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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 16, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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attempted abduction. looking for two men who tried to snatch someone from wawa. breaking details about a plane that went down. the neighborhood there killing dozens of people. >> and first for liquor. what you'll be able to do in pennsylvania today that's never been allowed until now. 6:00 a.m. this monday morning. good morning. >> happy monday. hope you have a good martin luther king day. day of service for a lot of people. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. >> day of bundling up. at least to start with. cold start this morning. 20s for philadelphia.
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look at the lehigh valley. 15 degrees this morning. the temperatures though will see sunshine look at the warmup by 9:00. 26 degrees. closer to 40 degrees at lunchtime today. suburbs and philadelphia, see a similar warmup. in the 20s right now. still in the 20s at 8:00. by 11:00. 36 degrees and climbing in philadelphia. we will warm into the 40s during the day today. plenty of sunshine this morning and early this afternoon. late this afternoon, clouds will be increasing in lehigh valley and new jersey. take a little bit longer to reach the shore. 45 degrees this afternoon. go through it hour by hour and show you when the clouds will move into your neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thanks. we have launched sky force ten. live over breaking traffic trouble. route 130 is closed in both directions in high street in burlington because of a crash. we're hearing there are injuries. still working to find out how serious they are. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has been watching this awhile now.
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tell us how to get around the problem. >> what we're watch lg. again if you're just catching the tail end of what tracey was saying there. route 130 closed in burlington new jersey in both directions. pretty big intersection here. you can see the accident scene actually into the center. going to create a problem. right now diverting traffic all over the place. as you can see. it's really slow. backups in both directions north and south on 130. you'll need to get around that. of course follow some of the detours they have in place right there. not a lot of traffic in the area. everything is pretty much in the green other than this section right here. northbound side where there is actually the closure and southbound side moving on our map system here, but you can see clearly from sky force 10 over the scene, it is closed there as well. washington avenue right here. take washington avenue. head to broad street or take broad street the whole way. you can get by and hop back on 130 on either side. other than that, give yourself some sfra time if you're heading out the door in burlingon this
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morning. garden state parkway. in problems. in the green. ten minutes both directions north or south. route 30. speeds in the 60s. more updates for you when i come back. continue to follow breaking news from philadelphia's somerton section this morning. police are telling us they're looking for two men who tried to on duct a person from this wawa. police say those men were posing as philadelphia police officers. no one was abducted. new video from breaking news overseas. see a cargo plane smashed into a middle of a neighborhood. here's where it happened, about a mile from the airport. near the capital of kerg stan.
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37 are dead. officials believe more victims will be found. nation's largest service event will get underway this morning at girard college. matt delucia live on campus. that area is going to get crowded in a couple of hours. >> reporter: absolutely. people start showing up around 8:00. seeing a trickle of volunteers getting some boxes in here. see the stuff going on behind me. a lot of clothes up for donations and the mayor is going to be here later on this morning. spoke with one of the organizers about what this all goes -- what goes into all this. expecting 5,000 people here today. 145,000 people of all ages throughout the philadelphia area
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will be getting involved today for a good reason. take a listen. >> we'll have 5,000 volunteers and 100 different activities from hands on service projects, trainings, workshops, kids carnival, health fair, civic engagement expo for volunteers to continue service throughout the year. our sixth annual jobs and opportunity fair for 500 job seekers choosing among 25 employers s employers. >> reporter: a lot going on here today. this gymnasium is going to be packed in just a couple of hours. a lot of the volunteers are going to start showing up around 8:00. have the mayor and all the other events starting here about 9:00. still sign up. m philadelphia police are looking for the gunman who shot a cab driver. the driver is in critical condition right now. investigators say the cabby was
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shot more than a dozen times in west philadelphia early yesterday. found lying on the sidewalk. police say the driver called dispatcher to cancel a ride before the gunfire broke out. wrestling legend jimmy superfly snuka is dead. doctors raently said he only had months to live. member of the world wrestling entertainment hall of fame. today loved ones will attend a service for murdered teenager grace packer. family said the public invited to pay respects. police say was abused before she was killed. the memorial will be held this afternoon at new life paris by attorney church. also today, social workers hold a community forum to talk about the signs of child abuse. grace's adopted mother are both charged in the teens death. two are accused of murdering grace. then dismembering and dumping
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body in the woods of north eastern pennsylvania. >> have an update on wall sitting ban in philadelphia's written house square. neighborhood association said it came up was a no sitting rule because of vandalism to the wall that led to drug use. over the weekend, mayor gym kenny tweeted citizens can sit anywhere they want. plans to discuss the rule this week. facebook group is organizing a sit in at the wall tomorrow. >> happening today, top cop will meet with the speaker of the house during a forum on improved policing. chief scott tompson will join other leaders from across the country at the meeting with house speaker paul ryan in home state of wisconsin. discuss new police standards to help curve the use of force. expected to brief the new police initiatives he's developed in camden. 6:07. live picture of camelback. look at the runs there. looks like we got some fresh
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snow, maybe. >> cold enough to make snow, for sure. >> the temperatures have really come down in the single digits in the poconos mountains this morning. 6 degrees in mount poconos. everybody is looking at cold and clear skies this morning. live view from wane. see a lot of sunshine. going to be a quick warmup today. late this afternoon, clouds start to increase and that's ahead of some rain that comes in overnight tonight. just be a cloudy evening. with clouds around, won't be as cold this evening. this morning, it feels like winter. definitely. 21 degrees in south jersey. 20s for delaware and philadelphia and look at those teens in the lehigh valley. actually some neighborhoods not quite as cold in center city. center city, port richmond. very low 30s while it's down to 23 right now andorra and chestnut hill. northeast philadelphia. all in the 20s. right now. it is clear. we'll see sunshine today and sun glasses to start. you can leave it home is the
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umbrella. won't need that today. that will wait for tomorrow. nice and clear for us. for today, you can see the rain to the south. part of the system that's going to be moving into us tomorrow morning. the clouds there you can see them in the ohio valley. that's going to be for our area late this afternoon. the light showers are a possibility first thing tomorrow morning. not today. it looks good for any holiday celebrations today. 31 degrees at 9:00. 1:0041 degrees. clouds start to roll in later this afternoon. dry for the suburbs. sunshine after that cold morning. 40 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon. think it will reach into the 40s. starts cooling down ats 5:00 as clouds roll in. for the lehigh valley. plenty of sunshine to start the warmup that will have temperatures at 40 degrees 1:00 and 30s getting a little bit cooler by 5:00 this evening. it stays dry. all day long for delaware. look at is the sunshine. into the early afternoon hours. not until late in the afternoon
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that the clouds take over completely. they'll be a little late getting to the shore. clouds will be approving during the evening hours at the shore. plenty of sunshine during the day today. nice warmup for the shore. 42 degreeings at 1:00 this afternoon. rain, that's due in first thing tomorrow morning. there's one area i'm watching for the potential for freezing rain. take a closer look at that when i come back in ten minutes. >> thank you, bill. see you then. here in south jersey. might want to listen up. there's an accident that could affect your morning commute. >> better view. jessica boyington has an update. burlington new jersey. 130 northbound there's a crash. actually causing both directions to be closed downright now. see sky force ten live. exactly what the scene looks like right now. tow trucks in place trying to get vehicles involved out of the way. we were just watching another vehicle. see that area right there. look likes a little bit of a mess in the middle of the road. that's where the vehicle was just a few momts ago.
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see heavy police present right there on the northbound side and southbound side. seeing restrictions both ways. closed in both directions in burlington. might have to get around this. not that bad of a drive. really light volume morning because it's mlk. we are watching for the delays. you can see right here on the map system, that is what's closed. right now, you can get off on washington avenue. get to broad street. that will take you by. or take broad street the entire way. for now that will be good to go for you. especially heading on the northbound side. just up ahead. that was route 130 northbound just around high street. also watching 42 freeway. northbound and southbound from route 55 to walt whitman bridge area. 5 minute trip. rest of the jersey roads doing okay. no major problems or delays right here. north or south. and we'll end here on admiral wilson boulevard. all traffic moving towards philadelphia right here. you're good to go out there.
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just that major problem out in burlington this morning on route 130. have more updates when i come back in ten, buy. >> thank you. cowboy season is over after a crushing loss yesterday. some fans in dallas, it was especially tough. >> next, a problem that kept fans trapped in the stadium after they just watched their team lose. a day of service. show you the way people in our area will honor the legacy of doctor martin luther king junior. that's next.
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6:15. live look along lancaster avenue. meantime, ice storm warning remains in effect this morning from nebraska and iowa. same storm left tens the of thousands of people without
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power over the weekend. bad weather also made roads across st. louis and kansas city. a kansas state trooper, dash cam. captured this scary scene as a tractor trailer crossed the median into jooncoming traffic. no one was hurt. then there's this story. cowboys fans reeling after one-two punch. >> minutes after loosing the game last night. tornado warning confined fans to at&t stadium. people took cover, lightning, thunder, high winds pounded the area. fans stuck inside were able to leave once the storm passed. >> not laughing about the danger, but laughing about -- well. >> the cowboys. >> we also appreciate when the cowboys go down. 6:15. happening today, thousands of people expected to mark the martin luther king day of service by participating in the march for a better america. 11:00 a.m. marchers will mark from sixth and market to mother bethel church for public
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demonstration. goal is to raise awareness about inequality and injustice. >> camden, 60 volunteers will spend their day working at ronald mcdonald house. service include cleaning, producing up brooms. making meals and treats. >> new castle county today. a rowing marathon will raise money on this mlk day. the newport rowing club will hold annual event starting at 7 this morning. members will pull the ores to make their goal of 1 million meters. money pledged to rowers will go to multiple charities. >> 17 minutes past 6:00 a.m. our fine producer, telling me in my ear, we may have good news. >> update, jessica. updates. right around high street, earlier crash on the northbound side. process of being cleared out of the way. now it doesn't look like much.
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got the scene cleared pretty quickly. north and southbound side to reopen. very soon, but for right now. if you still need an alternate. take west broad street. get back on to northbound cited of 130 just up ahead and pretty much bypass the interfere scene. no problems or delays right now. northbound side moving up towards the bridges. right before walt whitman and ben franklin. everything moving along. every running on time with no reported delays. 6:18. get you updated on the forecast. sun will warm things up. >> better come up. >> about an hour away from coming up. see a lot of sunshine.
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starting to see how clear it is. live view from easton. clear skies that have led to the very cold temperature this is morning with light winds and dry air. that's what we're seeing. get the combination. temperatures in the low 20s in south jersey. philadelphia, 28, 25 in delaware. suburbs in the 20s. lehigh valley 15 degrees right now. 17 degrees. it's 16 degrees. teens for allentown. white haul, nazareth, bethlehem. everyone cold in that shot. easton, 15 degrees now. cold start, but the temperatures will be climbing above freezing. in fact low 40s for the lehigh valley. rest of the area too into the 40s. nice and clear. plenty of sunshine before clouds move in late in the day today. not going to be clear oall day long. late this afternoon. that's hen the clouds move in. no wet weather. that changes tomorrow morning.
6:20 am
here see the clouds taking over just before 5:00 this evening. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. numbers stay elevated overnight tonight. good news. by this time tomorrow morning, tracking light showers in the area. very light rain showers in philadelphia. mount holly. could be problematic for the lehigh valley and some of the upper montgomery and bucks counties. temperatures little bit colder there. could see freezing rain mixing in with rain drops. day goes on, temperatures climb. get more rain, maybe not a lot of rain into later in the afternoon. see more widespread rain. looking good for today. mlk holiday. see bright sunshine and look at the temperatures that will respond in to the -- well upper 30s. near 40 degrees at lunchtime. very light winds sunshine. going to feel warmer than that. low 40s later this afternoon. as the clouds moving in. then i'm tracking rain for tomorrow. those rain showers during the day will be on and off. 46 degrees the high temperature.
6:21 am
stays above freezing overnight. wednesday clearing. might see an isolated shower. 57 degrees. stay in the 50s for the rest of the week. could see another round of rain on friday. drying out this weekend and mainly dry and mild next week. >> 6:21 right now. open for business. next the stores opening their doors today in pennsylvania for the first time. plus, book boom. the author benefitting for his refusal to attend donald trump's inauguration.
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will either merge merge or become partners. our lady of ran some and recollection of lord chosen for the planning initiative. lack of money, members or priest can play a part in being chosen for the initiative. into our traffic system here. multi-vehicle accident. just around mile marker 350.5. now, two lanes blocked is what i'm hearing right now. right and center lanes will have
6:26 am
details for you on this. might be a pretty serious situation. check in with drive times when i come back. for now get a check on today's forecast will meteorologist bill henley. >> little less than an hour away from sunrise. heading to coldest time of the morning. right now in wane. live picture. nice and dry there. winds light, but it's 22 degrees. philadelphia it's 28. cold all around. looks like it's going to be pretty nice for the mlk holiday. tonight we'll start to see changes. neighborhood forecast just ahead. >> thank you bill. plus a stamp of disapproval. poll says about donald trump's popularity ahead of inauguration. and defending little nikki. following death we're hearing from lawyer who worked with philly's imfamous mob boss.
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nbc 10 news starts now. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracey davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. >> sit a cold one. look at the lehigh valley. 15 degrees. clear skies in easton and it is calm. 25 right now in delaware and the suburbs are also in the 20s. just a little bit colder in new jersey. 28 degrees in philadelphia. once the sun is up. we'll see a pretty quick warmup. 29 degrees. then the temperatures take off. 36 degrees. nicely above freezing at 11:00. look at the sunshine. winds will be light today. going to be a perfect day for the holiday activities for martin luther king junior day.
6:31 am
45 degrees this afternoon. low 40s for the suburbs. for new jersey and at the shore, dry. with sunshine 45 degrees this afternoon. lehigh valley makes up to 40 this afternoon. stays dry in delaware. dry today. not tonight and tomorrow. tracking some wet weather that may impact parts of our area more than others. take a look at that when i'm back with future cast in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. bill, we're watching just into our system right now very serious multi-vehicle accident on the pa turnpike. on the westbound side. mile marker 350.5. big delays approaching the scene right now. see this is actually sky force 10 just approaching the scene right here. severe police presence on the scene. i'm hearing as we see it getting closer get a little better view of it. two lanes blocked. you can still see westbound traffic moving by. unless it's eastbound. can't see from in far away.
6:32 am
definitely a serious situation. more than a tractor trailer involved. keep you updated there. check in with lane restrictions as well. looks like the westbound side is still open. also check in with the drive times here on the pa turnpike just to see if everything is still looking pretty much normal and not. westbound from route 1 to valley forge, 52 minutes. almost approaching an hour trip on the westbound side of the turnpike as opposed to what it normally looks like. normally we're at a 22 minute trip. see some pretty big increase there. have updates for you on this. back in ten minutes. >> check back in then. thank you. continue to follow breaking news from philadelphia somerton section. police tell us they're looking for two men who tried to abduct a person from this wawa. those men were posing an philadelphia police officers. no one was abducted. stay with nbc 10 and nbc 10 app for updates on breaking news.
6:33 am
>> now following for you from overseas. desperate search for survivoring continues this morning after a cargo plane smashed into a middle of a neighborhood in central asia. went down in fear the capital of kyrgyzstan. 37 people confirmed dead. believe more will be found. cause of the crash is not clear. officials are looking at possible pilot error. new tonight, police are investigating a shooting. officer were could to a placid lane, not far from the police department. found a man in the street suffering from a gunshot wound. we don't know his condition right now. martin luther king day marks a week of activism. in our area, thousands of people will toll veer. service is about to get underway
6:34 am
this morning. sglm you can feel the buzz already starting to develop here at girard college. expecting about 5,000 people here. epicenter of all the activity here. expecting 145,000 people in the entire region to volunteer today. a lot of people have the day off. you know, a lot of other folks are going be here doing a lot of good work. volunteering. collecting clothes. collecting food and doing a lot of good things here. spoke with the organizer a few minutes ago about why it's so important to get involved and volunteer this time of year. >> people realize that there rights and civil liberties are up in the and a lot of people are concerned about that and realize to be good citizens, you have to be activelily engaged. can't depend on elected officials alone. everybody needs to be a part of the solution to the problems we
6:35 am
face in the community. >> back here live, i have janette davis. a volunteer here. you've been doing this for two years. >> i served and it's important for us to serve as a community. doctor martin luther king junior left a legacy. we want to continue that on. it was unite diverse cultures and community. >> all right. thank you. you got a lot of work to do today. the event, the registration starts at 8:00. people are going to be coming in here. expect the gym nas yum to be packed. president elect donald trump vows that plan to replace obamacare will mean insurance for everybody. there was a philosophy in some circles if you can't pay for it, you don't get it. that's not going to happen with us. >> don't let them forget what they're trying to do and let's all work together to stop them from doing it.
6:36 am
>> days before the new president takes office, hundreds gathered yesterday to send a message about protecting health care. held signs and voiced concerns about what happens if the affordable care act or obamacare goes away. >> we are now four days away from donald trump's inauguration. >> at least two dozen democrats now say they won't attend the swearing in ceremony. >> he was sworn into office two months ago for his first term in congress. new jersey congresswoman bonnie watson coleman tweeted she does not plan to attend. instead she's planning a prayer vigil. >> president elect donald trump twitter attack on civil rights leader and congressman john lewis appears to be helping book sales. two of the congressman's books have sold out on amazon. sales of the civil right leader's graphic novel march and 2015 memoir walking with the wind sky rocketed after his feud
6:37 am
with the president elect. questioned the legitimacy of the victory. trump then tweeted he should spend more time on helping and fixing his district. polls show donald trump will enter office with a lower approval rating than last three presidential predecessors had when they began the job. gallop poll shows trump with a 42% approval rating. george george w. bush has 59%. we are sending a team of anchors and reporters to the nation's capitol hill to bring you complete coverage. police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a 16-year-old boy in a store where his father worked. happened yesterday in west philadelphia. family members tell us shawn joans liked to do homework in the store. father discovered son lying on the floor of store with gunshot wound to the head. police are looking at
6:38 am
surveillance pictures from the store as part of their investigation. 6:38. 28 chilly degrees outside this monday morning. >> you had to scrape ice off your windshield this morning. >> i did. >> let's check in with bill henley and find out what the weather holds for us. there was a little bit of frost. skies clear overnight. wind so light the temperatures plummeted. clear skies right now. nice view from center city. we will see sunshine. it's up at 7:20 this morning. cold and clear start, slow warmup to start with. during the day above treezing. clouds increase late this afternoon. don't expect any wet weather. not during the day today. and not this evening. that's actually going to help us out. help to keep temperatures a little bit warmer overnight tonight. 28 degrees right now in the city. still in the 20s at 8:00. look at the warm up with bright sunshine. lunchtime, 39 degrees.
6:39 am
sunshine. won't be so bright later on as clouds start to move in at 4:00 this afternoon. suburbs cold right now. sunny skies and warm just past the freezing mark. that's by 10:00 this morning. then into the 40s this afternoon. dry and cold and clear start in the lehigh valley. some of the coldest numbers in the area this morning. 15 degrees. still in the teens at 8:00. with sunshine into the 40s this afternoon. during the afternoon, clouds start to increase a little bit. high clouds at 2:00 becoming cloudy at 4:00 later today. dry all day long for new jersey. 20 right now. still cold at 8:00. look at that sunshine. beyond the freezing mark at 10:00 and into the 40s this afternoon. 32 degrees right now at the shore. into the 40s. sunshine for most of the day. it's late this afternoon. clouds will start to increase at the shore. no sign of wet weather during the day today in delaware. 25 degrees this morning. still cold in the 20s at 8:00, but look at the quick warm up
6:40 am
with sunshine light southwesterly wind at six miles an hour. clouds increasing late this afternoon. rain is going to wait until early tomorrow morning. 11:00 tonight. clouds and no wet weather. early tomorrow morning, tracking some very light showers and possibly some freezing rain as well. take a closer look at that when i come back with ten day on ten. >> bill, 20 minutes before 7:00 a.m. on this monday. let's get another update on that multi-vehicle accident on the pa turnpike. first alert traffic reporter watching that. now, sky force ten giving us a better look. >> sky force ten just over the top of the scene right now. westbound side now closed on the pa turnpike. looks like they're just trying to clean this up and get it out of way. for right now, traffic not allowed to move through on the westbound side. just before ben salem where this crash is. specifically mile marker 350.5. huge backups behind this scene right now approaching this.
6:41 am
hopefully they can get this cleaned up quickly. eastbound side still open. are seeing massive delays. a few vehicles involved here. word there's a fuel spill there as well. see that big delay here on the map system. again, just before ben salem. checking with drive times here. although the traffic is at a stand still, drive times in general really crawling up there. 46 minutes from route one to valley forge. almost double what it should be. church road, everything oo good in both directions. rest of the majors seem to be doing okay. 95, schuylkill. blue route. everything clear. we will check in with the pa turnpike when i come back. safe to say, a late gift made one little boy's christmas total complete. >> there it is. are you excited. >> yes! >> what could that be? >> up next, a surprise that was waiting inside. >> plus a phone bill that
6:42 am
wouldn't go away. a couple tried to cancel land line and the charges kept oncoming. that is until they called nbc 10 responds. have that story up next.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington watching breaki breaking news over top of the pa turnpike heading westbound. live over the scene. looks like the westbound side before ben salem one lane now starting to get by. major delays behind it. updates and details for you on this when i come back. >> jessica, thank you. 6:45.
6:46 am
former philadelphia mob boss scarfo has died in prison. died friday at the federal medical center in north carolina. serving 55 year sentence for racketeering and murder. kingpin of organized crime in philadelphia in the 80s. last night nbc 10 spoke to his lawyer about his first impression of scarfo. >> mr. scarfo was definitely an intimate character. no doubt about that. when we first met he said to me, dave, it's a pleasure to meet you. i've heard a lot of nice things about you. i said mr., scarfo, it's a pleasure to meet you too. i wish i could say the same. >> working to get client released on patrol at the time of his death. about a quarter to seven. no to nbc 10 responds. phone bill that just would not go away. >> right. so the family reached out to harry harairston and nbc 10
6:47 am
responds. >> last fall, jack and marsha sold new jersey home and moved to a 55 years old and older community in upper chie chester. >> we settled on the house october 7. >> marsha says that's when they settled up with verizon. paid final land line phone bill and had service detected. >> then we received another bill in november. >> but it didn't stop there. received another bill in december. they called verizon again. tells us they were assured the phone was disconnected. >> so why the bill? >> that's what we were saying. we couldn't understand why the bill. >> she says that's when she decided she needed help. i contacted your team. >> we contacted verizon. two days later the company told us the problem was a system's error. verizon apologized and refunded the couple $117.20. >> i want to thank you for all you did for us. i really appreciate it. can i give you a hug? >> sure thing.
6:48 am
>> harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. >> in cases. don't let the bills go on. ask to speak to supervisor to find out where the hiccup may be in the company's system. just a few minutes before the start of the "today" show coming up at 7:00. >> standing by in new york. happy monday and happy mlk day to you two. >> you as well. good to sew you both. coming up, winter storm warnings. midwest bracing for another morning of crippling ice. latest in the forecast. growing number of democratic lawmakers announcing plans to boycott donald trump's inauguration. the talk about that with incoming white house press secretary when he joins us live. those stories and hoda's mission to pedal her way to better health in 2017. make her plan work for you.
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i know in philly you're not weeping for the cowboys. >> america's team. >> we love you tamra. >> no way. >> we still claim tamra. >> no sthympathy at all. >> whatsoever. >> temple ready. temple tough girl. >> part texas, part philly. i don't know what the hybrid word would be. >> thanks guys. now let's talk about the cold temperatures you're going to face if you're getting out the door. 28 degrees. that's pretty too. almost sunrise. >> still trying to do the math on it. went to temple, but still a dallas fan. just does not make sense. >> she shouldn't be able to say it. >> does not compute. we'll edit that out before we put it on the air. let me show you what's going on. clouds out of here. made things cold overnight.
6:50 am
live view from center city. looks really nice. look at the steam rising off the buildings. going straight up. indication of very light wind. that's what we're seeing in camelback why it's so cold this morning. no wind. it's 5 degrees are in the poin . 15 in the lehigh valley. 20s for philadelphia. south jersey, delaware. some neighborhoods have dropped into the teens in the suburbs. unionville, 19. little bit colder in north wales and collegeville. fort washington just dropped to 16 degrees. even the temperatures where it's higher, still plenty cold this morning. have to bundle up if you're heading out the door. won't need umbrella today. a lot of sunshine. pretty good warmup for martin luther king holiday. sunshine, but clouds will move in late this afternoon.
6:51 am
i'm tracking some wet weather for first thing tomorrow morning, but not for today. we're looking good for today. you'll see sunny skies. sunshine through the morning into the afternoon. look how quickly the temperatures climb for your forecast first thing this morning. 8:00. 29 degrees. up by 10 degrees by lunchtime. all the sunshine is going to feel warmer than 39 degrees. 40s this afternoon. clouds start moving in during the evening hours. stays dry today. i am tracking rain for tomorrow. now, first thing in the morning, we could see some freezing rain. in just a few neighborhoods. talking the lehigh valley, upper montgomery and bucks county. temperatures going to be borderline. doesn't look bad for that hour. allentown right at the freezing mark. just a few light showers. out of here and temperatures climbing as we go through the morning. more showers during the day tomorrow. those first light showers will be very brief early in the morning. no wet weather today. sunshine and then clouds take
6:52 am
over later this afternoon. 45 degrees. dry all day long and this evening. showers around tuesday. little bit warmer in the afternoon. after morning temperatures that won't be as cold as what we're seeing this morning. real warmup comes wednesday. clouds thin out in the afternoon. then we're in the 50s for the fo foreseeable future. end of the ten-day forecast. >> thank you, bill. jessica had a busy morning. two huge accidents. one in south jersey has been cleared. other on the pa turnpike. we had the westbound side completely closed off to traffic. now some good news to report here, even though still major delays, westbound pa turnpike just before ben salem specifically mile marker 350.5,
6:53 am
one lane is getting by. you can see that right here and crawling. so not doing much for that volume and all that traffic backed up behind the scene there, but at least we don't have it completely closed down and it's on a stand still for hours at least. right now one lane getting by. only probably will get better. starting to clean the accident scene up. see into the westbound side of the pa turnpike. pretty big delays right now due to multi-vehicle accident on the scene thchlt is map system showing the same thing. pretty big delays there approaching the scene of course. now the eastbound side is still open. that's at least another good thing about that scene right there. this is the vine street expressway moving through center city. no major problems or delays right now. good amount of cars on the road right here. westbound towards the schuylkill expressway. that looks great. eastbound towards 95 not seeing any major problems there. end here with a crash out in lower moreland. one last update and check in with the pa turnpike then.
6:54 am
you're going to love this story. christmas is long over. one little boy in north carolina pretty happy best present arr e arrived late. >> it's a big box. >> yes it is. what is that? >> papa! papa! >> oh, my gosh. the five-year-old found his dad inside the box. left at the door of the step. military dad came home unexpectedly. not clear how long he'll be home, but he'll have a lot of hugs. >> very nice. next we'll run down the morning's headlines and stories following for you throughout the day. >> that includes an attempted abduction at this philadelphia wawa. who police say the bad guys impersonated to try to get away with it.
6:55 am
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6:58 am
philadelphia police looking for two men dressed as police officers after a men tried abducting a person from this wawa. happened around 3:30 this morning. no one was taken or hurt in the incident. rescuers in central asia are looking for survivors after a cargo plane crashed into a neighborhood. 37 confirmed dead in kyrgyzstan. turkish plane went down about an mile from the airport. victims from the plane and homes it hit. quick update on the accident out on pa turnpike. clear right now. now it's over into the shoulder. now traffic is moving by on the westbound side. just before ben salem, but massive delays remain. this is what it looks like now. sky force ten. thankfully all the lanes open. you can see tractor trailer. police activity on the shoulder. other crew there as well.
6:59 am
delays still remain. still are watching some of the delays, but at least the accident scene is cleared. traffic is now getting by. skies are clear too. and that has led to some very cold readings this morning. look at the lehigh valley. 14 degrees. wind is calm there. 24 right now in delaware. 28 degrees in philadelphia. we will see sunshine today and pretty good warmup. sunshine through this morning and this afternoon, later in the afternoon, clouds start moving in. temperatures though will peek in the 40s this afternoon. looks like it's going to be a perfect day for philadelphia and beyond. we're going to see sunshine at the shore. for the city, temperatures warming up nicely. don't forget if you're on the move, get your first alert forecast on a 101 more fm. >> local news, weather, traffic on the nbc 10 app. >> all of it. thanks for watching. the "today" show starts right now. have a gate day.
7:00 am
bundle up as you head out. good morning. paralyzed. fresh misery from that deadly ice storm in the middle of the country. outages mounting. the threat of a tornado forcing football fans to shelter inside the stadium. 39 million people from new mexico to new england facing new storm warnings today. breaking overnight, a turkish cargo plane slams into a neighborhood. 37 people killed. this morning, chilling images just in from the scene. boycotting. a growing number of democrats say they will not attend friday's inauguration, after a war of words between president-elect trump and john lewis, a civil rights icon, as washington readies for a transition of


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