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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  January 18, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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washington. joining us live from the pulse of our nation's capitol, how is it there? >> reporter: keith, you know, it is actually quiet here tonight. you can still move around on the streets. but if you look behind me with the capitol all lit up, you can sees that this is no ordinary night. they're preparing to welcome in a new administration. outside the capitol you can see it coming together. under the flag final preparation for the inaugural ceremony. beyond the stage, big screens give the crowd their view of history. >> that's actually where we will be tomorrow. >> reporter: jillian springer and her friends are doing their own preparation. we met them as they were doing a dry run for the big day. taking the metro and even wearing the same shoes. >> we knew we would have to walk. we didn't know how far. we would be on our feet for hours. >> reporter: the chester native lives in fairfax now and janet
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and catherine are visiting. >> i love the thought of america being what i grew up with in the 50s. i have so many high hopes. >> reporter: may plan to get here early. knowing that today is open to be very crowded on inauguration day. you're expecting people from all over the country? >> yes. we have two buses coming in from pennsylvania tomorrow. new york, a large con si coming in from florida, arizona, texas, and california. >> reporter: a few blocks away, chris cox is working on an event for bikers for trump kicking off the ceremony. >> shortly after he goes in, we'll start the star spangled banner here on the electric guitar. >> reporter: from sound checks to security, toing a schedule. one more day to get ready. do you feel ready now? >> yeah. i think we're glad we did it. >> reporter: yeah, that dry run was not a bad idea. and, you know, as we walked around today, when we touched down, we saw people walking around all over the place from
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all over the country. we even ran into someone fromville who was here just for the day. just to pick up his tickets from the senator's office and he'll head back on the train and come back tomorrow with his family. live in washington, d.c. thank you. among those expected to attend friday's inauguration is a group called bikers for trump. they held a rally next to the parade route today. organizers say bikers will be coming from as far as southern california to join them. and police are stepping up security in and around the trump international hotel in washington, d.c. the hotel sits along the pennsylvania avenue parade route. police are using barricades to keep tourists a safe distance. remember nbc 10 is your home for around the clock inauguration coverage. jim and jacqueline will be anchoring live from washington starting tomorrow afternoon. and tomorrow morning our entire morning team will be live from the nation's capital on nbc 10 news today.
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and tomorrow night join us for a one hour special. the inauguration of donald trump. it's live from washington at 7:00 p.m. it is important for the united states to stand up for the basic principles that big countries don't go around and invade and bully smaller countries. >> that was the president's message to donald trump about russia. he said the president-elect shouldn't let up on sanctions. president obama talked about a wide range of topics in his final news conference this afternoon. and he gets set to leave the white house. the president also defended his decision to commute the sentence of chelsea manning. mr. obama said he had a -- she had a tough prison sentence and justice was served for leaking classified documents to wikileaks. the old et. ceteest living and his wife are recovering in a texas hospital. 41st president is resting in the intensive care unit.
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earlier today doctor the at houston methodist hospital performed a procedure to help him with a breathing complication associated with phenomena. his wife, former first lady barbara bush, was taken to the same hospital after experiencing fatigue and coughing. back here at home, for months the nbc 10 investigators have peppered philadelphia seth williams about the scandal surrounding his office. from his girlfriend slashing city-owned cars tires to questions about the charity and gift disclosures. williams faced the biggest ethics fine in city history. he's trying to deflect the nbc 10 investigators questions but they kept looking for answers. mitch is live in center city. >> reporter: keith, in the past persistence paid off. we were told that williams was not going to be in the office. a day after he was fined $62,000 for the ethics violations. we thought that was, until we
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saw him sneak out a side door. as we've continued reporting on his scandals trying to dodge direct questions has been williams' way over the past several months. we've questioned him in his car, at public events, and in city hall. >> i've answered all of your questions. >> reporter: you haven't. >> reporter: now the city board of ethics fined the philly d.a. for disclose 89 gifts including clothes, trips, and cash. he never told the public something we reported on. the most expensive of the gifts the $45,000 roof on his house. >> i'm surprised all the time. >> reporter: the board of ethics expects to collects every one of the $62,000 williams owes. they'll garnish william's pay or put a lien on his house, if necessary. >> it demonstrates that no one is above the law in philadelphia. >> reporter: we a waited to talk to williams today. his spokesman said he didn't come in today. but the afternoon we watched him
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duck out a side door and slide into his city-issued car. his only comments on the gifts scandal came in a prepared statement. he called his actions wrong and apologized to the people of philadelphia. it's similar to what he told nbc 10 in september. >> i made a mistake in not reporting gifts from close friends and family because of that i sincerely and humbly apologize. >> reporter: a public mistake that cost him money and possibly his office. he faces re-election in the spring. williams has six years to pay off the fine in full. it appears to be the end of his gift disclosure scandal. he faces questions. the fbi is looking into his charitable foundation and how money was spent in and around that charitable foundation. we have pressed him about it, he has, and i'm quoting every penny has been accounted for
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perfectly. we'll continue to ask questions, though, keith live in center city tonight. nbc 10 news. battling human trafficking. we first told you on nbc 10 last night about the local effort to fight sex trafficking. today the feds, philadelphia police, and local nonprofit groups announced they're forming a anti-human trafficking task force. a first of its kind coalition in philadelphia that will proactively bring attention to the problem, help victims, and prosecute traffickers. take a live look outside now. it hasn't felt like january out there. usually there's snow in the live picture. instead more rain is on the way. let's go to first alert chief meteorologist glen "hurricane" schwartz. the temperatures are warmer than average. >> that's even without sunshine. we had a lot of clouds today and still around 10 degrees above
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normal. we can see in the buildings tonight. last night we had the fog. 50 in dover. they got to at least 50 degrees today. like i said, the average high is 40. today's high officially 49 with sunshine tomorrow. we're going into the 50s. even with clouds and rain friday. we're going get to near 50 degrees. as we go through the day tomorrow, that's the nicest day of the week. greatest amount of sunshine. temperature getting up to at least 50 degrees in most of the area. the rainy period starts friday. we'll get into the timing of that coming up. meanwhile we have new information in the case of a 14-year-old sara packer. allegedly killed by her adoptive mother. defense lawyers for sara packer say the woman had mental health treatment and was manipulated by
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men in her life. the lawyers tell nbc 10 there was no evidence that packer planned the rape and murder. sara packer was temporarily placed on suicide watch in a county prison but her lawyers say she's no longer a risk to herself. maker and her boyfriend raped and murdered grace packer in july, and dumped her body in the woods, police say. >> i don't think she planned anything. it's mr. sullivan that planned the things, had the fantasies, and said so to various people. >> packer had been a foster mother to 30 children from 2000 to 2010. state officials haven't said if they have located some or all of those. north hampton county prosecutors apt murder suspect to face the death penalty. jeffrey knoble is accused of murdering andrew white inside this quality inn motel in 2015. prosecutors say cell phone video recovered from knoble's phone
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shows him boasting about the murder. pat coriders are facing long rush hour commutes. patcosaid the motors in a number of cars short circuited after last week's snowstorm. the fluffy snow acted like dust getting sucked into the motor like a vacuum causing electrical components to fail. crews are working around the clock to replace the faulty motors. patco is apologizing to riders saying it could take a few weeks to get the cars on track. towns in new jersey must provide affordable housing. the state is not carrying out the fair housing act. towns have been required to provide a fair share of housing for low and moderate-income residents based on a ruling dating back 30 years.
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he hasn't missed a presidential inauguration since roosevelt's third term. more on the front row seat to history next. wet and warm. we're tracking a winter warm up that will bring moisture with it.
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the annual lgbtq conference is underway in center city. thousands of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning men and women from all over the country are flocking to philly. the city recently played host to events such as the pope's visit and the democratic national convention. the conference runs through saturday at the philadelphia marriott. ♪ a florida man is under arrest for using twitter to threaten to kill donald trump. police say dominique joseph posted a video on his twitter page where he said he would kill the president-elect at the inauguration. his defense attorney said he's mentally ill and prefers to use the name jesus christ. new jersey governor chris christie is speaking out about
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his post gubernatorial plans. christie said he turned down a few jobs on president-elect trump's cabinet because his wife didn't want to move to d.c. christie has two high school-age children in jersey. to a great story now out of salem county. a great grandfather and widower hasn't missed a single presidential inauguration since franklin roosevelt. >> really made you feel like you're proud of the country. we are. it was thrilling to be there. >> he'll travel to washington, d.c., friday with his daughter to witness history again for his 21st time. nbc 10 south jersey bureau reporter has the story. >> this is a day of national consecration. >> reporter: he renditions january 20th, 1941 like it was yesterday. >> i get excited for being where
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history was being made. >> reporter: his first presidential inauguration. he was 15. president roosevelt, the only u.s. president to be sworn to a third term. >> really made you feel like you're proud of the country. >> reporter: it began his journey to witness every single president since to be sworn into office. now 91, he walked us through his living room of inaugural buttons, photos, and souvenirs. he's a democrat who voted for hillary. we asked him what past president trump reminds him of. >> it's a good question. it's a different person than any person who has been president of the united states. >> reporter: he doesn't own a cell phone. he's not interested in facebook or twitter and hasn't heard of instagram. he did weigh in on lawmakers who are refusing to attend friday inauguration. >> it's sad that they think that. he's our president, as of friday. >> he won't miss it. he plans to wear the liberty bell tie. he may plan a repeat of
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roosevelt's inauguration >> i walked on the platform myself. i tore off a corner of the banner and the fbi doesn't know where it's gone. >> if he succeeds, and we pray it does our family lumber business has been here since 1906 we'll squeucceed, as well. last year was officially the warmest or rather the earth's warmest since record-keeping began in the 1880s. 2016 set a new global heat record for the third year in a row. noaa said 16 of the 17 hottest years on record have occurred since 2000. and to put it in perspective, the last time we had a record cold year? 1911. let's send to meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. we're above average now. >> yeah. and much of the country is above
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average so far this winter. only alaska 51 below zero in fa fairfax, alaska today. this is cape may. we can see it. last night we couldn't see much of anything. the fog is gone. the temperatures are still well above average. we have a lot of clouds around, as you can see. and the bit of the northwest wind. so the temperatures are fairly uniform. cape may at 44 degrees. now we're going to continue with this above normal temperatures all the way for the next week and then we've got some moisture deal with. first, generally light rain friday afternoon. from the first system that will affect the inauguration. and then a much bigger storm. sunday afternoon, sunday night and into monday heavy rain and
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strong winds expected. nothing on the radar right now. we have a few showers in parts of the area earlier today. this is some of the moisture that is going to be moving up for friday afternoon. like i said, it's likely to affect the inauguration washington, d.c. here is friday at 6:00 a.m. here we go at noon. raining. at least it's not thunderstorms. it's not snowing. it's not sleeting. that area is coming up to philadelphia. it will affect us during the afternoon rush. not all that heavy and it moves out for friday night and saturday. for inauguration itself, the rain starts in d.c. around 9:00 a.m. peaks around noon and ending by 3:00 in the afternoon. our weather tomorrow lots of places in the 50s even chestnut
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hill at 50 degrees. redding at 49 degrees. over the weekend, the rain friday you see that's for the afternoon only. saturday is dry. look how mild. way mild. and sunday's rain is in the afternoon and at night. more on that with the ten day later. i'm john clark. any chance of ben simmons making debut soon? you heard one of the things that new jersey governor chris christie said this morning on the radio? wait until you heard what he said about eagles' fans.
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i'm john clark from csn. it looks like jo el will play tonight after battling the flu. the sixers will get t.j. mcconnell back. hoetsing the rapt ors. ben simmons continues to work out with the team. last night after the nba announced next friday's sixers game will be a national game on espn. a lot of fans got their hopes up that ben simmons could possibly make his debut. i asked brett brown an hour ago if there was chance of that. >> there is no chance. i'm a social media hermit. i have no idea what you're talking about, but i do know that there is no chance that he'll play then. >> sounds like bill belichick talking about social media. could the sixers be interested in bringing back drew holiday? espn reports the sixers will take a hard look when he becomes a free agent after the season. drew was the first trade that
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sam hinkie made to start the first process. philly's first workouts one month away from yesterday. looks like the phillies will have have a better line up this year. tommy joseph is going to be the first basemen with the phillies after they moved on from ryan howard. he had 21 homers after he came up in may. he had a homer for every 15 at bats. that's good. this year will be his first full season in the majors. . >> in a way, i guess you can say it's a little more comfortable because i'm going on the big league side this year. but, you know, the job has to be earned. nothing will be given to me. we're all try feed off each other's energy. i've been in contact with quite a few guys, you know, throughout the winter. just, you know, talking. kind of, you know, keeping up to date with everybody. and just excited to get everything going in february and continue to push each other. how about new jersey governor chris christie? he's a little sad now because his cowboys were eliminated from the playoffs and he's interested
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in a future in sports talk radio. this morning on wsan in new york. he ripped birds fans. >> understand a little more. the eagles suck and they've sucked for a long time. >> they do. >> and their fans are generally angry, awful people. >> i agree. >> wrong. we'll be right back.
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the middle of january. no snow but rain and warmer temperatures. >> yes. that's going to be the general story for the next week or so. february may be a different story. but, first, tomorrow sunshine and mid 50s. some showers friday afternoon. another round sunday afternoon into monday. that's a pretty big storm. wind, as well, and then we start drying out after that. >> all right. thank you, glenn. thank you for watching. i'm keith jones. nbc nightly news with lester holt is coming up next. we'll see you again at 11:00.
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have a great day! breaking news tonight, former president george h.w. bush now in intensive care with pneumonia, needing help to breathe. and barbara bush has been hospitalized as well. we're at the hospital with the latest on their conditions. confirmation clash. fireworks as democrats confront donald trump's picks. showdowns over obamacare and education. across america, our road trip takes us to north carolina where the fup of health care and the military are among the deep divisions. major issues facing president-elect trump. and breaking her silence. today, the teenager kidnapped hours after she was born found alive 18 years later. how she feels about the woman who raised her as her mother. "nightly news"


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