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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  January 31, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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. breaking news. massive fire breaks out in apartment building. immigration ban fallout. firing acts attorney general. what she said about the executive order. deadline day. only hours left to register for affordable care act. if you want coverage in 2017. why officials say you should sign up despite calls to repeal and replace the law. >> just past 5:30. a lot to get to today. a frigid january morning. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley and most accurate nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather forecast. >> morning. a lot colder this morning. in the 20s. and i'm tracking light snow. the first of it is on the move and quickly move offshore. this is not even reaching the ground. just to the west. see steadier snow moving just to the west of harrisburg. on track to reach into berks
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county and lehigh valley and some of the northern suburbs. not everyone is going to see light snowfall. inch or less for the lehigh valley what i'm expecting during the day. further to the south. even less. philadelphia might see a few snowflakes this morning. mainly cloudy and 27 with a chance of sunshine breaking through this afternoon. southwesterly winds right now. suburbs 24 degrees. certainly cold enough for snow. temperatures climb into the 40s this afternoon. new jersey 42 degrees. i'll break it down hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. first jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> bill, we're starting off on bl blue route this morning. pa turnpike and schuylkill. drive time okay. four minutes there. average speeds also into if 60s. good drive on the blue route so far. same goes for 95. still seeing good drive times towards center city. 13 minutes average speeds also into the mid 60s. this is route 73 in new jersey.
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just around route 38. looks good here as well. we're all still quiet. pretty much across the board in parts of new jersey. pennsylvania and delaware. we'll end with mass travrnts h e here. >> apartment fire burning at front and market street. live picture now. pamela osborne just alive erriv the scene. >> reporter: i actually just got done speaking with a resident. a couple of them who escaped this spire. i'm going to step out the way and show you what's going on right now. this street, blocked off right now. residents were telling me they believe the fire started up on top of the roof this morning. we just spoke to one woman who actually lives on the top floor
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there. she said she was up late/early this morning sending out e-mails for work then she heard this banging around and saw flashing and her ceiling started melting down. her boyfriend was burned a little bit as he tried to get out of there. we're also hearing from residents the fire alarm inside of the building didn't really go off. it was up to the people who lived here to alert one another to the fire. that's exactly what they were doing this morning. i want to show you something else to give you a lay of the land here. this is market street right now. second, third, if you travel in this area, you're going to want to stay away this morning. right down there is the entry ramp to 95. solt if you take this way, you're going to have to avoid this area. as you can see, firefighters still working to get it control on this situation here. we're going to continue to follow this and get some more information from firefighters and we'll see you back here for another life report in about a half hour.
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reporting now, nbc 10 news. >> thanks because of the fire we just got word from assignment desk septa is detouring six bus routes around that. >> we appreciate pam hustling to get over there. this morning, new acting attorney general of the united states. >> president trump's fired previous acting ag. justice department would not defend the president's executive order on her watch. the order banned immigration for seven majority muslim nations. the u.s. attorney for the eastern district of virginia will now serve as the acts attorney general. now last night developments put a broader spotlight on today's senate confirmation vote for attorney general nominee jeff sessions. republicans and democrats split on the alabama senator. political observers expect him to be confirmed. meantime president trump also replaced acting director of ice.
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unlike the firing of yates, the firing came with no explanation, he was replaced by thomas homan who worked for ice since 2013. democratic snaenators led a protest of the immigration ban last night. protest came after senate republicans blocked the democrats efforts to overturn the executive order. meanwhile the state department says it will grant an exception for about 900 refugee who is were traveling when the immigration ban came down. does not apply to refugees from the seven nations who are barred from traveling to u.s. meanwhile allentown family has ended up in the middle of the immigration fight. >> today they plan to take a new step toward fighting back. family members were sent back to middle east after landing in the philly international. joins us live in digital operation center with what they plan to do today. >> lawyers from a handful of
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groups including the aclu will file a lawsuit in federal court this morning. the family has been fighting the government's refusal to allow six relatives in the u.s. hours after they landed on saturday. relatives they were sent on the next flight back to qatar. despite having immigration visas they worked 13 years to get. we were at a rally in easton last night. taking a look at that here. in center square. 200 people gathered in hopes for ending president trump's immigration ban. some of the folks there are new immigrants themselves. the president's executive order has a lot of people talking and some concerned. >> i wanted to see that we are not allowone at all. last two nights i was really worried. i really had fear. >> i will support the president in everything he does against illegal immigrants, but people who followed our legal process and have not circumstance venlted that process, deserve to
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come here. >> we'll be following what happens this morning. attorneys will also be joining philadelphia mayor jim kenny at city hall to talk about what happened this weekend, what happened since, and what's next. >> no hate, no fear. students rallied against the immigration ban. demonstrators said the school is strong because of international students and faculty. president said university is offering legal help to anyone affected by the president's order. >> gloucester county, authorities trying to figure out who spray painted anti-donald trump graffiti. the words no trump appear along with the words punch nazis. faculty member found the vandalized sign sunday morning on a building on the edge of campus. today is the last opportunity to sign up for health insurance plan for 2017 under the affordable care act.
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nbc 10 in west philadelphia today. where volunteers helped africans sign up for benefits. many people said they're confused and concerned about the future of the aca because of president trump's promise to replace it. city officials urging them to sign up anyway. >> i'm getting older. first askand foremost. i need to take care of my health. >> if you don't sign up, then what's going to happen? you have nothing. >> more than 200,000 philadelphians will lose insurance if the aca and medicaid expansion are scrapped without appropriate replacements. deadly market street collapse civil trial. jury will have to decide who, if anyone, should pay damages from the june 2013 collapse that killed 7 people and injured a dozen others. a reality developer and demolition contractor are among those who could be held financially liable for the collapse that flattened salvation army store in center
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city. 20 minutes before six. cold this morning. clouds overhead. so far no snow in philadelphia. just a chance of flurries. first line of showers moving to the south. moving offshore. those showers to the west are many r likely to produce accumulation. here's the hour by hour forecast. 8:00 this morning. here comes light snow for berks county and lehigh county. light snowfall to start with. there's the tail end of it. pushing to the north. by noontime dry. redding and allentown. no sign of snow, but that snow will be lingering to the north. shower threat with us into the afternoon. not heavy snow. light snow. berks county and lehigh valley and north hampton county at 1:30 this afternoon. could see rain mixing in. now the rain is more likely to reach a little further to the
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south. trenton could see light rain showers. even into portions of lancaster. upper chester and montgomery county. 4:30 this afternoon. yes, still going late in the afternoon for the afternoon commute that's 5:30 this evening. watch as it clears out for this evening. that will clear the way for dry starts to february. look at the first week of february and beyond with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten. >> thank you, bill. about 19 minutes before 6:00 a.m. tuesday, last day of january. >> where does time go. >> got to get you to work. jessica boyington has you conserved. starting off in old city. apartment fire in market street. now blocked between second and front. you can expect a little delay around the surrounding area as well. some of those streets around market street and around where they have some of the blockages off and septa buses detoured around the scene as well. might cause a bit of a mess for folks living and moving around
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center city and old city as well. here's the schuylkill. right around belmont. eastbound here moving towards center city. 13 minutes. average speeds up there. no major problems on the schuylkill yet. also watching barrington over in new jersey for the missing manhole cover on the white horse pike headed westbound. that will be approaching at 295 interchange as well. have to head to philadelphia or trenton before the split, might see slowdown. traffic getting by the scene there. also end here on route 73. just around cooper road. no problems or delays. car or so out the door there. route 73 looks nice and dry. a holy heist at local jewish school. surveillance video that captures the thieves in action and what they made off with. 5:42. continue to follow breaking news. live picture right now. everyone safely evacuated from a
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building apartment fire at front and market street. just the last ten minutes, seen the flames subside and there's now just white smoke there. see firefighters huddled together. this is a picture from sky force 10. it's in the air. we've got crews on the ground, including reporter pamela osborne. continue to follow this when we come right back.
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several live cameras and a crew on the scene. live from sky force ten. firefighters on the ground with flash lights. we've not seen flames erupt since they put it out anymore. just in the last couple of minutes, but at the height of the flames, you could really see
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it. let's give you an idea of what it looked like from one of our live cameras. this is from live camera at the loews hotel. video the camera captured a little while ago. the exact location is front and market. second and market. here's what we do know. everyone has been evacuated safely from the detouring arou. now let's take you state by state and county by county for a look at stories from across our area. police want to know if weather caused a deadly crash in burlington county. a jeep and suv collided last night along tuckerton road and robin hill drive. snow squall blew through the area and roads were wet at the
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time. jersey shore looking for thieves who stole a sacred torah scroll. broke into the school early saturday morning. burglars stole the school's only torah, worth an estimated $70,000. hold a hearing for glen straub. plans to reopen as the new ten casino next months. officials say he needs the necessary license to do that. straub says he doesn't since the casino is leased to a third party. >> delaware county, school in bryn mawr will be closed until friday after a boiler exploded yesterday. over saint coleman, saint john newman catholic school. boiler explosion led to gas leak. building lost heat. no students were at the school at the time and no one was hurt. >> in delaware, battle over required standardized test back in front of state's house education committee in march.
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former governor markell vetoed similar bill in 2015. if passes, bill could threaten millions of dollars in federal education funding. >> today get a sneak peak at the center piece of new museum of american revolution. george washington headquarters tent. looking at crew assembling artifact. the museum opens in april. man accused of attacking a bishop in new jersey during mass faces a judge today. >> we should warn you viewers may find this video hard to watch. >> bringtous every lasting life security guards immediately tackled the man after the assault. happened saturday. bishop manual was speaking at the cathedral. he's okay. needed three stitches though. identified as miller.
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he will go to court today. changes coming to boy scouts of america. organization opening program to transgender children who identify as boys. the boy scouts say enrollment will now be based on the gender listed on the application form and not the child's birth certificate. a recent case in new jersey factored into the scout's decision la decision. last year eight-year-old member was kicked out of troop after parents and leaders learned he is transgender. ten minutes before six. we're following this breaking news. this is just in. out of bucks county. firefighters battling a house fire in ben salem. we're still working to find out if anyone is injured. sky force ten leaving the fire in old city and on its way to get you a live picture of that fire. we'll get you updated. >> ten minutes before six. most accurate alert, first alert forecast. so accurate that just as you call it yesterday afternoon, you're in pennsylvania. i'm in new jersey.
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the squall coming down and i'm thinking bill henley. >> just like he said it would. >> snow to track again this morning. so far not here. during the morning hours i think we'll see snow falling. some of the suburbs and in the lehigh valley. that's a live view. see it's completely cloudy and dry to start with. most of the showers north havrtownertown. . with clouds major head. not going much lower. quakertown and allentown, bus stop at 8:00. then we see light snow in allentown. just cloudy skies for wilmington and philadelphia and atlantic city. the sun more likely to the south. we're starting off with clouds this morning. the first snowflakes are fizzling, but to the west, this is the line that's moving to the
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east now at 45 miles an hour. expected to pivot and move to the north so it's likely to affect parts of lancaster county. berks and lehigh county. and some northern suburbs. by the tend of day, 7:00 this evening,around an inch in philadelphia. further south you go, less in the way of accumulation you get. even though this is showing no accumulation, light snow and flurries just won't stick. temperatures will be rising during the day. temperatures will climb into the 40s this afternoon. we'll see clouds and some breaks of sunshine in philadelphia just a slight chance of a snow flake or rain drop more likely to the north. tomorrow, first day of february, won't feel like it. afternoon temperatures near 50 degrees. then typical february cold. even colder for friday, saturday, and sunday. sunday there's a system that's sweeping through the area. we could see some snow and rain
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in the area. some rain to the south. snow to the north, but it doesn't look like a big system just yet. there's a chance for later on sunday. now monday we're drying out and 40 degrees and into the 40s again. little warmer on wednesday. rain and snow could linger into thursday. >> bill. thank you. seven before six. following breaking news of the apartment building fire in old city. which means there's a big seen there. got to get around driving and septa is detouring. >> one way roads of course. got to navigate your way around. you might start to see delays even on streets not closed down. market street for right now what we know is blocked between second and front street. see that strip of red right there. that's market street with the close. some delays down front street as
5:54 am
well. also on broad street little delays there. even though it's further away than where market street and second street is where this fire is, but you will see detours around the scene for now and we'll also see detours for septa buses. dealing with some of those. now what we're hearing is buses being detoured. this is through center city also. the vine street expressway. right around 24th street. good drive so far. moved the camera over just a little bit. okay. you can still see in the right-hand side getting off the exit ramp right there on the westbound side. that's where we're seeing delays. end on the pa turnpike. 21 minutes or 22 at the most on the eastbound side. speeds still into the 60s also. vai and tracie, back to you. long time philadelphia boxibo boxing coach in the flight ights
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life. >> all new at six. nbc 10 responds fighting a new consumer case. woman paid for extended warranty, but could not get the campaign to follow through on their promise. watch harry hairston take action next at six.
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building has been evacuated. several fire crews on the scene. sky force ten also there. flames could be seen from across the river when the flames eresult erup erupted. we do have a crew on the scene. pamela osborne. there's the video we took from our camera at the loews hotel actually. get you an update from the scene coming up. long time philadelphia boxes trainer finds himself facing a career knockout. >> has to pay $100,000 legal settlement or risk losing gym. he has mentored young boxers for more than four decades and runs
5:59 am
the boxing club in kensington. lost a lawsuit with a former bids partner and now has to pay $106,000 legal settlement he can't afford. >> this gym has helped a lot of kids. i've had so many young people come up to me and tell me what i plen meant to them. >> we don't want the gym. it's not what it's about. >> but the legal fight continues. he says he's now trying to raise money to stay afloat during the appeals process. >> it is now just about 6:00 and more of the stories that we are following for you today. and today's headlines starting right now at six. first, we have two break news stories right now have. flames burn through an apartment building forcing neighbors out into the cold. sky force ten is -- will be over a house fire in bucks county. new details about the firefighters in bensalem just
6:00 am
made. >> define the president. refusing to follow an executive order. last call. what you need to know about today's health care coverage decline if you want coverage in 2017. 6:00 a.m. good morning. nbc 10 news today. i'm tracey davidson. >> dealing with light snow. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley and most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. >> good morning. so far no snow definitely cold enough across the entire area. one of the spots i'm expecting to see light snow is easton. right now just cloudy skies. doppler radar showing easton is dry. allentown and berks county. redding, no sign of snow just yet. we are tracking very light snow in the area and some steady light snow that's approach lg harrisburg right now. this is going to swing into berks county and


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