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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  January 26, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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ll or go to appointments available now. president trump is about to make his first trip on air force one as commander in chief. this is philadelphia prepares for his arrival. protesters are also ready to rally,up set about immigration reform, rights of women and impending repeal of obamacare. the president is responding this morning to a statement by mexico's president a day after he sign add executive order to begin building the wall. "nbc10 news" starts now. right now at 11:00, the first presidential visit. president trump will be heading to philadelphia where he will be met by thousands of protesters during his meeting with republican leaders in center city. i'm rosemary conners. >> i'm tracy davidson. republican leaders are meeting in philadelphia torts second straight day and today will hear from the man who leads the
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country. here's a live look now from joint base andrews where president trump will board air force one for the first time and take off for philadelphia. he was supposed to depart at 10:25 this morning. obviously he hasn't arrived here yet. philly international where president trump is scheduled to land and step off air force one for the very first time. we have live pictures of it all. happening now, demonstrators gathering in the streets to protest the visit as well as the republican retreat going on. here's a live look at the scene near city hall right now. among the topics protests are are speaking out about, health care and immigration reform. here's a look what's happening today. the president was scheduled to touchdown in philadelphia at about 11:25. that will be pushed back. scheduled to speak at about noon. he is running as we've been saying about 30 minutes late. vice president pence will speak to the gop retreat at 2:00 this afternoon on the schedule. and then at 7:00 tonight, gop leaders attend a dinner where
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they will hear from former quarterback peyton manning. also british prime minister theresa may is on her way to philadelphia. she left ten downing street this morning and will also speak at the republican retreat this afternoon. and then tomorrow, she'll become the first foreign leader to meet president trump. >> we have live team coverage of the republican retreat in philadelphia and are covering every angle from president trump's arrival to the gop agenda today to the protests under way in center city and the ways to get around that area. nbc10's lauren be live in center city where philadelphia is in the international spotlight today. lauren? >> rosemary, we are waiting for the president to arrive. we're about a block down from where he will be speaking. let me show you what is happening here. you can see the security setup in preparation. the officers waiting. we've seen them here all morning. this is 1th street you're looking at and this is closed right now. this retreat is happening across the street from where we are at
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the lowe's. that is where republican members of the house and the senate are meeting talking about behind closed doors about things like how to replace obamacare, what to replace it with as well as tax reform. the president's relationship with them is still a work in progress. this meeting today expected to be the next step in that relationship. they have had just in the past day here had to respond to things that he has said about crowd size, about illegal voting, about interrogation techniques. however, this morning, speaker paul ryan spoke to reporters and insisted that they are working with the new administration. >> we are on the same page with the white house. we are going to be hearing from the president today. we've been working with the administration on a daily basis to map out and plan a very bode and aggressive agenda to make good on campaign promises and to fix these problems to repeal and replace our broken health care system, reform our tax codes, to
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clear out regulatory underbrush to get growth going. >> he did say though it is expected to be an unconventional presidency. rosemary, you mentioned protest he evers. we have seen some people walking through with signs. so far where we are, very calm. live in center city it, i'm make, "nbc10 news." thanks we've been telling you we have you covered all angles live pictures everywhere. this is joint base andrews where president trump will board air force one and take off for philadelphia. we're told that kellyanne conway just boarded a few moments ago. we're still waiting for the president. as soon as he boards, we'll try to have a live picture of it and then have when touches down. >> our team coverage continues with protests in response to his visit. randy gyllenhaal joins from us center city not far from city hall. >> reporter: the rain has been falling for about an hour. that is not stopping a crowd of maybe a thousand. they're expecting thousands here
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today to protest this visit of president trump. these demonstrations actually began last night. a large lgbt dance party in front of the loews hotel. crowds of hundreds dancing in the streets. a lot of them have signs don't mess with medicare or medicaid. we will defend each other. this one says don't turn your back on refugees. a lot of different causes here, but this rally that was organized by health care protesters who are asking those republicans meeting inside the lowe's to save certain aspects of the affordable care act. a look at the crowd. specifically they want to save certain provisions like pre-existing conditions. >> i came out for a very important reason. there's so many issues that we have to discuss, but today, i'm here about health care, as you said, pre-existing conditions, having my kids be on my health care. >> what's your mess ablg to the gop leaders and the president
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visiting philadelphia today? >> we've got to start caring about people instead of money, instead of surrounding themselves with money. really care about each other. >> debbie from paoli. people from all over philadelphia. a lot of them are wearing pink hats that became an icon during the women's march. i will mention, there are a ton of road closures to deal with especially on market street. i just talked with philadelphia police. they have extra officers out but they expect this march starting at 11:00 to be peaceful. it was permitted through the city. they're going to march around city hall, head towards the loews hotel and then blocked because of secret service perimeters will not allow them to get very close to the hotel. they do want to make a large presence known especially when president trump arrives to meet with gop leaders through the rest of the day. we'll update you. we're live near city hall. back to you guys. >> thanks. now another live look at philly international where they are preparing for the
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president's visit. the airport will witness a bit of history as it becomes the destination for president trump's first flight aboard air force one. nbc10's pamela osborne is live on the tarmac where the president will touchdown in a little while. what can you tell us? >> reporter: right now, we can tell you that vice president mike pence has arrived. his plane landed here a short time ago and taxied down that way. we'll wait to see if it comes back around front. we'll show you video of that plane as it arrived at philly international. in another hour or so, we're expecting to see president donald trump here arrive, as well. both president and vice president are here for a convention. they're going to be meeting with the republicans later today. head back out here live, you can see some philly police officers driving by. this is a secure area with secret service is, canines as well. one thing you don't see here is any sort of welcoming committee. this is a very secure area just
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the media standing here right now for the arrival of vice president pence. and again, as we wait for president trump. reporting live now at philly international, pamela osborn, "nbc10 news." the vice president has arrived. you saw the pictures of himming. nbc10's first alert traffic reporter fran chess kaw ruscio has important information about how to get around the track today. >> we are actually on the ground. take a look at 95 at the philadelphia international airport. very light track for the most part. we're going to be doing okay in and out of this area. travel speeds in the 60s. let's talk about those road closures. very important right now. we are looking at 13th street between chestnut and market street will be closed over there, market street bean 11th street and juniper 12,th between chestnut and arch street. now, how can we get around it? very important especially for
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pedestrian safety. alternate 12th street to samson, make a left on to 16th. we're seeing 12th street to chestnut street for the market street between 11th and juniper. traveling in and out of center city, it's going to be very, very hectic today. it's best if you know what is going on. mass transit sent out notifications for you. here are some adjustments. you can see what we are looking at, market frankfurt line closed at 13th street station and doils town line 55030 minutes late. septa buses detoured. for more information, you can download. >> for everything you need to know about the republican retreat and presidential visit which is happening, within the next hour, you'll find the information that she was just talking about, road closures, security, which streets are blocked off. when trump speaks, we will bring that to you live. now to our first alert
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weather. parts of the area saw light showers this morning but we are drying out and warming up. here say live look over center city, philadelphia. just a bit windy and the clouds still hangingaround around. erica mar teen has the most accurate forecast in the region for us. >> right now, live doneler radar time stamped at 11:00 a.m. we're seeing all the rain moving from west to east. everything is clearing. the winds are picking up just a little bit. a live look at philadelphia international airport. notice that the ground is still a little slick right now. otherwise, everything is drying out. but those clouds will stick around for a few more hours. a live look outside over philadelphia. current temperature in the 40s. we are above normal this time of year. the winds are southerly at five miles per hour. your neighborhood forecast right now mainly in the 40s. parkside 46, west mount area at 45, chestnut hill upper 40s. fox chase 49.
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parkwood currently at 47 degrees. here's your out the door forecast for the rest of this afternoon into the evening hours. at 2:00 p.m., temperatures climb into the 50s. cloudy skies. at least the showers will be offshore. same deal for the pa suburbs. upper 40s for you. low 40s by 6:00 p.m. mostly clear skies later tonight set us up for a nice friday. lehigh valley upper 40s by 2:00 p.m. low 40s by 6:00 p.m. a 10:00 p.m., we're seeing clouds clear. jersey 52 is your expected temperature right around 2:00 p.m. mid 40s by 6:00 p.m. and for the jersey shore, same deal here. 50s 2:00 p.m. and local to mid 40s by 6:00 p.m. so the trend here is those showers are pushing offshore. clouds are starting to clear. back to you. firing back, president trump is tweeting about an upcoming meeting with mexico's president a day after he said he would jump start construction of a u.s./mexico border wall.
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another live looking from joint base andrews where president trump will take off for philadelphia. we have seen advisors board. we're still waiting for the president. he's about 45 minutes behind schedule. as soon as he boards, we'll let you know. he'll land in philadelphia and we'll bring you his remarks live and online and our nbc10 app.
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developments surrounding the republican retreat in philadelphia. this is a live look at the
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streets of center city right near city hall where pro efforts are making their voices heard. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal tells us it's been a peaceful protest, people are speaking out on women's issues, on the affordable care act. again, we continue to see this throughout the arf. we will be following these protesters throughout the day here on nbc10. at 11:15, another live picture from joint base andrews. where president trump will board air force one and take off for philadelphia. he was actually supposed to land in philly at philly international around 11:25. we know he's running behind schedule. but once he arrives there, he will speak to the republican retreat at the loews hotel and as we see, helicopters landing, marine one. we've already told you that vice president pence is already on the ground in philadelphia. he tweeted out a picture with he and his wife this morning boarding marine two for the first time saying first trip on marine two. and now we're seeing president
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trump take marine one and arrive to board what is now air force one officially. a lot of firsts today. his first trip to a city. his first trip on marine one, his first trip on air force one. >> absolutely. we know when he does touchdown in philadelphia, it's going to be a pause. nothing will depart from philly international. this is standard operating procedure. a big day in philadelphia. we also know when he arrives in philadelphia, there will not be a delegation to greet him. that's not necessarily unusual given his tight schedule and the fact he is running about 45 minutes late. >> almost, yeah. it could be even longer than that right now. we do have nbc10's pamela osborn on the ground at philly international waiting for when he arrives there. we've shown you live pictures of the protesters that will greet the president and his entourage when they get to the loews hotel in center city.
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>> certainly a familiar setting for president trump. the republican national convention was head here over the summertime. he campaigned heavily in the philadelphia region leading up to the election and, of course, he is a graduate of the university of pennsylvania. so philadelphia to some extent a familiar place for him and, of course, we know he will be speaking to republicans during lunch today. they have a lot planned, a lot to talk about. their strategies to advance their agenda. talking about tax reform, building the wall that has had so much attention just in the last 24 hours. how to pay for can the wall between the u.s. and mexico. also repealing obamacare and what is next. how do you repeal it and replace it. that's some of the concerns that the protesters have been speaking about. you saw protesters there in randy gyllenhaal's live picture from around city hall. about 3,000 protesters estimated will get a better count on that as we see the group grow there. >> in addition to speaking to
11:18 am
republican leaders in philadelphia of course, president trump will be meeting with theresa may. her greeting comes as the uk prepares to pull out u to leave the eu and strengthen their ties with allies like the u.s. there be a very important meeting for the president and prime minister. right meeting today and meeting again tomorrow at the white house. as this day began, the speaker of the house paul ryan and mitch mcconnell said they're very much on the same page with the white house and really want to have strategy sessions and figure out how they can all work together and advance the agenda. it's interesting how lauren may characterized the retreat yesterday. she said when you're at work or school to focus on an agenda, collaborative effort to bring people together which is very much what this retreat is all
11:19 am
about. it's also interesting coming to philadelphia, the first
11:20 am
president of the united states and visiting philadelphia. we have live pictures of all of it. this is a live picture of the president getting out. hopefully getting off. there you see getting off marine one. he will be boarding now air force one on his way to philadelphia. he was actually originally this morning when we saw the schedule supposed to land in philly around 11:25 it, 11:30. he's behind schedule with that. this, of course, will be a very brief trip in terms of the flight from joint base andrewss to philly international. he's going to land and immediately get in the motorcade. that is ready at philadelphia international. we've seen a delegation greet president, spend time on the tarmac. that's not going to happen. he will head toward the loews hotel in center city.
11:21 am
>> and if you will plan top travel, there he is, stepping off marine one. first trip on marine one and first trip on now air force one. saluting the military officials, greeting military officials accompanying him and walk him to air force one. >> on a plane that does not bear his name though it says the president of the united states. a very quick trip. he is supposed to original timetable we had was address the gop leaders around noon. that will be much later. but then leave philadelphia early this afternoon. not very long on the ground here. but enough to lead and speak to the leaders, try to get everyone continued on the same page. >> you said it. 11:25 was the original time he was supposed to land in philly. of course, that's going to be bumped back. he was supposed to get back on air force one at around 2:10
11:22 am
this afternoon to head to washington. we expect that will probably move closer to the 3:00 hour. not a very long flight. again, we have live cameras at philly international so we'll know exactly when he touches down. then there will be some traffic concerns if you're in the area. so we'll keep you posted on all of that, what gets shutdown during the motorcade and especially in center city. we have the motorcade, security for the president and vice president and the protesters. so we'll keep you posted on all of that on air and our nbc10 app. >> we're leaving that live picture from joint base andrews and will pick it up at philly international once air force one arrives here in philadelphia. good news is that it's a little bit cloudy out there but no problems with the weather in terms of the flight coming in. >> now, your nbc10 first alert weather? >> conditions are clearing from west 0 east. no showers right now. pa suburbs averaging in the 50s with mostly cloudy skies. lehigh valley, 5 1 your average.
11:23 am
let's look at your neighborhood in the lehigh valley. those temperatures are impressive. certainly above normal. cooks town 51 degrees. allentown 52, bath currently at 58 degrees. the pa suburbs seeing mild conditions for today. 53 for sad buryville, west bradford township 51 is, st. david's 46, elroy currently at 50 degrees. upper 40s along with newtown. so mild conditions right now all due to a southerly flow. the wind profile is calm i'd say for the exception of the lehigh valley. northwesterlies at 20 miles per hour allentown 23 miles per hour. we have strengthening winds as the day progresses but milder for villaraigosa, atlantic city, wildwood, dover air force base, philadelphia and belmar seeing milder winds. they will pick up as the day progresses. expect a breezier afternoon and certainly a breezy evening in
11:24 am
the forecast. be sure you look at the bottom of your screen for your local neighborhood forecast. your ten-day on 0 brings as a breezy afternoon. temperatures climbing into the mid 50s. mid to upper 50s by friday. low 40s, mid to low 40s and on saturday much cooler temperatures. a return to winter with overnight lows in the 20s. a sunny monday in the forecast and then trending much colder by the end of next week. >> we continue 0 monitor the departure of president trump as he heads for philadelphia for the republican retreat. one last look here at joint base andrews as air force one is ready to take off. we saw the president just moments ago board air force one as you can see, military there on hand to make sure that it gets off with no problem. we'll let you know as soon as it touches down at philly international. right now look at this live picture of the protests underway right now in center city, philadelphia. a live picture from our camera at the comcast building. we have live reporters on the groundswell. we have you covered from every
11:25 am
angle on this story. stay with us.
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11:2 and we take you back to joint base andrews. where president trump has boarded air force one. got off marine one right there, now taxiing. he was scheduled to land at philly international by 11:30. so he's significantly behind schedule. once he arrives, lands at philly international, and then he will speak at the republican retreat that has been under way at the loews hotel in center city. we'll keep you posted with live pictures of all of it. >> we will bring you his address at the loews hotel to the republicans here in philadelphia when that happens. in the meantime, let's take a live look protesters gathered in center city here to dep mon straight against both the republican retreat and the presidential visit. this is a live look at our center city camera on the ground. crowds sending a metsage about
11:29 am
the repeal and replacement of obamacare and his executive orders on immigration. both president trump and vice president pence will speak to the retreat this afternoon. british prime minister theresa may will also address the gathering today and later tonight, former super bowl champ peyton manning will speak to the retreat. live team coverage of the republican retreat in philadelphia. we are covering every angle for you from president trump's arrival to the gop agenda today to the protests that are already under way in center city. plus, we'll help you get around some of those road closures. let's begin with lauren make live in center city. a big day for philadelphia. >> reporter: yes, rosemary, we have moved down just a little bit from the last time we spoke with you. let me show you the scene we can show you now from our camera. we are on 12th street. as you can see, this is closed down. you can see the barricades and the police waiting here. the president will be going to the hotel that is just across the street from where we are.
11:30 am
that is where republican members of the house and senate have been meeting for their retreat this week. they are going to hear from him directly. they are spending these few days setting their strategy on things like obamacare and taxes and they also now are going to hear from him. one lawmaker told me he wants to hear the president's priorities and how he will then accomplish them. however, they know they are dealing with as paul ryan said this morning an unconventional presidency. here's what he told reporters. >> and i think we're going to see unconventional activities like tweets and things like that. that's something we'll all have to get used to. >> reporter: they will get to hear directly from the president and the vice president today. hear about their priorities. and then get back to work. this is day two of a three-day retreat here. they have one more day in philadelphia to hammer out things on how to replace obamacare and taxes and anything
11:31 am
else they would liking to accomplish in this session. for now, we're live in center city. i'm lauren make, "nbc10 news." thank you. here's another live look at philly international airport where they're preparing for president trump's arrival. we just saw him taxiing on his way here. this is his first trip on air force one. pretty short flight from washington, d.c. our coverage continues with pamela osborne live on the tarmac awaiting the president's arrival. >> reporter: when he gets here, we're expecting air force one to land right there. i kind of want to show you a little bit of what's going on here right now. we're sanding in the media staging area and on either side are these ladders we expect to go out to the middle of that tarmac when the president does arrive here today. we know we've been talking about other protests popping up all throughout the city. a very different scene here, really just philadelphia police, secret service agents as well as the media down here at this tarmac area.
11:32 am
there is no delegation here to greet the president when he arrives. of course, we're going to be down here monitoring that just as soon as air force one lands. we'll be sure to show you a live picture and join you back. reporting live now at philly international, pamela osborn. >> our team coverage of the republican retreat takes us now backing to center city where protesters have been gathering since about 9:00 this morning. they want to make their voices heard and send a message to the president when he arrives in town. randy gyllenhaal is following that part of the story for us. >> reporter: since we talked to you at 11:00 a.m., this crowd has grown much bigger. you're seeing maybe 25%. they're gathering across from city hall most of them protesting any kind of repeal and replace to the affordable care act organized by a local health care group. some of the signs, don't make america sick again southwest a number of other issues. this sign asking president donald trump to release histach
11:33 am
returns. we'll look at the crowd. right now speakers are talking to this crowd. eventually they'll be walking around city hall towards the loews hotel where the gop retreat is happening as well as president donald trump's visit. we're going to chat with some of the folks who came out here today. i'm joined by christina from philly. tell me specifically with the aca, what would you like to see republicans keep as they discuss this issue? >> so the provision with the fact that folks who have pre-existing conditions are able to get affordable coverage now is extremely important. we've seen that over 20 million individuals have signed up for coverage and in pennsylvania alone, 1.1 million people have benefited from having this aca coverage. >> this is sarah also from philly. what's your message to the leaders meeting as well as the president who should be arriving in the next hour? >> we have a lot of different folks out here to talk about issues, not just the aca and health care but also the announcement yesterday to strip federal funding from cities which are so-called sanctuary cities. >> like philadelphia. >> yes.
11:34 am
i am here to support the mayor to say we will remain a sanctuary city and really horrible policies coming out about restricting entry for muslims and other immigrants and refugees into this country. >> reporter: thank you. what you're seeing here is the crowd gathering outside city hall. we should mention some city counselors putting in a resolution today to support the local muslim community. police are telling me this crowd entirely peaceful so far. they're going to walk around city hall, head towards the lowe's low tell when they'll be confronted by large security presence because of the secret service as president donald trump and his motorcade make their way to this area. these protests should be going through the rest of the day. we're expecting more later this afternoon. if you're in center city, there will be traffic problems. keep an eye out for that. so far this large demonstration entirely peaceful and they'll be on the move. we'll follow them live. i'm randy gyllenhaal, "nbc10 news." quayle update you on the
11:35 am
traffic closures in a min. philadelphia isn't the only city where people have been protesting the president the last 24 hours. this video large crowd gathered in new york city yesterday inside opposition to his measures to control immigration about the president wants to build a wall along the boarder with mexico. that was one of his campaign promises and to cut federal funding for sanctuary cities like philadelphia as randy just mentioned which offer save mar bore for undocumented immigrants. meantime, seven greenpeace protest ares face charges after unveiling this banner with the word resist. this was near the white house. it could be seen from the white house. the protesters climbed a construction crane yesterday to place the banner and did not come down till after 10:00 last night. authorities say they are charged with burglary, destruction of property and unlawful entry. let's get you updated on the traffic challenges you'll face in and around center city because of the protests and the president's motorcade and when he arrives as the lowe's. >> we just saw the picture from
11:36 am
randy. you have an idea what you may be contending with if you're trying to get in and around center city. >> road closures restrictions and large gatherings of protesters will undoubtedly be affecting your traffic pattern. it's going to be very messy. let's take a look what's in place in terms of road closures that were set in place from 8:00 this morning and people have been asking when will they clear. around 6:00 this evening. 13th street between chestnut and market, market between 11th and juniper 12,th between chestnut and arch street. road closures for today's presidential visit. an ater nat would be 12th street to sanston street. left on 16th. here's another one. i marked it with a graphic over here. 12th street to chestnut street for the market street closure between 11th and juniper. there's a lot happening in center city. mass transit sending out notifications in terms of det r detours and what is closed
11:37 am
because of today's visit. market frankfurt line, the 13th street station will remain closed as, as well city trolley routes will remain closed and septa buses closed. get our app for further updates and we'll update you all morning along. >> thanks. we've been monitoring the president's movements and also watching his twitter account. he took to twitter again this morning to criticize the north american free trade agreement better known as nafta. >> he tweeted the "u.s. has a $60 billion trade deficit with mef co. it has been a one-sided deal with massive numbers of jobs and companies lost. if mexico was unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting." >> we have to stop drugs from pouring in and people from pouring into our country. we have no idea where they're from. i campaigned on the wall and it's very important. that wall will cost us nothing. >> house speaker paul ryan says
11:38 am
congress will pay for the initial construction of the wall. until mexico can pay the u.s. back. mexico's president fired back in an address to his country saying that mexico will not pay for the wall. the president is referring to his meetings scheduled next tuesday with mex koes's president. that tweet comes a day after he signed an action to jump start construction of the long promised wall. the president yesterday also signed orders to strip federal funding from so-called sanctuary sfepz we've been talking about that like philadelphia wildoes not cooperate fully with enforcement of federal immigration laws. philadelphia says, it won't won't give up its status as a sanctuary city. the mayor says it's up to congress. >> mr. trump responded to a piece written by army intelligence officer chelsea manning. he tweeted ungrateful traitor. chelsea manning never should have been released from prison. is now calling president obama a
11:39 am
weak leader. terrible. manning was canning a 35-year prison sentence for leaking classified material. he slammeds president trump in the guardian today saying president obama left few permanent accomplishments. just last week, president obama commuted manning's sentence. one of the president's top advisors is talking about his investigating voter fraud as he us the it in the last election. >> the president repetitiousedly made the claim that millions of undocumented immigrants voted costing him the popular vote. kellyanne conway says there should be an investigation. >> he's claiming that people do vote illegally that there are dead people on the roles, people here illegally and should not be on the roles. >> she talked about the plan to build the border wall and said it is necessary for the u.s. to be a sovereign nation. there is a lot to cover for you today. count on nbc10 for continuing coverage of the president's visit and his first 00 days in
11:40 am
office. get the latest updates on air, online or our nbc10 app. we'll be right back.
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and net figueroa is here to tell us why she says this one is for real. >> this one is for real. i'm so excited. we have a video the viewers can watch while we talk so they can see how this works. you'll notice the model has bags underneath his eyes and sagging. he uses a small amount on a clean dry face. >> what's the acr active ingredient. >> sill cats which are minerals found in shale rock. they take it out of the rock. it tightens and lifts the bags
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underneath your eyes. in as little as five minutes. no prescriptions, no injections and very little effort. >> watching the video. this is a real guy with real bags underneath his eyes. i did this to my father. we were at home. i had the timer on. we were screaming four minutes 34 seconds. completely gone. so you have high school reunions, events you want to go to to look younger, this is it. >> it is the real deal. >> it is the real deal. not only does it work on the bags it, works on crow's feet, fine lines and weres. it targets all those problem areas. >> this would be a daily thing or when you want to get rid of bags? your morning routine? >> it could be a daily thing. you want to have a clean dry face. use a small amount because it's powerful. apply it underneath your eyes. put your makeup on and you're good to go. >> the fact it is quick and easy and you can see the bags des appearing on these videos, it's
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really an amazing product. can the keep the college is offering something that may not make a lot of kids smile but it will make parents happy. free dental care for your child. dr. howard lassen is a cherry hill dentist who is once involved again with the program called give kids a smile. thanks for being with us. tell us what the program is all about. >> the program is give kids a smile. it is the kickoff for the month of february which is national children's health month. it is a nationwide event. it is being held throughout the united states in new jersey, there's about 140 sites. which the college is having
11:44 am
theirs as they do every year. and it's to provide dental services for children that are underserved in the united states. >> why is it so important for parents? it seems obvious. talk to us about why is it so important for parents to really stay on dental kir for their kids? >> dental care is a we believe is a very important issue. it is the number one chronic childhood disease which is dental carries. about one in four children in the united states has dental carries that are untreated. this affects many parts of their life in eating, talking, school, sleep, so it's very important they're oral health is under control and they are healthy. dental care use is one. examinations, x-rays, way of keeping them healthy is important to us for oral health. >> there are a lot of parents who say they can't afford it which is why you have events
11:45 am
like this. what are other options for parents who say i know i should be helping to take care of my child's teeth but i don't know what are the other options available. >> kenten county as in i believe other dental institutions temple university, university of pennsylvania, they all have a program for children. the county in particular is available mondays to thursdays. they have a semester, during their semester, i believe it's less expensive. i believe there's also a scale rating, too. because dental care as in most things, there's an expense to it. and it's important that the children get that care. >> but you can reach out and probably find. >> reach out, absolutely. >> dr. lessen, anxious so much for being here. i want to tell viewers about the give kids a smile event next friday. it's february 3rd at camden county college in blackwood from 9:00 to 4:00 at the dental
11:46 am
hygiene clinic. prepreventive dental services provided to children 1 and under. for morings in, we put it on our website, or check out our nbc10 app. >> thanks, tracy. the republican retreat well under way in center city, philadelphia. here's a live look at center city just outside the loews hotel near 12th and market streets. not a lot happening here because this area is shut down. heavy police presence since yesterday as the republicans have been meeting. we expect donald trump to arrive at the airport not too long from now and then he will come here to address republicans. rosemary, the rain is clearing offshore. currently we're seeing a mix of sun and clouds. 46 degrees southerly at five miles per hour. expect a breezy afternoon. more "nbc10 news" after the break.
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now, your nbc10 first alert weather. >> i'm first alert meteorologist erica mar teen. a live look outside at the loews hotel the wind starts to kick up. conditions right now are dry. that rain is clearing offshore. be sure to look at the bottom of the screen for your local forecast. here is our half hour satellite and radar loop. the back edge of the showers and clearing from west to east of those clouds, as well. we will start to see more sunshine in the works. philadelphia right now we're seeing temperatures in the low to mid 40s. in fact, we're seeing a kickup in the winds, 13 miles per hour as the southwest.
11:50 am
by 1:00 p.m., 52 degrees. mostly cloudy to cloudy skies. 20 miles per hour westerly winds. we're talking about sustained win speeds by 4:00 p.m., 50 degrees, 21-mile-per-hour wind speeds. your neighborhood forecast, temperatures bob normal for this time of year. that's the big story right now. we'll be cooling down by friday night into the saturday. medford current temperature 47 degrees. lumberton at 46 along with shi among, coil field also seeing mid 40s. piney hollow 48 and florence 47 and robbinsville 1 degree cooler right now at 46 degrees. as we look at our jersey shore temperatures, dennis township at 50 along with woodbine, along with mace landing at 48. summer's point 49 and holgate currently at 46 degrees. and neighborhoods in delaware also seeing mild temperatures right now. with a break in those showers in fact a break in the clouds soon enough. you are currently at 50 degrees.
11:51 am
glasgow 49. greenville 46. lincoln 54 degrees and notice we're seeing a shift in winds. we were seeing west southerlies, now southwesterlies. bridgeville at 54. georgetown 57 and milton currently at 5 degrees. with millsboro one degree warmer at 56 for you. your ten-day forecast has a lot going on. after today, we'll see a cooldown in the works. temperature more seasonable for this time of year. for this afternoon, i do have a breezy thursday. second half of the day. temperatures topping out at 56 degrees. overnight low thursday into friday. we're seeing mainly 30s. by friday, we cool down into the mid 40s. this is about right this time of year. dry, partly cloudy skies, partly cloudy for saturday. 42 degrees. notice friday into saturday, the overnight low 27 degrees. getting much colder there especially for the overnight lows. saturday into sunday, we're going to keep it in the 20s overnight and sunday into monday. monday looks like it's going to be a chilly day.
11:52 am
we have plenty of sunshine in the works and the winds will be mild thankfully because temperatures will be only in the 30s. by tuesday, 42 degrees along with wednesday. a mix of sun and clouds. we're seeing thirst thursday, friday and saturday. we very well could see a spot shower moving in on sunday. right now i'm going to go with mostly cloudy skies. temperatures in the 40s with mild winds. more news coming up after the break.
11:53 am
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here is another live look at demonstrations under way in center city right now. this is from our camera atop the comcast building. let's check in one more time with nbc's randy gyllenhaal speaking with the demonstrators in center city gathered there since 9:00 this morning. randy? >> reporter: mos rather -- they've been here across from city hall for about an hour. this is a number of them waving this large banner as they begin to start making their march. that should happen shortly we're told around city hall and towards the loews hotel where president donald trump will be arriving. i want to chat -- what's your name. >> terry keen. >> from bucks county. this is your first demonstration since back during the vietnam war. >> yes, i went to washington for the vietnam war. >> what brought you out today? why did you come out today?
11:56 am
>> i think whether you're a republican or a democrat, you would like donald trump to show his taxes. i mean, we all have to, you know -- >> taxes are the big issue for you. i've seen that sign a number of places. also health care we're told from a lot of people. this march organized by health care folks. we'll have this live for you throughout the day. send it back to you day. >> thank you president trump is on his way to philadelphia in the hour. he's in the air. here's a live look at philly international waiting the president's arrival set to touchdown around 12:020. about an hour behind schedule. he's making his first trip outside washington, d.c. since taking the oath of office. we'll go to the republican retreat in center city. we have just learned now that the mexican president has officially canceled his meeting with the president next week. the president hinted at canceling, as well. count on nbc10 for continuing coverage of the president's visit and his first 100 days in office. when president trump speaks,
11:57 am
we'll bring you that live. updates on air, online and our nbc10 app. >> "days of our lives"" can be seen on cozy. have a great day.
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