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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  January 16, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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i tackers posing as police try to attack someone. live as volunteers expected to mark martin luther king today and events at our region. preparing for history. now just a few days left before the inauguration of president elect trump. tell you how the nation's capital is getting ready. nbc 10 news. starts now. 5:30 on the nose. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tra tracey davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. temperatures plum etting overnight. >
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26 right now in suburbs. philadelphia at 27 degrees. cold one in delaware to 25 degrees right now. you'll see that warmup in delaware at 10:00 this morning. above freezing. warming into the 40s during the day today. right at 40 this afternoon for the lehigh valley. sunshine in new jersey, 43. little bit warmer at the show. little bit more sunshine. clouds roll in later in the day for the suburbs and philadelphia. it's going to stay dry for the martin luther king junior holiday today. go through the forecast hour by hour when clouds start moving in when i'm back if ten minutes. first, jessica boyington, watching your traffic on a monday morning. thanks bill. starting off on the bridges. actually in the middle of the platt bridge. in one camera you can see traffic flowing along nicely there. both directions bridges dry. rest of the bridges okay. no problems going over the ben franklin bridge. no scheduled openings. we'll check in with 95 here. 95 drive time moving through
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delaware. ten minutes in both directions. north or south. we'll end over in new jersey. this is route 73. just around the atlantic city expressway. you can see both directions and route 73 looks great. no problem if you head down the shore. or head back up north. >> jessica, thank you. continue to follow breaking news this morning from philadelphia. somerton section. police are telling us they're looking for two men who tried abducting a person from the wawa on bustleton avenue. no one was abducted. largest martin luther king day event right here in philadelphia. nbc matt delucia is live there from girard college. how's it looking. >> reporter: it's a day of service. expecting people to start
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showing up in just a few hours. volunteers expected to come in around 8:00 in the morning. at the center of it all here at girard college. expecting 5,000 people just here alone. i'm surrounded by what this is all about. surrounded by donated clothes and shoes right here. over here you see the main stage. where mayor jim kenny and some dignitaries will be involved. making book shelves for mini makeshift libraries at local businesses. really trying to do as much as possible. see the murals around here as well. really inspirational murals that have been created over the years honoring martin luther king. and will of course we have been talking with some of the organizers here. one guy has been here doing this for 22 years. started this whole thing. ed to burnstein. said it's important. this day and age with the political climate getting people of all background and cultures
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to get involved. take a listen. >> divided medication, i thi ed important we come together and this event allows us to bring people together who might not ordinarily meet to break down barriers, build understanding, and ongoing relationships. >> and let me just run through a couple of things going on here today. see some tables here and there are hunger groups going to be here as well. you've got colleges. job fair. wellness fair. philadelphia fire department. they will be engaging people through all of their fire stations today. parks a parks and recks department involved. s department involved. just running through a quick lirs. delaware county, first flynn baptist church delivering gifts to nursing homes.
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volunteers from girl scouts p s preparing and delivering meals. i just tweeted out a link. if if you still want to volunteer to help, you can. go to my twitter. we'll be back again in a half hour to talk more about what is going on here. for now, i'm live at girard college. matt delucia, nbc news. also happened today in philadelphia, thousands of people kmpted to mark the martin luther king day service by taking part in the march for better america. 11:00 a.m. walk from president's house in center city to mother church for a public demonstration. marchers want to raise support for equality. also the symbolic liberty bell will ring. now in 32nd year. ceremonial bell ringing became an mlk tradition after his widow
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suggested the idea back in the 80s. other news, police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a 16-year-old boy in his father's store in west philadelphia. happened yesterday. family members tell us shawn jones liked to do his homework in the store where his dad worked. shawn's father difred his son lying on the floor with a gunshot wound to the head. spoke to a relative who said the family is broken. >> if they came to take something. they should have taken it and left him alone. why do they have to take him. >> shawn just moved to philadelphia from jamaica for a better education. police are looking at surveillance pictures from the store as part of their investigation. today montgomery county, loved ones will attend a service for grace packer. family and public is invited to pay respects of the 14-year-old. memorial will be held this afternoon at new life presbyterian church. also today, social workers will
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hold a community forum to talk about the signs of child abuse. grace was adopted mother sara packer and sara's boyfriend jacob sullivan are both charged in the teens death. two accused of murdering grace and dismembering ask dumping body in the woods of northeast pennsylvania. wrestling legend jimmy snuka fly is dead. snuka was 73 years old. doctors recently said he only had months to live. authorities accuse ds him of killing his girlfriend in 1983. charges came decades later. snuka was a member of the world wrestling entertainment hall of fame. long time competitors, the rock and hulk hogan tweeted, rip super fly. >> four days away from the inauguration of donald trump. dress rehearsal now in the books. look at yesterday's dry run at the big event in washington.
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members of the military played roles as president, first lady. also had a dress rehearsal. tourists got to enjoy the show even if it was just practice. >> very motivated. very spiritual. make you proud to be an american. >> there was music playing and i love that. >> welcome signs were also part of the pageantry of an american tradition. peaceful transfer of power. then there's politics. philadelphia congressman will be among more than two dozen democrats who decided to skip inauguration. new jersey congresswoman, bonnie watson coleman will not attend the inauguration. coleman tweeted she's planning to go to a prayer vigil instead. >> don't let them forgot what they're trying to do and let's all work together to stop them from doing it. mean time, hundreds of people spent the weekend
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rallying to save the affordable care act. days before president elect trump takes office, they gathered outside to send a message about protecting health care. >> for people not to have health care and not have a plan, it's absurd. you know, we're here for -- to support people and support the continuation of affordable care. sgll similar rallies were also held in new jersey and around the country after senator bernie sanders and other democrats called for action. last night president elect trump promised his plan to replace obamacare will include insurance for everyone. and coverage o inauguration of donald trump continues all week long. we will be reporting live from the nation's capital beginning on wednesday. happening today, camden county police chief will meet with paul ryan. the discussion will focus on new police standards to help curb the use of force. chief tompson is expected to brief the leaders on new initiatives he's developed in
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camden. 20 minutes before 6:00. it's cold outside this morning. skies clear overnight. so the temperatures have really come down into the 20s. so tocold and clear at least to start with. this afternoon, we'll see clouds increase. staying dry this evening, but cloudy this evening. those clouds will linger into tomorrow morning and that's when i'm expecting the first rain drops in our area. not today. sunshine today will start the warming process. doesn't come up until after 7. we'll be in the 20s to start with and at 8:00 this morning. then it leaps into the 30s above freezing at 10:00 in philadelphia. heading for the 40s this afternoon. for the suburbs, clear skies now. sunshine this morning, look at the warmup by lunchtime, near 40 degrees. into the 40s this afternoon. look at the clouds late this afternoon. they'll be on the increase. you'll see that in the lehigh valley too. after a very cold morning, the temperatures leap mast the 30s
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into the 40s, but clouds increase late this afternoon. i don't expect to see any rain during the day. should be dry this evening in the lehigh valley. and dry all day long in delaware and new jersey. new jersey is 21 degrees now. staying in the 20s for the next couple hours and then by 10:00, we're above freezing. pretty nice day ahead. 40 degrees. noontime into the 40s this afternoon. lot of sunshine to start with. during the early afternoon hours, it's late this afternoon that you'll see clouds take over at the shore too. 34 now. plenty of sunshine this morning. during the early afternoon hours, then late this afternoon, the clouds will be increasing. still get some sunshine as it sets late this afternoon at the shore. what you won't see during the day today is any wet weather for delaware. just cold and clear right now. 25 degrees above freezing. it's 10:00. near 40 at lunchtime. into the 40s this afternoon. dry and clouds increase. lead to first rain drops falling overnight tonight. i'll take you through that
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forecast hour by hour with the future cast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you, bill. about 18 minutes before 6:00 a.m. roads are calm this morning. supposed to check on roads in south jersey. having a little bit of a camera issue back here. trying to watch burlington new jersey. crash on route 130. here we go. route 130 just around high street. northbound side seeing delays moving by the scene right here. to get around, get off around federal street and head back downright here to jacksonville road right there. past that scene, might be a good idea for you. other than that, being detoured around the scene might not be too bad considering everything around. broad street right up here in the green. 130 around burlington dealing with multi-vehicle accident there. also watching route 55. over at route 49 in millville, new jersey. no major problems or delays.
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roads empty. drive times look okay. we can see eastbound, westbound. nine minute trip. average speeds into the high 50s. jessica, thank you. th no terror i don't storious notorious. end of an era. why they're shutting down the iconic show.
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character. no doubt about that. when we first met. he said to me, dave it's a pleasure to meet you. i've heard a lot of nice things about you. it's a pleasure to meet you. i wish i could say the same.
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>> scarfo said he was working to get his client released on patrol at the timeme of his dea. progress to report after the ground opened and you happen swallowed two cars. people along boston street now have gas back on. water department is still working and hopes to restore service by midweek. utility service was cut last sunday morning when water main broke undermining the pavement and causing a cave in. 500 circus employing looking for a new job after learning this weekend the greatest show on earth is now over. 146 years, ringling brother circus is closing. announced decision to employees on saturday night. blame drop in attendance, rising cost, and negative public view about circus animals removed elephants from pempss last year after animal rights complained. here is a look at if ringling brother circus. at the wells fargo center. last year. now, the circus will return to
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philadelphia one final time. that's scheduled for next month before they close for good in may. >> going to miss the circus. and weather, boy, it's cold out there. it is cold this morning. >> i'm always feel like i'm grateful we don't have issues or problems that are happening in the midwest. the cold, but. >> true, but sit dry the wind has died down too. doesn't feel any colder than it actually is. have to bundle up if you're heading out right now. easton seeing some of the coldest temperatures in the area. completely dry. clear skies. very light wind. little to o no wind to start with. that's not the only cold spot. look at south jersey, philadelphia, delaware, in the 20s this morning. some of the suburbs have dropped into the teens. right now 19 degrees. you're at 19 degrees. look at collegeville. el roy. in the teens along with fort
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washington and new hope. cold morning. even warmer spots are still cold. all in the very low 20s to start with. good news we'll see a lot of sunshine. clear skies. once the sun is up. we will see temperatures warm up pretty rapidly today. then, late this afternoon, clouds move in to the area. they will be moving in fairly quickly. we won't get today is any rain. that will stay to south and snow, you can see that in chicago area. not heading our way. we will get wet whether into tomorrow morning. look as these showers move towards us. first of them by 5:30 in the morning. going to be watching the lehigh valley. we could see freezing rain mixing in with the rain. first thing in the morning temperatures right around freezing. the rest of the area, tomorrow, will be much warmer than it is this morning. so just be coming down as rain. very light showers to start with in the morning. get steadier rain fall into the afternoon and evening hours. going to be on and off during the day tomorrow.
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today get sunshine. holiday 45 degrees this afternoon. a lot of sunshine this morning and early this afternoon. later this afternoon that the clouds really take over for our area. cloudy evening, but dry this evening. rain coming in tomorrow. first morning showers will be very light. better chance of showers during the day. 46 degrees the high temperature on tuesday. little bit warmer. temperatures are trying to warm up. really take off on wednesday. sunshine will be drying out. 57 degrees in the afternoon. still in the 50s for thursday. come friday, 38 in the morning. 52 in the afternoon. another round of rain is possible on friday before we dry out for the weekend. those temperatures do not look like normal winter temperatures in the low 50s. about 10 degrees above normal for this time of year. >> bill, thanks for that. ten minutes before six. let's get you to work. continue togs talk about the accident in burlington. >> 130 and high street.
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i know there's a dunkin donuts on that corner. has it shutdown part of 130. you might be stuck in that dunkin donuts if you're heading in that direction. there's a crash now closing it on the northbound side. word that it's closed on the southbound side as well. right around high street. dealing with a closure in both directionsme s directions. washington avenue might be a good alternative. take broad street and pop back on just past this point. detouring around the scene. both directions closed. live pictures of exactly what it looks like for you in a couple of minutes. here's route 202 right around route 29. no major problems or delays. seven minute trip. end here with drive time. everything still in the green. you can see at the bottom here. eastbound from the blue route to vine. 12 minutes. speeds into the 60s. again, next time i come back sky force live. by, back to you. >> jessica, thank you.
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honoring martin luther king. up next, take a look at some more of the events happening across our area today.
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giving you a round up of martin luther king junior day events. in philadelphia, 145,000 people will spend today working on service projects across the city. this is video from last year. 22nd annual greater philadelphia king day of service is the largest in the country. volunteers gather at girard college this morning. at the jersey shore, volunteers join with students from stockton university for service projects. cape may and ocean county. projects today include gardening, collecting books for students in sim bob bay and learning about feminism and civil right the. nearly 1 hourks people pitched in. martin luther king day all about fire safety. members of the american red cross work to install free smoke detective torres in homes across the area. all part of an effort to install
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15,000 smoke detok terrors nationwide today. south jersey organization went looking for and found a few good men in south jersey. 11 high school football players from schools across south jersey received a 2016 few good men award. players were chosen to receive the honor because of leadership and community service. >> the idea of creating honorable people is amazing. i'm just happy this program even exists. >> having this knowledge and experience of the few good men organization, just prepares me and helps me become a better man. >> that young man right there. also given the man of the year award. we congratulate all the winners. happening today, a trip the chicago cubs have waited 108
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years to make. major league champions will meet president obama at the white house. cubs beat cleveland indians snapping a drought. erasing what many long-time fans believed was a curse against the team. coming up next, final count down to inauguration day. >> boycotts to protest to practice. nbc 10 has every angle covered for you. including this rally in philadelphia that brought out hundreds of people. coming up, they're message to the president elect. then all new at six. phone bill battle. local couple cancelled their land line, but the bills kept coming. that is until they called nbc 10 responds. that story is next. you're watching nbc 10 news. today it is three minutes before six right now. 27 degrees outside. >> it's going to warm up into the 40s and we're going to see sunshine today. you're heading out the door, just make sure you have the free nbc 10 app with you. it's your one stop resource for breaking news first alert neighborhood weather and traffic
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attempted abduction. looking for two men who tried to snatch someone from wawa. breaking details about a plane that went down. the neighborhood there killing dozens of people. >> and first for liquor. what you'll be able to do in pennsylvania today that's never been allowed until now. 6:00 a.m. this monday morning. good morning. >> happy monday. hope you have a good martin luther king day. day of service for a lot of people. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. >> day of bundling up. at least to start with. cold start this morning. 20s


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