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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  January 29, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> protesters at phl. they rallied at the airport against the detention of some people trying to enter the u.s. we're following new developments that could lead to the release of detainees. this all follows a judgment in new york putting a temporary halt on a portion of president trump's travel ban among immigrants and refugees from seven predominantly muslim countries. >> for all that to be taken away while they're in flight, that's frustrating. >> an anguished family in the lehigh valley. their loved one arriving in philadelphia were detained and then sent back home to the middle east. >> nbc 10 breaking news. >> good morning everyone. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm ted greenberg. thanks so much for being with us. it is 6:00 am on your sunday morning. thanks for being with us. we'll get to our breaking news, but first we say hello to first alert neighborhood meteorologist
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krystal klei. tracking a little snow, right, krystal? >> that's right. snow in the forecast. looks like most of our region will get at least a little bit. right now we are dry. temperatures are chilly, if we did have any moisture moving through. 33 in philadelphia, 28 in pottstown, lancaster at 36. mt. pocono at 26 degrees, millville at 32. currently we are dry. not tracking the snow yet. what you see here on our board is scattered clouds out there, little spots of white. upper level moisture again. not expecting much in terms of snow today aside from possibly a few light flurries near parts of the lehigh valley. otherwise, today we stay dry. then we're under a first alert for south jersey, the jersey shore, delaware and right up to about philadelphia. that will be the cutoff point, it looks like for the potential of snow. starting tonight, midnight through noon tomorrow with a focus of the snow really around your morning commute on monday. with overnight accumulating
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snow, we're talking slick roads. we'll give you the details on how much snow we're looking at and we'll track it hour-by-hour. we'll talk more about the temperatures as we go throughout your workweek. it's not going to be that mild forecast we got used to this past week. we'll talk about that coming up. [ cheers and applause ] >> those cheers in brooklyn followed a federal judge's ruling last night to halt president trump's travel ban on immigrants and refugees from certain muslim majority nations. the temporary stay of the order means anyone being detained at u.s. airports, even those with green cards or other visas will not be sent back to their home countries. a senior white house adviser and homeland security official says the president's order remains in force. protesters are showing their support for the people detained at philadelphia international airport. at least five passengers there are expected to be released
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today and admitted to the u.s. nbc 10's lauren mayk is following the developments there and joins us with the very latest. >> reporter: good morning, ted. we're working this morning to find out when that release will happen. the aclu declaring victory last night. now we're waiting to see and hear from those passengers. we've also learned that the next test of this order could be in less than two hours right here at philadelphia international airport. there is a flight arriving from qatar at 7:45. i just checked. it is on time. right now we are in the international arrivals terminal. take a look, though, at what it looked like last night. protesters showed up at the airport here protesting both the order and the detainment of those passengers. the folks who showed up at the airport here also included elected officials. the mayor and u.s. senator bob casey. here is what he had to say. >> we want to make sure when an order like this is in effect
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that doesn't have a lot of details about the rights of those who are detained, that every possible rule is followed and that they have rights. >> reporter: now, the protesters are expected to be back here at the airport later this afternoon, and again, the other things we're watching today is that flight that is arriving here from qatar at 7:45. then there is a flight that is departing from here at 9:45. so all things we'll be watching here today. live at philadelphia international airport, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. if allentown, the stay of the president's travel ban could bring new hope to the assali family. they waited 14 years to greet their relatives from qatar. the family says customs agents detained their relatives yesterday before sending them back home to the middle east. >> they had been approved, and overnight for all that to be
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taken away while they're in flight, that's just frustrated. >> he wants to -- he's really sending them back to danger and war. >> even before last night's ruling, republican congressman charlie dent from allentown called on the trump administration to suspend enforcement of the travel ban from those predominantly muslim countries. nbc 10 spoke with the assali family after the judge halted the travel ban. they told us they're trying to get in touch with their relatives so they can come back to the u.s. meanwhile philadelphia mayor jim kenny says he's sickened over families being turned away from america. he said, quote, the trump administration very well may have just given these families a death sentence. that's not the only local response. philadelphia congressman dwight evans tweeted eight days in office. and potus executive orders aren't just unfathomable, but
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uncons truth, right vp, #muslimban. so far there's no direct response to the stay of his travel ban. yesterday reporters at the white house asked the president about his executive order and whether it's a ban on muslims. >> not a muslim ban, but it's working out very nicely. you see it at the airports, you see it all over. it's working out very nicely. we'll have a very, very strict ban and we'll have extreme vetting we which should have had in this country for many years. >> stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app as we follow up dates on the immigration crackdown and on protests as well as developments at philadelphia enter national airport and airports across the nation. breaking news from overseas, yemen says a u.s. raid at dawn killed three suspected leaders of al qaeda. officials in yemen said american troops landing off an aircraft got into a ground battle. they said the american forces
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killed or wounded two dozen men. so far there's no confirmation from the white house or the pentagon. new from overnight, two sisters are dead in an accident on roosevelt boulevard in philadelphia's oxford circle section. the adult woman and her 10-year-old sister were hit by a car at the boulevard and large street just after midnight. the driver of the vehicle that hit the two victims was taken into custody. police say it's too early in the investigation for any charges to be filed. changes start today for septa riders who use the regional rails. the transit agency is changing the schedules for all of its train lines. some are departing earlier or later than previously scheduled. septa says the goal is to become more reliable and address crowded trains. you can check out the new schedule on the nbc 10 app. today you can celebrate the chinese new year by watching a parade in philadelphia's chinatown neighborhood. the event begins at 11:00 this
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welcome back. here is a look live outside cape may, new jersey. we can see it's dark, kind of dry. that's not going to be the case together tomorrow. we're tracking a system that's clipped past us. in the south, new jersey, delaware, the areas looking to see snow pass through. right now we're in a dry zone. we've got cloud coverage but not tracking any snow. we do see snow scattered passing
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through parts of pittsburgh here. you see to the north of us, mt. pocono reporting light snow this morning. overall what we're seeing are light flurries from the great lakes. as it starts to track our direction, the storm system will move just to the south of us by your monday morning. as a result we'll be tracking snow. winds starting at midnight. it will last through noon on our monday. really by noon is when it will be moving offshore entirely. where? new jersey and delaware specifically. it looks like it could clip right up to about philadelphia and light flakes and flurries north of philly. how much are we talking? one to four inch max. looking at more like an inch. the morning commute will have a problem with slick roadways. neighborhood planner today is a dry one. a mix of clouds and sunday. temperatures to the low 40s in philadelphia. in the suburbs to about the upper 30s. that's the same for the lehigh
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valley. we'll talk more about your temperatures today compared to the next several days with snow in the forecast coming up. >> all right, crystal. we'll see you then. happening today, new jersey will start its annual pothole repair campaign, much sooner than normal. state transportation officials say frequent rain plus wild temperature swings are causing potholes to appear earlier in the season. they say drivers can expect crews to patch most of those holes between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. keeping up the fight to keep the affordable care act intact. you'll hear from these people rallying in delaware county. 're start it right, ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up is folgers ♪ ♪ in your cup.
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the fight to keep the affordable care act spread to a local congressman's office.
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dozens of obamacare supporters held signs and rallying trying to convince the republican congressman to oppose the repeal of the affordable care act. people we spoke with said the lack of the alternative plan to the aca is one of the biggest issues at play. >> we need this health care. we need this in this country. health care needs to be fixed. they don't have a plan and he knows it. >> the aca is crucial to all of us, a matter of life and death and health. >> congressman meehan's office released a statement saying parts of the current health law need to be replaced and replaced with something more affordable and accessible. house speaker paul ryan says the goal for republicans is for universal access to health care. the phrase suggests a more modest number of people would be covered than president trump's insurance for everybody. speaker ryan says people shoulder the ability to buy affordable health care, but the government should not make
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people do something. philadelphia wants to make sure eligible residents apply for the federal earned income credit when they file their taxes in the coming months. the city launched an awareness campaign called you earned it, philliment residents between 25 and 65 years old and have a qualifying child may be eligible for the credit. the average refund is about $2500. the fed talked interest rates in business. cbs nbc's dominic chu has a preview. >> the earnings flood continues with big doses of tech, energy and health care. big names include apple, facebook, exxonmobil, merck and pfizer. the economical lender has a powerful one-two punch in the form of federal reserve meetings on interest rates and the employment report for january, but that's not all. there's also monthly auto sales, consumer confidence plus several reports on the health of the manufacturing and housing sectors. for many, the super bowl
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wouldn't be as much fun if they didn't bet on it. more than $4 million is expected to be wagered on who wins. consider some of these prop bets. what color hoodie will patriots coach wear. will lady gaga make an anti trump performance. and can the commentators get through the game without saying deflate gate. i'm dominic chew, get all your business news on cnbc. now your nrs 10 first alert weather. >> this morning looking at berks county, 35 in red degree, right near freezing this morning through berks county. that's the same through the lehigh valley. most of our values in the low 30s. you're 29, and allentown at 32 degrees. the good news is we really don't see precipitation falling, no
6:18 am
concerns with the temperatures. we are getting reports of flurries and light snow passing by mt. pocono. this morning that's about all we're going to see is the isolated chance through the afternoon of a few flakes through the lehigh valley. you can see the satellite map here showing some of the cloud coverage in place. that's going to be in and out for today. otherwise, the snow does not move in until overnight into tomorrow. take a look. this is your three-day outlook. 43 in philadelphia. only a high of 37 on monday. the morning low is 27 which means when that precip passes through, it falls out of snow. looking at a chance for snow on tuesday. they may be a rin-snow mix. in the afternoon we start to see the temperature pick up. we may see some passing flurries monday, not. into tuesday a better shot of that. in the lehigh valley, some
6:19 am
passing snow monday and tuesday expected. more accumulation tuesday. temperature of 38 on tuesday. the point of this is to she you we get cold on your monday. 36 after a high of 42 today along new jersey. the shore nearly the same. 44 degrees today and 39 for monday. the best chance for snow will be in the zone. these are the areas under first alert as a result. here is the hour-by-hour, we're starting at midnight. that's when the snow starts to move in. it will start in southern delaware. starting in delaware, south jersey along the shore. this is timing a little fast. it should linger through your morning commute. expecting it to extend right into wilmington, philadelphia. what we're looking at is the better chance of snow. new jersey and delaware. morning commute and moving out by noon. we start to see some clearing, still clouds for your monday afternoon into the evening. here is a look at the ten-day on ten. i went over the the last three
6:20 am
days. a better chance monday here. temperatures are colder on monday, but we're staying around the low 40s which is average tuesday into wednesday. wednesday the winds continue the pick up and we stay in the 30s right through your workweek into your next weekend as well. >> all right, krystal, thank you. the philadelphia auto show has shifted into high gear. as nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal shows us, it's not just about the newest cars and latest technology, it's also about famous rides. >> reporter: doors are finally open, big lines waiting for the camp jeep experience. look at the is jeeps going over the obstacle course. one of the many interactive exhibits you can experience for your skefl. >> they took us on a ramp and bumpy trail. >> how was it? >> fun. >> this is a perfect day to get out. >> if you get tired of all those high-tech and luxury cars, stop
6:21 am
by the hollywood car's exhibit. we have the batmobile here, this is the shaggin wagon from the "dumb and dumber" movies and they've even got the delorian from back to the future. >> got the clock, the colors, everything. it's surreal. this is awesome. >> reporter: we're catching up with patrick from had den township. why did you want to bring the kids out this. >> i figured it would be a good day. they want to see all the different cars. they like them. >> car buffs. >> big-time car buffs. >> reporter: before you head home, don't forget to check out the three simulators on site here including one virtual reality similarity, doors are now open at the convention center. the philly auto show is up and running, $14 for adults. come check it out. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. things are getting hairy for high school students in camden county as they try to raise money to help a little boy with a rare illness.
6:22 am
next, the role their beards are playing in that fund-raising effort.
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6:24 am
comic actor martin short is all in for preserving philadelphia's academy of music. short was the special guest at the philadelphia orchestra's 160th academy ball and concert last night. proceeds will benefit the upkeep of the historic hall at broad and locust. . this morning we have a followup to a story we brought you in october. students at kem den high school have been raising money. first, the girls field hockey team started taking donations. now the boys are getting involved with a fund-raiser they called manuary. their story from nbc 10's mat delucia. >> i'm the reigning champion i
6:25 am
guess you could say. >> reporter: it's a competition at times that can get a little hairy. >> at a certain point someone does look too much like santa claw. >> wolf man or wolverine. >> nicknames aside, their beards have a purpose. >> it's called manuary. >> it's been a camden catholic fund-raiser since 2008. this month more than a dozen junior and senior boys at the school volunteered to dump the razor and grow as much facial hair as possible. >> it's really not about the beard. it's about the charity. this is just kind of an outlet. kind of make it visible to show everybody. >> reporter: every year it's a different cause. the first time they raised roughly $3,000 for this boy. >> it really touched our hearts. >> reporter: when he was a baby, vincenzo had leukemia.
6:26 am
>> people don't really i think fully understand the cost part of an illness unless you are affected by it. >> reporter: this year the students are raising money for 4-year-old luke martini who has a rare breathing disorder. >> it's amazing they still kept that tradition. >> reporter: at a catholic school that normally bans the beards. >> just the fact i can contribute is nice and awesome to figure out. >> reporter: they each has to raise at least $100. in the past ten years about $10,000 has gone to help families in need. >> if you put your mind to a really good cause, you can make a good difference in the community. >> reporter: in cherry hill, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. prom season is getting close. parents and students in south jersey are taking advantage of the prom closet. the non-profit organization helps teenagers who otherwise couldn't afford fancy dresses look beautiful for their proms. donated gowns start at $10.
6:27 am
most expensive dresses are just 350 bucks. they held this event yesterday at eastern regional high school in voorhees. >> last year i spent an arm and a leg, so i think this is a blessing. >> we can't a full-price dressed. this is a nice opportunity to get a nice dress for a lower price. >> the prom close et offers the accessories everywhere. everything from bling to shoes. a judge temporarily halts a portion of president trump's travel ban. the immigration crackdown sparks protests at airports across the country including philadelphia international. we'll have a live report from phl coming up. krystal? >> clear conditions other they are than scattered clouds. that's going to be a different picture as we go into tomorrow when we're under a first alert for snowy conditions. the details on the you'll see a white picture over center city tomorrow morning coming up.
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on "nbc 10 news today," a judge pulgts a temporary halt on president trump's immigration ban. >> protesters gather at philadelphia international airport to rally against the detention of some people trying to enter the u.s. we have new information about the potential release of those detainees. we take a live look outside ben franklin parkway, the art museum. it's a chilly morning around here, another one. we are tracking some snow as we move into the workweek. nbc 10 breaking news. >> good morning and welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm ted greenberg. it's 6:30 on this sunday morning. thank you for being with us. we'll get to our breaking news in just a moment. first our nbc 10 neighborhood
6:31 am
weather with krystal klei and the most accurate forecast in town. today looking okay, right, krystal? >> that's right. we'll be mostly dry, we'll see the clouds mixing with sun and still a little breezy. you can see on radar and satellite, not tracking any snow except for reports of passing flurries near mt. pocono. otherwise, today is going to be a drier day than what we'll see tomorrow. that's when the snow does move into our forecast. we've decided to call first alert for the morning snow. this isn't feet we're talking about. this is a passing system that will affect south jersey, the jersey shore, delaware and clipping philadelphia. it will start at midnight going through noon on your monday. the focus of the snow will be overnight hours into the first half of the morning commute which unfortunately means, especially on untreated roads, we'll run into slick spots for everyone's morning commute through the new jersey and delaware area. it's looking like for most of us an inch, but up to three inches, especially the southern most
6:32 am
points along the shore and delaware beaches. today looks pretty good, just chilly out there. right now at 26 in mt. pocono, 28 in mt. holly. 34 in atlantic city. dover the same, wilmington at 31. that's the actual temperature. you compare that to the feels-like condition, and some of us are feeling a little colder than we really are. allentown at 26, mt. pocono at 15. we'll talk more about how this shapes up the rest of your sunday and take a look at the hour-by-hour forecast for your monday coming up. now to our breaking news this morning, reaction from a key white house adviser to a federal judge's decision to halt president trump's travel ban for people from several muslim majority countries. you're looking at demonstrators at new york's jfk airport cheering the ruling. the adviser joined homeland
6:33 am
security saying the president's order remains in force. large crowds packed jfk and other airports. dozens of overseas passengers arrived yesterday only to learn they had to immediately fly back to their war-torn countries. others were detained. the aclu took the travel ban to court yesterday. a federal law enforcement official says the president's ban applies to non-u.s. citizens from syria, iraq, sudan, libya, somalia, and lebanon. last night there was a stay to allow them to stay in the u.s. and not be deported. at least five passengers detained at philadelphia international airport are expected to be released today and admitted to the united states. nbc 10's lauren mayk is live with details on the effort to get them released. lauren. >> reporter: good morning, ted. we're in the international
6:34 am
arrivals terminal. let first set the scene for you. behind me and behind those doors, that is where customs is. that's where we'll be waiting a little more than an hour to see what happens when a flight arrives from qatar. that will be one of the first tests with the executive order. i have also spoken this morning with an attorney for the aclu. they tell me there is no timing yet on when those passengers who were detained here will be released. but we are watching for that. let me show you the scene last night when protesters showed up at philadelphia international airport as word spread of the impact of this executive order from the president. a stay was later issued in new york, but then things here shifted to how things would be handled with those detained passengers, how they would be released and whether they would be able to stay in the junt states. here is councilwoman helen gim
6:35 am
speaking last night. >> none of this would have happened had not hundreds of people come out on the drop of a dime -- [ cheers and applause ] -- to stand up for this nation, to stand up for families who are waiting behind those doors. this is our city! >> you could hear the loud cheers from the protesters there. they are expected back here at the airport later this afternoon. but i also want to share with you, the department of homeland security has responded to the stay issued in new york. let me show you part of their statement. it says in part, quote, the department of homeland security will comply with judicial orders, faithfully enforce our immigration laws and implement president trump's executive orders to ensure those entering the united states do not pose a threat to our country or the american people.
6:36 am
again, we are waiting for two things, three things actually here this morning. one would be the release of those passengers who have been detained, another the arrival of a flight from qatar. at 9:45, the departure of one here. for now we are live at philadelphia international airport. i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, lauren. the suspension of the president's travel ban could help console a family in allentown. they waited years for their relatives in the middle east to make it to philadelphia. those relatives arrived yesterday, only to be sent back on the next flight. nbc 10's denise nakano reports on our interview with the assali family. >> joseph is waiting for word that six of his family members flying from philadelphia intricate tar will be okay. the temple student from allentown said customs acts detained his two uncles, their wives and children at philadelphia international airport, then sent them back to qatar within hours. >> going on an 18-hour plane
6:37 am
ride and then being told at the door that they are not welcome here anymore because of the country that they came from and the country they were born in -- >> reporter: his family waited 14 years to come to the u.s., paid thousands of dollars and went through the process of obtaining immigrant visas and green cards. little did they know while they were in the air, policy on the ground took a dramatic shift under the trump presidency. >> they had been approved. overnight for all that to be taken away while they're in flight, that's just frustrating. >> reporter: republican congressman charlie dent from allentown is urging the trump administration to immediately suspend enforcement of the executive orders that bars non-u.s. sints from seven muslim countries from entering the u.s. >> unfortunately this executive order appears to be overly broad and it is having consequences that are being felt right here in my community of allentown, pennsylvania.
6:38 am
>> it's going against everything he wants to do. he says he wants to protect the christian people, protect those persecuted. but he's really sending them back to danger and war. protests are being held at airports around the country. hundreds clogged the international terminal at jfk in new york. the sidewalks and even every level of a nearby parking garage were filled with demonstrators. at one point officers blocked unticketed protesters from boarding the air train. but governor cuomo stepped in and ordered the trains to start again. ten people trying to get into the united states were detained inside jfk late into the night. [ cheers and applause ] >> cheers erupted when one of two iraqi citizens walked out of the airport to freedom. hamid dharweesh worked as an interpreter during the war.
6:39 am
he and another refugee were released after being detained under the president's extreme vetting order. >> the greatest nation. the natest people in the world. this is the soul of america. this is what pushed me to move, leave my country and come here. >> a group of rabbis also part of the protest crowd. they compared the events happening now to the jews being turned away from america's shores during the holocaust. a child saved in south jersey after she was thrown iono the tracks into the path of an on coming train. who rescued her and how she's doing. a busy day for president trump as he put pen to paper in another round of executive orders we'll fill you in on his phone call with russian president vladimir putin.
6:40 am
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a 5-year-old boy is in critical but stable condition after he was hit by a minivan in philadelphia's sommer dale neighborhood. police say he was running across the street when he was struck by the minivan. a 1-year-old man was driving. he did stop. there are no charges. in burlington county a woman is accused of tossing a 5-year-old girl onto railroad tracks into the path of an
6:46 am
approaching transit train. it happened on burlington station. police say when autumn mat cheer rah grabbed the child and threw her onto the tracks. the boyfriend of the girl's mother pulled the child to safety. she faces attempted murder and also being mentally evaluated. medics treated the little girl for bruises. tonight a youth football organization will hold a memorial service and prayer vigil in bensalem. the victims of a deadly atv accident. 13-year-old gianni forte died when he crashed his atv into a car friday night. his friends was critically hurt. tonight's service begins at 6:00 at the football field on hulmeville road. a grandmother is being called a hero. surveillance photos show a white minivan fleaing the scene.
6:47 am
it hit catherine brown friday night. just before the crash, she tossed her 3-year-old grandson out of the van's way. her son-in-law says she would do anything for her family. >> if she wasn't working, she was with her grandkids. that was it. that's their life. >> the family says this has been tough on the grandkids. the young children witnessed the entire or deal after leaving a birthday party. three more executive orders from president trump are signed and sealed. one of them bans members of his administration from lobbying for five years. another sets up restructuring of the national security and homeland security councils. the third order requires the joint chiefs of staff to submit a plan within the next month on defeating isis. whogt the white house and the kremlin are describing president trump's phone call with russian
6:48 am
president vladimir putin yesterday as positive. the white house says the one-hour conversation was a significant start starts improving a relationship in need of repair. the call was the first official contact between the leaders since president trump took office. former vice presidential candidate virginia senator tim kaine will sit down exclusively with moderator chuck todd on nbc's "meet the press." that comes your way this morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we'll begin with a look at our temperatures. we're tracking the pennsylvania suburbs, the numbers are right around freezing this morning. west bradford township also at 31. exton at 28. upper 20s for gilbertsville and warren ton at 31. bed minister the same at 31 degrees. right around freezing this morning. we don't have any wintery precip to track. this is a pretty good morning.
6:49 am
it's this one where you've got to layer up. it shouldn't be too much of a surprises, but a chilly start. on radar and our satellite view, you see we've got some clouds out there. actually we've seen brief reports, passing flurries near mt. pocono. overall a mostly dry forecast for today, but just for today. on top of that, still breezy. 20 to 25-mile-per-hour gusts. winds sustaining around 15 miles per hour with winds coming from the west and northwest. what could happen over the next several days we'll stay breezy and windy through the first start of your workweek. on top of that, snowshowers over the first couple days of your workweek. sommerton 42 degrees. new jersey, trenton, you're at 42. ocean city at 44 and atlantic city. and wilmington with a high of 45 degrees. big changes as we go into your
6:50 am
monday. we just stopped our future radar a few minutes ago at midnight. that's because the snow was starting the creep in. let's time out the snow. we start at midnight and see the snow expanding through delaware and south jersey through 5:30, 6:00 a.m. i think this is going too far south and some of the snow may clip to the wilmington-philadelphia line. areas south, new jersey and delaware are the zones under a first alert for tomorrow morning because of a slick commute, particularly on untreated roads. the snow is going to linger here and start to move off around 10:00 a.m. to noon. it will completely kick off as we go into the afternoon, leaving you with clouds for the rest of your monday. as we go through monday, you see clouds no longer tracking snow, monday morning through tuesday morning rather. and now the next round of snow. now it's for the northern edge. we have one south and we clip to the south. even rain moving through philadelphia as we get into the
6:51 am
afternoon or your tuesday. so we're tracking this. more scattered activity for your tuesday. that starts to break apart into tuesday evening. by the end of this, most of us seeing a little snow out there as we go through your monday and tuesday. here is a look at the ten-day on ten. temperatures around 37 degrees for your monday. 42 on your tuesday. there's the windy conditions through wednesday. we dry out but stay cool. mid to upper 40s forecast highs through and into your next weekend. this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. good morning to you. i'm danny pommells from csn. 6ers entering another set of back-to-back games visiting the bulls. joel embiid didn't travel to the windy city. embiid does not play in back-to-backs. he's likely to play monday demarcus cousins of the kings comes to town.
6:52 am
friday he grabbed seven boards in a loss to houston. sunday the nhl all-star game in is in los angeles. you can see the game on nbc 10 at 3:30. saturday the skills competition which included flyers' wayne simmonds, the wayne train involved in what they call the four-line challenge, shooting at the net from all three lines on the ice. he was in the one-timer competition as well as the fastest skater competition. it's simmonds' first all-star game and the city where his career began. >> i'm excited, to be mentioned in the same breath as some of these guys around, as i look around here, it's definitely an honor. >> the philadelphia flyers had an up and down first half, but great-ten winning streak, but getting back on track now. what do you have to do better in the second half? >> we have to be consistent. a little up and down. like riding a roller coaster. for us, staying consistent, not turning the puck over and make sure we're doing things the right way. >> ledge hoops.
6:53 am
philip martelli and st. joe's looking to handle la salle. la salle up one, morris in a broadway play, under 20 seconds to go. lamarr kimble hits the jumper. that's the game winner. college hoops, drexel hosting charleston and a rough one for the dragons. second half, charleston up eight, chealey cash money outside. charleston beating drexel. the sisters in the australian open final. first set point for serena. down the middle. serena takes the first set. match point for serena as she approaches the net. venus cannot return it. serena winds a record breaking 23rd grand slam title. beating sister venus in straight sets. that's your look at sports. i'm danny pommells. csn.
6:54 am
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happening today, the jewish federation of the lehigh valley will hold its super sunday mitzvah day. members and elected officials will make phone calls from the allentown jcc to raise money for local and overseas causes. volunteers set to run community service programs in allentown and bethlehem. today is the start of national catholic schools week. saint mary interparochial school
6:57 am
is holding an open house from 10:00 to noon. parents can take a look at the award winning school in old city philadelphia. they're encouraged to apply now because there are limited seats for the next school year. lots of moving and shaking in nicetown. nbc 10 was there for the open house at the salvation army ray and joan crock core community center. the 130,000 square foot facility allows families to learn the benefits of exercise and healthy living. some of the top ice carving artists showed off their work this weekend. mt. holly hosted the annual fire and house festival. an ten dees got to visit a heated temp to sample chili and craft beers. >> we're tracking developments after a judge placed a temporary hold on a portion of the president's order banning people
6:58 am
from seven mostly muslim countries from entering the u.s. we're watching reaction at airports around the country indluding philadelphia international. a live report from phl is just ahead. krystal? >> today we're tracking a chilly but mostly dry day. tomorrow we're tracking snow. that's just around one of two. the first round most likely to affect areas like right here in cape may county. details coming up.
6:59 am
7:00 am
right now on "nbc 10 news today," staying put. a federal judge overrides part of president trump's executive order that imposed immigration restrictions on people from several muslim majority nations. this morning we're getting reaction from the department of homeland security. protesters making their voices herd at philadelphia international airport, calling for the release of those detained in our area. this morning we have new details on those being held in custody. not just philadelphia. take a look at scenes from around the country as thousands of protesters took to airports nationwide. good morning everyone. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm ted greenberg. it is 7:00 a.m. on this sunday morning. thanks so much for being with us. the latestn


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