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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  January 19, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> and i'm vai sikahema. we'll be reporting throughout the morning as we lead up to the inauguration of president-elect donald trump. you can see the stage here being set up for the inauguration. a lot of events going on. a concert kicks it off later this afternoon. it comes as president-elect donald trump is set to leave for washington this afternoon. and we will have full coverage of preparation in just a few minutes. but first, let's go back to the studio and check in with meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate forecast. bill. vai, we're looking at a beautiful day. starting off really mild. 31 in lehigh valley. that's just one spot isn't the 30s. delaware at 44 degrees. a few clouds will thin out and we've got sunshine today. something we didn't see yesterday. the sun getting ready to come up, but temperatures will be down to 42 degrees. wilmington, 10:00, 46 degrees. a little breeze out of the northwest at 9 miles an hour. that's dry air coming in, we'll
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see a lot of sunshine. and we'll watch all of the temperatures warm up. 52 degrees in the suburbs in new jersey. 54, pretty nice day at the shore. i should say mostly sunny skies and 52 degrees. you'll see sunshine as well in the lehigh valley and delaware. i'll take you through hour by hour with the future cast and show you when you can expect the temperatures. >> first, jessica boyington is watching the "first alert" traffic. >> thanks, bill. the cameras around the p.a. turnpike looks great so far. a few cars out the door. route 309, watch for construction on new jersey moving through belmar. if you're heading through the 42 freeway, moving towards the 42 freeway, southbound, that ramp is still closed. watch for construction crews especially when they begin to clean that area up. still watching the vine street expressway. we're open in both directions in between brought street and the schuylkill expressway. eastbound and westbound, full
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access to 95 and the schuylkill. on the p.a. turnpike watching construction on the westbound side between delaware valley and street road. watch for the roads closed. 22 minutes from route 1 headed to valley forge. speeds average still into the 60s. ♪ it's hard to believe it's almost here, but we're almost a full day away from president-elect donald trump getting inaugurated. >> right. and about 800,000 people, that's the latest estimate are expected to flood into the nation's capital to witness history. here's a live look at the capitol right now. the finishing touches are being put in place for the inauguration. nbc10's pamela osborne is here with the team. she joins us live. pam, you talked to a delaware family, hoping mr. trump shares a specific message. tell us more about that. >> reporter: yeah, we did. there was a certain theme that
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kept coming back up. and that was unity. they tell me tomorrow, when donald trump takes the stage, they want to hear him bring a message of bringing people back together. if he can set that tone on day one, they're hopeful that lawmakers and americans who haven't been on board with mr. trump will give him a chance. >> you know, it's a fresh start for america. >> reporter: for anthony roamington, the inauguration of donald trump will be an experience. >> i'm looking to seeing history in the making. it's a once in a lifetime, pretty awesome to see president trump get sworn in. >> reporter: the anticipation is great. and expectations are high. >> we need to come together and unify as an american family. i think president-elect trump soon to be president trump has that opportunity. on friday, the 20th, to get us all to start thinking as a team. we're all in this thing
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together. and we need to move forward together. >> reporter: we sat down with dr. james hilty, a history professor at temple. necessary of pitching unity after a bitter campaign run could prove challenging for the president-elect. >> he needs to be humble. and quite frankly, to show some joy is normally a part of inaugurations. so far there hasn't been a lot of joy or a lot of happiness in this particular transition. >> reporter: he admits other presidents have had challenges winning over the american people in the past. but were able to do so. >> to the best of my ability -- >> ronald reagan captured a lot of undecided and maybe fence-sitting americans, just simply through his graciousness, and his ability, if will you, to be a good guy. and also to inspire hope. bill clinton did the same thing. >> reporter: if trump can kauchl
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as gracious and show humility, that could go a long way. carrie said she has spirited conversations with friends agree. >> most of them talk about mr. trump. i hope to hear them talking about reaching out to people to understand to give that opportunity to help america great again. >> reporter: and you're taking a live look right now at union station. donald trump and mike pence will be there tonight. tomorrow, when donald trump hits the stage to address the nation, he will do so with the lowest ever approval rating of an incoming president. only 44% of americans agree with how things have gone so far. which is down six points from almost a month ago. when i see you in the next half hour, we're going to talk to the next generation of voters. as we know, it was a very difficult group for trump and clinton both to reach.
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coming up, reporting live now at from the capitol, i'm pamela osborne, nbc10 news. president-elect trump made a quick trip to d.c. last night. >> yeah, he had dinner last night with the wounded warriors. and it's no secret that he loves social media. donald trump took to twitter with this message, thank you to our amazing wounded warriors for their service. it was an honor to be with them tonight in d.c. >> 250 troops from pennsylvania are among the 7,000 national guard troops around the country that travelled to washington, d.c. they're joining police station and other agencies to provide security for tomorrow's inauguration. >> i'm very excited to be here in washington, d.c. because i love my country. and it's an important place for our country. a lot of important things happen here. and i'm excited for this inauguration. >> and once they arrive, each national guard unit enters an underground garage inside the
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d.c. armory to get a briefing on issues like staying warm. and what they are and what they're not allowed to post on social media. >> also. they'll also be sworn in just a couple of hours. >> among those are bikers for trump. they were in the rally at the parade route yesterday. organizers say bikers will be coming from as far away as southern california to join them. hey, do you know your first day on the job is probably stressful, right? maybe you feel out of place? >> right, and where is everything. well, that's how white house staffers coming in might feel like tomorrow. a lot of things have happened behind the scenes while we're all rocking the ceremony. i talked to political analyst joe walken who worked in the bush senior white house. he remembered the first day saying the introduction can be overwhelming.
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>> it's kind of tough. you get there you don't know exactly what you are supposed to do. you know what you want to accomplish. and you've got the whole country coming at you from the moment the president becomes president. still, you're trying to find out where's the bathroom. where do we eat lunch? and where do we park our cars? >> see, that's so much of the stuff that we don't usually hear about. watkins said he was happy that some of the staff stayed after the inauguration and helped those folks get started. >> we'll take a look at the official inaugural medallion given to those who attend the inaugural ball. the front features a portrait of donald trump while the back side has the presidential seal and date of inauguration. when president-elect donald trump takes office in washington, he will inherit a divided nation. >> the election split much of the country. and there are serious concerns about what the trump administration will do moving forward. just this week, congressman john
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lewis talked about those fears when he questioned the president-elect's legitimacy. i asked the deputy chair of the pennsylvania republican party how the president-elect can pull the country together. >> talk to people. and their actions speak so much louder than words. that's what we have to do we have to act and get it done. and the promises that he made for people that voted for him. so, yes, follow up on those promises. he can't do it right nay. everything can't happen. everybody wants all of these things to happen. you can't do ten things. you've got to focus on a couple things, get them accomplished and people will start feeling better. >> perhaps the biggest concern is about people's health care. still ahead, i asked renee amoore, what she and the trump team are doing right now to replace the affordable care act.
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tonight, watch nbc10 for the inauguration of donald trump. a complete wrap-up from washington, at 7:00. ten minutes after 5:00. it feels like an april morning. january, normally in the 20s. we're nowhere near that this morning. a nice view of boathouse row. not much going on. we have a nice mild start this morning. 45 degrees right now in philadelphia. clouds, not too many of them. grab your sunglasses. the clouds will be moving out. you'll see bright sunshine and we're on track for a clear evening. which means it's going to get chilly overnight. not bad at all, 45 in philadelphia, right at 40 degrees for south jersey. and dropped into the 30s for the lehigh valley. 45 at philadelphia international. you also find it at center city at graduate hospital. 44 degrees seems to be the temperature of the morning for northeast philadelphia, fox
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chase, parkvale. that's the starting point. temperatures could come down, it's going to get a bit cooler before sunrise. but after sunrise, we're on our way into the 50s for philadelphia. bright sunshine, 42 degrees at 8:00. by lunchtime, 48. then 51 degrees at 4:00. that's when we start to see high clouds moving in. no sign of any wet weather for us. 38 degrees at 8:00. mostly sunny skies at lunchtime. 46 degrees. and then near 50 degrees this afternoon. and for the lehigh valley, 30s to start with. but that won't last long with bright sunshine. 45 degrees at noon time. scattered high clouds coming in at 4:00. they should be clearing for the evening. delaware, look at the warmup, 40 degrees at 8:00, 48 degrees at noon. near 50 degrees this afternoon. rain on the way starts tomorrow. futurecast, when i come back in ten minutes.
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hey, good morning, everyone, jessica boyington with a check on the roads we're watching, in new jersey, route 30 with the white horse pike around 295. looks good in both directions on both roads right there. we're watching some construction on 295 southbound right through belmar. headed towards the 42 freeway. southbound, we're still watching that ramp closure. so we'll keep you updated for the rest of the morning on this. and watch for construction. in the meantime, i'll be back in ten minutes. and our live team coverage of the inauguration of president-elect donald trump in washington, d.c. continues. >> and tomorrow's ceremony has people locally in philadelphia having some concerns. we'll take you live to the lgbt q conference that's taking part in philadelphia. and in the hot seat, more of mr. trump's cabinet picks will
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be grilled on capitol hill. who is expected to be facing questions in just hours. and all morning long, we'll be giving you interesting facts about inauguration history like this one on the screen.
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♪ we continue our coverage of the presidential inauguration, live from washington, d.c. this morning. we have a live look at union station, along with 30th street station in philadelphia.
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one of the busiest train stations along the eastern corridor. the city prepares for thousands of visitors today. today president-elect trump not surprising is going to be one of the topics of conversation at the lgbtq creating change conference in center city. >> nbc10's katy zachry is there. katy, talk more about the concerns over gay rights that have grown since the election. >> reporter: they have. one of the reasons they're here in pennsylvania is because p.a. is one of 29 states where it is still legal to fire someone over sexual gender or yeientatioorie. while it is a coincidence that it falls the same week that president-elect donald trump assumes power in d.c. many here in philadelphia see it as a sign, a sign they need to
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organize that much faster and stronger to protect the rights they've earned so far. >> mike pence, the vice president of the united states has a record of not protecting lgbt people in the workplace or housing. >> with the administration with the rhetoric, with a person coming up across the country. >> reporter: coming up in the next hour, one of pennsylvania's senators weighs in on concerns from the lgbtq community over president-elect trump's pick for attorney general. we'll have that live at 6:15. i'm katy zachry, nbc10 news. as the lgbt conference continues in philadelphia mayor jim kenney will join state and local officials to promote legislation to ban lgbt conversion therapy for minors in pennsylvania.
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to get a check of the rest of the day's story, rosemary connors is live. vai and tracy, we continue to follow the breaking news out of italy. crews are searching for survivors after an avalanche buried a mountain hotel. crews have recovered one body. earthquakes hit that area yesterday. but it's not clear if they triggered the avalanche. back here at home, you may still find delays on the patco high speed line as crews need to make repairs on a number of train cars. patco said the car's motor short circuited after that snowstorm earlier this month. it has led to crowded trains and long commutes. the spca is trying to find a person who threw a dog out with the trash. a group says a good samaritan found the dog inside of a trash bag on pratt street on philadelphia's long neighborhood. the dog is expected to be okay. if you have any information about this incident you can call the pennsylvania spca.
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coming up in just a few moments, we'll get you back to the nation's capital for more coverage of the inauguration, but first, jessica boyington has the traffic. >> route 1, at 9th street, a good drive right now. we're not seeing a lot of cars at the door at this moment. the schuylkill expressway checking in with drive times here. we're in the green here, 12 minutes east and westbound. moving into center city from the blue route to the vine street expressway. average speeds still into the mid60s. now, if you're typically tuning in with us, with the vine street expressway, it's going to affect your travel. both directions open from that construction from brought street. heading on the schuylkill, or the schuylkill, you will have a good drive so far. right now, let's get a check on bill's forecast. >> we're looking at a pretty nice day today. we will see clouds out of here during the day today.
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and temperatures climbing. philadelphia, a live view of the parkway this morning. a nice mild view of boathouse row. that's the view from center city this morning. temperatures never got cold overnight. a little cooler than others. and exton is 42. you'll see 40s for most areas. and these numbers will climb to 50 degrees this afternoon. we'll have sunshine today. and that's going to happen. it feels like temperature is close to the actual temperature. there's that 51 degrees during the afternoon hours. temperatures will be nice and dry. the clouds have finally moved out. sunshine for trenton, philadelphia, wilmington and allentown. and the rain that is to the southwest, reaching into tennessee and kentucky, that's due in for us tomorrow. for today, 54 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow, showers arrive in the afternoon. then we get a break on saturday but mostly cloudy skies. however, it still will be mild
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for saturday. 54 degrees. you'll need your rain gear for sunday, however. may get a dry start on sunday. rain moving in during the day. sunday night into monday. heavier downpower, 48 degrees the high for sunday and monday. then it's going to clear out 50 degrees monday. look at the bump in temps wednesday, nice and mild. 40s for thursday. temperatures are back to low 40s for friday. back to tracy and vai. >> thanks, bill. we continue our live team coverage of the inauguration here in washington, d.c. up next, we look into twitter concerns. many of you are wondering if president-elect donald trump will continue his use of social media after he's sworn in. a lot of political experts say it's unlikely he'll give it up. and dancing for change. the unique protest that took place outside of the president-elect trump's home.
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we're here all morning here in washington. it's january 19th, a thursday, leading up to the inauguration. preinaugural events today. >> right. finishing touches are being put on the events for today and tomorrow. last night, crews worked the
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stage. a concert at lincoln memorial. president-elect donald trump will speak at that event this afternoon. before that, he and vice president mike pence will place a wreath at arlington national cemetery. as you know, protests are planned for the next couple of days. >> while most involve marches and chants, others decide to honor the v.p. by dancing. ♪ >> lgbtq protests there outside of mike pence's rental hall outside of d.c. last night. for the stance on anti-gay policy. pence was not home. >> meantime, a group is protesting the president-elect trump by coming to make america knit again. they're calling on women to make and wear pink hats. the movement is catching on.
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one d.c. other than yarn owner says she keeps selling outside of pink yarn. >> by the way, do you know anybody who has a drone? >> i don't in that. >> neither do i. the drones, high-tech items these days. >> it raises concerns for security for tomorrow's event. nbc's kerry sanders reports. >> reporter: it's one of the coolest toys that so many kids have, a drone. what happens if it falls into the wrong hands and say a terrorist decides to put a bomb on it. but they've now come up with a piece technology that can force control of the drone and prevent it from causing problems like a terrorist attack. i'm kerry sanders. i'll have those details coming up on "today." obamacare battle. >> right, what president-elect trump is promising to do with the health care law. coming up, we talked to a republican party official about the changes already in the works. and history lesson.
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nbc10 sits down with a group of students at the inauguration. what they're hoping to learn. ♪ ♪
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one day left, we're live in washington, d.c. agency the final preparations are under way for the inauguration of president-elect donald trump. fight over obamacare. what mr. trump is planning for the health care law once he takes office. and the changes already under way. and tough questions. we'll tell you about the cabinet picks set to be grilled on capitol hill this morning. >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. good morning. from the nation's capital, welcome to "nbc 10 news today," i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. we're live in washington, d.c. covering every angle leading up to the inauguration of president-elect donald trump. you see the capitol in all of its majesty. hundreds of thousands of people expected on hand to watch history unfold. let's start with meteorologist bill henley back in the studios with the most accurate forecast. good morning, bill. >> temperatures are in the 40s,


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