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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  January 16, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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tip which have it there and stays until about 5:00 in the morning. for commuters this morning, not going to have to worry about it. route 202 looks good. end over in new jersey, this is route 73 just around cooper road. see no problems. not a lot of cars on the road here. maybe a car of two moving through the intersection. other than a good drive on 73. now breaking nudes following for you overseas. a cargo plane crashed. about a mile away from the airport. investigators say there was fog in the area, but they do not think it was a critical factor in the crash. new from overnight, police in willen binboro there were no
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suspects right now. today volunteers across the area are giving back and using martin luther king hol diday as day of service. largest king day event in the country. what's happening right now? >> reporter: well, not much right now. a lot of setup you can see going on behind me. of course you mention thad this is a day a lot of people have off from work or school. folks who are filling this room are going to be very busy doing things for a greater good. 22nd annual greater philadelphia martin luther king day of service. all told going to be 145,000 people of all ages doing 18 hundred service projects throughout the region. here in this room and throughout the girard college area here going to be 5,000 volunteers. going to be a very busy area coming up later on this morning. of course you also have the main reason to celebrate doctor kings
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fight for civil rights and educational justice. right over there you see the main stage. where the mayor is going to be later on this morning. they will be getting involved with some of the project as well. some of the dignitaries from the some of the dignitaries from the city. building book shelves for mini libraries at local businesses. you have a lot of organizations throughout the area going to be getting involved. you have this station here, stop hunger now. going to be doing some important work later on this morning. just looking at this map here, you can see all these organizations that are going to be here, filling this room. this is going to be a very big day doing good things for the community. around the philadelphia region. and, of course, around the country as well. coming up in the next half hour, touk with some of the folks who are organizing this whole thing. very big day ahead now that i'm live at girard college. thousands of people are expected to mark the martin luther king day service by taking part in the march for a better america. marchs wi s marches will walk
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the president's house. also today it will liberty bell will symbolically ring in honor of late reverend martin luther king junior. ceremonial bell ringing became a martin luther king day tradition back in the 80s. >> police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a 16-year-old boy in his father's workplace in west philadelphia. happened yesterday on north 52nd street. family members tell us that sawn joans like to do homework in the store where his dad worked. discovered the boy lying on the floor. talked to a relative who said the family is heart broken. >> if they come to take something, they should have take something and leave him alone. why do they have to take him?
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i hope they find the killer. >> they moved from jamaica for better education. looking at cameras for investigation. part of montgomery loved ones will attend murder service for grace packer. public is invited to pay rmts and share memories of the 14-year-old who police say was abused before she was killed. memorial will be held this afternoon at new life presbyterian church. social workers will hold a community forum to talk about the signs of child abuse. grace's don mattingliy adopted boyfriend were accused of killing grace chltd dismembering body and dumps it in north eastern pennsylvania. new details about this sinkhole causing problems for people living on one fishtown street. this morning people along boston street now have gas back on. water department still working in hopes to restore service by midweek. utility service was cut when a
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water main broke undermining the pavement and causing a cave in more than a week ago. happening today, camden county top cop will meet with a speaker of the house during a forum on improved policing. join other law enforcement leaders from around the country at a meeting with house speaker paul ryan in wisconsin. leaders will discuss new police standards to help curve the use of force. chief tompson is expected to brief the forum on new police initiatives he has developed in camden. inauguration of donald trump is just days way now. >> take you to the inauguration dress rehearsal and give you a glimpse of what to expect. plus, weathering the storm. what kept football plans from leaving the football stadium after a brutal playoff loss to the packers. 4:35. 28 degrees. it's a cold morning, but we've got some sunshine on the way. at least to start with. neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with one quick check on the roads. weaver starting off this morning through center city. this is vine street expressway. camera right around 24th street. we're open this morning not dealing with typical morning construction project. you can see right here the westbound side. moving towards the schuylkill expressway. we're not seeing any problems or delays moving through the city right now. also checking in with schuylkill. if you're headed from the vine. drive times eastbound, westbound, pretty much the same. 13 minutes at the most. blue route to vine street expressway speeds in the high 50s with low the 60s there. moving around the schuylkill. moving through the intersection.
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good drive there. end with mass transit. on or close to schedule. at least right now at this early hour. running on time. more updates when i come back in ten minutes. it's cold outside. just a little bit of a breeze. not very strong above building level. even lighter at the ground. it is clear and cold this morning. temperatures in the teens. and 20s. with clear skies, on way to sunny day to start with. this afternoon we'll see clouds increase and then a cloudy evening, but i expect to it be dry this evening. something that will change overnight. the temperature has been changing overnight. 28 degrees. just a three-mile-per-hour breeze in philadelphia. 20s through 8:00 this morning. sunshine going to be a quick warmup. it's in the hoz starting at lunchtime. that bright sunshine at lunchtime will start to thin
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out. at 2:00 turning mostly cloudy later this afternoon firefighter philadelphia. sunshine in the suburbs once we get sunshine we'll see the warmup. 25 degrees. middle 20s at 8:00. then the sun has impact near 40 degrees at noontime sgoo into the 40s this afternoon. same clouds increasing in the suburbs after a clear morning in the lehigh valley and very cold this morning, 18 the temperatures will climb in sunny skies to start with. just like the rest of the area this afternoon. clouds move in to the area. dry during the day today and into the evening hours should stay dry in the lehigh valley. cold start in new jersey. clear skies. 21 degrees. into the low 40s at lunchtime. a lot of sunshine this morning and into the afternoon. later this afternoon the clouds will take over in new jersey. at the shore, sunny skies will warm temperatures that aren't all that cold right now. 35 degrees still could come down a bit. then into the 40s this afternoon. dry for delaware. nice and clear to start with. 23 degrees right now.
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wind is at 6 miles an hour. this morning wind should be calm. allow the temperatures to climb nicely in the 40s this afternoon. clouds increasing by 4:00. that leads to some rain for tonight and tomorrow. it's also going to be the beginning of a warming trend. not a lot warmer for tuesday. look at the leap into the 50s. dover those showers tomorrow and a warmup and allentown. see them warmup as well. detail when the rain moving in when i come back with the hour by hour future cast. cowboys fans are reeling after a 1-2 punch in dallas. minutes after seeing the teams lose warning confined the fans to the stadium. fans stuck inside were able to leave once the storm passed. it's unclear if a tornado
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touched down nearby. former philadelphia mob boss has died in prison. >> hear from the lawyer and how he handled the meeting with the mob kingpin. close call for strait trooper. how this scene played out when a big rig loses control and crosses into john coming traffic.
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so you can do whatever's important to you. if you have a question about whether refinancing is right for you, ask me. sincerely, robert kennedy, fellow grad and fellow citizen. citizens bank education refinance loan. call... to see how much you could save now. meteorologist bill henley tracking conditions where you live. back in just a minute with the neighborhood forecast. >> just about a quarter to five a.m. close call for canada stroot trooper when a tractor trailer lost control on icy roads. officer's dash cam rolling when the truck cross add median into
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john co john comeing traffic. this morning we're giving you a roundup of martin luther king junior day event. j volunteers across the area are preparing for day of service. 145,000 people will spend today working on service projects. across the city. 22nd annual greater king day of service is the largest in the country. volunteers are gathering right now at jegirard college. jersey shore join students in atlantic, cape may and ocean county. include gardening, collecting books for students in sim bob way and learning about feminism.
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in bucks county the mission to stop hunger. students and staff from lsaint andrew ath lick school will pack 10,000 meals and plan to do it in just two hours. to camden where 60 volunteers will spend their day working at ronald mcdonald house. include cleaning, making meals and treats for families living at ronald mcdonald house. rowing marathon will raise money for a good cause on this mlk day. newport rowing club hold annual event. members pull the ores on indoor rowing machines make goal of 1 million meters. money pledged will go to charity. 4:46. let's get you caught up on the roads. >> jessica boyington, first of all, it's a holiday and monday.
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should be a good time to get out. >> it's really early still. usually on holidays like this see a really light light morning rush. of course a little bit away from that time right now. considering it's not 5:00 in the morning yet. you can see, no major problems are delays, couple of cars out the door there. roads are dry. good drive so far. 95 looks great. southbound moving towards center city. still 13 minute trip. average speeds in the 60s. same going for the northbound side. here's 295 in new jersey. right around route 30. no problems here either. few cars there. 22 minutes. maybe headed from new jersey to delaware memorial bridge. 42 freeway to that point. take you 22 minutes with speeds into the high 60s there as well. end on the bridges: just checked in with burlington bristol. same goes to walt heading into philadelphia. clear. about 12, 13 minutes before
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5:00 a.m. it's cold out there. i think it's going to get warmer. >> we'll find out for sure. it will get warmer. not in the next couple of hours. temperatures are still falling before sunrise. wane in the lower 20s right now. 18 degrees at lehigh valley. 26 now in the suburbs. look at delaware. 23 degrees. not exactly warm in philadelphia either. 28 degrees. south jersey, the numbers are still falling. look at the low 20s. clayton at the 20s. princeton, cold spot at 16 degrees. very cold morning, but we will see sunshine. doppler radar showing we're clear of any precipitation. clouds are going to hold off until this afternoon. they will be moving in. you can see the clouds just to our southwest. this rain will miss us. i'm watching the system to the west. that's our rainmaker for tomorrow. we're talking rain. except, for one area first thing
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tomorrow morning. there's the hour by hour forecast. this is tomorrow morning. about this time tomorrow morning, right in here, light precipitati precipitation, it's going to be moving into temperatures that are right around freezing. so we could see some rainy freezing rain mix to start with in the lehigh valley, berks county. and into poconos. 8:30 in the morning. temperature is rising. area of frozing precipitation is starting to thin out. 1:00. temperatures have been above freezing. nothing, but rain during the afternoon and into the evening hours. we've got wet weather. that's for tomorrow. not today. today we will get some sunshine and looks like good day for activities too. for martin luther king day. clouds take over later today and the rain comes in first thing in the morning, but really a better chance of daytime showers for tuesday and into tuesday evening. by wednesday, we'll get some breaks of sunshine. look at the warmup.
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57 degrees. thursday partly sunny skies and 53. still in the 50s friday. rain moving in. chance of showers friday. drying out this weekend. low 50s for saturday and sunday. look at the 50s right on through nek next week. another round of showers come next tuesday. ten before five this monday morning. wrestling legend jimmy is dead right after the judge found him not competent. >> 73 years old. doctors said he only had months to live. authorities accused snuk ka of killing girlfriend back in 1973. former philadelphia mob boss nick disagree modemo scarfo.
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>> mr. scarfo definitely an interesting character. no doubt about that. when we first met, he said to me, dave it's a pleasure to meet you. i've heard a lot of nice things about you. i said mr. scarfo, it's a pleasure to meet you too. i wish i could say the same. >> working to get client released on patrol at the time of his death. we are now four days away from the inauguration of donald trump. dress rehar sal is now in the books. military bands and other performers went through paces. tourists enjoyed the show, even
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if it was just practice. >> very motivated. very spiritual. make you proud to be an american. >> i watch the music playing and i love that. >> welcome signs were also part of tv pageantry of an american tradition. peaceful transfer of power. then there's politics. philadelphia congressman will be among dozens of democrats who have decided to skip the inauguration. evans took office for his first term in the house. new jersey congresswoman bonnie watson coleman will not attend the inauguration. tweeted she's planning to go to a prayer vigil instead. complete coverage of the inauguration of donald trump. look for live reports starting wednesday. sending a team of anchors. including two of us. headed to the nation's capital. >> don't let them forget what they're trying to do and let's all work together to stop them
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from doing it. >> hundreds of people spent the weekend rallying to save the affordable care act. outside temple hospital in north philadelphia to send a message about protecting health care. >> for people not to have health care and not have a plan, it's absurd. we're here for to support people and support the continuation of affordable care. >> similar rallies were held in new jersey and around the country after senator bernie sanders and other democrats called for action. last night, president elect trump promised his plan to replace obamacare will include insurance for everybody. seven minutes before five. all new next on nbc 10 news on five. terror in a taxi. >> local driver shot. what happened moments before the shots were fired. plus a few good men. explain how these high school football players are being recognized for efforts both on
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good morning. hamilton township new jersey. 295 just around 195 until hamilton. both directions look great on 295 right now. no problems or delays. expecting a pretty quiet commute right now. showing that to be true. we'll have updates for you the rest of the morning. next one comes back in the 5:00 hour. >> few minutes before 5:00 a.m. 500 circus employees looking for new jobs after learning this weekend that the greatest show on earth is now over. >> after 146 years, ringling brother is closing. announced the decision on employees saturday night. blame drop in attendance, rising cost, and negative public view about circus animals for their
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decision. removed 11 elephants from their performance last year after animal rights complained. here's a look at ringling circus at wells fargo center last year. will return one last time next month before closing for good in may. >> this is the first year pennsylvania liquor stores will be open for the king day holiday. new state lead-off p allows the stores to be open today. presidents' day, memorial day, independence day. normally affects stores normally open on monday. if your store is normally closed on monday, it will be today as well. happening the chicago clubs have waited 108 years to make. that's bill henley. major league baseball world champions will meet president obama at the white house. beat cleveland. snapping a century old drought. erasing what many long time fans believed was a curse against the team. bill henley. >> look, he's got a a live
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picture of chicago up. now to local celebration of leadership on and off the gridiron. >> south jersey organization went looking and found a few good men. received a few good men award. players chosen to receive the honor because of leadership and community service. >> the idea of creating honorable people is amazing. i'm happy this program even exists. >> having this knowledge and experience of the few good men organization is just prepares me and helps me become a better man. also given man of the year award. >> that impressed you. >> i'm so impressed. congratulations young man. you'll be fine men. >> very nice. >> more of the stories we're following right now on nbc 10 at 5:00 a.m. day of service, larngest martin luther king day event in the country is getting started right now in philadelphia. we are live with a look at how
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the civil rights icon is being honored. inauguration countdown, president elect trump gets ready to be sworn in this week. what his advisers are now asking of democrats. cab driver attack. what we're learning about the moment leading up to a shooting in a taxi. i'm tracey davidson sgll i'm vai sikahema. 20s in most of the areas. lehigh valley looks like it's in the teens. nbc 10 first alert weather forecast. >> you notice thad with the neighborhood forecast, break it down so you can see the difference. just dropped two dries in the last hour. that's the lehigh valley. meantime, in the 20s for delaware. cold start yes, but with clear skies we'll get sunshine. look at the warmup from 26 degrees at 6:00 to 36 degrees at 9:00. we're looking for a pretty good warmup in philadelphia too. 27 degrees right now into the
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30s by 9:00 this morning. 35 degrees in the city. we'll see those numbers climb today into the 40s. even in the lehigh valley. nice recovery. 40 degrees. clouds moving in this afternoon. see them in new jersey. suburbs and philadelphia too. at the shore, good deal of sunshine. late afternoon clouds won't stop the temperature from hitting 45 degrees this hampb. those clouds are coming in advance of rain. i'll show you when to expect that when i come back with the hour by hour future cast in ten minutes. first, let's see how the traffic is moving, if at all. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. still moving so far this morning. easy drive on this holiday. schuylkill expressway is where we're starting first. right around spring garden street. no major problems. city looks nice there blind that. eastbound from the blue route to vine street expressway. 12 minute trip. everything looking good on the schuylkill. earlier crash reported out


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