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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  January 16, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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concerned about inequality. >> i'm out here to protect the dream. >> memories of dra king the man who inspired so many are still making an impact. >> it's a special day. i brought my son to see it for himself. great grandfather marched with dr. king. >> reporter: they're marching here from independence hall where home made signs embraced themes of mlk. >> it's important to reclaim the legacy of dr. king which is resistant to tyranny and speaking up for justice where it occurs. >> the crowd focused on issues now. >> dr. king taught us how to fight and how to stay centered on the human rights that we all deserve. >> reporter: the speakers at the podium saying mlk dream takes hard work and organization. >> because we're at our best is when we unify and come together.
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>> reporter: now this rally felt a lot like a lot of the election year campaign rallies we all lived through last year and when i asked somebody about that, yes, that's right. and that's because the fight against injustice never stops. live in society hill. nbc10 news. >> pennsylvania's first lady francis attended a martin luther king junior event in philadelphia. she took part of the king day in service at injury regard college in north philly. supported the free library read by fourth literacy. >> young people joined state and local leaders to spruce up the bellevue community center. the day started with the viewing of i have a dream speech and the group got to work helping with several service projects. senators chris cons and tom harper were there. hear the speech that martin luther king junior made at the
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high school in south philly in 1967. plus we'll take you to the largest mlk event in our today and what people there say dr. king means to them. >> down in delaware the new year is bringing a new crack down on violence. >> after a spike in gun crimes over the past two weeks the city announced a fresh push to combat the problem today. >> nbc10 jrj spencer reports law enforcement outside of wilmington may be part of the solution. >> reporter: on north 14th street he in wilmington, one poster and four balloons mark the loss of a life. a 34-year-old man murdered here just after midnight wednesday. this woman says her brother who lives right next door plans to move out. >> it's too much. he has a son. it's too much. >> reporter: the killing on 14th street is just one in a spike in gun crimes. so far in 2017 there were three murders during the new mayor's first four days in office. >> troubling when you see a
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child a 14-year-old chiel involved in one of these killings, two gun girls involved in one of those killings. >> reporter: so today the mayor announced a new crack down including a new overtime strategy that will put additional patrols in the hot spots on foot and in cars. the city will also look for help outside its borders enhancing relationships with city and state police to better share information. the mayor says county and state police also have technology that may help the city and all though this crackdown relies on police, he believes the long-term solution requires every wilmington resident. >> i've always had a longer view. i've always felt what we had to do is rebuild our neighborhoods and strengthen our neighbors. >> reporter: in the meantime for local officers the uphill battle in this city continues. >> they are on-the-job but they've got a job ahead of them. >> reporter: reporting in wilmington, george spencer, nbc10 news. >> today friends, family and some total strangers remembered
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the life of a 14-year-old montgomery county girl who was murdered. they held a service for grace packer. police say packer was raped and murdered by her adoptive mother's boyfriend. police say sarah packer and jay cop sul van planned the attack for more than a year. grace was adopted at the age of three. packers birth mother could barely contain her grief today. >> she was loveable little girl and i only had three years with my daughter. >> memorial was planned by local parents who wanted to do something to reach out to the community. nbc10 was first to report on several developments in this investigation right now on you can read more about the investigation of her adoptive mother who is accused of murdering grace, plus why she was fired from her job at the children youth and family's division in north hampton county back in 2010. >> sky four 10 over a deadly
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accident. police aren't saying what happened but we've learned the worker was hit by a beam. >> taking a live look right now at camelback mountain in the poconos. big weekend there for ski results because the long holiday weekend. >> a nice dry day out there as well but you'll have a wet start to your short work week. krystal klei. >> what we're looking at right now is your radar and satellite map for the current conditions. the clouds have been spreading across the board increasing. what you soo he the greens, the pinks, the whites this is not making it to the ground yet. this is a good sign the rain is coming our way. if we track farther to the west, some of the deeper greens you are are starting to make it to the ground. tonight very light spotty rain moves through. here's where we are right now with your taxes. it's why most of us are going to be talking just rain as we move into tomorrow. temperatures are too warm and
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with the clouds overnight they won't slip very much. 40 in philadelphia right now, millville at 39. lancaster at 37. we started very cold this morning in moint pocono. just a little dip overnight. here's the hour by hour as we go through tonight. there's spot chances of rain, possibly some very light icing in parts of the upper suburbs and that does linger into the early morning hours of your tuesday. there's a better chance of steady rain on the tail end of your morning commute. notice it's mostly rain. we'll talk more about this. that will be coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you. crews have finished repairing a natural gas leak in brookhaven delaware county. there are no reports of any injuries or evacuations. >> a follow-up now on a story we brought you over the weekend, water and sewer service is back on for residents in one
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allentown residence a water main break caused a sinkhole to open up. crews still do have to do a little minor road work there. >> new at 5:00 p.m. the two men stole thousands of dollars from materials of home in ocean and burlington county. 3-year-old joseph cogly an noe off brown mills is charged with burglary and possession of stolen property. he and another man took $30,000 worth of siding from homes in long beach township. if you live in pennsylvania you can buy beer and wine for the first time on the mlk holiday. state stores are operating on regular business hours today. a new state law allows the stores to be open today. president's day, memorial day and independence day. >> it's starting tomorrow some big changes for how beer is sold across pennsylvania. distributors can now sell beer in any kwaunt including six backs. bars can start selling alcohols
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on 9:00 a.m. on sundays without having to sell food and you can legally be a part of the beer of the month club. also sports venues are now allowed to sell mixed drinks. hitting a lesson out of the park. how phillies players are teaching kids about baseball and time. >> lowest approval rating ever. we're comparing historically low approval rating to other presidents. and four days away from inauguration day what's happening in washington today has the list of local lawmakers skipping the big day.
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overseas in central asia dozens of people are dead after a cargo jet crashed in a village. look at the scene here. more than 20 homes were destroyed. investigators say the boeing 747 was flying from hong kong to istanbul and was making a scheduled stop before it crashed. the planes data recorders have already been recovered. officials now are did he nig reports the plane crashed because of dense fog. >> elsewhere five people are dead in mexico after a gunman opened fire during an electronic dance music festival. this happened early this morning in the popular resort down playa del carmen. police say the shooting started
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after an argument. at least three of the vibts were part of a security team at the club. another victim was killed in a stampede after club goers started running to the exit. s. >> the wife of the orlando nightclub shooter was arrested by the fbi today. noor salman is facing obstruction of justice charges in connection with the attack. her husband omar mateen was the man behind the mass shooting at pulse nightclub last summer. salman moved to the san francisco area after her husband was killed in a shootout with swat team members during the massacre. 49 people were killed and 50 more hurt when police say mateen opened fire inside the club. fbi agents repeatedly questioned salman in the aftermath of the shooting about whether she knew of her husband's plans to shootup the nightclub. in an interview with the "the new york times" she said she did not. one of the victims had just graduated from a high school in philadelphia.
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her friend survived as well. she was shot in the leg. she graduated from university city high school. >> with just four days until inauguration day, preparations are well underway. this as the list of low makers choosing not to attend continues to grow. we caught up with leaders in our area to find out where they stand. >> these are the finishing touches before inauguration day. the welcome signs are up. dress rehearsals in full swing. not to mention crews working around the clock and into the night setting the stage for all the events surrounding the swearing in of the country's new president. but already more than two dozen democratic lawmakers have decided to boycott the inauguration. locally representative dwight evans newly elected from pennsylvania's second district as well as bonnie watson coleman won't be attending. some pennsylvania republicans, say, that's divisive.
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>> this is important for us to be all there and when you do that, that does not help the country. it makes it a more split situation and it's not good at all. >> democratic senator bob casey says he will be there, though and his cohorts are gearing up for a fight as soon as donald trump takes office. >> i'm there because i think the peaceful transfer of hour. i have a lot of disagreements with the incoming president, those will play out over time. >> by the way, the number of democrats in congress who say they will sit out of friday's inauguration saturday is now at 27. representative watson coleman tweeted she will hold a prayer vig ill instead of. nbc10 has you covered around the clock for the inauguration. we're send aig team of anchors and reporters down to the nation's capital. our live coverage from washington, d.c. starts wednesday on nbc10 news at 4:00 p.m. >> today president-elect donald trump called on americans to
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honor martin luther king junior and what the civil rights leader stood for. mr. trump and martin luther king the iii had a meeting today at trump tower. voting rights was the main topic. king also said he hopes americans can come together on issues like fighting poverty in the midst of national wealth. the meeting comes in an aftermath between trump and civil rights leader congressman john lewis. trump tweeted lee witness is all talk after lewis. implofg the audience to fight for justice. >> stand up. speaking up. when you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, give them all obligation to do something to say something and not -- >> lewis says he will not attend the inauguration.
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>> insurance for everybody, those are the exact words from president-elect donald trump in an interview with the "the washington post," mr. trump promised a quote, much less expensive and much better plan than obamacare. that is in pattern contrast to republican leaders who said they're aiming for universal access not necessarily universal coverage. mr. trump declined to give the newspaper any specifics. >> unless something changes dramatically in the next few days donald trump will enter the white house with an approval rating below 50%. 44% of americans approve of mr. trump. the lowest rating for any presidential transition since gallop began the measurement back in 1992. here's how mr. trump stacks up against his three predecessor. 83% when he took control. clinton garnered a 68% rating. the previous lowest was president george w bush with 61% approval when he entered office.
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>> 2017 will be chris christie final year as governor. people told the host in new york city today that he won't run for office again. when he was pressed for what his plans would be, christie said i want to have fun, make money and spend more time with my kids. >> and we're talking about rain. here's a look at radar and satellite right now. the lehigh valley, this is higher up in the sky. this is trying to form but it's still too dry at the surface. not going to stay too dry for much longer as we go overnight into your tuesday. we'll track that potential for rain. pretty wet tuesday throughout the day in on/off ways. see how big this system really is and how long stretching it is. some of this moisture starting to make it to the ground in some
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parts of south central pennsylvania. it has a ways to go before it gets to our neighborhoods and that's why we're saying not yet going to see it but tonight into tomorrow the potential picks up. the temperatures right now. very important here this is going to be one of the few spots where temperatures may be flirting with freezing in the overnight hours, meaning a very brief and small chance that we will see some icing, this would be short-lived and light nature. temperatures right now reading at 38 degrees, spring city in 37. we go over to the lehigh valley, upper 30s as well. pretty good start for us. nazareth at 48 and bethlehem at 39 degrees for those current temperatures. they'll slip some as we go overnight. clouds act as a cap for us. neighborhoods throughout philadelphia 41 degrees, society
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hill, west mount airy and fox chase at 42. so these low he 40s definitely going to keep us as overnight with just a rain potential. here's the hour-by-hour forecast. we looked to this a minute ago. i want to slow it down and break it down through your neighborhoods. clouds right now. overnight about 10:30 isolated spots of rain. again this is going to be a little difficult. we could see some brief and light freezing rain move through then we go to 3:30 in the morning. the pinks kate spot icing but this does not look like a major threat for us. more steady rain possible as we get into the morning commute. you see again most of us rain brief potential near allentown, lehigh valley area. that turns to all rain as we go through the rest of the day and notice throughout the rest of the day on/off showers. not the entire day straight or
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heavy rain. more like moderate to light showers that happen in and out. so this rain doesn't just let up in the overnight it'll be spotty as well. before the bulk of it moves out and we just have the clouds that move on to your wednesday forecast. let's talk temperatures. 46 for us on our tuesday, then low 50s wednesday into thursday and thursday finally a little sunshine breaking back through. in the suburbs temperatures bill lower. in the lehigh valley only up to 38. that's when the areas will be watching more closely for the changeover. in new jersey 47 for your tuesday. up to those lows 50s. about the same with the shore points. delaware up to 55 degrees for your wednesday. we'll go through a 10 day extended forecast coming up. >> buy now, why super bowl
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a 99-year-old woman in south jersey spent this day of service honoring dr. martin luther king junior and the dream come true of her great, great uncle. one of the father's of the underground railroad. >> he was very, very determined and he was poor. he didn't have much to work with. but harriet tubman and friends, that's what you call the underground railroad. is these different people that helped him to write this -- >> mary ann bucks ancestor was william still. he was born to freed slaves known as the underground railroad to rescue slaves in the mid 1,800s. >> switching gears now tickets to next month super bowl in houston just got a little easier to afford. emphasis on little. prices took a 25% nosedive
5:25 pm
thanks to a couple of texas teams boughing out of the playoff picture. the big game will be played in houston. the cheapest seats on the secondary market dropped to $3,700. affordable, erin? >> it's down about a thousand dollars actually. the cowboy loss is a reason. >> the greatest show on earth is ending. >> but you have one last chance to see it in philadelphia. we'll tell you when the circus is coming to town for the last time. >> giving back to one another. coming up we'll tell you how people spent this day in honor of martin luther king. >> no disrespect to the boss, why a band that covers bruce of its inauguration plans.
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. forget about the usual hustle and bustle, a lot of people were out enjoying an extra day off for the mlk holiday. >> and many of you spent the day outside with warmer than usual temperatures. as you can see from this live picture from the blue cross river rink. a lot of folks out there. >> there is rain on the way just in time for tomorrow morning's
5:29 pm
commute. >> and you can see the rain toward our west on the radar. let's get right to first alert krystal klei. >> it's heading our direction, not there yet. temperatures aren't going to drop too much because of the clouds and moisture starting to move into our area. right now most of us are right now 40 degrees. philadelphia checking in at 40 degrees. we're cloudy now. different comparison to what we saw this morning when it was still nice and clear out there. 41 in parts of the pennsylvania suburbs and upper 30s in new jersey to the lehigh valley, delaware as well checking in at 38 degrees. winds light. right around 5 to 10 miles an hour max. temperatures won't be dropping too much in comparison to what we saw this morning when we had those clear conditions in place meaning not quite as cold which is good news. the icing threat won't be quite as high. what we're looking at right now, just the clouds that have be scooting on in from the southwest. farther off to the west, deeper
5:30 pm
greens on radar. that indicates spots where some light rain is making it to the ground. it's going to creep in overnight and the bulk of the rain will take longer. it's going to be moving in tomorrow and it will go throughout the entire day the into the evening on offshowers will move through. we're looking at tracking rain. that forecast as i mentioned starts for your tuesday, lingers into early parts of wednesday and won't pick up again until friday. you can see philadelphia, dover, atlantic city and reading all with that potential for tuesday. so coming up in a few minutes we'll take a closer look at the hour-by-hour forecast compared to the temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood for your wet tuesday we'll also talk about some mild temperatures in the forecast as we move through the ten day on ten. >> thank you so much. today is a day to give back. >> and that is what people are still doing right now. this event is the largest in our area today. nbc10's matt delusha has more.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: with a hammer in hands, these folks are hoping to build a better future. >> they're reading. >> reporter: step by step building mini library shelves for kids. in the shadows of dr. martin luther king are hard at work when most have the day off. >> he set a pathway for us to continue on with his legacy. he had a dream and we're living his dream out. >> this is the -- the largest in the country. all told some 145,000 people from all ages and backgrounds are expected to get their hands dirty for a good cause. >> hands on service projects, trainings, workshops, a kids carnival. >> reporter: todd bernstein has been here since the beginning. it's grown to be a movement throughout the nation. now at a time when politics and opinion often leave people
5:32 pm
divided. >> we need to all unite and collaborate and continue to serve one another in the community. >> to be good citizens you have to be actively engaged. you can't depend on elected officials alone. everybody needs to be a part of the solution. >> reporter: nbc10 news. >> i have a dream today. >> dr. king stood in front of the lincoln memorial when he delivered those famous words during a march on washington in 1964 he called for an end to racism. january 15th is the actual day the civil rights icon was born. he would have been 88 years old yesterday. >> what you do now and what you decide now at this age may well determine which way your life shall go. >> you heard his i have a dream search but have you heard this
5:33 pm
one? this is rarely seen footage of dr. king's speaking to students at a philadelphia high school back in 1967. he delivered his speech titled," what's in your life's blueprint" at bar receipt junior high school in soij philly. >> thousands of honored the legacy by taking part in the march. protesters say they want to reclaim the values of dr. king, like kindness, dignity and human rights. >> watch the original "i have a dream" speech on >> here's a look at some of the top stories. a special remembrance today for teenager found murder allegedly by her adoptive mother. a memorial service was held today to remember grace packer. >> a new effort to track down in
5:34 pm
wilmington crack down in wilmington. police will also ramp up efforts to talk to residents living in these areas to get leads who may have an illegal gun. >> president-elect donald trump hosted mlk son at trump tower in new york. king called the meeting very constructive. earlier in the day mr. trump tweeted that americans should honor the civil rights leader for as he put it, all of the many wonderful things that he stood for. >> new at 5 a 38-year-old camden man has died from his injuries. officers shot jose fer nan december wednesday morning after they say he opened fire on a woman who was holding an 8-month-old baby. he was charged with attempted murder. >> today camden county's top cop is in wisconsin to meet with the speaker of the house to talk about how to improve policing around the country. chief scott thampson joined other law enforcement leaders
5:35 pm
for the foreum with congressman paul ryan. chief thompson talked about new police initiatives that he developed right here in camden. other leaders talked about unnecessary force. >> the search for a missing fisher man in ocean county has been called off. christopher hugs clam boat found empty friday. rescue crews spent 3 days looking for him. let's look ahead to the summer, shall we? this is avalon, cape may county, the borough council there approved a $1 increase on beach tags in hopes of raising revenue. this after revenue fell from 2015 to 2016. in nearby stone harbor they're expected to vote on their $1 increase tomorrow. it goes to services like cleanups and lifeguards. officials in stone harbor their
5:36 pm
beach tag revenue dropped last summer. >> in new castle county diners rejoiced downtown restaurant week is back in newark. starting today more than a dozen restaurants are offering special menus for the 11th annual event and to sweeten the deal, parking will be free in downtown newark tonight. restaurant week runs until sunday 22nd. no word on whether any of the restaurants will have crickets on the menu. i doubt it but those who raise crickets are saying the demand is in and out outpacing the supply. he started fund-raising to expand his operations. he claims more people believe eating crickets is a great way to boost their protein. >> wonderful. >> or eggs. >> well playing with a pro and learning a lesson at the same time, what's cooler than meeting your favorite athlete. the phillies are marking the
5:37 pm
holiday with their youngest fans. next. plus counting on that tax return money. you might not want to at least right away. while your return could be late this year.
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parts of the mid-west are covered in ice from it texas to it kansas entire neighborhoods are completely frozen over. look at that crashes on slick roads killed at least 5 people. ice covered trees collapsed on to cars and power lines, caught fire as the ice started to melt. texas dealing with torrential rains and strong winds. check out the video. you can see the wind just picking up and tossing that outdoor furniture and other items across the backyard of a houston home. more than 30 homes were damaged
5:40 pm
by high winds. it was once the greatest show on earth, but now that show is coming to an end. >> the owners of ringling bros circus say a decade of declining ticket sales is forcing them to pull up their stakes for good. >> reporter: the 146 years it was billed as the greatest show on earth but now the circus is packing up its big top for ever. >> of course we're sad and it was a very difficult decision to make. it's not a sustainable business model. >> reporter: the company which has owned the circus for 50 years, ticket sales have been dropping for a decade and declined even further when they removed elephants last year from pressure from the animal welfare groups. >> when elephants left the show we did not anticipate the impact it would have and it was much
5:41 pm
greater than we thought. >> when the circus opened ulysses grant was president. and coca-cola wouldn't be invented for another 15 years. >> it's sad. it's the end of an era and -- i have great memories going with my family and it's just another thing that they don't get to experience that something that from our childhood that we did. >> daredevil. it is part of my family, bleed, sweat, eat, sleep and cry circus. it's just who i am. >> they're try to help their 400 performers and employees find something else to do. the circus closes for good in may. the laeft victim of a changing american landscape. >> there is still time to catch the circus's final act. ten show scheduled here in philadelphia. they'll be at the wells fargo
5:42 pm
center february 15th through the 20th. click on the nbc10 app to see show times and ticket information. the irs says millions of taxpayers refund may be delayed. the delay is particularly impacting working poor family who claim the earned income tax credit and the additional child tax credit. under a new law that takes effect this year. the irs must delay the returns to screen them for fraud. the agency says people who file in january could have to wait until the end of february for their refund. >> rutgers university is getting closer to paying off thousands of outstanding bills. significant progress is being made. the computer problems began last october and has created a back log of more than 12,000 unpaid bills to university vendors. >> great opportunity for me to come out here and talk to these kids especially on a day like
5:43 pm
martin luther king day. >> the phillies are hitting home runs with some of its youngest fans. i'll show you how the players are benefiting too. >> right now it's just clouds and look to our west we've got rain heading to our direction. neighborhood by neighborhood when it comes and goes after your break.
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>> a memorial service was held in montgomery county honoring the work and dream of dr. martin luther king junior. nbc10 was at the high school. pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro was at the event. a similar scene in south jersey. more than 150 people packed the congregs for the martin luther
5:46 pm
king day of service. they made sandwiches and trail mix and soups for the needy. made neck warmers from socks and decorated lunch bags. >> what is the this erin, some school named villanova, not sure i've ever heard of them before, is once again ranked the top team in all of college basketball. the cats moved up two spots to retake the top. the associated press rankings. my villanova wildcats had a 20 game win streak snapped against butler. they've reeled off three straight wins. they put it to the petest in an hour. tip-off is set for 6:30. >> well, it was the white house visit more than a century in the making. today president obama played host to the 2016 chicago cubs despite his allegiance to the chicago white sochlz. the cubs presented the president
5:47 pm
is some gifts including a jersey and a lifetime pass to writingry field for him and his family. the cubs broke their 108 world series drought last fall. >> vice president joe biden hopes the incoming administration will continue to support the fight against cancer. he spoke at the world economic forum to promote his cancer moon shot initiative. he held bipartisan support in congress for a bill that brought $1.8 billion for additional cancer research. he urged other countries to invest and called for researchers, health care providers and drug firms to work together. >> tell those in the private sector, at academic institutions and nonprofit organizations to continue to work regardless of what the next administration does. there's too much momentum here. and this will include me as a private citizen. i hope i have. >> biden said he spoke to mike pence about working with the new
5:48 pm
administration to help continue the fight against cancer. >> today is blue monday. >> the third monday in january is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, so we decided to share such a few scientific proven pick-me-ups. crank up the volume. music has been used for thousands of years to destress and reduce anxiety. second, catch a movie. studies found a strong link between cultural activities and live satisfaction. women enjoyed joining clubs and volunteer activity. >> now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> let's take a look at radar and satellite. tracking that rain in the forecast. we had today off for martin luther king junior day. what we're looking at here is currently radar trying to show some activity moving through berks county lehigh valley. we're starting to brew some of that moisture into the west of us, some of that is now making it to the ground in central
5:49 pm
south parts of pennsylvania. that's heading our direction as we go into the night and through to tomorrow because you pull this out, we still got a lot of rain that's hitting to the west of us and moving our direction. this is a full day event we're talking about as we go into your tuesday. temperatures are going to be very important because depending on how low they go, we could see a brief period in the overnight early morning hours tomorrow of some freezing rain or some icing on services. it doesn't look likely we will see much, if any, because temperatures are up enough here. look at areas exton also at 37 degrees, collegeville at 40 right now. when you have clouds that are overhead in the overnight the temperatures doesn't slip much unless a cold front passage which we do not have. we don't expect the temperatures to drop when we had he clear conditions. temperatures are mostly around 40 at the shore. cape may court house as 38 degrees.
5:50 pm
we'll see them drop off overnight a little before they pick back up tomorrow morning. the hour-by-hour forecast, the clouds we have now and this is where we could see some rain making it to the ground. but it is not look like this is going to be a major danger or concern because temperatures are just high enough that this won't be long lived. now we go 3:30 in the morning. light rain creeping into south jersey and delaware. no showers are going to be on and off, you see some breaks but through your afternoon as well. 4:00 p.m. some spots of yellow showing up. so now we're at 9:00. looks like the longest period of rain will be parts of burks count, lehigh valley. montgomery county as well. that's at 9:00 but the shower still start to blake and linger into your wednesday morning. very light rain and even that will move out leaving us with
5:51 pm
more clouds for your wednesday. for tomorrow temperatures key as we mentioned. we're up to 46 in the afternoon. a little lower for the lehigh valley, 38. notice the lows on the board. all of them above freezing. areas like the shore only at 43 for long port. up to 45 in the afternoon. dover at 50 degrees for that forecast temperature as we get into the afternoon. here's a look at the inauguration forecast. wednesday at 54, also right around the mid-50s thursday and dry but we see that chance on inauguration day could be starting in the morning at upper 40s for forecast high. we pick up to those low 50s. we stay very mild. chance of rain friday. keep those low 50s right through your weekend. >> the off-season is proving
5:52 pm
beneficial for phillies fans and its player. >> how they're teaching kids about baseball and learning from them at the same time. >> and coming up new at 6:00 bruce springsteen music involved in an inauguration controversy. while a band that covers the themselves out of inauguration plans in new jersey.
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who are the talent again? >> welcome back. lester holt joins us now. >> he's got a look at what's coming up. hey, there, lefter. >> ahead for us here in california the wife of the orlando nightclub shooter has been arrested. we'll tell you how authorities believe she is linked to the massacre. ringling brothers calling it n. now to a thrill for youngsters at the philly urban youth academy in south philly. >> a top prospect shared his knowledge and love of the game with some very fort nat kids. >> the autographs were cool, the picture they were nights, but on this day baseball knowledge from
5:56 pm
one of the phillies roman quinn was the hit of the day. >> great opportunity for he to come out here and talk to these kids especially on a day like today, mlk day. >> the phils teach lessons that can only be learned by loving the game. >> anybody can succeed. >> everybody can really do it. and well -- i don't know. >> parents especially appreciate a place for their kids to play and to see someone their kids idolize giving back. >> to have the pros come back and give the kids some pointers on how they can get to where they are, it's invaluable. >> the young steres certainly enjoyed playing with the pros. roman took just as much from this experience. >> i'm loving every minute of
5:57 pm
it. i love that they ask questions and they want to know my advice and my input. >> how often does that happen? nbc10 news at 6:00 is next. >> coming up next a mother wants answers after her biological daughter was murdered allegedly by the woman who adopted her. we talk to that mother has family members and classmates and strangers remember grace packer today. >> plus stories from the underground railroad. a e-year-old south jersey woman with relatives who helped free slaves shares their stories on this martin luther king day. also coming up at 6 i'm tracking rain for your tuesday morning commute. when it's going to arrive and how long it's going to stick around.
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5:59 pm
right now at 6:00 a mother in mourning remembering her daughter allegedly murdered by the woman who adopted her. plus wet weather is about to drench your neighborhood. what to expect for your commute to work tomorrow? living out his legacy. thousands across our area get active to honor civil rights icon dr. it martin luther king junior. >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. >> we begin tonight with a mother's heart break. her 14-year-old daughter killed and abused.
6:00 pm
today family, friends and even complete strangers came to remember grace packer. grace was killed allegedly in a rain/murder fantasy. her adopted mother and the mother's boyfriend were arrested. >> nbc10 news deanna durante has been looking into this tragedy for weeks and today she spoke with grace's birth mother about her loss. >> i remember her smile. >> reporter: so filled with emotion she can barely speak or walk. she's here for a community memorial for grace packer, the daughter, the state forced her to give up more than ten years ago. >> she was loveable little girl and i only had three years with my daughter. >> reporter: she has told nbc10 she didn't know about the broos grace suffered at the hands of her adopted father and she didn't know until days ago that grace had been murdered at the


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