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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 27, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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now 41 in the suburbs and new jersey and lehigh valley is at 40 degrees. clouds will linger for most of the day in the lehigh valley. might see a little bit of sunshine at 9:00. clouds blowing in at 41 degrees at lunchtime. don't expect to see any wet weather today. we'll be in and out of clouds. temperatures will climb in philadelphia after they come down a little bit. 42 now. drops into the 30s. back into the low 40s at 11:00. 17-mile-an-hour winds at 11:00. those winds will be present right on through this afternoon. so we'll be in the 40s for most of the day. 45 degrees in philadelphia. 43 in the suburbs. middle 40s for new jersey at the shore. also in the 40s, there it is. 44 degrees. little bit windier at the shore. winds will deliver clouds for lehigh valley and later in the afternoon in delaware. take a look at forecast hour by hour with the future cast when i come back in ten minutes. first see how the traffic is moving on friday morning with francesca ruscio.
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>> it's moving. since wednesday morning we did get a report about a sinkhole. marked it with graphic. we're starting to see closure still hanging on. alternates for the local commuters as well as anyone traveling out and about in that area. so again, this is until cheltenham at brook and argyle road. si sinkhole reported. connector bridge still closed until further notice. take exit 359. towards burlington bristol bridge. when i come back, we'll take a look at the majors. 6:01. new from overnight. police investigating an accident in which one of their own officers was hurt. cruiser and another car collided earlier this morning. officer is being treated for head and neck pain. the other driver was not injured. this morning, republicans in
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congress will wrap up annual retreat in philadelphia. >> this as thousands of demonstrators hit the streets last night to make voices heard. >> nbc 10 pamela osborne live for nus center city this morning to explain more of what happened. >> reporter: good morning. retreat is going to end with a breakfast that scheduled to kick off at 8:00 this morning right here at the loews hotel. gop leaders wrapping things up today. we know president donald trump and vice president mike pence were in town yesterday and this was the scene across the city.  thousands of demonstrators hit the staetreets. some making way to police barricade outside of the loews hotel. when mr. trump did speak, he said something mayor jim kenny responded to late last night. >> here in philadelphia, murder rate has been steady. terribly increased. did digging and while there are ten more murders this year than this time last year, the
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murder count in 2016 was one of the lowest in the past ten years. >> i think it's also pretty sad when the president of the united states is denigrating police officer who is put their life on the line every day. >> prime minster of the uk at times saluting mr. trump for his vision, but also reminding the gop of the u.s.'s responsibility around the world. >> you can hear more of the president's speech in philadelphia plus see more images of the rally right now on and free nbc 10 app. engineer and train derailment that killed 8 people two years ago is suing amtrak. brandon boston seeking more than $50 million. amtrak failed to address reports that people were throwing projectiles at trains.
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investigators did conclude boston train was never hit by a projectile. instead found he was distracted by reports a nearby train had been hit. document reveals new details about last april's amtrak crash in chester that killed two maintenance workers. new documents say the engineers tested positive for marijuana. also shows the track would have been out of service was not used. nbc 10 spoke with attorney representing one worker's family. >> while the developments are new t death remains raw and painful for his family. these are folks who loved each other, who cared for him and he cared for them. >> in a statement, amtrak says, quote, drug use in the workplace is not acceptable and not tolerated. one employee testing positive for drugs or alcohol is too many. amtrak adds it's reinforcing drug testing program. jersey shore police chief is
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taken to social media to warn parents about changes to a state law that could affect their kid's safety. richard busby posted rare warning about a sex offender in the community. post went of wednesday after 20-year-old christopher wilson was released from jail. arrested for allegedly offering a 12-year-old girl a video game system in exchange for sexual favors. judge allowed wilson to go free after just a week under the state's new bail reform law. >> it's ridiculous. i don't tuns system. >> the people in this community again look to us for safety and guidance. if i can't provide that, then i can't do my job. >> the chief says he cannot officially name the previously convicted sex offender because the man is appealing status under megan's law. process could take months to finish. >> 21 school districts in new jersey report they have elevated
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levels of lead in drinking water. the state education department has now released names of those schools. last year governor chris christie and legislature approved $10 million for lead testing. schools have until july to complete the testing. today former pennsylvania mayor will learn if he will spend time in prison. sentencing hearing will take place for steven reid. pleaded guilty to gathering wild west artifacts he bought with public money for a museum that was never built. seven term democrat lost after drawing criticism for money he spent on the related items. almost 6:10. on your friday morning. let's take a look outside. this is a beautiful shot. not bad, right, on this friday morning. little bit after six. blue cross river rink. >> may be packed a little bit later on today. meteorologist has the most accurate forecast in town. it's going the be easier to
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keep the ice frozen over the coming days. the temperatures in the 50s last couple of days, not repeating today. there's a chilly wind blowing this morning. live view from philadelphia. already seen the winds gusting more than 20 miles an hour. allentown more than 30 miles an hour. 29-mile-an-hour wind gusts at this hour. now wilmington is getting 31 mile an hour wind gusts. temperatures in the 40s. making for a cold morning to start with. sunshine we'll see some of that this afternoon. we'll still get the winds this afternoon at the shore right now gusting to 18 miles an hour in wildwood. windchills, feels like temperatures are now below freezing for allentown. pottstown and redding down to 33 degrees. wilmington feels like 31. feels like middle 30s. a cold breezy morning at the bus stop. it's going be a chilly wind. 30s for allentown, quakertown. wilmington, see sunshine. along with philadelphia.
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cloudy skies going to persist for most of the day in the lehigh valley. berks county. redding 34 degrees at 8:00 this morning. see a few snowflakes trying to develop. just a flurry is possible. those are on the move. that's the wind blowing them through. the more impressive showers are to the west. not going the make it over the hills if you want to see snow falling. looks like you're going to have to hit the road. central and western pennsylvania. it's going the be cold enough for snow. today, 41 degrees. the temperatures are not going to move much. steady winds. even though we'll see sunshine this morning. the winds will hold the temperatures into the 40s this afternoon. and as we go into the afternoon, there will be more clouds around. mostly cloudy skies in millville. 41 in allentown. redding mostly cloudy skies. clouds thin out this evening and the cold ir air finally starts moving in. will be freezing at redding at
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9:00 this evening and down to 35 degrees in philadelphia. you'll feel that cold wind blowing. even this evening for parts of the area. chilly weather and temperatures in the 40s for philadelphia this afternoon. the wind blowing in the suburbs and we'll send clouds in late in the day. that's a better chance of clouds blowing into the lehigh valley. 39 degrees this afternoon. the delaware forecast is looking sunny to start with. 38 degrees at 9:00. low 40s at 1:00. the wind will still be blowing in the afternoon. that's when the clouds will move into the area. new jersey, sunshine and 37 degrees at 9:00. then to very low 40s this afternoon. typical for january. at the shore, see sunshine well into the afternoon. late in the day start to see some clouds. take a look at the ten day on ten. show you when you can expect to see snowflakes in our area when the colder air arrives. >> see you shortly. thanks bill. just about 10 minutes past 6:00 on this friday. time of morning we start to see traffic pick up.
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one more day until the weekend. >> get through it. francesca is here to help you get around. absolutely. we did get a report of road closure. down utility pole. starting to see yellow. once we see yellow and red, it's going if be because of this road closure on route nine between  zion and tillson road. we do have accident in lower pottsgrove. hasn't cleared. charlotte street and maugersville road. most of the majors in new jersey. 295 turnpike and 42 freeway. accident free at this hour. when we come back, going to take a look at majors as well as schuylkill expressway. southbound traffic on 95. katie, back over to you. >> thanks. buyer be ware, that's the lesson a local mother learned after she
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bought travel insurance. just ahead, nbc responds shares her story and why reading the fine print could have saved her a lot of money. good morning, matt delucia live at convention center. philly auto show starts tomorrow. head to the year to show you the cars of the future. back to the future dlor yan. also check out other cool vehicles. if this isn't your cup of tea want to buy another car. tell you the top three tips to consider.
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we'll be seeing plenty of new innovations at the pennsylvania convention center. matt delucia live for us this morning. driving a car of his own. not sure i want to buy that one. >> reporter: this is probably the only thing i can afford. the golf cart. can't afford the vehicles we've seen here all morning. at the philly auto show. opening tomorrow 9:00 a.m. see all sorts of new cars that you can get, now and cars you can get in the future. see the technology out there. giving you a look at the floor. this isn't open to the flick just yet. got the black tie tailgate coming up later on tonight. right now talking about really cool things here about, you know, if you want to buy a car, what can you do and what should you think about right now. >> well, the first tip i'm going give you come to the auto show. here you'll see toyota booth. right next to honda booth. you don't have to drive from dealership to dealership.
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you're going to literally walk from display to display to see the cars you want to see. take a look at camry right here. some of the tips you want to look at, first of all, what is your budget. seems like a simple thing. budget is important obviously. you want to spend the money on things important to you. want an exterior look on your car. great. technology package because you listen to music when you drive to work. multiple ways to listen to music. driving kids around. want to upgrade. blind spot avoidance, things like that. >> all cool things to think about. opening tomorrow at nine. get down here, stays open until february 5. got time to come out here to pennsylvania convention center. so if you're in the market for a car, go ahead and do it. i'm going to get back in my fair one here. this little golf cart. see you later. live after the pa -- oh, this died. it died. roadside. i killed the only car i was able to drive. >> we're going to wrap you right now, matt.
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thanks for that. see you later. 6:16. 42 degrees. now to border battle. president donald trump continues to spar with mexico's president of the border wall. issue mr. trump addressed during his speech in philadelphia yesterday. fight is over mr. trump's campaign promise. wall on the u.s. mexico border. proposal that could cost as much as $15 billion to build. president trump insists mexico will pay for it. mexico says the docountry will t agree to that. yesterday the president scrapped a plan to white house. also president trump said that was a mutual decision. >> unless mexico is going to treat the united states fairly, with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless and i want to go a different route. yesterday the president floated
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the idea of 20% import tax to pay for wall. that would mean american consumers would be footing the bill. possibly in the form of higher prices on cars, produce, and alcohol. about ten minutes before 6:30. before was get to weather, update you on traffic. >> francesca ruscio watching cameras for us. rosemary, katy, king of prussia area. not a whole lot happening right now. doing okay on route 202 and also looking at the rest of the majors. new jersey and schuylkill expressway and two mornings ago we got a report of sinkhole in cheltenh cheltenham. marked it with graphic. still affecting traffic in and out of the area. legal commuters and people traveling about in cheltenham here's a good alternative. where you're starting to see red, indicates still affecting
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traffic. very hazardous road conditions in cheltenham. take a look at 95. southbound travel times from wood haven to vine. still doing good. now let's check in with meteorologist bill henley. the most accurate forecast in the region. bill? cold start in camelback mountain area. wind is blowing. look at flag. watching for a few snow flurries. take a wide view of this camera shot so you can see the whole thing. there you go. not a sign of any flurries right now. snow showers really not far away. the clouds, they're making the lehigh valley and the suburbs, philadelphia, as well. those clouds that have prevented really cold air from taking ahold this morning. 40s right now. lehigh valley and suburbs. 42 degrees in philadelphia. delaware, you're 41. and south jersey, 40 degrees,
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nobody is really cold. all in the low 40s. north, princeton at 39 degrees. florence in the low 40s. we will see sunshine today, but not expecting a big warmup. that's because the wind will be blowing. it's blowing off of some colder air that is to the west. producing snow. even into the midwest. this snow is trying to move our way. trying to blow into the area, but really not going to reach us. might be a flurry or two. that's it. mostly see clouds at times this morning and this afternoon. a few more clouds that will be blowing through as the winds will be with us all day long. the temperature trend is getting back to winter after a couple days in the 50s today. 45 degrees. it's colder for saturday and sunday. even colder next week. the normal high temperature is 41 degrees. we're going to spend days below the normal temperatures, but it's going to be mainly dry. no sign of any wet weather for
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friday, saturday, sunday. monday might see a flurry. mainly cloudy and 36 degrees. colder than normal on monday. colder than normal on tuesday. and cold enough for a few flurries on wednesday. drive for the rest of the workweek is next weekend. i'm watching for chance of snow late on saturday. wintery mix possible sunday and an ex weekend even colder than this weekend. first weekend in february. high temperatures in the 30s. >> 6:21 right now. number in the billions. that's how much officials with the school district say they need to repair school building. just ahead breaking down what the money would go to. how many schools need the work. plus, the president. explain why new jersey lawmaker is asking president trump and congress not to ban a popular moneymaker for the state.
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concerned the trump administration could get rid of online gambling in new jersey. asking the president and congress not to ban internet gaming in the state. trump's nominee for attorney general, jeff sessions, say head would like to look closer at the ruling that cleared the way for online gambling in new jersey, delaware, and nevada. atlantic city casinos had benefitted from online gambling. quick thinking 911 dispatcher in north carolina saved a woman after someone locked her in the truck of a moving car. >> i'm inside of a car trunk. >> they talked briefly then the phone got disconnected. dispatchers could not reach her so one of them decided to text her from hisuvef cell phone. he found out the type of car she was in. and where she thought the driver was going. eventually police spotted the car. rescued the woman and arrested the driver. >> it was the only way i know
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would not get her in trouble. >> this is a prime example of technology being used to the fullest at someone's greatest time of need. >> those officials say 911 centers need to add the ability to receive and send text messages. so they can better respond to situations like this. good morning, everyone. francesca ruscio here. giving the blue route love. looking at it from baltimore pike. headed northbound from the boulevard southbound from 95. have to catch a flight at philadelphia international airport, you will not run into any problems or delays. we're doing pretty well in travel speeds in the 60s. when i come back take a look at the rest of the majors. first a check of on weather. chilly wind is blowing. see the banners moving in the wind. 42 degrees. not all that cold for this time of year. windchill is a factor. feels like temperatures are in the 30s.
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forecast hour by hour for your neighborhood just ahead. plus up in the trees. may not look like it, but this macaw needs to be rescued from there. tell you about a pretty extensive team toefeffort to tr bring him down.
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right now on nbc 10 news today. making their voice heard. thousands took the street to philadelphia to demonstrate during the republican retreat that wraps up today. setting the record straight. that's what mayor jim kenny says he's doing following the president's remark on the murder rate. in need of repair. schools need a lot of it. just how much it will take to make all the fixes. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm katy zachary. 630 right now on this friday.
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just a little bit cooler today than we've seen. >> enough to notice. >> it is. meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate forecast in the region. bill, fill us in. >> wind making it feel could r cold this morning. feels like temperatures 35 in philadelphia. feels like 19 in the poconos mountains and blow freezing for wilmington. actual temperatures really not that bad. low 40s for suburbs in new jersey. 42 in lehigh valley. 41 now in wilmington. see some sunshine this morning. temperatures still falling at this hour. down to 38 degrees at 8:00. back to low 40s with sunshine at 11:00 this morning. notice the wind. right now 25 mile an hour wind. won't be quite as strong, but we could see gusts about 20 miles an hour at those hours. this mpb, the wind will persist. see sunshine and see clouds blowing through the area. the temperatures will climb right back to 40s. warmer without the wind, but the
6:32 am
wind looks like it's going to be around for the weekend too. break these down hour by hour to show you how the temperatures moves through the day in your neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. first, it's friday morning. let's see how the traffic is moving with an update from first alert traffic center. slowdown begins. watching 95. this is southbound traffic where you see headlights. very slow going towards center city. traveling from woodhaven to vine going to take you 20 minutes if we're lucky. we saw that accident that hasn't cleared yet in lower pottsgrove. not affecting traffic with that area so far just yet. now let's take a look at this road closure. on route 9 between zion road because of downed utility poll. seeing green. once we start to see yellow and red, it's going be because of
6:33 am
this downed utility pole with this road closure. today three day republican retreat in philadelphia comes to a close. this as demonstrators marched in the streets last night. nbc 10 pamela osborne live for us in center city with the details of what happened last night and what's to come this morning before they leave town. hi, ham. >> reporter: good morning. in an hour and a half, begin working breakfast. it's one of the last things they're doing today. it will likely take place with a much quieter backdrop than we saw yesterday. this is the scene across the city as president donald trump and vice president mike pence were in the loews hotel speaking to republicans. just outside of the loews hotel inside republican lawmakers talked health care and national
6:34 am
security. also heard from uk prime minster theresa may. he's saluted mr. trump for his vision, but added this. >> so we, our two countries together, have a responsibility to lead. because when others set up as we step back, it is bad for america, for britain reasonab, world. >> reporter: yesterdayos's demonstrations were peaceful. we checked in. no arrests. just one civil citation. 6:34. 42 degrees outside. later today, tens of thousands of people converge on washington for the march for life. more than 3,000 people will be among them. march organizers held a youth rally yesterday to get ready. today the marchers will protest the 45th anniversary of the roe
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v. wade decision legalizing abortion. vice president mike pence will be among those speaking. >> it wouldn't be the first time mr. pence has come to the march for life. he is just a stour on these issues. begins on the grounds of washington monument. ends with a march to supreme court. 6:45. 42 degrees outside. wants to set the record straight in response to president trump's remarks about crime in philadelphia. yesterday the president said the city's murder rate has been on the rise, but police statistics show despite a small increase this year, the 2015 murder count dropped to third lowest in the last decade. mayor kenny's says the president's claim undermine the hard work of police. crews had filled in most of this sinkhole that threatened a neighborhood in montgomery county. yesterday sky force ten over broken argyle road in glenside where the hole was covered up. this all started when the ground
6:36 am
gave way wednesday morning. nearly swallowed a pickup truck. residents who lost water service because of the sinkhole are now being advised to boil drinking water. exotic bird spending another morning outside in wilmington. >> come on freddie. come on. >> macaw named freddie escaped from owner's house last week. has been flying from tree to tree. tree service company donated their bucket truck to help catch the bird yesterday, but when someone got too close, freddie flew to another branch. >> because he doesn't know how to fly downward, he's been flying around in circles and landing in the tops of trees. >> freddie has never been outside before his escape. owner is worried about how freddie will cope with colder temperatures this weekend so he'll try to rescue him again today. now take you state by state and county by county for look at
6:37 am
stories across our area. moving to glossucester coun. in south jersey today, lawmakers and leaders from department of veterans affairs will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony at new va outpatient clinic in vineland. also discuss how they're improving services for veterans in cumberland county. today cdc advisory community will announce plan to help reduce violence in wilmington. six key recommendations how the city can improve services to help keep kids safe. the future may be in doubt for some pennsylvania state colleges. officials say they're reviewing the state university system and could result in the merger or closure of 14 campuses. problems include enrollment and
6:38 am
financial challenges. >> few minutes after 6:30 now. if you haven't stepped outside yet. might want to add an extra layer. really chilly outside. >> really lucky the past couple of days. something tells me that's about to change because it's still winter. >> something or someone. meteorologist bill henley is here with your first alert neighborhood forecast. >> it's a colder morning. feels colder this morning. wind is blowing in cape may. see it's blowing clouds into cape may. getting closer to sunrise this morning. it's 40 degrees at cape may. wind blowing it feels like 32 degrees right now. so that wind, that's going be a factor all day long for us today. the wind is now 25 miles an hour in wilmington. 20 in allentown. wind at the shore increasing through the day. temperature right now 42 degrees with a 14-mile-an-hour wind. drop a little bit more. get sunshine to start with. look at windchill. 31 degrees. feel like below freezing in philadelphia at 8:00. 10:00 not a whole lot warmer
6:39 am
this afternoon. temperatures will rebound into the 40s. windchills will stay in the 30s. suburbs 37 degrees right now. we'll get sunshine this morning. clouds will blow into the area this afternoon. look what it does to temperature. 41 will feel like 32 degrees during the early afternoon hours. lehigh valley, in for more clouds. get some breaks of sunshine this morning. then mostly cloudy this afternoon. the wind is delivering clouds off of snow showers that are to the west. don't expect to see the snow showers. get some clouds in the lehigh valley. new jersey, some scattered clouds right now. 38 degrees at 8:00. feels like 29 degrees at that hour. and it will be in the low 40s at noontime. the wind make it feel like 33 degrees. the shore, windchill will be a f factor even this afternoon. 34 feels like at 2:00. actually temperatures in the low 40s. sunshine in delaware. just scattered clouds now.
6:40 am
25-mile-an-hour wind. giving us windchill at 8:00 of 30 degrees. just a couple degrees warmer by noontime. the windchill will feel like 33, but the actual temperature in 42 degrees. what you won't see is any snow for our area this weekend. may change next weekend. look at that with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten. >> bill, thank you for that news. all right. 20 minutes before 7:00 right now. francesca ruscio has been watching traffic for us. start us off on sinkhole we mentioned earlier in the area of that neighborhood. right in montgomery county. i have an alternate. especially driving out of that area. very hazardous for local commuters. see the sinkhole reported two mornings ago, alternate would be station after church road. willow grove avenue still pretty good. we're starting to see yellow where we see yellow or red. means slow going traffic. green looks pretty good so far. this is in cheltenham.
6:41 am
accident came into my report. not affecting traffic in the area with this graphic where it's marked. now let's take a look at another accident. green lane. seeing accidents pop up everywhere. upper ridge road and main street. no reported problems or delays. when we come back, take a look at schuylkill. 95 southbound. starting to see typical morning volume build up everywhere. 6:41. billions of dollars. new report on philadelphia's schools says that's how much it will take to make all the repairs to building across the city. just ahead, breaking down exactly what the money would be used for and what the report is saying about a third of all schools in the city. ahead on nbc 10 responds. read the fine print. that's the lesson this local mother learned after she brought travel insurance. we'll explain what happened to her just ahead. you have cancer,
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low 40s this morning. meteorologist bill henley will be back in just minutes with the neighborhood forecast. quarter to seven now. school district of philadelphia says it needs close to $5 billion to fix aging buildings across the city. new report from the district outlines more than 12,000 repairs that need to be done. district officials say the most urgent needs are for heating and cooling systems and electrical service. >> according to reports, r about a third of city schools need so much work that engineers are recommending that some of them close. moving to delaware now, the mayor of dover is combatting homelessness by forming a null commission. made up of 14 members from city and state government and nonprofit. it will first look at what the city is doing right; then work
6:46 am
to figure out what else it can do. the mayor said there can be as many as 100 homeless people in dover on any given fight. getting a count of how many people are homeless in that can city. that number will be available in march. earlier this week, volunteers in camden did the same thing. in today's nbc 10 responds, a warning about what's covered and what's not covered when you buy travel insurance. >> nbc 10 responds spoke with a woman who learned the hard way. reporter harry hara ston shows you what to look for. >> i am one happy mom. >> while she was pregnant, she booked a trip to visit family in atlanta. >> i decided to just get the travel insurance just in case. >> she bought the trip and insurance through travelocity. a company called aon. when she told her doctor about
6:47 am
the trip, she had concerns about the zika virus. >> she took the doctors advice and decided not to go. she first contacted travelocity which told her she had to go through the insurance company. she tells us she did. filling out a claim form to cancel the trip. including this doctor's note. she got this response from aon. >> my claim was denied because it was my choice not to go to georgia. >> we reached out to aon which told us cancelling the trip due to the fear of something happening, zika or otherwise, would only be covered with a cancel for any reason provision, which she did not have. so even with the doctor's note, she could not get back her money. >> i have a healthy baby boy so that's all that matters. >> harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. >> aon urges and so do we that you read terms of coverage. make sure it fits your situation.
6:48 am
we read through the policy and says normal pregnant is not covered, but sickness and injury is. >> this particular policy was nine pages of paperwork, but it's important to read through if you need to submit a claim in the future. if you have a claim. let us know. the best ways to reach us are right there on your screen. we will respond to you. h here's a live look outside. pretty sky right there. the stun is slowly coming up. expect more wind today as temperatures take a little bit of a dip. meteorologist bill henley has the details. >> blowing clouds into the area. cold winds blowing. temperatures not that bad. in the low 40s. wind is going to make it feel colder all day long. gusty winds blow clouds through the area. will get some breaks of sunshine. then it turns koeltder with mostly clear skies tonight. turning colder means dropping
6:49 am
into the 30s and see that just below freezing for much of the area tomorrow morning. right now, the wind is at 17 miles an hour in philadelphia. windy for allentown, wilmington, especially 25 mile an hour winds. and winds reach the shore too. blowing some clouds through the area and keeping the chill with us all day long. there you see 40s for wilmington, northeast philadelphia. dropped to 30s. once you factor in wind, feels like temperatures, the colder temperatures in the poconos what we're all feeling this morning. 31 is what it feels like with 25-mile-an-hour winds in wilmington. koemd start. and it's going to be cold through the day. temperature in the feels like during the day. temperatures will drop into the 30s to start with and then back into the 40s in the afternoon. thanks to the wind blowing all day, it's going to feel like it's in the 30s at best during the day today. clouds at times blowing in off of these snow showers that are essential in western pennsylvania.
6:50 am
not expecting to see snow in our area. flurry is possible, but most of the time going to be dry. we will get cold and wind and that's what you're going to feel through the day today and into tonight. other than that, nationwide, no storms coming at us. not until late next week. the weekend well it's back to normal winter cold. 40s for saturday. exception of the lehigh valley saturday and sunday. both days see enough sunshine to warmup after cold mornings. low 30s on saturday. lower 20s in some of the suburbs on sunday. then, next week, it gets a bit colder. gusty winds today. a little bit breezy into the late afternoon hours and this evening as well. look a lot that 31 degrees tomorrow morning. and sunday morning 28 degrees. both days back into the low 40s in the afternoon. colder for monday. a few flurries possible monday and wednesday, but the cold stays with us into next weekend. in fact, next weekend going be colder with clouds coming in. chance of light snow late saturday and wintery mix next
6:51 am
sunday. >> ten until 7:00 right now. morning rush starting to pick up. >> definitely is. first alert traffic reporter has a look at 95. >> katy, rosemary, bumper to bumper on 9. yo you can tell this is southbound. where you see taillights over there. southbound travel speeds have diminished into the 30s. traveling from woodhaven to vine going to take you 22 minutes. bumper to bumper. really starting to pick up. happy friday. accident lower maron. belmont avenue and jefferson street. looking over at the schuylkill expressway. i marked it. we are going to hit two birds with one stone. eastbound travel speeds from the schuylkill have diminished into the 20s. 30s for 95. starting to see typical morning volume start to pile up. over in north jersey. looking at road closure on route nine between zion street.
6:52 am
now we're looking at closure because of downed utility pole. still pretty goon. hasn't affected traffic flow just yet. going to be watching this headed towards 7:00 hour. when i come back, take a look at rest of majors. coming up on nbc 10 today. philadelphia going hollywood. >> that's right. kevin hart movie right here in his home city. how this could affect your commute from center city.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
we have new details on this deadly incident on the new jersey turnpike involving a 50 pound dumbbell that smashed through a car windshield.
6:56 am
found no evidence it was a deliberate act. not sure where the dumbbell came from. 75-year-old jack died tuesday night. two weeks after the dumbbell hit windshield in se lem county. pharmaceutical company is cutting 90 full-time positions including some at maelbourne location. more lay you've layoffs. more than 330 employees will lose jobs when the facility closes this summer. vineland's mayor says right now the city is talking with several companies that could move into the site. changes are coming to philadelphia's historic betsy ross house. >> landmark is launching widow's bed chamber project. you can experience when you visit the old shop. could be in place by the end of the year. new exhibit called historic
6:57 am
thread. 250 years of flag making in philadelphia. a few minutes before 7:00. here are some of the stories we'll be following today. section of center city will feel a little more like hollywood today. kevin hart has a new movie filming here. hart will not be onset today. the movie crew will be in town. road closures. shoot is happening on market street and jfk boulevard between 16 skpth 20th street. septa will be detouring buses around the filming. go to to get the full list of detours and closures. music fans learn the lineup for firefly. >> tickets go on sale a few hours later. four day event begins june 15. good morning, everyone.
6:58 am
frances francesca, watching eastbound traffic on route 422. starting to see slower bumper-to-bumper traffic traveling from eastbound to schuylkill expressway. do expect a little delays. not all that bad. doing okay in the other direction as well. so again that's over at route 422. still have bridge closure at the new jersey connector bridge. still remains closed until further notice. all morning long talking about alternates. i would recommend an alternate. burlington bristol has been popular lately. let's take a look. travel speeds starting to diminish into the 30s. starting from woodhaven. take you 22 minutes northbound. going to be the opposite. doing pretty good. towards woodhaven, 13 minutes. when i come back, looking at the rest of the majors. happy friday. just a minute before 7. we've got clouds blowing into the area so the view from easton this morning is going to be a mostly cloudy day in easton.
6:59 am
meantime, hoping beaches on track for sunshine this morning. need it too. the wind the blowiis blowing th feels like temperature 31 degrees. cold all around. feels like 20 in the poconos. 32 with the wind and vineland. feels like 34 in philadelphia. actual temperatures not that bad. if you can get into a sheltered area from the wind, 39 degrees in the lehigh valley. new jersey is at 40 degrees. we will see some breaks of sunshine. the temperatures will climb into the 40s, but we're not going to clear out completely. with the wind blowing that 45 will feel like 36 degrees this afternoon in philadelphia. the suburbs 43 degrees. and middle 40s for new jersey even at the shore. the winds will get a little bit gustier during the day. and it turns a bit colder this weekend. real cold as you can see by seven day at the bottom of screen arrives next week. don't forget, always get first alert forecast on the go on today's 101.1 more fm.
7:00 am
>> going to start to feel a little more like winter. >> back to winter. all right. thanks for joining us. local updates throughout the morning. good morning. showdown. president trump and mexico's president locked in a fiery spat over who will foot the bill for that border wall. >> the american people will not pay for the wall. >> the mexican president cancelling a planned white house meeting. this morning, we'll be joined by the former mexican leader who famously said this about the controversy -- >> i'm not going to pay for that [ bleep ] wall. making history. mike pence set to become the first sitting vice president to attend the annual pro-life march in washington today. tens of thousands expected. has the new administration reenergized the


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