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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  January 27, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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breaking news. we've got the latest on an announcement that's putting the brakes on a cycling tradition in philadelphia. >> it's mayday in washington as president trump gets ready for his first official visit from a foreign leader. we tell you about the pooch taking fetch to a whole new level. nbc 10 breaking news. >> let's get to that breaking news. putting the brakes on a philadelphia cycling tradition. organizers of the philadelphia international cycling classic announced that they have canceled this year's race. good morning i'm katy zachry. >> i'm rosemary connors. organizers at the philadelphia international cycling classic tell nbc 10 that the race is taking a break this year. it's usually held in june. runs about 124 miles and
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includes the infamous mant young wall. they were unable to secure the $1 million in funding. organizers tell us not enough sponsors came forward. it's been sponsored by different banks and local companies. usa cycling officials say this event had been a cornerstone of their race schedule. they hope the city will bring it back in the future. we'll keep you posted on this. today, president trump will have his first meeting with a foreign leader since taking office. britain prime minister's is in -- >> theresa may visited arlington national cemetery in virginia and laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. thee spoke to republican leaders here yesterday. tracie potts has more on what's ahead. >> british prime minister theresa may visits the white house this afternoon after telling republicans in
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philadelphia she wants a trade deal and international cooperation with the u.s. >> on america's a strong and prosperous at home is a nation that can lead abroad. but you cannot and should not do so alone. >> today's meeting with britain could boost the new administration's foreign policy after mexico's president canceled next week's visit. refusing to pay for a border wall. >> unless mexico is going to treat the united states fairly, with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless. >> mr. trump faced protests as he left republicans in philadelphia. to pay for the wall, the 5d mrgs pitched a 20% tax on goods from mexico, auto parts, fruits and vegetables, alcohol. >> we want those avocados, those auto parts, those tomatoes, so we have to pay for them. >> mexico's former president digging in. >> trump has brought back a very strong mexican spirit and we're
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ready for the trade war. >> president trump saying this morning that mexico has taken advantage of the u.s. for long enough. >> just this morning, confirmed there will be a phone call between president trump and russian president vladimir putin tomorrow. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. staying in washington, tens of thousands of people are converging on d.c. this morning for the annual march for life. this year, abortion opponents have a renewed sense of momentum following president trump's election. vice president mike pence will become the first sitting vice president to speak at this annual gathering in person. presidential adviser kellyanne conway is scheduled to give a peach. more than 3,000 people will be there to hear it as will tens of thousands of others from around the country. students boarded buses in philadelphia to head to that march in washington. archbishop is also traveling to the march. one woman has been going to the
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march for the past 35 years. she's thrilled to see so many young people making the trip. >> they know how important it is and i'm willing at my age to still think it's important. >> the march is held every year on the anniversary of the u.s. supreme court's 1973 roe v. wade decision legalizing abortion nationwide. this morning the republican retreat will be wrapping up in philadelphia. it comes a day after president trump addressed gop members of congress in center city. nbc 10's pamela osborn is following all of the events at the retreat. >> reporter: it's been an eventful past few days. we're at 30th street station. we heard there was a planned demonstration to take place here as lawmakers get ready to leave philadelphia. i'm going to step out of the way and show you. so far there's been one person walk up and go around the other side of the building with a sign. you can see the police presence here right now.
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thousands of demonstrators filled the streets yesterday and marched through the city. at one point we saw someone burning an american flag. some of those demonstrators found their way to the police barricade outside of the loews hotel where inside republicans talked health care and national security with our new commander in chief. president donald trump and vice president mike pence addressed lawmakers as well as britain's prime minister theresa may. >> we're here now because tens of millions of americans have placed their hopes in us to transfer power from washington, d.c. and give it back to the people. >> reporter: britain's prime minister had a scheduled meeting with president trump today. she's hoping the two of them can build an alliance moving forward. coming up when i see you at 11:30 we'll let you know what her message was to the gop yesterday. we'll keep an eye on this planned demonstration at 30th street station. reporting live in center city,
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i'm pamela osborne nbc 10 news. 43 degrees outside. definitely chilly enough for a hat. pamela osborne is doing this morning. it's a little windy and making it feel colder. this is a live look over center city, philadelphia. erica martine has the most accurate forecast. >> we're tracking strong wind speeds and gusts. we're tracking really thick clouds. right now, mostly cloudy skies. a couple of breaks. a little bit of sunshine. but for the most part, they will stick around for today. the current wind profile is one of the bigger stories. winds out of the northwest ranging anywhere between 10 to 20 miles per hour with wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. in fact, here's the current wind speed map. 20 miles per hour wind speeds. 17 in millville. toms river at 16. 24 miles per hour wind speeds in wilmington. of course, we have to take into consideration that it doesn't
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feel like those actual temperatures right now. it feels likes 33 degrees in philly. doylestown, 30. allentown 30. the temperatures are warmer because of the northwesterly winds. it certainly feels a lot colder. we get this into motion and pause this afternoon. it's going to feel like 32 degrees in doylestown. 35 in philly. westchester 32 degrees. keep this going. it's not going to change. in fact, it's going to feel colder by tonight. that pretty much is going to be the trend through tomorrow. 26 degrees is the feels-like temperature for allentown. at 8:00 p.m. doylestown -- along with westchester, pottstown, it will feel like 29 degrees in philly. by early tomorrow morning, a lot of us are getting ready. 7:00 a.m., it's going to be dry. in fact, we'll see a lot of sunshine. but temperatures are going to feel like it's in the 20s for the most part. 21 degrees in doylestown. 25 in philly. 21 in westchester. allentown, it feels like a
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chilly 22 degrees. a quick look at satellite and radar. we saw all the clouds in that light image. we're getting light returns. i do expect light flurries, perhaps lake effect flurries, making it into the lehigh valley. >> erika, thank you. philadelphia police are investigating an accident where one of their own officers was hurt. the cruiser and another vehicle collided at 26th and gerard avenue earlier this morning. he's being treated for head and neck pain. the other driver was not hurt. the school district in philadelphia needs close to $5 billion to fix aging buildings across the city. >> it comes from a new report from the district. it outlines more than 12,000 repairs that need to be done. district officials say the most urge ept needs are for heating and cooling systems and electrical service. about a third of city schools need so much work, engineers recommend they be replaced or closed. there may be tough decisions for some of pennsylvania's state
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colleges. they are reviewing the state university system and that could result in the merger or closure of some of its 14 campuses. problems include declining enrollment and financial challenges. nine minutes past 11:00. francesco russo is watching the roads. >> the skchuykill expressway -- towards the western -- we worked through residual delays, we're going to be okay with the travel speeds in the 60s. mass transit for the doylestown line, train 533 and 544 have been canceled because of equipment problems. we're seeing delays on 550 because of those earlier equipment problems. they'll be running 26 minutes late.
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we also have an accident in plymouth at ridge pike and  industrial way. i've marked it with the graphic. so far, it's not affecting traffic within the area. we're still pretty green right now. another accident off of moreland at 611 and maryland road. back to you, ladies. >> thanks for that. happening now in delaware, a community advisory council with the cdc is announcing a plan to help prevent youth violence in wilmington. the council is giving six key recommendations on how the city can improve services to help keep children safe. let's head to south jersey where lawmakers and leaders from the departments of veterans affairs will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony today at the new v.a. outpatient clinic in vineland. they'll discuss how the v.a. is improving services for veterans in cumberland county. hitting isis harder. next, we look at president trump's trip to the pentagon today and what he's expected to tell his new defense secretary. plus, a new trend with the new president. a study that shows more women are seeking birth control that will last them for four years.
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while i am tracking a chilly weekend in the forecast. new satellite and radar images picking up on light returns for lehigh valley. what to expect this weekend, you'll have to bundle up. see you then.
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with uploads as fast as downloads. don't pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet with equal uploads and downloads, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. only from fios. the president's new ambassador to the united nations spoke to the u.n. this morning. >> she greeted the secretary general this morning and presented her credentials and spoke to reporters and told them
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that her team at the u.n. has hit the ground running and her goal is not to work harder but to work smarter. she says the u.s. will, quote, show strength, have the backs of our allies and make sure our allies have our backs as well. >> happening today president trump will travel to the pentagon to attend a ceremonial swearing in for james mattis. he officially took the oath on inauguration day. the president will ask mattis for a plan to hit isis harder. new stats show that since the election more women are visiting their doctor to talk about birth control. specifically the number of women to talk about iud contraception. that's risen since october. it's most likely because of president trump's promise to repeal the affordable care act which could reduce insurance coverage for birth control. iuds and other long lasting forms of birth control cost between $500 and $1,000 but last
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for years. a quick thinking 911 dispatcher in north carolina saved a woman who called for help after someone locked her in the trunk of a moving car. >> i'm inside of a car trunk. >> they talked briefly but then the phone disconnected and the dispatchers could not reach her. one of the dispatchers decided to text her from his cell phone. he found out the type of car she was in based on her text back and where they were going. eventually police spotted the car, rescued the woman and arrested the driver. >> texting, it was the only way i know that probably would not get her in trouble. >> this is a prime example of technology being used to the fullest at someone's greatest time of need. >> those officials went on to say 911 centers need the ability to receive and send text messages to better respond to situations like that one. now, your nbc 10 first alert
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weather. >> i'm erica martin, the big weather story is the wind and the wind gusts. seeing 24 miles per hour wind speeds in philadelphia. the wind gusts 31 miles per hour. keep in mind, even the temperatures are in the 40s. for the most part, we're seeing the feels-like temperatures in the 30es. right now in your neighborhood, in and around philadelphia, seeing lots of 40s. low 40s for parkside. 42 degrees for you. fox chase, seeing low 40s. 41 for chestnut hill. 2 degrees warmer at 42. neighborhoods or parts of the suburbs seeing the 40s. bradford township at 39 degrees. elroy 40 degrees for you. bedminster currently at 38 degrees. it's getting chill yefrmt we do have a cold front sweeping on through. this is why the temperatures are starting to drop. the lehigh valley lots of 30s. newt poll i at -- 39 for white
11:17 am
hall. nazareth, 37 degrees. the difference between current winds and current wind gusts, quite a difference here. 20 to 24 miles per hour in philadelphia. 24 for wilmington. coatsville, 14 miles per hour wind speeds. millville at 17. dover air force base, 24 mile per hour wind speeds. the wind gusts are stronger. kind of a push as the wind gusts start to increase. 30 miles per hour wind gusts in wilmington. summerville, almost 30 mile per hour wind gusts. the winds are certainly an issue for this afternoon. satellite and radar image, picking up on some cloud out there. mostly cloudy skies. but right now, however, we are seeing breaks in those clouds. if you look just to the northwest, because of the flow of the wind, we're seeing light returns here in some pinks and some whites. not all of it making it to the ground. we have light flurries that will soon enough. out-the-door forecast, starting
11:18 am
at 2:00 p.m. we're seeing a mix of sun and clouds. partly cloudy skies with temperatures at 44 degrees at 2:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. seeing low 40s. by 10:00 p.m. upper 30s. we're going to dip into the 30s for tonight. overnight lows in the 20s and 30s. the winds are still going to be an issue. it's still going to feel very cold tonight. suburbs seeing temperatures mainly in the 40s. low 30s at 10:00 p.m. with clouds clearing through the overnight hours. lehigh valley, notice how you stay in the 30s as well. the trend is pretty much we're dipping into the low to mid-30s. by 6:00 p.m. and low 30s at lehigh valley. trending much colder through tonight into tomorrow. of course, that's to be expected any time we get that cold front sweeping on through. expected temperatures mainly in the upper 30s. that's your average for the p.a. suburbs. a mix of sun and clouds. your expected high 40 degrees.
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fairmount, 42 the expected high with overnight lows in the low 30s. around philadelphia. glassboro, expected high 42 degrees. haddon field, 42 degrees for an expected high. colder temperatures on sunday. jersey shore, 42. wilmington, 44 for you. your ten-day, colder temperatures. but we are tracking that for you. meantime, we're tracking that windy friday. temperatures are going to be in the 40s on saturday and sunday. but those overnight lows, certainly a lot chillier. developing clouds monday. tracking snow flurries on tuesday into wednesday. >> back to reality. thanks for that, erika. talk about an all-star snub. the comparisons sixers center is making after finding out he will not play in the nba all-star game.
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despite a solid showing in the first half of the nba season and a strong social media push, sixers star woechbts be going to the all-star game. >> he did not make the list. the sixers big man just missed the cut to make the game as a starter. basketball media voted to name the starters. coaches pick the reserves. this is after embiid is all over twitter to make a push to be a starter. >> once again, the popular vote didn't matter. a jab at the presidential election. the sixers also got in on the action. this as the team's response on twitter to embiid's all-star game snub. >> all right.
11:24 am
sixers players recorded chinese greetings. they will host a celebration of the new year evening when they play the houston rockets. the game will broadcast live in china here at home. you can watch it on our sister station csn philly. start your engines. >> exciting time of year for car lovers and just the rest of us. the philadelphia auto show has rolled into town. hundreds of cars from classics to brand new models are on display. among the vehicles, you can see replicas of the delorean from back to the future and the van from dumb and dumber. the show opens to the public tomorrow. >> coming up next, a look at president trump's meeting with theresa may. he continues to hammer mexico over trade and border security. plus, a dog's purpose. meet the canine that has his own paper route and really knows how to get the job done.
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nbc 10 breaking news. this morning, we continue to follow breaking news about a popular biking tradition in our area. organizers of the philadelphia international classic have announced that they are canceling this year's cycling race. >> randy gyllenhaal is live to tell us why the race will not take place this year. a lot of disappointed people at this point. randy. >> thousands of people come out for this race. the most iconic are here for the stretch. a 17% grade. the most difficult and grueling section of the race and this year nobody will be climbing it. no fans will be clearing along. organizers of the philadelphia international cycling classic. tell nbc 10 the race is taking a break this year. it's usually held in june, runs about 120 miles and dates back to 1985. the race was unable to secure
11:29 am
funding. not enough sponsors were available over the past decade, the race has been sponsored by a number of banks and local companies. usa cycling officials saying this event had been a cornerstone of their race schedule. they do hope that the city will bring it back in the future. without all of those cyclists here and all of those fans lining the streets, this could pose problems for restaurants and bars who rely on this event for summer plans. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. one meeting is on for president trump while another is off. there's new fallout as mexico's president cancels a trip to the u.s. in the wake of president trump's plan to make mexico pay for the wall. will the growing dispute mean u.s. taxpayers be stuck with the bill? we're trying to find out, nbc's halle jackson has a look. >> at the white house, president trump's first face to face with
11:30 am
a foreign leader. british prime minister theresa may with congressional republicans, may echoed the president's campaign theme. >> achieved in defiance of all the pundits and the polls. >> looking to build a relationship with donald trump. the two expected to talk trade, terror and the relationship with russia where they don't necessarily see eye to eye. >> with president putin, my advice is to engage but beware. >> one administration source familiar with the plan, telling nbc news vladimir putin and donald trump are expected to have their first phone call this weekend since the inauguration. it comes as the president's meeting with another foreign leader gets called off. mexican president pena nieto no longer making a planned trip to the u.s. with mexico refusing to pay for the border wall, how will he do it? the trump administration floating the idea of a 20% tax
11:31 am
on mexican imports to fund the wall initially. that could be passed on to american consumers on imports like cars and produce. meaning taxpayers would foot the bill. president trump's aide saying it's an option but not the final plan. the president promising something. >> when that comes through the border, it's going to be heavily taxed. that's the way it is. >> also in that interview, the president revealing he's made his pick for supreme court justice to replace antonin scalia. >> i have made my decision pretty much in my mind. >> it's subject to change at the last moment but i think this will be a great choice. >> that decision will be made public next week. as early as today, the president expected to take executive action to order a voting fraud investigation after insisting millions of people voted illegally this year despite
11:32 am
election officials who say they found no evidence of widespread fraud. vice president pence set to speak at the march for life, an annual anti-abortion rally. the first ever vice president to address the event. >> that was nbc's hallie jackson reporting. this is a look at that march for life rally. the landmark roe v. wade decision anniversary. tens of thousands are expected to be here at the march. president trump tweeted the march for life is so important to all of you marching. you have my support. the republican retreat in philadelphia is wrapping up this morning. the. >> the three-day event saw demonstrations yesterday and the day before as president trump spoke to the gathering. pamela osborne is there. pam, you tell us there's a heavy police presence again in place. tell us more what you're seeing.
11:33 am
>> reporter: those demonstrators are gathered inside of 30th street station right now. we were just there. we wants to give you a look at this peaceful demonstration that was happening just minutes ago. here's the video. we saw people with signs on a variety of issues. some asking president trump to be nice. others expressing concerns about the dakota pipeline and other environmental issues. at the end of a brief speech by an organizer, they vowed to continue these demonstrations. all of this happening, of course, as republican lawmakers head back to washington following the republican retreat and as we come back out here live, we'll give you another look at the police presence here at 30th street station. again, officers within the building outside of the building, as that peaceful demonstration takes place inside. reporting live now at 30th street station, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. little windy out there this morning. this is a look from the ben
11:34 am
franklin park way where you can things were chilly in the chinatown neighborhood. people were bundled up in heavy coats and hats. what's in store for the weekend? that's the big question as we go into this weekend. first alert meteorologist erika martin is here with the most accurate forecast in town. erika, is it going to be as cold? >> it is going to be that cold, katy and rosemary. back to reality. chinese new year starts tonight into tomorrow. that's the first day. it will be a chilly start for that. kurpt temperatures in the low 40s. westerly, 24 miles an hour. feels like 34 degrees. same deal at 1:00 p.m. feeling temperatures in the 30s. each though actual temperatures will be in the 40s. unfortunately, we have a chilly trend in the works. at least for the next several days. current temperature for allentown, 39 degrees. wilmington, 42. atlantic city, 42 degrees.
11:35 am
trenton, 42. mt. holly, also low 40s. with the wind, the feels-like temperatures are a lot more impressive. we have 31 degrees. feels-like temperatures for allentown. 34 for burlington. 34 for voorhees. westchester, 31 degrees. bundle up. it's not going to improve. at 5:00 p.m., low feels-like temperatures through the 30s. overnight, we'll see temperatures dipping into the feels-like -- feels-like temperatures into the 20s. it will feel like 26 degrees. philly 29. swedesboro 27. dover, faring a little better, temperature at 8:00 p.m., 30 degrees. take advantage of that. this weekend's forecast. stay in the 40s today. probably upper 30s to low 40s. saturday, seeing upper 30s to low 40s. 37 is the expected high average. low 40s for the p.a. suburbs and for philadelphia. yet it's a little bit chillier
11:36 am
on sunday. not a major difference. the deal is, we're tracking light flurries on monday. the possibility of some snow tuesday into wednesday. back to you. police in florida have arrested two students over an alleged school shooting plot. sheriff's officials in central florida say two boys, ages 13 and 14 were planning the attack. neither boy brought weapons to school. but deputies found guns at both of their homes. the boys are facing charges of conspiracy to commit murder. overseas today, auschwitz survivors gathered to mark international holocaust remembrance day. polish prime minister commemorated the anniversary of the day the soviet army liberated the camp where it's estimated more than a million people died. queen elizabeth attended her first official engagement of the year. she visited exhibit highlighting the art and culture of fiji.
11:37 am
she did not attend a new year's day church service while she recovered what was described as a heavy cold. journalism ledge end tom brokaw has been with nbc news for the last 50 years. >> hard to believe it. >> on sunday, he's taking a look back during a two-hour special. he will share intimate conversations about the stories and issues he's covered over the years and continues to cover. he brings us this preview. >> he was a charismatic -- >> in 50 years as an nbc correspondent, i reported on some of the most momentous events of our time. >> live from the berlin wall. >> that's a television microphone. >> you know how important politics are, mr. secretary. >> at the great wall. >> i first went to beijing in 1975 with president ford. by 1989, china was changing and chinese students demanded more freedom. >> we've received our first complete videotapes of the carnage.
11:38 am
china's leaders released the army -- >> rigged a hidden camera on the back of his bike and we rode with the people of beijing into the heart of the capital. >> rode up and tickled the ones on the camera. we got the footage out of there at that time. >> i could have been shot. >> mr. president, my question is this. aren't your statements to that matter -- >> politics and political reporting have been my professional life blood. >> when you look at the map now, you see that blue west coast of america and that blue east coast of america and then everything else in between is red, that's tribal warfare. >> but, of all the stories i've covered over the last 50 years, one continues to divide america. america's crisis in black and white. >> what troubles me most of all is race division. that's been a big, big part of
11:39 am
my career. >> you think that's the single biggest issue we have yet to resolve? >> it's certainly in the top tier. when president obama was elected, i was with you the night after that. you were giddy. we thought this is a passage that's going to change race relations. in too many ways, it's race relations. it's not his fault. it's what's happened to the ground up. >> as i look back on my career, i know i had a lot of lucky breaks. i always ask, if i were black, if my skin were one shade darker, would i have gotten all those chances? >> i tell you, it's the biggest issue of my life, frankly. it really is. i get emotional. i think mostly because of all the good things have happened to me. when i do say that if i had been one shade darker, i wouldn't have gotten any of those jobs at that time. one shade darker, they would say
11:40 am
i don't think we can do this. >> you can watch the entire special, tom brokaw at nbc news, the first 50 years this sunday at 9:00 p.m. right here on nbc 10. come on, freddie. come on, buddy. >> well, this is a story we've gotten a lot of feedback from. >> lot of reaction to on social media. >> the macaw named freddie mercury escaped from his house. he's been flying tree to tree. a tree service company donated when somebody got close, he flew to another branch. >> he doesn't know how to fly downward. he's been flying around in circles and going to the tops of trees. >> he's never been outside before this escape. his owner is worried about how freddie will cope with the colder temperatures this weekend. they're going to try another rescue today. we'll keep you posted on this. call it a deliver i have with a bite. >> you're not kidding.
11:41 am
some people in colorado are finding teeth marks on their morning newspaper. but they're not complaining. that's because of this guy. quincy the golden retriever has been helping to deliver the newspaper for 11 years. he grabs it out of the mailbox and drops it on their porch. he always gets a treat after and doesn't mind the rain, sleet or snow. >> the dog can find the papers under the snow more easily than i can. >> his owner said if he's out of town or sick, the neighbors call and ask if quincy is okay. but they never ask about him. >> and where is my paper? >> up next, lights, camera and action. if you have plans in center city, why not stop by holiday movie shoot. it could affect your travel and how you get around. we'll explain. i'm tracking a chilly weekend in the forecast. the wind speeds and gusts certainly an issue. feels-like temperatures mainly in the 30s.
11:42 am
by this weekend, certainly cold. we have the trend in the forecast ahead.
11:43 am
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wings, they go hand in hand. americans are expected to consume more than 1.3 billion chicken wings when they watch the super bowl. if all the wings were laid end to end, they would spread from the patriots home in massachusetts to the falcons home in atlanta almost 80 times. the ball dropping -- at the pro bowl skills competition. the drone released a football from high in the air to receivers including to jarvis landry, but odell beckham jr. made the most impressive catch grabbing it from 120 feet up which is almost 13 stories high. google maps can tell you how difficult it is to find a parking space before you leave the house, as if you needed a reminder about it when you're driving in the city. a new feature called the parking difficulty icon is in use in 25
11:46 am
cities, including philadelphia. the info is not real time. google estimates at busy times at local businesses using historical data. center city will feel like hollywood. kevin hart has a new movie called untouchable. he will not be onset, but his crew will be in town. that means road closures for drivers starting at 7:00 this evening. it's happening on market street and jfk boulevard between 16th and 20th street. septa will be detouring buses. go to the nbc 10 app to get the full list of details and closures. katy. fans of the legendary american playwright neil simon are heading to the theater for laughter on the 23rd floor. a peek into the writer's room of a hit show that aired right on nbc. i'm joined by the director of the show. he also plays max prince a loud
11:47 am
and brash and larger than life comic on that show. your show of shows. thanks so much for being here, frank. >> tell us about the show. also your character based on sid cesar. >> it takes place in the writer's room. it was a great variety show that did satire and in that writer's room, neil simon, larry gel bart. people still make us laugh. i play the sid cesar inspired character. at the time he was probably the most talented and not the most successful -- it's a widely funny show. it deals with the pressures that the writers and characters were going through at the time. it's from the sponsors and the networks. they felt they were trying to censor the show. it's basically a big laughs show produced on broadway in the role
11:48 am
that i'm doing. it's great. it's a lot of fun. >> we were looking at a scene from that. tell me what you're wearing. you're in touch with some of his family members. >> his daughter and i became friends. i'm a big fan of the comedians. the marx brothers. jack benny and bob hope. this was sid cesar's tuxedo jacket, his shirt, with sid right here. thank you very much and these cufflinks. i wear them for good luck. we opened this week. i wore this with honor at the opening party. >> you've gotten greats reviews. not only of the actor but director as well. what's that like wearing both hats? >> i have a cast of great actors. they support my efforts. i'm familiar with the show. i did the show 20 years ago at the walnut street theater. the actors in the show are people that philadelphians will know.
11:49 am
scott greer and tony lawton. it's very much a philadelphia effort. i've got great support. for me, there's nothing better than hearing a thousand people laugh every show. we need it more than ever it seems like. this show delivers. they did odd couple and sunshine boys. this is the funniest show. >> pretty easy to deliver the lines. >> it's beautifully put together. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank you, katy. it's a delight. >> see you on the stage. >> you can catch laughter on the 23 rds floor at the walnut street theater. for more information, head to or check out the nbc 10 app. now your nabs 10 first alert weather. i'm erika martin, the big story for today, at least right now, the current wind speeds wilmington, westerlies at 24 miles per hour. dover air force base 20. philadelphia at 20 and millville, 17 mile per hour wind
11:50 am
speeds. right now, feeling chilly out there. satellite and radar image, mostly cloudy skies. each though you are seeing a break in the clouds with that sunshine peeking on through. notice here the light returns moving in. lake effect flurries pushing in because of the strong westerlies and northwesterlies. you can see lights there, light pinks. not making it to the ground. i expect light flurries to affect the lehigh valley. you can see how thick these clouds are now. pretty juicy. the atmosphere is dry. a lot of clouds right now. i'm sticking with those mostly cloudy skies. hour-by-hour forecast. starting this at 11:30 a.m. the lehigh valley, nothing major. however, that's an influence of those really strong winds pushing our way from west to east. and from northwest to southeast. right now, temperatures mainly in the low 40s. we're talking about an average of course. lehigh valley upper 30s for you
11:51 am
with a mix of sun and clouds. new jersey, low 40s. your neighborhood forecast right now. pretty much in the 40s in new jersey. seeing lots of low 40s. currently at 42 degrees. medford, current temperature, 43 degrees. be sure you bundle up. actually feels colder than the temperatures you're seeing. princeton, current temperature 42 degrees. same deal here. lots of 40s. feels colder than this. 42 along with summer points. delaware, seeing temperatures a little warmer. but not that much. marshall ton, 43. tallyville, current temperature of 42 degrees. here you can see the influence of the stronger westerly wind. lincoln, current temperature 44. milton, 42. your current temperature, 43 degrees. be sure you bundle up.
11:52 am
the feels-like temperatures certainly make the difference. neighborhood forecast for tomorrow, chestnut hill, 40s. overnight lows in the 30s. it looks like you're going to see low 40s. expected high temperature, overnight lows mainly in the 20s for new jersey. jersey shore, low 30s as expected overnight temperature with expected highs in the low to mid 40s. delaware, also seeing that similar trend. your ten-day on 10 brings us colder temperatures. that's the trend for the next several days. also tracking the potential for flurries on monday and possible snow tuesday into wednesday. after that, a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures mainly in the 30s for much of next week. more news after the break. see you then.
11:53 am
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ziefrnl big news for bob dylan fans. he will play at the firefly music festival in dover, delaware. ♪ . other acts include the weekend, muse, 21 pilots. chance the rapper and weezer and many more. tickets go on sale at 1:00. the four-day event at the woodlands of dover begins june 159. coming up this afternoon, starting at 3:00. ellen hosts actress and
11:56 am
pennsylvania native. that is nbc 10 news at 4:00. a week of firsts. including a special milestone for the president's youngest grandson. we'll explain on nbc 10 news at 4:00. a few minutes before noon. an annual philadelphia tradition is on hold. the city announced today that this year's international cycling classic is canceled. the city says the race was unable to secure the $1 million in funding it needs because not enough sponsors came through. cycling officials say this event had been a cornerstone of the race schedule and they hope it will bring it back in the future. >> stay tuned. we'll be following it for sure. before we leave you. one last look at the weather. >> it's all about the wind. >> it feels like the 30s and 20s. bundle up and stay warm. >> it's going to be the trend through the weekend. colder next week. >> we knew the warm weather was too good to be true. that's going to do it for us. nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm katy zachry for all of
11:57 am
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>> rafe: [clears throat] okay, shane called over an hour ago. an hour! >> kayla: if shane said he's coming, he's gonna come. >> rafe: shane also said he has reason to believe that stefano is still alive. hope's life is on the line. what's more important than that? >> marlena: hey, shane knows that. >> rafe: okay, you're right. i know. okay, i'm sorry. it's just... i'm getting edgy. time is of the essence here. >> justin: i don't want anyone to see us gloating. >> nicole: what? >> justin: nicole, your bail hearing went extremely well. all we have to do is free up the funds, and you are out of here. it's called winning! smile! >> nicole: justin, thank you. i really do appreciate everything you've done. but i...


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