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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 10am  NBC  January 15, 2017 10:00am-10:31am EST

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. breaking right now on "nbc 10 news today," cab driver shot. philadelphia police say a hail of gunfire hit the driver overnight in west philadelphias he fights for his life. investigators search for clus a clues and we're live. a sidewalk collapses. the couple wants to know when they can safely get to and from their front door. closing time for the greatest show on earth. later this year, ringley brothers and barnum and bailey circus will take a bow and close the big top for good after a 146 year run. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 10:00 on this sunday. plenty to get to. let's first start with your
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weather. krystal klei is tracking a sunny day ahead. >> yeah, a big difference compared to yesterday. we knew we had the potential for snow and rain 23e. but that has moved out and now we just have a few scattered clouds south of our viewing area. overall sunny start, going to be a sunny rest of the day. currently it's still cold out there. temperatures right around freezing. but they will be boosting up a bit more by later in the afternoon. so here's where we are right now. 35 degrees at vineland, philadelphia at 34. allentown at 31. what will happen today though, different from yesterday, the temperatures will continue climbing. take a look at the trend here. we're getting into the 40s by your afternoon. low to mid-40s today. but over the next few days, that goes in to the 50s and overnight lows will warm up, as well. so we'll talk more are about that change to rm water temperatures and how long it lasts coming up.
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now to that breaking news out of west philadelphia. a cab driver clinging to life after he was gunned down on the job. nbc 10 was there in the early morning hours as police began their investigation on the 800 block of brooklyn street. officers tell us that the driver was shot 13 times. nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas is live with more details. >> reporter: crime scene investigators are here and so are detectives. they're beginning to process the scene. i'm going to get out of the way so you can see what they're doing here. they have marked evidence and other things that they picked up and put in brown paper bags and put inside their truck. the 56-year-old cab driver was found on the sidewalk around 2:15 this morning. his car was running just like you see it running right now. the driver side door was still open. he was shot 13 times and residents say they heard all of the commotion. >> i do know the guy that got up
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and ran down the alley way. it was too dark so's h esee him. >> reporter: only description was a man in a gray hoodie driving a dark car. the cab driver was driven by police to penn presbyterian hospital and at last check he was in very critical condition. reporting live in west philadelphia, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. new this morning from delaware, one person is dead in a house fire in sussex county. it happened in bridgeville. investigators are looking in to how and where it started in the home. the victim has not yet been identified. this morning philadelphia police are searching for a driver connected to a road rage shooting in west philly. you can see where a bullet went right through the door of marcel batiste's car. his family tells us that he was on schuylkill expressway when an aggressive driver followed him into west philadelphia to 53rd and jeff serson streets and sho
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at his car. the bullet hit batiste in the hip. he's in stable condition. a senseless crime is how family members describe the shooting death of a father from philadelphia. he was gunned down just steps from his tacony home while on his way to work. it was all caught on surveillance camera. 28-year-old khayyan fruster got into the passenger's side of his co-worker's tow truck friday night to start their shift when a gun map waman walked up and s both. the co-worker is in critical condition. fruster died at the hospital. >> he was always just trying to get himself together and working two jobs just so he can do what he need to do to take care of his sons. >> fruster leaves behind two sons ages 8 and 11. at this point police are looking for any leads on the shoot the er. the chance of a sidewalk causing a problem. the huge mound of dirt is the only way one couple can get in and out of their home.
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the couple tells us that a retaining wall and walkway collapsed and that exposed the 20-foot drop. a problem they still complaian' believe happened. >> we were out to dinner and we got -- our texted us saying your sidewalk is gone. how is that possible? >> we do know in a philadelphia crews are aware of it and it's unclear when the repairs will be made. today in ardmore, you can shop and give back to a good cause. simon's fund is holding a shop and share from 11:00 to 6:00. 10% of all sales will go to simon's fund which provides free heart screenings to young children. also today, the philly home show continues at the pennsylvania convention center in center city. there you can check out the latest in home improvement, design and technology. the home show runs through tomorrow and then again the 20th through 22nd.
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closings the big top for good. ringley brothers and barnum and bailey circus says the show will no longer go on. we'll explain the reason why and when you can see the circus one last time in our area. january 20th, i will become the 345th president of the united states. and then two months later, mike pence will become the 46th. >> some late night laughs. just ahead, we'll show you more of snl's take on the president-elect's first news conference.
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check out this shot. the sun glaring off. we have a sunny day in store for us this sunday. it would be be warm necessarily, but it will be warmer than
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yesterday. yesterday was a hive high of 3 philly. it's clear across the board. you saw the live camera. blue skies all over the place. what we will be dealing with is that throughout your day, just some increasing clouds mostly in the southern half of our viewing area as we go into tonight. 41 by 1:00. i think we will peak at about 44 in philly. and then we will get cold again this evening. it's not summer. we will drop back to the 30s overnight. for some of us 20s. in the afternoon though i think we'll make to the low 40s. we'll be right in the cusp of those low 40s for the lehigh valley. looking in delaware, 41 by 1:00 in the and by 5:00, down to 39. we're around freezing by 9:00 p.m. new jersey about the same and at the jersey shore, 42 degrees. that temperature 1:00 in the afternoon, but 39 by 5:00. so looking at temperatures that are still slipping off in the overnight, but gradually will
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pick up. as we get to your mid workweek, some of us are near 60. we'll look more closely at that coming up. >> you say it's not summer, but i saw two people this week wearing shorts. i think we'll see more of that this week. we'll check back but shortly. it's the end of an american institution after 146 years, ringley brothers anbd bar numbe and becamely circus calling it quits. one of the reasons is a slump in attendance after owners removed elephants from the performances last year. this is some video from the ringley brothers circus at the well s fargo center last year. they will turn to philly for one final time next month before closing for good in may. the city of wilmington is facing a big bill to cover the health care cost of four firefighters injured in an arson that killed three of their colleagues. the mayor says the city does not have workers compensation insurance, so the city will pay at least $9 million out of
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pocket to cover the medical bills of the injured of firefighters. one of the injured spent 41 days in a burn center and still needs more surgery. in montgomery county, police are excited to have 50 new members in the new police athletic league program. the league kicked off yesterday at arcadia university. kids enjoyed help with their soccer skills while meeting and building bonds with the officers. 11 past 10:00. and we are less than a week away from president-elect donald trump's inauguration. next we'll be talking to chuck todd about what we can expect. plus this -- hi, yeah, i'm from buzzfeed -- >> no no, no, not you. you're a failing pile of garbage and you want to know why? because i took your quiz yesterday and i'll take it right now, i'm not a joey, i'm rachel. >> saturday night live's take on the press conference.
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and history on the ice. some of greatest players ever to lace up in orange and black were back on the ice. ahead the highlights from the flyers alumni game. the door of bassett quality was there. the quality of what we do is phenomenal. it's perfect. it's beautiful. there's nothing we would change about it.
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jersey shore neighborhoods, temperatures have boosted above freezing. mays landing up to 38 degrees. we will see the temperatures climbing right on through the 40s, but that is as we get into the afternoon. not there yet. then we look over to philadelphia neighborhood, most the same. center city at the 34 the same for the airport. 32 chestnut hill. and we see a few spots right in the mid-30s around fox chase at 34. so the climb will be on as we go
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through the afternoon, but there won't be any clouds be obstructing the warmth and we're not tracking any type of precipitation to move through today. here is a look at the three day outlook. we go from low to mid-40s to mid-40s to 50s for some of us over the next three days. 44 today in philadelphia, 46 on monday and 50 on tuesday. monday will be a very nice day for 134 people who may have martin luther king jr. day off. just some increasing crowds. suburbs, monday at 44. 46 tuesday. my the icon for tuesday gives us the next round of showers. lehigh valley, low to mid-40s overs the next three days. and more pronounced warming over new jersey, the shore and delaware. 44 degrees today in new jersey. 45 in the shore. and also at 45 today in delaware. sunny conditions today, more clouds though by your tuesday again that is's when we see more moisture moving in. warmer moist air, so showers
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move through, as well. hour by hour, this is your tuesday morning, there are the clouds that start out the morning. and then we start to see the rain starting to edge in by away 9:00 a.m. now it's looking like it will be delayed enough that any icy precip will not fall for us. just some scattered showers through your afternoon and even into your early evening, spotty rainy showers. it's not a washout. lingering moisture overnight. if you're going to washington, d.c. for the inauguration, wednesday some showers are possible in d.c. about 54. a little dropoff for us, 51 thursday and by friday, some showers possible with the temperature of 48. today supporters of the affordable care act will gather for a day of action. donald authorize norcross will call on the trump administration not to repeal the aca.
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bernie sanders and other democrat helped to organize the event. and in north if philly, hair kenney will join bob casey for a rally backing the aca. kenney, casey and other democratic leaders will discuss the cost of republicans repealing the aca and merits of preserving medicare and medicaid. president obama's final weekly address is in the history books. yesterday the outgoing commander in chief thanked the american people for eight years in the white house. >> it has been the honor of high life to serve you as president. eight years later i'm more optimistic about our country's promise. and i leook forward to working long side you as a citizen. thanks everybody, god bless you and god bless the united states of america. now to the inauguration of donald trump. we are just five days away and
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we've learned that a scheduled performer is backing out. singer jennifer holliday says she will not be on stage at thursday's free concert. she said the backlash from her gay and african-american fans swayed her decision. holliday is best known for her tony award winning role in broadway's dream girl. nbc 10 is sending a team of anchors, reporter and producers to our nation's capital. live coverage from washington begins wednesday afternoon on nbc 10 at 4:00. not will legitimate, those words about the president-elect from congressman and civil rights icon john lewis are drawing sharp attacks from mr. trump. "meet the press" moderator chuck todd interviewed lewis that will air rater this morning on "meet the press." i got a preview from chuck about it earlier today. what are the broader repercussions and will other dnls echo that statement? >> i think that it will have broad repercussions.
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i think donald trump's decision to confront john lewis on twitter multiple times yesterday and throughout the weekend is uniting the democratic party when they could have been divided on that question. >> the complete interview with congressman john lewis will air this morning on "meet the press." chuck will also be speaking with republican chief of staff reince priebus. he will be in the trump administration. and democratic senator dianne feinste feinstein. police sketch on "saturday night live" last fight is getting a bit of buzz this morning. here is alec baldwin playing president-elect donald trump. >> obamacare is a disaster and i actually do have a replacement plan. i just read about this week, it's a terrific plan. just great. it's called the affordable care act. >> that's the same thing as obamacare and if you repeal it, 20 million people will lose their health insurance.
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people could die. >> listen, sweetheart, i'm about to president. we're all going to die. . >> baldwin portrayed mr. trump taking questions at a news conference. 20 past 10:00. living legends, some of the greatest flyers ever to play the game will be back in action this weekend. the current team though, a bit of a controversial call that has fans fuming. it's all coming up next in your sunday morning sports. you can't eat just one. i mean it. i can't go near these things because i will eat the whole box. girl scout cookie season is upon us. we'll tell you about the annual sale and why it's more than just delivering delicious treats.
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good morning to you. happy sunday. 6ers, flyers both on the road.
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we start on the hardwood. 6ers going for its fourth straight win but minus embiid. noel left briefly with a sprained ankle but did return. check out this move, to oubre. okafor a season high 26. this one tied at halftime and then the 6ers hit a wall, as in john wall. he hit three threes in the third. their win streak ends at three, 109-93 the final. to hockey now, flyers at bruins. flyers had just made it a one goal deficit when this happened. voracek getting called for a major boarding penalty. flyers nearly kill off the five minute power play, but bergeron off the stick of macdonald, marchand gets the assist. flyers lose. and in philadelphia, clark sporting the sweater. dave brown known for his
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fighting skills, but he rams puck home there. showed some soft hands on that shot. game ends 3-3 and for this flyers alone playing in philadelphia, never gets old. >> guys talk about the fear to this day of coming into this building, how it's different, the emotion is different. and what else can you attribute to but the fans? and the fans have been just absolutely remarkable. you're right, i have played some great hockey markets. this is different. >> today's flyers game at washington has been moved to 1:00 and can be seen on nbc 10 as well as csn. that's because the chiefs/steelers game was moved to 8:20 due to potential weather issues. the nfl playoffs, falcons hosting seattle, matt ryan hits coleman wide open like a kid's mouth at the dentist.
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falcons win 36-20. and what does your owner do? turning it up with his players. 70-year-old arthur blank there. tom brady and company, a colossal favorite. dion lewis on the kickoff return, this guy has been injured most of the season, but he looked just fine here. breaks some tackles and you ain't catching him. patriots move on for the sixth street year. college hoops, villanova the number three team in the country visiting st. john's second home madison square garden. an angry jay sighting. pump him up, only up two before they started to pull away. wildcats up 10. nova wins 71-57. temple hosting tulsa, more drama than a broadway play.
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final seconds, he beats the defender and drives to make it the advantage. and last chance, comes up empty. owls lose. >> st. joseph's hosting richmond. and under 15 seconds left, james demery misses the game tying three. hawks 4 of 17 from behind the arc. st. joe's falls 70-66. penn hosting brown, two point game midway through the second half, but anderson's drive part of an 11-2 run. quakers fall 1-3. 82-70 the final. that is your look at sports. if you have a new year's resolution to eat healthier, you may have to take a break because it's girl scout cookie season. you know what that means.
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cookeries are here. we were in springfield delaware county yesterday as cars lined up to take their cookie orders. this year marks the 100th anniversary of the girl scouts selling the delicious treats. >> it's a lot more than just about selling the cookies. it's helping them to have an experience and to reach their goals. and many of our girls have very high aggressive goals do things like camp or take trips or things to help them be better citizens. >> cookie season runs through march 12th. we have cookie sales in the newsroom. and you have to watch out because on a sunday morning when you're starving after all the news it's like -- you will pai ta fall prey to it. >> i love the tagalongs. >> oh, yeah, i could eat those all day. but i'll try not to. let's talk about the weather. here is a look right now in center city, you can see sunny
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conditions. dry conditions. our extended forecast keeping us sunny. 44 for today. tomorrow for martin luther king sk juni junior, 46. wednesday, 59. but we will see showers tuesday and wednesday. that will do it for us. i'm rosemary connors. for krystal klei and all of us here, have a good one. "meet the press" is next.
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charge from an american civil rights icon. >> i don't see president-elect as a legitimate president. >> john lewis says the russians helped destroy hillary clinton's candidacy. >> i think the russians anticipated and helpeded this man get elected. >> my exclusive interview with congressman lewis. the national debate his comments have inspired and reaction this morning from donald trump's incoming chief of staff reince priebus, plus growing concerns about donald trump's coziness with vladimir put snien do you think the russians were behind hacking into our election? >> is vladimir putin a war criminal? >> should we ignore our history with


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