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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  January 24, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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morning. northbound side a crash here. over into the left-hand plan. right behind this sign right here. little difficult to see. traffic is squeezing by bare rl to the right-hand side. also watching in cherry hill. electrical repairs on 70. closed betwe closed all those areas are open. closed all those areas are open. watching that bridge closure. new jersey turnpike, pa turnpike connect or bridge. still closed this morning.  for structural repairs. watching that this morning. have a lot gnats for ylternates that. >> nor'easter is starting schools later. all the schools affect reside in new jersey at the shore. tap the nbc 10 app for update on your school. also this morning, people
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across the area still dealing with scattered power problems. ac electric has the most with about 18 customers without power and about 1,000 peco customers. flood water spilled over into new jersey towns yesterday. this morning the focus on the back bays. matt delucia on his way toll atlantic city right now. tell us what you know about the flooding on the shore. just within the past 30 seconds or so, just made our way into the city itself. give you a look here. just pulled off the atlantic city expressway and so right here we're approaching where you see caesars up there. we're not seeing much in the way of flooding here on these streets. the big issue has been the back base. making way around this area and trying to see what the conditions are accident looing like because we are expecting
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high tide he in the next 20 minutes or so. now, this is what we experienced yesterday. take a look at video. wind driven storm surge combined with rain and sand over here. of course, barrel ld its way down. this was in the city's north end. some made the mace take of driving through the rising floodwate floodwaters. tow truck crews can hadded to bail them out. spoke with maria. said she had no choice by to be out in the stormy weather. >> have to take my son home pause i'm at work. drop him off and go back to work. i have the see how we're going to get back home. this is the worst i've seen out here. >> students also braved gusty winds and heavy rain on their walk home from school. just an hour before water swamped the street. again take another live look
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here. here in atlantic city. on the main roads here where you do see it doesn't look too bad. we have a light dizzile, like a mist here. we are waiting for next high tide. get back into a position and find some of areas hardest hit. for now live in storm 4 ten. >> also at the jersey shore, people waking up to property damage. gusts knocked down a fence. blue down a screen door. also caught street flooding. braced for the worst as high tide rolled in last night. >> lucky, you know. we thought it was going to be worse than it was. it wasn't too bad sgll atlantic city, water flooded a motel for. and a tow truck operator safety a driver from high waters. you're looking at the scene of a narrow escape in atlantic
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county. happened last night. police said the driver and passengers got away with only minor injuries. philadelphia today, authorities do an autopsy on a man police believe was killed by a company and will a sign in the weather. sign fell and pinned him to a car, around the city, downed trees and power license damaged homes and cars. >> our car was parked right there where the limb fell so we got lucky. >> this is windier than it was when he had a couple hurricanes years ago. if you take new jersey transit or amtrak, may see significant delays this morning. track amtrak and new jersey service. power to signal system was affected. trains are running again this morning. expect to see slower than normal
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rates are. no one is hurt after a fire damage. chinese restaurant. shot through the roof just before 1 this morning. police in philadelphia say a pizza delivery driver who was shot in a robbery attempt chased away bandits by firing his own gun. investigators say two teens tried to rob the driver last night while making a delivery. one teen shot the driver in the arm. the driver shot back. teens took off not clear if either of them was hit. police say the driver took himself to the hospital for treatment. >> happening today in philadelphia, closing arguments will begin in a civil trial involving the deadly market street building collapse. six people died and 13 others were hurt when a building being demolished fell on a salvation army store. relatives and survivors of the 2013 collapse filed a lawsuit. here's who they're developing.
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developer and company, project representative. demolition contractor, excavator operator. also today, philadelphia sheriff's lieutenant is expected to be released from rehabilitation in center city. suffered traumatic injuries in an elevator accident at the criminal justice center last august. sheriff and other members of law enforcement plan to wish the officer well when he leaves the rehab center later this morning. president trump is getting to work. tell you about the focus on executive orders he signed yesterday. >> the president is also still talking about the popular vote. break down the widely debunk claim he told lawmakers on capitol hill. racism and discrimination, new report is mapping out long standing issues in historically gay neighborhood in philadelphia. 38 degrees. still rain showers in the city. getting few reports of light
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snow in the area. nabld by neighborhood with your forecast just ahead.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a check on the roads. right now looking at live shot in cherry hill new jersey. electrical repairs underway on route 70. closing that for a portion in between crop well road and spring dell road. causing closure right in here. that might be something that sets you back a little bit. especially if it stays throughout the morning rush. green tree road is a good one. efeshlly is if you want to get to route 73. again, both directions east and westbound closed on 70. that might set you back. route 309 ses question henna
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watching this closure. you might need alternates to get around. end here from the pa turnpike if you're heading there eastbound, exit around bensalem. if you get off exit 6, you can access new jersey turnpike there. of course we'll have details on this when i come back and update you on accidents. not a nice morning. this just rain falling on i-95 in philadelphia. parts of south jersey and central jersey see snow mixing in. all rain from ship bottom.
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couple spots, mount holly and trenton reported very light snow right now. this system is slowly tapering off this morning. it's going to be very slow to leave. could see a few rain drops and snowflakes this morning. even north and west. temperatures above freezing, not going to stick. 38 degrees right now in philadelphia. lehigh valley and suburbs have dropped to 36 degrees. south jersey, 39 degrees that's one neighborhood. some cooler spots whipping up. mount laurel is 37. 38 degrees in lumberton. nicely above freezing. even if you do see a few snowflakes, they're not going to be sticking this morning. it looks like it's going to be a cloudy one. holding in the 30s for this morning. into the very low 40s this afternoon. this suburbs you might see a few snowflakes mixing in rain drops as the system tapers off this morning. still a chance of light rain
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showers at 10:00 at noon. then looking at cloudy skies this afternoon. lehigh valley getting rain right now. 36 degrees in the lehigh valley. there's pockets of colder air above the ground. the ground is above freezing. just above it is a little bit colder. we will see snowflakes for some of the suburbs mixed in. chance of showers going into the afternoon. drying the out and still cloudy late this afternoon. temperatures staying in the 30s for the lehigh valley. 37 degrees. light snow in mount holly while the rest of nnl new jersey is seeing light rain fall. heavy rain equity saw yesterday and the winds will be blowing, but have shifted and won't be as strong as yesterday. still a threat of flooding at the shore. first thing this morning, 40 degrees right now at the shore. showers will be light and will be in the area right on into the afternoon with the wind peeking at about 20 miles an hour. some higher guests at the shore.
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delaware, you'll need your umbrella this morning. scattered showers. go into the afternoon, they will thin out. 41 degrees at 2:00. 40 degrees with wind out of northwest at 19 miles an hour at 4:00 today. we will get sunshine in the very new future on a warmup too. have that with ten day on ten when i'm back in ten. high winds are being blamed for tearing part of the mural off the hospital in center city philadelphia. huge chunks fell on to cars parked below. secured the remaining pieces. officials with the program say this is the first time in 30 years history this type of mural has fallen off the wall. heavy surf pounded the beaches in delaware. this was the scene. state officials say there was some minor beach erosion, but the shoreline held up pretty well. massive tree opened up a gaping hole to the house.
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damage to the roof on the second floor of the home. no injuries, but a big mess left behind. community is rallying around the victim of a letter bomb. come can go up show you about the show of support for him. and updates on the man's condition and the search for his attacker. plus, declawing debate. explain how new jersey is one step closer to becoming the first state in the country to ban declawing your cat. (male #1) it's a little something i've done every night since i was a kid, empty my pocket change into this old jar.
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were answered. it couldn't have been any easier and we both got the coverage we should have had for years now. mm-hm, with change to spare. (laughing) (colonial penn jingle) take you now state by state and county by county. first former mayor faces sentencing on friday after pleading guilty to stolen property. admitted to crime adds part of effort to open a wild west museum. seized hundreds of artifacts purchased with taxpayer money. in the lehigh valley, one of the top pain management doctors hopes to grow and prescribe
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medical marijuana. launch add new company, true voe health care applied for one of five permits in the state to grow, process and dispense medical marijuana. select location in lynn township for dispensary. public hearing will be held this morning on a controversial pipeline project in the new jersey pine lands. run from cumberland county to gas fired electrical generation plant. some say it will create jobs. opponents say it will ruin the pine lands. teachers, nurses, koemps invited to a concussion conference. doctors and brain injury experts discuss the science of concussions and impact of students. also in bucks county, new partnership being signed today. allow high school students to earn credits and guarantee admission to bloom university.
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then those students will be guaranteed admission to bloomsberg in order to finish bachelor's degree. expect detours again this morning. if you normally use delaware river bridge connecting new jersey and turnpikes. engineers new a few weeks to get a handle on the repairs. the weather is another issue causing delays. jessica boyington is here with an update. again, since this bridge is closed this morning and into the afternoon and evening again. face same delays. connector bridge with pa turnpike and new jersey turnpike closed. you have to exit off around ben salem and get over to new jersey turnpike still. route 1 northbound to 95 northbound down to 295 southbound. get you to 195 eduardo nunastbo
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take exit six and get on the turnpike there. also the burlington bristol bridge is a good alternate. keeping eye on that for you as well. for any scheduled openings. also watching route 309. ses question hana roadusquehann electrical repairs. earlier had all lanes closed in both directions. alternate here get on route 73 right before route 70. take green tree road and pop down that way. keep our eye on that. about ten minutes before 5:00 a.m. walking out the door in the next few minutes expect light to moderate rain still sticking around. >> bill henley has most accurate forecast. trying to cool down. the temperature at the ground
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level is still above freezing for the entire area. which is the good news. overhead still dreary conditions. wind has died down. still getting light rain in philadelphia. at the shore, it's damp right now. the rain at least for now has ended at the shore. the flood threat has not. and we are heading into the time of high tide. the tide is rising. expecting moderate flooding for cape may along the coast about a half hour away from high tide. back base see the flooding two hours later. atlantic city flooding is happening right now. moderate flooding at the coast. high tide time right now. one minute past it. two hours from high tide there. flooding still a major concern at the coast. inland is rain and watching the temperatures. thankfully nair above freezing. the suburbs a few of them are getting colder. west brad ford township, 35.
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milford township close enough to freezing to be of concern. still a bit damp outside. heavy precipitation ended. little bit of light rain in the area. might see some icy spots in and around milford township. rest of the area is the still warm leftover from yesterday. not a lot of rain and snow left. couple of pockets of snow. light snow and temperatures above freezing for tenten and mount holly and burlington county. quickly papering off north and west. very little left of the system in the lehigh valley. to the poconos if you're heading there. see a wintery mix this morning. snow and, light snow as well. hour by hour forecast shoefs 7:30 this morning still scattered showers in the area. maybe even a snow flake mixing in. mostly rain. rain will linger into the afternoon. ten clock this morning.
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still showers during the afternoon right along the coast. won't be until this evening the showers finally pull out of here. so the forecast calling for another dreary one and windy too. especially at the coast. 43 degrees this morning. flood threat this morning will be easing as we go through the day. look at tomorrow. sunshine. 57 degrees. what a turn around. after morning low temperature of 40 degrees. win wind is back on thursday. coming with a cold front that will kick up the winds thursday and bring the cold back. normal winter cold returns for friday and the weekend. 40 on saturday. look at sunday and monday. temperatures in the upper 30s. stays dry right on through next week. 34 degrees next thursday afternoon. women's rights groups hope to keep up the momentum. hope to keep it growing after huge marches last weekend. millions hit the streets for women's marching approaching president trump's agenda. new jersey senator cory booker met with women's rights
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yesterday to discuss what's next for them. >> also talked about issues, health care, immigration, reproductive rights. >> we're seeing policymakers having though think twice because there is large parts demanding these things don't happen. >> women said they don't want to focus on president trump. they want to reach out to members of congress and hope to get message through that way. 4:53. lawmakers postponed a vote to overturn chris christie's veto of a gender equality bill. employers could see damages for men who were paid more than women. speaking of new jersey, lawmakers there did move forward on a ban on cat declawing. state assembly approved a measure to ban clawing on cats unless it's medically necessary. the bill heads to the state
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senate. find ways to get more people to show up for jury duty. panel will look at ways to pump up the juror pool. 35% of people in philadelphia don't show up. . can face a fine of $500. promise to take action on racism in historically gay neighborhood. people of color have felt unwelcomed and unsafe in philadelphia's gabor hood for decades. this isn't the lgbt real issue. it's a real issue in entire society. >> we want you to know we heard you. thank you. the time for change the is now. >> the city wants to address the issue by asking businesses to undergo training for racial bias and hire more diverse staff. bomb blast in a man's apartment. >> nbc 10 was at the center city fundraiser last night for jim alden.
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badly wounded in november when the bomb hidden inside a manila envelope and dropped at doorstep exploded. his hand is still wrapped. face is slightly scarred. spear headed a fundraising website to help pay for mount g medical bills. >> things could have be so much worse. i'm lucky for what i have. >> jim is one of the most funny, caring, kind people i know. >> police are looking for this man that you see in the video there in the picture. they suspect he could be connecting with the bombing. motive remains a mystery. tax season, not people's favorite topic. it is here. so is the opportunity to criminals to take advantage. >> delaying refunds for millions of people. all knnew, we have detail about tax identity thieves and what
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you can do to protect yourself. five before five. new business in philadelphia turning all of its profits into charity.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a quick check on the roads. we're out in cherry hill new jersey this morning. watching route 70. there's electrical repairs underway here with some down wires and polls in the area. route 70 westbound right now is closed between north cromwell road and spring dale road. now just westbound side. if you would like an alternate. gre gre greentree will get you by with no major problems or delays. new restaurant open in philadelphia is unique on two counts. one, soup is its specialty. second all of it profits go to people in need. rooster soup company is a
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partnership between federal donuts and broad street ministry. federal donuts uses hundreds of pounds of spare chicken parts. in turn all profits from the soup will pay for meals and services for people in need. stories we're following now. another damaging high tide about to happen along the coastline. ba cleaning up. people across the area left with a mess as trees and power lines came down. mass transit mess. the wind and driving rain pulled downpour lines along the northeast corridor, stopping rush hour trains in their tracks. 37 degrees outside. good morning. welcome to tuesday and welcome
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to nbc 10 today. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm katy zachry. flooding as you may think remains a concern and was yesterday. back again this morning. especially at the shore. several schools are closed. we have that information running at the bottom of your screen. first begin with meteorologist bill henley. rain haseneded in cape may and atlantic city. some light rain showers for ship bottom and toms river and look at this. a little bit of snow as this one is really falling apart as we


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