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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  January 19, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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page in american history written in just 18 hours. the next president of the united states is in washington. along with hundreds of thousands to watch him take the oath of office. nbc 10 is in the nation's capital in force, covering every second of the inauguration of donald trump. and good evening, everyone i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london we're here in the nation's capital bringing you inside access to the inauguration of donald trump. >> and we are expecting to hear from donald trump himself in just a few moments. speaking live at the make america great again welcome concert going on at the lincoln memorial. >> let's go to nbc 10's lauren mayk at that inaugural welcome celebration. what is the energy like there, lauren? >> reporter: jim and jacqueline, this is the celebration part. this is the night where it's time for fun. these folks are having a good time. they're at a fun concert. they're expecting to hear from
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the candidate that many of them supported, just like at the rallies we saw all through the campaign. tomorrow is then when he'll get down to policy and specifics. right now, take a look, a live look at the concert we're seeing here tonight. this is toby keith, who is performing. i talked to some folks earlier today. this was one of the reasons they're here today. they wanted to see this concert and be here for this tonight. you know, events like this today, the one thing that this does is it gives more people a chance to be part of this. not just in the audience, but also on stage. i spoke with a group of performers from our area who got a chance to take the stage here and take their place in history. >> here are the celtic united pipes and drums. >> reporter: a walk to the stage like no other for these performers. >> we played in the celtic fest at bethlehem area, but this would be the biggest thing we've played for in a long long time.
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>> reporter: what's going through your mind knowing tomorrow there will be a new president and you're part of history. >> i know that's what's so exciting about this. we are part of history. >> reporter: they came here to washington, d.c. they're performing on the eve of a new administration. this was a performance on stage for a small crowd. but a bigger audience broadcast on screens across the mall. the drum major with all that personality out there, that's mclean's heat. >> did it feel like you were going to another performance or something special? >> something special. you never get to participate in an inauguration but maybe once in a lifetime. >> reporter: once in a lifetime but twice in a family for gene and his father. >> i remember him being part of the inauguration for eisenhower. and i remember as a kid watching him on tv as they went by.
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and people cheered. from our hometown. just to watch them go by. getting emotional. >> reporter: his father has passed, but his son is thinking of him today. what would he think to know that you're here? >> he'd be proud. >> reporter: it was a special moment for him today. you know, i asked him why their band was chosen? why did they get to do this? he says they don't know. they got a letter, their drum major got a letter saying they were being considered. he said on the list was star wars, which was something different. so he thinks maybe that helped get them in today. i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> whatever it was, it worked, right? we're again standing by to wait to hear from president elect trump at the event where lauren is. we'll bring that to you when it happens. a rehearsal of what's to come outside the u.s. capitol.
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crews put finishing touches on the stage for president elect donald trump. he'll take the oath of office while stand ins did a dry one. >> the first event happened this afternoon, mr. trump and vice president elect mike pence laid a wreath at arlington national cemetery. this is a tradition we see are all presidents elect. national guards and airmen are in d.c. to support security for ininauguration. that includes members of the delaware national guard. officers were sworn in as d.c. metropolitan special police. join us tonight for a one hour special, the inauguration of donald trump that begins live from here in washington. beginning at 7:00 tonight. right after nightly news. >> tomorrow stay with nbc 10 all day long, starting at 4:30 a.m. our team will be leave from d.c., all throughout the inauguration festivities bringing you all the action. we will be back coming up in
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just a few minutes. with more live coverage from here in washington. let's send it back to keith and erin in philadelphia. thank you so much. >> in our other headlines, philadelphia police are investigating how a man in their custody wound up dead this morning. >> it happened without any shots being fired. police say the man was acting erratic. >> randy gyllenhaal joins us live in philadelphia. >> reporter: police used less than lethal force. no gun shots were fired. most people didn't hear this or wake up when it happened. the altercation with officers did leave the suspect dead and police and the neighborhood are asking why. in her north philly neighborhood summer woods heads to the grocery store but gets stopped in her tracks. >> this happened 5:00 this morning right here? what? >> reporter: officers here at 10 squ 10th and poplar responding to calls bout a frantic man
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screaming while jumping up and down on top of his car. >> that's crazy? >> reporter: it happened before dawn. police say the suspect was parked in the middle of the street when two officers pulled up. when police got here they say the man was jumping up and down wildly on top of his red truck. he actually hops down and then walks over to where a female officer was parked. police say the suspect reaches his hand into her vehicle and grabs her by the neck. a struggle broke out, the officer pulls out her baton and hits the suspect. another officer fires a taser, but police say the metal prongs didn't pen straight the suspect's skin. >> i mean i could understand if they was scared, you know, seeing someone jumping on their car at 5:00 in the morning, not knowing what to do. >> reporter: police say the man was handcuffed and collapsed. officers believed he was overdosing on drugs and administered a drug typically used to treat heroin od's. by the time he got to the want
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he was dead. >> if he was on his car he might have been on drugs or something or under the influence. >> i've seen guys do crazy things on that stuff. >> reporter: authorities are investigating the cause of death. the suspect's name has not been released. the female officer received minor injuries. randy gyllenhaal nbc 10 news. philadelphia police are on the hunt for three men, responsible for a brazen heist on main street. last night a worker and a customer were tied up during an armed hold up. they crooks made up with $60,000 worth of merchandise. police have responded to five theft related crimes in a four square block area. a fire that damaged several town homes last night were set on purpose. the state fire marshall says the fire caused $300,000 worth of damage. police say it was intentionally
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started. the fire spread to two neighboring homes. in all, six people are without a home tonight. new at 6:00, northhampton officials break their silence. after weeks of not answering nbc 10's calls, the county executive acknowledged today, sarah packer did work for the community. but declined she worked as a foster care worker. parker is charged in what police call a rape, murder fantasy involving her daughter, grace. nbc 10 pressed for more answers from the county. we'll get that tonight at 11:00. pennsylvania is getting four extra months to get its driver's licenses up to federal standards. governor tom wolf announced today the feds are giving him an extension to meet the real i.d. law. if the state doesn't bring the licenses up to the law's requirement, a pa driver's license can't be used as proof of i.d. at airports or federal
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facilities. president elect donald trump is taking the stage now to speak at his inauguration, welcome home celebration. >> let's listen in. >> that is going to be so amazing. so many people have poured into washington, d.c. this started out tonight being a small little concert. then we had the idea maybe we'll do it in front of the lincoln memorial. i don't know if it's ever been done before, if it has, very seldom. the people came by the thousands and thousands and here we are tonight. all the way back. all the way back. so it's a movement that began. it's a movement that started. and it's a movement like we've never seen anywhere in the world they say. there's never been a movement like this.
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and it's something very, very special. we're going to unify our country. and our phrase, you all know it, half of you are wearing the hat. make america great again. we're going to make america great for all of our people. everybody. everybody throughout our country. that includes the inner cities, that includes everybody. and we're going to do a special job. i can only tell you that 18 months ago we never knew. a lot of people didn't know. some people had a feeling. a lot of people didn't give us much of a chance. but we understood what was happening. and that last month of the campaign, when i travelled around to every place you can
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imagine, state after state after state, speech after speech, and we had 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 people. there was never an empty seat, just like tonight. we didn't know if anybody would come tonight. this hasn't been done before. you look, it was the same way. and we all knew that last month of the campaign -- i think a lot of us knew the first week of the campaign. but that last month of the campaign, we knew that something special was happening. and i can only tell you this, the polls started going up up up. but they didn't want to give us credit. because they forgot about a lot of us. on the campaign i called it the
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forgotten man and the forgotten woman. well, you're not forgotten anymore. that i can tell you. not forgotten anymore. so i want to thank my great family. my incredible wife, melania. they've been so supportive. and it wasn't easy for them. but they have been so supportive. i want to thank you most importantly -- i promise you that i will work so hard. we're going to get it turned around. we're going to bring our jobs back. we're not going to let other countries take our jobs any longer. writ we're going to build up our great military. we're going to build it up. we're going to strengthen our borders. wa
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we're going to do things that haven't been done for our country for many, many decades. it's going to change. i promise you, it's going to change. so i'll see you tomorrow. [ applause ] and i don't care, frankly, if it's going to be beautiful or if it's going to rain like crazy, makes no difference to me. i have a feeling it's going to be beautiful. but i will see you tomorrow and i'm going to be cheering you on. you're going to cheer me on, but i'm going to be cheering you on. because what we've done is so special. all over the world, they're talking about t. ait. all over the world. i love you folks, and we're going to work together. and we are going to make america
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great again! and i'll add, greater than ever before. thank you very much. and enjoy the fireworks. thank you, everybody. thank you. >> president elect donald trump thanking his supporters there at the lincoln memorial. reiterating some of the themes during his campaign, promising to build that wall. and his theme line, we're going to make america great again. >> and unify the country which is still bitterly divided. we'll have much more coverage here from the nation's capital, washington, d.c., live when we come back .
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welcome back live in washington, d.c. we are hearing and seeing fireworks over our shoulder at the link lincoln memorial. you just heard donald trump referencing the weather for tomorrow. it's looking iffy. >> it's mild for midjanuary. you know that will change tomorrow. let's go to glenn "hurricane" schwartz for more on that and the rain that's expected here tomorrow during the inauguration. >> yeah, it's definitely going to be raining tomorrow in d.c. it's not going to be especially heavy and it's not going to be
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all that cold. it's not going to be that windy. so there's been way, way worse weather at inaugurations in the past. we have temperatures in the 40s right now. and they've been above average for days. and they don't really drop much at night. that's going to be the case tonight, too. it's 46 in claymont, delaware, right now. 43 in dewy beach, long beach and bethany beach. we have one area of rain that will affect us friday afternoon. that's the same area going into d.c. the weekend, it will be dry on saturday. then we have a pretty big storm that will be affecting us. that's sunday afternoon, into monday. with heavy rain and more.
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that's why we have issued a first alert for the rain and strong winds for the entire area, sunday afternoon through monday night. the rain heavy at times. but strong gusty winds. and potential for coastal flooding, those winds will becoming off the ocean. right now we have mostly cloudy skies around here. there's a big area of rain. that's what's headed in the general direction of d.c. and it's just a matter of time till it gets there. there's tomorrow morning with the later rain getting into washington. probably for several hours. then it ends. and then they're dry for a while. that area of rain moves into the philadelphia area. so here's the forecast for washington, d.c. for inauguration. it looks like it's going to be in the 40s. not especially cold. raining at noon. but by 3:00. right now it looks like the rain may be over? around here tomorrow we have temperatures not quite as high
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as what we would get, obviously, if we had dry weather. fairmount 48. reading 43. but look at the low temperatures. near 40. it's not cold at night. robinsville, 48. longport, low of 44. newark, delaware, low of 43. over the weekend. we have one pretty nice day. it will be fairly cloudy on saturday. the temperatures should get into the 50s if we have a peek of sunshine. friday the showers are in the afternoon, it's not going to rain all afternoon. sunday, it's not going to rain all day. it's mostly in the afternoon, too. and sunday night and monday. and monday night. we'll be right back.
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among those attending the inauguration here in the nation's capital tomorrow. vice president joe biden. >> and then he heads back home to delaware, how? by train as he often travelled as a senator here to washington. nbc 10's tim furlong takes us behind the scenes look for tomorrow's welcome home rally. >> reporter: bob jones has shined a lot of folks riding the amtrak train. friday afternoon he looks forward to seeing joe biden's shoes walk through the train station named in his honor. doesn't matter he'll no longer be the vice president. >> he'll go down as one of the best ones. >> reporter: a rally started out as a small welcome home gathering. it's no longer anywhere close to small. it's free and open to the
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public. it's going to be packed. >> people have donated signs, school kids have made signs, the marching band has volunteered to come. >> i think it will be awesome. delaware will show out. >> reporter: tina said she wouldn't miss it. if you want to be part of it, don't waste your time going to the train station. the roads between the chase sist center would be a good place to watch. get a ticket for an event with big sprieurprises. >> lots of people he's touched and they want to be here acknowledge what he's done. >> nbc 10 news. we'll be right back with more inauguration coverage from washington, d.c. when we come back.
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keep on scratchin' welcome back to our live coverage on this eve of inauguration day. >> stay with nbc 10 for the most
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in depth coverage of the inauguration. that continues at 7:00 this evening with our one hour special titled the inauguration of donald trump. that is coming up right after nightly news with lester holt. we've been talking about the weather, we know there is rain in the forecast for washington, d.c. glenn, these are okay. they relaxed the rules on umbrella tomorrow. the collapsible kind. you can bring these to the national mall. you can't bring the large golf-type umbrellumbrellas. >> the ponchos will be a must. yeah, it's going to rain. that could be especially heavy. it's not going to be wind blown rain or anything like that. we've seen way worse. and they know it's coming. so it won't be a surprise. that's coming our way, too. so for the afternoon tomorrow, we're going to get some rain. then it's dry saturday. then the big storm coming in, sunday especially sunday afternoon into monday. lots of wind on monday. >> all right. thank you so much.
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thank you for watching, i'm keith jones. i'm erin coleman. up next nbc nightly news with lester holt. tonight hours from power. the trump's arrive in washington. pomp and pageantry as the president-elect prepares to be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. roads and waterways on lock down. a massive force across the nation's capcapital. grilled on the hill. democrats unload on trump's pick of treasury secretary forcing him to admit his family foreclosed on military families. many dead in frantic search for dozens trapped inside the rubble of a snow covered hotel. trump's pastor. rare interview with the woman often called trump's spiritual a advis


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