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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  January 31, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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5:00 a.m. good morning. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we're expecting a little bit of snow. let's get right to that. bill henley with the most accurate weather forecast. some neighborhoods see the snow. east season one of them. so far dry. watching a little light snow moving through northern lancaster county or berks county right now. that's a line of showers that is likely going to fall apart across delaware and into south jersey. what's to the west is looking a bit more impressive and this is what i expect to arrive in berks county and lehigh valley and into the poconos mountains. that happens this morning. still a chance of wet weather this afternoon. pretty good chance you're going to need to bundle up today. the temperatures are colder. still falling. 26 now in south jersey. delaware is 27. look at the low 20s in the lehigh valley just below 25 in the suburbs. philadelphia, that 27 is at philadelphia international down
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to 24. park side you're at 25 degrees. while port richmond is 31 because it's close to river. upper 20s now for bustleton. go through the forecast hour by hour to show you who gets snow and who gets sunshine when i come back in ten minutes. first let's see how the roads are looking. we're watching the schuylkill right now. actually the ramp moving towards the vine street expressway. that has cleared. typically the last ramp to lift when they vine street expressway closure is in place. see here no problems headed to the vine right now from the schuylkill. once you get out door to vine street, construction is clear. checking drive times here. speeds also into the 30s there as well. remember bridge closure. happened about a week and a half ago. new jersey turnpike, pa turnpike connector bridge still closed there. alternate route to get you around pa and new jersey right
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there. also, still in new jersey, barrington, missing manhole cover on the white horse pike heading westbound. currently moving by on the pike. no big delays. right lane is closed. watch this throughout the beginning hours of rush hour. developing this morning, battle of president trump's immigration ban has now caused a top government official her job. >> acting attorney general fired after she refused to defend the executive order. new this morning, learned the acting director of immigrations of customs enforcement has also been replaced. matt delucia joins us live. what are you learning about the shakeup. >> a lot happening over the past several hours. firing of acting attorney general sally yates came not long after she announced the justice department will not defend the executive order on immigrati immigration. the response from the white
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house -- department of justice by refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the united states. statement also said that yates is very weak on illegal immigration. president trump named dana ben tay to the post temporarily. permanent pick for attorney general would be jeff sessions. his confirmation vote is later this morning. chuck schumer spoke about the firing of sally yates yesterday. here's his take. >> salaly yates was courage. her wisdom would rub off on some of the people in the white house. >> president trump also replaced as we mentioned the acting director of customs enforcement. unlike the firing of yates, the firing came with no explanation.
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both had stayed over from the obama administration. later this morning, lawyers plan to file a federal lawsuit to bring back six syrians turned away at philly international this weekend. more details coming up at 5:30. live in digital operation center. 5:04. in light of last night's development, all eyes on senate confirmation vote for attorney general nominee jeff sessions. split on the alabama senators previous testimony. expect him to be confirmed. up for three vote today. others are betsy devos and former texas governor rick perry for energy secretary. >> happening today in philadelphia, aclu and other groups plan to file a federal lawsuit regarding president trump's travel ban. protest over the president's order broke out over the weekend. lawsuit supports three families
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denied entry and deported to home countries. other detainees were allowed into the u.s. lawyers for the detainees will be speaking and elling us more information this morning. former president obama breaks silence for first time since leaving office. spokesperson releases statement that says in part citizens exercises constitutional right to assemble, have their voices heard by elected officials is exactly what we expect to see when american values are at stake. president obama's foreign policy decisions as we have heard before. the president fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of faith or religion. on the republican side, pat toomey said i support the administrations decision to increase vetting. unfortunate unfortunately, the initial executive order was flawed. too broad and poorly explained.
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referred to the order's execution as hasty and urged them to quickly reassess. >> now to lehigh valley, nbc 10 talked to people who stood with the president during the campaign and got their reaction to immigration ban and other recent changes. >> ran on a certain platform and he was elected on that platform and i think within ten days he's already showing he meant business. >> i'm excited about trump. i'm excited he's shaking things up. we're just having -- we can be republican again. >> people we talked to say they're not surprised by any of the actions trump has taken. many people here say they're waiting to see what the administration does next. a recent poll of voters found that many americans do support the executive order. nearly half of voters say they support suspending immigration from terror prone regions, even if it means turning away refugees from those regions.
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same poll found more than half the voters wanted to require immigrants from muslim countries to register with the federal government. tonight president trump will announce his choice to fill avacancy on the u.s. supreme court. learned two finalists. neil gorsuch and thomas hardyman. hardman sits on the bench in pittsburgh. iman. hardman sits on the bench in pittsburgh. iman sits on the be pittsburgh. we have continuing coverage all morning long on the immigration ban debate. 5:30 hear from allentown family kwhol relatives were sent back to middle east and don't forget to also get the latest updates on and the app. >> 5:07. 27 degrees. breaking news out of old city right now. firefighters battling a fire at a six story paramedic building
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at front and market street. fire was first reported on the roof. no injuries reported. we do have an nbc 10 crew on scene who tells us flames are coming out of the building. we're establishing a live picture. keep your updated instead just a few minutes, vai. federal lawmakers proposed a bill for fire safety on campus. increase fire awareness. that fire in january of 2000 killed three students and injured 58 others. in philadelphia, friends and loved ones held a candle light vigil for a victim of deadly hit and run in philadelphia. 48-year-old grandmother catherine brown died while crossing the street with grandchildren. witness said her last act was to save grandson from the path of oncoming krooifr who hit brown and kept going. >> just miss her. she was a great grandmother and a great mother and a great person. >> police are looking for a
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newer model white minivan. so far no arrests in the case. i-80 back open this morning. heading to western pa. crews cleaning up deadly 20 car crash in union township for much of the day yesterday. about an hour northwest of pittsburgh. one person died in this pileup. another snow squall is blamed for this deadly crash involving at least 40 vehicles. shut down for hours as crews cleaned up the road. one person died. nine others went to hospital. many had to abandon their vehicl vehicles. may see some slippery spots this morning. some of that froze up overnight. temperatures definitely come down. now i'm tracking some light snow that is moving into parts of the area. we will see showers to the north
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while south gets clouds and sunshine during the day today. then a dry evening with some lingering clouds which will keep temperatures from getting this cold tomorrow morning. definitely cold r than yesterday morning. 27 in philadelphia. south jersey is at 26 degrees and still falling. 26 in turnersville. 28 in florence. we will see sunshine mainly to south. mostly cloudy day for princeton. temperatures climb above freezing. even if we do get a little bit of light snow, falling over new castle county. not really reaching the ground. very dry air. so those little snowflakes are disappearing before they reach the ground. this line of showers is coming in from the west. more likely to reach the lehigh valley and into berks county. this first line is starting to fall apart, but the next one has a little bit more promise for snow showers after sunrise this morning. most of those will be limited to
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the north. and then rain showers possible this afternoon. and by this evening, we are clearing out. here's how it looks hour by hour. few snowflakes possible. flurries in philadelphia. maybe even a sprinkle at noontime. get sunshine this afternoon. 43 tree degrees this afternoon suburbs more likely to see snowflakes. dusting of snow further north and west. mix of rain and snow showers at noontime before we hit 42 degrees this afternoon. lehigh valley. this is the area that's most likely to see some light accumulating snow. the snow after sunrise this morning. still a possibility that snow showers during the noontime hour. temperature just above freezing. does get a little bit warmer up to 36 with rain showers moving in. may not be enough to clear that little bit of snow on the ground in the lehigh valley. could see less than an inch for the lehigh valley. probably no snow at all for delaware and for south jersey. 30 degrees and cloudy skies at
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8:00. clouds in new jersey and the shore. clouds start to thin out around lunchtime. later this afternoon into the 40s. 12 after five. let's get you to work on this tuesday morning. start with a look at route 1. >> how is the boulevard looking. >> looks good so far. i mean, the roads are dry. we're only seeing a few cars out the door in both directions. no big delays yet. not 5:30 yet. seeing really light volume. of course the boulevard. both directions look okay. north or south. southbound is where we watch in morning commute. headed towards schuylkill. we typically see more delays there. not yet. watching the 42 freeway in new jersey. right now looks good. five minutes at the most. small stretch right there. average speeds into the high 60s. not seeing problems in new jersey. same goes for route 38. you can see both directions on 38 east and westbound. look okay there too. on the bridginebridges, we're d
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great. just checked in a couple of seconds ago. not yet for the morning. betsy ross bridge is nice and clear as well. >> 5:13. growing concern for local muslims this morning. how leaders at mosques are warning their worshippers after president's immigration order and deadly mosque attack. phone scam warning. how similar response could lead to your money being stolen.
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working to get you more information. keep your updated on air and nbc 10 app. meanwhile suspect in canadian mosque attack made a brief court appearance last night. he did not enter a plea. charged with six counts of murder after allegedly opened fire in a mosque over the weekend. next court day is february 21. the attack in canada has them increasing local security. reminding leaders to be a woman
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interrupted the meeting and accused the group of being behind the september 11 attacks. says president trump's immigration order targeting 7 predominantly muslim nations is a cause for concern in his community. >> when islamophobia is given a platform at highest level, people at the lower levels feel as if it's okay to spread the hate that they might have towards certain group. >> the mosque is warning members to be mindful of surroundings. a new scam could cost you cash. >> he said, this is tony moore, can you hear me clearly, i just hung up. >> if you answer yes, it gets recorded. then call back demanding payment by using that recording as proof you agreed to pay for goods for services. federal trade commission says if you receive a prerecorded sales call or if someone asks can you
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hear me, just hang up. let's check in with jessica boyington. 202 looks like. >> watching 202 right now. right around 29. looks like a good drive so far. moving from 29 to schuylkill expressway just a 7 minute trip. speeds in the 60s. both directions in the road there look good. few cars out the door. watching the schuylkill. check in with drive times here. things look great. eastbound trip blue route to vine towards center city. 13 minutes. speeds in high 50s there. barrington new jersey. missing manhole cover on white horse pike. heading westbound. traffic is moving by on the pike right now, but the right lane is still blocked because of that. little bit of a slowdown by the scene. also still watching the delaware river bridge. the bridge is closed in connecting the new jersey turnpike and pa turnpike connector bridge for structural repairs. i'll have updates for the rest
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of the morning and more majors when i come back in ten. about 20 minutes past 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday. last day of january and you see right there, 27 degrees. >> yes. cold enough so you were saying you felt the snow we got late yesterday afternoon still on the ground. maybe more to come. let's get you updated. first alert bill henley has most accurate first alert forecast. >> last chance for snow in january. going to be cold enough for snow later this week, but i think most of the week, at least to start with in february will be dry. philadelphia dry right now. clouds overhead. there's a chance of a few snowflakes in philadelphia. more likely to see them in the lehigh valley and some of the suburbs. everybody is cold this morning. even at the shore. 27 degrees. 26 in south jersey. 20 in delaware too. in the suburbs has cooled down into the lower 20s. though it's starting in low 20s. these numbers will warm into the
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30s this afternoon. possibly the low 40s. we get some breaks in those clouds. it's going to be a cold and maybe even a light snow falling for the bus stop this morning at 8:00. allentown, quakertown, more likely to see snowflakes where it's just going the be cloudy and cold. just above freezing in atlantic city and everybody will wind up above freezing this afternoon. this first light snowfall not even reaching the ground. what will be coming our way will be falling in the lehigh valley and berks county. this is 8:30 this morning. look at snow moving in. this is high resolution hour by hour forecast that shows just the snow that squeaks into the lehigh valley at 9:30. doesn't last long. there's the tail end for the morning snow showers. then this afternoon, a chance of more snow showers developing. back in berks county and lehigh valley very light snowfall. expecting less than an inch of potential snow for the area.
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little bit more in the poconos. also a chance of rain showers during the day, but mainly cloudy for philadelphia. you'll see breaks of sunshine in delaware and south jersey. low 40s this afternoon. sunshine tomorrow. 48 high temperature the not bad for first day of february. then koicold returns for thursd friday. saturday. here comes the chance of snow and rain drops too. showers on sunday and delaware south jersey more likely to be rain. could see light snow moving through. areas north and west. especially. then drying out for monday and tuesday. another round of wet weather rain and snow wednesday and into thursday. >> thank you, bill. 5:22. now to breaking news from old city. firefighters battling this fire in an apartment building at front and market streets. fire first reported on the roof. firefighters are getting water on the flame as you see here in the darkness.
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we have confirmed the entire building has been evacuated. no injuries. several crews on the way. journalist on ground trying to establish a shot. also launched sky force ten to get you a better view of this. continue to keep an eye on this and we'll be right back.
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good morning, landon. cnbc business news. hi there, tracie. good morning. wall street skoucould start the off in the red. the impact the immigration orders could have on u.s. companies. futurers lower ahead of the bell. group of tech companies plan to meet today in filing a legal brief challenging president trump's immigration order. reports say google, netflix,
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airbnb are among the companies being invited. talks come after amazon and expedia claim support and order negatively affected their business. as for today's focus for investors, earnings loom large. big names pfizer, ups, apple. data and home prices consumer confidence. and federal reserves begins a two-day policy meeting. dow falling monday to 19971. nasdaq down to 5613. >> now we continue to follow breaking news. everyone safely evacuated from the apartment building at front and market street. take a live look. firefighters getting the upper hand in the last ten minutes. seen the flames subside. get a live report from the scene coming up.
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