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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  January 23, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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our nbc10 meteorologist have been. >> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with what's happening right now, glenn. >> we are still right in the middle of this dangerous nor'easter. we started warning you about this last thursday when we issued the first alert and right now we're seeing the heaviest part of the rain from the storm. you can obviously see that it's moving in from the ocean, moving up to the northwest and some of the heaviest rain right now up in the lehigh valley close to one inch per hour in chester county, little over half inch per hour, but you can see waves of that heavier rain coming on shore. now we have managed to get by much of the storm without a whole lot of rain, but there is more coming. you can see the center of the storm way down south, north carolina and that is pulling these other areas of rain up the coast. so what you see down to the
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south that's coming up here tonight. we continue to see the strong winds from the northeast. we see gusts over 60 miles an hour at the shore. earlier to the we're now seeing more like 40 to 50 miles an hour. not quite as strong of gusts as what we saw but we're seeing pretty good gusts even out in the northern and western suburbs. the other issue that we have here that's a big issue is moderate coastal flooding. we had minor coastal flooding this morning. we'll have moderate for this afternoon's high tide and tomorrow morning's high tide from rehoboth beach to cape may. you can see these are happening pretty much during the rush hour periods and atlantic city just about to get its highest tide yet. i'll be back with more to talk about where this storm's going next. >> as we mentioned at the top of this new cast our dangerous nor'easter is now deadly. >> police believe a man was hit by a sign that was ripped down
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by a powerful gust of wind. that man is dead. dangerous out there, lauren. >> reporter: we are just off of old york road and we are still working to figure out exactly what happened here but let me walk you through what we have learned and the scene here. take a look back there. you can see the markings of where this sign was and if you look down you'll see where it ended up. we took some video here this afternoon. let me show you from a different angle. now police have told us that sign fell and it pinned a man of a 60-year-old man underneath and he was then pronounced dead. we also spoke with someone inside the office here at d&s auto. they tell us that the man who was killed actually called them earlier in the day and told them the sign was down and that they had been told that he had a heart attack. now police tell us, the medical examiner that will ultimately determine the cause of death but
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we know now that that sign fell here, police tell us the man was pinned underneath and has been pronounced dead. nbc10 news. >> the winds also tor a muriel right oft side of hahnemann university hospital. it all played out in a parking lot at broad and race street. no one was hurt. workers spent hours ripping off pies of the muriel that were left danging. this is a look at our cape may camera there. you see some wet drops on the lens there but behind that you can see the waves, you can see the -- this is going to get worst as the high tied comes in. nbc10 sidney long is joining us live. >> we can see how windy it is out there. >> reporter: i can tell you we've covered some ground today between brigantine, ventnor and atlantic city.
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this is the worst. the rain is really pelting us now as is the storm surge that is coming over the bulkhead. that's main avenue. this is gram mercy. when we first arrived just about an hour ago the water was not completely covering this street but now it is. you can see the cars with the water, the flood waters here in the street up to their tires. some cars here braving to get through this. another woman wasn't going to be able to move her car and all of this 50 mile per hour winds that are pushing this water, this sand down the street here on gram mercy we're still about 20 minutes away from high tide at 4:20 this afternoon. rough seas pounded in the beach near north brigantined promenade. winds world sand near 12th and east brigantine avenue. the beach has all but vanished. >> i've lived here for 30 years,
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so this is normal for brigantine. >> reporter: she held on tight to her shopping cart and has the same advice for anyone opening their car doors with wind gusts that can be powerful. >> if you don't hold on you can fall out of your car tor get slammed in your face. >> heavy surf came down over the bulkhead. wind gusts took down this traffic signal. couldn't help but brave the sea side boardwalk to catch a glimpse. >> it's kind of hard to stand but i had to come down here and check these waves out. >> reporter: some boardwalk summertime favorites will have damage to repair. >> we're going to stay on top of this. we've been through this. we're really good at what we're doing here. possibly chance of 80 mile per hour wind, that's getting close
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to hurricane winds. >> reporter: atlantic city has been through this before. it is all too familiar. the wind gusts this afternoon expected between 50 and 60 miles per hour. the winds are really gusting this afternoon. we have been in touch with emergency management personnel who are responding to those downed traffic signals also some downed trees and lines in the area and there are hundreds of outages here in atlantic county but they tell us so far no major damage and no injuries fortunately. we're live in atlantic city for now. >> definitely uncomfortable conditions out there. thank you. our nbc10 team coverage continues with first alert erika martin. she's tracking where the storm will be hour by hour. >> right now we are timing out how this system will continue to work its way across the entire viewing area. i'm going to start this hour by hour at 4:00 p.m. and you can see sidney is telling us we have
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heavier down pours there. heavier pockets of rain moving across the region. we're already seeing a little bit of a changeover from mt. pocono, some sleet already being reported. notice here we're seeing lots of yellows for parts of berks county, bucks county, this is all encompassing. we get more rain, heavier down pours along the jersey shore including cape may county and atlantic county. cumberland county also looksz like you will see some heavy down pours through 7:30 p.m. we do have of course more sleet for mt. pocono, lehigh valley likely to see some sleet as well through the overnight hour and as we continue this we start to see a little bit of break, south jersey seeing some light greens but doylestown heavy pockets of down pours along with mt. holly and toms river. 9:00 p.m. still not done yet. this system will not clear until tomorrow morning. coming up in the full forecast, glenn has all the details, what
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to expect tonight into tomorrow. >> check out storm force 10 as it rolls through allentown showing us live pictures mostly just wet roads here but depending on where you live down pours are expected for the next several hours. stormy commute home today. >> so what are you seeing? >> you could see right here we're looking at hazard dpus road conditions because of these whipping wind speeds. these pen got cameras are shaking vigorously right now. this is eastbound traffic toward center city. once again creating hazardous road conditions. very wet i would recommend we use caution heading out and about. i'll send it back to you. >> and you can track this nor'easter with the same technology our meteorologist use right on your smart phone. all you have to do is download the nbc10 app to get interact
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active radar. now to other news the first official workday of the new donald trump presidency, the start of his first full week in office. >> nbc10 aaron coleman has been keeping a close eye and erin is covering a lot of ground today. >> reporter: still going on. in less than an hour president trump will meet with members of congress, the white house and more meetings after that. this all comes from an early start pushing his agenda. first thing his morning a meeting with some of the top business executives including the head of ford, dow and lockheed martin. the president reiterating his promise to track down on companies that take jobs out of the country. >> if that happens we are going to be opposing a very major border tax on the product when it comes in. which i think is fair, which is fair. >> we listened very carefully and he listened to us about the agenda that this administration
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wants to put forward. >> shortly after that, the president signed three executive orders, the first formally withdrawing the u.s. from the huge pacific trade deal known as the tpp. he also reinstate aid policy to limit abortion funding overseas and exacted a highering freeze for most federal government workers something his press secretary addressed at the first official white house press briefing today. >> you've seen money get wasted in washington on a job that's insulting to the hard work they do to pay their taxes. >> but also during this first full day in office, lawyers filed suit against president trump arguing his business interests put him in violation of the constitution. a lawsuit the president largely dismissed. >> without merit. totally without merit. >> now this is just the start of what will be a busy week for the new president. tomorrow morning he's set to have breakfast with the auto industry and on thursday he'll be in philadelphia for a gop
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retreat. >> now to the future of the affordable care act. some pennsylvania lawmakers are pushing to keep it on the books even though president trump is already signed a plan to kill it. pennsylvania's auditor general and treasury today focused on what they call the potential impact of eliminating the affordable care act. a report by the pennsylvania center found doing away with the law would cause more than 1.1 million people in the keystone state to lose coverage. it estimates more than 137,000 people throughout pennsylvania will lose their jobs, most of them in hel health care. the report also found repealing the affordable care act would cause the state budget to double. new details this evening about both president george h.w. bush and barbara bush. he's out of icu right now but still in the hospital. he's in great spirits and asking when he can go home. barbara bush is out of the hospital right now. both have been there for ten
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days. back here on the afternoon rush expected to be slow for tens of thousands of local drivers not just because of the rain, the delaware river bridge is closed for several weeks for repairs. the bridge connecting pennsylvania, new jersey had to be shut down over a cracked steel truss. nbc10 has learned about four times the normal traffic crossed this skuter falls bridge earlier today. from our delaware bureau the federal government has threatened to cut funding to the wilmington housing authority. that's according to a report in the news journal. the funding threat follows a review of the authority by the decht housing and urban development, hud says the housing authority has addressed some of the issues but it is still monitoring the situation. changes are expected in philadelphia's neighborhood find some business pz have racist and discriminatory policies. comes from the philadelphia commission on human relations. it finds women, people of color
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and transgender people are being discriminated against the most. nbc10's george spencer's activist are promising to hold city leaders accountable. a plan is now on the front burner to put a beloved family diner back in business. a local real estate company has already bought that diner. the township says the company plans to make improvements at geets but it's unclear just when that dine trr might reopen. >> lehigh valley companies looking to become one of the first to take part in pennsylvania's medical marijuana program, has applied for a permit to grow and dispense medical marijuana and it selected a township in lehigh valley county. pennsylvania began accepting application there's month after legalizing medical marriage last year. the state of delaware is keeping an eye on historical home that's showing its age in brandy wine.
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the state once owned the landmark but the dilapidated home has sat vacant. >> a deadly wave of tornadoes sweat across the south killed at least 19 people. >> looking for survivors. authorities in south georgia fear more will be found dead. 50 tornadoes across the south since thursday. president trump is pledging his support to help the southern states recover. and back to our weather here and tracking this nor'easter. take a live look once again from our cape may camera. flooding up and down the coast could get worse, very soon as high tide comes in. let's go back to atlantic city. we can see just how high that water is behind you. >> reporter: it is rising here. we're in north atlantic city.
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i want to take a second right now and talk with omar blocker because you've been in and around this city here. you drive a shuttle here. >> i drive a shuttle bus and flagship, the best resort in atlantic city and it's so flooded right now around this city. i can't get down certain streets. it's just ridiculousfully crazy. look at it. look at my shuttle bus. it's under the water. >> reporter: are you able to move and get out of here now you're a big strong guy this is moving you around a little bit this wind. >> yes. i can get around. we have two vehicles here and i'm getting ready to go get the van to take my guests around the casinos in atlantic city. they are still going out because they're with omar the great, the one and only. i'm a celebrity driver of atlantic city. i had to take care of my guests to the best hotel in atlantic city, baby. >> reporter: be safe, bud. guys take a look again this is
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gramercy in the north end of atlantic city. we were here to relieve ted greenberg and his crew. it was nothing like this earlier this morning. so this is wind driven rains and water. the storm surge that's coming off the bay here in the north end a number of cars beginning to have the water rise. some people have moved their cars. i did want to tell you also atlantic city put out a notification earlier -- we lost her. >> you can see just how strong those winds are and we heard from that shuttle bus driver. he said he wanted to help his guest. people were still out there driving which is so dangerous right now with high tide there. >> those cars are basically beginning to go underwater. let's go back to glenn for more on what we can expect in that area tonight. >> here's the problem. this is the ocean. the high tide at the ocean is happening now. the high tide inland takes a while, so the water is just
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starting to come up where she was so wherever the water level is now inland areas it's going to keep going up for another couple of hours, so you got to watch out for all of this. the latest we've had gusts over 60 miles an hour at the jersey shore and some of the delaware beaches. we have moderate coastal flooding occurring tonight, this afternoon's high tide and tomorrow morning's high tide and we've been telling you for days this was going to be worse than minor flooding. and unfortunately, that's what's happening. the rain heavy at times tonight, tapering off during the day tomorrow. now as you can see with the radar this pink area up in the poconos that's freezing rain and sleet, so we're very close to a changeover even in the allentown area and parts of berks county
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while some of this heavier precipitation moves in from the ocean. you can see it's wave after wave coming in from atlantic city and that's partly where you get some of the strongest gusts and once again there's that pink area. we'll keep an eye on this to see if it does come down toward allentown or toward reading or toward other northern suburbs. we're not that far away from it actually sleeting as opposed to raining in some of these areas and that would be heavy sleet. that's the stuff that bounces when it hits the ground. it's frozen rain drops. the center of the upper air storm down well to the south. that's pulling up more moisture so we're not done with the rain yet. here's the hour by hour as we go through the evening. you see some of this heavy precipitation, some of its snow farther back to the north and west but we're managing to get some of the haeftest rain now and for the next several hours.
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that's what softens up the ground for some of those strong wind gusts. trees are more vulnerable in situations like that. the wind coming out of the northeast still gusting 40 to 50 miles an hour right at the beaches and it's not just the wind direction and speed that's an issue it's how far these winds have traveled. temperatures very uniform along the beaches with that northeast wind, but look how it feels? it feels like it's in the 20s f. that's the other thing. you got to prepared for winter out there because it feels that way. these northeast winds not just coming from new york city, the center of the storm down by norfolk and watch where they come from. see some of these are coming from the north atlantic, others the central atlantic and are all combining right over our area. that leads to the moderate coastal flooding. these are the times at rehoboth
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beach and in cape may. remember, the back bays a couple hours later than these times. now by tomorrow morning's high tide the wind will have shifted and it's going to be an offshore wind but the water's still going to be pretty high. these are the forecasts for tomorrow. we got lingering rain, some gusty winds, it's going to be cold. it's not going to be quite as windy as today and the offshore winds will prevent further flooding later on during tomorrow. >> all right. now to this local mother made a big investment in her home. >> but shortly after she noticed flaws in her new hardwood floors. >> she made several calls to the company for a fix but she needed one more call to nbc10 responds to get the job done. that's ahead at four. >> then how earlier testing can can save young people from heart disease. >> plus a surprise as one of the women's marches saturday how a charity wins after getting caught in the middle of the
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crowd. >> first here's a look at the closing bell on wall street on this monday. reld arrows down all around.
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taking a live look at the top of the air mark building. you can see just how strong the winds are whipping that flag around. nbc10 is here to keep you prepared. glenn and erika will be back with their forecast in a bit. >> ot food bank is on a street where the big women's march was taking place. at first food bank workers that needy people could not get what they needed but marchers walking by kept kicking in cash and at the end of the day, that food bank collected more than $10,000
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in cash. set out west watch as this car is just tossed around by flood waters in southern california, there is no one inside that car. the guy who shot the video the driver managed to get out just before this fast moving water swept that car right away. rain's been falling nonstop in that area of california. take a look at what became of one road outside san jose. it's not there any more. storms just washed away a huge chunk of it leaving a community cut off and stranded. the rain is expected to ease today but not taper off until tomorrow. here in our area we are of course dealing with coastal flooding. taking a live look from our camera in cape may. the worst of that flooding could come later tonight, glenn. >> we're continuing to see the water's rise, coastal flooding, damaging winds, you're seeing it all from this storm. tracking the threat over the next several hours coming up. >> and i love most days at the
4:26 pm
delaware beaches but this one today, i'm willing to give it back. not so pretty down here. we went to a bunch of delaware beach towns. we'll take a look at the conditions when we come back.
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>> announcer: now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> we continue to track the latest on the this winter nor'easter on the left of your screen is look at the radar as that system moves through the area on the right you can see the toll this starm is taking in atlantic city. our crew found this flooded street within the hour as we approach high tide. take a look at what we found in roxborough. if you look through those branches you can see a tree fell right on to a car. utility crews tried to clean up that mess. live outside of philadelphia international airport where a ground stop has been reinstated for all departing flights.
4:30 pm
airport officials urging all passengers to check with their individual airlines for any flight updates, any details on delays on their departures and arifles there so messy day to be traveling. our team of meteorologist first told you about the dangers of this storm days ago. >> for the next two hours we'll bring you live coverage. let's begin our team coverage with the most accurate forecast. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking where the worst of the storm is right now. >> some of the worst of the rain is occurring now and it's continues to move on shore and you can see with the direction moving from atlantic city all the way up through the philadelphia area, to reading and allentown at the same time drier air in delaware is heading up to lancaster county. the problem is the heavy rains moving right across the same line so you don't want this pattern to continue. the rainfall rates about a third
4:31 pm
to a half inch per hour and then the question is how many hours of this kind of rain are we going to be seeing. once again, some of the heavier rain coming into atlantic city but much less as you go farther siej virtually no rain in cape may county right now but that's not the end of the storm. there's still plenty coming up from the south as you can see and that's going to be hitting the delaware beaches and the jersey shore during the night tonight. now the winds at the surface still coming from the northeast. still gusting up to 450 and 50 miles an hour at the shore -- 40 and 50 miles an hour winds. 38 miles an hour in philadelphia and 29 mile an hour wind gusts in allentown. our other major concern is the coastal flooding. you saw some of that occurring in atlantic city right now.
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these are the times for the high tide right at the beaches. the inland flooding, the back bay flooding will occur a couple of hours later than this and this flooding is going to be worse than what we saw this morning. more on this coming up. >> all right. waves pounded the surf along the delaware he beaches today, strong winds had the this guy going in circles right here. he doesn't know which way to go. tim furlong is live in lewes. >> those delaware beaches getting hammered. >> reporter: the rain stopped and that's a good thing our nbc10 vehicles were getting pushed all over the roads. if you're out on the roads in delaware today you know what i'm talking about. the beaches too. sometimes it's actually hard to stand up and the sting of the sand is pretty painful. this is lewes beach. the cape may lewes ferry leaves in this area right here.
4:33 pm
it's not here now. just way too rough out there. >> looking at the angry sea. >> a few folks just say they had to come out and see it. >> looks like a washing machine out there. >> reporter: the see of rehoboth. crews are picking up any down branches they see. it's getting tougher and tougher to get to low lying areas and on delaware root 1 the stop lights were sideways in the wind. del dot reports a few flooded out roads. while waves have come up to the dunes he hasn't seen major beach erosion. it's something pretty cool to see. >> i've never seen it here like this before ever. >> reporter: ray and i were here during hurricane sandy and i don't think it was this windy all the time all the way through. this is the parking lot at lewes
4:34 pm
beach. this is all blacktop. you can see how the sand has come in from the beach and blown in here and got covered over this area. if you look down toward that dairy queen that's one of the lower spots in the delaware beaches. there is no flooding there right now. that's a very good thing. it looks like we're going to be okay with this flood. this is not the worst nor'easter we had. i'd be fine if this one ends, though either way because it is really cold and nasty out here, guys. back to you. >> i'm sure most people feel the same way. >> now let's go to first alert who's tracking the threat of the storm for the rest of the night. >> so it's all about what to expect as this afternoon/evening comes to an end into tomorrow. glenn was talking about the current wind gust. we're starting our future wind gusts at 5:00 p.m. and notice we're still seeing strong northeasterly winds. 43 for egg harbor, 44 for
4:35 pm
swedesboro and wilmington 41 mile per hour wind gusts for you. 38 for philly and doylestown 34 miles per hour. at seven we're still seeing very strong wind gusts and notice that 8:00 p.m. still seeing 41 for avalon, 39 for swedesboro, wilmington 34 and pottstown 32 mile per hour wind gusts so you can see here that these wind gusts are not going to die down at least not tonight by early tomorrow we're certainly going to see a lot mieder wind gusts and wind speeds and coming up we'll have more information. back to you. >> don't get caught in the rain without the nbc10 app. you should have it. if you don't, now is the time to get it. you can download it for free for that hour-by-hour forecast in your neighborhood right on your smart phone. >> checking our headlines at this hour. the nor'easter turns deadly.
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a wind gust ripped a sign off a building and pinned a man beneath it. that man is dead. the delaware river bridge will remain closed because of a crack. it'll be a full two weeks before engineers understand just how dangerous it is. >> earlier test forg your ticker. >> that's what doctors are recommending to prevent the number one killer of women. next at four, we'll explain at what age women should be getting that first heart exam. >> and taking a live look at a wet and soggy center city from our kim mel center campus camera. it's keeping you prepared as we track this nor'easter. more live coverage still ahead.
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. 20 years old he that's when the american heart association says women should begin getting heart screenings and most don't know that. a new orlando health survey
4:40 pm
found 60% of women figure heart screening should start after 30. plaque begins developing in the arteries in your teens and early twenties. >> a new restaurant opened its door in center city philadelphia today and there are two things that make it unique, one it's specialty is soup, two every penny of profit is donated to people who need a meal. rooster soup company is a partnership. believe it or not federal donuts has about 500 pounds of spare chicken parts every week so it turns that into soup. 100% of profits from rooster soup companies pay for meals and services for deserving people. the restaurant is on san so many street between 15th and 16th. >> now we're right in the middle of that dangerous nor'easter and of course there's more of the storm to come. i'm tracking the threat until the system moves out. next. >> plus it's not just the baby who cries a lot that first year of life. how the price of raising a child
4:41 pm
can bring a parent to tears.
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nbc10 first alert weather is tracking a nor'easter dumping heavy rain on much of our area. mostly just damp and drizzle here. those conditions could change though for the lehigh valley later tonight. glenn will be back to explain in just a few minutes. >> it is no secret that kids, they cost money but new information gives us a better look at just how pricey parenthood is. let's begin with just the first year of life. we broke it down for you here. figures show it costs 12,600 0i68 dollars to get a child to his or her first birthday. that's a 3% increase. but then you're going to be spending i wanted to keep it a
4:45 pm
secret there, $233,610 raising a child through age 17. that number doesn't include college tuition. we did the math for you. the average couple will spend $14,000 a year raising a child. this report is put together by the department of agriculture. the figures are based on 2015 costs which means a baby born this year is likely to cost even more. there is good news for bigger families, those with three or more children spend an average of 24% less per child. that's thanks to shared bedrooms and things like hand me downs not to mention the tax deduction, but what about the love? >> the joy they bring to the families, priceless. speaking of taxes, today is the first day the irs will accept your return. the filing deadline this year is tuesday, april 18th. that's because the 15th falls on a saturday and the 17th is emancipation day which is a holiday in d.c. turning back to the weather. we are getting a lot of wind and
4:46 pm
rain today. >> this is what we're getting bombarded with exactly a year ago. you remember this, this historic blizzard. snow fell more than an inch an hour and some 30 inches dropped on parts of the area. philadelphia got more than 22 inches that made it the fourth biggest snowstorm of all time in the city. so we're not dealing with that. today much different weather but still a dangerous storm out there. taking a live look at i-95 in south philadelphia. the rain really coming down on your drive home. roads are wet so take it easy out there. glenn? >> the snow lovers are really frustrated because look how close we were to getting another blizzard and with the track of this storm we would easily have gotten two feet of snow, if not more with this set up. as it is we got 38 degrees with fairly heavy rain in philadelphia. that's a sustained wind at 16 miles an hour. it's in the 30s everywhere. the heavier rain, the pa
4:47 pm
suburbs, lehigh valley later in much of delaware right now. as we take a look at the radar you can see waves of rain coming in from the ocean and farther to the north we've got an issue with some sleet and freezing rain. now in atlantic city, part of it of the island is just getting some light rain, but farther north up toward brigantine and long beach island getting some of the heavier rain. the whole area seems to be shifting up to the north a little bit and the same thing in the philadelphia area. now abbin talk warranton are getting into the heavier rain. northeast philly is full of it. ben salem is getting it. and this area up in the poconos this is all frozen. this pink stuff is either freezing rain or sleet. either way the temperatures below freezing and i would not
4:48 pm
be traveling in this direction tonight. i wouldn't be traveling in this direction either, the turnpike west of pennsylvania they're getting buried with snow so this is a very large storm. we still have moisture down south that's got to come up here tonight and into tomorrow morning. the peak gusts for this, 63 miles an hour in cape may and about 10:00 a.m. beach in delaware, 63, lewes, delaware 59 miles an hour gusts. remember we've been warning you about this since last thursday. this should be no surprise if you've been watching this station. northeast winds, 30 to 40 to even 50 miles an hour, not quite as gusty as what we saw earlier today. we have to keep an eye on these temperatures in berks county and the lehigh valley in case rain turns over to freezing rain.
4:49 pm
walnutport at 34. beth la hem 36. pretty close and it's feeling like it's in the 20s so it's not exactly a nice, pleasant evening. the high tides occurring right now at much of the beaches and couple hours later at the back bays and we're talking about moderate coastal flooding and worse flooding than what we saw during this morning's high tide and we got another high tide tomorrow morning right about the same as this afternoon. >> and like you said we saw how much water was out there and you said that's only going to get higher. >> it takes a while for that water to build up and just because what you see at the ocean if it's starting to go down that doesn't mean it's going down land yet. they get a lot of flood problems inland at the shore. >> if you're driving, stay away from the high water. >> cars don't like that. >> thanks glenn.
4:50 pm
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mom invests in hardwood floors for her home. >> those floorboard start separating. after the company wouldn't come out to fix them she called nbc10 responds and harry harrison. >> this woman tells us she's made more than 20 calls not company then she made one more call to us.
4:54 pm
brenda's daughter is sophia. she spends a lot of time playing on the floor. she purchased new floors from lumber liquidators in june. a $2,800 investment. >> do it to make the house more presentable. >> shortly after the installers left she noticed problems. >> the pieces right here, they're all separated. >> reporter: not only gaps but other minor damages as well. she says she called lumber liquidators for months to get parts of the floors replaced. >> they told me my pieces would be back in in a month. i called the next month. >> reporter: but she tells us no one ever came out to fix her floors. >> feeling frustrated and sorry that i purchased my floors from there. >> reporter: after months of no answers or help, she called nbc10 responds. >> because i see how use were able to help a lot of people.
4:55 pm
>> reporter: they immediately got back to nbc10 responds and worked to make things right. it's customer care team brought the situation to a successful conclusion and agreed to refund her money all $26,800. >> i was so happy. i feel so much better. >> you know who's really happy. she looks forward to playing on those fixed floors. you know how kids are. >> nothing better. >> nice return for her. >> i do it all the time. ripped my jeans up. >> i can't imagine what your mother went through but that's another story. >> we'll save that for another time. listen let's check the nan we got back. $2,868.91 a total of $270,522 right now. >> if you have a consumer problem for nbc10 responds or let us know the best ways to
4:56 pm
reach us are right there on your screen and we will respond to you. before we go i want to let you know about a school closing to tell you bass river township in burlington county is actually opening two hours late tomorrow and in the meantime we're working on several stories for nbc10 news at five. >> right now as glenn has been telling us we're in the middle of a powerful nor'easter. >> you can see the heavy rain here. strong winds and flooding at the shore are the biggest threat as you can see. this is a live look in atlantic city right now. cydnye long joins us live from the shore. >> please don't drive through that. >> this storm's going to be with us for several more hours. i'm tracking it through your neighborhood and showing you when things are finally going to dry out. nbc10 has your most accurate forecast next on nbc10 news at five.
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. right now at 5:00 a dangerous storm continues to pound the region. thas live look here in atlantic city. powerful winds and coastal flooding have slammed the jersey shore just like this all day. those strong winds stretch across the area. this is a live look at philadelphia. the wind is still going strong and now heavier rain is hitting the region as well. >> heavy rain and strong winds can be a bad combination. we have seen scenes like this across the region like this. the gust toppled a tree on to a
5:00 pm
car in roxborough. left a pretty big mess there. >> good evening. >> tonight this storm has also turned daedly. i want you to see the sign that's resting on top of some cars. police tell us wind knocked it off the side of a building with a man underneath it. police say he died a short time later. from the wind to the rain to the flooding, the storm's not over yet. >> first alert weather team has the most accurate weather forecast and we have team coverage beginning with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. and there's a lot going on with this dangerous storm. >> that's right. we have the wind, we have the coastal flooding, we have the rain. we have cold temperatures, some parts of our area we got sleet. ice falling from the sky. here we are the last couple hours. you can see there's a large area of moderate to heavy rain coming in from the shore and coming right through burlington county, parts of philadelphia, up through much of bucks county and


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