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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  January 23, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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car in roxborough. left a pretty big mess there. >> good evening. >> tonight this storm has also turned daedly. i want you to see the sign that's resting on top of some cars. police tell us wind knocked it off the side of a building with a man underneath it. police say he died a short time later. from the wind to the rain to the flooding, the storm's not over yet. >> first alert weather team has the most accurate weather forecast and we have team coverage beginning with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. and there's a lot going on with this dangerous storm. >> that's right. we have the wind, we have the coastal flooding, we have the rain. we have cold temperatures, some parts of our area we got sleet. ice falling from the sky. here we are the last couple hours. you can see there's a large area of moderate to heavy rain coming in from the shore and coming right through burlington county, parts of philadelphia, up through much of bucks county and the orange is some of the
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heaviest of all and again, right over much of northeast philly getting some really heavy rain, the heaviest rain of the entire storm but if you go farther south, atlantic city down toward cape may, there's virtually no rain. that's what's going to be happening here as we go through the night and into tomorrow. it's not the end of the rain because look at this, it's coming up from the south. the big upper-air lows way down there. so we're a long way from that. here's the northeast wind. we're not seeing gusts quite as high as what we saw earlier today. we are seeing worst coastal flooding because it's hour after hour after hour of those on shore winds, moderate coastal flooding going on now and in another 12 hours, even though the wind will be shifting a little bit and that will prevent it from being even worse than it is right now.
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here's cape may with the flooding right now and in the back bays it occurs a couple hours later. so we still have more of that water rise in atlantic city compared to what you just saw there. that's not where it's peaking. it hasn't peaked yet. we'll talk more about when it goes down later. >> hear and listen to that wind. this nor'easter's been pounding the jersey shore. >> cydney long has been following the conditions in atlantic city all day, high tide hit just about 40 minutes ago so what kind of changes have you seen since then? >> reporter: i can tell you we moved locations since we saw you at 4:00 in the north end of atlantic city where it was much gustier winds there. still a little bit off the bay. moved a little bit here toward the black horse pike. this is the scene you can see the streets are completely flooded as we move closer to the
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duck town and chelsea neighborhoods here. we've heard sirens. you can see some of these cars still making their way through this water that's pretty deep. it's up above their tires. we've seen this tow trucks in and around checking on people here so as you mentioned the high tide was about 4:20 this afternoon. the result is this water in the street throughout atlantic city. what feels like 50 mile per hour wind gusts off the bay in north atlantic city it's sending a ripple effect of sand and water down the street on grammercy near the flagship condos some may be even for a rude awakening. dozens of cars are getting swamped in flood water. school children scrambled in heavily rain and wind to safely walk or run home from school in the chelsea neighborhood. we caught up with folks braving the elements from the seaside
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heights boardwalk. >> it's bad. it's unreal. i can't believe how bad the waves are. >> it's difficult. had a little problem getting out of the car. >> reporter: the winds that make it hard to open your car door not as strong right here. the guys in the tow truck they said they're going to have a busy night upon them here throughout atlantic city into ventnor as well. the streets right here we're just beginning to get some water as we made our way earlier in the day from ventnor into atlantic city. it was only a little bit of ponding near the sidewalk or the curb if you will and now these streets they are completely flooded. we're live from atlantic city. that is the latest right now guys. back to you. >> the turn around, don't drown. you cringe every single time you see somebody enter those waters there. be safe out there. >> now to this waves reaching the dunes along the shoreline
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but no major beach erosion near the indian river inlet. it's getting harder and harder to reach those low lying areas. del dot report aig few flooded out roads up and down the state. this storm could be effecting your neighborhood through the night. what can you expect over the next few hours? >> glenn just mentioned that this rain is coming down hour after hour after hour. we're going to time out this rain for you starting at 5:00 p.m. notice we're seeing those heavy pockets of rain moving through berks county, bucks county, mont as well and as glenn mentioned we're already seeing a sleet of wintry change. also we're seeing a changeover later this evening at around 6:30 prm and seeing heavier pockets of down pours between the hours of 6:30 and 7:30 p.m. along the jersey shore. that conditions will not improve at least for the next several hours because by 8:00 p.m. we're
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still seeing some yellows and oranges and still seeing that sleet that wintry changeover for the lehigh valley. notice the greens to the south. everything moving northward so we'll see an yichl proechlt there. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. keep in mind we do have real strong easterly winds. coming up glenn has your full forecast. he's going to talk about what to expect tonight into tomorrow and of course the next high tide. back to you. >> the wind and rain have made for a messy evening commute. live look right here. this is from storm force 10 in ben sflasflae -- beth la hem. amtrak trains running in new jersey. what's up? >> as you know a lot happening on the roads today. this is fyi, the delayer railroad bridge is stuck in the open position so what does this mean. all rail services are being
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suspended between 30th street and cherry hill stations. subsequent bus service is being provided until further notice. they've been talking about excessive coastal flooding. at both sides of route 9 remain close so westbound traffic is being detoured along the ac express way at exit 2. we'll have more information when i come back. >> be patient out there. you can keep track of this storm as it hits your neighborhood. download the nbc10 app and use the interactive radar. watch the most accurate forecast. >> now on to president trump. he entered his first official week in the white house today and worked to begin delivering on this campaign promise. on this day four of his administration, the president met with ceos and focused on keeping jobs in the u.s. >> reporter: on his first monday president trump met with ceos
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and talked jobs. >> all you have to do is stay. don't leave. don't fire you people in the united states. >> he offered massive cuts in corporate taxes and regulation for those who keep factories in the u.s. but if you go to another country and you decide that you're going to close and get rid of 2,000 people or 5,000 people, there may be a major border tax on the product when it comes in. >> most republican lawmakers but the ceos came out impressed. >> the president is very serious on making sure that the united states economy's going to be strong. >> reporter: mr. trump signed an order pulling out of the transpacific trade deal and with trump nominees rex tillerson for secretary of state and mike pompeo on track for confirmation, new white house press secretary sean spicer confirmed reports president trump and benjamin netanyahu might attack isis jointly. >> if there's a way with can combat isis jointly, we'll take
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it. >> spicer stuck to his claim about trump's swearing in, saying the parade had the largest audience ever. >> sure. it was the most watched inaugural. >> meaning he said on television and the web, not just in-person. >> now today bob casey is calling on the president to stop worrying about inauguration crowd numbers and start worrying about issues that matter to americans, like, infrastructure. >> we know that in this state there are more than 4,700 structural deficient bridges. pennsylvania happens to be number two in a category we don't even want to be in the top ten. >> senator casey pointed to the current closeure of the delaware river bridge. it will be closed for several weeks. because of a cracked steel truss. >> we have new details tonight on the man accused of beating up a transgender woman. philadelphia police say he's
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dejohn workman a 25-year-old homeless man. the attack happened friday afternoon in center city, the victim streamed the whole thing on facebook live. the police arrested the suspect sunday morning. tonight there is a promise to take action on racism in philly's gayberhood. they have felt unsafe for decades. they're asking businesses to undergo training. nbc10's george spencer speaks to the community organizer vowing to make sure the city keeps it's promise. >> closing arguments begin tomorrow in a civil trial surrounding the deadly market street collapse. six people died and 13 others were hurt when a building under demolition fell on to a salvation army store at 22nd and market. the lawsuit was filed by relatives and survivors of the collapse. so who's being sued in this
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case? a developer and his company. the demolition project representative, a demolition contractor, the exavater operator and the salvation army. two of the defendants are serving prison time. >> montgomery county has a new commissioner. 22 county judges unanimously chose general flaurns junior to feel the vacation. lawrence will be the first african-american commissioner in this county's history. he'll be sworn in wednesday. the position was previously held by pennsylvania's new attorney general josh shapiro. he re-signed -- resigned after serving five years on the board. >> that's according to a report in the news jurnt in wilmington. the funding threat followed a review of the authority by the department of housing and urban development. city of philadelphia once to make it easier for residents to have access to the latest technology, today mayor jim kenny launched a grant funding
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opportunity to find and fund programs that do just that. it's the first major effort by the city's new digital literacy alliance. >> strength in numbers that's what we saw here in and around the countries as thousands took part in the women's march. this weekend is about the march and now it's about momentum. how local groups plan to keep their message going? >> falling to pieces. today's storm did a lot of damage to this piece of artwork in philadelphia. and speaking of that storm, let's take a live look. this is cape may. you can barely see it. the waves are crashing there right now. a nor'easter bringing powerful winds, coastal flooding and rain all across the region tonight. glan is back with your most accurate neighborhood forecast next at five.
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and we're back live now with a look over philadelphia. check out that flag. whipping in the wind there. rain also falling in many areas right now. we're going to keep our eye on the skies. in center city take a look at this, the wind tearing apart this muriel along bloroad and re
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streets. no one was injured by the falling debris. muriel arts philadelphia is working to secure the remaining pieces that were left there hanging. >> let's head up to the philly suburbs. deanna durante. what are the conditions like? >> reporter: we're getting a pretty good soaking here. the rain picked up in the last couple minutes. you can see the delaware river. now we checked in with emergency management officials here in bucks county. despite the fact that they're getting an inch, 1 1/2 of rain no major issues to report. 4,000 customers in the county did lose power. most of the customers have their powers restored. that was due to some downed trees. take a look at some of the videos shot earlier today. this morning in aston, delaware county that's where you can see a tree fell taking off half of a house there. most of the damage appears to be
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on the second floor, no one was inside the house and there were no reported injuries there. but again here in bucks county, rescue calls down to a minimum. the biggest problem they say is rain but the emergency management director says because it's been so dry they are not expecting any major flooding problems here in this area. reporting live in new hope. deanna durante, nbc10 news. >> now parts of the jersey shore are used toss coastal flooding. that's happening there right now. >> folks who live there might remember the same exact thing happened about a year ago. this was the season along the jersey shore this time last year. a winter storm caused serious coastal flooding there. for the rest of us it brought a whole lot of snow, it dumped more than two feet in some areas. >> it's still causing quite a big mess, glenn. >> different kind of mess and some people are getting their heaviest rain of the storm right now. you can see that on our symbols.
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this is a great way to show you what they mean. you see the all these drops there, five of them there, that's heavy rain in philadelphia, 38 degrees. that's sustained winds. moderate rain in p.a. suburbs, three drops there, and late rain in lehigh valley with the one drop. and if it's just cloudy we just have the cloudy symbol. we've had gusts over 60 miles an hour at the beaches earlier today. not quite as gusty right now. moderate coastal flooding happening right now and again overnight tonight. and the rain of course heavy at times as it goes through the night. it will be tapering off during the day tomorrow but you can see these waves coming right in off the ocean. that is a steady rain. farther to the south it's a steady nonrain. so just depends on where you are and that's of course what be neighborhood weather's all about. you can see on the radar here, this is long beach island coming
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into burlington county and the trenton area getting socked and it's all just comes straight up the same path so deanna's in bucks county and that's why she's getting all that heavier rain now that's headed right toward ooeltd and then it's headed toward the poconos where it's cold enough to be sleet and freezing rain. that's what that pink area is about. we're watching to see if it does expand further to the south as we go through the next couple of hours. very close temperature wise. now this is not the end of the storm. back down to the south. there's more. and it's coming straight up this direction. so we're not done with the rain yet. even if it has stopped in your neighborhood. here's the hour by hour. you can see some of it heavy at times. later on tonight a changeover perhaps in parts of berks county, lehigh valley getting mixture of sleet in there, maybe snow toward morning and the light rain for tomorrow morning. there's a few snowflakes and
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sleet in berks county. that's something we got to watch here. it's going to take a while for us to clear out. so tomorrow looks to be cloudy, windy, cold. not quite as windy as today and also some rain but not as wet as today. these are the pink wind gusts. over 60 miles an hour at the new jersey beaches and also delaware beaches. ocean city at 59 miles an hour. philadelphia official peak gust 48 today, 35 miles an hour right now. wildwood's gusting to 34. the temperature is down and it feels like winter. feels like 26 at philadelphia in allentown right now. that is cold. we continue to see this coastal flooding. we are moderate flooding going on right now and then another high tide about 12 hours from now. about the same type of flooding.
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12 hours from now, these are the high tides at the beaches in the back bay areas it's a couple of hours later. look what happens over the next three days. after we get through tuesday, 43 degrees, cloudy skies, some showers. wednesday, 57 with sunshine and thursday at 50 degrees. we got some wind the next couple of days but look at wednesday and thursday, we have winter returning at least temperature wise starting on friday. so it's going to feel closer to winter as you can see in your seven day forecast the bottom of your screen. >> thank you. some students in allentown could be attending a new school, the district wants to open a new elementary school in 2019 and a new middle school in 2020. several schools in the district are at least a hundred years old but the new elementary school will replace two others built in the 1880s. >> to this now turns out pennsylvania really love their
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lick or. how consumers set a new sales record and the day they bought the most booze.
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we have an important update for you right now. it's related to this powerful nor'easter we've been tracking. the faa ground stop we told you about earlier.
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it's now been cancelled. arrivals are running 3 hours and a minute late. this is all related to gusting winds, for instance, right now at philadelphia international that's what you're looking at it's 35 miles an hour wind. >> it is restaurant week in center city. diners can get deals on lunch and dinner at participating businesses. for a full list of restaurants taking part just head to the nbc10 app. spirits were high over the holidays in pennsylvania. liquor sales at the end of 2016 sent some of the all time state records, december 23rd, two days before christmas set a record for highest one day sales. november 23rd, the day before thank gifgz came in second and new year's eve, came in third. will super bowl matchup is set. the new england patriots will take on the atlanta falcons in
5:26 pm
li. the third overall pick in the 2008 draft and after nine seasons he's finally heading to the super bowl. so that should advice who you root for come two weeks from today. it has been a messy, wet and windy day. take a look at this live look. this is in atlantic city. coastal flooding like this effecting communities up and down the jersey shore and the delaware beaches they're getting hit too. we're going to have a live report from rehoboth beach. that's next on nbc10 news at five.
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now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> and up date now on this bringing weather situation. the rain and wind causing major traffic problems. tonight. amtrak suspended service on northeast regional trains traveling in new jersey. new jersey transit is halting all rail service between philadelphia's 30th street station and cherry hill and septa says service has been suspended on the war minister line and glenside. >> we're talking about rain, coastal flooding and pounding winds. our region has seen it all tonight. this is a live look right here. cape may you see the waves. crashing against the sands there. nobody in that picture for good reason. i want you to take a look at the windy conditions in center city today. the flags they were jumping at franklin institute. look at those blowing. >> and take a look at this.
5:30 pm
the wind snapped this free, wow, split it right down the middle. nbc10 was there. delaware county, lucky the tree fell away from the house when it came down. this nor'easter could be effecting your neighborhood for several more hours. >> that's why the nbc10 weather team is standing by with the most accurate neighborhood forecast. let's begin with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> there's some parts of the area where the rain has stopped but that's not a permanent stop. that's just temporary. the heavier rain continues to come in from the shore all the way in through the trenton area and now up to allentown and then into the poconos. this is some pretty heavy rain. you can see these areas of orange, north hampton, this was in ben salem earlier, willingboro in new jersey, near trenton itself. that rainfall rate is getting close to half inch per hour and with the same area feeding into
5:31 pm
the same places. you can get a half inch a rain an hour, four hours, that's two inches. that's a lot of rain. fortunately it's been relatively dry so we're not going to have river flooding. long beach island right here the northern half of it getting some of the heavier rain but not much to the south except look what's down here, the low-pressure center down there and that's swinging everything up this way, so this moisture's coming right up the coast at us. so the rain's not about to be over. here's the current wind gusts, 44 miles an hour in wildwood, the direction is the same. it's hour after hour after hour of those strong winds that build up the seas and create this coastal flooding. we got moderate coastal flooding rehoboth beach and through cape may. we've already had our high tide at the ocean but it's still building in the back bays and another one coming 12 hours from now. >> thank you.
5:32 pm
the nor'easter taking it's toll on the jersey shore. our crew shot this video. it speaks for itself. shot it around 4:00 this afternoon. look at that car in the distance there. streets are flooded. the effects of this storm can clearly be seen and they can be felt here. >> we are seeing the effects at the delaware beaches as well. let's check in with tim furlong. we last saw you at 4:00. how have conditions changed where you are? >> reporter: it's gotten much dryer and colder out here. it is really you have to hold on to your hat out here. i want to show you in lewes, the water has come up significantly in the bay here. it's nowhere need the streets of lewes. when the waves, they've been pounding the beaches all day. the water at the marina is way
5:33 pm
higher than normal and the neighborhoods were tough to pass. the one road into this neighborhood getting narrower throughout the day. as far as nor'easters go this one's isn't too bad. the delaware beaches have had a rainy tough to dry sand flowing in your face. stores trying to keep the water out type day. some people felt like they had to come out and see it. >> for me it's beautiful. >> reporter: i just checked with del dot. there's still some traffic issues up and down the states. school closings and early dis-missals. i checked the del mar virginia power at 2:00 p.m. the good news at the beach town. it doesn't look like we're going to see some of the flooding. we dodged a bullet. it is really cold out here so i advise you to stay inside and be careful on the roads.
5:34 pm
live in lewes. nbc10 news. >> really great advice. thank you. >> this storm could be effecting your neighborhood through the night. >> first alert erika martin is looking at what you can expect over the next few hours. this isn't stopping any time soon. >> no, no. those winds are northeasterly. it feels colder than the actual temperature. right now 5:30 p.m. we're seeing wind gusts ranging from 32 miles per hour to 48 in avalon, egg harbor, 43 mile per hour wind gusts for you. still seeing really strong wind gusts. 7:30 p.m., 41 for avalon, 36 for dover. pottstown 31 and doylestown 32 for you. notice how it increases just a bit for doylestown. swedesboro 39. the issue is that this energy off shore is going to keep containing a lot of energy and
5:35 pm
those winds will not subside at least not through the overnight hours. 9:30 p.m. seeing really strong wind gusts. along with avalon, a quick look at those feels like temperatures that tim just mentioned. even though temperatures are in the 30s and low 40s it feels like it's 27 degrees in philadelphia, swedesboro, 26 for you. dover 32, egg harbor 31 and burlington along with trenton it fills like a very chilly 26 degrees. glenn will have more information in just a bit. >> the wind and the rain have made for messy evening commute. look at this. live look in hanover lee high county. speaking of the roads and the rails. the problems we told you about amtrak just moments ago. >> get the very latest.
5:36 pm
>> i have great news. all services have been restored on the northeast corridor originally suspended from downed lines. it is being suspended near glenside. speaking of down trees and downed wires we are completely closed along this portion of route 70 between north crop well roold and springdale road because of some downed cable wires as well. a lot of damaging and road conditions. here's a live shot. schuylkill expressway at girard avenue. very slow going. expect some slick spots and be very careful out there. i would exercise some caution. back to you. >> pack that patience as we like to say. you can keep track of this storm, by the way, right in the palm of your hand. download the nbc app. watch the most accurate forecast of the nbc10 news first alert team. >> here are some of the other stories we're following on nbc10 news. day four of president trump's.
5:37 pm
he signed a series of executive action and instituting a hiring freeze on federal workers except the military. >> the delaware river bridge plb shut down for several weeks because of a cracked steel truss. officials say it will be two weeks before engineers fully understand how bad the damage is. this span connects the pennsylvania and new jersey turnpikes. >> the first public meeting tonight. mayor jim kenny announced the creation of the week last week. the goal is to recommend actions to the mayor in the next three months. unwelcome and unsafe fds says that's how many many groups feel in philadelphia's gay berhood's.
5:38 pm
plus taking president trump to court. >> the new lawsuit that claims he is violating the constitution.
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5:40 pm
we are back now with the live look along broad street in center city. a lot of rain. you see some on the lens there and a lot of wind as people head home from work tonight. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is
5:41 pm
tracking this powerful nor'easter. his forecast coming up in just a few minutes. the roads there are wet too. be safe. take your time. president trump caused a lawsuit filed against him today. a watch dog group is suing the president alleging that he's violating the constitution by allowing his businesses to accept payments from foreign governments. >> he's handed over control of his empire to his sons but he's retaining his financial stake in the business even while in the white house. >> president trump has promised to repeal obamacare today. pennsylvania's auditor general and treasury warned congress of the impact of eliminating the affordable care act. scrapping the provision could jeopardize health care for more than 675,000 people in this state. it would be also add at least $300 million to the state's budget deficit. >> new jersey leaders are facing new criticism over how they
5:42 pm
spent millions of dollars from a settlement with the tobacco industry. instead of spending that money on antiprograms, the christie to fill the budget hole in 2014. this year the state has to begin repaying that money to bond holders. >> there is a new proposal on the table to change old office space in a brnd new office complex. concurred plaza into more than 300 apartments in with you restaurants and office space. >> let's get to the live look outside. we have been keeping track of the wind hitting this flag over the ara mark building. look at that thing whip. glenn will have an update on the rain, the wind and the coastal flooding hitting your neighborhood next on nbc10 news at 5:00. also coming up new at 6:00. what's the future of your health care under the new white house?
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new at 5:00 a promise to take action on racism in philly's historical gay neighborhood. >> they're new report has documented evidence of discrimination among members of the lgbt community in philadelphia's gayberhood. >> activists are promising to hold leaders accountable. >> the epicenter of a lot of the problem soenl a block away. >> city hall is but a stone throw's from the heart of racism concerns in the lgbt community.
5:46 pm
allegations of discrimination against people of color, here in the gayberhood whether they're profiled at the door or receive uneven service at the bar. >> we were hearing a number of things but all of them fell into the category of discrimination along the lines of race. >> reporter: then in the fall this video surfaces allegedly showing the owner of one gayberhood bar using a racial ep thet to describe black customers. leaders substantiated many of the concerns about discrimination even in this traditionally accepting neighborhoods. >> it's a real issue in our entire society. >> reporter: moving forward, the city says it will turn this report into action and part of that is testing the bar's in this neighborhood to see if people of color are treated differently. leaders are also said they're consider yanking funding.
5:47 pm
>> everyone that participated in this progress we want you to know, we heard you, thank you. the time for change is now. >> reporter: to make that change, the city says it needs continued assistance from the community. >> we need people to inform us as to what's going on. we need people to report so we can take direct action. >> reporter: the community says it will be watching. >> we don't hold our breath but we will be present. >> back now to the weather. high winds brought down these power lines in roxborough. utility crews were on the scene since along ridge avenue to clean up that mess. the wind is being blamed now for power oujz across the reason tonight. you could see a tree resting on a power line in the backyard of a house on wynnwood road. the owner tells us his fence got smashed up in the process. >> these people were doing their
5:48 pm
best to stay dry. this was the season earlier as they navigated the wind and the rain along 13th street. so wind, rain, coastal flooding. we're seeing it all. >> let's get an update now. >> we had the first alert out last thursday for this storm so we don't have any specific rules of how far in advance we can alert you to these kinds of things. it's just when we're pretty sure that something's going to happen we'll let you know so you can perhaps alter your life accordingly and not have to wait till the day before to find out about it. we're down to light rain at the airport while we have moderate rain in the p.a. suburbs, heavy rain in new jersey and no rain in much of delaware. just cloudy skies. everybody's in the 30s and you can see why. we're getting lighter rain in philly and no rain in delaware. we have this band coming in from long beach island right now up
5:49 pm
through trenton and up toward the lehigh valley and some of this on the heavy side as you can see especially up by allentown and that heavy moisture is moving in to even colder air up to the poconos and this area in pink this is sleet for the most part and the purple, that's heavy sleet. balls of ice, frozen rain drops that bounce when they hit the ground and if they're heavy enough they can coat the ground with ice and not be very pleasant. also heavy snow in p.a. turnpike in the mountains, don't be driving west on the pennsylvania turnpike tonight. this is the actual center of at least the upper air part of the storm. you can seat swirl air and that's coming straight up the coast. we're not done with this yet. just because the rain stopped in your neighborhood. here we are at 8:00 tonight and we still have more of that rain on the light to moderate side. getting lighter as we head toward the midnight hour.
5:50 pm
it's going to be very close. the temperatures are only few degrees above freeze right now. and the lingering moisture because of that upper-air low that you saw there, that swirling that's what it does to you. it keeps this moisture around and little bit of changeover in parts of berks county and the lehigh valley as we go through tomorrow morning. we don't clear out until tomorrow night. the gusts coming right out of the northeast, 44 miles an hour, wildwood, 41 in southern delaware. we saw a peak gust over 60 miles an hour in both those places and that wind kbiend with the temperature making it feel like it's in the middle 20s in allentown and it's a cold night. and the wind continues from the northeast. not just here but the longer stretch or fetch we call it of that northeast wind, the more of
5:51 pm
the waves build up. so this is coming from the north atlantic all the way in, 50, 60, 70 mile an hour winds piling up that water. so in north jersey it's even worse than what we're seeing in delaware. the high tide is already occurred in cape may, but a couple hours later in the back bay that's where you get that flooding, in the inland area. atlantic city still flooding now, they'll flood another 12 hours from now almost to the same level of what we've seen. tomorrow we've got a northwest wind, that means the ocean starts to calm down but it's cold and kind of windy, hardly any sunshine and some showers around. it's not a pretty day tomorrow but at least it's not as nasty as what we're going to be seeing as we go into tonight. tomorrow is not quite as nasty. but look at wednesday on the ten-day forecast.
5:52 pm
57 with sunshine, then 50 on thursdays and as we go beyond we're going to be seeing temperatures back toward winter like temperatures toward the weekend. >> thank you so much. this weekend we saw women march in huge numbers in washington and all around the country. >> but what's next? see how local groups plan to keep this message going. that's next on nbc10 at five.
5:53 pm
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a forceful showing in cities across the country and around the world this weekend. millions hits the streets for women's marches opposing president trump's agenda. today new jersey senator met with women's rights group to discuss what's next. >> they discuss some basic things like when and where to meet. they also discussed the issues and what to do about health care, immigration and reproductive rights. >> you're seeing a policy makers having to think twice because there is large parts of their base that are demanding that these things don't happen. >> women there today also said they don't want to focus on the new president, donald trump, they want to reach out to members of congress in the hopes they can get their message through that way. >> nbc10 news at six is next. >> and coming up next, we're still right in the middle of
5:56 pm
this nor'easter that's bringing dangerous conditions across the region and we are live in atlantic city where roads are flooded and damaging winds are gusting right now. >> i'm timing out how long this nor'easter's going to keep pounding us and where it could turn to sleet in parts of our region too. that's next in my first alert forecast.
5:57 pm
right now at six dangerous
5:58 pm
nor'easter, coastal flooding is covering jersey shore roads. >> damaging winds are toppling trees, downing power lines and sending signs flying. >> and heavy down pours this storm is drenching roads, creating slippery conditions everywhere tonight. parts of the jersey shore getting hammered by flooding right now. looking live at conditions in atlantic city. high water on the roads right there. >> a live look at driving conditions in delaware tonight. on route 1 south in the lewes area a wet and windy commute now right now. >> we are in the middle of this nor'easter as we speak and we have a team of meteorologists and reporters tracking every angle of this storm. let's begin with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with more. >> unfortunately, we're seeing some pretty significant flooding in parts of the jersey shore,
5:59 pm
especially with onshore wind hour after hour after hour. the water just piles up and eventually you get flooding. now this is the radar over the last hour so we're seeing dryer air come into philadelphia, wilmington, all of delaware, much of south jersey while parts of the rest of the area bucks county, mercer county up through north hampton county, still getting pounded with rain. and it's a continuous rain and we're talking about a half inch an hour, at least close to that and so if we're talking about a couple of hours worth, you're talking about over an inch of rain and so we continue to see the heavier rain in parts of long beach island but it's no longer heavy rain down toward atlantic city like it was earlier. the combination of heavy rain right at the time of high tide that never works out well and that's why you're seeing such flooding. you can see this swirl down here. this is the core of the system
6:00 pm
that caused all the tornadoes down south and that is dragging more moisture right up at us. this is coming later tonight and into tomorrow morning. the northeast wind gusting still 43 miles an hour in atlantic city, 44 in wildwood, the peak gust was 63 miles an hour earlier and the moderate coastal flooding has occurred across much of the coast and we've been telling you about for days now. we passed the high tide but the back bay flooding occurs a couple hours later. so that's still going on in places like atlantic city and another 12 hours from now pretty much the same thing. >> let's take a live look at conditions in krm. wind speeds here they reached 60 miles an hour at the shore. let's get to cydney long live in atlantic city. >> i know you've been showing us flooding all afternoon. what are the conditions like there right now? >> reporter: i can tell you we're still getting some of


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