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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 24, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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improvement as the morning goes on. the temperatures, they don't look bad. in the 30s above freezing for philadelphia. see them climbing to very low 40s this afternoon. at the shore. the wind will be blowing occasional showers and 45 degrees this afternoon. low 40s for suburbs and philadelphia. delaware, 45 degrees. little chillier in the lehigh valley. might see a few snowflakes mix in. not going to last. not with temperatures nicely above freezing. take you through the forecast hour by hour when i come back in ten minutes. first jessica boyington watching first alert traffic. watching a crash on the schuylkill westbound side just along golf mill. doing better on the map system here. delays off into the shoulder right now. probably just updated that a few months ago. at least get by the scene. no lanes blocked with it in the shoulder. watching electrical repairs.
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losing a portion of route 70 tweem cromwell road and spring road for the electrical repairs. watch fg flooding. just because of that flooding you're going to have to detour around the scene there. end on route 73 where it's a good drive. no delays in boast directions. watch getting on and off the ramps. >> thanks for that, continuing first alert weather coverage. schools opening late to avoid problems with the morning's high tide. main ones are atlantic city, wildwood school districts. all of those are on a two hour delay. matt delucia giving firsthand look at flooding concerns in atlantic county right now where the water has been steadily rising throughout the morning. live the atlantic city to show
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us more. >> we have seen flooding throughout this area. on fair month avenue here in atlantic avenue. the street is flooded. we have seen vehicles make way there thncht point we're also looking down towards texas avenue. do you see this street is among those that are flooded in this area. the last half hour, we were along albany avenue where we could see water coming in off the bay. we are expecting high tide to reach the back bays within the next couple of hours. folks around this area could start to see worsening conditions. again these folks around here experiencing this for quite some
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full-ti time. come up another way here. just to get around this. we couldn't make it through one of these streets. che keep making our way through the area here. might head toward the jersey shore. telling me that area often floods as well. see cars here. just sort of parked instead this area. really just in the changing. 2just arraign so you don't run into all sticky situation. we're going to move storm 4 ten and show you more conditions throughout the morning. for now, live in atlantic city. also at the jersey shore,
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waking up to property damage from the storm. riggen family tow truck operator saved a driver from high water. now to delaware, high surf. state officials there say there was minor beach erosion. the shore held up well against the storm. >> weather you're seeing rain, wintery mix, count on the nbc 10 app for weather alerts. school closings, delays. first alert forecast any time anywhere. >> new this morning, two philadelphia police officers expected to be okay after they were hurt struggling with a
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bla burglary suspect. they caught him taking bike and tools. during the arrest, hands were injured. firing back, police in philadelphia say a pizza delivery driver chased away with his own gun. two teenagers tried to rob the driver last night while making a delivery near 54th. one teen shot the driver in the arm. the truck driver shot back and those teenagers took off. not clear if either of them was hit. police say the driver took himself to the hospital for treatment. 6:05. 37 degrees. happening today in philadelphia. closings begin in a civil trial. deadly market street collapse. six people died and 13 others hurt. building be demolished fell on to a store.
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relatives of the survivors filed the lawsuit. here's who they're suing, developer and company, demolition contractor, esk say terror operator and salvation army. two defendants convicted of criminal charges are now serving prison time. also today the philadelphia's sheriff is expected to be released from rehab. suffered traumatic injuries at an elevator accident last august. sheriff and other members plan to wish the officer well when he leaves the rehab center later this morning. happening today, pennsylvania lawmaker will introduce a new bill to increase the state's minimum wage. wants to raise the current minimum wage from 7:25 per hour. said kim's bill is a top priority for his party.
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6:06. live picture outside of 95. wet ride to work. going to have rain for a little while to contend with. find oat when it will move out of here. meteorologist bill henley has your most accurate forecast. that includes the shore. seeing rain along with the flooding tomorrow 410 has been showing us. on the move to yet another live in atlantic city. right now no glenside, damp a little bit misty. steady rain has ended. few spots with the temperatures getting colder above the ground seeing snowflakes this morning. don't expect it to stick to the ground. reporting light snow along with trenton. starting to die out in trenton. very light precipitation. any snowflakes will melt as they hit the ground. too warm. even though the temperatures in the 30s above freezing. the storm we had all day yesterday is still kick
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offshore. spinning some more showers heading towards the coast. we're not done with the rain just yet. we'll see more on and off showers during the day. the heavy rain we had yesterday, that has ended. 38 degrees right now. forecast for the 9:00 hour in philadelphia. cloudy skies this afternoon. not much of a warmup for the philadelphia area or for the suburbs. 37 degrees. some scattered showers at 9:00. mostly cloudy skies for the rest of the day. lehigh valley little bit breezy. might see a few drops. upper 30s this afternoon with cloudy skies through the day and clouds will linger for delaware as well. showers tapering off. slight chance of afternoon shower for delaware. new jersey, showers this morning at 37 degrees. mostly cloudy. 30s right on through the day in the jersey shore. this is where you more likely to see showers lingering into the afternoon and evening hours. 39 degrees the 9:00. about the same at 1:00.
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4:00 this afternoon and 5:00 the clouds will be hanging in there. still a possibility of showers into the evening, but if you're paying attention to the seven day at the bottom of the screen, you know you're in for a warmup. ten day on ten when i'm back in ten. warning if you take new jersey transit between 30th street station and cherry hill. service suspended because this bridge is stuck in the open position. repair crews hope to get the dell air bridge fixed today. strong winds kept crews from getting to problem. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington here with ways around that. you can see it right in here. right next to betsy ross bridge. easy alternative for you. also watching cherry hill in new jersey. live prir for you all morning of what the scene looks like. electrical repairs now. word that we just are clearing
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the scene right now. you can still see crew there. the westbound side is back open. that's in between cromwell road and springdale road. looking like a much better scene there. alternates. removed the closure here. maybe a bit of slow down by the scene. watching flooding in lower township. also watching a bridge closure, started yesterday. the new jersey turnpike and pa turnpike connector bridge closed until further notice for structural repairs. difficult for morning commute as it was yesterday. another alternate is trenton morrisville bridge and burlington bristol bridge from route 14. watching for scheduled openings. none right now. >> jessica, thank you. the cost of the new car could soon take a big jump mpl.
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warning from analysts about the future of auto industry. >> ten after six. governor's health care caught on camera. what happened after he collapse on the podium after a big speech. that's next.
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6:14. live look at camelback ski resort. meteorologist bill henley says precipitation has stopped for now. he has your first alert neighborhood forecast coming up in just minutes. very hard to watch. a scare for the governor of minnesota and everyone watching
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him gave state of the state speech last night. fainted and hit his head. his office says he is going the be okay and become at work today. breaking news from overseas now. britain supreme court ruled the government cannot leaf the european union without active parol. . approved the british referendum last summer. cannot overturn that, but can decide how best to make the move. prime minster theresa may wants it to happen by spring. she's expected to washington to meet with trump. today trumps cabinet nominees will be up for vote in senate. >> senate committee postponed scheduled votes for rick perry and interior nominee ryan zinke. gave no reason for the move. mike pompeo is the new cia director. republican congressman from kansas was sworn in late last night after being confirmed by the senate.
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takes over in a time the intelligence community is involving issues with president trump and possible russian influence on the election. meet with heads of big three auto makers. expected up for discussion, the threat to tax cars made in u.s. that would shock the auto industry and could drive up car prices. >> president trump used meeting with congressional leaders to complain about the election. >> lost the popular vote to hillary clinton because, quote, 3-5 million illegal immigrants cast blot ballots. it has been widely discredited. look at bridge closures and overall traffic hiccups for tuesday morning. we had a busy tuesday morning so far.
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something good to start off with, route 70 partially closed. right now, everything back open. right now, those electrical repairs are finished. just watch for construction crew in the area. watch nor flooding, route 47 closed just around west rio grand avenue. might be detoured around the scene there. looks like a good drive right now. both directions are okay. definitely see if roads are wet. look closely and see water coming out from under car. definitely something that might mess with morning commute as well. end with 422. drive times here. eastbound to schuylkill expressway, nine minute trip. speeds in the mid 50s still. headed towards the schuylkill is where we see most of the delay. right now none of that. updates for the rest of the morning. back in ten minutes with more. >> thank you. 6:17. now to bill henley. he has your most accurate forecast in philadelphia. >> we still have clouds and
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dreary conditions in philadelphia. wind has shift sod that's brought the temperatures down in the city. we're in the 30s this morning. still dealing with the effects of yesterday's nor'easter. not as strong for our area. still strong enough offshore. seeing minor to moderate flooding at the shore. gusty winds, nowhere near as strong as yesterday. at the shore they'll be 20-30 miles an hour. offshore wind that is driving the flooding this morning, but, we'll eventually see clearing skies. that will happen tonight. still have to get through today. deal with this in atlantic city. storm 4 ten showing us this morning. the flooding occurred this morning because it was offshore winds. meantime in easton, seen the precipitation coming to an end. light rain fall overnight. temperatures stayed above freezing. some areas have seen snowflakes this morning. nobody is seeing anything sticking. not with temperatures in the middle to upper 30s. well above freezing for all of
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philadelphia. right now it's 37 trees in manning. graduate hospital, center city, northeast philadelphia, all at 37 degrees. that's our starting point. not going to see a big warmup today. still have plenty of clouds and few lingering showers. little bit of snow is being reported in new jersey. it's the layer above the ground that's cold enough to produce the snow. not sticking and look how this things is really tapered off. last few hours. things settling down. still more rain offshore. see the direction it's moving. moving towards the coast. not completely done with the rain just yet. not going be an all-day rain fall. we'll see a break from the precipitation there. we're going be dries out over the next few days. look at the rain chances. city see showers for philadelphia. really dry out for the rest of the week.
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tomorrow, we warm up. there's your one day warmup. going the feel spring like in the afternoon. have to bundle up in the morning. wind picks up on thursday. get sunshine, clouds blowing through. that's a cold front that's going to drop the temperatures for friday and be beyond. friday 43 degrees high temperature. then near 40 for the weekend. saturday, sunday, look at temperatures for next week. clouds 38 degrees. monday breaks of sunshine. stays dried. gets colder next thursday. >> new at six. controversial question will be off the table. job interviews in philadelphia. next, the change that some say closes the wage gap between men and women. later, chicken soup for the soul. new restaurant in our area giving all of its proceeds to charity.
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italy, fire rescue crews have pulled five more bodies from a hotel hit by an avalanche last week. 15 people are still missing. crews did rescue 11 people from in and around the hotel. some of them survived for two days under ice and rubble. >> philadelphia has banned inflammatori employering from asking job seekers for job history. some have threatened the bill goes too far. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. >> there's a promise to take action on racism in philadelphia's historically gay neighborhood. new report by the city says people of color have felt unwelcomed and unsafe in the gayb gayborhood for decades.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington watching the roads right now. watching 95 and cameras around allegheny avenue. may have technical problem with california keep you updated on this when we come back in a couple of minutes. for now get a check on today's forecast with meteorologist, bill henley. still feeling effects of the nor'easter. clouds and a few showers for the shore. right now dry in cape may. flooding concerns this morning. minor and moderate flooding for the delaware beaches and the jersey shore. your neighborhood forecast just ahead. plus, cleaning up after the storm. show you how damage -- how the damage that wind created across our area. that's coming up next. a bid to grow. running to have one of pennsylvania's first medical
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marijuana dispensardispensaries
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right now on infection 10 news today, under water for a second morning in a row. neighbors at the jersey shore are waking up to flood concerns. the rain is still falling. radar tracking more wet weather ahead and then a spring like warmup. and a reason to smile. show of support for the man who was injured when a mysterious bomb blew up in center city apartment. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm katy zachry. >> tracey davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with most accurate forecast. most accurate moerk yforecast y get in philadelphia. >> slowly pull wag from us. 37 degrees. winds out of north at 14 miles an hour.
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northerly wind at 10 miles an hour. change of direction. northerly wind brought the temperature down to 36 degrees. that's in the suburbs. king of prussia looking at cloudy skies this morning. very light showers. not the heavy down downpours we saw yesterday. lehigh valley, a few rain drops and 37 degrees right now. wind in delaware, 17 miles an hour. still going to be breezy this afternoon. manage 45 degrees with cloudy skies in delaware. few scattered showers. might see snowflakes mixing in. first thing this morning will not stick. lingering showers for philadelphia and suburbs at the shore. the flooding concerns to start with this morning we're seeing minor and moderate flooding. not happening on beach avenue. that's a live view from the lafayette hotel. winds are strong offshore. driving the flooding at the shore. this afternoon, flooding will
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not be happening. 45 degrees. wind will finally die down later today. we've got clearing ahead as well. show you when to expect that when i come back for the hour by hour forecast. first, jessica boyington is tracking yours first alert traffic mpkts thanks. watching for mass transit problems this morning in new jersey. transit, atlantic city rail line still currently suspended. they just put out an update a little while ago. just between 30th street station, philadelphia. and cherry hill. service is suspended. septa running two cars short. expect some overcrowding right now. that train has expressed past some stations because it's full with passengers. also watches that closure. still closed. right now for structural repairs. going to need to fete around that. going to be a messy morning commute for you. pa turnpike headed eastbound. head to benz lsalembensalem.
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for the burlington bristol bridge. no scheduled openings for that right now. you can see we're not seeing delays on either side as well. keep my eye on that for you. check in with more majors when i come back. continues first alert weather coverage. take a live look at cape may. about 12 schools opening two hours late today to avoid the flooding problems there. including atlantic city, stay updated on the list on the nbc 10 app. >> nbc 10 matt delucia live at the jersey shore giving firsthand look at the coastal flooding so far this morning. how's it looking down there? >> reporter: well, katie and will tracey, saw flooded streets all morning. tried to get over, but we weren't able to because west end avenue was flooded and the bridge was up as well.
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we were dealing with that. came back to atlantic city. this is along windsor avenue and winchester. see here on some of the cars. imagine that some water might be making it into some of these homes. we saw one person a block away trying to catch a bus and wasn't able to walk around the sidewalks because the sidewalks were underwater. so this is what we've been s seeing a lot of this morning in the area through atlantic city. a gentleman said this time last year, remember the nor'easter we had a lot of snow that time, it's a little too warm for that, but he said it was looking pretty much like this where you have flooded streets and a lot of vehicles just questioning whether or not they want to make it through these streets. you see this truck try to make it through here. we're right by a school here. of course talking about some of these school delays as well. we'll be following this
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throughout the morning. for now i'm live in atlantic city. 6:34. happening now tracking power outages as a result of that storm. more than 1,000 me cpeco custom are in the dark. high winds brought down a rotted tree on to a car. a company's sign came down and a man was killed. authorities do an autopsy today. some people we talked with couldn't believe the storm's impact. >> my car was parked right there where the limb fell so we got lucky. >> this was windier than it was when we had had hurricanes a couple years ago. >> high winds blamed for tearing part of the mural off the hospital in center city. chungs of the mural fell oon to two cars parked bl ed below. no one was hurt. ks of the mura
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two cars parked below. no one was hurt. weather you're seeing rain, snow, mixture, flooding in your neighborhood. count on the nbc 10 app for weather alerts, school closings, delays and first alert forecast any time, anywhere. 6:35. 37 degrees outside. new from overnight in philadelphia. no one is hurt after a fire damaged a chinese restaurant in a strip mall. flames shot through the roof just before 1 this morning. firefighters brought them under control in minutes. >> now a look at some of the stories making headlines county by county. meeting today in new jersey puts jobs against the environment. public hearing will be held on a controversial pipeline project in the new jersey pinelands. run from mauricetown to cape pay
6:36 am
county. in south jersey. host 12 river rowing ra gat tas. races will be the first on the river in more than a year. in the lehigh valley one of the top pain management doctors hopes to grow and prescribe medical marijuana. doctor bruce has launched a few company. true grow health care applied for one of 12 permits to grow, process and dispense medical marijuana. selected location in lynn township for dispensary. in delaware county, the town of aston has given an okay for a new dorm at the university. granted approval to renovate a building and turn it into housing for sick students. new restaurant specializing in soup and generosity is now open. rooster soup company is a partnership between federal
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donuts and brown street ministry. federal donuts uses chicken parts to make soup for new restaurant and 100 percent of profits pay for meals and services at broad street my indust ministry for people in need. let's find out the timing of when the whether will move out. going to be looking at clouds all day long. still breezy. not as windy as yesterday. winds have shifted. live view from philadelphia. winds have shifted enough now coming out of north that colder air is moving in. seen the temperatures drop into the 30s this morning, but sit above freezing. right now, the winds are at 18 miles an hour in philadelphia. gust of 16 miles an hour in wilmington. little stronger at the shore. really stronger offshore. that's where the center of that storm is spinning. pushing all the water towards the coastline.
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that's why we're seeing another round of flooding this morning. this is the scene in atlantic city. flooding to started with. will be slowly decreasing as we go through morning hours. that was just a shooter time ago on atlantic city. one of the spots that storm 4 ten found flooding and on the move and seeing more flooding in the atlantic city area this morning. standby for flooding at the shore, but the rest of the area, seeing slow improvement. 37 degrees with light rain in philadelphia. wind is just 14 miles an hour in philadelphia international. 15 mile an hour winds at 8:00. still lingering showers this morning. mostly cloudy and chilly this afternoon. suburbs mostly cloudy right now. chance of scattered showers this morning. mainly cloudy skies this afternoon. not much warmup for the lehigh valley. the wet weather that fell, wasn't anything slick about it. 37 degrees right now. 34 at 8:00. temperatures climb back into the upper 30s this afternoon.
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might need an umbrella at times in new jersey. certainly not an all day rain fall. there have been a few snowflakes mixing in to a few neighborhoods in burlington county. 36 degrees at 8:00 by noontime up to 37. up one degree. up a couple more degrees by 4:00 in the afternoon. lingering showers in new jersey and lingering showers and wind at the shore. now the flood tlelt this morning will ease as the morning progresses. the flooding will come to an end. certainly by lunchtime. 39 degrees. then it's lingering clouds and few showers and winds will be strong terre at the shore. steady winds 20 miles an hour. gusts as high as 30 miles an hour this afternoon. delaware, a lot of clouds. not too many showers. 37 at 8:00. few noontime showers are possible. then low 40s this afternoon. then, we will break out of it overnight tonight. have a look at that with a ten day on ten when i'm back in ten
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minutes. let's talk about your drive to work this morning. if you normally use the delaware connector bridge, still closed. engineers need two weeks to get a handle on what required to fix the bridge. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching this and other dhajs this morning. fill us in. by the time the two weeks are over, you'll be used to new sleep schedule and new morning commute. then back to normal. corrector bridge of course like we just said still closed down. not allowing any cars through the area. might need to get around it. it's going the be difficult and no matter where you go or what route you decide to take, it's going to add time to morning commute. pa turnpike eastbound, exit around bensalem here. that will take you over to 295. to southbound there. get on 195. from the 195 eastbound side take
6:41 am
exit 6 which you can pop back on new jersey turnpike there. skudder falls bring open. trenton morrisville bridge is a good option. and also the burlington bristol bridge. already starting to see delays there. all of these bridges will be more crowded than wushl the traffic and overflow on them as well. that's another reason to leave more time for morning, and, again, that's accessing that from route 413. end with mass travns it here. atlantic city rail line is suspended. that's for the rest of the morning. west trent train 313 running two cars short. by passing stations because there's overcrowding there. 19 minutes before 7 right now. philadelphia community showing support for a man hurt in center city bombing last year. >> the event in his honor and what he has to say about the blast that left him scarred.
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about quarter to seven on a tuesday morning. temperatures in the mid 30s as we take a look. most of the rain is moved out of our area. meteorologist bill henley will tell us in just a few minutes, expect some spotty showers throughout the day. says make sure to grab your umbrella as you head out the door. philadelphia man's life was
6:46 am
changed in a flash. >> bomb blast in his apartment isn't stopping him from a roir supported by loved ones. nbc 10 at the fundraisinger last night. he was badly wounded in november when a bomb hidden in an envelope dropped at doorstep exploded. his hand is still wrapped. face slightly scarred. close friend spear headed the fundraising website to help pay for mounting million bills. >> could have been so much worse. i'm lucky for what i have. >> police are looking for this man they say could be connected to the bombing. the motive remains a mystery. now to nbc 10 responds, a couple's phone bill suddenly just increases by hundreds of dollars. >> family says they didn't owe the money, but the company wouldn't budge. they contacted harry hairston and the nbc 10 responds team. >> finance charge? >> they say their home bodies
6:47 am
mostly because bill has ms and needs assistance getting around. so when it comes to shopping, sharon and bill rely on computer. >> we love online shoop shopping. everything comes to us. we don't go there. >> they say t-mobile insisted bill and sharon walked into king of prussia store last september and put down money towards an i pad. the couple says no way. we don't even own an ipad. >> we were at home. not anywhere near the mall. >> for three months tried to get off the payment plan for the i pad she didn't have. >> i'm like this can't be happening. >> they contacted nbc 10 responds. >> i'm sho shocked and happy to meet you. this is wonderful. >> we reach out to the company. they wouldn't tell us what caused the problem, but t-mobile did call her. >> they said we got a call from nbc 10. and they basically wanted to apologize for everything that had happened and for the fact it went that far. >> the company removed the $699
6:48 am
charge for the i pad. as a gesture of goodwill, paid her $187 january cell phone bill. >> thank you harry. thank you so much. if it wasn't for you guys, we would be stuck in this problem and it wouldn't go away. can i have a hug? >> definitely. >> good take away here, always check your bill. go through it line by line and check each charge. if there is a problem, file a report with the company immediately. if you have a consumer problem for nbc 10 responds or telemundo. let us know. the best ways to reach us are right there on your screen and we will respond to you. 6:48. 37 degrees in philadelphia. live look now at cape may marina from one of our live cameras. concern this morning about back bay flooding still. continue to track more rain today. bill henley has an update. >> 12 minutes before seven
6:49 am
clock. dreary start. nor'easter we had all dayiest, still with us. see light rain falling in this view from the sad venture aquarium. easton cloudy skies and saw light rain showers overnight. temperatures above freezing in the lehigh valley. and wilmington, the rain has tapered off, cloudy skies. maybe a little bit misty this morning. still a chance of showers during the day. wilmington is one area that's going the be drier. at the shore, different story. live view from storm 4 ten on the scene in atlantic city. coastal flooding kurg right now. going to be a problem this morning. go into the later morning hours, flooding will come down. that will be the end of flooding. gusty winds. still at the shore. 20-30 miles an hour. nowhere near as strong as the 60-plus mile an hour winds we saw yesterday. clearing out tonight and make for a much nicer day tomorrow. this morning, still have a few lingering showers and a few
6:50 am
snowflakes being report instead new jersey. not on the ground. they're reaching the ground, but not sticking. ground is warm. atmosphere above the ground gotten colder in some spots. most of the area seeing sprinkles. even the poconos, ♪ ♪ pushing towards the snort. . another line of showers. see it clearly on the radar. that is making progress towards the shore. not done with the rain just yet. some of the showers will be moving on. not going to be an all-day rainfall. dreariness is going the be around all day today. 40 in pottstown. clouds are dwing to try to thin out. noontime still showers at the shore for toms river and some lingering showers into the afternoon hours and evening hours too. that's 4:00 this afternoon. dry and wilmington, potstown and philadelphia. the temperatures pretty much going nowhere today. only the low 40s. then this evening, finally dries out and start to see clearing at
6:51 am
the nor'easter pulls was from us. see that clearing coming up in the southwest and clearing will happen overnight. that sets the stage for much nicer day tomorrow. today, have to bundle up this morning. coldest air and dreary and windy this afternoon. tomorrow, look at sunshine. warm up to 57 degrees after a cold morning. then the wind is blowing with another cold front on thursday. 50 the high. then winter cold returns. a lot of people have been asking for it. you're going get immaterial. friday and this weekend and beyond look at temperatures. upper 30s and low 40s. chill stays with us into next week. little bit warmer and another cold front comes through kurg the day on wednesday. lower 30s thursday afternoon. >> bill, thanks for that. few minutes before 7:00. headed out the door. want to give you a traffic update. >> check the schuylkill for starters. jessica boyington has that. just kind of waiting for my. >> there you go.
6:52 am
>> good morning, everybody. watching the schuylkill. right around city avenue westbound. seeing delays. 27 minutes from the bli route. montgomery drive pushing forwards towards city avenue. speeds now down into the 20s there. there's a crash out in potstown on route 100 headed southbound around shoe maker road. if you're out and about still in potstown, repairs on an earlier crash. seeing only one lane getting by. huge delays approaching that scene there. moving pretty far away down the jersey shore in wildwood flooding reported on route 47. closed around west rio grand avenue right now. we'll end with mass transit. atlantic city rail line suspended. in between 30th street and philadelphia and cherry hill new jersey. route 101 trolly for septa dealing with 10 minute delays because of disabled bus around fairfield avenue.
6:53 am
eight minutes before seven right now. next run down the mornings headlines and stories following for you throughout the day. many of them weather related. renewed push for higher minimum wage in pennsylvania. we'll be right back.
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nor'easter moving into our area one of the top stories of the day. look at coastal flooding submerged several streets and some spots water up above the hubs of cars. about a dozen schools in the jersey shore opening two hours late because of the flooding. you can always get updated list on the nbc 10 app.
6:57 am
>> all across area people begin cleaning up damage left behind by the storm. high winds brought down a rotted tree. in hunting park, police believe a man was killed when a company sign came down on him. authorities will do an autopsy today. in windfield heights no one is hurt after a fire damaged a chinese restaurant in a strip mall overnight. firefighters brought it under control in minutes. >> center city philadelphia today closing arguments with begin in a civil trial beginning the deadly market street building collapse. six people died and 13 others hurt when a building being demolished fell on to salvation army store. relatives and survivors of the 2013 collapse filed a lawsuit against several parties. happening today, pennsylvania lawmaker will introduce the new bill to increase the state's minimum wage to $7.25 an hour to $9.25 an hour then $10.10 a year
6:58 am
later. capitol hill scheduled votes for president trump's energy and interior nominee wills not happen today as planned. postponed votes for rick perry and ryan zinke last night without giving a reason. meet with heads of big three auto makers. expected to discuss mr. trump's threat to tax mexican made cars sold in the u.s. that would shock the industry and could drive up car prices. today oscar nominations will be announced. they will be announced for the 89th annual academy awards later this morning. this year's awards will be the first since the academy made changes to being more diverse. la-la land expected to lead the pack. oscar handed out february 26. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with one last check on the roads. run through this quickly out in pothstown. earlier accident causes problems on the eastbound side.
6:59 am
you'll see delays there. also watching flooding down in wildwood on route 47. closed around west rio grand avenue. checking in with mass transit. 803 out of patco station is cancelled. atlantic city rail line service is suspended between 30 street and cherry hill. also watching delays on route 101 trolly because of disabled bus blocking the rails. it's a dreary day at the shore. that's a live view from cape may. no flooding here. still ongoing flooding at the shore. as far as wet weather, quickly tapering off. few snowflakes over new jersey not sticking. little more rain. not dean with the rain just yet. clouds staying with us all day long. not 30s right now. temperatures climb into the 40s this afternoon. still windy at times. especially at the shore and any light rain -- sorry. just spilled your vodka. what a terrible. horrible mistake.
7:00 am
not good nor anything now. >> anyway, i'm going to take it from here. we'll have local updates throughout the morning. good morning. breaking now -- a powerful nor'easter slamming the east coast this morning. heavy rain and near hurricane-force winds causing widespread damage and flooding. the threat not over. facts and falsehoods. during his first meeting with congressional leaders, president trump repeats a widely debunked claim that millions of illegal voters cost him the popular vote. this as his choice for secretary of state clears a major hurdle and his pick to run the cia is sworn in. >> so help me god. >> can he calm


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