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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  January 24, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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high tide is happening right now along the jersey coastline. another day of flooding expected along the shore. taking stock and cleaning up. strong rain toppled trees like this one here in aspen, delaware
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county. took an aim at house when it fell. waking up in the dark. weather being blamed for power outages in our area. few thousand customers offline. 5:31. good morning. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm katy zachry. flooding does remain a concern. especially at the shore where several schools are already closed. have the information scrolling at the bottom of the screen. for more details, get to meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate forecast. same storm system causing the flooding this morning. won't see the flooding on beach avenue. parts of cape may into the atlantic city area even the beach, high tides occurring right now. seeing flooding. this is the view from atlantic city. flooding where matt dlu delucia is about to update us there.
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temperatures above freezing on the ground. may see snowflakes mixing. showers are going to linger into late morning hours and even the afternoon for philadelphia and into new jersey. the lehigh valley and the suburbs you'll see some wind and rain, but not quite as much rain fall and at the jersey shore, still windy, especially this afternoon. take you through the forecast hour by hour. break them down for you when i come back. first jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. starting off on boulevard this morning. cameras right around broad street. looks okay. not seeing any major problems. just the roads are wet this morning. be something that bothers you in your commute. crash on plymouth. much of the bridge still closed. still closed until further notice due to structural repairs. heading from the pa turnpike eastbound exit around ben salem.
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head up to route 1 northbound. take you to 95 northbound. down to 295 southbound. 195 eastbound and then take exit six. that will get you back to the new jersey turnpike. happening now, tracking power outage totals. more than 1,000 peco would you tell power. we are in for another wet and windy day. especially at jersey shore. >> high tide was about an hour ago. now all the focus on the back bays. >> live along the bay in atlantic city. what's it like there. >> tracey, already seeing some flooding here. take a look. we are in the back bay area of atlantic city where you can see we're along west end avenue at albany avenue and water is already come can go on to the street.
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see mostly on albany avenue the direction where the car is going right now doesn't look too bad. another vehicle. you can see starting to make this turn here because there is flooding on this direction. that's heading into the city. got the hazard lights on. there is flooding there. so it is going to be a little bit treacherous for folks making the drive. this guy right here is absolutely making that drive. doesn't look too bad at this point. we are expecting the tide to get a little bit worse. especially along the back bays. especially in the 6:00 hour down the jersey shore coastline, but again, you see this garbage truck making way through floodwaters. you hear the phrase turn around done drown. these folks are taking that chance and making their way through. you see over here, just past the atlantic city sign, the vagabond restaurant right there along trenton avenue is under water as well. we're going to get back in storm 4 10 and make our way across
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atlantic si and check out other conditions. back in 30 minutes. for now live in atlantic city. really clear people at the jersey shore waking up to property damage. reagan family showed us what high winds did to their home. gusts knocked down a fence and blew in a screened door. braced for the worst as high tide rolled in last night. >> lucky. we thought it was going to be worse than it was. it wasn't too bad. >> in atlantic city. water flooded a motel there. tow truck operator saved a driver from high water. this was is scene of a narrow escape in atlantic county. fallen tree smashed into a car. this was last night at pa mow that and deer street. police say the driver and passengers got away with minor injuries. now though the beaches in delaware. heavy surf pounded the beaches. state officials say there was some minor beach erosion.
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the shoreline held up well against the storm. philadelphia today shorts will do an autopsy on a man police believe was killed by a company sign that was blown down during the stormy weather. victim worked at auto sales lot. investigators say sign fell and pinned the man to a car. around the city, downed trees and power lines damaged homes and cars. our car was parked right there. where the limb fell. so we got lucky. >> it was windier than when we had hurricane as couple years ago. >> crews worked through the nights to repair and replace. take a look at this, massive tree opened up a gaping hole. >>. >> first i letter meteorologist continues to track the rain, wind, flooding threat today. make sure you have free nbc 10
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app for alerts. customize for your neighborhood. new from overnight. fire damage to chinese restaurant in wind field heights. came just before 1 this morning. firefighters brought them under control. happening today in philadelphia, closing arguments will begin in a civil trial. involving the deadly market street building collapse. six people died to remember 13 others were hurt when a building being demolished fell on to salvation army store. relatives and survivors of the 2013 collapse filed the lawsuit. suing the developer and company, demolition project representative. esk say terror operator and salvation army. criminal charges already serving prison time. happening today public hearing will be held on the controversial pipeline project in the new jersey pine lands. the pipeline would run from
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mauricetown to a gas fired electrical generation plant in cape may account. create jobs. opponents say it would ruin the pinelands. flooding happening at the shore. storm 4 ten on the move. already showing flooding in atlantic city. other reports of flooding. see the puddles along the side of the road. moderate flooding fist thing this morning. easing as the morning progresses: camelback camera shows snow this morning. really that first batch of wishtry weather is pushing to north of poconos mountains. still a possibility of a wintery mix this morning. still some showers in our area as well. mainly in new jersey. trenton, burlington county. and yesterday's snowflakes mixing with rain. look how it's drying out. still a chance of running into
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daytime showers. this is the same storm system we had yesterday. lingering. it's going the be slow to pull away. in fact it won't completely pull away until we get to tonight. heavy rainfall on shore. still spinning winds offshore. that's what's is giving us flooding at the coast this morning. not going to be an all-day affair. 47 degrees right now. philadelphia season scattered showers this morning. very light stuff. this afternoon probably 40 degrees at 2:00. suburbs may see a snow flake first thing this morning. 36 degrees. scattered light showers. nothing like the heavy downpours we had. temperatures barely to 40 degrees this afternoon. lehigh valley 36 degrees right now. above freezing. stays above freezing. even if you see a few snowflakes mixing in first thing this morning. it's going the be spotty. don't expect to see any icy conditions. warm up by lunchtime and hold
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the upper 30s. winds a little bit stronger. yesterday's winds. 37 degrees. rain showers in the afternoon. colder air is going to warm up for a few scattered rain showers moving into the afternoon. showers really be lingering in the shore. 4:00 maybe a shower this even. for delaware 39 degrees right now. going to warm up lingering showers this morning. sun is going to come out tomorrow. look at that with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. thanks for that. about 20 minutes before 6:00 a.m. if you're headed out the door. jessica boyington has alerts for you. we're watching new jersey turnpike. this sh a live shot of what's happening right now.
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electrical repairs on the way. route 70 westbound. and eastbound and westbound sides. we're watching electrical repairs. want to use caution when traveling through on the eastbound side. have to head westbound need an alternate. right here head to route 73 right before you get to route 70 split. 73 to green tree road get you by the scene right now. still watching schuylkill. right around montgomery drive. looks good in both directions. specifically eastbound to blue right drive. speeds in the 60s. end here with crash plymouth on con sha hocken road. >> city of brotherly love needs to do better. that is according to philadelphia's mayor. coming up next. find out what a report says about discrimination happening in philadelphia's historically gay neighborhood. also, soups on. brand new philadelphia restaurant serving nothing, but soup and now open.
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find out why generosity makes this establishment so unique.
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women's marching opposing donald trump's agenda. as a matter booker met with women's rights to discuss what's next for them. discussed basic things about where to meet next. also talked about health department care, immigration and reproductive rights. >> seeing policymakers having to look twice. >> the women also said they don't want to focus on president
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trump. want to direct the members of congress and hope to get message through that way. >> promise to take action on racism in flech's historically gay neighborhood. new report by the city says people of color have felt unwelcomed and unsafe in philadelphias gayborhood for decades. >> we want you to know we heard you. thank you. the time for change is now. >> wants to address is issue by asking businesses to undergo training and hire diverse staff. look at the stories from across the area. >> south jersey. cooper university hospital release report on first year providing medical emergency service to the city of camden. last year replaced fragmented ems services. school administrators,
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teachers and coaches invited to concussion conference. doctors and brain injury expert wills discuss the science of concussions and their impact on students. delaware, the head of the housing authority is not commenting on a report that federal government has threatened to cut funding. the news journal in wilmington said the threat in cuts came after review of housing development. hud says the housing authority has addressed some issues and still monitoring the situation. >> diner could soon be back in business. judge approved the sale of geets diner. the owners bought the diner for $4 million. no word yet on when geets will start serving up meals again. turning now to bucks county. officially reopen a renovated county building in doylestown. building houses offices for adult and juvenile probation and
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bucks county detectives. >> new restaurant that's now open in philadelphia, is unique on a couple counts. first soup is its specialty. two all the profit gosh to people in need. the rooster soup company is apartnership between federal donuts and broad street ministry. uses hundreds of pounds of spare chick en pounds to make soup fo the restaurant. all the profits pay for meals and services for people in need. >> about ten minutes before 6:00. weather to talk about. we did yesterday and back today. >> we're feeling the effects of the same system. more flooding ats the shore. happening right now. wind has died down. that's the good news. see slowly improving conditions did you recollect t during the day. that's a live view. you may not notice right away. the wind has shifted in direction that wind is still going to be with us into this afternoon. it's going to be slow to move out. check that out. live view from the lowes hotel
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in center city. meantime cape may no flooding here on beach avenue. we have seen the high tides come this morning. the wind, there it is. 15 miles an hour. out of the north. philadelphia. that little bit of a shift in the wind is dragging in colder air so we have temperatures that are dropped into the 30s. meantime offshore, the storm is the still spinning and pushing off that water towards the coast. that is why we're still seeing the flooding even though we're getting a little bit of offshore wind. not enough to battle all of that. flooding to start with. as we go through the morning. any moderate flooding will be rece receding. we've seen high tide at the homeowners association. back bays yet to peak. cape may, about a half hour pags high tide along the coast. back bays are still rising at this hour. atlantic city, matt bylaw sdelu
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the scene. atlantic city already peeked. high tide has ended. back bays still rising and will likely see flooding. more flooding ahead. the good news is the temperatures are above freezing. any wet weather coming down. even if you see snowflakes, not going to stick the temperatures above freezing in milford township. 33 degrees. new hope all at 35 degrees this morning. as far as the wet weather is concerned. little snow in mount laurel. trenton area. this system is starting to finally come to an end this evening. winds will really die down and get clearing in the area. forecast calling for improving conditions. check it out through the day.
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the weekend and into the next week, but we're entering into a dry period as the clouds clear out on thursday and be colder, but dry right on through the weekend. much of next week. >> tomorrow is the day. >> what a turn around, huh? you're not kidding. >> flooding concerns at the shore. when do you see them subsiding. >> late morning the flood threat will be gone. winds have shifted and the system will be pulling away enough so we shouldn't see a repeat or high tide later this afternoon. >> good news for them. let's check on morning commute. first alert jessica boyington has that. what you seeing. well, we are watching this live shot of cherry hill nrch where we have some electrical we pairs for us on the westbound side of route 70. you can clearly see we have crews on the scene. blocking the westbound side completely. eastbound side back open following an earlier closure. get around the seen which you
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will. see delays moving through. take 73 down green tree road and get back on 70 that way. good alternate for you. there's not a lot of traffic in the area. crash on the schuylkill on the westbound side around golf mill. little bit of delay and beyond that scene as traffic gets through area. blue route around germantown pike. on-ramp here. looks great. watch for slippery spots. bridge is still closed. end here, new jersey turnpike and pa turnpike until further notice. watching that for you. philadelphia man is recovering after someone sent him a letter bomb. suffered injuries to his face and hand. when a package blew up inside his house. next, here his survivor story. then all new ahead on nbc 10 this morning, costly phone bill problem. local couple says they were charged for something they did not even have. the company would not budge.
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see how nbc 10 responds dialled up a fix and a warning for anyone with a cell phone.
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watching this for you. the eastbound sides back open. good alternate for you. updates for you on this. four minutes before six. philadelphia wants to find ways to fete more people to show up for jury duty. people in philadelphia who are sent summons for jury duty do not show up despite facing a $500 fine. new jersey lay makers moving forward on ban for cat
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declawing. state assembly approved o measure to ban declaws oen cats unless it's medically necessary. bill heads to state senate. season is not over for some of your favorite eagles players. more made probowl. center jason kelsey will replace atlanta follow cons players in the super bowl. join teammate on the field in orlando this sunday. eagles offensive tackle also made the probowl will not play because of an injury. we are bringing you a special behind the scenes story of the birds. saturday night 7:00 air a journey. the story of a 2016 eagles. takes a look at carson wentz and doug peterson's first seasons with the team. a philadelphia man's life changed in a flash. >> a bomb blast in his apartment
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is not stopping him from recovery supported by loved ones. at a fundraiser last night for gym alden. badly hurt in november when a bomb hidden inside a manila envelope was dropped at his doorstep exploded. hand is still rapped and face slightly scarred. he was upbeat and positive about the care and compassion he's getting. >> could have been so much worse. i'm lucky for what i have. >> jim is one of the most funny, caring, kind people i know. >> police are looking for this man, they suspect could be connected with the bombing. investigators say the motive remains a mystery. now more of the stories we are following on nbc 10 this morning. >> flooding fears. waters rising at the jersey shore for the second straight morning. nbc live while it happens.
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not done yet. tracking more rain for neighborhood adaughter or scros >> trump's claim. the argument he took to l lawmakers about his election finish. just before 6:00 a.m. good morning. this is nbc 10 today. i'm tracey davidson. >> lett get right to bill henley with the most accurate forecast you'll get in philadelphia. talking about flooding concerns for the shore and temperatures could be rising for all of us. >> slowly rising today. tomorrow you'll see a warmup. today watching the shore for flooding. live view of cape may. not flooding there. not raining either. the rain has tapered off. water still rising for the back bay. atlantic city storm 4 ten on the city. look at the flooding happening right now in atlantic city. and likely to continue for another few hours before we see
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improvement as the morning goes on. the temperatures, they don't look bad. in the 30s above freezing for philadelphia. see them climbing to very low 40s this afternoon. at the shore. the wind will be blowing occasional showers and 45 degrees this afternoon. low 40s for suburbs and philadelphia. delaware, 45 degrees. little chillier in the lehigh valley. might see a few snowflakes mix in. not going to last. not with temperatures nicely above freezing. take you through the forecast hour by hour when i come back in ten minutes. first jessica boyington watching first alert traffic. watching a crash on the schuylkill westbound side just along golf mill. doing better on the map system here. delays off into the shoulder right now. probably just updated that a few months ago. at least get by the scene. no lanes blocked with it in the shoulder. watching electrical


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