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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  January 30, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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deadly rampage in canada. 5:00 a.m., 35 degrees outside. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 today. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. there's some places in the area that may be dealing with a little bit of snow. probably in delaware and the shore area. >> already some places seeing it. >> we've see some cameras down the shore where they're dealing with it. begin right now with meteorologist blill henley who has the most accurate neighborhood forecast. seeing a wide area of snow from cape may into vineland, morris river seeing it. delaware mainly central and southern delaware some of it creeping into new castle county as well. here this morning and out this afternoon. you will see accumulation and you may impact getting around first thing this morning. not so much this afternoon. philadelphia is going to stay dry this morning. there is a chance we'll see an
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afternoon shower. this slides out of here and we'll be watching north and west for some of these. see scattered showers. northern and western of our area and those are in store for us this afternoon, but pretty dry over, philadelphia. 34 degrees. 30 in the suburbs. not expecting to see accumulation either of those spots. in new jersey, south jersey and at the shore, that's where we're seeing it. delaware as well. the snow this morning tapers off late this morning. also comes to an end in delaware. probably just after sunrise this morning. break forecast down hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. first jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. watching route 73. mount laurel, new jersey cameras around 295. couple of cars out the door here. not seeing big problems. also if you're on route 73. we're on standby right now. for a scheduled opening that was scheduled for 440 this morning. 20 minutes into that. watch for delays now. take the betsy ross bridge at alternate. nice and clear.
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burlington bristol. crash upper providence. around olympic road. bridge closure we've been watching since last week for structural repairs. delaware river privilege. turnpike connector bridge still watching that closure. can't get from the p pa turnpike. both directions typically see that closed now open. see that right in here. between broad and schuylkill, no problems east and westbound. everything moving along fine. >> thank you. taking a live look now at cape may. jersey shore expected to see heaviest snow for the day. >> we continue live team coverage now with nbc 10 matt delucia. how are the conditions where you are? >> we just got out of storm 4 ten here in cape may. you can see the roads and the walks really don't look too bad.
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bill has been talking about this this morning. really the untreated services you have to worry about. grass and shrubs here at this wawa. they rchl snow covered, but really is just a coating at this point. we were driving in along route 55 and you could see the snow coming down a little bit heavier at certain points. here it's a bit of a mix of heavy and light snow every now and then picks up a little bit. here in this area, not too much traffic. we have seen salt trucks and some of the brining vehicles if you will. that were out on the major roads as we were coming in. we did pass quite a few of those salt trucks. just making sure the roads are ready. and even some of the parking lots. laid out some salt and just make sure everybody is okay and safe here. again, we're going be going through cape may, through the jersey shore. as bill has been saying south jersey. light snowfall if you will. again, really not impacting
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traffic that much, but again you might want to just brush off car, take a couple of extra seconds before you head out the door this morning. for now, live in cape may. matt delucia nbc 10 news. >> no matter where you live, make shoe you have the free nbc 10 app. track the snow, get weather alerts. school delays or cancellations right in smartphone of tablet. also customize forecast to where you live. >> new this morning, two armed robbery suspects under arrest after a hold up in kobs creek. men broke into the store at 62nd and introduce last night. said after the men took cash from the store owner, store owner pulled a gun and shot one suspect in the back. arrested the two men when they showed up at a hospital in a stolen car. >> 34 degrees outside. following breaking news out of canada. six people dead outside after mosque near quebec city. gunfire broke out during evening
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prayers. two suspects under arrest. ka nad yen prime minster justin trudeau posted condolences. calling the shooting a terrorist attack on muslims. this morning watching philadelphia international airport to see if more protests will pop up there. >> yesterday, about 5,000 people demonstrated there in response to president trump's immigration travel ban. created a log jam at the airplane. septa also stopped service to the airport for about an hour or so. estimated 5,000 people on hand to protest the ban against 7 predominantly muslim nations. president trump signed the executive order last week in the name of national security. dozens of protests against the ban continued across airports of other parts of the country as
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well. includes places like orlando, boston, connecticut. today the council is expected to announce a federal lawsuit. suit is on behalf of more than 20 individuals challenging president trump's executive order. announcement will be made later today at organizations capitol hill headquarters. president trump continues to state his case for the travel ban. he calls extreme vetting. he released a statement that read in part. this is not about religion. this is about terror and keeping country safe. over 40 different countries worldwide that are majority muslim that are not affected by the order. we will be issuing visas to the countries once we have reviewed and implemented policies. >> white house chief of staff also defended the move as a way to protect the nation. reince priebus on nbc meet the press. >> i don't think you want to have a grace period.
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people who want to do bad things to americans just move up the travel date in order to get into the country before the grace period is over reince priebus also indicated the ban. iran is one of the seven nations the foreign minister of iran is calling the travel ban an insult to muslim world. the foreign minister said on twitter last night. americans already holding visas can still enter the country. family that escaped syria and found refuge in philadelphia is reacting to president's executive order. church of saint marten is helping the family. they told us they're grateful they arrived before the travel ban, but fear for syrians now barred from coming here. >> as it's commonly said here it's the land of justice and what not, this decision, if you lose, you're away from that. >> first family being helped by
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the churches ministry. stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app for up to minute developments on the immigration travel ban in philadelphia and around the country. ahead at 5:30. take you to philadelphia international airport for a live report. this morning, a bucks county middle school will be ready to help students hurting after losing a classmate in an atv accident. dozens of friends and family gathered last night at a memorial. 13-year-old johnny died when the atv he was driving crashed friday night in ben salem. 13-year-old passenger in critical condition. atv driving without any lights on. he was not wearing a helmet. >> if it will save somebody else's life, please don't be riding on the streets with the atv. >> snider middle school says it will have counselors on hand ready to help students this
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morning. color purpose sl a way to show help despite loss in the fight against addiction. montgomery county courthouse was lit up in purple in recognition of national day of remembrance. nine minutes after 5:00. snowy scene from cape may. this is one that's going to accumulate more on grass, colder surfaces like bushes, around wawa like we've seen from matt delucia this morning. this is going to be an easy one to handle. times is going to make for some slipping and sliding in parts of south jersey and delaware. just dry. you can see cars not having any problems moving around this morning. doppler radar showing dry in philadelphia and wilmington. just to the south. vineland and dover, cape may. that's where the snow is
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falling. this is all snow right on through central delaware until you get to extreme south eastern sussex county. mixing with rain. the temperatures are right around freezing. so the grass is going to be a little colder than hard services. that's why it's going to accumulate there more. 6:00 still falling. look it's dry from mount holly. complete dry in the suburbs and lehigh valley. 8:00 this morning, most of it comes to an end. central delaware, still snow showers to the south. and that is light accumulating snow for atlantic city, cape may, really tapering off at 8:00 hour. now fast forward to 10:00 this morning. still dry. clouds thinning out in philadelphia. cape may last two showers at the shore. has already ended instead delaware by 10:00 this morning. as we go into the afternoon, get north westerly winds developing. gusty winds this afternoon.
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not expecting a huge warmup. 36 degrees 1:00 this afternoon for philadelphia. above freezing just by a couple degrees in allentown. dry, but above freezing. so we will see melting this afternoon with breaks of sunshine for cape may. atlantic city and millville. gusty winds could deliver some of these during the afternoon hours, 4, 5:00 this afternoon. scattered showers possible moving authorize berks county and looechl through lancaster county. could see isolated showers in delaware and south jersey. that's today. another chance we'll see snowflakes in the area tomorrow. take a closer look at that when i come back in ten minutes. >> 11 minutes past 5:00 a.m. trickle down the last couple of days of the month. >> yes, right. let's get you to work. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has you covered. checking with the area bridging right now. 26th street around penrose aven
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avenue. see through the intersection. no major problems there. watching the rest of the bridges. betsy ross is still clear. take that as alternate. 5:40 this morning. burlington bristol. start to see delays there as well. more updates on you. keep our eye on the bridges as well. 12 minutes past five right now. super bowl bound: a quarterback with philadelphia ties is not forgetting about his home. special connection with a local foundation and how he's giving back to those in need. emotional night at the sag awards. surprise of the hollywood award show and message from actors.
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all eyes on a local football star this weekend when the super bowl kicks off. >> today some students will be cheering on matt ryan before the
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big game. quarterback for the atlanta falcons. this morning will hold a rally for ryan. quarterbacks family at saint phillips and james school to celebrate. not just well known name in the area. also giving back with his charity believe and achieve. we spoke to founder, fred gun they are. gunther. i know you're never going to find anybody more competitive than matt ryan. >> helps at risk children in our area. those drums part of the chinese new year celebration. runs through february 15. the screen actor's gild award has not only honored some of the best. >> also took of donald trump's
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immigration plan. >> good evening everyone. everyone in airports that belong in my america. >> ashton kutcher began with his welcome, won an award for her show veep. talked about being the daughter of an immigrant who fled persecution. >> american patriot and i love this country and because i love this country, i am horrified by it its blemishes and immigrant ban is a blemish and un-american. one movie hidden figures. honors for best actor went to denzel washington for his performance in fences. emma stone won best actress for role in la laland . strangers things, orange in the new black won in the tv
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category. >> 17 minutes past 5:00 a.m. on this monday morning. jessica looking at the lehigh valley. >> let's check, what do you see, jess. watching lehigh valley. cameras around lehigh street. good drive so far. looks dry. not seeing any problems reported there for now. watching the bridges. this is watching for scheduled opening. little earlier this morning. should be on the way back down now. scheduled for 4:40. good alternate for you. watching the burlington bristol bridge. scheduled opening in place about 5:40. within a half an hour. watching pa turnpike for construction. on the westbound side between fort washington and valley forge. see drive times still look okay. westbound from route 1 to valley forge. 22 minute trip. also a crash new into traffic system here. lower pottsgrove and school lane. when i come back in ten or so, update you on new jersey roads. thank you, 5:18.
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let's get a look at the conditions where you live. >> meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate alert first alert forecast. >> tracey, snow is continuesi co come down in cape may. snowy view. minimal accumulation on the board walk this morning. colder grass surfaces will see accumulation. not in philadelphia. completely dry. just clouds overhead. easton, make out some thin clouds overthere. dry and colder. 26 degrees right now in lehigh valley. delaware getting snow mainly central and southern, but some snowflakes in southern new castle county. south jersey and the shore, look at temperatures right at freezing. the air is certainly cold enough to produce snow this morning. as far as sticking, again colder surfaces rather than the treated roads. should be just fine. completely dry in philadelphia. just have to bundle up this morning. temperatures in the 30s right now. we'll be climbing into the upper
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30s this afternoon. not a huge warmup. here we go. snow falling. delaware and south jersey. did see a few snowflakes reach towards newark and wilmington. dusting in those areas. steadier snow in atlantic county. that snow here this morning and this afternoon, we could see scattered snow showers develop and move through the area. just a dusting is possible with those this afternoon. tomorrow, once we're clear of these, there's another system that we're watching. this one doesn't look like much. in fact, even lighter than what we're seeing this morning. delaware and south jersey. this one is going to go the other direction. chance of snow for the lehigh valley with that one. for today, hour by hour, 5:00 this morning. here we go. see snow falling. look how quickly it moves offshore. 9:00 this morning. we're drying out. until we get to afternoon. then we see scattered light snow showers at 4:00 this afternoon
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and into the evening hours. 5:00 and showers will take a break and by late this evening, we'll be dry, but, here comes that next system. for tuesday morning, you see detroit at 11:30 getting snow. cleveland is getting snow. it's going to take all night long for those clouds to move in, first of all. that's at 4:00 in the morning. we're dry. by 5:00 could see light snow in the area. just very light snow. won't last long. 10:30 tomorrow morning. light snow is out of here. couple chances. first one happening right now. delaware and south jersey. might see isolated snow shower this afternoon. 37 degrees for philadelphia. tomorrow morning a chance of light snow. 40 in the afternoon. a lot of that snow melting. whatever sticks tomorrow. then wednesday 44, with some sunshine, nice warmup. in fact the warmest day over the next ten because for thursday, friday. saturday, sunday and through next week. temperatures are below the normal high of 42 degrees.
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there's a chance of more wet weather next week come monday and wednesday. travel ban backlash. how large companies are now protesting president trump's executive order. talked to cnbc landonowdy about the impact. >> breaking overnight. what forced dozens of cancellations overnight. what you need to know if you're flies out today.
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protein proteiny protein. at least 14 grams of protein. 100 calories. new greek 100 protein. from yoplait. this morning, two large companies taking a stand against president trump's travel ban. landon dowdy here with details. this morning's cnbc business news. good morning, landon. tracey, good morning. starbucks ceo says the company plans to hire ten,000 refugees over the next five years in 75 countries. this comes in the wake of the travel ban. hiring will start in the u.s. initially focusing on people who served with the military as interpreters and support
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personnel. google has create add $2 million crisis fund for the immigration cause that can be matched with $2 million in employee denations. the money will go to the aclu and three other organizations. the grant comes after google ceo objected to president trump's travel ban and co-founder took part in a protest in san francisco. over on wall street, could begin the week in the red. following a week that saw the dough close above 20,000 for the first time. both snapping a two week losing streak. the focus for investigatoors th week. earning from yap. plus the monthly jobs report on friday. friday the dow fell 7 points to 20093. nasdaq fell as well. we continue to follow the growing backlash against president trump's travel ban. next, get a live report from philly international. what thousands did at the
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airport to protest the executive order. 5:26. changing the menu. new breakfast option starting today for philadelphia students. how students made the change happen.
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snow on the shore. how long it will stick around. ban backlash. president trump's travel ban and their message for the president. breaking overnight. more than 100 flights for delta cancelled. 5:30 monday morning. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 today. i'm dd. >> i'm vai sikahema. 5:30 on nose. team coverage of today's snow. matt delucia at the jersey shore for us.


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