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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  January 17, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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ceremony. the reason they're skipping the event. >> heading to court. request a murder suspect is expected to make today after allegedly murdering estranged wife. >> tracking rain. it will be a wet day for many in our area. full first alert forecast for your neighborhood. nbc 10 news starts now. >> 5:30. good morning. nbc 10 today. tracey davidson. >> bill suggested that we have our umbrellas. you have yours. i need to get one. start with meteorologist bill henley. get nbc 10 first alert forecast. >> umbrellas going up already for folks heading out in new jersey and delaware. just light showers for wilmington. look at morris river. atlantic city. steadier rain. only rain. even north and west is too warm for anything other than rain. few light showers moving through berks county on the way into lehigh county. if you see any rain mixing with freezing rain, going to be further to the northwest. heading to potsville or
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educational where you might run into that. 39 degrees in philadelphia. 38 in the suburbs and new jersey is 38 degrees. lehigh valley 36 degrees. see the temperatures hold steady for most of the day. showers move into the area. 11:00. 36 degrees at this afternoon. 40 degrees in the lehigh valley. look at upper 40s for new jersey. philadelphia, the suburbs and delaware all in for on and off rain fall today. in to tonight as well. break it down hour by hour when i come back with a future cast in just ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> starting on the schuylkill expressway this morning. good drive. right now around girard avenue. this is eastbound right here. you see the city in the background there. this moving towardsle center city. 12 minutes from blue route to vine street. speeds into the 60s. we're not really seeing any problems there yet. also watching the bridges. the traffic stopped going over
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the burlington for a scheduled opening right now. same goes for betsy ross bridge. nice and clear. cherry hill around kings highway. no big problems or delays. roads are still nice and dry there. now if you have to get out the door you go now. 5:32. in morning a growing number of lawmakers say they are boycotting the inauguration of president elect trump. now another local lawmaker said she's skipping friday's ceremony as well. >> nbc 10 matt delucia live with more on the reason for the boycott. >> reporter: among the list from our area, congressman brendan boil says he accepts the decision of the people, but will not celebrate it. bonnie watson coleman tweeted she will attend a prayer vigil instead. congressman dwight evans said he will not be going to the inauguration. president elect donald trump and other republicans say the democrats are sore losers who need to accept the results of
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the election and move on. democratic senator bob casey says he will be there though he and his colleagues are gearing up for a fight as soon as donald trump takes office. >> i'm there because i think it's the peaceful transfer of power. i have a lot of disagreements with the incoming president. those will play out overtime. >> and local republican leaders say the boycotts will not do anything to help fix the problems, but as of right now, the count is at more than 30 house democrats who say they will not go. meantime, hundreds of thousands of spectators and protesters are expected to be there in washington on friday and security and safety preparations still underway. live in the digital operation center, matt delucia, nbc 10. cover band for bruce springstein is dropping out of performance at trump inauguration party.
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springsteen supported hillary clinton. been an outspoken critic of president elect donald trump. clock is ticking closer to inauguration day. crews in washington are working around the clock to make sure everything is ready. construction workers putting together a stage at the lincoln memorial for a welcome rally on thursday. also working to protect the memorial signature granite and marble from getting damaged. many of d.c.'s monuments will be closed this week until after the inauguration. vice president joe biden and wife jill bid farewell to washington on friday. welcomed back to delaware in a big way. public is invited to a welcome home rally. biden's will take amtrak. you can count on nbc 10 to bring you coverage.
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vai and i will be traveling to washington, d.c. our photographers and live coverage from the nation's capitol hi capital begins tomorrow. police arrest a man who killed another man during a robbery. arrested matthew white and charged him with the murder of barry jones. jones was shot to death during a robbery attempt in west girard avenue last week. white is also linked to another robbery on 52nd street. cumberland county today, accused of stabbing estranged wife last month. his first court appearance asked if he could act as own lawyer. judge advised him not to and ordered a motion to represent himself. >> loved ones and members of the community are remembering a teenage murder victim from montgomery county.
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yesterday attend add memorial service for grace packer. her domtsed mother's boyfriend killed her after the couple planned an attack for more than a year. grace's birth mother could barery contain her grief. >> she was lovable little girl. and i only had three years with my daughter. >> local parents wanted to do something to reach out to the community. federal safety investigators looking into accident that killed a we would lderwelder. crushed yesterday by a large beam. 38-year-old camden man shot by police has died from injuries. shot after they say he opened fire on a woman holding an eight month old child. charged with attempted murder. in wilmington, new mayor is launching crackdown on gun violence. yesterday mike announced new
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calls for police patrols in high crime areas. there were three murders during the mayor's first four days in office. >> you just see a child, a 14-year-old child involved in one of these killings. i see two young girls involved in one of those killings. he said the city will also be looking to build better relationships with county and state police. in montgomery county, seniors can learn how to stay safe. township police will talk about the latest scams aimed at seniors and how to avoid them. >> the former president of penn state university will have to trim down his case against a former fib director before he can sue. yesterday a pennsylvania judge threw out the defamation suit basically telling him to cut out information not relevant to the case. the lawyer vowed to refile the case within 60 days.
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sues over 2012 report of penn state handling of the jerry sandusky sex case. suspect accused of killing five people in fort lauderdale airport is expected in court today. this will be a bail hearing. prosecutors will fight to keep esteban santiago in jail until trial. santiago has yet to enter a plea. >> 5:38. i'm tracking some rain showers this morning. satellite and radar shows some light rain showers already moving through the wilmington area into camden county in new jersey. salem county seeing rain this morning. the steadiest rain is yet to come. still well to the west. we're seeing just enough rain in the lehigh valley to dampen some roads, berks county and now into lehigh county. rain as the temperatures are too warm for anything else this morning. that's the good news. 39 degrees in philadelphia. we will see ale little bit of a
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warmup. going be a dreary chilly day. even though it will be above normal for this time of year. 40 is the normal high temperature. 42 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. occasional showers for the suburbs. cloudy skies. showers a little steadier at noontime. still with us in the late afternoon and evening hours. tends to be the trouble spot this time of year. not this morning. only tracking rain in the lehigh valley. 35 degrees at 10:00. not much warm up here because the clouds and showers and a little bit of an easterly wind. won't be strong. just enough to help get the temperatures this afternoon. 38 degrees right now. seeing some rain in new jersey already. the showers, rain showers on and off this afternoon. the temperatures into the 40s for the shore. just a little bit warmer up to 45 degrees, but it's already damper this morning. seen steady rain from cape may and atlantic city.
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more during the day and even into the evening hours. cloudy skies right now. delaware a few light showers so far this morning. steadier rain at noontime. 42 degrees. on and off showers this amp. 43 degrees today. too chilly for you. standby. we're about to get a warmup. a warming trend. starts tomorrow. 51 degrees. 52 on thursday and stay in the 50s right to the weekend. won't be dry through the whole period. show you when to expect more rain when i come back with ten day on ten. >> about 20 minutes. people headed back to work and school. >> let's get you updated on the roads. including a look at 95. starting off on 95 around girard avenue. couple of cars heading out the door now. starting to see a little increase. no delays yet. everything moving along. 13 minutes right now. southbound side. right here. headed towards center city.
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speed still in the 60s. walt whitman bridge, 5 minutes from that point. average speeds in the 60s. checking in with bridges on standby with opening. traffic stopped for burlington bristol bridge. betsy ross nice and clear. trenton train running 28 minutes late. other than that pretty good times. patco, new jersey, and amtrak. vai, back to you. beer lovers prepare for big change. new law kicks in today in pennsylvania. what it means for the next time you're buying beer. closing for good. popular clothing store shutting down nationwide. including local locations.
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new law takes effect allowing district terrors to sell beer in six packs. growlers and individual 32 ounce bottles. new law means bars can start selling alcohol at 9:00 a.m. on sunday. once had the toughest alcohol
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laws in the nation. clothing store american apparel is going out of business. company has four locations in our area. more than 100 across the country. not clear when they will close, but nbc 10 checked with workers at the store in center city. said they were told their store will be closing sometime in the next four months. if you live in new jersey, may find this report alarming. united way found 37% of citizens in the state considered to be working poor. means those people fall into expanded category of poverty, cost for housing, child care, other necessities are higher in new jersey than the national average. happening today, bus drivers will have more commuting options. live look at the station. one of the stops on the new bus route serving riders. expect more buses during the morning and afternoon commutes.
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>> apg today the jersey shore. vote for the price of summer beach tags. money from the tags pay for services like cleanups, life guards. avalon already approved a $1 increase for the summer. most babies cry when they get a needle. acupuncture can help treat colic. a swedish study. half got twice weekly acupuncture. after two weeks, infants in the acupuncture group cried significantly less than those not treated with needles. you were saying earlier, the heavier rain is not going to come until daylight. >> we're seeing rain in the area right now. the good news is even though it may be rather have sunshine today, it's just rain. no shoveling required. no freezing temperatures either. can be problematic at this hour when this time of year, we get a little bit of rain.
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so far dry. boat house road. ben franklin parkway, it is dry. not true of everywhere. few light showers in the lehigh valley. this is why tends to be colder. this morning temperatures are above freezing in the lehigh valley. in fact the entire area in the 30s. upper 30s in philadelphia. south jersey and delaware. suburbs at 38 degrees. there are some cooler neighborhoods in the lehigh valley. so it can't completely rule out a little bit of ice, but so far, even though it's cold in the mountain, 33 degrees. dry this morning. little bit of light rain. 34 and 35. temperatures will be creeping up even in the lehigh valley. see the light showers. then to south, this is where the steadiest rain has been this morning. these are just light scattered showers moving through northern berks county. steady rain swinging through
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millville and into atlantic city. just returned to cape may. this is just the first round of wet weather during the day today. at lunchtime, temperature at 40 degrees in philadelphia. more showers moving in. more likely as we go into the afternoon hours. this afternoon for the ride home, showers to moderate showers to possible in suburbs and lehigh valley. could get some breaks in delaware and south jersey during the 6:00 hour. lingering showers later this evening, overnight tonight and into tomorrow. definitely need umbrella and rain gear for today. heavy coat, don't need that. dreary. 46 degrees this afternoon. rain comes in. might see a linger shower in the morning. look for fog. 44 degrees in the morning. 51 in the afternoon. look at the sunshine. 52 for the high. more wet weather for friday. rain comes through. looks light for friday. by the weekend, we're drieg out. sunshine, we'll see a little bit
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more on saturday than on sunday, but both days will warm into the low 50s. then another round of rain for monday and into tuesday. before we dry out a bit on thursday and chance of more rain showers as the temperatures stay above normal next thursday. >> thanks. just about ten minutes before six. trying to get you to work on tuesday. watching 202. interim route 29. looks great so far. actually still in the middle of a quiet morning rush. northbound from 29 to schuylkill expressway, moving from this point, just a 7 minute trip. average speeds also into the 60s. we're not seeing any big problems there. checking in with new jersey roads for the most part. everything clear on the 42 freeway. this was rutd 38 in cherry hill. just around cuthbert boulevard. both directions on both roads looking like no problem right now. mass transit. 28 minute delay time for trenton
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train 9701. other than that everything running on time or close to can she think this morning. consumers continue to favor smartphones over personal computers and laptops. market researcher found pc shipments fell for the fifth year in the row. cutting cost, the local college that's becoming the latest to lower tuition and reason for the change. plus on a mission, the help a sixers player is getting in push to make all-star team.
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jessica boyington checking on the roads. heading out the door right now. 76 in new jersey. just around cameras in market street. the traffic moving away from you, that's what is headed northbound towards philadelphia area. just before walt whitman bridge and ben franklin bridge split. no problems right now moving into philadelphia. know how easily that can change. i'll have updates for you for the rest of the morning.
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coming up gwen around 6:00. pastor wants to know who vandalized his home. threw a brick through the window, graffiti and etched a word in the snow. someone also recently threatened him. he thinks it's because he is against a mosque moving to town. >> most people in bayonne remember that the first bombing of the world trade center was hatched in a mosque in jersey city. >> police are investigating the vandalism. town's mayor saying people can disagree, but should not threaten each other or damage property. another local catholic university is cutting tuition costs to try to attract new students. >> cutting tuition by 25%. catholic college told nbc 10 lowering tuition to $265.2 2650
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two other local catholic colleges that recently lowered tuition. la salsalle now time to process process. not just the rebuilding plan for the nba all-star voting process. voting ended the stroke of midnight. sixers rookie has been on a mission to make that team as we told you the sixers star even got carson wentz on the wagon trying to get the word out. growing fan base will have to wait until thursday to find out if he made the all-star team. college hoops, villa nova number one again. yesterday the wildcats reclaimed top spot in the college basketball poll. took to the court last night and won a school record. 47 straight game at home. 30 points over the other team.
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martin luther king day of service. outfielder roman quinn, went to philly's urban youth academy in south philadelphia yesterday. academy gives kids a place to play ball. and helps them learn lessons. >> i love it. i love every minute of it. love that they asking questions and they want to know my advice and my answer. >> perfect time to sign autographs and pose for pictures. great for them. now to delaware where you can get a good deal on dinner out this week. downtown restaurant week is back in newark. more than a dozen restaurants are offering special fixed price menus for the 11th annual event. coming up next at six, protest plan for donald trump's inauguration. >> how capital leaders are
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preparing for opponents. food shopping at fingertips. new way to stock your pantry coming soon to our area. reeling over a rebate. family's washing machine was recalled. th they never got the reimbursement they were promised. how harry hairston got them out of spin cycle. 39 degrees. 5:57 right now. >> rain is headed our way. and be sure as you're heading out the door, you have the free nbc 10 app at your fingertips. it's your one stop resource for breaking news. first alert neighborhood weather. will will have forecast on there tell you when the rain is coming in. we'll also have traffic there throughout the day. give you a live look girard bridge. south philly. i-95.
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a new top cop. pennsylvania scandal plagued the attorney general office gets a fresh start today. >> planning for protest. how capital leaders working to keep donald trump's inauguration from getting out of hand. >> nbc 10 news, starts now. >> 6:00 a.m. 39 degrees. good morning. abc nbc 10 on this tuesday morning. >> about to see a glob of green on bill henley's first alert forecast. that's rain. let's check in with bill and find out about forecast. >> checking any clothing there. here's the rain. cape may we're seeing the rain that has moved back into cape may r


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