started playing when i was 4 years old and i loved it ever since. >> flyers of the future took to the ice at the wells fargo today. it was a preview event. the current day version of the atlantic division rivals play outdoors next month in pittsburgh. a local community is coming together in support of one of its own. riverton native john wark is battling brain cancer. he also served his community as a volunteer firefighter. so his fellow firefighters hosted a parade in his honor. the july four jay parade is an
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honor of his most favorite holiday, the fourth of the july. >> everything he's done for this community and it just goes to show how much love and support we have from all of our family and friends. >> donations collected at today's parade will go to wark's medical needs. trying to get famous in philadelphia. we'll take you inside the tryouts for the next season of america's got talent next. >> and i'm tracking this light snow this wintry mix and this rain as it moves off shore just in time for your sunday but how nicely is sunday get, i have all the details coming up. back to you.
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new at six the city of wilmington does not have workers compensation insurance so it will now pay at least $9 million to cover the doctor bills of
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injured firefighters. city funding will be used to pay them. the city decided against the insurance back in the 1980s. three firefighters were killed and four others were hurt during that fire back in september. in montgomery county cheltenham county police kicked off his athletic program today. nbc10 was there. the program is available for kids ages 8 through 18 and provide a safe and fun environment for kids by helping strengthen the bond between police and the community. from singer to dancers to young players, people converged on the pennsylvania conventional center today trying to prove to america that they've got talent. ♪
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>> playing gee tar for four years. that's my dream. >> down in new orleans ♪ >> i've been doing it since i was four. it's a lot like our indian culture. i just like being different and my brother he special needs and he likes the rhythm. >> i'm from brooklyn, new york. i just love to sing. >> what is your name? >> my name olivia. ♪ >> talent speaks for it self. i'm pretty sure these judges
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they've seen a whole lot. the talent speaks for itself. >> well, baby please don't go. >> lot of great local talent out there. america's got talent season 12 premieres in may right here on nbc10. hundreds of brave souls took the icy plunge all for a good cause today. the annual polar bear plunge to support the special olympics. check out this birdseye view of the massive crowd as they plunged into the frigid waters. this afternoon a light snow is falling in bethlehem but it wasn't causing any issues on the turnpike. you can see a little bit of accumulation by the guardrail there. erika. >> we did see some light snow flurries for parts of the region. i'll show you what your
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neighborhood can expect at least through tonight. live look outside in philadelphia, the bridge looks nice right now. nothing much for today. current temperatures for the most part seeing lots of 30, trenton 32, philadelphia 35. today's high in philly 36 degrees, the normal high 40 and the record high 73 degrees. that would have been nice. allentown currently at 29 degrees. current satellite and radar images notice that we are seeing some still light snow moving through parts of chester county, berks county, montgomery county as well and sleet here for parts of northern delaware. so neighborhoods right now lehigh valley, your average temperature is in the upper 20s. warnersville 28, kuts town 28 and bethlehem currently at 28 degrees but i do want to show you your visibility map.
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we're seeing issue with visibility, some light fog already been reported. allentown two mile visibility for you, mount pocono, three, notice for montgomery county or parts of southern montgomery county philly county, everybody else not seeing any issues as far as fog is concerned but still keep in mind we do have the light wchl and that light snow moving off sure. neighborhoods for philadelphia seeing lots of 30s. manayunk at 35 degrees. towersdale 34 and fox chase currently at 35 degrees. so your hour-by-hour forecast starting this at 6:30 p.m. we're tracking the end of this system. notice it's not very organized. it will completely push off shore but still we're seeing some light snow moving through parts of the lehigh valley including parts of montgomery county, cumberland county, look like you're mainly going to see a little bit of changeover and then that rain but notice we're going to see all of this push
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off shore after 10:00 p.m. certainly by midnight those clouds fall suit and by tomorrow noon time it's going to be really nice, lots of sunshine for your sunday. expected high temperatures tomorrow about normal for this time of the year. we saw the average in philadelphia is 40, easton 39, west chester 14iz degrees with lots of sunshine for everybody so get ready to get out those sunglasses and enjoy. 44 for atlantic city and it looks like delaware seeing lots of 40s. 10 day on ten looks really promising because we will start to climb back into the 50s by tuesday but notice we he do have lots of sunshine for tomorrow. a mix of sun and clouds for mlk day. tracking some showers in the works on tuesday and wednesday. we do climb into the mid to upper 50s.
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maybe a 60 here. mid-50s for thursday, low 50s on friday and by next weekend we could see some increasing clouds that's too far out. denise back to you. >> a wicked winter blast of ice is calling havoc is across america's mid-section about 44 million people are impacted from texas to the mid-atlantic. the storm started last night in missouri and today continued to force events to cancel. the ice is expected to continue through tomorrow. >> and because of the weather conditions, the nfl moved the kansas city against the steelers to home night right here on nbc10. >> how are you? a busy day in college basketball. villanova tries to avoid another upset where they head to the big apple where they took on saint john. the questionable penalties played a key part in the game. that's next.
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>> time now to check in for what's coming up on nbc10 nightly news good evening. >> great seeing you coming up tonight millions in the middle of the country deal with deadly ice and it may get even worse plus a counter attack by president-elect after a congressman says he doesn't see donald trump as a legitimate president. what happens to all those holiday returns. how some are making big profits from rejects and as more and more states legalize marijuana, what the drug company says about that both good and bad. >> we'll see you at 6:30. thanks jose. >> announcer: this is sports desk. brought to you by xfinity.
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good evening. happy saturday. flyers in boston this afternoon trying to win back-to-back games since the first time since their ten game winning streak ended a month ago. flyers down 3-1. point shot deflected by shin. 11th power play goal. 12 seconds later. a questionable major penalty. a flyers nearly kill off the five minute power play. 4-2 bruins just over two minutes later. blasts from the point fliers get doubled up 6-3. now about that penalty on vor check. >> it was terrible call. in my mind it wasn't a penalty. he goes in to fore-check.
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their guy puts himself in a bad position i don't understand why that was called. it wasn't a two minute let alone five minute. >> tough break but like i said we gave up six goals again so it's hard to win on the road when you give up six goals. >> the fight continues. you can see tomorrow's flyers games tomorrow at 10:00. >> the flyers alumni will play the penguins alumni tonight at the wells fargo. you can see the game on csn. the line that dominated nhl in the mid 90s just one era that will be represented tonight. >> it's surreal to be on the ice with all these guys, the bobby clark line, to be skate around
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and be on the ice with all these legends. >> i think we're going to have a packed house. i'm sure they'll be fired up. looking forward to having a great time. hockey's the best game and it's real special. >> from hockey to the hardwood villanova spending the afternoon at madison square garden facing st. john. butler beat villanova so for the second week in a row look at jay wright, secretary half nova only up two. drop top, one of his three threes, season high 19 points, wildcats up 10. his only three of the game. one for seven he was. villanova wins. meanwhile the sixers go for four
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straight wins tonight in washington as they take on the wizards. denise back to you. >> thank you. a final check on our forecast and we're seeing still a mix of weather hanging around. >> just light snow moving through, that fog really contained to the lehigh valley, some sleet moving through parts of new castle county and cumberland county so be mindful of that. the good news is we're going to warmup but keep in mind we're going to be below freezing. 44 degrees a look at all of that sunshine. partly cloudy skies and trending in the 50s next week. >> it's incredible how the weather shifted this so much this past week and we have a mix still. >> everybody got something. >> thanks so much. that's nbc10 for now. we'll --
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on this saturday night, deadly mix, tens of millions in the path of a dangerous winter storm causing crippling freezing rain and ice. at least three dead. thousands without power. twist of fate. 18 years after she was stolen from the hospital where she was born, a young woman meets her biological parents. the woman who raised her now behind barz. war of words. after a prominent congressman say he is doesn't see donald trump as a legitimate president. >> merchandise mecca. the place where all the holiday returns end up. scrap heap to some. gold mine to others. close encounter with biggest animals on the planet. beyond the spectacular


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