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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 20, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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inauguration day is underway. new chapter set to begin. >> the stage is set. protesters in place. the world is watching. >> there's never been a movement like this. >> from the board room to oval office, today donald trump becomes the ultimate boss. >> we're going to do things that haven't been done. >> nbc 10 has a team of journalists live in washington giving you a front row seat. in the words of our president elect, it's going to be beautiful. that's how donald trump describes the feeling he expects
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here in washington for his inauguration today. it is 6:00 a.m. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today coming to you live from washington. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. you can see in our screen we're six hours away from the inauguration of the 45th president of the united states. falls on a friday. doesn't always happen that way. feels like it's a holiday. the last time it fell on a friday was george herbert walker bush and the last two inaugurations obama's fell on a tuesday and monday. so kind of unique it's on a friday. really nice. >> we have your covered with everything happening, but before we dive in, want to get you caught up on friday forecast. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate forecast for you, bill. it is cold start this morning. the temperatures are below freezing and still falling at this hour. philadelphia now 33 degrees. look at the 20s for the suburbs. 29 and 29 also in the lehigh valley. for new jersey, it's 31 degrees to start with. cold temperatures a problem with rain moving in, but before the
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rain gets here, we'll warm up into the 40s this afternoon. so only going to be rain. new jersey, 48 degrees at the shore as well with cloudy skied. light rain due in this afternoon. i'll walk you through it hour by hour with the future dacast whei come back in ten minutes. first jessica boyington has first alert traffic. >> starting on the blue route right around germantown pike on-ramp. traffic light for right now. all directions on the blue route north and south looking okay. that's a 13 minute trip. speeds into the 60s. not seeing delays. moving towards center city right now. here's 295. end in new jersey right now near the black horse pike. both directions look good. even through the work zone. ramp from 295 southbound from the 42 freeway southbound that's reopened. right now from 38 to black horse pike around the point. 12 minutes and average speeds into the 60s. no problems moving around on
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jersey roads either. i'm be back with updates as soon as we start to sees delays. donald trump will wake up this morning for the last time before becoming commander in chief. >> the president elect will spend the morning with his family in the historic blair house which is just across from the white house on pennsylvania aven avenue. from there t future first family will attend a church service this morning. afterwards, donald trump will have coffee with president obama at the white house. and then it is off to the capitol where he will be sworn in at noon. >> pillar of tradition is having form eer presidents and first ly at the ceremony. attending today, carter, bush, clinton and obamas. relinquish role as first couple. the only living president who will not be here today is george
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h.w. bush. family spokesperson said he and his wife barbara are brooufing in the hospital. prior to hospitalization, sent a very supportive letter to donald trump. here's a live look this morning at the nation's capital where the stage is set. afterwar afterwards, trump will attend a congressional lunch. then its partners time. president elect trump attend all three official inaugural balls tonight. the first one is the liberty ball where he will have first dance with the new first lady melania. second is freedom ball. the third is the salute to armed forces ball. it's 6:04. you can imagine security is tight in and around washington and getting around today won't be very easy. >> let's go to pamela osborne. pam is outside the secure perimeter around the national mall. pam, tell us what you're seeing. are people coming in yet? >> yes, there are people walking
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and trying to get to the mall area, which they are able to do at this point. again, it's only pedestrian traffic. vehicles aren't allowed to get beyond this secure access point that's set up here by national guards. other security officials as well. now when i saw you last hour, i told you a little bit about the history of the city's first troops. going to be participating in the inaugural parade. now we want the give you a behind the scenes look at what went into getting the horses together and the uniforms ready for the big day. >> you could call it a makeover from head to hooves. >> he wearing a little bit of a corrective shoe. orthopedic support. >> process of getting them ready began weeks earlier. >> find your rhythm. >> when they leave this practice facility, the horses and their handlers, members of the first troop philadelphia city calgary will take the national stage for first time in a long time.
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>> sergeant bennett gave us a look at the uniform the troop will wear. the design created by general lafayette himself in 1825. >> your stripes which indicate rank. >> each piece of fabric indicates something special. >> also, we have pendant service indicators rights down here. so for every one stripe, you'll see is five years of service with a troop. >> if presidential escort duty began with george washington. keep a replica of the handwritten thank you note at the top's museum. a duty the troops can't wait to fulfill again. >> it's a badge of honor for anyone. my family is excited about it. >> reporter: we're back out here live right now. we want to show you what's going on. you can see only certain vehicles allowed past this
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point. there are dogs here checking the vehicles out as they go in. now, i mentioned that ticketed people are actually beginning to make their way down to mall right now. we're going to see if we can get over there and give you pictures because we do know there's a line forming right now. everyone looking forward to today. getting in, getting access and seeing what happens as history is made with the 45th president of the united states. >> all right. pam. thank you. coming up, hear from local students who just left of buses from d.c. first head back to studio for look at weather and traffic. >> meteorologist bill henley with accurate forecast. cold to start with. seven minutes after 6:00. temperatures have dropped for much of the area below freezing. it is cold, but also dry this morning. both of those will change. we'll see a warmup with clouds moving in this morning. tracking light rain for this afternoon. by this evening, rain is out of here. going to be a cloudy evening and
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keep temperatures mild overnight. won't be this cold this even accident. heading out the door, you'll have to bundle up. delaware right at freezing and 20s for south jersey and there are some neighborhoods below freezing in philadelphia too. while it is just shy of 40 degrees in center city, look at park side, andorra, below freezing. northeast philadelphia and airport right at freezing for tars dale and park wood. warmer in port mitrichmond. here come the clouds. temperatures climb as these clouds move in. the rain is going to hold off until probably early afternoon. here's your hour by hour forecast. watch the temperatures slowly climb as the clouds arrive. might see a few showers moving through north eastern maryland. 10:00 this morning. not really arrive into our area into lunchtime. wilmington seeing the first rain drops at noon. chance we'll see light rain showers also for the d.c. area
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at noon. there's washington, d.c. at lunchtime. those showers continue to push towards the north. steady rain end in d.c. we've got a 3:00 this afternoon and into the evening hours, but the early evening hours will see showers taper off and be 9:00 the rain is done. the temperatures will remain mild overnight. that's not the end of the rain. the weekend sees heavy rain returning into the area and strong gusty wind too. take a look at that when i'm back in ten minutes. good morning, everyone, jessica boyington and checking in on your morning drive right now. watching route 202. cameras right around route 29. looks like an okay trip right here. 7 minutes northbound from route 29 to schuylkill expressway. speeds in the mid 60s there. no problems on 202. checking in with 95. we had earlier construction on the northbound side of 95 right
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around 295. all lanes closed for that construction that cleared around 5:00 this morning. no problems or delays. ten minutes in both directions north and south. speeds also into the 60s. we'll end here, 76 and glauser city. right around market street right here is the northbound side. moving up towards the philadelphia area. no major problems or delays getting up and over the bridges for right now. >> thank you. about third of house democrats are planning to boycott donald trump's inauguration today. >> that's leading to black lash from the gop. their message to lawmakers who are skipping out. that's next. plus this, next move, how barack obama and joe biden will spend their first days out of office. sg >> reporter: good morning. matt delucia. imagine getting the chance to watch the inauguration firsthand. now imagine being a high school student getting that opportunity. talked with students on their way to washington right now. what they have to say about an
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president obama will be there when president elect trump takes the oath of office. the peaceful transfer of power hasn't always been cordial. john adams skipped the inauguration and john quincy adams followed suit missing jackson's swearing in.
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not everyone showing support for trump today either. entire philadelphia congressional delegation is skipping inauguration. includes boyle, brady, evans. part of nationwide boycott on democratic lawmakers. >> spoke to pennsylvania's gop chairman who said that won't help the divide especially for a city that will need president elect trump's help over the next four years. >> all the people in philadelphia who live in the city need a lot of help. even mayor kenny sent a tweet he wants to meet with the president. why would he want to meet with him. because he understands that. we need to get the navy yard open. why not build them in the navy yard. they would create wonderful jobs in philadelphia. we'll overlook the politics. it's politics. they're going on. it's disappointing. it's rude they don't show up. >> chairman also says the
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president is bigger italithan t boycott and will help philadelphia. the could will be big today. many people from pennsylvania, delaware, new jersey be on hand to witness history firsthand. matt delucia with a group of kids who were headed here. matt, tell us about it. >> reporter: what better way to learn than to experience history firsthand. the students at central high school are part of a student government class and they just boarded a bus here about an hour ago. on the way to washington right now. take a look at video we shot. this is about an hour ago. they got on the bus about 25 of them. along with a handful of chaperons. going to' the inauguration. the students are going to be acting as journalists. researching and documenting what they see and hear. some of them are not yet old enough to vote, but i did speak with a few before they left. their kboel is to interact with government leaders along with thousands of spectators and
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protesters. a lot of students don't get this opportunity so i'm really fortunate and blessed. >> i feel like just being there makes it more important. even with sporting team and watching on tv and going is two different things. being there and seeing history is going the be great. >> they're going the be back pretty late. not planning to get pack here until 3, 4:00 in the morning. they are going to be tweeting all day about what they see, what they here, what they experience. you can follow them at chs inauguration on twitter. now live in albany. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. we are bringing you complete coverage of the inauguration. we want to help you goet ready for the day with traffic and weather. >> check in with jessica boyington. what are seeing today. we are watching. slow morning so far. around the schuylkill and south street. you can see thing schuylkill
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looking typical for right now. all traffic moving on east and westbound side. everything seems to be clear. 42 freeway headed north or southbound. here's route 73. just back here in the bridge toll plaza. no scheduled openings for right now. traffic moving smoothly through the toll plaza. end on the rest of the bridges. looking at the burlington bristol no scheduled openings for right now. also the betsy is nice and clear. no problems over the walt and philadelphia so far this morning either. more updates of course for the rest of the morning when i come back in ten. > . 18 minutes after 6:00. cold morning in easton. should stay dry for most of the morning. do expect rain this afternoon. rain today and this weekend a storm, coastal storm could lead to flooding.
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right now just looking at cold. allentown, wilmington at 32. 33 in philadelphia. look at the 20s. going to be a cold morning at the bus stop. cloud increase. temperatures in the 30s just below freezing in allentown. philadelphia at 32 degrees. definitely need to bundle up this morning. take your rain gear. the ride home on the bus, there's going if be rain until the air. not here yet. completely dry for hatfield. rain i'm watching and tracking is to southwest. towards d.c., looks like we'll get daytime showers. just light showers around lunchtime. that's line of showers there. going to fall apart as it moves north. just enough shower activity to provide some scattered light showers around lunchtime. there's a chance of a shower at 9:00. mostly cloudy and cloudy skies through the day. temperatures through the 40s for
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d.c. that's today. watching rain go through. only light rainfall will move through area today. this weekend there's a storm moving out the west coast and that's got a long way to go. starts moving in on sunday. race across and that's going to see heavy rain strong gusty winds issued a first alert for the entire area. sunday afternoon. the rain will start in the morning. during the afternoon on sunday will be heavy at times. strong gusty winds developing especially sunday night and monday. that could lead to changes. clouds will be here in the morning. showers develop in the afternoon. light rainfall and 46 degrees. winds light today too. 54 tomorrow. here comes the rain on sunday. 48 degrees high temperature. winds picking up sunday night. periods of heavy rabin. temperatures stuck in the 40s all day monday.
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finally drying out on tuesday. sunshine and nice warmup. beautiful day ahead for wednesday. turns chillier starting on thursday. come friday, saturday, sunday: temperatures much closer to normal. bill, thank you. 6:21. nbc 10 is live in washington with the largest team of journalists from philadelphia covering it from every angle. here's a question. what do you do after spending eight years as commander in chief of the free world. >> have that answer coming up. also these bikers have a message for any respective presidential candidate in the future. we'll have that for you. .
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6:24 when donald trump takes
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the oath of office today, it will officially end the presidency of barack obama. >> first family will head to palm springs, california for a little get away. before that go, the tradition is to fly from the capital to andrews air force mr. obamaca wl speak there. joe biden and his wife jill will leave washington for a more familiar setting after the inaugural. taking amtrak train home to wilmington just as he did as u.s. senator. head over to chase center. former vice president and wife will great the public at a free public party this afternoon. >> now, the inauguration here in washington is more than 100 miles away from philadelphia, but still having impacts there. >> yes, the next up area philly police say people should avoid.
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from reality tv star to candidate, president elect. >> we're going to have four incredible years. >> today millionaire mogul donald trump becomes the 45th president of the united states. >> live coverage so you don't miss a moment. and the sun will rise over
6:30 am
our nation's capital where today history will be made. donald trump will be sworn in as next president. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. special edition of nbc news today on the road to washington. >> tracey davidson. 6:30. five and a half hours away from donald trump taking the oath of office. live coverage of everything happening here. local stories plus behind the scenes here at the inauguration. >> before we dive in, let's get back to the studio and check in with bill henley for the most accurate forecast. i notice your bundled up again today. it's a little colder in d.c. and philadelphia too. look at numbers this morning. looki ing at temperatures below freezing. lehigh valley and 28 degrees. getting a little bit of light. we will see clouds takeover and any sunshine. 28 degrees right now. 35 degrees with cloudy skies at
6:31 am
9:00. umbrellas going up. not expecting any frozen precipitation rain. we will see the cold before the rain. the entire area will warm to the 40s this afternoon. low 40s for lehigh valley. up to 47 degrees for new jersey. 48 at the shore. and middle 40s for suburbs. i'll walk you through it hour by hour when i come back. first jessica boyington has first alert traffic. starting out at coatesville. around route 340. accident. disabled vehicle here. looks like we have a crew there. just got to the scene. tow truck. everything in the green on the turnpike.
6:32 am
22 minute trip. watch for the 20 minute day septa. check before you go there. might affect morning commute. patco, amtrak, all running on time. meanwhile, in a few short hours from now, donald trump. >> with the world watching the real estate tycoon considered the outsider. will be sworn in as 45th president of the united states. president elect day begins with private breakfast at the blair house. church service at saint johns. followed by coffee with president obama. at the white house before riding over to the capital for the swearing in ceremony at noon. the official changeover, donald trump and mike pence will take the oath of office. trump will take the oath from
6:33 am
supreme court chief justice john roberts who the president elect has called disgraceful and an absolute disaster. after the ceremony, congress will host a luncheon. >> then the celebration begins with inaugural parade. here's the route they'll take. starts at the capitol and ends at the white house. about a mile and a half. more than 800,000 people will take part. considerably less than past parades. expect this to be shorter than we've seen before. of course security always an issue. always a priority at inauguration. >> this inauguration is no exception. planning has been underway for months for the capital, the national mall t. parade route, white house, security has been all mapped out. most streets in the area are blocked off to traffic. everyone close to festivities will have to pass through a security check point. >> >> this is a test for
6:34 am
security that happened last night. protesters chanted and set off smoke devices outside a ball near the capital. police used chemical spray after the crowd through trash at trump supporters. there were no injuries or arrests. 6:34. protests expected across the country today and philadelphia. >> philly police suggesting to avoid certain parts of the city. live team coverage continues with katy zachry in center city. >> as you know, the streets around city hall, they're congested on a normal day. now add to that thousands of protesters who we're expecting to see on the streets later today. this is one area you'll want to avoid. philadelphia police have advised the working public to leave the office a little early if you'll be downtown. encouraged people to take mass transit today. the streets around city hall independence mall and written
6:35 am
house square, those three areas are expected to be filled with people protesting the inauguration of donald trump. police say the first protest will begin around noon today when students from various universities will hold a walkout and make their way towards city hall. closer to 4:00, more than 20 groups expected to you night on thomas pain plaza right near city hall and march their way towards independence mall. >> this moment is to really transform some of the anger and fear and sadness into hope and action and love. >> we feel like there's still work to be done for equality for women so we're striving to make a change and make sure or voices are heard from the very first day our president elect trump's day in office. >> you just heard from the organizer of the women's march on philadelphia. that happens tomorrow morning. more than 20,000 people actually upwards of 30,000 people are
6:36 am
expected to fill the parkway of center city for that march. >> tracey and vai. >> katie, thanks for that. donald trump brings both hope and fear. whatever your opinion of him be, most unlikely president ever. >> first president will no government or military experience, many wonder what changes he will make for expert's opinion on that. we bring in nbc news political director chuck todd. you talk a lot to trump's transition team. what do you predict the next few days of his presidency. >> in the first days it's going to do -- they want to do traditional things that incomes presidents do. one of the first things they're hoping to do is use some executive orders, some quick action, that send a message they're already trying to fulfill campaign promises. the two they believe they have
6:37 am
to fill right, that they have to fulfill at a minimum is repealing and replacing obamacare and starting the wall. the infamous wall on the southern border. so that's how you should -- what you should expect in the first couple of days in these executive orders. maybe not necessarily today. monday they've been saying the really the day they give the first day of office. so they think there's ways that i can move money to actually begin the process of building the wall on the first couple of days and start laying the groundwork for the repeal and replacement on the health care. >> nbc news political director chuck todd moderator of the press. thank you. now chuck todd is part of nbc team that will bring the inauguration day into your living room live continuous coverage begins at 10 this morning. right here on nbc 10.
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it's 6:37. we've been talking about rain. donald trump says rain or shine, today is going to be a beautiful day. >> let's go back to bill henley back in the studio with the most accurate forecast. tell us what we could be expecting today, bill. get a little bit of rain. >> i heard the president elect say if it rains people will know his hair is real. well, looks like we'll get to find out because there are some showers in the area this morning. there's d.c. light rain showers are timed just for the inauguration it looks like. 9:00 this morning. cloudy skies. 40s and showers develop around lur lunchtime. they will be light. no big wind either. by 3:00 in the afternoon, includedy. starting to see clouds move into philadelphia. live view from center city. temperatures move down overnight. just a degree above freezing. the temperatures warmup before that. rain goes through d.c. reaches
6:39 am
us around lunchtime as well. then get light rain throughout the afternoon for philadelphia. suburbs cloudy skies this morning. little bit of sunshine doesn't last long. late this morning and amp see showers moving into the area. lehigh valley mostly clear right now and cold too. the clouds move in as the temperatures move up. fortunately that's happening. only going the be rain falling at noontime. 2:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon, the showers will start tapering off. for new jersey 28 degrees right now. below freezing. that's 8:00 this morning. look at the leap from 31 at 8:00 to 41 at 10:00. then in the mid 40s as the rain moves in for the afternoon. light rain at the shore. we'll start after the warmup. 34 degrees right now. 46 with the first showers by lunchtime today. through much of the afternoon. look at the wind pretty light. six miles an hour today. delaware clouds take over as the temperatures warm up. you'll see showers late this morning and afternoon: light
6:40 am
rain showers. going to be tapering off by 4:00 today. first chance of showers. more days of wet weather ahead. take a look at the weekend forecast and beyond with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington right now. checking on your morning drive. we're watching the by pass in coatesville. headed eastbound. see the one lane getting by. slow go on the eastbound side. all that traffic approaching the accident scene right here is going really slow by the scene. over on to the left lane you see some definite police activity there. the vehicles over into the left shoulder and next lane over. watch for the delays there. checking in with schuylkill expressway. see if we have any drive times with problems here. you see the yellow on some roads there making the total drive time. the most eastbound from the blue route through vine street expressway. speeds dropping there as well. end over here at route 73.
6:41 am
right around atlantic city expressway. good drive for the most part. most of the jersey roads look okay. tracey, back to you. >> jessica, thank you. 6:41. we are beginning to see our first protest of the day here in washington. this is a live picture from first street. nbc 10 pamela osborne there. we will check with her more. get more information about this protest and people lining up to get in for the ceremony. now, donald trump fired him, but a former contestant on the apprentice was a volunteer for his campaign. >> telling us what he thinks trump has to do to connect with the american people. plus, street parking is a pain in philadelphia, even worse if you get a ticket. up next, nbc 10 responds with the steps you can take if you think you were unfairly
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about a quarter to seven. bikers for trump will hold a rally along the inaugural parade route. did a run along i-95 in the d.c. area. bikers for trump said they want to be considered a voting political block. candidates have to deal with four years to come. they also engaged here an operation about 45 minutes ago along with the people coming into the washington operation also protesters. >> beginning to see first protest of the day. nbc pamela osborne is there. >> pamela. >> reporter: yeah, talking about the protesters going to be making their way down.
6:46 am
take a look. this is a trikted area. people who have tickets to go to inauguration. have been entering in past this point. right now see protesters blocking everything off right now. they've been saying free palestine. also been chanting no justice, no peace. you can see their peacefully demonstrating right now. see the national guard trucks here. police officers have arrived to this area. now at the moment, they're not getting into the middle of this. they're allowing the protest to say everything they want to say right now they are blocking off area. ticketed floral have been going in throughout the morning. i'm going to give you a moment and let you listen in to what's happening right now. as we're taking in all in together. security again here right now m monitoring the situation.
6:47 am
right now outside, just away from the inauguration acceptance take place place today. that's it for now. back to you, vai. >> all right. thanks for the update. meanwhile back to studio there. rose mary conner has the headlines. >> breaking news out of australia. car plowed into a crowd in melbour melbourne. police have arrested the driver who they say drove into the crowd on purpose. authorities don't believe this was an act of terrorism. according to witnesses, the man was driving erratically just before the crash. >> more breaking news, rescuers found five people alive in the rubble of italian hotel two days after an avalanche buried the resort. hit wednesday afternoon. two survivoring initially escaped. >> 6:47. going to be just a little bit cool out there this morning.
6:48 am
sun is starting to come up here. take a live look over beach avenue in cape may. meteorologist bill henley tracking conditions outside with the forecast. 12 minutes before 7:00. skies are starting to brighten over easton. cold this morning. the tocold is in the air in the philadelphia. fortunately the wind is light. this little bit of cloud cover, that's will allow sunshine to start with. the clouds are going to taper during the day. looking at cloudy skies for cape may this morning. later this morning, cloud cover will be complete and see rain developing. the good news is before the rain moves in, temperatures warm up. getting a cold start this morning. look at dover just above freezing. millville in the 20s. just below freezing in the poconos mountains. warmup will happen. not lo looking at a dry morning. temperatures right at freezing.
6:49 am
just above in wilmington. redding, 32 degrees at 8:00 this morning. clouds moving in. dry right now. no sign of rain just yet for our area, but not that far away. see the steady rain to the west. steadier heavier rain is going the miss us with this system, but it will move through this afternoon. you'll need your rain gear during the day today. showers first into d.c. and they will be around just as they take the oath of office. president elect trump at noontime 45 degrees and then rain and then for the parade, drying out 47 degrees at 3:00 today. the radar screen, no sign of wet weather for saturday, but come sunday, there's a storm on the west coast that's going to race across the country and the temperatures will be held back on saturday and sunday as a result. first alert for the entire area for that storm that's going to be brewing sunday and monday. sunday afternoon when it really gets going. and through monday night.
6:50 am
so we've got a couple days of potentially heavy rain. strong gusty winds. showers today not going to be a problem. dry tomorrow. rain moves in on sunday. monday will be windy and wet. that's when we could see coastal flooding. tuesday drying out. look at the warmup for wednesday. one day warmup. back in the 40s for thursday, friday. next weekend. >> jessica boyington keeping an eye on the roads for us. jessica, what are you seeing out there j watching a few things. one out in coatesville this morning. route 30 just around 340. see police officers got to the scene right here. might have a tow truck in place over on to the left hand shoulder and left ha-hand lane. see pretty big delays here heading eastbound. also low ee eer moreland. few things going on here.
6:51 am
one last update for you when i come back in about five. nbc 10 responds. police and the parking meter. finding street parking in philadelphia can be challenging. then later finding a parking ticket you don't believe you owe can be frustrating. there is a way to get around paying tickets. >> the car, put 11 quarters in this meter. robert said he noticed the meter stopped giving him time after the eighth quarter. not letting him pay the total of three hours allowed by the meter. he thought it was broken. so i figured maybe two hours will be enough time to put in another quarter or two. went to duinner down the street by the time he got back to his car to add more change. too late. a ticket on the windshield. >> i was disappointed. he said the next day he paid the ticket, but decided to fight it. i sent a letter in a different
6:52 am
envelope the same day appealing it. tells us two weeks later the philadelphia parking authority sent him in letter with good news. >> they answered saying my claim has been validated. i'm entitled to a refund, but no refund has arrived. he contacted, but told him it takes time. after no refund he reached out to nbc responds. we contacted ppa. did not submit is required form to get his money. once he did, his payment was processed. ppa said his refund was mailed last week. harry hairston. nbc 10 responds. >> ppa tells us a few simple steps to fighting a ticket at broken meter. first call the number on the meter. pay the fine and file a written appe appeal. the ppa will send you a letter cancelling the fine and a refund
6:53 am
request for you to fill out and return. 4-6 weeks later should have refund. back in december, nbc 10 responds team helped a viewer with a problem she was having with empire today. we want to update you on that. after we got involved, empire today agreed to provide a refund. originally refunded 836, but the total refund was actually $4,000. we regret the error and applaud empire by doung right for the customer. we will be right back with a final look at weather and traffic and more from washington with tracey and vai. :
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a check on the roads. watching schuylkill expressway accident on the eastbound side. right around montgomery drive. moved over to right hand shoulder. good thing for the timing of this. eastbound see 21 minutes. speeds now into the 30s. we're also watching accident on coatesville. eastbound just around route 340. and an accident on moreland. keep your updated on twitter account. for now let's get to today forecast. 2.5 minutes before 7:00. cold outside. 29 degrees suburbs. new jersey in the 20s. along with lehigh valley. see a few scattered clouds. light rain for the area. temperatures across the board will warm into the 40s. looking at rain with the system coming in. going to be a light rain today.
6:58 am
different story for this weekend. showers already moving towards d.c. this goes through during the day today and another storm comes together not so much on saturday, but sunday rain moves in with strong winds that will continue monday. >> as we've been telling you. hundreds of thousands people here to witness the inauguration. >> president elect trump fired him on season three of the apprentice. that didn't stop him from volunteering in the trump campaign. >> the greatest stage on the history of mankind. do something great with that. >> he says president elect trump should show human side and tell the american people that he can make a difference. thanks for watching special edition of nbc 10 today. live from washington. >> we'll be with you all day
6:59 am
with live team coverage of the inauguration on air, online, and on social media. our continuous coverage begins at 10 this morning. doesn't end until # 8:00. includes team coverage. starting this afternoon. then during the nbc 10 team later tonight for special report of inauguration of donald trump. it is live from washington at 7:30. it will be an historic day here. we are here to cover it. we have the largest team of journalists from philadelphia in washington covering it for you. and stay with nbc 10 for local updates throughout the day. we'll keep you updated online. nbc 10 app. everything you need to know about what's happening here in washington also what's happening in philadelphia as well. >> anchors gym rosenfield and lauren make reporter will pick up the converage later today. meanwhile thanks for watching. vai sikahema and tracey davidson, have a gate day.
7:00 am
>> today show starts right now. ♪ good morning. the inauguration of donald trump. the brash billionaire who turned the political world upside-down, with his unconventional campaign. takes the oath of office in just a matter of hours. the incoming president firing up his supporters at a late night welcome concert. >> there's never been a movement like this. and it's something very, very special. >> more than a million people expected to descend on the nation's capital today. among those looking on, four of the five living u.s. presidents. hillary clinton, the woman he defeated in one of the most unusual and divisive elections in history.


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