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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  January 30, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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snow on the shore. how long it will stick around. ban backlash. president trump's travel ban and their message for the president. breaking overnight. more than 100 flights for delta cancelled. 5:30 monday morning. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 today. i'm dd. >> i'm vai sikahema. 5:30 on nose. team coverage of today's snow. matt delucia at the jersey shore for us. begin with meteorologist bill
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henley and the most accurate nbc first alert neighborhood weather forecast. >> light snow falling in cape may. snow coming down in this live view. that's beach avenue. this is steady light snow. greatest amounts will be in the two to three inch range on the grass. cape may, cape may courthouse and towards atlantic city. even though the snow is coming down and accumulating on the grass, it's not going the be a lot. delaware and south jersey. snow falling this morning will be tapering off later this morning. only this morning. wilmington, right on the northern edge of that. might not see anymore snowflakes. wilmington and philadelphia will likely stay dry this morning. is a chance we'll see showers this afternoon. right now cloudy and 34 degrees
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this afternoon in philadelphia. just below freezing in the suburbs. 30 degrees and delaware, cloudy skies. steady snow falling in central and southern delaware. no snow this morning. new jersey inland areas just cloudy. go further south and find snow. this snow this morning will also be a cumulating at the shore. look at afternoon temperatures. anything falling this morning, much of it will be disappearing as the day goes on. break this down hour by hour when i'm back. first see how the roads are looking. we're watching out in university city this morning. crash involving a bus and a truck. so we're getting more details on that for you right now. it's on university avenue. that's what we know. right around civic center boulevard. watching out in hatten height jersey. good drive there so far. most jersey roads look very similar. roads dry there as well. crash in lower pottsgrove and
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school lane. end on 95. this is moving drive times through delaware. you can see here north or southbound from 295 to 459 11 minutes at the most. thank you, jessica. have a report here this morning of a septa bus accident versus a truck. live picture here at university city, university avenue in the civic center boulevard. this from septa. route 42 bus was rear ended by a car. university and civic center. eastbound. 11 people on the bus. no word on the number of injuries yet. actually. >> we do know that the bus driver and the person who was driving the car only two that were injured. >> nonlife threatening. keep you updated on air and nbc 10 app. >> meanwhile, doping this morning, waiting to see in more protester erupt at the airport. >> yesterday 5,000 people demonstrated against president trump's travel ban on 7 mostly
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muslim countries. pam osborne joins us live. >> several people detained at the airport over the weekend. walk us there what happened and the status now. >> reporter: yes, that's what sparked protest we saw over the weekend. for right now, we're inside of the international terminal. greeting people as they walk in here, a giant american flag which is just behind me. also the declaration of tin dependen independence here. here's one sign left yorover. a ban on muslims is a threat to the world followed bay quote from martin luther king junior. this sparked massive sentiment and protests here over the weekend. that crowd also chanted no land, no loss. started inside the international
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terminal and moved outside by the end of it. mere size of the crowd slowing down traffic on 95 approaching the airport. demonstration direct result of president trump's travel ban and this showed support in particular for two syrian families. a total of six who arrived at philly international saturday from qatar and not allowed entry. talked to a relative of that family about all that has happened. >> seeing this much support brings hope that our family will be able to come and be welcomed. >>. >> reporter: that family met with the governor yet. inquiring about what they could do with the status of other passengers. we are watching a flight that's set to arrive later this morning. in the meantime, when we see you again nebs, tell you what a local congress woman was doing here yesterday and what she
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would like to see with this ban. reporting live at philly international. pamela osborne. nbc 10 news. this morning, allentown family says that i remember relative re -- their relatives are back in sir yachlt turned away at philly international saturday. he and his wife spoke for the first time since the incident joined by governor tom wolf. the sixth family members were denied entry into the u.s. despite having immigration visas after a brief detainment. the family was forced to endure an 18 hour return flight back to middle east. >> i was saddened and i'm heart broken because they have to be sent back to war zone. >> america is not -- this is not america. >> the family says they're working with alaska laren eustaceclu h. some stood
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side by side with protesters at the airport yesterday. >> big thing for me is that we instead have confusion and fear. >> free country. free for all. they've been vetted. they have visas. they've been vetted for months and months and months. that's not right. >> pennsylvania congressman brian fitzpatrick also spoke out against the plan. stay with nbc 10 and app for up to the minute developments on the immigration travel ban. here in philadelphia and around the country. new details on breaking news overnight. delta just announced cancelled 80 flights scheduled for today. more cancellations possible because of a system outage that led to ground stop of domestic air flight.
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was lifted around midnight. airline says to check your flight status. waving fees for changes made yesterday and today. >> philadelphia man under airs this morning accused of driving under the influence and killing a teenager and ten-year-old sister. girls were hit early yesterday morning. they lived nearby. police say the driver left the scene, but later returned. kenneth is now charged with homicide by vehicle and drunk driving. 5:38. 34 degrees outside. right now tracking snow along the shore. here is a live look at cape may. not our usual picture we show you, but the cape may marina where you can see the snow coming down. nbc 10 matt delucia joins us live. tell us the conditions live right there. >> right. we have seen a steady snowfall here in cape may. especially around the shore points for much of the early morning hours. we're here along texas avenue in
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this wawa parking lot here in cape may. you can see where the roads aren't really affected that much. again, bill has been talking about how it's really the colder surfaces like the grass and the shrubs that are getting the coating of snow here. again, the main roads, the sidewalks, not being affected too much. although it is still cold out here. we have run into slick spots. we did see a lot of salt trucks on the major roads. we took route 55 in to this area. we also took soft back roads that you would normally take to the shore on those summer days. looks a lot different now than it would on a july day. we have seen some of the cars and some of the drivers come in here just all bundled up and really just getting those snow brushes out to brush off what falls on to their cars. again, for the most part, roads aren't terribly bad, but it is one of those days where you really have to just take it easy and just be a little cautious as
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you're out there on the roads. we have seen a lot of the salt trucks and also people putting salt down on the parking lots just in case, just as an extra precaution. keep driving around. for now live in cape may, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 20 minutes before six. parts of the area getting snow. others complete dry. look at philadelphia. wind is blowing. might give us a snow shower in the city and suburbs later today. this morning, snow in cape may. here, perfect. matt delucia described, the road is damp. the accumulation is on the ground. the ground a little bit colder than the roads. the temperatures right around freezing. be careful this morning. there will be slippery spots. delaware, southern delaware, central and southern delaware. and cape may. there are some areas that are seeing the snow come down a
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little bit heavier in sussex county. this is where we could get two to three inches of snow by the time this one is done. again, mainly on the grass to the north though. dry for philadelphia. and there was a little bit of snow in wilmington overnight. now it is going to stay to south. this is all out of here this morning. this afternoon, actually get breaks of sunshine. 32 at 8:00 in philadelphia. forecast for 37 at noontime. it's going to be a chilly day today. temperatures will be above freezing. sunshine and see a decedent warmup today. now, winds will be blowing this afternoon. may be an isolated shower during the late afternoon hours for philadelphia and suburbs. clouds will thin out by noontime. 34 degrees. see the clouds back in the forecast at 4:00. that's when we'll have a chance of scattered light snow showers. the lehigh valley, clouds will be thinning out this mornings. you'll see more sunshine this afternoon. not a big warmup here. 28 degrees. snow will end this morning in
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delaware by 8:00. most of it will be done in delaware. then look at the temperature. 37 degrees. if there is some accumulation, which there will be. much of it will be disappearing. clouds still hanging in there this afternoon. new jersey especially to the south will see a slow warmup from 30 at 8:00 to 35 degrees at noontime. snow at the shore at 8:00 will be done at noontime today. then, there's tomorrow. another chance of snow. look at that when i come back in ten minutes. about 18 minutes before 6:00 a.m. on this monday. let's get a look at vine street expressway. jessica boyington has that. how does it look, jessica. open both directions. have been all morning. you can see right now, moving through center city, you're okay. here's around 8th street right here. westbound here. eastbound so both lanes looking great. get to 95 or schuylkill moving through there. just fine. end on the bridges here.
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now that's clear. back down again. betsy ross bridge nice and clear. burlington bristol in the process of scheduled opening right now. scheduled for 5:40. watch for delays on either side. vai and tracey, back to you guys. septa change beginning this morning. why catching the train will be different for some riders. the reason is change is being made. healthy start. created by students.
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tracking snow along the shore. here's a live look.
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storm 4 10 there monitoring the conditions. also have update on first alert forecast in just minutes. plus following the latest on protest against president trump's travel ban. yesterday dozens of protests unfolded at airports across the country including in philadelphia. nbc's meet the press moderator chuck todd has more on what's in store for the president's second week in office. it first week of the trump presidency is any guide, then expect another busy second week. here's what we do know. there's probably going be more legal findings -- legal filings when it comes to president's dan or temporary ban on refugees coming into this country and certain muslims coming into this country from certain other countries. we'll also by the end of the week know who the president is going to nominate for the spout opening that has been on the court since the death of antonin scalia. those are the two knowns.
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obviously the unknown could also drive the week as we saw in week one. a lot tole follow. don't miss it. we'll see you next sunday. don't miss the "today" show, nightly news and everything else in between. >> we've got you covered. take you state by state and county by county for look at stories across our area. >> septa riders take note. this rush hour is first commute with new schedules. transit agency updating service for all of regional rail lines. septa says the goal in changing train times is to become more reliable system wide and address crowded trains and positive train control upgrades. check out the new can she think right now on the nbc 10 app. in new jersey today, patco new schedule gets its first weekday commuter test. two wood crest local trains now cancelled. three express trains now local trains. more details on south jersey train travel. >> in philadelphia today, tom
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wolf host a discussion on fighting the state's opioid epidemic. in new jersey a lawsuit is expected to be filed this week by a family of an 8-year-old kicked out of boy scotts. joe mall den nad doe is transgender. barred after parents complained. violated the state's law against discrimination. boy scouts of america says joe doesn't meet eligibility requirements. >> philadelphia city council will take up the issue of parking spots for electric vehicle. right now 51 spaces set aside for those cars. residents say that's giving car owners private parking spaces on crowded streets. council will look at effective way to keep both sides happy. opens a brand new 11,000 square foot learning resource
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center. pictures of student workspace. spread across two floors. features wireless internet, brand new computers. collaborative study rooms and a coffee bar. happening today school c cafeterias offer a new healthy breakfast treat. breakfast cake filled with fruit and whole grains. students from several schools developed the crumble with revel ventures. the school in southwest philadelphia through a launch party to celebrate and one of the crumbles creators tells us this isn't your typical health food. >> i actually get happy it's something they enjoy because it's healthy. sometimes you think healthy things are going to be nasty. it's good that we made something that's healthy and delicious. >> sometimes when you think it's healthy, it's nasty. students worked for more than a year to fine-tune the crumble
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recipe. >> dcould use one about right now. >> that's what we really know. >> some people think snow and they think nasty. not this morning. light know in the area. actually looks pretty. since most of it is accumulating on the grass while the road, beach avenue is damp, but doing fine. doesn't look terribly snowy there. light snow falling in cape may. no sign of snow in philadelphia. completely dry. 34 degrees for philadelphia. lehigh valley, no snow this morning. we might see an isolated snow shower this afternoon. better chance we'll get light snow in the area tomorrow morning for philadelphia and lehigh valley. right now dry and cold in the lehigh valley. 26 degrees. suburbs 30. 34 there's the 34 in philadelphia. south jersey just cold enough for snow for it to stick. 31 degrees in south jersey. little colder in some points at
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the shore. snow is falling south of wilmington. greenville, all dry this morning. temperatures right around freezing into the south. it's cold enough for some sticking, but there are some warmer neighborhoods just above freezing. the grass there is going to get accumulation. dover is getting light snow right now. to the south, georgetown is reporting light know. nothing heavy here, it will be accumulating. still be falling in atlantic city at 8:00 this morning. see snowflakes at the bus stop. rest of the area looking cold. allentown, just below freezing at that hour in philadelphia. then we'll get sunshine this afternoon. so all of this will be going out. in fact already starting to taper off in new castle county and delaware. that snow is all snow for cape may and atlantic city. warmer air for now is staying offshore. sea ford is coming down a little steadier and southern kent
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county. scattered snow shower possible this afternoon. some of this going to be blowing into the area. might see a dusting in a few neighborhoods from that. tomorrow morning better chance of light snow from that. doesn't look very impressive. it will be more impress v by the time it gets here tomorrow afternoon. for this afternoon, this is 4:30. some scattered snow showers possible. again, nothing more than a dusting. these will be on the move. they won't last very long. and then midnight tonight, look at the snow moving through the ohio ravalley and michigan. start at 4:30 dry. this is again very light snowfall from philadelphia to allentown. by 10:3:30 tomorrow morning. less than an inch on ground and it's out of here. today, 37 degrees. isolated snow shower this afternoon. that light snow tomorrow morning. then 40 in the afternoon. look at the warmup for wednesday. one day warmup.
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then back into the 30s for the rest of the week. next week a chance of more showers come monday and wednesday. >> 5:54. get you out the door on this monday. check the roads. see how they look. >> jessica boyington is looking at 42 in south jersey. >> watching the 42 freeway. right around route 41 over. you can see the northbound side. that's what traffic moving towards philadelphia. right now in and out seeing any major delays so far. drive time still a five minute trip. not seeing a big increase in the jj area. watching university city. crash involving a septa bus. university avenue and civic center boulevard might tie you up a little bit. watching bridge closure. still closed for structural repairs. still going to cause you some approximate for your morning commute. of course we'll have updates for you on that. traffic in the surrounding area, more cameras when i come back in about ten. >> see you then. knicks, a bird sores back home.
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how a missing macaw was returned to owner. happy reunion between the two. >> all new, looking for love, but only finding hundreds of dollars in unfair charges. tell you why this man reached out to nbc 10 after he signed up for popular online dating website.
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nbc 10 first reporter. trapped bird last week. freddie mercury. spent a week on the run. several crews tried to get out of nearby tree. continued to get away from them. reunited thanks to police in west ocean township chester county. >> it was worse for me than him because i mean, he was just out flying around. probably wanted to get home. for me, my heart was broken. >> well, freddie's owner said he had a few run ins with some hawks, but doing well now that he's home. good for freddie. all-time record. nearly 21,000 fans at the villa nova virginia game.
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made up largest college basketball crowd ever in pennsylvania. what a finish they saw. >> the score in the final seconds here. driving and missing, but then he's there to tip in the game winner. the replay showing the shot just beating the clock and get this, it was his only basket of the game. it's the winner. and this morning's sport cover daily news reeds big tipper. describes what happened at the last play. >> i just made a great play. he saw the lane open and defense turned their head and there was only a couple seconds left so if i didn't get it, we were going to overtime. had to lock down defensively. luckily i got a last second tippin.
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>> what's the nickname? ragu. >> yes. >> love it. more stories we're following starting right now at six. >> standing in solidarity. thousands of people turn philly international into a protest ground to make voices heard on the immigration travel ban. we're following breaking news out of canada. at least six people dead following a shooting at a mosque in quebec. what the nation's prime minster is now calling a terror attack on muslims. tracking snow this morning. already seeing it coming down in our area. not even seeing the snow today. break it down for you. 6:00 a.m. good morning. nbc 10 today. >> let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. looks like we have snow for the last two days of january, yes? >>. at times. not all day and not everywhere. cape may getting snow this morning. going to be done by late this morning. actually get sunshine and warming temperatures this af


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