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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  January 30, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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central delaware. get light snow this morning. mainly cloudy for philadelphia and the suburbs. might see isolated snow shower this afternoon for philadelphia and the suburbs. i'll break these down hour by hour when i come back in ten minutes. first jessica boyington is watching first alert traffic. thanks. starting off with a crash this morning. right around olympic road. reported into the traffic system about an hour ago. vine street expressway, we are open. not dealing with construction in both directions. traffic is really light. early right now. every once in a while see a car move westbound or eastbound. watching the bridge closure. new jersey turnpike and pa turnpike connector bridge still closed to traffic this morning and schuylkill will end on a good note here. we look good in both directions. eastbound, westbound, 12 minutes at the most from blue route with speeds in the mid 60s. as bill said, parts of the jersey shore, south jersey and delaware are seeing snow.
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here's a live look at the winter weather from our cape may camera that we showed you just a few minutes ago. >> nbc 10 matt delucia live in storm 4 ten cape may courthouse heading towards the shore this morning. mainly impacting the southern edge of our area. tell us what you're seeing and tell us how the roads are looking. right. we've already seen that snowfall as we've been driving down. we'll go ahead and give you a look. might be a little bit difficult to see on this road. we are on courthouse south dennis road by cape may courthouse and you might just barely make out some of the snowflakes that are falling here. we'll make this quick here. we keep driving tords cape may. have been seeing quite a bit of snow has been heavy at times, but right now, i could just tell you what we are seeing from vantage point. light snowfall. you had unlit roads. it's very difficult to see just little bit from our -- you can
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see from our headlights here by it is falling and we have seen just a little bit of coating on the side walks and the untreated surfaces. we have also seen salt trucks out there as well. keep heading out with storm 4 ten. >> delaware is also prepared for snow. live look at i 95 in wilmington from our camera. says most major as well as secondary roads. department will have snowplows on the job this morning. philadelphia streets crews are out salting as well. here's a look at the avenue of the arts, kimmel center camera. fleet of 70 salt trucks working to keep morning commute clear. no plans to disrupt trash pickup today because of the snow. no matter where you live, make sure you have nbc free app. track know, weather alerts. get school delays and cancellations right on your
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tablet. customize the forecast right where you live. 4:32. new this morning, in philadelphia. two armed robbery suspects under arrest. men broke into the store, took cash from the store owner, he pulled a gun and shot one of the suspects in the back. police say they arrested the two men when they showed up at the hospital in a stolen car. now to breaking news following for you out of canada. six people dead after a shooting at a mosque. eight people wounded by the gunfire that broke out during evening prayers. two suspects under arrest. canadian prime minster justin trudeau posted condolences to family on social media. trudeau called the shooting a terrorist attack on muslims. trump administration is defending travel ban on immigrants and refugees from seven countries.
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homeland security officials said fewer than 1% of 325,000 international travelers that arrived in the u.s. yesterday were quote inconvenienced. still, travel ban sparked protests from coast to coast with demonstrators supporting nondiscrimination in a free country. president trump continues to support extreme vetting in keeping of country safe. over 40 different countries worldwide that are majority muslim that are not affected bid this order. again be issuing visas to all countries once we reeview and implement secure policies. we're watching philadelphia international airport for more protest. yesterday an estimated 5,000 people dem straonstrated there response to travel ban. at the international baggage claim with some protesters
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spilled out clogging the exit route for other passengers. demonstration came the day after two families from syria were detained and sent back to middle east. i don't think this is a matter of national security. >> we're not coming here to cause problems. we're coming to make living and peace. >> three air travelers who were detained on saturday were allowed to enter the u.s. yesterday. police made one arrest for minor offense. late last night, philadelphia mayor gym kenny tweeted this. grateful to the men and women of philadelphia international airport and police who worked hard to ensure safe expression today. members sent right back on a plane to syria and an unclear future. local coverage of travel ban continues just ahead. 4:35. on the menu, brand new breakfast option. why students can take credit for
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the new healthy choice. 4:35. 35 degrees. mother nature making snow? delaware and south jersey. camelback, it's manmade. another miss, but there are more opportunities for snow on the way. get your neighborhood forecast just ahead. ,$88doooooorw
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not expecting to see know in philadelphia. different story in cape may. steady light accumulating snow. really hasn't accumulated much in this view. coming down. it will continue for much of the morning. doppler radar shows just skirting to the south. philadelphia and wilmington, completely dry in allentown and redding in trenton no issue at all. the snow coming down and accumulating will be with us this morning. it tapers off this afternoon. out at the shore, rain is just offshore. temperatures borderline. some neighborhoods above freezing. count on most of the accumulation on grass. colder surfaces while the treated roads should be fine. could be some slipping and sliding this morning. tail end is just pushing into d.c. going to be all quick mover. not expecting a lot of snow. have to deal with this this morning. philadelphia see the clouds.
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snow not happening this morning. 33 degrees. get to see sunshine this afternoon. the wind will be blowing so an isolated snow shower is possible later today. possibly mixed with a few rain drops. suburbs 29 degrees. dry this morning. 33 at 11:00. sunshine and 35 degrees this afternoon. below normal for this time of year. going to be a colder day today. in the lehigh valley, you might see a scattered snow shower, especially this afternoon. 27 degrees at 7:00, but 32 degrees at 11:00 and 34 at 3:00 this afternoon. most of the day will be dry. snow accumulating this morning. still coming down in delaware at 7:00. startology taper off after sunrise. still cloudy at 11:00. 3:00 in the afternoon, temperatures above freezing. melting a little bit of sunshine. breaking through for the afternoon. new jersey especially closer to the shore and in southern new jersey, that's where we're getting the accumulating snowfall. at the shore, 30 degrees at
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7:00. just blow freezing for the shore at 7:00. the snow should be tapering off by 11:00 this morning. there will be shoveling to do. especially central and southern delaware at the shore. afternoon temperatures nicely above freezing. haven't shovelled it, it will be melting. much melting during the day today. more cold weather and more chances for snow coming up. ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. happening today, school cafeterias after new healthy breakfast treat. this is a breakfast cake filled with fruits and whole grains. developed the crumble with ventures, a student run business advocating healthy school food. the school in southwest philadelphia threw a launch party to celebrate one of the crumbles creators tells us this isn't your typical health food. >> i actually get happy it's something they enjoy.
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it's healthy. sometimes you think healthy things are going to be nasty. so it's good we made something healthy and delicious. >> studented worked for more than a year to fine-tune the recipe. we would like you to join the conversation. tell us what you think. reach out on social media. tell us what you're doing to eat healthier at school or are you sticking with tater to thes. >> the impact of hurricane sandy is still being felt more than four years later. >> jersey transit stations and trains took a beating in that storm. so did 109-year-old bridge. just ahead explain why some leaders say the hurricane is a blessing in disguise. also putting a face on immigration travel ban. up next check with the lehigh valley family who watched relatives forced back on a plane to syria. by peggy lee playing ]
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morning. look closely. that's snow on camera lens. light snow is falling. starting to cover the lens. expect light snow this morning if you head out along the shore. south jersey and delaware, meteorologist bill henley is tracking the conditions where you live. he continues with his forecast in just a minute. new details breaking this morning about travel problems for delta airlines. the airline says things should be getting back to normal after at least 100 flights cancelled so far. 150. some more cancellations expected today. it was a system outage that led to a ground stop of airlines domestic flights. stop lifted around midnight. suggest you check flight status today. waiving fees for changes made today. philadelphia airport is calm following a protester of the dem
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strak ban. police marched outside terminal a. dozens of police officers made sure everything was peaceful. at one point, officers moved barriers to handle the crowd. some demonstrators left the term to march along access roads along the airport. here's where the road piece of that comes in. see the crowd from sky force ten. septa had to suspend burs service. also digital signs on i-95 warned drivers about traffic backup in the area. allentown family says their relatives are back in syria. turned away at philadelphia international airport on saturday. doctor and his wife spoke out for the first time since the incident. joined bid governor tom wolf yesterday. six family members were denied entry into the u.s., despite having immigration visas, after a brief detainment, forced to endure 18 hour return flight
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back to middle east. >> i was saddened and i'm heart broken because they had to be sent back to war zone. >> america is not -- this is not america. this is not america. >> family says they're working with the aclu to help get relatives back to united states. happening today, new jersey senator cory booker and bob menendez will discuss is the impact of the immigration. join the forum at booker's office in new jersey. local politicians from delaware to airport yesterday. big thing for me is that instead of us having all process that is orderly and makes sense, we instead have confusion and fear. >> it's a free country. free for all. they've been vetted. they have visas. they're ready for green cards. vetted for months and months and
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months. that's not right. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf and brian fitzpatrick spoke out against the plan. stay with the nbc 10 and app for the developments on the travel ban here in philadelphia and around the country. nbc 10 pamela osborne working on the story. check with her life in philadelphia international airport ahead in next half hour. 4:48 man is under arrest. quakertown is facing charges. he's the fifth arrest in the case since last summer. he and others raped the victim over several years. state attorney general josh shapiro said the abuse happened during party where is the men would dress up as animals. >> according to the victim, a man dressed up as a red fox would take him upstairs during fur parties and sexually abuse
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him. it occurred numerous times and on numerous dates. >> shapiro said there may be more suspects. asking anyone with information to come forward. now, let's take you state by state and county by county for look at stories across our area. >> first in new jersey, a drunk driving bill will be up for vote by state lawmakers. require all drivers convicted of dui to use an ignition interlock. works like a breathizebreathize if that content is over the legal limit. philadelphia, pennsylvania governor tom wolf will host a discussion on fighting the state's opioid epidemic. the school substance abuse research center holds marks of excellence for the study of drug addiction. this morning in delaware county a fallen officer will be honored. shot and killed in 2002 as he
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investigate add suspicious parked car. at 10:00 a.m. a section of the avenue right in front of upper darby high school will be named in his honor. today opens as brand new 11,000 square foot learning resource center. pictures of the students workspace which is spread across two floors. features wireless internet. brand new computers, study rooms and a coffee bar. ten minutes before five. let's get you to work. >> check in with jessica boyington looking at the blue route. right around germantown pike. no problems or delays. see actually all traffic is moving nicely. roads are dry. not seeing huge problems reported there. crash in upper providence around olympic road. checking with pa turnpike. construction on the westbound side. losing the left lane. eastbound and westbound drive times are okay. 25 minutes at the most from
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valley forge headed to route one. also remember about the bridge closure, new jersey and pa turnpike connector bridge is still closed for structural repair this morning. watching that for you and the vine street expressway, open in both directions in between broad street and schuylkill. no problems getting east or westbound. more updates when i come back if ten. >> thank you. about nine minutes before 5:00 a.m. on this monday morning. weaver dealing with snow. some folks are. >> bill will break it down for you. you won't be seeing snow on that scene behind you. south philadelphia is dry this morning. clouds overhead. 35 degrees in philadelphia. even if we do see a few snowflakes, not likely this morning, they're not going the be sticking. where it is coming down and sticking, cape may. temperatures right around freezing. live view. it's a steady light snow. haven't seen a lot of
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accumulation. one of the systems that's going to give us more on the grass than on hard services. 28 in the lehigh valley. suburbs 31. 31 in delaware. saw some light snow in new castle county. most falling to the south. south jersey and the shore seeing more snow this morning and temperatures from much of the area just below freezing just enough to support that snow falling and sticking in some neighbors. clayton, millville is 31 right now. low 30s for lumberton and 29 in princeton. cold start. going to be a chilly day today. snowy morning. not going to be with us all day today. snow coming down and akul lawsuiting into south jersey and atlantic county, cape may. going to be tapering off late this morning. get some sunshine this afternoon. see the rain that is just offshore. really borderline. you can see some rain drops mixing into points along the
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costline. most likely stay all snow and dry out. one more area to much away. see scattered snow showers in western pennsylvania. some of those will be blowing through the area late this afternoon, but, not a significant as what we have this morning. the wind will be blowing 14 miles an hour and gusts to 25 miles an hour this afternoon. don't be surprised if you see a few afternoon showers. could be rain or snow this afternoon. this morning, all snow and it's 7:00 this morning. see it's really tapering off in delaware. still coming down for much of south jersey at the shore by late in the morning. that snow just moves to the shore. that's at 9:15 this morning. as we go into the noontime hour, 11:00 this morning. we are drying out. cold with temperatures in the 30s, but it's above freezing for philadelphia. wilmington, and even starting to melt in cape may. not a big system, but the opportunity for some snow in the
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area. little more to the south. one to three inches at the shore. most areas wind up with lesser amount. then tomorrow a chance of more light snow in the area. light snow in the morning. 40 degrees in the afternoon. anything falling in the morning will likely melt during the day. temperatures say below normal for thursday, friday, saturday and sunday with highs in the upper 30s on sunday. and a chance of some more wet weather next week come monday and wednesday. rain and snow. up next on nbc 10 today at 5, a family who escapes syria speaks to nbc 10 about the family ban. >> who now helping the family and growing fears for those still stuck in the country. going wild, next here from a villain of a buzzer beating play that left coaches and fans doing a double take. ♪ oh, it's a good day... ♪
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septa riders take note. rush hour first commute with new regional rail schedules. updates service for all region rail lines. septa says goal in changing train times is to become more reliable system wide and address crowded trains and positive train control upgrades. check out new schedule right on nbc 10 app. south jersey today, patco new schedule gets fist weekday commuter test. two wood crest local trains now cancelled. three express trains now local trains. for more details on souts jersey train travel, tap the nbc 10 app. new jersey is moving ahead with projects to fix damaged infrastructure more than for years after hurricane sandy hit the state. that includes railroad tracks, tunnels, bridges used by new jersey transit. one bridge due for replacement. the bridge is more than a century old. during the super storm, a barge
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rammed the bridge and dislodged the deck and steel gurders. officials say sandy helped replacement project with money secured to pay for it. all-time record, nearly 21,000 fans at villa nova virginia game. made up the largest college basketball crowd ever in pennsylvania. boy did they get a show. >> you get to watch this on tv. >> at home. >> the score, the final seconds, driving and misses, but then there to tip in the game winner. right there. >> ragu. >> replay shows the shot just beating the clock and get this, it was his only basket of the game. it's your game winner. this morning sports cover reads big tipper. even he described what happened on that last play sgll i just made a great play. he saw the lane open.
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defense turned their head and there was only a couple seconds left so i didn't get it, we were going to overtime. had to lock down defensively. luckily i got a last second tip in. >> how about that. from wilmington, red shirt freshman. thanks to him they'll likely stay number one in the nation when the rankings come out today. 20-2 right now. force in march madness. >> that was a crazy game. they were down a lot. >> trying to watch a movie, couldn't get to it. had to keep flipping back to watch the game. now for more stories we're following now at 5:00 a.m. tracking snow. first alert forecast how it could impact the morning commute. airport chaos, protests erupt in philadelphia and across the nation of president trump's travel ban. groups are now fighting back and the president's response. breaking from overnight, mosque attack. what we are learning about the
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deadly rampage in canada. 5:00 a.m., 35 degrees outside. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 today. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. there's some places in the area that may be dealing with a little bit of snow. probably in delaware and the shore area. >> already some places seeing it. >> we've see some cameras down the shore where they're dealing with it. begin right now with meteorologist blill henley who has the most accurate neighborhood forecast. seeing a wide area of snow from cape may into vineland, morris river seeing it. delaware mainly central and southern delaware some of it creeping into new castle county as well. here this morning and out this afternoon. you will see accumulation and you may impact getting around first thing this morning. not so much this afternoon. philadelphia is going to stay dry this morning.


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