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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 18, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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forced to pay up. philadelphia prosecutor facing a big fine. turn out for trump. what the president elect says about turnout for inauguration. stranded at sea. stuck on a sand bar along the jersey shore. 6:00 a.m. this wednesday morning. nbc 10 today. i'm tracey davidson. >> even with the rain last night and into the morning. right no meteorologist bill henley who has the update with neighborhood forecast. >> the rain is moving out. we're stuck with clouds for the rest of the day. those clouds linger in philadelphia. the last showers they're just moving offshore here. toms river this morning. sunshine no, but mild temperatures, yes. look at numbers.
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37 right now in the lehigh valley. 39 in suburbs. new jersey in the 38 degrees. got some 40s for delaware and 42 degrees in philadelphia. there will be a few breaks in the clouds. going to be a mostly cloudy day for 8:00. 41 degrees with a four-mile-an-hour wind. 11:00 might see a little thinning of the clouds at 48 degrees. in spite of clouds, temperatures warming up and you'll see that in philadelphia too. 40 degrees right now. 4 # degrees right now. stay at 42 for 8:00. look at the temperatures. mostly cloudy skies at 11:00. showers done. sunshine wait until tomorrow. temperatures soon warm up nicely. 40s for lehigh valley at the shore. mostly cloudy skies. 59 for the suburbs. take you through hour by hour break you down neighborhood by1 neighborhood when i come back in ten minutes. first jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. >> thanks bill starting with an accident on valley forge road around allentown road.
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here's 295 over in new jersey. everything looking good. the roads are still a little bit wet. 23 minutes for drive time. hasn't increased. southbound from 4 # freeway if you're heading up and over to delaware memorial bridge. speeds into the mid 60s 6789 speaking of bridges. watching for speed restrictions over the betsy ross and con mow commodore. 6:02. following this story from overnight. breaking. former president george h.w. bush in a hospital. this morning learned the president was taken to the hospital as a precaution after experiencing shortness of breath. in stable condition and resting comfortably. office expects him to go home in a couple of days. this breaking news. three strong earthquakes hit central italy in just an hour. quakes felt in rome.
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no reports of any injuries yet. keep you posted. the strongest quake had a 5.7 magnitu magnitude. same area badly damaged by a quake last year that killed nearly 300 people. philadelphia's top prosecutor is facing an ethics fine. must bay $62,000 for failing to disclose dozens of gifts he received. now calls for him to resign. nbc 10 katy zachry live out the da office in center city. reaction and william's response. not surprisingly, some people are calling on the da to resign. >> reporter: that's right. criter critics tell us seth williams has lost the trust of the public, which they say he has, he cannot continue in role as district attorney. ethics board has been investigating williams since the summer. it said he accepted nearly 90 gifts from people. some of whom are closely
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associated with the da's office. on top of that, failed to report five sources of income. illegal gifts include things like prepaid credit cards, sport tickets, hotel points. tried to reach williams to hear his side of things. instead he issued a written statement accepting full responsibility. saying i apologize to the people of philadelphia. i will work every day to earn back the trust of all of you. critics tell us it's not enough. >> it's a violation of trust to every philadelphian our chief law enforcement official. you know, it's simply wrong when you have a district attorney who is investigating and prosecuting other people who didn't disclose income or gifts, it sets a double standard not acceptable in our city. >> reporter: in addition to paying back the more than $62,000 fine to the city, williams must also pay the value of the gifts he accepted. that's more than $2,000 and in
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the next 30 days, he must update his city financial forms. reporting live in center city, katy zachry. talk on capitol hill turns to health care. as donald trump's pick for health and human secretary faces confirmation hearing. representative tom price along four nominees to question today. others are commerce secretary pick, wi pick. donald trump meantime will be in new york today after hosting the chairman's global dinner last night in washington. guests including vice president elect mike pence and more than 100 foreign diplomats. mr. trump says he expectsen unprecedented turnout at friday's inauguration.
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>> that's like additional security with those cats. meantime list of house democrats not going to friday's inauguration has grown to more than 50. >> that list includes all three of the gleszmen from philadelphia. brady, boil and evans are not attending. yle and evans are no attending. >> am personal friend. the classiest person i know. i'm going to support him. >> president elect trump has feuded with congressman and civil rights icon john lewis over his decision to boycott the inaugurati inauguration. coverage of all the events. try tracey and i are part of the team of journalist traveling to washington.
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live coverage from the nation's capital begins this afternoon. police are looking for the man who robbed and beat an 80-year-old woman at atlantic city casino. happened earlier this month at borgata. man followed the woman who hotel room where he beat her and stole her money. police released these surveillance pictures of a man they're trying to identify. if you recognize him, contact police. south jersey man accused of murdering estranged wife will stay in jail until trial. nbc 10 was the only local news station in court at monel refused to answer questions yesterday. take a look. >> do you understand that? do you know that mr. monel? are you not answering? >> police say he stabbed tara o'shea watson inside her home in commercial township last month. all happened in front of the son. prosecutors called him a grave risk to community and judge ruled he should be held without
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bail. 6:08. 42 degrees outside. a live look at the -- well, hard to see flag above the airmark building. rain moving out and fog in some areas. >> absolutely. don't see any fog in narberth. just a little bit of a breeze blowing. see the bottom of the flag there in the live view. better view of the fog in cape may. view from the marquee ta lay la hotel. not the only spot with fog. dense fog in lancaster. most of the suburbs is light fog. poconos half mile visibility. not bad in northeast philadelphia or philadelphia international. under three miles in trenton. bit thicker in south jersey. down to a mile and a quarter in atlantic city. belmar at half a mile. wilmington not an issue right knew. temperatures are trying to cool
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down now the rain has moved out. you see it is dry in south jersey. the last few showers swept through philadelphia first thing this morning. when we went on the air at 4:30 this morning. rain, but it was only light rain. just enough to dampen the streets this morning. clouds, they'll stay with us. even though the rain has ended. looking at mostly cloudy day today. 49 degrees by 1:00 this afternoon. clouds linger in the suburbs too. some thinning of clouds, little bit of sunshine. clouds with us into the evening for the suburbs and lehigh valley. delaware the rain is done. clouds will try to break up this morning, but it's not going to happen. they'll stay with us at 1:00 and 5:00 this afternoon. and new jersey, the rain has just moved offshore. 41 degrees at 9:00. warming into the upper 40s. despite of the clouds, temperatures will be climbing today. starting off warm. well above normal for the shore. 46 degrees and near 50 degrees
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at 1:00 this afternoon. then as we go into the evening hours, that's when we'll start to see clouds break up a little bit. we do have some sunshine ahead. we'll talk that with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. thank you, bill. ten minutes past 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday. let's find out what is happening on 95. >> jessica boyington has that. watching a crash on 95. camera right now is moving all over the place. hopefully get back to where the accident scene is. just a few moments ago on the southbound side did see a vehicle that looked facing the other direction or at least slid into the side median. so of course this is the traffic moving towards the camera. all of the headlights are making it a really bright situation. clearly see flashing lights rights here. that's police activity. vehicle looks like it's about right here. facing the wrong direction. looks like it spun out. now we're seeing southbound delays. lane restriction at the wrong sometime as well.
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starting to see more delay because it's getting closer to morning rush. flashing lights up ahead. looks like you can see this better. looks like the car is completely facie ining sideways. still watching past academy road. big delays moving stord center city. checking in with the drive time. 17 minutes only right now. only increasing a little bit. keep our eye on this for you. average speeds into the 40s. i'll check back in with 95 when i come back in ten minutes. new jersey taking new steps to tackle the opioid epidemic. >> still ahead, the change that could impact what doctors prescribe for pain. plus, does this toy look familiar. it's in the hands of a lot of babies. next the problem some parents are finding inside this popular teething toy. 6:11. quest for clues. mystery along the jersey shore.
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6:15. rain is drying out. when will have the forecast in your neighborhood straight ahead. now down the shore. dead hump back whale stuck in the stand bar will likely stay there until it washes out to see. coast guard believes it's do dangerous to move it. staffers from marine mammal stranding center tried to figure out how the animal died. wife of the gunman who killed 49 people in the orlando nightclub attack back in court today. appeared in court yesterday to face charges. today she'll have a lawyer appointed and plans will be made to transfer her back to florida.
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lawyer says she had no idea he was planning the deadly attack. prosecutors say she not only new, but lied to police after the shooting. new video of the man accused of killing orlando police officer. markeith loyd resisted arrest after a week long man hunt. accused of shooting debra clayton in a walmart parking lot. new this morning, mold concerns over a popular teething toy for babies. pictures like this are swirling on social media. some parents are cut open soef if iphie sophie. toy maker says cleaning instructions have to be carefully respected since the toy is made of rubber. all right. 16 minutes past 6:00 a.m. let's get another look at 95. there's a problem out there.
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>> jessica boyington has an update. we're just about that time. we're starting to see delays right now and an accident scene. the roads are a little bit wet. vehicles that looks and appears to have spun out. car looks like it's facing into the median right now or at least over into the shoulder what i really meant. 95 near academy road from the southbound side. clearly we have police activity here. people out and about walking around. losing the reasoned shoulder. next lane over and a little part of the next lane. again, since this is southbound side. most of the traffic moving towards center city. right at this time. really unfortunate. we see a lot of normal morning volume at this time. check in with the drive time and see what they look like. now 20 minutes. classrooming from the last time we saw you. average speeds binto the 40s. no problems on the northbound side right now. crash on valley forge road and still watching out in west
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conshohocken. accident happened last night and now a fuel spill. detour around there for a little bit longer. watching this and i'll check back in with 95 when i come back. 6:18. 42 degrees outside. warmer than usual for this time of year. we've been watching the rain moving out and move through overnight. bill henley is tracking it all for you and getting you ready to get out the door. dry right now. little bit of dampness left on the roads this morning. showers quickly ending in the area. clouds a different story. linger with us through the day and into tonight and a cloudy evening, we'll finally give away to breaks overnight. sunshine back tomorrow. 30s right now. upper 30s for the lehigh valley. only rain overnight. no cold air around. just a little bit of a chill in the suburbs in philadelphia, delaware, and south jersey in the 40s. normally colder neighbors, but most neighborhoods reporting
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temperatures in the 40s right now. florence has dropped to 38 along with hope well township in the upper 30s. pretty mild start for this time of year. and a drying start too. showers have ended in new jersey and the rest of the area the last few rain drops are moving offshore right now. the next chance of rain is going to get here before the weekend. see this rain to the south. that is a possibility for us on friday. got a long way to go before it gets to us. get some sunshine for tomorrow. friday, these will be building and friday morning, these shour showers look like they're going to arrive in d.c. 10:00 until early afternoon showers in store for washington, d.c. during i nothing ration and head towards philadelphia for friday afternoon. these will be light showers. heavier rain waits until next week. for today, the rain is out of
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here. clouds, 51 this afternoon. 54 with sunshine for tomorrow. showers i just showed you swing through during the day on friday. then saturday looking pretty good. partly to mostly cloudy skies. 54 degrees high temperature on saturday. clouds are back with rain developing during the day on sunday. really gets going on monday. windy, wet, heavy downpours, that will keep the temperatures in the 40s all day long on monday. the showers start to taper off later on tuesday. look at wednesday. there's something to look forward to. 60 degrees wednesday afternoon. still mild. not as warm as wednesday into the low 50s with chance of showers next thursday and friday. >> 20 after six right now. battle over walls in the square is over. ending an epidemic. change in new jersey to keep people from getting hooked on prescription pills.
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new this morning. temple university renames communication. who has taught at temple for more than six decades. now be known at clien college of media and communication. also recognizes a multimillion dollar gift they made to schoolf media and communication. also recognizes a multimillion dollar gift they made to school. christie signed a public order declaring public health crisis. also creates task force to help combat the problem. gives attorney general the power to put a limit on opioid prescriptions. pennsylvania will soon start accepting applications for growing processing and selling medical marijuana next month. applications were just posted on the health department's website and can be submitted beginning february 20th. state's medical marijuana program is expected to be up and
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running by next year. >> and today, delaware will hold a free flu shot clinic. anyone over the age of six months can get vaccinated. flu activity can increase in january so it's important to protect yourself. it's okay to sit on the wall in philadelphia. city overturned the ban after backlash from the community and even the mayor. took down four signs yesterday. put up is signs yesterday in a move to cut down on vandalism. moving forward, a spokesperson said the city is working on a different plan to deal with concerns about care and maintenance of the wall. >> and you'll see a lot of pooches at the jersey shore today. a five day dog show begins at the convention center. dogs of all shapes and sizes will compete. the competition through sunday.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington watching the roads. watching 95 right now. big blob of white in the middle of your screen is an accident scene with flarni ingflashing l starting to see big delays. updates on this for you when i come back. now a check on what it's going to be like weather wise. starting out with mist and fog. you can see it. 42 degrees. got your neighborhood forecast just ahead. donald trump says he expects a record turnout at his inauguration, but homeland security disagrees. the new numbers up next. and good morning, i'm matt delucia live in haddonfield. what the agency says and what they're doing about it now.
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trump's prediction. what he says about turnout of his inauguration and how it compares to what homeland security expects. early release. president obama pardons is sentence for a soldier who released national secrets. >> good morning. wednesday, january 18. good morning, this is nbc 10 today. i'm vai sikahemath. >> i'm tracey davidson. get you right to meteorologist bill henley. first neighborhood forecast. rain has ended, but we still have low clouds over the city. that's a live view looking towards philadelphia. and some areas of fog too. not so much in the city, but some of the suburbs. and poconos half a mile visibility. it is two and a half mile
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visibility in coastal. really not bad in pots town or quaker town. philadelphia international. nine miles visibility. the thickest fog we've seen so far has been in south jersey. millville just under a mile visibility and not an issue now for wilmington just a little bit thicker in dover. that's just light fog. there's an old saying. farmer saying. january fog will freeze hog. we've got a fog. it is january. not freezing. look at the temperatures. 40s will climb to 50s for delaware and philadelphia and get closer 50 for suburbs. looking good at the jersey shore. even though it is going to be a mostly cloudy day, 50 degrees this afternoon. get rid of a little bit of fog this morning. break it down hour by hour when i come back in ten minutes. first jessica boyington has first alert traffic. batching 95.
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crash reported around academy road. moved cameras around and watching drive time. 24 minute from woodhaven road to vine street expressway. pretty typical for this time anyway. there's a crash on valley forge road around allentown road. west conshohocken still watching front street. closed all morning since last night. for a fuel spill cleanup. admiral wilson boulevard approaching the ben franklin bridge toll plaza rights here. moving through camden you'll do just fine. see the roads are still a little bit wet. no major problems or delays reported there. speaking of the bridges. watching speed restrictions. specifically over the betsy ross and commodorcommodore. fog in the area there. other than that nice and clear. no scheduled openings right now. here's a top stories we're
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following for you this morning. first, breaking overnight. form early president george h.w. bush in a houston hospital. taken there saturday for shortness of breath. the 92-year-old is resting comfortably and responding well to treatment. he could go home in a couple of days. a bouncer accused of shooting and illkilling bar manr now faces a murder charge. bouncer got into a fight with the manager at the bar in germantown late monday night and shot him three times. >> philadelphia top prosecutor, seth williams, will have to pay a $62,000 fine for failure to report sources of income and gifts on city financial statements. those gifts included sports tickets, gift cards, and points for hotel stays in atlantic city. williams is apologizing and promises to win back the trust of people in philadelphia. patco riders in south jersey tell nbc 10 they are fed up with
6:34 am
overcrowding, late training. >> this morning offering an explanation and proposition. nbc 10 matt delucia live at the station with the problems commuters are facing and also the promise. >> and a little change, vai, as well. get to that in a moment. this is all mostly happening during rush hour so it's a time when a lot of people are trying to head to work or come home from work. it's been happening quite a bit over the past few days. yes, we are hearing from patco now. first let's talk about what happened yesterday. starting at 7:30 yesterday morning, a train had braking issues in clinicswood. taken out of service. 11 minutes later another train had brakes problems in philadelphia. just after 8:00, train had motor issues. before 9:00 two more incidents involving motor incidents. trains were taken out of service. that caused delays and big problems for commuters trying to get to work. >> we had a long commute. waited about 20 minutes to a half an hour for a train to
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arrive. and then when it did, we passed broadway, had to back up. get off at broadway. they said we have mechanical issues. >> reporter: patco general manager apologized for the issue. said january 7 snowstorm led to replacement of 21 broken motors and his crew worked around the clock to maintain, inspect bs and repair the train. big issue seems to be weather and broken motors. here back live at the haddonfield station, buses are starting to drop off folks. showing up hoping they don't experience a repeat of yesterday, but an important note because of the issues, if you ride patco, take note, they are operating on a special schedule today. there's a website here, ride that has that special schedule that takes effect at 9:15 this morning. a lot of changes here. hard to see from this angle. if you go to website. take note before you head out
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this morning. live in haddonfield, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 6:36. man charged with gunning download 81-year-old philadelphia grocery store owner on christmas eve face as court hearing this morning. police arrested green several days after the murder. investigators say he walked into marie's grocery and shot her 11 times. police believe buck's grandson may have been the gunman's intended target. suspect told police grandson stole jewelry from him. island accused of shooting a police officer is scheduled to be fully arraigned in delaware county today. shot officer christopher doorman seven times last june while the officer was responding to reports of illegal drug activity. doorman was released from the hospital just days after the shooting. returned to duty in september. 6:36. 42 tr 2 degrees outside. the inauguration of donald trump is just two days away.
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expecting record crowds and team is pushing to make it happen. posted ads on social media encouraging people to come to washington with a video of trump offering a personal invitation. >> inauguration is our moment in american history and i want you to be with me on inauguration day. >> homeland security says it's planning for turnout of about 8-900,000 people. sizable turnout, but nowhere near the inauguration of barack obama. all of the events, vai and i are part of the nbc team of journal ists traveling to washington. live coverage begins this afternoon at 4. today president obama meets the press for final time. final news conference. president will likely answer questions about sentence for chelsea manning.
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trance gender army analyst has served seven years. offered communation over the objection of defense secretary and others in the intelligence committee. a lot of rain moved out overnight. >> you and i are headed to washington, d.c. later today. both excited about that, but also the fact the forecast is going to be pretty warm. >> could be the warmest inauguration on record. let's check your forecast for your neighborhood. it's not cold outside this morning. just a little bit foggy and misty. if you head out right now, areas of light fog and mist. they'll disappear during the day. the clouds, that's a different story. expect them to linger through the day. might see some breaks of sunshine, but mostly cloudy afternoon and still cloudy this evening as well. overnight tonight finally start to clear out. heading out right now. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. mild for this time of year. 42 degrees in philadelphia.
6:39 am
that's already above the normal high temperature of 40 degrees. not cold in lehigh valley or suburbs. little bit of chill in the air. rain has ended instead south jersey. at the shore, 44 degrees. some neighborhoods are colder than others. society hill, graduate hospital. at 41 degrees. 40 in parkwood. not a bad start at all. just a bit cloudy. won't need your sunglasses today. see the clouds from allentown, redding, thorndale. pretty much leave the umbrella at home today. temperatures will climb in spite of clouds. 50 degrees this afternoon. cloudy sky, little bit of light fog. fog moves out as soon as the temperatures start to climb. see that happen this morning. might see a break of sunshine
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this morning. lehigh valley, cloudy skies, little bit of light fog. 42 degrees at noontime today and then into the middle 40s at 2:00 with some late sunshine trying to breakthrough in the lehigh valley. cloudy skies right now in new jersey. some areas of fog and a little bit of mist too. that will disappear p the clouds stay with us this afternoon. first thing this morning, limited sunshine at 10:00. cloudy afternoon. low 50s for delaware. that's about a ten degree warmup compared to where we are right now. then sunshine for tomorrow, but the weekend is a different story. got the weekend forecast when i come back in ten. >> thank you, bill. getting ready to head out the door. grab your keys. take a moment. come to your television. >> jessica boyington has you covered. watching the schuylkill on the eastbound side approaching a crash just before the blue route. traffic on the eastbound side pretty much at stand still.
6:41 am
lane loss up ahead because of the crash. eastbound. traffic moving back towards center city area just before blue route. checking with 95 as well. 26 minute drive time following an earlier accident around academy road. those average speeds into the 30s. pretty typical for this time anyway, not including the accident scene. also a crash in montgomery on bethlehem pike. detoured around the scene there. waiting for clearing of west con so hockenconshohocken. philadelphia ranks high on a list that might leave you a little squeamish. >> reports about unwanted visitors lurking in homes. fights for a refund. woman's christmas gift for mom didn't show up as planned. when she could not get any answers, she called nbc 10
6:42 am
responds. have that story up next.
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6:45. philadelphia is top city in the country when it comes to rat and mice in homes. report by american housing survey shows 1-5 homes reported seeing rodents within the past year. philadelphia was followed by boston, new york, washington, d.c. turning to nbc 10 responds. one viewer just trying to buy her mom a gift. ran into problems when the product arrived damaged. >> so she called nbc 10 responds and got a reporter on the case. >> maria felt excited about the new day bed she brought her mother for christmas. >> i really wanted to surprise my mom. >> when it arrived. she saw scratches so she sent it
6:46 am
back the same day to sheep ease in. >> it's supposed the be beautiful. >> says mattress firm told her it would send a new day bed. after it didn't arrive on time. she asked if fe refund. >> she says the company told her she would get the refund put back on the debit card within seven business address. that too never arrived. we contacted mattress firm and in a statement expressed apologies. that same day received a phone call from the company. mattress firm told her the refund hadn't gone through earlier because the company changed names. now she has $429 back. >> i'm so happy. thank you nbc respond. >> plans on using the money to buy a new day bed for her mom. if you have a consumer problem,
6:47 am
just let us know. best way to reach us right here on your screen. we will respond to you. 13 minutes away from the top of the hour and the start of the "today" show. >> let's check in with matt lauer and tamra hall. >> hello vai and tracey. nice to see you both on a wednesday morning. coming up, monitoring news that broke overnight. former president george h.w. bush hospitalized in houston. then donald trump steps out at first inauguration event as police prepare for protest expected on friday. what they're doing to keep things safe. growing buzz in silicon valley as facebook founder mark suker burg eyeing own run for white house. >> you had me at less expensive. excellent. >> i'll put the list together.
6:48 am
>> and vai at beauty product. >> i want to take what matt is taking. if matt is taking it, i want that. >> thanks guys. >> take care. 6:48. let's get your updated on the forecast. low clouds and fog. >> the temperatures have be cooling down the last few hours. showers out of the way. still plenty of clouds. not a lot of fog here and no sign of any wet weather. you might run into some mist and some neighborhoods with fog. not happening in narberth. little damp on the roadway. rain has ended. going to take climb to clear out and dry out this morning. temperatures are not cold. are trying to cool down. 30s for unionville. el roy is 38. little bit of cooling that is creating a bit of fog with all the moisture that's still in our area. the thickest fog is lancaster right now.
6:49 am
quarter mile visibility. just got a bit thicker. half a mile in mount poconos. philadelphia international not an issue. should not been an issue for flight operations. millville seeing dense fog. under a mile for mount holly. now up to two miles p visibility. i don't think fog is going to be an issue at the bus stop. going to be cloudy. allentown, going to be closer to 40 degrees at 8:00 in philadelphia. wilmington at 42 degrees in atlantic city. last few sprinkles of the trenton area. those showers pretty much done. the steady rain has already moved offshore. out of here for today. we'll get sunshine tomorrow. friday, we'll see some of this and it could be impacting the inauguration in d.c. likely move to d.c. before it gets to us. then we dry out on saturday. in fact the weekend forecast looking pretty good for
6:50 am
saturday. clouds around. get sunshine into the 50s for philadelphia, suburbs. new jersey and the shore in delaware into the 50s. clouds return for the second half of the weekend. and we probably start dry on sunday, i do expect to see rain developing during the day on sunday and then it continues into next week. the rain is out of here for today. you might see a sprinkle. don't think you're going to need the umbrella today. 51 degrees this afternoon. 54 tomorrow. more sunshine tomorrow, but then clouds return for friday. not looking at a lot of rain. just light showers during the afternoon on friday. then the showers are done for saturday. 54 degrees the high temperature. keep in mind the normal high temperature this time of year is 40. 14 degrees above normal for saturday. still close to 50 degrees on sunday. right at the clouds coming back. rain developing on sunday. then just a dreary day on monday. windy and it will feel chillier
6:51 am
with gusty winds and downpours. rain will taper off on tuesday. 60 degrees high temperature wednesday. get you out the door with a check of the roads. including a look at 422. >> jessica boyington has her eyes on that. looks like an accident, jessica. accident on 422. seeing slowdowns eastbound headed towards schuylkill. now that a 15 minute trip or so. watching slow downs. no incidents reported. watching something out in wynwood. accident northbound. seeing delays there on route one because of that. as you can see the schuylkill seeing typical slow downs right now. watch for a crash on the eastbound side. just beyond our drive time right here. see the eastbound drive time 18 minutes right now from the blue route. after that accident scene headed to the vine street expressway. speeds into the 40s. crash on montgomery on bethlehem pike. end on the 42 freeway. just around route 41. northbound side right here. that's the traffic that's moving towards philadelphia. just a little bit slow here.
6:52 am
everything still moving. tracey, back to you. more fans coming to check out the sixers in person. team won five out of seven games so far. rookie has been impressive and fans are taking notice. checked the number skpts found average attendance is up 2,000 people over last season. the new jersey hall of fame is welcoming south jersey soccer super star. >> carli lloyd led team usa to olympic gold metals and a world cup championship and all started in her hometown of burlington county. up next, run down the headlines and stories we're following throughout the day. including breaking news following this morning. george h.w. bush hospitalized this morning. latest on his prognosis up next.
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here are some stories we're following for you today. >> breaking overnight: george h.w. bush in houston hospital for shortness of breath. 92-year-old is resting comfortably. responding to treatment and could go home in a couple of days. more breaking news, tlehree strong earthquakes hit central italy this morning. felt in rome. no reports yet of any injuries or any damage. strongest quake had 5.7 magnitude. same area badly damaged by quakes last august and killed nearly 300 people. seth williams will have to pay a $62,000 fine for failure to report income and gifts on financial statement. promising to win back the trust of people of philadelphia. patco high speed line operating on special schedule today. blaming motor issues and weather
6:57 am
for long waits and overcrowding on trains. general manager apologized if for the issues and said crews are working around the clock to inspect and repair the trains. today, the man accused of killing 81-year-old philadelphia fwroeshry store owner on christmas eve heads into court for a hearing. arrested several days after the murder. walked into marie's grocery and shot her 11 times. bouncer faces murder charge for shooting and ikilling manager. arraigned at midnight. shooting happened after the two got into a fight at the bar on monday night. president obama will talk to media in final white house briefing. mr. obama's turn ends noon on friday. meet the press for the last time as president this afternoon. probably be asked about decision to commute the sentence of chelsea manning. transgender army has served
6:58 am
seven years. the president offered the communation dispute objections from intelligence community. lgbt leaders will open the creating change conference today in philadelphia. 4,000 activists and supporters are expected to attend the five-day event. goal is to help secure freedom, justice, and equality for lgbt community. today delaware's new governor sign first executive order on the future of the state's economic development office. john carney was sworn into office in dover yesterday. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with one last check on the roads. we're starting off in new jersey. this is a 42 freeway. right here is the northbound side. that's what's headed towards the philadelphia area. you can see just a little bit of slow down moving up towards the bridges, but other than that, it looks like a good drive there. watching out in if winwood a crash just around rolling roads.
6:59 am
seeing small delays there if you're approaching the accident scene. schuylkill a little bit slow in both directions. pretty normal. crash to watch for on the east side just before blue route. up towards the blue route into the 20s. just before 7:00. no rain, but there are some clouds, little bit of mist and fog. you can see the fog in cape may. few sprinkles, that's all we're going to see at times during the day. moving through trenton right now. rest of the area is dry. really not cold, but the temperatures are cooling down so we're seeing light fog now in coatesville. not everybody will see the fog. we'll all enjoy warmup. temperatures will climb from mild morning into a milder afternoon. low 50s from new jersey and shore. near 50 degrees this afternoon. get my first alert forecast on today's 101.1 more fm.
7:00 am
thanks for watching. our team heads to the capital for inauguration. good morning. breaking news. former president george h.w. bush hospitalized in houston. the 92-year-old being monitored after experiencing shortness of breath. resting comfortably this morning. instant backlash. president obama expected to face harsh questioning at his final news conference today about his decision to commute the sentence of chelsea manning, the former soldier convicted in one of the largest intelligence leaks in u.s. history. now set to be freed in may. stepping out. president-elect trump pays a visit to the first inaugural event of the week in washington. the city preparing for friday's historic ceremony and a growing group of protesters threatening to shut it all down.


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