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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 19, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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inauguration needs. a live look at union station. nbc10 is here with live around-the-clock coverage. donald trump heads to the stage four the initial kickoff is that include music, fireworks and historic address. and the trump presidency asparking mixed emotions. we have both sides. >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. 6:00 a.m. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." live from washington. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. we're here in washington as morning anchors we have our evening anchors, jackie london and jim rosenfeld here.
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a team of folks, behind-the-scenes, camera folks. we have a lot of people giving you every angle you could possibly see. >> everything that you would see and probably wouldn't see, we're trying to get you covered. we're talking to everyone, especially local politicians and people just coming to experience history. >> let's go back to the studio to check with bill henley for the most accurate forecast. >> good morning, temperatures are mild in philadelphia and d.c. you can tell it's mild, vai is only wearing one of his winter gloves. the winter coats, i think that's for tv. in the lehigh valley, 39 degrees in both locations. sunshine will be nice and bright. and we will warm into the 50s for philadelphia. look at the suburbs, 52 degrees and 40s for the lehigh valley. dry today, but i'm tracking wet weather for tomorrow. i'll take you hour-by-hour when i come back in ten minutes but
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first jessica boyington is watching "first alert" traffic. >> thanks, bill, we're starting with traffic in upper providence, arcola road. headed to the delaware bridge. into delaware, a 23-minute trip. average speeds into the 60s. roads dryer and roads look good on 202. in the green, ten minutes in both directions northbound and southbound, on the schuylkill expressway, average speeds also into the 60s so we have a good drive so far. we're getting into the 6:00 hour so we're getting some slowdowns. i'll yupdate you in ten minutes. the inauguration of donald trump is less than 30 hours away and washington is buzzing with activity. >> right. visitors from all over the world will be ascending on washington, d.c. for the swearing in of the 45th president, president-elect donald trump. official festivities actually kicks off today.
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president-elect trump will leave trump tower around midday to travel to the nation's capital. this afternoon, he and vice president-elect mike pence will travel to arlington national cemetery. and then will trump will host make america great and speak to the crowd at that event. more than 7,000 national guard troops around the country have travelled to washington, d.c., they'll be sworn in in a couple hours helping to provide security for tomorrow's inauguration. >> today, u.s. marshals will have dozens of officers from the jersey shore helping with security. nbc10 was there as officers from wildwood, ocean city, middle township and sommer's point all prepare for washington, d.c. >> the election split much of the country and there are serious concerns about what the trump administration will do
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moving forward. just this week congressman john lewis talked about the fears when he questioned the president-elect's legitimacy. donald trump promising to be a president for all americans. i asked renee amoore, the deputy chair for the republican party howed president can pull the people together. >> actions speak so much louder than words. that's what we have to do, we have to act and do the right thing and get it done. and the promises that he made. he also to follow up on those promises. and he can't do it right away. everything can't happen in the first 100 days. let me be clear, everybody. everybody wants all of these things to happen. you can't do ten things. you got to focus on a couple things and people will start feeling better. >> perhaps the biggest concern is about is people's health care. still ahead, i asked renee amoore what she and the trump team are doing now ahead of the inauguration to replace the affordable care act. meanwhile, we're hearing
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from one local delegate who said the trump presidency gives him hope. >> nbc10's pamela osborne is who are hery washington with his story. >> reporter: good morning, when donald trump takes the oath of office tomorrow he will do so with the lowest approval ratings as an incoming president. we did sit down with the a delegate to get his feedback, his thought on the president-elect. >> well, i think the last two presidents have had divisive elections. so president bush, obviously, the first time, as close as the elections have ever been. president obama, the first election was also divisive. but we attended both of those inaugurations because we want to support the office of presidency. >> reporter: younger delegates in houseal family are getting ready to attend another
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election. >> we will end the sanctuary city. >> reporter: this time, donald trump will be the only second commander in chief who never held an elected office or served in the military prior to taking the oath of office. >> republicans and democrats are postured, i think, already. and president trump is on an island of his own. even within his republican party, that everyone is behind him. >> reporter: houseal is hoping trump will use friday's inaugural address to re-energize supporters, as well as reach out to the 52% of americans who according to the nbc news/"wall street journal" poll disapprove of how he handled the transition. >> i think he won the presidency because he spoke to the people that no one else is speaking to. and so, in his inaugural speech, i'd like him to address those people who feel like they've
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been left behind. >> reporter: and one of the other things that tim wanted to emphasize is the important of supporting the president-elect. he says, he doesn't want to see the visi divisions here on capitol hill. he'd want to see lawmakers come together and support president trump and really allow him to put forth some of the proposals he proposed during the campaign trail. >> all right, thank you, pam. part of our washington coverage. pamela osborne. >> and we will continue our live team coverage. right now, i want to get you updated on the weather with nbc10's meteorologist bill h henley with the most accurate forecast. >> our skies are clearing out a nice breeze is blowing. that's dry air moving in. we will see no wet weather. remember, yesterday morning, we started at rain at the shore. completely dry for cape may. it's getting a bit cooler with skies clearing out.
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31 degrees in the shore. 45 in philadelphia. cooler neighborhoods north and west for the pennsylvania suburbs and lehigh valley. that's a starting point. now the numbers may come down a little bit more just after sunrise at 7:19, that's when we'll see the coolest temperatures of the day. we're going to see something that we didn't get yesterday. that will be shine. doppler radar and sunshine, already clearing out, cleared the way for a nice sunny day. 49 degrees at 9:00. about where we are in philadelphia. by lunchtime, early this afternoon, it will be near 50 degrees. sunshine will take us through the rest of the afternoon. sun will be down by 5:00. we'll start cooling down, 49 degrees. suburbs, 41, a little bit of a chill in the air at 9:00. look at that warmup, 48 degrees at 1:00. and the sunshine will make it feel warmer than that. didn't see much in the way of sunshine yesterday. in fact, cloudy skies for the day yesterday. not today for the lehigh valley,
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49 degrees at 1:00, into the 40s at 1:00, near 50 degrees this afternoon. delaware already clearing up this morning. getting to 50 degrees. it will get warmer than that, after 1:00, but 5:00, yes, with the sun down it gets chillier. new jersey dry, sunny. 41 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon. you'll see a similar warmup for the shore. from the low 40s to upper 40s to near 50 degrees this afternoon and it will be dry today. but that changes tomorrow. and some wet weather may impact the inauguration as well. take you through hour by hour with the futurecast, when i'm back in ten minutes. good morning, everyone, jessica boyington with a check on the roads you're watching route 309, just around easton road. still a great drive on 309. 309 has been tight all morning long. you're seeing a few cars moving along with no major problems. there's a crash on arcola road
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and collegeville road. from the vine street expressway, a 14-minute trip we are now seeing that increase. at least the morning increase is in towards center city right now. average speeds still into the high 50s. route 70, around king's highway. over in cherry hill. moving through the intersection, a few right there. roads are dry. a good drive to new jersey as well. vai and tracy, back to you. >> all right, thank you, jessica. nbc10 is bringing you complete inauguration, live coverage from here in washington, d.c. this morning. up next -- protesters use their moves to spread their message. ♪ >> next the dance party that erupted in the streets. plus, the impact of repealing obamacare. many people are worried what it means for their benefits. ahead, a local gop leader has a message that could ease their concerns. plus, all morning long, we're dipping into the history
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♪ instead of marching and chanting, lgbtq protesters danced outside of mike pence's rental home in d.c. members of the community have criticized mike pence on his anti-gay policies. pence was not home during the protest. the political times of washington, d.c., has had an impact on the gay rights community as a personal message of acceptance. >> it's certainly the conversation. more than 4,000 lgbtq advocates
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are gathering to push for positive change within the community. nbc10's katy zachry talked with advocates. >> reporter: tracy and vai, this is the first year that this conference has ever been held in philadelphia. normally, it's a few days of fun and excitement and hope for the participants. but this year, there's a different tone. many of the 4,000 participants from the lgbtq community that are expected here in philadelphia this week tell me they are fearful, afraid of losing rights that they've worked so hard to get. donald trump has gone on record saying gay marriage is protected. and he won't change that. there's a strong feeling of uncertainty when he takes power essentially with his nominees jeff sessions for attorney general who has publicly opposed the lgbtq's movement. and pat toomey said jeff sessions have been unfairly criticized. >> the jeff sessions that i know
6:16 am
is a fair minded man. he wants to enforcing the laws of the attorney general, he's going to respect all americans regardless of their back ground, their sexual orientation or anything else. >> reporter: in addition to the conference taking place, state representative will be meeting with officials to talk about the conversion therapy for minors. >> katy, thank you. we'll continue our complete coverage of the inauguration here in washington. but we want to get you ready to get out the door at 6:15. >> yes, let's go back. >> the studios and check in with jessica boyington in the "first alert" traffic center. good morning, j.b. >> good morning, vai and tracy. you can see, actually the graphic here. that's the ben franklin bridge toll plaza. everything moving nicely. we're not seeing any delays in
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philly up and over the bridges. but a crash, arcola road and south collegeville road. and 95 looks great. moving through delaware. we're not seeing any big delays. 11 minutes northbound from 295 to 495. speeds also into the 60s. and then here on the blue route, just around the baltimore pike. traffic moving along just fine here. we've had a pretty slow week in terms of traffic and seeing light rush showhours, and start later than normal. right now on the blue route, everything looks good. i'll be back in ten. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather. 17 minutes after 6:00. 45 degrees in philadelphia. looking at the city from this view, looking across the bow of the battleship "new jersey," the view looking out past the art museum steps, there's still a chill in the air but not the normal cold we would see this
6:18 am
time of year. normally in the middle 20s. 25 degrees. 20 degrees above that in philadelphia. well above freezing in lehigh valley, suburbs, delaware, south jersey shore although there are some neighborhoods that just dropped into the 30s. at 45 at philadelphia international. you expect the same for center city, society hill right now. no temperatures in the 30s. very unusual for january. 41 in andorra, parkwood and bustleton also at 41 degrees at this hour. doppler radar, nothing to show you today. you will not need your umbrella. you'll need your sunglasses for a change. tomorrow, it's a different story because we've got clouds moving in. look at the rain across arkansas, mississippi, tennessee and kentucky. that's the leading edge of the rain that's going to be moving in our area tomorrow afternoon. for today, sunshine, though. 54 degrees, high temperature. clouds will be increasing in the morning. showers, light showers in the afternoon. 50s after a morning low of 38
6:19 am
degrees. might not see a lot of sunshine on saturday. and you'll need your rain gear again on sunday. rain moves in. that's going to keep temperatures in the 40s sunday afternoon. and again on monday where it's going to be windy and wretched, kind of a nasty day. it's only rain. no shoveling required. clears out for tuesday. warmer temperatures ahead for midweek. but then we get cooler air that starts moving in on thursday. but you'll really feel it friday and saturday. that's when the numbers will be back to normal. vai, tracy. >> all right, bill, thanks. and i just checked the nbc10 app, put in washington, d.c., 53 degrees here. it's 6:19, rosemary connors has headlines in the studio coming up. those top stories are next. including the latest of breaking news out of iran this morning. this building collapsed and
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6:23 on this thursday, we're just one day away from the inauguration of donald trump. a live look at the capitol building. nbc10 has philadelphia's largest team of local journalists coming up in washington. now to news that's making headlines here and around the world. we have breaking news from overnight. rescue crews are searching a mountain hotel looking for survivors. looking for an avalanche. one person is considered dead. about 30 people were staying at the hotel when the avalanche hit. also breaking overnight, according to a state-run tv in iran, 30 firefighters are dead and 75 residents injured following this high-rise fire in
6:24 am
tehran. viewers saw it collapse on iranian television. no word on the cause. former president jgeorge h.. bush and his wife barbara are both in a hospital. the 92-year-old was admitted over the weekend on saturday after showing symptoms of flew mon pneumonia, the former first lady was admitted yesterday for fatigue and a cough. and trump has picked his agriculture secretary, sonny perdue. the senate still needs to confirm purdue's nomination. back here in the area, the hunt is on for robber who targeted a consignment shop in manayunk. philadelphia police tell us a armed man walked into the remix shop on main street, and zip tied a customer and a worker and put them in a dressing room. and then he let in two accomplices that stole $10,000
6:25 am
in cash and merchandise. a fire damaged townhomes overnight. everybody was able to get out safely. the fire started in a nearby shed. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington watching the roads. we're watching an accident scene on 95 northbound. just around route 413. near bristol. we have two lanes closed thus far. a lot of them crews on the scene. big delays, 95 northbound. we'll have updates and more for the rest of the area. for now, let's get a check on today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. a live view of beach avenue from the marquis de lafayette hotel. we're going to see sunshine for the shore and relevant of the area. 45 degrees in cape may. 45 degrees at 6:25 here at nbc10. our live team coverage of the inauguration of donald trump continues next.
6:26 am
coming up, we talk to a temple professor who is weighing in on what the president-elect can do to win over his critics. all new at 6:00, delivery trouble. a woman said she spent hundreds of dollars shopping online and never got her shipment. then she called "nbc10 responds." we'll have that story, coming up. ♪
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and one day to go. donald trump returns to washington today as the inauguration celebration begins. nbc10 as live team coverage in our nation's capital. marching with a message. the first of many planned protests have already started as the city braces for more. and a send mental send off.
6:30 am
the first lady's emotional message to president obama before they leave the white  house. >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema from washington, d.c. >> i'm tracy davidson with the capitol building behind us. we've been told behind us that it doesn't look really. we assure you, it is. we have live team coverage. we have a lot to get to today as the inauguration nears. we'll dive into that in a second. first, let's get you updated on the forecast as you get ready to head out the door. "first alert" meteorologist bill henley has the forecast. >> tracy, we've got a normal april day. january, but feels like april with the temperatures. normally, we'd be in the 20s. we're 20 degrees above normal in philadelphia. 45 degrees. there are scattered clouds around. in the suburbs 40 degrees currently. the lehigh valley is at 36 degrees. we see scattered clouds in this view. sunshine, though, a nice warmup,
6:31 am
38 degrees, and a leap into the 40s at noon time. it's going to get close to the 50s. and into the 50s in new jersey. 52 degrees at the shore mostly sunny skies. in fact, we're all in for lots of sunshine. but tomorrow, we've got some rain ahead. and it may impact the inauguration in d.c. i'll take you through it hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. but first, jessica boyington is watching t ing roads and it's sg to get busy. >> starting to get busy, that's for sure. brookville, route 413. northbound side is where we're watching an accident scene. you can see a few cop cars. a few vehicles involved in the right-hand shoulder. we're seeing vehicle delays. all of this northbound traffic on 95 is filing down to one lane. so we've seen delays there. also watching a crash, just indoor systems here, a tractor trailer involved. p.a. turnpike, northbound,
6:32 am
northeast extension, north town, just between the midcounty tolls and watching there. also watching westchester at 822, around blue rock road reported around the 6:00 hour. just about an half hour or so. and crash at arcola road and collegeville road. things starting to heat up there. i'll have more updates when i come back in ten. >> jessica, thanks. 6:32. donald trump is waking up in new york this morning for the last time before he becomes president of the united states. >> the president-elect donald trump will leave trump tower today to return to washington for good. the president-elect is expected to leave new york around midday. he will join vice president-elect mike pence for a wreath laying at arlington national cemetery.
6:33 am
and then donald trump hosts lincoln memoir. and then the performers on the concert, toby keith and three doors down. and the president-elect also expected to speak to the crowd there. protesters opposing the president-elect march near the u.s. capitol building last night. some of the demonstrators wore kkk costumes. others wore donald trump masks. protests like this were expected all week. a number of lawmakers not expected to attend president-elect donald trump inauguration. but pennsylvania congressman patrick meehan said he will be there. >> he tells nbc10, he respects their right to stay home but he doesn't agree with them. >> i think respect really reflects on the people, in
6:34 am
choosing who their leader is. respecting the idea that the people have spoken. i hope we'll move beyond this and get to working together on the problems of the day. that's what i intend to do. >> now, the three congress members representing philadelphia all plan to skip the inauguration. that makes philly the only major city that won't have its entire congressional delegation here. >> so what does trump have to do to start winning over his critics. nbc10's pamela osborne got insight from a professor at temple university. >> pam. >> reporter: yeah, we're fastly approaching that inaugural address. and the question remains what will donald trump say to the american people. i mentioned earlier that there's a brand new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll that's out. according to that poll, 52% of americans disapprove of the way the president-elect has handled his transition and preparation
6:35 am
for the presidency. that's the lowest ever rating for an incoming president. only 44% of americans approve, down six points from just a month ago. but will he be able to win over that majority? we talked to dr. james hilty, a history professor at temple. here's what he believes has to happen in order for trump to gain the support of the masses and lawmakers here on capitol hill. >> presidents can do a lot. but you need a lot of help as well. and whether or not he's going to get that help much depends on his ability to eat a little humble pie from time to time. and go to the opposition. and the opposition sometimes is the thing within his own party. i think the power of the presidency is the power to persuade. you cannot command. you cannot essentially tell people what they're going to do.
6:36 am
and in fact find a way to display the american people. >> reporter: and senator sessions, trump's pick for attorney general is going to be at a luncheon today. and so is our delegate that we've been speaking to from delaware. we're scheduled to meet up with him this afternoon. of course, we're going to get an update on that luncheon and what was discussed. we'll bring that to you. tracy, vai. >> pam, thank you. now, one issue that is sure to be a topic of the new administration is the future of health care. >> president-elect trump landed on that, repealing obamacare. republicans looking to make that a reality. the question that remains is, what will replace it? what will happen for the nearly 20 million people currently covered under the affordable care act. earlier this week, president-elect promised health care for everyone beyond that, we have no specifics. renee amoore the chair of the republican party is part of a team working on that earlier, i
6:37 am
talked to her saying she's been talking to people trying to ease their concerns. >> it's okay. people aren't going to lose out everything right away. we really have to look at that. right now, i'm writing a report, pulling things together and meet with the setcretary of human services and we'll be able to come down january 21st and start working. >> as for the time frame for a new health care plan, amoore thinks it will be a few months before it's ready to go before congress. for january standards, this is pretty mild. i've been checking the nbc10 app. it's 43, 45 degrees. we're lucky. >> we're on a rooftop where it's probably 20 degrees colder up here. they're also expecting rain in the forecast, apparently. but let's go back in the studio and check in with bill henley for the "first alert" forecast. the most accurate forecast. bill. >> you will not see rain today
6:38 am
in d.c. tomorrow say different story. umbrellas will be going up in our area as well. but not today. the temperatures will be going up today. look at the skies. clearing out right now. a few clouds overnight. that helped us stay milder overnight. temperatures really didn't get all that cold. right now, i'm looking at a mild start and a sunny day. a few high clouds, mostly sunshine. grab your sunglasses, you'll definitely need them. tonight, it's going to going to get chillier. clear skies. no sign of wet weather. 45 degrees in philadelphia. a dry wind coming outside of the northwest with sunshine, 48 degrees in philadelphia. but we will warm into the 50s this afternoon. 51 degrees at 2:00. still in the low 50s with a few high clouds returning at 4:00. the suburbs 39 now. look at that warmup, bright sunny skies. you see a warmup in the lehigh valley.
6:39 am
there's some scattered clouds. they'll pan out. and the temperatures come out a little bit more but not by much. 8:00, they start to climb. sunshine is going to feel warmer than that. we didn't see the sunshine yesterday in new jersey but the clouds are already thinning out, 47 degrees at noon time. 50 degrees at 2:00. near 50 degrees at the shore. it's not as cold to start with. 43 degrees right now. 48 degrees at noon. then 49 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. into the 50s for delaware. 43 right now. look at the sunshine. this morning, this afternoon. just a few scattered clouds and that's it. but clouds will return to the area. overnight tonight will be clear. this is 6:30 this evening. look how clear it is into tomorrow morning. but during the day tomorrow, the clouds start to move in from the southwest. and to the southwest, that's where we're going to see the first rain of the day. that's at 7:00 in the morning. it starts dry in philadelphia, wilmington, baltimore and d.c. but here cummings the shower
6:40 am
activity at 11:00 in philadelphia. you can see at that hour, some rain showers getting close to d.c., too. there's a possibility of some light showers, first thing in the morning at 9:00, and a chance, just a chance of some scattered showers at noon time. 45 degrees for the swearing in. and then the parade route will likely be dry. 47 degrees at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. the weekend, well, we've got more rain. i'll take a look at that when i come back with the ten day on ten in ten minutes. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a check on the roads. i want to go over a few accidents across the area. 95 right around 413. this is over in bristol. it's on the northbound side. a few vehicles involved here also now with police activity on the scene. again, that's the northbound side, taking out the right and then the shoulder over to the northbound traffic is starting to be down to one lane. so, we're seeing delays there on the northbound side. also, watching a tractor
6:41 am
trailer-involved accident on the p.a. turnpike extension north. mild post 21. we're also watching the crashing in westchester on 842. south creek road at blue rock road. watch for traffic being directed around the scene there. i'll update on the rest of the majors and the schuylkill drive times when i come back. 6:41. our inauguration live coverage from washington, d.c. continues. >> of course, we know twitter has been a big story line for donald trump. up next, what we might expect once he becomes president. plus, another news making headlines. including a heist in one of philadelphia's busiest shopping districts that terrorized a clerk and a customer inside.
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donald trump is thanking wounded warriors for their service this morning. he tweeted out the photos at the meeting with service members in washington, d.c. last night. it is one of the finals before becoming president. taking to twitter, trump said he will maintain his personal twitter even after he becomes president. >> yeah, but an nbc news/"wall street journal" poll finds only 9% of americans liked his use of twitter. i talked with joe watkins about president-elect and the use of social media and what we can expect going forward. >> donald trump likes to be very independent. he likes to tweet. remember, it's the usage of social media that really won him the presidency. so donald trump is somebody that's looking to avoid press
6:46 am
interference. press spins, negative spins on what he's saying. so he's using social media to talk directly to the american public. i wouldn't be surprised if he looks for other social media platforms to be more unfiltered in the way he talked to americans. >> meantime, first lady michelle obama is getting kind of sentimental on to wit are. >> yeah, she tweeted this photo of her and president obama looking at the washington monument. saying being your first lady has been the honor of a lifetime from the bottom of my heart. thank you. of course, in the tradition of all presidencies, he'll grant clemency. >> president obama's final act as president of the united states. coming up, we'll continue our coverage and have a wrap-up from washington here. right now, we send to to nbc10's
6:47 am
rosemary connors. we have breaking news overnight out of central italy, one person is confirmed dead and 30 still missing battling an avalanche of a hotel here. the area was hit by earthquakes yesterday but it's still unclear if they triggered the avalanche. also breaking overnight, according to iran state-run tv at least 35 firefighters are dead and 75 people injured following this high-rise in tehran. viewers saw it collapse live on television. a heist on main street in manayunk. philadelphia police are searching for robbers who targeted a consignment shop. nbc10's matt delucia is live in manayunk. >> reporter: they're making phone calls overnight. so far, no arrests in the case. let me walk you through what happened. it was just before 6:00, right
6:48 am
along busy main street in manayunk. remix, an upscale consignment shop. police say a man walked in here with a gun tied up a 35-year-old woman working and a 65-year-old customer. and put them in a dressing room. then the lights were turned off, two other men came in to finish the robbery, stealing coats and cash. the man and woman tied up were not injured fortunately, the robbers that wore gloves they did not cover their faces. the good thing, police say, there are cameras inside and outside of the store that should be able to help them. as of now, this manhunt continues. i'm matt delucia, nbc10 news. 6:48. 45 degrees outside of the center city studio. meteorologist bill henley is
6:49 am
tracking an unseasonably warm day. bill. >> temperatures normally in the 20s at this hour in january are in the 40s this morning. a beautiful view from center city. this is a view from philadelphia. you see a few scattered clouds. look how clear it is. for most of the area, we're going to start the day with sunshine. sun coming up at 7:19, 7:15 in cape may. but it's cloudy right now, you see a thin break just off the shore. the clouds are clearing out. it's already happening in the suburbs. it's a little chillier in the suburbs. look at the neighborhoods now in the 30s. westchester, melvern, collegeville, ellwood, north wells, ft. washington, all in the 30s to start with. dropped to 43 degrees in new hope. but it's going to be a quick turnaround with sunshine and dry conditions today. you won't need your umbrella. you will need your sunglasses for today. wilmingt wilmington, philadelphia, trenton, the clouds at the shore
6:50 am
will be moving out. tomorrow is a different story. look at the wet weather lining up from the deep south into kentucky and tennessee. that rain will be arriving during the day for us tomorrow. the first showers, though, are destined for d.c. for inauguration day. 6:30, tomorrow morning, we'll see clouds moving back into the area. it will be chilly to start with. dry in philadelphia. first line of showers reaching towards the d.c. area. 6:00:30 6:30 in the morning. there's a chance we'll see wet weather in d.c. just a chance. they may pull off the inauguration dry. that line of showers will move into philadelphia. trenton, wilmington, allentown. we'll see that rain tomorrow. into tomorrow afternoon and evening hours. then another round of rain for the weekend. not on saturday. it will be dry on saturday and mild, too. but on sunday, the clouds take over. rain continues during the day today and continues into your monday. but today, sunshine. and a nice warmup, 54 degrees this afternoon. showers tomorrow in the
6:51 am
afternoon. light shower information the area. 50, the high temperature. dry on saturday. rain on sunday. rain gets heavier sunday into monday. gusty winds, 48 degrees the high temperature on monday. then we clear out on tuesday. 59 degrees. turning cooler by the end of the week. that's when temperatures will finally get back to normal. just about ten to 7:00, jessica boyington is watching the roads and problems on i-95. jess. >> we're watching that in bristol, 95 near route 413. the shoulder there, cones in place there, only one lane is getting by on the northbound side. moving past this accident scene. again, northbound side of 95. watch out in west pottsgrove in old reading pike and schuylkill river trail. and on the northeast extension on the northbound side around
6:52 am
the midcounty tolls near mile post 21. in westchester there's a crash reported route 842. south reek, blue rock road with an accident scene. here's the freeway around creek road. we're starting to see the northbound delay a little slow moving towards the philadelphia area. i'll be back with another update in five minutes. now to "nbc10 responds," a woman go shopping online but when the delivery came some items were missing. after making several calls to the company and getting nowhere. she decided to call harry hairston and "nbc10 responds." >> here we go. >> reporter: karen said she injured her leg last november and couldn't go shopping on black friday. she needitems from target to complete her holiday gift lift. >> small items, you know. >> reporter: confined to the house under doctor's orders. she took her ipad and orders hundreds of dollars of items
6:53 am
from target. she tells us the store promised to deliver everything the first week of december. when the packages arrived she noticed a problem. dylan says 15 items were missing including a phone, a cd boombox and a rug. she said she called target right away to find out what happened. then she said she was put on hold for hours and then transferred from one customer rep to another. after all of that, the company did send a $50 gift card. she decided that was not enough. after all, she spent more than $200 and she wanted a refund. after contacting "nbc10 responds," we reached out to target for answers. the company told us it prefers to resolve matters with their customer us but target said she apologized for the inconvenience. >> she said target told her she should have received better customer service and the
6:54 am
complaint should have been handled more professionally. >> reporter: the company ended up refunding her $197 for the item and gave her another $50 gift card. >> thank you, harry. >> reporter: harry hairston, "nbc10 responds." >> target tells us its guest relations team hasn't contacted her. after we contacted them target declined to tell us why it took so long to refund newman. 6:54 this thursday, we are right back to the final look with weather and traffic and more from tracy and vai, live in washington.
6:55 am
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good morning, everyone, jessica boyington with one last check on the roads, we're watching bristol on 95. these are our cameras around 413. a crash over into the right-hand shoulder. the next lane, now two lanes moving on the northbound side of 95. also watching another crash, old reading pike and schuylkill river trail. there's a crash on p.a. north extension. mid-county toll. that's near mild post 21. in west chester watch for the crass on 822. right south rock and blue rock road. 6:58. 45 degrees in philadelphia. even the colder spots are not all that cold. 39 degrees in lehigh valley, 39. we'll see clouds overhead. the clouds will thin out. look at the sunshine. 45 degrees by lunchtime in the lehigh valley. at the shore, it's mostly sunny
6:59 am
skies for interior new jersey. low 50s at the shore. look at the 50s for philadelphia, the suburbs and for the lehigh valley. >> thank you, bill. look, bill, gloves. thanks for watching a special edition of "nbc 10 news today" live from washington, d.c. >> we'll be here live today and tomorrow with full team coverage leading up to the inauguration of the 45th president of the united states. on air, online, and on social media. we've been posting a lot on twitter, instagram and facebook. and then the live coverage at 11:00 this morning. and lauren mayk at 4:00. then tonight, a one-hour special. you'll want to see this, the inauguration of donald trump that's live at 7:00. stay for us for updates throughout the day. you can download the nbc10 app and stay updated on news and coverage from washington. >> we'll be back with you tomorrow morning once again live
7:00 am
from washington, d.c. for tracy davidson. i'm vai sikahema. thanks for watching, "today" show up next. good morning. breaking news. a crowded hotel in an italian ski resort, buried by an avalanche overnight. at least 30 people missing. rescuers now desperately digging through a wall of snow to reach the victims, hoping to find some of them alive. tragedy in tehran. an iconic high-rise on fire in the iranian capital suddenly collapses during a live television report. >> word that at least 30 firefighters had been killed. dozens more injured. inauguration eve. donald trump, a little more than 24 hours away from becoming this nation's 45th president.


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